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Special Author Interview - Eve Culley - The Adventures in Barn Town Series

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By Jen Lowry Writes
Welcome to the Jen Lowry Writes Podcast, where amazing things happen for authors and readers together! Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry is a published author, literacy coach, English teacher, homeschool momma, and dreamer! She has been in education for the past twenty years from K-12 to the university level. She loves UFC and horror movies! Join her on the daily journey of discovering what this writing life is all about. Her new release, Sweet Potato Jones, will be arriving on the scene in Spring 2019, published by Swoon Romance! She has published four challenge devotionals on Amazon! Check her out!
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Side Character Tips
Tips on how to fully address your side characters so they are consistent and seen!
February 20, 2019
Challenge - Author Calendar
I challenge you to create a Google calendar for your author life connected to your author gmail account.
February 19, 2019
Song Challenge - Crisis Help
Write for those who can’t speak. Add helplines and hotlines under your songs or lyrics / go to the NAMI website for resources. Welcome • 1 • Anchor • Thank you!
February 15, 2019
Author Friendships
I challenge you! If you need a Facebook writer's group, you can find me on Write Around the Block. 
February 14, 2019
Challenge - Self Care
Take care of yourself. I dare you! Happy Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2019
Special Guest Interview - MacKenzie Phillips, 13 year old Christian Artist - Singer/Songwriter
What a blessing it was to have MacKenzie Phillips on the show! Share out with all of your friends, family, churches, and social media sites to show our love for what this young lady is doing to share the Gospel!   MacKenzie Phillips is a 13 year old singer/songwriter of contemporary Christian music. Residing outside of Houston, TX she frequently plays local gigs on the weekends and is a special musical guest speaking and preaching about God’s love through her music. She is an active member at The Woodlands Church where she sings in The Student Ministry. MacKenzie has been honored to have original songs nominated to the long list of the Grammys on 3 occasions thus far and just released her 6th single in early Winter of 2018. You can check her out on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Instagram, and all other social media and music streaming sources.   Website:  Instagram:  iTunes:  YouTube:  Spotify: 
February 13, 2019
Challenge - Write a Book Blurb
Latest episode of Jen Lowry Writes - Authors and Readers Together
February 13, 2019
How to Write an Author Bio
There is no “perfect” model or one right way to write an author bio. Hopefully, this writing exercise will help if you are stuck!
February 12, 2019
Create a Character Cookbook & Donate to Charity
I challenge you!
February 11, 2019
Challenge - Write a Song
I dare you to accept this challenge - Write a Song! Choose either a love song or a worship song and drop that bucket! Welcome • Challenge - Write A Song • The Infatuation • Share It Today! • Anchor • Thank you!
February 11, 2019
My Sparrow Launch Team
Email me at with any words of wisdom on launch teams - I would appreciate it! Welcome • My Sparrow Launch Team • The Infatuation • Thank you!
February 10, 2019
Challenge - Creating Contracts for Collaborations
Create your framework before collaborations begin! This podcast shares tips on how to do that and what to include! 
February 10, 2019
Happy 200th Episode!
Pay it Forward Contest! Listen to find out how you can enter someone who has inspired you!
February 9, 2019
Share Your Gifts - Freelance Writing Reaearch
Research, Connect, Contact, Courage
February 7, 2019
Fiverr Research
I'm doing research on digital media and professional resources. I've checked out and have heard about a positive experience using Fiverr! Maybe this is something I should consider, too! 
February 7, 2019
Speak for 10,000 Even if it is 1
I challenge you! I hope you are listening and know that you are valuable, what you have to say matters - and go change the world one person at a time!
February 6, 2019
Special Guest Recording - Chris Leippi, Owner of Booksprout
If you haven't researched Booksprout - that is your challenge today! Get ready for your ARC life, and allow Booksprout to help you take care of all of the details! Thanks, Chris - for sharing your words of wisdom with our listeners. He discusses his “why,” app development, the Booksprout ARC process, newsletters, subscribers and more!
February 6, 2019
True Story - My New Series Confirmed
I challenge you to pay attention because God shows up in miraculous ways in our everyday. He just showed up in mine, and I’m so excited to share it with you.
