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Southern Man, Western Town

Southern Man, Western Town

By Jeff lawrence
Interviews and commentary on Music and independent artist of all kind. Some pro wrestling. Political comments.
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Interview with singer Angie Lynn Carter

Southern Man, Western Town

Interview with singer Angie Lynn Carter

Southern Man, Western Town

Interview with Lawrence Gomez of Hell Ever After
Intro. Wrestling promo. The Parade by H.E.A. Interview with LAwrence Gomez. Wrestling promo. Outro
April 18, 2021
Interview with Tom Bennett
Intro. Show me the exit sign by T.B. Interview with Tom Bennett. Snl skit. Outro
April 12, 2021
Interview with Jorge & Nicole, Acoustic World music
Intro. Havana by Jorge and Nicole. Interview with Jorge and Nicole. Rodney Dangerfield. Outro
April 4, 2021
Interview with Myra Hall
Intro. Interview with Myra Hall. The Ascension by Glasmacher/Lawrence . Outro
March 28, 2021
Interview with Justin Taylor (guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter)
Intro monologue. Over you by J.T. Interview with Justin Taylor. Outro
March 20, 2021
Interview with Guitarist Michael Lucarelli
Intro. Rondo by Michael Lucarelli. Interview with Michael Lucarelli. Outro
March 13, 2021
Interview with Greg Larkin (Guitarist)
Intro. Song by Greg Larkin. Interview with Greg Larkin. Outro
March 6, 2021
Interview with Outlaw country star Dallas Moore
Intro. The rain by Dallas Moore. Interview with Dallas Moore. The Jerk clip. Outro monologue and improv.
February 27, 2021
Interview with Andrew Glasmacher (Producer, Drummer, Writer, Engineer)
Intro. The Ascension by Endless Sky. Interview with Andrew Glasmacher. Mitch Hedberg clip. Outro
February 20, 2021
Interview with singer Angie Lynn Carter
Intro monologue. Looking for a Reason by Angie Lynn Carter with Lee Roy Parnell. Interview with Angie Lynn Carter. Urban Cowboy Clip. Outro monologue
February 14, 2021
Interview with Thom Mathews of R.M.S. (Atl. Prog Metal band)
Intro. Fragile as Stone by R.M.S. Interview with Thom Mathews. Masked Superstar promo. Meth Lab explosion by Thom Mathews. Fast Times clip. Outro
February 7, 2021
Interview with Guitarist Alexandr Misko
Intro. Rain and Thunderstorm by Alex Misko. Interview with Alexander Misko. Blossom by Alex and Heiko. Goodbye Girl scene. Outro monologue.
January 31, 2021
Interview with Guitarist, Gary Dranow
Intro. Destiny Road by G. Dranow. Interview with Gary. Mozart clip. Outro.
January 24, 2021
Interview with Chicago Blues singer/Guitarist, Joey J. Saye
Intro. Georgia Ham Mama by JJS. Interview with Joey J. Saye. Cry for me- JJS. Feels Good by JJS. Flair promo. Outro monologue and improv.
January 16, 2021
Interview with Matt, guitarist/writer/producer from Alabama Doom Metal band Wither Without You
Intro monologue, Sophistic by WWY, interview with Matt. Wrap up
January 10, 2021
Interview with vocalist Tristan Cole
Intro monologue. Champion b Tristan Cole. Interview with Tristan Cole. Sober Me by Tristan Cole and Elise. Outro monologue
January 2, 2021
Interview with Guitarist, Giovanni Piacentini
Day after Xmas blues by J.S. Lawrence. Intro monologue. Prelude 2 by Giovanni Piacentini. Interview with Giovanni Piacentini. Outro monologue. Outro improv
December 26, 2020
Interview with Guitarist Bill Bonifas
Intro. Xmas quotes. That Rainy Day by Bill Bonifas. Interview with Bill Bonifas. Have Yourself A merry Xmas by J.s. And Brooke Lawrence. Outro monologue. Outro improv
December 19, 2020
Interview with Dave Nudo (Country Rock from Idaho)
Intro. County line by Dave Nudo Band, interview with Dave Nudo. Outro monologue. Outro improv
December 13, 2020
Interview with Chyanne and Nosferatu of The band Vampyre
Intro monologue. Manikin by Vampyre. Interview with Vampyre. Outro monologue. Outro improv
December 5, 2020
Interview with Jason of Wasted Highway
Intro monologue/improv. Interview with Jason of Wasted Hwy. Beer Makes it better by Wasted Hwy. outro monologue. Outro improv by J.S. Lawrence
November 26, 2020
Interview with Channing Lowe and Cate Allen of The film 4K Killer
Intro. Clip 1. Interview with Channing and Cate. Clip 2. Dreamtime #7 outro monologue. Outro improv
November 22, 2020
Interview with Stanley Cade Bostwick of BleakHeaven comics. Bonus episode!!!!
