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Startup Stories

Startup Stories

By JC Legal
Startup Stories is about entrepreneurs who dream big and think ahead: discovery, frustrations and everything in between. Hosted by JC Legal, law firm in Hong Kong.
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Startup Stories 03 - Brand Journey
In this episode, Kathryn Hoh talks to Eve Weatherburn, Founder and Managing Director of Brand Journey, about her passion for building evocative brands and empowering early-career marketers to do the same. Brand Journey is a marketing and brand development consultancy specialising in hospitality, luxury and retail. It also helps early-career marketers find their flow through the Meraki Learning Studio.
June 25, 2021
Startup Stories 02 - Rare Elements
In this episode, Kimberly Dasse talks to Ron Kwok (Co-founder & Head of Operations) and Peter Chan (Head of Growth) of Rare Elements about their grand story of pivoting, from MarTech to wider applications in FinTech. Rare Elements is a SaaS that mines data and extracts actionable insights by AI, machine learning and natural language processing.
March 31, 2021
Startup Stories 01 - Period Tracker & Pregnancy and Baby Calendar
In this episode and International Women's Day special, Kimberly Dasse talks to Liza Pershina, Hong Kong Director of Period Tracker & Pregnancy and Baby Calendar Limited, about her entrepreneurial journey from Russia to Hong Kong. Period Tracker is a mobile application that helps women track their pregnancy and baby growth.
March 05, 2021