February 6, 2019
Episode 194 - Challenge - Write Nonfiction
The challenge is on - tips and ways to put out a short nonfiction piece of writing to writing your first nonfiction book over time. Work smarter, not harder, and do not procrastinate. Today is the day!   “Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:” 2 Corinthians 3:2
February 6, 2019
How To Get Fancy Fonts!
I found these resources today, and I wanted to share - - -
February 5, 2019
Research Opening Up Your Author Business Or How To Improve Your Practices
Welcome • The Infatuation • What The Image Means To Me • Research Opening A Business For Your Author Life • Thank you! If you want to check out my business world - you can find Monarch while you research - or my Etsy Shop at 
February 5, 2019
What I Learned From Writing My First Fantasy Short Story
I challenged myself to write my first short story, and try my hand at fantasy writing! It is complete! I am beyond thrilled that I accomplished this once thought impossible goal. My Pinterest board for The Faye can be found here if you would like to see the images I used as inspiration - 
February 4, 2019
Challenge - Create a Pinterest Board for Every Novel - Sweet Potato Jones Inspired Go and follow my Pinterest Board and check out the board that I created just for Sweet Potato Jones - Start your own novel board for each project you are working on! So many of us are visual learners, and this will be a great way to connect your brain to your readers!
February 3, 2019
Free Ebook Today and Tomorrow - Share Out!
30 Day Everyday Mom Challenge Ebook Free Today and Tomorrow - My Valentine’s Gift to YOU!
February 3, 2019
Join Write Around the Block - My Facebook Group
Welcome • Join Write Around the Block - My Facebook Writing Group • The Infatuation • Thank you!
February 3, 2019
Challenge - Try Booksprout
I challenge you to research Booksprout today and check it out to see if it could help you connect with readers! 
February 2, 2019
Celebrate 7,000 - Tonight 7 pm Facebook Live Party
Join me on Facebook tonight on my official author page - Jen Lowry, Author at 7 pm to celebrate our 7,000 milestone listeners! You don’t want to miss it!
February 2, 2019
My Critique of a Facebook Book Launch of Best Selling Authors
I participated in a Facebook Launch with best selling authors last night - here is what I learned! Take notes! Welcome • Critique of Facebook Book Launch Party • The Infatuation • Thank you!
February 1, 2019
Challenge - Create a Bucket List & How I Learned to Sing
Love each day and life a bucket list life!
January 31, 2019
Create an Audio Version of Your Book
I challenge you to research how to turn your books into audio versions! This is one great article that I found and saved in my Google Doc notes that I wanted to share with ya'll -  I want to record ACX in the future -  Blog gives great start up advice -  YouTube video I liked -  Hope these resources help! If you have anything you would like to share about audio recording, please email me at
January 31, 2019
Challenge - Write a Short Story
Don’t say this challenge is not for you - give it a shot! We are an endless well of creativity! Draw your bucket!
January 30, 2019
Challenge - First Ten Pages
Our why and tips on how to work your first ten pages!
January 30, 2019
Challenge - Write a Dear Future Readers Letter
I challenge you!
January 29, 2019
Challenge - Write Yourself a Love Letter
I challenge you!
January 29, 2019
Reviews Are Thank You Cards - Write One Today!
Imagine a review of a book you read as being a thank you card to a writer. Spread kindness and be thoughtful of the author at the other end of the review! Thank them for writing their work! We know how much goes into this career - let us start to show our appreciation by being more mindful to complete reviews! Welcome • Review Challenge • The Infatuation • Thank you!
January 28, 2019
Poetry Live Challenge - So Many Ideas - No Excuses + Contest!
Listen to the very end as I challenge you with a poetry live event - there are so many ways you can accomplish this challenge and I give you many ideas! At the end, listen for the latest news! We’ve reached 6,000 listeners TODAY so you know what that means - contest time! At every thousand - I have a special gifting!
January 27, 2019
#11 of 70 Book Challenge - The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon
I’m switching orders - Churchill & Orwell will be my mid- Feb read with Solomon - right now I have time to add books I’ve always wanted to read.
January 27, 2019
Sweet Potato Jones Spring Release Date - Thanks to Aunt Dot!
During a wonderful conversation with my Aunt Dot today she told me how she found out my book was being released and the date! I was so excited and blessed beyond measure! Praise God!
January 26, 2019
#10 of 70 Book Challenge - Churchill & Orwell by Thomas E. Ricks
I challenge you to join me at set a goal to read ~~ books for 2019! My goal is to read 70, and I am already on #10!
