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By Jen Antill
Join Sidereal Astrologer and Alchemical Counselor, Jen Antill as she offers weekly astrological forecasts that help you navigate the present and relevant energies of our world. Jen combines astrological insight with emotional and soul guidance so that you can feel supported in traversing your biggest challenges and struggles.
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The Jupiter + Neptune Conjunction of 2022
In this episode, Jen explores: 1) The archetypes of Jupiter + Neptune separately and together 2) The history of the Jupiter + Neptune conjunction throughout the world 3) Celebrities born under the Jupiter + Neptune conjunction  4) How we can work with this conjunction both personally and collectively  5) The Jupiter + Neptune conjunction in the Sidereal constellation of Aquarius * * To work with Jen, head on over to or follow Jen on IG @jen_leigh_antill. You can also watch a visual presentation of this podcast episode on Jen's YouTube channel: Jen Antill. 
March 22, 2022
The Astrological Forecast You're Gonna Want for 2022
In this episode we explore: 1) The New Moon on January 2nd (in Sagittarius) 2) The Venus + Pluto + Mercury conjunction of January 2022 3) The Sun moving into Capricorn 4) The Full Moon on January 17th (in Cancer) 5) Jupiter moving into Aquarius 5) The Cycle of Mercury Retrograde beginning January 14th
January 02, 2022
The Lunar Eclipse of November 2021
In this episode, we explore: 1) What is a lunar eclipse and how does it work? 2) What are the general energies of an eclipse? 3) The alignment of Sidereal + Tropical Astrologers this lunar eclipse 4) The Scorpio + Taurus aspects of this lunar eclipse 5) The most important question of this eclipse season You can reach Jen by emailing or following Jen on IG @Jen_leigh_antill. 
November 19, 2021
The Myth Around Codependency
In this week’s episode we explore: 1) The New Moon in Libra + 4 personal planets in Libra 2) The archetype and meaning of the constellation of Libra 3) The history of attachment and love in humanity 4) The Euro-American belief system around codependency 5) An invitation to think about codependency differently You can reach Jen by emailing or you can follow Jen on IG @Jen_leigh_antill. 
November 03, 2021
How to Understand Momentum and Forward Movement in Your Life
In this week’s episode we explore: 1) Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter going direct in October 2) The meaning of retrograde planets 3) The personal meaning of forward movement in your life 4) How to begin a helpful conversation with forward movement in your life 5) The assumptions about forward movement in our EuroAmerican culture *Remember to leave me a review on Apple podcasts. When you do, email me at or DM me at @jen_leigh_antill and I'll send you 100 free journaling prompts to spark your radical transformation. 
October 27, 2021
How to Face The Truth That's Been There All Along
In this week's episode we explore: 1) The Sidereal New Moon in Leo: the invitation to authenticity and courage 2) How to be genuine with ourselves and face what was once hidden 3) Mars moving into Virgo: the passion to get organized 4) Venus square Pluto: experiencing intense conversations that stimulate our most painful places
September 09, 2021
Let's Talk About Leo Season Baby!
In this episode we explore: 1) The essence and archetypal nature of Leo Season 2) What your Leo friends need most of all 3) The current Mars + Mercury conjunction happening in the sky 4) Destroying the belief of individualism and embracing interconnectivity
August 18, 2021
Navigating the World as an Intuitive, Empathic and Deeply Sensitive Soul
In today's episode we explore: 1) What it means to navigate the world if you have a lot of Cancer or 4th house energy in your chart 2) Understanding the difference between the 4th house, the Moon and Cancer 3) When all you wanna do is stay home (for the most part), how do you balance this desire with the need to be out in the world? 4) Understanding the importance of the oppositional points (10th house/Capricorn) energies in relationship to Cancer and the 4th house 5) Living in the cycles of your emotions while also making and sticking to important commitments in your life 6) Extending compassion to yourself for being the sensitive soul that you are 7) Learning to be rooted and at home in yourself -- accepting exactly who you are
July 29, 2021
Bisexuality & the Mars + Venus Conjunction
In today’s episode, we explore: 1) The Full Moon in Capricorn — offering our prayers to how far we’ve come 2) Exploring the implicit meaning in bisexuality through the current Mars + Venus Conjunction 3) Pluto + Mercury Opposition: exploring taboo conversations
July 21, 2021
Letting Go of the Past and Stepping Into the Future
In this episode we explore: 1) The new Sun season we are moving into (from Gemini to Cancer) 2) How the cycles of the Sun build upon one another 3) A deeper exploration into Venus and Mars but this time, in opposition to Jupiter 4) What holds us back from moving forward in our lives? How can we really let go of the past?
July 14, 2021
Living Into a T-Square + The New Moon
In this episode, we explore: The current T-Square with Venus/Mars + Uranus + Saturn Embracing change and accepting reality The New Moon in Gemini (Sidereal Astrology style)
July 08, 2021
Venus + Mars and the Age of Pisces
In this episode, I cover: 1) The current placements of Venus + Mars in Cancer 2) An exploration of astrological ages: are we in the Age of Pisces or Aquarius?  3) Letting go of dogmatic chart interpretations and transit placements
June 30, 2021
Archetypal Patterns of Our Current Sky
In this episode we explore: 1) The Sidereal Full Moon in Sagittarius 2) Jupiter going retrograde back into Capricorn 3) The current Saturn + Uranus square in the sky: a conversation about the adolescent and the adult — the puer and the senex
June 23, 2021
The Summer Solstice + Current Retrograde Planets
In this episode we explore: 1) Mercury Retrograde (it's ending this week!) 2) Pluto Retrograde and the exploration of our power 3) The Sun entering Gemini (in Sidereal astrology) 4) Embracing the gifts of the Summer Solstice  5) What it means to live amongst planetary cycles To find out more about Jen and her work, go to or @jen_antill_astrology
June 16, 2021
BONUS Solar Eclipse Episode: The Fire on the Mesa
Join Jen and her fiancé, Heathar Shepard, as they share what happened to them on the June 2021 Solar Eclipse. These are intense times we are living in. Where there is fire, there is change. When there are ashes, there is new life. 
June 09, 2021
Eclipse Season + The Newest Moon
In this episode, Jen talks about: 1) The gifts of this New Moon in Taurus (June 10, 2021) 2) The general energy of Eclipse Season and this particular Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse Season 3) How to dive into healing and transformation while also nourishing ourselves 4) How Mercury and the North Node also play in to our New Moon and Solar Eclipse * * To book a reading with Jen and to leave a review for this podcast, go to Follow Jen on the Gram @jen_antill_astrology
June 08, 2021