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By Jean Evans
A podcast all about Networking. Join Jean Evans has she walks you step by step on how to network successfully and how to grow your business utilizing your greatest asset, you.
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Liam Redmond- Certified Proud
In this episode Jean chats with Liam Redmond, Co-founder of Certified Proud Certified Proud's goal is simple We want everyone to be able to book a hotel, order a meal, start a new job or seek assistance in a shop and know that they will be treated with respect. We aim to create a collective of safe spaces so that members of the LGBTQ+ community can live a life free from discrimination and unease. Proud removes the unknown so you can travel, work and live with confidence. We heard countless stories from people who have experienced difficulties in public and in work because of their particular orientation or identity. From GPs refusing treatment to hotels or guesthouses only offering twin beds to same-sex couples instead of doubles, prejudice remains a real fear for LGBTQ+ people in even the most mundane activities. So, this is where we step in. If an organisation is listed as a member of Certified Proud, you will know that you are amongst friends even before you have stepped through the door! Check out Find out more about Jean 
January 29, 2022
How to make the most out of your networking membership
In this episode Jean breaks down the top 11 tips for making the most of your Networking group. Often times people would say paying the money is the hard part but with this break down from Jean you will soon realise your work is only beginning when you join a group  Find out more about Jean: 
January 29, 2022
Kapil Khanna and the All Ireland Business Foundation
In this episode Jean chats with Kapil Khanna to chat about his journey from India to Ireland and how all contributed to the All Ireland Business Foundation Originally from Delhi in India, fate brought me to Ireland in 2009 (I followed my heart!) where I’m now raising my family & making a positive impact for 100's of Irish businesses.  Immigrating to a country in the depths of a recession was not an easy start for anyone's career. The only person I knew at that time was my wife.  My past work exp with fortune 500 MNC's, my values (& a bit of luck) helped me to re-start my career in Ireland.  Quick fact: My first position in Ireland was an unpaid internship as a management consultant at Galway (I commuted daily from Dub-Gal!).  Those initial struggles & failures given me a different perspective of business/life & made me the person I am today.  Over the last 12 years, I devoted myself to the study of business and entrepreneurship.   Fast forward to 2020, I am fortunate to be able to mentor & support over 400 Irish businesses in gaining strategic clarity & moving their business forward.  My belief is that its important to leave a legacy and build something that is greater than oneself.  In 2013, I left my job and started my entrepreneurial journey with Elaine Carroll. We started with a modest 250 delegates at the inaugural All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park in 2014. Fast forward to 2019, we welcomed more than 900 business leaders!  Under the guidance of our board, we officially launched The All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF). The AIBF is an independent national accreditation body that identifies, acknowledges and supports the country’s most ambitious and visionary business leaders.  As the awarding body for Business All-Star Accreditation Quality Mark🏅, it identifies and recognises best-in-class Irish businesses that deserve recognition for their trust and customer-centricity. Check out ☆  Since 2014, over 3,000 companies have participated in our initiatives. The Foundation also hosts the annual All-Ireland Summit and quarterly forums while promoting peer-learning and collaboration among it’s accredited companies.  With over 400 accredited companies in the TRIBE- we are on a mission of empowering entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions and seize the opportunities Ireland offers. Check out Find out more about Jean 
January 15, 2022
Tips to Networking for 2022
In this episode Jean breaks down the top tips for Networking to start the New Year. With a lot of new years resolutions in place for business owners, now is the time to really start focusing on your Networking needs to put your best foot forward for 2022. Find out more about Jean: 
January 15, 2022
Aoife O'Brien and the importance of happiness at work
In this episode Jean chats with Aoife O'Brien to chat about happiness in work and the the effects of imposter syndrome. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Happier at Work engages with HR and business leaders all over the world to identify the root cause of their people issues using data. After an initial analysis, we offer clients a Happier at Work programme which is tailored to their unique needs. Areas of focus may include: core values discovery and alignment; needs assessment; having difficult conversations; understanding strengths. All concepts are embedded in the organisation using workshops and coaching to ensure maximum return on investment. Check out Find out more about Jean 
November 10, 2021
Networking tips for Introverts
In this episode Jean breaks down the top tips for Introverts. A lot of people think you can't Network if you are introverted but in this pod Jean will give you the skills and tips you need to tackle this head on, over come it and Network with style  Find out more about Jean 
November 10, 2021
Colm O' Brien Motivation
In this episode Jean chats with @colm O'Brien to chat about starting out Networking and why you need to start sooner more so then later Colm O'Brien Motivation is evolving ever since I penned Feeding Johnny - How to Build a Business Despite the Road Blocks, which was published and went to #5 on the paperback best seller non-fiction list in early 2015. One year later, in March 2016, we held our first event entitled "Create the Life You Really Want"​ aimed at waking people up from accepting the hand that life had dealt them and empowering them to at least recognize that they are authors of their own life stories and as such could determine any direction they chose from here on. The feedback was tremendous. Lives, including my own, were impacted positively. Tweets ‎@ Find out more about Jean 