January 26, 2019
#9 of 70 Book Challenge - Letting People Down
I challenge you to get your copy with me and join me on the Jen Lowry Writes Book Club - where I challenge you to find a book outside of what you would typically read and dive right in with me!
January 26, 2019
Special Author Interview - Don Alesi - Letting People Down
Don Alesi has worked in cemeteries for the past thirty years. He also served in the Army Special Forces unit - thank you for your service. Don shares true stories, the day to day workings of the cemetery, and a call to action for every reader! You can find Don Alesi’s book on Amazon - Letting People Down Memories of a Cemetery Worker: And ghosts written by those I buried, 1989 - 2017. Find Don on Facebook at Don Alesi books and more. After you read his book, he would love for you to contact him either on Facebook or email at Don asked for an excerpt to be read from the poem, For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon, in honor of those he served with in the Army,   "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:  Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.  At the going down of the sun and in the morning  We will remember them." Welcome • Recording with Don Alesi • Recording with Don Alesi Part Two • The Infatuation
January 26, 2019
Build A Soundtrack And Write Original Songs For Your Novels
I challenge you to include a music component to every novel you write, and I talk about ways you can do just that!
January 25, 2019
Talking Out Writing Strategy
I challenge you to try it the next time you need a boost in creativity or when you are working on a project.
January 24, 2019
Opening Up An Author Etsy Shop
I challenge you to research creative ways authors are on Etsy, and start planning ways you can be on there, too!
January 24, 2019
Finding the Writing Balance In Short Term Planning
Do you need a balanced life between writing and promotion for peace and joy? I’ll talk you through how I manage writing and marketing in the daily chaotic happiness of my life!
January 23, 2019
Linking Your Social Media Accounts for Easy Management
Linking for ease! What’s your style? Mine might be a little weird. It’s what I do on a daily basis, and it works for me!
January 22, 2019
Sweet Potato & Co Jewelry Line - It’s Coming!
I am so excited to share my story about crafting my first goal of 2019 - a character driven jewelry line for my upcoming Spring 2019 release of - Sweet Potato Jones. I challenge you to create your vision board, and then try something new! The Infatuation • Thank you! • Welcome
January 22, 2019
#8 of 70 - The Hobbit - Book Challenge
If you are joining me in the Jen Lowry Writes Book Club Challenge - grab your copy of The Hobbit, #8 of #70 for 2019! The Infatuation • Book Challenge #8 of 70 - The Hobbit • Thank you! • Welcome
January 21, 2019
Writing a Foreward - What an Honor!
Listen to tips on writing a foreward!
January 21, 2019
My Sample Query - Unsolicited Manuscripts to Publishers
I read aloud my query I used to send my manuscript to publishers! I hope it helps! Check out the website, Book Fox - he has some super, great stuff on there for authors! 
January 21, 2019
Hide Easter Eggs In Your Work
Welcome • Hide Easter Eggs • The Infatuation • Thank you!
January 20, 2019
Special Author Interview - Eve Culley - The Adventures in Barn Town Series
It is a wonderful honor to have Children’s Literature author, Eve Culley on the show today! Listen as she shares her inspiration for her delightful, Adventures in Barn Town series! You don’t want to miss it (even with connection issues - stay with us!).
January 18, 2019
Because of a sweet gifting, I can now purchase the jewelry kits to learn how to craft Bible verse necklaces! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness, and for sharing how the Lord put it on your heart to give. Blessings!
January 18, 2019
Challenge - Be Present
Be present and listen. Coaching techniques you can use in your daily life! It will change you and the people around you! I dare you.
January 18, 2019
#7 of 70 - Sam and I Discussing Eragon Book Review
Join me and my 11 year old son as we discuss Eragon together - It’s his first book review! If you are reading along with us we begin The Hobbit tomorrow! We got sidetracked talking about Harry Potter! Intro Forever • Recording with Samuel - Book Review of Eragon • Thank you! • The Infatuation
January 18, 2019
Challenge - Take a Class
The world is a class. Take one.
January 17, 2019
Create a Team
Intro Forever • Part 1 • The Infatuation • Part 2 • Thank you!
January 16, 2019
Stop Comparing Yourself - Grow Instead
I challenge you to research models but be careful - don’t compare other authors and creative artists to where you are! Learn from them and then do what you can to improve yourself with the resources and tools you have available to you.
