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By @Jefe_Talk
Jefe Talk shares a powerful dose of boss like perspectives on all aspects of life. Offering weekly lessons in business, entrepreneurship, personal development, and life. Offering exclusive interviews with successful entrepreneurs and many more.
Don't start your week without acting, thinking and living like a boss

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JefeTalk EP 18 "Blame Yourself, You are Lazy"
Blame Yourself You are Lazy?  JEFETALK PODCAST EP 18  #Motivation #Accountability #Selfhelp #Progression   Are we lying to ourselves about our personalities? Are we taking accountability for our lack of drive? Today we talk about having self realization to overcome life hurdles. Jefe shares insights on having a boss mentality to create change in life!  
November 13, 2021
JefeTalk EP 17 "Bosses Make Boss Moves"
KANYE WEST EXPOSES HIS HAND? BOSS MOVE OR NOT?  JEFETALK PODCAST EP 17  #KanyeWest #BigSean #DrinkChamps #drake Kanye West is basically upset with Big Sean and Drake because of stature and indirect jabs. Let's find the boss perspective and learn how to create boss clarity from this powerful interview with Kanye West.     
November 13, 2021
JefeTalk EP 16 "How To Curate Your Own Vibe?" Special Guest Miss Kandi
Season 2 is here!! Tune in as JefeTalk interviews business relationship manager & emerging entrepreneur Miss Kandi who shares her best insights on how to curate your own vibe. Miss Kandi has been a motivating force on social media to help contribute positive vibes to the world. Many times we find our emotions getting the best of us which dictates our actions. Having the ability to curate your own vibe and being intentional in unleashing it can be life-changing for the better. Tune in as we discuss topics like "what kills your vibe" "how to create it a vibe" & "Vibe mastery" and more. Make sure to check out our live youtube of this episode at JefeTalk. Follow Miss Kandi on Instagram  @Misskayrenee for exclusive content.  Follow me @jefe_talk
September 20, 2021
JefeTalk EP 15 "Painting Your Life The Boss Way" Special Guest King Saladeen
Tune in as JefeTalk interviews world-renowned King Saladeen who shares his life-changing journey from the harsh realities from West Philadelphia to being featured on Revolt TV, Art Basel, The Breakfast Club, Warhol collaborations, and much more Saladeen shows perseverance and extreme courage with a very detailed conversation with Jefe about, life-altering events, career struggles, and losing one of his best friends that spark the fire that showcases around the world today.  King Saladeen is considered today one of the most talented black artists this generation has ever seen. Selling out venues for this extraordinary artwork including the famous "Jp The Money Bear".  King Saladeen gives the blueprint on how anyone can paint what they desire on their canvas called life.  Follow King Saladeen on Instagram  @kingsaladeen for exclusive updates and new projects Follow @jefe_talk 
October 05, 2020
JefeTalk EP 14 "Stop Lying To Yourself"
We all have problems, some big some small but we have goals that we must hit.  But at what point do we stop lying to ourselves that we will hit them if we are not willing to accept the faults that we have mastered over the years?  Looking for a shift to make the next goal attainable? Tune in EP 14  this powerful message to maximize your effort to reach what you deserve! Lock-in and take notes and enjoy! Follow Jefe Talk on Instagram  @jefe_talk  Subscribe to our Youtube channel - Jefetalk  Act Think LIve-Boss Sponsorships: on for this episode
September 09, 2020
JefeTalk EP 13 "Creating Your Reality" Special Guest Gerald Peters
Tune in as JefeTalk interviews Gerald Peters author of "You Don't Have to Die Broke" as he shares his journey on what it takes to become a multi-millionaire under 8 years! Gerald Peters shares years of wisdom packed in this no filter, no regard for the lazy powerful episode.  Gerald shares access to his real estate formula and stock trading strategy “The Money Flow” along with candid 10 pillars of success that will definitely provoke you to get off your A$%@.  Lock-in and take notes and enjoy!  Follow Jefe Talk on Instagram  @jefe_talk Act Think LIve-Boss
August 28, 2020
JefeTalk EP 12 "Zero TO 1.6 Million Like A Boss". Special Guest Jerrell Cox
Tune in this week for an exclusive interview with returning guest "Jerrell Cox".  The expert Futures trader shares his unapologetic journey from MLM to Self made. Jerrell has always been an outlaw in the social media community space for years, disrupting the common narrative with no remorse. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a very in-depth conversation as Jerrell shares his thoughts covering topics such as COVID 19,  The Governments Agenda, Multi-Level Marketing Wars, Cryptotechnology's Biggest Secret, and Mastering Determination at a high-level which generated over 1.6 million on his own. Follow JefeTalk on Instagram @jefe_talk
June 08, 2020
JefeTalk EP 11 "How To Dominate The Odds" Rashard Leverett
JefeTalk is back for another episode  Interviewing Film Director & Clothing Designer  "Rashard Leverett" @Boomshard.  From 🎭 theaters, guns, probation to landing a role on MTV Rashard shares defining moments that molded his life into the creative he is today. Listen in for the great gems thats dropped in this interview. How To Dominate The Odds!! Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are!