October 20, 2021
Why networks are a great place to source suppliers
Networking is very much about making connections and are an excellent source of suppliers. In this solo podcast Jean breaks down the different types of suppliers at networking events and how to source them To find out more about Jean Website
September 29, 2021
Cara Macklin
Jean talks with Cara Macklin Cara is a ‘creative dynamo’ and has been through so many challenges herself. That is why she set up Caram; to elevate other entrepreneurs like you. She loves nothing more than inspiring entrepreneurs to achieve more than they imagined and have greater success and fulfilment in their business and life. This programme provides a unique formula, understanding real challenges faced when trying to push boundaries and do things differently as an entrepreneur Cara knows the achievements of great leaders never outperform the investment they make in themselves. Tweets ‎@ Find out more about Jean 
September 22, 2021
5 People you need in your network
Networking is very much about making connections but their are certain linchpins you need in your network to help it grow and expand. In this episode Jean breaks down the must have's in your network To find out more about Jean Website
September 15, 2021
Aisling O'Neill, President of Network Ireland
Jean talks with Aisling O'Neill  Jean talks with Aisling O'Neil who is the current president of Network Ireland They chat about Network Ireland has a progressive, dynamic organisation supporting the professional and personal development of women. They chat about how important Networking is for Women and how Network Ireland's varied membership is made up of a very diverse group of women, from budding entrepreneurs, SME owners, professionals and leaders in indigenous and multinational organisations to non profits, charities, arts and the public sector. Tweets ‎@ Find out more about Jean 
September 08, 2021
6 Unexpected Cs You Get From Networking
Networking can yield obvious results for you and your business but their is often unexpected benefits. In this episode Jean breaks down the unexpected C's that you can get from setting up on your networking journey. To find out more about Jean Website
September 01, 2021
Brent Edwards and BrentCan​ada Experiences- Networking for Newcomers
Jean talks with Brent from BrentCan​ada Experiences Brent is passionate about helping newcomers succeed in the Canadian market. He is determined to ensure that newcomers, who have uprooted their lives for a future in Canada, not be disappointed with their career experiences in their new homeland. His mission to ensure that internationally trained professionals who choose Canada, never have a reason to question why they chose this country. Tweets ‎@BCanExperiences Find out more about Jean 
August 25, 2021
How To Give When You've Only Started Networking
Networking for a lot of people is about give and take, its being able to offer connections and assistance to the people you meet. What happens when you are only starting out? What can you bring to the table when you are only taking your first steps forward in business. In this episode Jean breaks down how to and what to give when you are only starting out and recognizing the value you can bring even if you feel like you haven't made enough connections yet To find out more about Jean Website
August 18, 2021
Dawn Leane Founder & CEO of Leane Empower and Leane Leaders.
In this episode Jean chats with Dawn Leane from Leane Leaders all about her journey to setting up her own business and how networking helped her get the confidence to go it solo. To find out more about Dawn head to Website  Linkedin  
August 11, 2021
Reframe Your Mindset with Jean
In this solo episode Jean breaks down her simple tips and tricks to effective networking. She provides an insight into her day to day while showing you that successful networking is obtainable for everyone as long as you reframe your mindset and approach. To find out more about Jean Website  
August 04, 2021
Siobhan Fitzpatrick and the Networking Hub
Jean talks with her friend, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, CEO of The Networking Hub all about her journey and how she started on her Networking Journey. One that lead to the creation of The Networking Hub, The Networking Hub is the gateway to professional business networking for Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Business Leaders. Amplify your business connections and professional growth through facilitated meetings, conscious connecting and quality training. Learn more about Siobhan Websites  (Company Website)  (Company Website)  (Portfolio)
August 04, 2021
Introducing the Network me Podcast
In this welcome message, Networking Architect Jean Evans introduces her latest networking project, The Network Me Podcast. The series features deep dives with business owners and entrepreneur's—on their approach to Networking and how its changed or helped boost their business. Between interviews you will be treated to Jeans tips and tricks to excelling at networking.  The Network me Podcast debuts on the 14th of July Learn more about Jean here
August 04, 2021
Network me podcast with Jean Evans
Transcription The network new podcast is for ambitious career professionals and growth orientated business owners who know the need to network, but They're allergic to the concept. They aspire to network with intention and confidence so they can maximise the impact and influence in their career and their business. My proven networking strategies and framework save time and de-mystify 21st century business relationship building. In each network me episode I share tips on networking, where to network and how to network strategically. Host Jean Evans
May 18, 2021