January 16, 2019
Celebrating 4000 Listeners - Giveaway - Email Now!
The first person to email me at - can choose either one of my special guest ebooks or my challenge devotionals as a special gift to a lucky winner! Tell me what has been your favorite episode or do you have something you would like me to research? Send me an email!
January 16, 2019
Special Author Interview - Pooja Chilukuri, And Then There Was Jesus
Pooja Chilukuri is an author, nutritional therapy practitioner, and health coach. Her memoir, And Then There Was Jesus is a must read, trust me. You can find her on Amazon. Her Facebook author page is titled, And Then There Was Jesus, so go like her page. Pooja’s website is Intro • Special Author Interview with Pooja Chilukuri • The Infatuation
January 15, 2019
Book Challenge #6 - Adventures in Barn Town by Eve Culley
Adventures in Barn Town is next on my Jen Lowry Writes Book Challenge for this week!
January 15, 2019
Start Contacts for Your Tour - Claim It!
Claim it! You have a tour coming up. Start reaching out and contacting people aligned to your audience. The Infatuation • Start Emailing for Your Tour • Thank you!
January 15, 2019
Special Author Interview - Simons Acquah, Children’s Book Author
Special Guest Interview with Children’s Author, Simons Acquah - I love to hear from parents and teachers reading my books to kids. Please send a personal email to: or For more information and more stories visit
January 14, 2019
Book Challenge #5 - And Then There Was Jesus by Pooja Chilukuri
Grab your copy today and join me on my challenge for 70 books this year!
January 14, 2019
Challenge - Volunteer
I challenge you today! Plant seeds.
January 14, 2019
Build LinkedIn Today!
Build your LinkedIn! Listen to tips!
January 13, 2019
Book Challenge #4 - Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
If you are joining me on the Jen Lowry Writes Book luv adventure - then this is our next read! Book Challenge #4 Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel • The Infatuation
January 13, 2019
Create an App - No Excuses!
Faith can move mountains - and you can build an app from scratch! I challenge you to begin researching and connecting today.
January 12, 2019
Build Your Website
Steps to consider while building or maintaining your websites.
January 11, 2019
Challenge - Sign Up For Events Today!
I challenge you! Will you accept?
January 11, 2019
Challenge - Research, Connect, Contact, Courage
I challenge you! Will you accept?
January 10, 2019
Celebrate with me - 3,000 Listeners!! Free Ebook Giveaway Now!
The first listener to this podcast that emails me at will receive a free gift of Happy Renewal Year through Amazon gifting services! Hooray for 3,000!
January 10, 2019
3D Cover Art
Check out Book Brush for 3D cover art! I love it! Get your copy of Happy Renewal Year today Happy Renewal Year: Challenge Devotional (Everyday Mom Challenge Book 3)
January 10, 2019
A Little About Me
Thank you for the support, the listens, and sticking around with me. You just don’t know how much ya’ll are pushing me for more! You are my accountability partners in this author life, and today I just wanted you to know a little bit more about who I am.
January 10, 2019
Challenge - Design Your Business Cards Today
I challenge you to design your own business cards, and shop local.
January 9, 2019
Episode 127 Create A Digital Vision Board
I challenge you today! Tweet out or tag me on Instagram #jenlowrywrites so I can celebrate with you!
January 8, 2019
Challenge - Email Lists
Start building an email list today! Know your audience. Give them great content. Connect. Stay consistent.
January 8, 2019
Waiting on Reviews
Praying as I wait ...
January 7, 2019
Our Book Club Read - The History of Love Challenge
I just started The History of Love (#3 of 70). If you want to read as I go, grab your copy today! A podcast book review is coming as soon as I hit the last page! Email me at to join our 70 book challenge book club for 2019!
January 7, 2019
Challenge - Write a Series
Write a Series • Thank you! • The Infatuation
January 7, 2019
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin Book Reiew
This is my first book review on Jen Lowry Writes! There will be many more to come because I have 68 more books to read this year. If you have ever read this book before and want to send me a message - go ahead and let the listeners know how it has impacted you!
January 6, 2019
Holding the Paperback in my Hands!
Just received Happy Renewal Year in the Mail! When your next paperbacks or hardcovers come - do a Facebook Live or video, Instagram, or YouTube - and share it with the world! Get your copy of Happy Renewal Year on Amazon today and share it with a friend. Take the challenges together! I dare you!
