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By Jeff Koslofsky
The K-Stream podcast hosted by Jeff Koslofsky takes a deeper look into the world of live streaming and video production from tech and tools to strategy and building production businesses.
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Christoph Trappe Talks Adding Amazon Live to Your Content Strategy, Upcoming Book on Live Streaming Your Podcast


Brandon Costa, Director of Digital with Sports Video Group, Talks Sports Production After COVID
Brandon Costa is director of digital with Sports Video Group (SVG), which was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content, according to their website. SVG reports on the latest innovations in the sports broadcasting world, and works to bring together the best minds in the business to help others succeed. And with the ongoing pandemic, many innovations were accelerated. There were also many surprise, unexpected changes to the way broadcasting happens, some of which are here to stay. Brandon and I chat all about how the pandemic has affected the way sports content is produced, some of the coolest innovations of 2021, and of course, if you're a sports content producer, how you can get involved and learn more about SVG.
December 13, 2021
What Influencers Can You Trust During Holiday Shopping? A Chat with Amazon Livestreamer Monte Weaver
Pleased to welcome back Amazon Livestreamer and tech guru Monte Weaver about finding authentic influencers during this year's holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching, and millions of shoppers will be finding their way to Amazon this holiday season to watch influencers talk about various products. Monte talks about what to watch out for to spot streamers that may not be the most authentic when it comes to selling products. He also hits on a few recent updates Amazon made to the streaming platform adding restrictions to make it more of a QVC-like experience. We also briefly chat about tips for creators out there who may be looking to increase sales and build an audience during the biggest shopping time of the year.
November 18, 2021
Making Your Podcast Stand Out with Max Branstetter
Max Branstetter, host of the Wild Business Growth podcast and founder of MaxPodcasting, joins me to talk...well...podcasting. Max has produced more than 150 episodes of Wild Business Growth, and now helps other aspiring podcasters produce and promote their shows. We talked about: Why business owners should create podcasts How podcasting helps entrepreneurs Tips to make your podcast stand out Being consistent with your release date What tech to use...hint: Zoom can do great things How blogs/website helps in having your podcast show up in search How awesome the networking part of podcasting is Max's website: My website:
August 31, 2021
Live Streaming: Cloud-Based vs. Hardware-Based Production. What's the difference?
Anthony Burokas, 20+ year broadcaster and CEO of Stream4us joins me to talk about the differences between cloud-based and hardware-based video production. This is definitely something to consider especially if you're a remote event producer or starting a live streaming business. CLOUD-BASED TOOLS:   HARDWARE-BASED TOOLS:
August 27, 2021
GrillGirl Robyn Lindars Talks Mastering the Basics to Build an Audience
GrillGirl Robyn Lindars first grill experience included almost losing her eyebrows. Fast forward to today, and she's been on the Today Show, Chopped Grillmasters, amassed an Instagram following of more than 30,000, has her own magazine, and more. She attributes a lot of that to being consistent and doing the basic stuff right when it comes to building a blog and social media audience. We talked about how the GrillGirl business began, what all goes into sustaining her delicious looking Instagram channel, what all goes into a video shoot with food, how important social media has been for her business growth, and of course I had to throw some fun ones in there. Robyn gives us her favorite recipe on her site, her favorite cocktail she makes, and tips for using smoke in your cocktails. This was a fun one! 
August 16, 2021
Terry Schilling, Copywriter, Podcast Host
Terry Schilling, freelance copywriter and host of The Copy Corner podcast talks about how he uses video and streaming to promote his business. Check out his work at
August 01, 2021
Business and Branding Mentor Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD
Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD is a business and branding mentor, corporate trainer, TV host, author, and contributes to publications like Entrepreneur Magazine. Charlene joined me to talk about what it means to be a business and branding mentor, and how live streaming has helped her grow her business. Links mentioned in the show:
July 20, 2021
Getting Brand Sponsor Deals, Building a Youtube Channel and Why Now is the Time to Join Amazon Live with Monte Weaver
Monte Weaver is an entrepreneur, YouTube and Amazon influencer, Mastermind course teacher and tech guru. During our conversation we talked about: How he built his business What's behind his Mastermind courses Helping video creators think more simply for content ideas Focusing on message first before technical details when creating video How he got into live streaming and made it part of his business Why now is the time to get on Amazon Live if you're a creator Check out Monte's YouTube channel: Follow Monte on Amazon: Valet Media:
May 10, 2021
What Event Production Looks Like During COVID-19 with Jason Vaughn
Jason Vaughn is the director of business development at CVW Event Productions in Washington, DC. Jason came on the show to talk about his background in event production, which includes a stint with minor league Baltimore Orioles affiliate the Aberdeen Ironbirds and ultimately led him to CVW where he's spent the better part of the last decade. We also talk about how his company reacted to the pandemic and shifted their focus to producing virtual and hybrid events. Hear how a high school graduation spring-boarded them into finding success in the virtual production world.  Learn more about CVW at Check out more about me and podcast at
March 27, 2021
Running a Remote Live Production Company and Talking Production Strategy with Kimberly Flowers
Kimberly Flowers is the founder of Remote Producer Live!, a fully remote production company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs produce online shows to help their business. Kimberly founded the company a little more than five years ago, and has seen tremendous success and growth over the last year. Hear Kimberly talk about how the company came to be, why they’ve had success in taking the production element off the shoulders of business owners, the importance of the strategy that goes behind a production, and how setting up working systems helped her company grow. Learn more at This episode was streamed live to the K-Stream social channels on March 15, 2021.