Intro monologue. Interview with S.C.B. Outro monologue. Outro improv
November 19, 2020
Interview with Jim Voelz, Vocalist for The Mound Builders
Intro monologue. Wabash War Machine by the M.B. Interview with Jim Voelz. Sun God redux by the M.B. Dreamtime volume 6. Outro monologue. Outro improv.
November 14, 2020
Interview with Michelle Malone, award winning singer, songwriter and Guitarist
Intro. Sugar on my Tongue by Michelle Malone. Interview with Michelle Malone. Dreamtime with Patrick Neville #5. Outro monologue. Outro improv
November 8, 2020
Halloween episode. Interview with Craig Rossi of Drift Into Black
Intro. Email. Charlie Brown. Rebirth by D.I.B. Interview with Craig Rossi. Death from Above by D.I.B. History of Halloween with Brooke. Stuart Smalley Halloween. Dreamtime with Patrick Neville #4. Outro monologue. Outro improv by J. Lawrence
October 31, 2020
Interview with Taylor Richards of Royal Bliss
Intro monologue. Angel with Devil Eyes by Royal Bliss. Interview with Taylor Richards. Ritalin by Royal Bliss. Sweet Rosie by Royal Bliss. Emails. Dreamtime with Patrick Neville #3. Outro monologue. Outro improv
October 24, 2020
Interview with Country singer/songwriter, Aaron Halliday
Intro. Light ‘em up by Aaron Halliday. Interview with Aaron Halliday. This ain’t Just Another Road by Aaron Halliday. Dreamtime with Patrick Neville episode 2. Outro monologue. Outro improv by J.S. LAWRENCE
October 17, 2020
Interview with Heavy from Black Magic Caravan
Intro monologue R.I.P. E.V.H., Bad Boy Swagger by B.M.C., interview with Heavy from B.M.C., C.A.S.H. By B.M.C., Dreamtime with Patrick Neville, outro monologue, outro improv
October 10, 2020
Interview with Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter. Robert Von Pauley
Intro. Kill or be killed by Rob Von Pauley. Interview with Robert Von Pauley. Latimer by Rob Von Pauley. Outro monologue. Comedy skit by RVP. Outro improv Js Lawrence
October 3, 2020
Interview with JD of JD and the Brass Saddle Band
Intro. Wasatch Blues by JD and the Brass Saddle band. Interview with JD. Wickenburg by JD and the Brass Saddle band. Colder by Abandaleros. Outro monologue. Outro improv
September 26, 2020
Interview with Buddy Falzon of Chosen Last
Intro. Fucking Loser by Chosen Last. Interview with Buddy Falzon. 158 by Chosen Last. Outro monologue. Outro song by Rob von Pauley
September 19, 2020
Interview with J.M. Chiniquy The Super Destroyer R.I.P. original interview aired May 24 2020
Bonus episode . Life without you by Jeff Lawrence. Monologue. My Way by Elvis. 10 Bell Salute. Interview with Super D. Just as I Am by Jeff Lawrence. For When I’m Gone by Jeff LAwrence
September 13, 2020
Interview with Guitarist, Barry Richman
Intro talk. Jackson by Barry Richman. Interview with Barry Richman. Blue in Green by Barry Richman. Outro talk. Outro music by Rob Von Pauley.
September 12, 2020
Interview with Songwriter Jim Tate
Intro monologue . Dusty Road by Jim Tate. Interview with Jim Tate. Porch pickin by Jim Tate. Outro talk . Outro music by Rob Von Pauley
September 6, 2020
Interview with Guitarist Nick Johnson
Intro monologue. Delirium by Nick Johnson. Interview with Nick Johnson. Dear Daughter by Nick Johnson. Outro monologue. Outro music by Rob Von Pauley
August 30, 2020
Interview with Jake Thomas of JT Bevy
Intro. Madness by JT Bevy. Interview with Jake Thomas. Piano by JT Bevy. outro monologue. Outro music by Rob Von Pauly
August 23, 2020
Interview with Thom Mathews of Atlanta Prog. metal band R.M.S.