January 6, 2019
Challenge - Create Your Unique Author Style
Plan ahead with these simple tips! Your day is coming - show up in style.
January 5, 2019
Challenge - Read More Books #70 For Me!
I challenge you because I need this more than you know! After reading so much research for the past four years for my doctorate, I lost track of fiction. Now, I’m dedicating myself to 70 fiction and non-fiction titles this year and am starting with Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Grab your copy today and read with me at my Jen Lowry Writes Book Club!
January 5, 2019
Thank you Grammarly and Canva! My 2 Favorite Author Tools
There are so many writing tools out there to help us grow as writers, to make our lives easier, but also to help us each day do what we love with style. I challenge you to go out there and research writing tools and give them a try! Many have free versions so all that means is that you invest a little time before investing a little money. I believe Grammarly and Canva are worth it! Share with us what tools you love! We could feature it on the podcast to help other writers!
January 4, 2019
Challenge - Enter a Writing Contest
I just entered Happy Renewal Year into the Pen to Publish 2018 contest on Amazon! Now, it’s your turn. That’s right - YOU! Find a local, state, national or world contest that is legitimate! Look at libraries and local universities for opportunities. Ask writer groups. Take a chance and enter! You never know unless you try! The challenge is on for 2019. Will you accept?
January 3, 2019
My Testimony
My testimony into ministry
January 3, 2019
Special Best Sellling Author Interview - Daniel Talley, Note 2 Self
What a blessing it was to not only read, Note 2 Self, but to interview best selling author, Daniel Talley, as he shares his inspiration, challenges, and faith with us!  Trust me when I say you need this book, and you should even gift one for a friend (all proceeds go to charities)! Click here to go straight to Amazon - Don't forget to check out his author website - where you can sign up to receive a free 30 Day Simple Ways to Grow Your Faith resource!  Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
January 2, 2019
Start Your Instagram Business Profile Today
Move towards the business analytics of Instagram .
January 1, 2019
Set Author Goals Today - Here are my 7 Goals!
Stop what you are doing! Grab a journal, a piece of paper, anything ... write your goals down and share them! I have crafter seven huge goals for the 2019 year! Stay with me on my journey to see them be accomplished and my learning opportunities as I try my best to meet them!
January 1, 2019
Author Blogging - I Challenge You
Maybe you have been running your blog for years! Maybe you are just getting started! Consistency is key! Start Your Blog Today • Bible Verse Prayer • The Infatuation
December 31, 2018
Free Ebooks Until Tomorrow Night at 11 pm
Until 12/31/18 at 11 pm To celebrate Happy Renewal Year - Everyday Mom Challenge and the 30 Day Teacher Challenge are free today on Kindle! Go grab your copies! Share with friends and family! They will be free until 11 pm tomorrow evening! Everyday Mom Challenge FREE 30 Day Teacher Challenge FREE Happy Renewal Year New Release Kindle $4.99 Paperback $7.99
December 31, 2018
What I Learned from my Facebook Live Book Launch
The learning opportunities are endless! I challenge you to listen to my experiences and build a wonderful book launch for yourself!
December 30, 2018
Facebook Live Book Launch - 12/30 @ 3 pm
Jen Lowry Writes Facebook Page - Live Book Launch 12/30/2018 at 3 pm! Join me for an hour of pray, partying in pajamas, and free gifts! The Infatuation • Facebook Live Party December 30 @ 3 pm EST • Bible Verse Psalm 51-10
December 29, 2018
Happy Renewal Year Author Talk
While I wrote I was second guessing everything and had to pray to the Lord to stop!
December 28, 2018
Happy Renewal Year is Publishing as I Speak
Thank you for joining me on my author journey!
December 28, 2018
Challenge - Plan Launch Parties and Celebration Events
Start planning and researching today! Dream big, think smart, and do it on a budget or no cost to you!
December 23, 2018
Gift an Amazon Kindle Book Today!
The stores will be so crowded this weekend! If you are still looking for a perfect gift, a stocking stuffer, or a share for a loved one or friend far away - send them an Amazon Kindle Book! All you need is an email and you can share away! Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!
December 23, 2018
Challenge - Write the Life of a Book - Writing Exercise
Have fun! I would love to read an excerpt of your work and interview you for the podcast! If you complete the challenge, one listener will be chosen. Email me at for your chance to be featured on the podcast!