May 25, 2020
JefeTalk EP 10 "How Mothers Can Boss up" Vivian Swisher
JefeTalk had the pleasure of interviewing a special guest Ms. Vivian Swisher Owner and creator of @themomual. Vivian shares the struggles and battles of motherhood without organization and how she bossed up her life with a profound business idea that’s helping hundreds of mothers every day! Tune in how to upgrade your day to day with this powerful discussion. 
April 27, 2020
JefeTalk EP 9 "Living Life With No Remorse" Special Guest Sean Albright
JefeTalk interviews digital creator Sean Albright an accomplished digital creator and former athlete. Chime in on a great perspective on how to live your life with no regrets. Sean defines perseverance and progression with this very funny but thought-provoking conversation. Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are! Act || Think || Live~ Boss.
April 08, 2020
JefeTalk EP 8 "How to Trade Like A Boss" with "The Master Investor Ian Dunlap". Special Guest Jerrell Cox
JefeTalk interviews The Master Investor  Ian Dunlap featured in The Huffington Post and recently on earn you leisure podcast. Including special guest Certified Trader Jerrell Cox for a comprehensive conversation about trading & investing in the stock market. Covering the Basics of Trading, Trading Mastery, The Misconceptions in Black Community, How to trade effectively in the current market state, Futures vs Forex, and Areas of Opportunity in the Stock Market! This is an episode you don’t want to miss! It just might cost you if you do! Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are! Act || Think || Live~ Boss.
March 30, 2020
JefeTalk EP 7 "Budgeting On A Boss Level" Himiko Sadki Interview
JefeTalk delivers for women's history with EP7 titled " Budgeting on a Boss Level. Christian Interviews special guest "Himiko Sadki"  Realestate and financial expert. With the world in turmoil and chaos fighting off the corona virus. Listen in for a very detail conversation about budgeting with some exclusive stock perspectives. Himiko shares some very valuable lessons and perspectives to survive the pandemic and being financially healthy. Himiko has produced millions in real estate and dominated the industry with precise execution and resilience. Check out this very eye-opening interview. Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are! Act || Think || Live~ Boss.
March 23, 2020
JefeTalk EP 6 "Women Empowerment on a Boss Level" Sunni Interview
JefeTalk delivers for women's history with EP6 titled " Women Empowerment on a Boss Level.  Christian Interviews special guest "Sunni"  Co-host of DC's WPGC Morning Radio Show and Fox5 DC News. Listen in for a very impactful conversation including gems Sunni dropped for our listeners for life challenges. Sharing her story from living in a refugee camp as a child and overcoming obstacles while elevating to a national media personality. Philanthropist & Author Sunni contribute effortlessly to many charities embodying women's empowerment on a boss level. Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are!  Act || Think || Live~ Boss. 
March 16, 2020
JefeTalk EP 5 "You Can't Win Staying Comfortable"
JefeTalk is back for another episode. " You Can't Win Staying Comfortable. Do you find yourself in the same situation ever year? Are you struggling to advance to the next level? Find out the missing key that's needed to win big.  Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are! Act || Think || Live~ Boss. 
March 09, 2020
Jefe Talk EP4 " How To Find The Boss In You" -Jackie Rosenberg Interview.
Jefetalk comes through this week with a gem.  Find out how Latina powerhouse entrepreneur Jackie Rosenberg made history in a male-dominated industry by funding her own social club (SocietyX) after being denied by hundreds of venture capitalists. Jackie shares how she created an genius eco-system connecting creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.  If you’re faced with obstacles like fear, anxiety, and intimidation, you don't want to miss this!   Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are!
March 02, 2020
JefeTalk Ep3 How Bad Do You Want It
JefeTalk is back for another episode. WARNING!! If you are easily offended this episode may not be for you. Load up on your motivation fuel with this very raw and direct discussion on the reasons we come up with excuses to not move forward in life. How bad do you want it?  Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are! Music Credit: MAV910
February 24, 2020
JefeTalk Ep2 "How to Fulfill Your Purpose and Be A Boss at it" Feat MAV910
JefeTalk is back for another episode  Interviewing recording artist, producer & entrepreneur Mav910 (Marcus Anthony).  Sharing his story about adversity, and essential life hacks he used to catapult his music career and Nonprofit organization for his son.  Tune in for your weekly dose of boss conversations to dominate your week and be the Boss that you are!
February 17, 2020
Jefe Talk Intro Ep1 Act, Think, and Live
Jefe Talk introduction to the world. Talking about what is "JefeTalk".   Topics Include; empowerment, the new culture, and offering a weekly game plan to inspire innovation. 
February 10, 2020