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JCVArtStudio from The Dressing Room

JCVArtStudio from The Dressing Room

By Joanna Vandervlugt
Author of The Unravelling Joanna Vandervlugt will take you on a creative journey whether it's discussing writing tips, chatting with guest authors and artists or escaping into a story.
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Inga Kruse - Lou and the Whale of a Crime
Inga Kruse has been writing since she first drew and wrote political newsletters for her classmates in grade 4. Twenty years ago this Montrealer moved to BC, captivated by its rugged mountainous landscape and the love of her life. Her young adult mystery novel Lou and the Whale of a Crime features Lou, a fifteen-year-old teenage girl who, with her curious engineering mind, builds her own spy gear. Lou and her huge Great Dane, Rocky are befriended by Oliver, a wheelchair user. He is known for his clever Shakespearean quotes and his determination. The two are thrust into a serious investigation that has international implications. Inga outlines the depths she undertook to authentically represent the Indigenous people of Squamish, and the detailed feedback she received from her 12-year-old beta readers. Inga has her own amazing backstory. She explains the inspiration behind the exoskeleton, a project she was involved with as executive director of a charitable Veteran's organization, They rallied with others behind Captain Trevor Greene, the man MacLeans magazine captioned the Iron Soldier.
February 27, 2021
Jenn Ashton - Creativity Unleashed
Jenn Ashton considered herself a writer at age 6 and she was first published at age 14. She writes in many genres and forms from children's books, newspaper editorials, music magazine columns to training materials and literary fiction. In 2015 she began working as a virtual artist in North Vancouver. Her work has the nuances of Picasso. In 2020 she was long listed for the Kanturk Arts Festivals' Flash Fiction, in 2019 she was the recipient of the Muriel's Journey Prize for Poetry as well as the Jericho Writer's Flash Contest.  She searched for her First Nation's family history.  Her fiction novel, People Like Frank: And Other Stories from the Edge of Normal, will have you laughing and reflecting, as you follow the stories of life's real heroes--the people on the edge. Author Jenn Ashton ( Jenn Ashton Art (
February 20, 2021
Helen Garlick - No Place to Lie
Helen Garlick joins me from the UK. We talk about her memoir, No Place to Lie. Helen and I discuss the circumstances surrounding her brother's suicide, the importance of conversation and having no secrets, expressing and showing love. Despite our serious conversation we also share light moments and special memories, including when Helen met Princess Diana. Hello! It's better to talk - YouTube
February 13, 2021
Erik D'Souza - Indie Author and Publisher
Point of view such as 3rd person fixed, back stories for all characters, creating tension in a cozy, check out today's podcast with multi-published author Erik D'Souza as we discuss his latest novel Death in Halfmoon Bay, a Suzanne Rickson mystery. Erik's first book, Straight Men in Gay Bars sold internationally. His novella and short stories have been published in various literary magazines, both in print and online. Like all authors, Erik has many stories to tell. We talk about the characters in Death in Halfmoon Bay, finding humour at the kitchen table and paying homage to writing greats Agatha Christie and L.R. Wright. Learn which Canadian authors are Erik's favourite, 3 out of 4 who have stopped in the dressing room. Get the scoop on his publishing company Timbercrest Publishing and how it has helped authors reach their publishing dreams. As well as, find out what everyone keeps asking Erik to write about. and
February 6, 2021
Multi-Series Mystery Author Brenda Chapman
Mystery, plotting and poetry. Brenda Chapman is the author of over twenty published novels, and that’s not including short stories. She has written the lauded Stonechild and Rouleau police procedural series, the PI Anna Sweet mystery novellas and the Jennifer Bannon mysteries for middle grade readers. Her work has been shortlisted for several awards including 4 Arthur Ellis awards. We talk about her latest novel, Closing Time, as well as Elmore Leonard, Ann Gorman and Bob Dylan. Brenda Chapman – Mystery Author
January 30, 2021
The Barbara Fradkin Interview
Barbara Fradkin's latest Amanda Doucette novel is being launched January 28, 2021, and you have an invite to her free launch. Listen to our informative podcast and how Barbara is paying homage to Canada and its beautiful scenery through her writing. Learn about a braided story and how each chapter should have conflict. And, MacKenzie and Ozzy did not steal the show, although they tried. Grad a coffee, tea or glass of wine and enjoy writing wisdom from Barbara. Barbara Fradkin - Home
January 23, 2021
Linda Maki, the creative behind Lanyos Handmade
Your purse is made out of wine cork. Join me in a fun conversation with my sister, Linda Maki, the entrepreneur behind the shop Lanyos Handmade and the writer of the sewing blog Nice Dress! Thanks I Made It. Linda’s journey started in her teens with a blue sewing machine and a pair of pink pants. As an adult, to satisfy her purse habit, she started creating her own purses. Linda’s philanthropy includes making masks, the proceeds of which are donated to the ALS.
January 16, 2021
Lou Who?
