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Jeff & Amy At the Well

Jeff & Amy At the Well

By Trinity United Methodist Church
Theology and the Christian life aren't as cut and dried as we sometimes think. Join Jeff Slater from Trinity UMC and Amy Slater from South Gate UMC in Lincoln, Nebraska for thoughtful, provocative, and fun conversations on some of the burning questions of theology and the life of faith.

(Thanks to for the Trinity UMC worship band for the theme music!)
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ATW: Is there bad theology in the Bible?
Is it wrong to disagree with parts of the Bible? Scripture is a sacred document and truly a revelation of God. But how do we make sense of the terrible things that part of that too? The short answer is that the Bible is the story of people who got it wrong just as often as we do ourselves, and we can find God in their struggle as well as our own. The long answer? Listen in!
September 25, 2020
ATW: Finding Joy in the Dumpster Fire that Is 2020
This week Jeff and Amy turn towards our spiritual journey. Joy is one of the main ways we see God day-to-day. But how do we find joy when everything around us seems so bad?
September 18, 2020
ATW: The Radical Idea Jesus Meant by "Neighbor"
This week Jeff and Amy answer a question about what it means to "love thy neighbor," a question which is surprising controversial in how Jesus (and John Wesley) answers it.
September 11, 2020
ATW: Protesting: when is it helpful and when does it cross the line?
This week Jeff and Amy talk about protesting. It's a big topic right now as protests continue in many parts of our nation. But this conversation focuses on a story from a couple of years ago, so perhaps the distance will help us see more clearly. At issue is the question of ethics: when is political action helpful and when does it cross a line to cause more harm than good?
September 4, 2020
ATW: Are we all called? Get to know Jeff & Amy and think about your own call story, too!
This week the podcast has a new name and an expanded audience. Welcome to "Jeff & Amy At the Well!" Jeff Slater is the pastor of Trinity United Methodist and Amy is Pastor of South Gate UMC in Lincoln, Nebraska. Get to know them both by way of their "call stories." Pastors always seem to have a story of God calling them, but the real truth is that they're just more practiced at talking about it. We are ALL called, though rarely do our journeys look the same. Listen in and use the links below to share your story with us!
August 28, 2020
APJA: Did God Really Kill Jesus? And other thoughts on child sacrifice.
It's embedded in our songs, our cultural understanding, and encoded in the text of our faith. But what is the deal with the cross and the death of Jesus? Did Jesus really have to die? And did God really orchestrate that - demand it even? Tune in to hear Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee talk about they "why" of the cross and tackle the question "Did God really kill Jesus?" Be sure to check out Jeremy Miller's fabulous overview of Atonement Theory at Hacking Christianity: Primer on Atonement Theories JR's recommended reading on the topic: Tony Jones' book "Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History's Most Famous Execution. Additional music by Mark Fosson. Used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.
August 15, 2020
APJA: So we get it about demons, but what about ghosts and haunted spaces?
Following up to last week's episodes on "what about demons" - Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee dive in to the second part of the question that came from Sharla: what about ghosts? And haunted houses? Be they spooky or nostalgic, we all have an interesting relationship with the other side. Does this have room in Christian theology? Maybe more than you think...listen in to find out! Do you have a ghost story? Or a haunted space story? Tell us in the comments! Additional music by Monplaisir, licensed under a Creative Commons CC-0 license.  And special thanks again to Greg Simon who takes on the very creative editing on this podcast. (And yes, we know it wasn't Steven Spielberg who did Star Wars. Sorry, Mr. Lucas!)
August 7, 2020
APJA: Demons and Devils and Satan, oh my!
Do you love movies like the Exorcist? How about Paranormal Activity? Well, even if you don't (that would be Jodi-Renee), demons and the personification of evil have long been a part of the Christian story. This week, a listener asked Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee about their thoughts on demons - the kind of Biblical lore and the kind that evoke images of pea soup. We want to hear your thoughts and stories about demons! Share with us in the comments here or write to us at Additional music at the outro by the Waco Brothers, licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0. Additional music provided by Fesliyan Studios. More info at
August 1, 2020
APJA: Is Free Will affected by injustice?
Pastor Jeff had his own question for the podcast this week. In the midst of all that's going on the world and in our own communities, important questions are rising to the surface. And in the places that it intersects with faith, things can get really murky and interesting. This week, Pastor Jeff posed the question "Does everyone have free will?" - more specifically does everyone have the fullness of free will in the same way? Or do things like poverty, systemic injustice, and generational trauma affect our choices? Tune in to hear more on this interesting and important topic. You can always send your comments and questions to and we'll get back to you! If you'd like to find out more about the ACE test, you can take the test and learn more at npr. org and the CDC website: Take the ACE Quiz and Learn What it Does and Doesn't Mean - NPR CDC's ACE Study Website - with preventative resources Pastor Jeff mentioned the podcast featuring Father Greg Boyle. Check it out here! Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs Father Boyle presented a Ted Talk on Compassion and Kinship. You can watch it here. As usual, thanks to Greg Simon for the production of this week's podcast. Send us your thoughts and questions!
