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Life by itself is difficult enough. Imagine having to go through it without someone to talk to & share your most inner thoughts with. Here at UN•THERAPY, we understand that although we aren't professional therapists, sometimes just talking it out with friends makes life a lot easier. Join us in our weekly UN•THERAPY THURSDAY sessions as we analyze + discuss life, love, happiness & how we can help each other mature into the best versions of ourselves. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
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Hey UN•THERAPY Baes,  Whether personal or professional, knowing what YOU have to offer increases your perceived value.  Identifying when what you have to offer is needed most may not only cause your value to appreciate but also increases your leverage.  But even though our leverage has increased: 📌Do we truly know how to negotiate what we are worth? 📌 Does fear cause us to shoot below our standard regarding what we know we can attain?  📌 Are we genuinely worth what we think we are?  📌 Whose appraisal is genuinely the right one?  Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE investing in yourself, negotiating your worth, leveraging your value & knowing when & how to say NO. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
September 26, 2022
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, I need ya'll help to answer some questions 👇🏽 📌 Is there a difference between a flaw and an undesirable trait?  📌 Are there some things that are complete turnoffs that make YOU want to put total distance between yourself and others? 📌 What does it look like to project your insecurities onto someone else?  📌 What "really" turns a flaw into a flag?  📌 How much grace is too much when your peace is at stake? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE red flags, forgiveness, self-awareness, core values, and reactions to unfavorable treatment in society. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
September 18, 2022
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, ⏪ Remember a few years back when Ayesha Curry was going off about how she wanted to be "seen" and may have wanted attention from others outside of her marriage, and social media DRAGGED her? Well, thinking back on it, maybe everyone overreacted a bit. 📌 We all seek validation in some way, shape or form, but should there be limitations?  📌 Should we seek outside validation when we are in committed relationships?  📌 Is validation "really" as bad as people make it out to be?  📌 Is knowing something for yourself genuinely enough?  📌 Are validations truly rooted in insecurities?  📌 Should men do a better job of making women feel secure? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the pros and cons of validation on social media, relationships, and within our everyday lives. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
September 11, 2022
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, Ladies, as we mature and elevate, so do the things we require when finding or desiring a potential partner. I mean, who wants to be with someone who cannot meet their energy romantically and professionally? Nevertheless, talking to Coach, I got to thinking, if the roles were reversed, would we as women be able to match that same energy toward the affluent and ambitious men we seek? We have seen waves of accomplishments and have been growing by leaps and bounds in wisdom and ownership, but does the pool become smaller as we become "larger?" Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE potential vs. reality, intent vs. attempt, and the requirements that shifted demand within the dating market. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
September 03, 2022
GROW UP JODY: Lessons from "Baby Boy"
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, The love a mother has for her son is one of the most beautiful yet criticized things in our society. It almost feels like the way he treats his mom is often used as a measure for how he will treat his significant other. Yet, if he relies on her too much, it considered a noxious trait that can become destructive within a relationship. What’s really interesting is that we have displayed the exact opposite energy toward daughters in relation to their connections with their fathers. So, it leads to a deeper thought within society... 📌 Do we have an unfair bias toward daughters and their fathers? 📌 Do we really believe that the connection a mother has with her son is detrimental to his independence? 📌 Are there certain boundaries relationships between parents + children should have? 📌 Is the term "mama's boy" a narrative created by women to cause men to over-analyze their relationships with their mothers? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the relationships between mother and son, father and daughter, co-dependence and the effects it has on the development of children going into adulthood. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
August 25, 2022
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, Let's be real... Sometimes in the workplace + professional environments we can't always be our authentic selves. We've all been in situations where "code switching" was needed to ensure that we meshed with the current environment. 🚨 But it's time for that to change. 🚨 Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE being our most authentic selves in professional environments, code switching, and how to "play the game." Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
