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My Thoughts On This and That With Jeffrey Joslin

My Thoughts On This and That With Jeffrey Joslin

By Jeffrey Joslin
“My Thoughts on This and That” is a podcast by artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and composer Jeffrey Joslin. He shares his thought and this and also on that, which includes art, music, family, spirituality, philosophy and business.
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EP9 - Interview with Kevin McCarty, Founder of We Should Write Sometime
In this episode of My Thoughts on This & That, Jeffrey interviews Kevin McCarty, founder of We Should Write Sometime, a revolutionary new app for songwriters to connect and co-write together.
February 23, 2021
EP8 - Sense Or Ship
In this episode of My Thoughts on This & That, Jeffrey Joslin talks about his experience with social media censorship and his hurdles during the last year navigating being a free thinking individual and artist attempting to communicate his thoughts and ideas.
February 06, 2021
EP7 - Interview with Rob Lindquist of SongFinch
In this podcast I chat with Rob Lindquist, founder of SongFinch, a resource that offers you the ability to give songs as gifts, written and produced by professionals. I have done some very rewarding work with SongFinch over the years and am excited to introduce you to Rob and SongFinch. Find out more at
February 01, 2021
EP4 - The One [THEY] Deleted
This is a previously released podcast that was removed. Listen, and in light of recent events, ask yourself, "WHY might they not want me to listen to this information?" Enjoy!
February 01, 2021
EP6 - Carcast - My Grandfathers
In this FIRST edition of a new segment called Carcast, I talk about my late grandfathers, who I called Papaw and Pop-Pop, and explore a bit about two of my favorite people of all time and the impact they made on my life. I hope you enjoy riding along on this CARCAST episode of My Thoughts on This & That.
September 15, 2020
EP5 - Worship
In Episode 5 of My Thoughts on This & That with Jeffrey Joslin, Jeffrey shares his thoughts on worship and God with a sermon that was originally given at Camarillo Christian Church on November 17, 2019. He outlines misconceptions about worship, and how worship is designed to remind us who God is, who we are and what our purpose is.  For more info visit:
March 30, 2020
EP3 - Privilege
In this episode of My Thoughts on This & That, Jeffrey Joslin shares his thoughts on privilege. For more info visit:
March 16, 2020
EP2 - 2017
In my first episode I briefly mentioned my experience in 2017 where I had a manic episode and found myself inside of a psychiatric facility. This podcast features a recording I made two weeks after that experience recounting my hospitalization in greater detail.  For more information visit:
March 09, 2020
EP1 - How I Got Here
Welcome to the first episode of My Thoughts on This and That with Jeffrey Joslin. In this episode Jeffrey talks about his journey thus far and brings listeners up to date on how he has come to this present moment in his life and career. Visit for more info...
March 02, 2020