Intro. Blackout Kill by R.M.S. Interview with Thom Mathews. Murderer of Hopes and Dreams by R.M.S. BattleJoy by R.M.S. Outro talk. Outro music by Thom Mathews
August 16, 2020
Best in Show omnibus episode 50
Top 3 most listened to interviews along with many songs from many guest over the last 49 shows
August 12, 2020
Interview with Dennis Carlin
Intro. Dumb as a Crayon by the Leaving Trains. Interview with Dennis Carlin. Middle class Snobs by Sluts for Hire. Walking with you by the Leaving Trains. Outro improv
August 3, 2020
Interview with Guitarist/songwriter Mark Dee
Intro. Ogden Sunset by Mark Dee. Interview with Mark Dee. Windjammer by Mark Dee. Outro by Eddie Edwards
August 3, 2020
Interview with Mike Package of Switchback Guitars
Intro. Morning drive by J.S. LAWRENCE. Interview with Mike Package. Was arch Front by Jeff Lawrence. Outro improv
July 25, 2020
Interview with Tommy Dearth. Musician/actor/producer
Intro. My world by Daily Basis. Interview with Tommy Dearth. Tomorrow never comes by Daily Basis. Outro improv
July 22, 2020
Interview with stuntman Kenny Mazac
Intro. Weemuh by Jeff LAWRENCE. Interview with Mr. Xtreme Kenny Mazac. Interview with Johnny Murica. Floodgates by JeffLawrence. Outro improv
July 18, 2020
Interview with Bassist Dr. Denson Angulo
Intro. Bass solo by Dr. Angulo. Interview with Dr. Angulo. Chromium 3 highlights. Outro improv
July 17, 2020
Interview with Bassist/author/composer/producer. Ryan Madora
Intro, prelude by Interludes. The Lizard by the Interludes. Interview with Ryan Madora. City by Robben Ford. Outro
July 11, 2020
Interview with Guitarist Ben Miller from Rodney Atkins, Jamie Lynn Spears, Shenandoah, and more
Intro monologue. She Sang to Me by BEN. Interview with Ben Miller. I’m Gone by BEN. R.I.P Charlie Daniels stories. Rebel Flag talk. Outro improv
July 8, 2020
Interview with Scott Danger Bravo. Guitarist
Intro monologue. lost for Words by Scott Bravo. Interview with Scott Bravo. White sails by Scott Bravo. Clarity by Scott Bravo. Wrap up
July 7, 2020
Interview with Pro Wrestler, podcaster ,former linebacker. Gunner Miller
Intro monologue, Gunner promo. Interview with Gunner Miller. Gunner promo 2. Rhinoskin by Jeff Lawrence. Outro monologue. Outro improv
June 30, 2020
Interview with singer/songwriter Justin Jay Arnold
Intro. Home again by JJ Arnold. Interview with Justin Jay Arnold. I ain’t like Jesus by JJ Arnold
June 30, 2020
Interview with Guitarist John Mclaren
Intro monologue. Pathless path by Jon Mclaren. Interview with John Mclaren. Route 19 John Mclaren. Against the tide by John Mclaren. R.I.P. Kirk Cole. Outro monologue. Outro improv
June 28, 2020
Interview with Alyx and Kyonshi of Witches of London
Intro talk and improv. Join the Coven by Witches of London. Interview with Witches of London. Witchdance by Witches of London. Outro talk. Outro improv
June 20, 2020
Interview with Kyle from Cruel Bomb
Intro talk. Breathe by Cruel Bomb. Interview with Kyle from Cruel Bomb. The End from Cruel Bomb. Outro talk.outro improv.
June 18, 2020
Interview with Guitarist/singer/songwriter Keyvin Vandyke
Intro music improv and talk. Dopamine by Keyvin Vandyke. Interview with Keyvin Vandyke. Let the Hate Die by Keyvin Vandyke. Stories from the road 2. Outro talk. Outro music improv.
June 13, 2020
Interview with Australian singer/songwriter Gav Brown
Intro music/monologue. Railroad Track by Gav Brown Band. Interview with Gav Brown. Light force by Gav Brown. Event security stories Mick Jagger edition. Outro monologue. Outro music improv
June 12, 2020
Interview with Americana Singer/Songwriter, Nick Pagliari
Intro music improv/monologue . When I Leave by Nick Pagliari. Interview with Nick Pagliari. Regret by Nick Pagliari. Tribute to Mr. Wrestling 2. Outro monologue. Outro music improv.
June 11, 2020
Interview with Bluesman Tony Holiday
Intro improv and monologue. Paying Rent on A Broken Home by Tony Holiday. Interview with Tony Holiday. Ole number 9 by Tony Holiday. Outro talk. Outro improv music.
June 10, 2020
Interview with singer/songwriter Ashton Zyer
Intro music/talk. Slide by Ashton Zyer. Interview with Ashton Zyer. Misery by Ashton Zyer. Stories from the road pt. 1. Outro talk. Outro improv music
June 6, 2020
Interview with entertainer, Brian Barrentine, Creator of FunikiJam. Children’s world music program
Intro music and talk. African drum by FunikiJam. Interview with Brian Barrentine. Baby likes to rock by FunikiJam. Outro talk. Outro music
June 6, 2020
Interview with Patrick Neville of Balls Capone.