March 19, 2021
Getting the Most Out of Your Podcasts with Jaclyn Schiff, CEO of PodReacher
CEO of PodReacher Jaclyn Schiff joined the K-Stream Podcast and dropped all kinds of knowledge. PodReacher is a company that helps podcasters turn their episodes into blog posts, but we talked about so much more than that. In addition to why it makes sense for brands to turn their episodes into blogs, we talked about the importance of SHOW NOTES. I’ll admit, I haven’t put as much effort into mine as I should have. This is something I learned in my conversation with Jaclyn. But what was particularly intriguing was what she had to say around who your show notes should be intended for. Are they for your current audience? Do they provide better SEO and attract a new audience? And of course, we had to talk about some things she has her eyes on as far as the future of podcasting. Please take a listen. And of course, check out PodReacher at if you need some help in better marketing your own podcast.
March 13, 2021
Remote Live Production: Making Your Guests Look Good, What Streaming Platform To Use, and More
A chat with Anthony Burokas, a 20+ year broadcast TV video producer currently based in Dallas, TX. In this episode, we focus on remote live productions - what tools and software to use, how to make them look professional, how to prep your guests for success, and the difference between cloud-based and software-based streaming solutions. Anthony’s website: Anthony’s articles on Streaming Media Magazine: Follow Anthony on YouTube:
March 02, 2021
Engaging Virtual Students Through Streaming and Video Tech with Thom Gibson
This latest episode features Thom Gibson, middle school STEM teacher and educational consultant. He’s also developed a YouTube channel helping other teachers on anything from classroom management to Zoom tips and tricks. His channel has more than 9,100 subscribers and counting. Thom and I chat about virtual learning and some of the technology and equipment that has really helped him engage his students more and create better flow with his classes. This episode was originally streamed live on the K-Stream social channels on February 25, 2021. Thom's YouTube channel:​ Follow Thom on Instagram @gibsoneducation Get Thom's newsletter: My website: Follow @kstreamshow on Facebook and Instagram @jeffkoslofsky on Twitter and YouTube
February 26, 2021
Video and Virtual Teaching
Longtime VIPKID and Outschool teacher John Broadwater talks about how his video production background has helped him become a successful online teacher. We also talk about how he uses video to promote his online classes, as well as some equipment that’s helped him in communicating effectively with his students. Follow John on Facebook and Instagram @outschoolteacherjohn Equipment and software mentioned in the show: Skyroam Solis X Hotspot: Manycam: Elgato green screen:
February 23, 2021
Prepping Guest Speakers Before Your Remote Production
If you're a remote live stream producer, obviously you're setup and broadcast technology needs to be solid. But equally as important is your guest’s setup - their audio, video and connection need to be solid so they, as the subject matter experts, can get their message across clearly to the audience. On this episode, I talk about what you can do to set your guests up for success and ultimately set your stream up for success. Website: Follow @kstreamshow on Facebook and Instagram @jeffkoslofsky on Twitter and YouTube
February 20, 2021
What Happens to Your Live Stream When It's Over? Grace Duffy of Restream Has Some Ideas
In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Restream's virtual events manager Grace Duffy. We discussed: Advantages to live video vs. pre-recorded What to do with a live stream once it's over Easy ways to level up your live streams right now Live shopping as a trend in 2021? Check it out and let me know what you think! This episode was streamed live on the K-Stream social channels on February 9, 2021. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Restream: Grace's Podcast: Social Media News Live
February 10, 2021
Christoph Trappe Talks Adding Amazon Live to Your Content Strategy, Upcoming Book on Live Streaming Your Podcast
Longtime content marketer, author, and host of the Business Storytelling Podcast Christoph Trappe joins the K-Stream show to talk about his recent work on Amazon Live and how other marketers might be able to start incorporating it into their own content strategies. We also chat about his new book coming out in March focused on live streaming titled "Going Live: Live-Stream Your Podcast To Reach More People." This episode was originally live streamed to the K-Stream social media channels on February 7, 2021. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Christoph's Website: Pre-order Going Live: Follow Christoph on Amazon:
February 08, 2021
The Latest In Streaming - Episode 1
Fun things happening in the streaming world over the last couple weeks. Here are a few items that stood out on my timelines. Check out all the details at
February 07, 2021
Go Live Instead of Recording. It’s Easier.