December 22, 2018
Where I’m From
Everyone asks where I’m from. I pray that my writing will always be reflecting that place in one small way or another.
December 21, 2018
Writing in the Middle of the Night
Writing songs
December 20, 2018
Challenge - Back It Up
Please consider this challenge today! Trust me, I wish someone would have challenged me.
December 19, 2018
Thank a librarian today
Will you except the challenge?
December 18, 2018
Challenge - Support an Indie Author This Christmas
Purchase book gifts, leave reviews - share their work on your own sites to your family and friends. Support an author today. I dare you.
December 17, 2018
Challenge - Instagram for Authors
Have you checked out author Instagram accounts? Today is your day! Create your own author Instagram account and start sharing your message with the world.
December 15, 2018
Challenge - Symbolism in Your Writing
December 14, 2018
Developing a Thick Skin for Feedback
Oh, the joys of constructive criticism - I love it! Build up your confidence and develop a thick skin!
December 13, 2018
Challenge - Build Your Patreon
Go check out my Patreon account as a model - to see how I set up the page, goals, and tiers. It’s time for you to take this step - I challenge you!
December 12, 2018
Challenge - Writing to Honor Loved Ones
The only gift I can give my parents in Heaven is the way I live my life to honor them and the words I can write to them. Thanks for being there for me and listening while I share my grief (sneaks up on the holidays for me). God bless y’all.
December 11, 2018
Happy 100th Episode Celebration
Thank you so much for supporting this podcast. You have blessed me tremendously in 2018 just by hanging out with me and listening to the show! Thank you, Lord!
December 10, 2018
Songwriting Tips - God Doesn’t Hold a Red Pen
Will you accept the challenge? I talk about tips for writing songs, what works for me, my process, and then challenge you to write your own song. Write the type of music you love. I dare you.
December 10, 2018
Special Guest Interview - Tina Dunham - Speaking Life
Join us for this special episode where we hear from Tina Dunham - writer, blogger, ministry leader, educator ... and so many more hats she will talk about! We share about purpose, blogging, writing inspirations, how to balance it all, and more. Find her online at to be encouraged today!
December 9, 2018
Challenge - Write a Parody to a Favorite Christmas Song
While we sang in the kitchen, a Parody Challenge was born! I write UFC is one of my Favorite Things! Now it’s your turn! Who will accept this joyful challenge? Make special memories with your family!
December 9, 2018
Challenge to Pray Before Planning Writing Goals and Time
Snow days are approaching! I wanted to plan it my way instead of stopping to pray first. Right in the middle of the Podcast, I caught myself on planning out MY writing time MY way instead of praying first.
December 7, 2018
Book Summary Writing Tips
Tips: Rhetorical Devices, Hooks, Tone, Reader Input
December 6, 2018
The Shoe Challenge Writing Exercise
Will you take the challenge?
December 5, 2018
Create a Database of Literary Agents
How do you start? Use this organization tip to help you stay focused!
December 4, 2018
Challenge - Encourage Others
When you let others know you are a writer, be prepared for an opportunity to engage in conversation where you can encourage someone else.
December 3, 2018
Random Inspirations for Song Lyrics
Yesterday, I was inspired in church to write speak truth and while I was watching season three of daredevil on Netflix you are Ally was born two songs two perspectives and two genres I challenge he forced perspective writing
December 3, 2018
Challenge - Autofill the Title of Your Next Book (for fun)
The title of my next book will be ... this is a fun exercise that really turned out to mean a lot to me! A Good Sign for Ya’ll turned out to be a exciting new start...confirmation on a day when I really needed a good sign. No, I highly doubt that is my next title, but it sure was fun. It helped me to notice the little things I might have missed!
December 2, 2018
Challenge - Be a Writing Mentor to First Gen Students
College apps are often overwhelming for first generation students (or any student). You write narratives all the time! Have you ever considered mentoring Seniors with their college essays? There are many ways to mentor - creative writing classes, guest speaker talks, etc. Get involved with our youth today! You won’t regret the experience - trust me!
December 1, 2018
Challenge - Pinterest for Writers
Will you take the challenge?
November 29, 2018
Challenge - Poetry in the Park
Will you take the challenge
November 28, 2018
Challenge - Can you write the movie while it is playing?