July 25, 2020
APJA: Personality Tests...Bubblegum Psych or Spiritual Shovel?
A listener sent in a question on one of Jodi-Renee's favorite topics to talk about: The Enneagram! The question: Is the Enneagram a useful tool for spirituality? And Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee had to ask "is any personality test good for spiritual development?" In a world where you can take an online quiz to discover what kind of cheese you are or the color of your aura, how do we approach personality and the soul? Want to discover your Enneagram type? Take the free test here: Jodi-Renee's reading rec for this episode: The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron Outro music: “The Way I Roll” by Expendable Friend, licensed free under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND. If you really need to know what cheese you are, you can find that quiz here:
July 17, 2020
Does Prayer Work? What if you add some hallucinogenics?
It's another interesting week here in the offices at Trinity UMC in Lincoln. This weeks questions seemed to tag team in the most thoughtful way. Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee ruminate on the idea of prayer -- if it works, what is it, how do we do it which led to question two: the use of hallucinogenics in spiritual practice. You definitely don't want to miss this week's episode of Ask Pastor Jeff Anything!
July 10, 2020
APJA: So What's Up With Sin?
We're going for the big questions now! Sara wrote in to ask about sin: what is it? We don't really talk about it in the mainline churches and we never stop talking about it low-church and congregational circles. So what's up with it? Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee start to unpack the top layers of this question in this episode of Ask Pastor Jeff Anything. Thanks for Dr. Greg Simon for providing the "Bringin' in the Sheaths" revival tune as well as editing and producing our eccentric and excited thoughts. We'd love to hear your response! Join the conversation here or over on Facebook!
June 26, 2020
APJA: What is the role of the church in politics in 2020?
This week's question was timely and an interesting topic for all of us. In light of so many things going on the world and the Church's reputation for being both a force of good and of ill, what is the role the Church should take in political stance and action? Listen in as Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee cram in a lot of thought into their thirty minute conversation on this provocative and important topic.
June 19, 2020
APJA: Can I believe in more than one "path" and still call myself a Christian?
This week, Niki sent in a great question about reincarnation and really digging down to this: Can I believe in more than one path to God and still call myself a Christian? Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee dove right in and had some interesting (and sometimes humorous) conversation on these two connected topics. As usual, we want to thank the TUMC worship band for the bumper music and Dr. Greg Simon for his editing and production. If you're curious to explore more about this topic, check out one of JR's favorite writers on the topic: David Bentley Hart. You can find her favorite book of his on this topic here: That All Shall Be Saved Make sure to send us your questions!
June 12, 2020
APJA: Why do Catholics pray for/to the dead?
Episode 5 is here with a question from Mary Jo: why do Catholics pray for the dead? We also meandered down the theological thought trail of "why do Catholics pray to the dead?" With a quick virtual drop in from the wise and thoughtful (also known as Pastor Jeff's spiritual director) Dr. Philip St. Romain, Pr. Jeff and Jodi-Renee get their own preconceptions and worldviews challenged and expanded in this episode of Ask Pastor Jeff Anything. You can find out more about the writings and spiritual direction work of Phil St. Romain at his website: Shalom Place
June 5, 2020
APJA: Where's the Holy Spirit?
Pastor Jeff brings his own question to the table in this episode of APJA. With so many stories in culture about miracles, healings, and supernatural events sparked by the Holy Spirit, where are we seeing the wind blow in our corner of the world? In our church? And what does it even look like? Tune in to hear Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee talk about this quiet member of the Trinity.
May 29, 2020
APJA: Can you choose to be happy when you struggle with depression?
Can you just choose to be happy? And what if you live with major depressive disorder? In this episode of APJA, Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee get personal with their stories and talk about what it really means to choose your attitude. If you or a loved one are living with depression and you need support, we can help you get in touch with resources and mental health professionals. If you feel you're experiencing a mental health crisis, we hope you'll call CenterPointe's 24/7 line at 402.475.6695 Music by the Trinity Worship Band Produced by Greg Simon
May 22, 2020
APJA: Does God Have a Plan for My Life?
In Episode 2 of Ask Pastor Jeff Anything, Pastor Jeff and Jodi-Renee knock around two perspectives on a burning question - If God has a plan for everyone's life, why do some people suffer and others...not so much? With some insights into how we approach the Bible and two very different life stories to bear witness, tune in and tell us how this conversation affects your understanding of that question.
May 15, 2020
APJA: Welcome to Big Rummage Sale!
Welcome to the first episode of Ask Pastor Jeff Anything! In this kick-off conversation, Pastor Jeff and his ministry sidekick Jodi-Renee talk about the massive upheaval to church, culture, and life as we know it that seems to happen every 500 years. And guess who's due....
May 8, 2020