This quick episode focuses on why I, in most cases, think it’s actually easier to do a live video as opposed to recording and editing one. What do you think? Let me know @jeffkoslofsky on Twitter or
January 22, 2021
Building a Community of Dads Through Social Media with Josh Benson
In this latest episode, we’re discussing building online communities. I’m joined by Josh Benson, founder of Howard County Dads, a non-profit organization and community group based in Howard County, Md. which is just outside of Baltimore. Josh founded Howard County Dads as a Facebook group back in 2018, and has since grown the group to more than 680 members in addition to an Instagram and YouTube presence, and he’s also turned the group into a non-profit organization helping to support local dads in need and promoting engaged fatherhood. In the episode: - We learn the story behind the creation of the group - How Josh has used social media to create a community of dads in Howard County, MD - Strategies and tactics for keeping the group members engaged - Lessons he’s learned in managing a Facebook group over the years, including some of the struggles along the way - What Josh has in store for the group in 2021 Josh and his group have done some incredible work in the community, which also happens to be the community I live in. And, as a father myself, it was a pleasure to learn from Josh and hear his experience in creating something special for the dads out there. Hope you enjoy. Howard County Dads: Jeff’s website:
January 08, 2021
Wallen Augustin on Being Nimble in Business, Building Relationships Through Podcasting
Episode 6 features my good friend and former colleague, Wallen Augustin. Wallen is a marketer, entrepreneur and podcast host. He and his wife, Jane, host the Savvy Dialogue podcast, and Wallen has owned and operated his creative production company, Wallen Digital, for around four years, all while maintaining a separate full time job. We could have likely talked for way more than an hour, but in the time we spoke, we covered: Starting a production company helping small businesses get their message out, using lessons from marketing jobs to create compelling video, shifting from producer to consultant during COVID-19, starting a podcast, building relationships through podcasting, what it’s like hosting a podcast with his wife, and more. Hope you enjoy. Please follow Wallen @WallenAugustin on most social channels, and be sure to check out his website at
January 02, 2021
Christoph Trappe - Content Marketer, Author, Host of the Business Storytelling Podcast
Christoph Trappe is a long time content strategist, host of the Business Storytelling Podcast, and author of several books including his latest, Content Performance Culture. In this episode we talk about how to get the most out of your content, how to decide what to post, determining the best content strategy for your business, why live stream and much more. Check out Christoph @ctrappe on most social media, as well as
December 22, 2020
Fitness Coach Jordan Syatt Talks Content Creation, Building a Personal Brand
This episode features strength and conditioning coach Jordan Syatt. I’ve been following Jordan’s work for quite a while on social media and other platforms, and one thing I’ve always loved about Jordan is his authenticity. It’s no BS with Jordan. He’s real with people, he’s real with his clients, and I very much appreciate that along with so many others. Not only is Jordan a great fitness coach, he’s an excellent content creator and marketer for his own personal brand and business. He’s built a following of more than 728,000 people on Instagram and more than 148,000 subscribers on YouTube. He puts a lot of work into his content creation, and I think you’ll appreciate what he has to say around how his content has evolved over time, his thought process behind what to post next, as well as his inspiration along the way including folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, who Jordan worked as a personal trainer for for three years. If you want to follow Jordan’s work, check him out on social media @Syattfitness, and his website is Enjoy!
December 17, 2020
How to Bring the Most Value to Clients, Being Pumped About Streaming in 2021
On this episode, I sit down with Chris Carson, founder and CEO of SteadiReadi, a video production and live streaming company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I discovered Chris through a video production Facebook Group we both belong to, and I’ve been fascinated by his business because he shoots strictly with iPhones and iPads, number one. Number two, Chris is so great about sharing his knowledge with his colleagues in the industry. He goes live regularly on Facebook, for example, just to provide tips to fellow streamers on things like understanding how WiFi works, how to build your business, how much to charge, etc. He has a passion about the business that is unparalleled, and he feels that 2021 is going to be the best year yet for live streamers. So I wanted to bring him on and have a conversation about his business, what he’s been up to the last few months since COVID-19 shook the world, entrepreneurship lessons, and much more. Please let me know what you think! Links referenced in this episode: Chris’s website: SteadiReadi Facebook Group: Chris’s latest streams on building a business, how much to charge for productions and more:
December 02, 2020
Starting a Video Production Company, COVID’s Impact on Sports Broadcasting
A chat with entrepreneur live streamer B.J. Koubaroulis. B.J. is the CEO, Founder of
November 20, 2020
Video Storytelling in a Post-Pandemic World
Check out the audio version of a recent webinar I conducted for my local Public Relations Society of America chapter. I discuss what video storytelling in a post-pandemic world may look like as well as how you can use remote video production to make sure your message is seen and heard in today’s climate.
October 28, 2020