August 21, 2022
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, It's been proven through watching others & even throughout our own life experiences that making good decisions can propel your life forward. We've also seen how making "bad" decisions can set you back and prolong your future. 📌 But what goes into making a good decision? 📌 How do we know the difference between a good decision & a bad one? 📌 Is it something you're born with? 📌 Is it something that you're taught? 📌 Is it contingent on the results of what you decided? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the steps in decision making, stepping out on faith & what goes into following your dreams. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
August 14, 2022
GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY (Except Jada Pinkett-Smith)
Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, It seems like every few years, society gives us a new initiative or movement to be aware of & care about, but none more important than "Protect Black Women." Now even though this should go without saying, I always wondered a few things about it like: 📌 Is there a reason we aren't protected the way we feel we should be? 📌 What goes into a man's mind when he hears "Protect Black Women"? 📌 How can we normalize this beyond a cute hashtag & t-shirt quote? This list can go on & on. Join your favorite UN•THERAPIST on UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE & discuss different types of black women, "Protect Black Women" & what it means to women & men of color beyond what society depicts. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
March 31, 2022
If you've ever been in the dating pool, you know that swimming around to find love is no easy thing. it's not uncommon to use non-traditional practices like Online Dating, Match Makers, Image Consultants, or even "Experts" to help your find Mr. or Mrs. Right. 📌 But can we truly put our reliance on an algorithm to help us find our soulmates? 📌 Can someone else really articulate what we feel about the type of person we may want to spend the rest of our lives with? 📌 Will you ever find someone who checks off all your boxes? 📌 What happens when the "Experts" find a box unchecked; will they follow your preferences or will they supplement your desires with data? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as your favorite UN•THERAPIST cover communication, finding love through experts, incomplete checklists & the practicality of finding the perfect person. Instagram: @unterapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast 
January 27, 2022
JERK RICE?!?! feat. Calvin Crooks
💃🏽🕺🏽 Holidays are always a fun time but they are even more fun with family & friends. Today we're joined by one of our friends, Calvin Crooks from Season 3 of the hit show “The Circle” (currently streaming on Netflix). 🙌🏾 Kiing Crooks (as many know him on social media) is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Television Personality, Educator, and one of our personal favorites, a Private Chef. With all of the amazing things going on in Calvin's life, he is booked and busy, but still made time to check in with his UN•THERAPY family for our very first FRIENDSGIVING & we couldn’t be happier. Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as we discuss the commercialization of Caribbean culture, the do(s) and don’t(s) of Thanksgiving, manifestation, giving back to the community + secret family recipes that Grandma told us not to tell that we will be telling anyway. Instagram: @UntherapyPodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast
November 25, 2021
🙌🏾 Listen, no matter what's going on in the world, we will always make time for the show that brought us all together... you guessed it, "Married At First Sight." As Decision Day is approaching and we watch the season unfold, we see that some couples have created healthy ways of expressing themselves, while others have found ways to push their spouses further away through ineffective communication. 🚨 So UN•THERAPY Baes, who do you think is going to make it on Decision Day? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as your favorite UN•THERAPISTS discuss MAFS love, emotional changes, the importance of communication, & who we think will make it in the end. Instagram: @untherapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast
October 14, 2021
ALEXA PLAY... Part One
✨ Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, I don't know about ya'll, but music has gotten us through some rough times. There are artists whose music feels like the soundtracks to our lives. Come to think of it, the music they made reassured us that there are more people than we know who may be experiencing the same things that we are and their songs provided temporary therapeutic relief + release to what we're going through. 🙌🏾 Music may have not solved our issues, but it definitely helps us get through them. Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as your favorite UN•THERAPIST discuss our favorite female artists and the impact that their music has had on our lives. Instagram: @untherpypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast
October 07, 2021
