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The Real Jeff Mann Podcast

The Real Jeff Mann Podcast

Rock n Roll author Jeff Mann shares his favorite books, as well as his random observations on how they relate to the world around us... from his own warped perspective, of course. Topics include music, fitness, leadership, superheroes, pop culture and more... but all of them are interesting and inspirational. Jeff leaves the listener with a lot to think about, and new ideas on how to live their best life.
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The Real Jeff Mann Podcast, Episode 5
In this episode, Jeff talks about the new book by legendary punk/hardcore vocalist John Joseph, "The PMA Effect: How a Positive Mental Attitude can make you the badass you were born to be." This book has tons of great ideas and inspiration for reaching your goals and dreams, all from John's street-level point of view. Check it out.
November 21, 2019
The Real Jeff Mann Podcast, Episode 4
This time we look at the book "Micro Mastery" by Robert Twigger. This book focuses on learning new skills in a way that is fun and engaging. A great way to encourage lifelong learning, keep your brain healthy, and look cool doing it.
August 21, 2019
The Real Jeff Mann Podcast, Episode 3
This time we're looking at the book "Resisting Happiness" by Matthew Kelly. This book helps readers identify the obstacles that get in the way of their own happiness, and find ways to remove them- to eliminate resistance and clear the path to making your dreams happen. We'll read some especially awesome sections from the book, and figure out some cool ways to make this stuff work in our own lives. Check it out now, and leave a comment or review!
July 23, 2019
The Real Jeff Mann Podcast, Episode 2
Today's featured book is "Shut Up, Quit Whining and Get A Life" by Larry Winget. Despite the title, this self-help book is loaded with information and good ideas! Jeff pulls a few favorite quotes from this and shares them along with some of his own ideas about goal-setting and making dreams happen. Check it out now! 
June 21, 2019
The Real Jeff Mann Podcast Episode 1
In this historic episode we kick off The Real Jeff Mann Podcast with our FIRST PODCAST EPISODE EVER! The featured book for this episode is "Backstage Pass" by Paul Stanley. Paul is the driving force behind the legendary rock band KISS and his new book turned out to be about a lot more than just rocking sold-out stadiums and chasing groupies. In this episode you'll hear about Paul's "Live To Win" philosophy, his ideas on family, kids, & ex-wives, get inspired to keep reinventing yourself, and get some tips on aging well - even after a lifetime of rock n roll decadence.
June 01, 2019