Will you accept the challenge?
November 27, 2018
Never Bored
The last time we said, “Bored!”
November 26, 2018
Challenge - Write Personal Notes
I challenge you to write personal notes of thanks and appreciation this week!
November 20, 2018
We Write What We Read
November 16, 2018
Speak from your heart - I challenge you
No scripts or planning allowed to tell your story - that’s what people want to hear
November 14, 2018
Episode 81 Keep an Editor Working - Thank God for Editors
Positive mindset is key!
October 18, 2018
Episode 78 I Love Editors
October 12, 2018
Poetry, Lyric, Songwriting Challenge
I would love to hear from another songwriter in the writing universe! What is your process?
August 21, 2018
Episode 75 Ranked Seven on Amazon
30 Day Teacher Challenge Ranked #7 on Amazon on 8/19/18 - Celebrate with me!
August 20, 2018
Episode 74 When Haters Show Up Be Prepared
Be encouraged. ROMANS 8:11 TITUS 3
August 18, 2018
Episode 72 Break an Old Habit and Replace
Psalms 1:1-3
August 17, 2018
Free Teacher Ebook Today!
8/16 8/19/18 FREE GIVEAWAY 30 Day Teacher Challenge
August 16, 2018
Episode 70 Joyful Tears Over Emails About Spring YA
Cover, Title, Tags Oh My! It is really happening ... Romans 1:17
August 16, 2018
New Release Today - 30 Day Teacher Challenge
Snatch up your free copy of 30 Day Teacher Challenge from Everyday Mom Challenge Ministries - 8/16 - 8/19
August 15, 2018
Episode 68 The "To Do" Challenge - I Dare You
Proverbs 21:5
August 14, 2018
Episode 67 When People Come At You Foolish
Titus 3 Tells Us What To Do - I Am Sharing The Word God Gave Us
August 13, 2018
What About Self-Publishing?
Be strong and brave for your writing career! When you are published, it is all up to you.
August 13, 2018
Episode 65 Twitter Troubles and What I Learned
Sharing what I learned!
August 11, 2018
Episode 64 I Challenge You To A "First"
Name your first. Claim your success. Go after it.
August 10, 2018
Episode 63 The Sweet Conviction
Thank you, Holy Spirit.
August 9, 2018
Episode 61 Share Your Expertise
When we have a special talent, gift, or know how - share it! Help take others to their next level.
August 7, 2018
Episode 60 Praying for a Title - Praying for an Author
When things don’t go how you plan them to, what do you do? Worry or pray?
August 5, 2018
Author Talk Special Guest Sam, 10 Year Old Author Interview
What a joy to share this author conversation with you - Join me and Samuel Lowry, a 10 year old author. Our very first interview on Jen Lowry Writes! Episode 58
August 3, 2018
7 Tips on How to Gain an Audience - Building a Tribe
Be your authentic self. Seven tips on how to build your audience.
August 3, 2018
New Opportunity for Podcast Special Guest Interviews
Email me at if you would like to be featured on the podcast.
August 1, 2018
Episode 54 The Challenge is On!
So, write something inspiring today and share it with the world.
August 1, 2018
Episode 52 We Are Called to be Writers
Like Moses, we may question but we are called nonetheless.
July 29, 2018
Episode 51 The Dangers of Writing Limbo
Write today!
July 28, 2018
Episode 50 Join a Writer's Facebook Group
I challenge you!
July 25, 2018
Episode 49 Why We Must
10,000 reasons to write for them. 10,000 reasons for them to read.
July 24, 2018
Episode 48 How I Messed Up My Synopsis So You Don’t
July 23, 2018
Episode 47 Questions to Ask Yourself When Novel Writing
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
July 21, 2018
Episode 45 Goodreads Helped Me With My New Book Idea
Thanks, Goodreads! Come find me and follow me on Goodreads - Jen Lowry
July 19, 2018
Episode 44 A Bear Spotted On Day One of the New Novel
“We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done.” Psalm 75:1
July 19, 2018
Episode 43: Novel Inspirations - Soul Snatching Recipes
How I created a character, Solomon St. Pierre, in my newest YA Horror!
July 18, 2018
Episode 42: Author Talk - Find Your Person
Thanks, Aunt Dot - for being my person.