We've all grown up watching Black Cult Classics with complex relationships built into them like "Baby Boy," "Menace II Society," "Poetic Justice," and "Paid In Full." But most of us are adults now, and we've realized that we probably shouldn't have been watching these movies as children. 🚨 It's not that they were "bad movies," but they were certainly too mature for our eyes at the time. 📌 But now that we're older has our perspective changed on these films? 📌 Are these relationships "really" toxic, or are they examples of different forms of expression within love and relationships based on cultural differences + geographic regions? Join us in another session of UN•THERAPY as your favorite UN•THERAPIST discuss the complexities of love within Urban Films & sitcoms that have been staples within our culture & daily lives. Instagram: @untherapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast
September 30, 2021
💫 Hey UN•THERAPY Baes, Listen, I know we've all told ourselves at least once in our lives that we would never do something or let a certain type of personality within our personal space; then someone comes along and offers a different perspective on the way we view the world. 📌 Does it always turn out for the good? 📌 Have you ever regret letting your guard down? Join us for another session of UN•THERAPY as your favorite UN•THERAPIST analyze personality traits, cultural differences within dating, and the pros & cons of shifting your paradigm in relationships. Instagram: untherapypodcast Facebook: UN•THERAPY Podcast
September 23, 2021
THE HOT SEAT Feat. Coach Fernz
🎧In our last session, we had an amazing #HotSeatSunday conversation with one of our favorite UN•THERAPIST, allowing us to tap into the thoughts + perspectives behind some of the theories we've been presented with in previous episodes. ✊🏾 The conversation was so insightful, and we've seen such a great response from our UN•THERAPY BAES that we decided to do it again...but this time, we have the world's favorite COACH in THE HOT SEAT. Join us for another Session of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the mindset of one of your favorite UN•THERAPIST on value, creating a new standard, relationships, marriage & life experiences. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
September 19, 2021
Our culture and upbringing have had a massive impact on how we think + perceive life. Although our personal experiences help to shape our opinions on the things we see, what happens to our views when a new concept is introduced that challenges the theories we have created? 📌Do we hold on to what we believe, or do we allow room for possible growth & maturity in those areas? Join us for another Session of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the mindset of one of your favorite UN•THERAPIST on past sessions, love, relationships, dating & life experiences. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
September 12, 2021
✊🏾Our parents have been the primary influence in our lives growing up, but there's no doubt that we've learned a lot about the world and the way we view it by watching some of our favorite shows & movies growing up. 📌Martin 📌Family Matters 📌A Different World 📌Boy Meets World 📌Love & Basketball 📌+ many others No matter the preference, there's no doubt about the effect it has had on shaping the way our culture deals with life through showing diverse dynamics of love, social interactions & family connections. Join us for session 12 of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the influences that some of our favorite TV shows & movies have had on the way we view & interact within relationships in our current life. Instagram: @untherapypodcast 
September 02, 2021
✨Ladies, we know you broke up with him for a reason, but maybe he's changed. We've always heard that everyone deserves a second chance, but where do we draw the line with our boundaries & what we accept? 📌How many times will we give "Mr. Wrong For Me" the chance to make it right? 📌Is the time spent waiting on it even worth the lack of peace that may come with it? Join us for Session 11 of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the normalcy of cheating, giving unnecessary 2nd chances & overcoming unfaithfulness within relationships. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
August 26, 2021
Since birth, we've all been created with a unique set of characteristics that help contribute to the beauty of this world. ✨These individual differences are what helps us connect with some and disconnect from others. 👉🏾Although inclusion has appeared to get better over the years, we still have the right to our preferences, especially while dating. These preferences shouldn't stop us from respecting someone's differences, but they should help us identify the things that don't fit well for our journeys within our own lives. Join us for Session 10 of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE the unique differences that make people undateable & examine the true definition of value in dating. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
August 19, 2021
Creating a legacy for our future is an important goal in many of our lives, but how important is the maintenance of our mental health, and how much of it plays a part in our legacy building? Here's what we know for sure: 🚨Society has been shifting its agenda toward enforcing positive mental health and creating "safe spaces." Here's what we want to unpack: 📌Are the resources to maintaining "good mental health" readily available? 📌Is "good mental health" an achievable goal? Join us for Session 9 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the role society has on mental health. As well as some of the ways we can help others sustain and achieve "good mental health." Instagram: @untherapypodcast