Intro improv music and talk. Empire by Balls Capone. Interview with Patrick Neville. Core Meltdown by Son of Ian. Party House by Balls Capone. Outro talk. Outro improv
June 4, 2020
Interview with Cody Hughes of Fight Like Sin. Aggressive Hard Rock from Indiana. Show #28
Intro improv. Intro talk. Nightmare song. Interview with Cody Hughes. Fire away song. Outro talk. Outro improv
May 28, 2020
Episode 27 Interview with Pro wrestler Andrew So Well
Intro improv. Intro talk. Interview with Andrew So Well of DCW. Outro talk outro improv
May 28, 2020
Interview with retired pro wrestler the legendary Super Destroyer show # 26
Intro music. Intro talk. Interview with Super D. Outro talk. Outro music
May 24, 2020
Interview with Irish/American actress/singer/model/dancer Kelsie Mathews. Show #25
Intro improv. Intro talk. Keep Strong. Interview with Kelsie Mathews. Sweet Dreams. Outro talk. Outro improv
May 23, 2020
Interview with Cellist Kaitlin Findlay of Strings FX and Nick Passey show 24
Intro improv. Intro talk. Interview with Kaitlin Findlay, guitar interview, outro talk and music
May 16, 2020
Interview with Brian Langley, guitarist for League of Corruption from Vancouver. B.C.
Intro improv. Intro talk interview with Brian from L.O.C. Outro talk outro improv
May 13, 2020
Interview with Leguiya Jordan of Cali303 productions
Interview with Leguiya Jordan. Segment 2 Living in Denmark vs USA commentary
May 9, 2020
Interview with Joe Stephens of Caging Elliot
Intro improv, intro talk, interview with Caging Elliot guitarist Joe Stephens, outro talk and Betrayal by Caging Elliot, outro improv
May 5, 2020
Show 20 interview with Silent Ire drummer Booker and DJ Dizz a Heavy band from Illinois
Improv music. Interview and music from Silent Ire. Music, virus and politics
April 30, 2020
Interview with Joseph Mills of Dayglo Mourning Atlanta Doom Metal band show 19
Interview with Dayglo mourning. Music, wrestling and politics commentary
April 25, 2020
Interview with Real Doug Lane show 18
Doug lane interview. DCW show 6 review
April 18, 2020
Interview with Wither Without You frontman Colton Griffith
Interview with Wither without you vocalist. Suicide prevention talk
April 14, 2020
Episode 16 Bob Bedore Interview
Interview with comic Bob Bedore, DCW show 5 review. Improv music
April 11, 2020
Interview with Tommy Stewart of Hallows Eve and Dyerwulf and Black Doomba records show 15
Interview with Tommy Stewart of Hallows Eve. Dyerwulf. Black Doomba records. Talking helping start Thrash metal and what the new Doomba stuff is all about
April 4, 2020
Interview with Ritchie from Gravehuffer plus DCW wrestling review show 14
Ritchie Randall from Gravehuffer joins the show. Devotion wrestling review part 4. Intro and outro improvs by yours truly
April 2, 2020
Interview with Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist. Terence Hansen
Terence Hansen calls into the podcast we discuss crossneck guitar. Circles and Guru by Terence Hansen. R.I.P. Joe Diffie
March 31, 2020
Interview with Rich Wyman, singer, pianist, songwriter, performer
Interview with songwriter, singer, pianist Rich Wyman . Updates on music locally in Utah. Fatherless child and The Water Song by Rich Wyman
March 29, 2020
Pandemic and music and Earthquakes show 11
Corona virus effecting music and wrestling and politics plus an earthquake!!!!!!!!!!
March 24, 2020
Virus wrestling music Utah show 10
Corona kills local music in Utah, Devotion wrestling revue show 2
March 17, 2020
Wrestling and music news episode 9
Devotion championship wrestling tv review. CCR tribute band news RIP to two friends
March 9, 2020
Utah happenings episode 8
Devotion wrestling. Utah music. My new music project. Democratic run off
March 3, 2020
Guest news. Democratic debate. Local music in Utah episode 7
Guest news on upcoming shows. Short commentary on local Utah Music and wrestling and Democratic debate
February 20, 2020
Trump. Music. Episode 6
Talking politics local and national. Local music scene. Some trucking and wrestling stuff
February 12, 2020
Event security stories pt 1 episode 5
Talking music trucking Kobe and event security stories
January 29, 2020
Episode 4
MlK day. RIP Rocky Johnson. Sundance film festival
January 20, 2020
Episode 3
Passing of Firpo and Peart. Local music. In Utah. Trucking news. Event security talk
January 13, 2020
Jan 8 episode 2
Trucking music wrestling politics
January 8, 2020
December 26, 2019
December 26, 2019
Episode 1
Music bookings ect
December 26, 2019