July 17, 2018
Episode 41: Stop Dreaming of Writing a Novel
No novel writes itself. I believe in you. Start writing today.
July 17, 2018
Episode 38: Tips for Querying Literary Agents
AAR; Top 100 Literary Agents; MS Wish List; Book Fox
July 14, 2018
Author Talk: Creating New Inventions in a Novel
3 questions to ask yourself when you are creating something new - (excuse the sneezing)
July 7, 2018
Author Talk: 3 New Chapters in and I Discovered ...
Season 2: Episode 2 Seven discoveries shared with you in hopes that it encourages you in your writing process!
July 3, 2018
Create a Secret Beta Group on Facebook
Season 2: Episode 1
July 3, 2018
Episode 30 Author Tip: Watching YouTube Videos as Research
I challenge you to use YouTube videos to help you complete your novel research!
June 30, 2018
Episode 28 Author Tip: Start in the Middle of Conflict
Author Challenge - Grab your journal, friends and family - head to your local library for this research challenge! I dare you!
June 29, 2018
Episode 25: Risk the Write
I challenge you to take a risk and write.
June 25, 2018
Episode 24: Time After Time - Using a Timeline
I challenge you today to use a timeline - and I give you 5 reasons why you should.
June 25, 2018
Episode 23: God Spoke to Me - “There’s room for you, too.”
Thank you God, for your word this morning. May it be inspiring for someone else - just what they needed to hear, too.
June 22, 2018
Episode 22: Author Goals - Setting Myself Up for the Summer
Summer 2018 - Here I come!
June 21, 2018
Episode 21: This Book Empowers Me to Write - Find Yours
Thank you, Ray Bradbury.
June 19, 2018
When You Don’t Have a Following ... Yet
Do not give up. Hold on.
June 14, 2018
Author Tip: Research for the Realness
Research for the Realness Instead of Writing a Real Mess
June 13, 2018
Writing Diverse Characters and the Surprise Reactions!
When I told people about my novel, you just wouldn’t believe some of the responses I received! Listen up to hear more...
June 5, 2018
Real Talk: Writing the Best Character Dialogue
Listen to episode 14 to learn tips on how to craft authentic character dialogue!
June 4, 2018
Editing Tip: Space Invaders!
Laugh all you want but this trick caught a simple error over five thousand times!!!!
June 1, 2018
Author Talk: Dialogue and Tagging Mistakes
I am coming clean and admitting the errors of my ways! I hope my learning can help you!
May 30, 2018
Writing Mistakes - Overused Words!
I’m learning this as I go, and I thought I would share it with you. My next novel will thank me for it.
May 28, 2018
Ep 11: Protect Your Writing Time Like a UFC Trainer
We know what we are up against in this publishing world, let’s train it right like we are American Top Team.
May 26, 2018
On Cloud 9 3/4! My Book Deal Was Released Today!
May 22, 2019 marks an exciting milestone in my author journey! My deal was announced today!!!!!
May 22, 2018
Episode 10: How to Encourage Other Authors
7 ways we can encourage other authors!
May 22, 2018
Ep 9: Owning Your Personal Writing History
These questions are to help you personally claim your writing history.
May 20, 2018
Author Talk: Character and Novel Theme Songs and the Power of Music
Season 1: Episode 9 - Ifyou love music as mich as i do, then this writing tip could be a powerful way you build characters and, add the gold stamp on your novel! A “God Thing” happened right before publishing this Podcast...listen to find out what it was...
May 19, 2018
Tools for Writers
Season 1: Episode 8 - What way works for me might work for you or be completely the opposite of what you do! The point is to own what you do and perfect your way!
May 16, 2018
Surround Yourself with Good Books from Different Genres
My recommendation to you - Start with Science Fiction and read Nyxia by Scott Reintgen
May 10, 2018
Snap In your Local Bookstore
We need to visualize where we are going to be sometime before we get there....
May 8, 2018
Change Your Title to Author, Change Your Mindset
Are you ready to proclaim the title author beside your name? I challenge you to change your mindset, get to work at writing, and begin fulfilling your passion!
May 7, 2018
Author Talk: How Do I Create Characters
Jen discusses the process of developing characters.
May 4, 2018
Trust in You: Writing and Risk Taking
Lets take writing risks together!
May 3, 2018
Jen Lowry Writes May 2, 2018
Official Author Podcast - Welcome
May 2, 2018
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