August 12, 2021
💰With finances being one of the top 5 reasons for divorce, should it be something that's discussed on the first date? 💭Let's think about it for a bit... 📌Do we want to invest our time, energy, and feelings into someone to find out that they don't meet the financial criteria of our lifestyles? 📌Is the idea of being financially stable relevant when you are financially stable and your partner shows high levels of potential? Join us for Session 8 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the importance of finances within a relationship, seeing the potential within a partner, and other important criteria when meeting someone. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
August 05, 2021
Through observation and experience, it's a known fact that men and women are not treated equally. 📌Have we over-utilized the term double standard based on our personal preferences? 📌Do men and women have different standards? 📌Should women and men want to be treated the same way? Join us for Session 7 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE double standards, accountability, and if fishes should indeed be rewarded for swimming. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
July 30, 2021
With apps like Plenty of Fish & shows like Married At First Sight, it's safe to say that technology has assisted in changing our perspectives along with the way we approach our dating life + finding love. No matter which medium we use, we still desire the same things we have always wanted in a partner. For many people, the dating experience has revolutionized, and for others, it may feel like the dating pool still has urine in it. With our ability to access people quicker through technology: 📌Have we truly increased the number of connections we've made? 📌Is it possible that we’ve made more disconnections with people over time? Join Us For Session 6 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the Evolution of Love, the connections & disconnections we've experienced thru the years in the "pursuit" of love, & if technology is currently having a positive effect on the dating world. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
July 23, 2021
Seriously, who doesn't like "free" gifts?!?! I mean, it's the SIMPle things in life that can make anyone smile, but what happens when that "free" gift is attached to a motive? Does it truly remain free or do we even care as long as it’s something we desire? Should consideration truly involve boundaries? Join us for Session 5 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE the dimensions of consistency, boundaries, consideration, and a few other SIMPle things in life. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
July 16, 2021
Life has allowed us to curate what we like & don't like; however, consideration & compromise are often huge factors in creating a sustainable & successful relationship. 📌How often should we compromise? 📌Is the way we define compromise someone getting what they want while our counterparts potentially suffer in silence? Join us in Session 4 of UN•THERAPY as we UNTHERAPIZE honesty, the concept of compromise & the willingness to please your partner. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
July 09, 2021
Ever took a moment to create a list of what you wanted in life? Ever promised yourself that no matter what, you wouldn't compromise on the standards of that list? As you began to mature in life, have you ever realized that some of those things on the list haven't been accomplished & time is running out based on the deadlines you've set? Should we adjust that list or cram a lot of accomplishments into a small time frame? Now, what about your dating life? Is true love still the goal? Is creating a family the way you always dreamed still possible? What about all of the "clocks" that society & medical research have warned us about... What happens when "your life" forces you to adjust "your list"? Join us for Session 3 of UN•THERAPY as we UN•THERAPIZE standards, "the lists", social media validation & life experiences that have changed our perspectives. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
July 01, 2021
The importance of Love Languages within a relationship has become quite popular over the last decade. As we exercise our knowledge of these languages, are they as significant to our growth as we have created them to be?  📌Can they make or break a relationship?  📌Have we placed accountability on others for things that we don't even exercise within our own lives?  📌How much of our mindsets are occupied by the thoughts that we've created? Join us for Session 2 of our UN•THERAPY Thursdays as we UN•THERAPIZE through Love Languages & mindsets that affect our communication with one another in life & relationships. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
June 24, 2021
Life by itself is difficult enough. Imagine having to go through it without someone to talk to & share your most inner thoughts with.   Here at UN•THERAPY, we understand that although we aren't professional therapists, sometimes just talking it out with friends makes life a lot easier.   Join us in our weekly UN•THERAPY THURSDAY sessions as we analyze + discuss life, love, happiness & how we can help each other mature into the best versions of  ourselves. Instagram: @untherapypodcast
June 18, 2021