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Sales Operations Family

Sales Operations Family

By Jean
The international community for Sales Operations.
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SaaS Pricing Strategies

Sales Operations Family

Make Product Management and Sales team work effectively together!
A few years ago, I witnessed a fight between a Product Manager and a Senior Account Executive. 🤬 👊 Boy, that was more intense than a Floyd Mayweather boxing fight! 🥊🤕 - PM: "Why are you overselling features we don't have ?" - Sales: "I need this Entreprise feature for yesterday!! What are you doing all day??" Sounds familiar? 😇 Well Marcel Gordon, Shift Technology's #product Leader, just told me everything there is to know about how to make #productmanagers and #sales teams work effectively together. And just so you know, Shift technology is conquering the world and raised $320m from tier 1 VC funds.. Believe me. These folks know what they are talking about! Do you want to know the top 10 things you can do right now to have PMs and Sales work hand in hand, and build the best product??
July 12, 2021
50% of sales pipeline generated... for free 💥 Turning Brand into a growth function
GENERATE 50% OF YOUR SALES PIPELINE .... FOR FREE 🤯 Know someone who can make this happen? I do 👽 👇 Comment this post, and I'm sharing his secret playbook with you 🎁 .... 86% of B2B buyers see “no real difference between suppliers.” There's no other choice: BUILDING A BRAND IS NOT AN OPTION ! Want a proof? McKinsey & Company gets to charge $500,000 for surveys. 💸 So what makes great B2B brand storytelling? 💡 🤓 Liam Boogar-Azoulay, the Director of Global Marketing 360Learning shared his mental models for driving growth with Brand and his playbook for generating zero-cost pipeline. These are born out of his experience, advizing dozens of startups and leading Brand at three hypergrowth startups. When Liam joined 360Learning, only 7% of the sales pipeline was organic.. everything else was paid advertising... i.e. millions of $ spent on ads every year. Just one year later, FREE organic pipeline accounts for >50% 😑 You don't get there by chance.. You need to have a playbook.
March 10, 2021
Turn communities into a growth engine
Ask not what your community can do for you – ask what you can do for your community"... a wise man once said 💡 Did you ever wonder how a bunch of people in a reddit community managed to make a hedge fund lose 5,000,000,000 dollars? That's the power of communities my friend... 👇 Community-building is part of a broader shift in B2B businesses towards bottom-up growth. Companies are relying on communities as a key method for growing and engaging their user base. #growth The impact it has on marketing and direct sales is phenomenal. 🤯 Take the famous "funnel" sales methodology. How does it apply to communities? It simply does not. ❌ Advocates are not paying customers, there's no need to "convert" them down the funnel. So how do you build communities and engage with advocates❓ My friend Josh Dzielak from Orbit helped me out here!! 🧠 Orbit helps companies grow and cultivate communities and tie them into the business. I don't know anyone who knows better about community building than Josh. This is the kind of interview *EVERY* sales and marketing leader should watch. Trust me. Great communities make great companies. 🧡
February 26, 2021
SaaS Pricing Strategies
BAD PRICING CAN DESTROY YOUR COMPANY... but how do you know the product your are selling should cost X or Y? Facebook and Google are free, Slack and Zoom are close to free, Dropbox is cheap, and Salesforce is fairly expensive. Care to know why❓ A strong pricing strategy can lead your sales team to success, build your brand, make Marketing Qualified Leads grow on trees, and new product features go to market successfully. Over the past few years, Algolia changed its pricing strategy 8 times... Yes, you read that right. They iterated on pricing like very few companies did. They practically wrote the playbook on pricing strategies and pricing iterations. 🧠 One person who has had a major impact on this is Gaëtan GACHET, Chief Strategy Officer at Algolia. Gaëtan joined Algolia in late 2013 as second employee and first business leader. He closed the first $1 million of ARR, built the sales team from 0 to over 100 people, and scaled the business from 0 to >$60m ARR in 5 years. 🚀 During 40 minutes, he agreed to share everything he knows about SaaS Pricing Strategies!
February 18, 2021