Lou Who? Louise Johnson is the author of Lou Who? a memoir of self discovery, as well as the blogger of the popular blog Divorced and Dating at 30 Blog - Author Louise Johnson ( In 2013 Lou saved herself from a destructive marriage, and with a one-way ticket in her hand, she left behind her old life in Edinburgh, Scotland and started a new life in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her memoir reflects her honest and raw journey of self discovery. Louise Johnson - Author of Lou Who?
January 9, 2021
The Self Publishing Agency
This entrepreneur has been in the top 5 for the BC Business Awards. She has written her own memoir, a beautiful love story. She has met with Hollywood execs to get her memoir optioned into a movie. Writers who have self-published with her have seen their books optioned. Her self-published authors have been written about in U.S. trade magazines. She has been featured on Global TV as well as in “I Like Her Style” Magazine and the cover of North Van Run magazine. The CEO behind The Self-Publishing Agency, Megan Williams, is on today's podcast.
January 2, 2021
Tarneet Kaur - escaping into Abstract
Tarneet Kaur is an abstract artist from Ontario. She has been featured by Art Feature Magazine and World Art by Ecoreal. Her use of bright colours in her abstract pieces are beautiful. Her art is available on coasters, pillowcases and prints which can all be purchased through her Etsy shop Soul Art One.
December 26, 2020
Alice Bienia of Calgary discusses characters and plotting
Alice Bienia is the author behind the Jorja Knight mystery series. Her debut novel was a 2016 Arthur Ellis Award finalist for unpublished crime novel. Alice's writing is clear and fast-paced. You'll find yourself staying up late to read "one more chapter," and then laughing out loud with her humour. Alice is a member of the Sisters of Crime. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in geology. Website:
December 19, 2020
Judy Penz Sheluk
 A talk with the Chair of the Crime Writers of Canada and multipublished author Judy Penz Sheluk about her mystery series, writing cozies, plotting, and hooking in the reader. Do you know what a holographic will is?
December 12, 2020
Tara Moss - International bestselling author
Tara Moss, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador talks about her latest book, The War Widow, a gripping novel set just after WW II. Discover Tara's latest heroine, P.I., Billie Walker, a fierce feminist heroine. As well, learn what Tara has endured for the sake of research.
December 6, 2020
Can't Breathe
Laesa Faith Kim's novel, Can't Breathe, won the 2020 Whistler Writer's Independent book award. Laesa's writing is honest and raw. You will reach for tissues and laugh out loud, as you read her story about raising her beautiful little daughter, and the challenges involved . A story that renew one's faith in humanity. 
December 2, 2020
Tony Ollivier, thriller author of The Amsterdam Deception
With his debut novel, The Amsterdam Deception, Tony Ollivier takes readers on a dangerous adventure through the streets of Paris and Amsterdam with hero David Knight battling not only his memories, but the memories of a dead spy. Tune in to learn about Tony's writing process and the rockstars of writing.
November 29, 2020
Mamma Marzia's Kitchen
How do you make the perfect espresso? What should you do to your pasta for good luck? Tune in to listen to Mamma Marzia as she talks about leaving Italy and coming to Canada, and the love and stories behind each recipe in her cookbook.
November 25, 2020
Seamus Heffernan author of the Thaddeus Grayle series
Seamus Heffernan says, "...if you want a fun story..." join Seamus and I as we talk about writing expectations, balancing fatherhood with writing a novel, and the highs and lows of being an author. Seamus Heffernan
November 21, 2020
PART 2 - Dave Butler - eco mystery author
Tune in for part 2 as Dave talks about the 3 "p's" in writing, hearing his first night hunt and sharing many insights in the writer's journey. The Author – Dave Butler Writing
November 18, 2020
Dave Butler, eco mystery author
Learn about the new mystery genre gaining momentum involving a new type of heroine. Tune in for Part 1 of this fun and engaging interview with award-winning and multi-published author, Dave Butler. The Author – Dave Butler Writing
November 15, 2020
Blue Devil Books - Brian Richmond
This is the episode every indie author needs to hear. Blue Devil Books in the U.K. wants to promote you. Brian Richmond joined me and explained the process and the desire to support indie authors from around the world. Check it out. Home (
November 7, 2020
Setting the scene
Using her own novel, The Unravelling, as an example, Joanna provides listeners with tips of what to include in your scene. Tune in for updates and announcements.
November 4, 2020
ART tag - a talk across the Canada/US border
Be entertained by Joanna's and Rachel's intimate, lighthearted and reflective art conversation across the Canadian/US border.
October 28, 2020
A captivating discussion with author J.E. (Jayne) Barnard about her latest novel Why The Rock Falls.
The Falls is more than a mystery series. It takes on issues such as PTSD and M.A.I.D. Listen to this intimate discussion with Jayne Barnard as she talks about drawing upon personal experiences to bring these issues to light. Author Talk (
October 24, 2020
An interview with multi-published author Winona Kent.
A fun heartfelt interview with author Winona Kent, discussing everything from book covers, a G-String, writing, publishing, characters and locations. Winona Kent
October 17, 2020
Dont Judge A Book By It's Cover
Joanna takes listeners on her journey independently publishing her novel after not writing for 20 years to the valuable lesson she learned about having the right book cover.
October 10, 2020