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Melanated Stamps

Melanated Stamps

By Jenaya Perdue
Melanated Stamps is a podcast where I interview dope people who do dope things. I have entirely too many interests and know entirely too many amazing humans who are changing the world using their gifts, talents, and creativity in order to have just one topic. Global travel, dismantling whiteness, living authentically abroad are themes for sure.

If you’re interested in being showcased, inbox me and we will make that happen!

Current home for Dr. J: Shenzhen, China--across the street from Hong Kong.
USA home: Denver, Colorado
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20) Phil: South Korea Expat, Author of Travel Guides, Gamer, Mental Health

Melanated Stamps

28) #DenverWhileBlack: Barry. “Ignite Your Greatness” Author, Real Estate, Law Enforcement.
Barry Overton worked 26 years in Law Enforcement. His experience ranges from a Military Police Officer where he served as a Non-Commissioned Officer during Operation Desert Storm. Barry further spent 21 years with the Denver Police Dept. 17 of those years he worked as a Narcotics Detective. Through his military and police experiences Barry learned structure and thinking outside the box, to create effective plans that lead to successful outcomes. His ability to make split second decisions in life threaten situations has served him well in other aspects of his life. Mr. Overton has been an Entrepreneur since 1998 and a Real Estate Agent in the Metro Denver Area since 2001. Through mentorship and continuously developing a “Can’t Lose” mindset Barry has become one of the top-producing real estate agents in the state of Colorado. Barry has also mentored many other business owners in areas such as brand development, goal setting and positive mindset. Barry often says “In my world, there isn’t wins and losses, only wins and lessons. I’m the perpetual student. I receive every lesson and get better from it.” In addition, Mr. Overton has embarked on lucrative entrepreneurial endeavors that have allowed him to show others how to generate significant income in a recession-proof industries. One opportunity actually retired him 10 years early from a 6 figure income as a police officer. He has produced over $75M in Real Estate sales during his career, which has allowed to give back 6 figures of his income, over the last three years. Through his speaking engagements Barry delivers fiery yet relatable stories that engage the audience and call forth and stretch their current thinking to find the greatness that lives inside them. Barry’s book, Ignite Your Greatness, The secret to lighting the fire within, helps the reader build belief in their talents and gifts, and offers a fool proof system through action steps that allows the reader to light the fire and share their greatness with the world. . Melanated Stamps Instagram: @melanatedstamps Would you like to be a guest or know someone who deserves more spotlight? Send me a message!
February 20, 2022
27) Lynette: 29-year Expat, Positive Mindset Coach, Stellar Goal-Setter
Lynette Michelle Mashiri I am an educator, author and positive mindset trainer whose mission is to help women transform from being overwhelmed and disorganised to living more fulfilled, balanced lives. I provide techniques to work through the guilt and overwhelm that most women face as they juggle through the responsibilities of career and family life. In short I give women the personal tune-up they need to help them continue to win and shine at life, no matter their role. My Approach As an educator and entrepreneur, I know the pressures of wearing many hats and how doing it all can be exhausting. This is why I turned to using SMART goal setting and positive mindset training as a means to cope with the many demands on my life and time. Having seen the impact of these proven techniques in my own life, I am now sharing the knowledge with countless women who desperately need to change the way they do things for a way that is better and less draining. I enjoy helping women take control of their time and accomplish more in life as they set better goals. Besides teaching how to plan and achieve goals, I train women how to fail forward by using setbacks to rethink and reframe their goals. By using a blend of affirmations and positive mindset, women find it easier to push through challenges that could weaken them and use them to become stronger. While positive transformation is an individual journey, I am always there to cheer on and provide the supportive environment required to facilitate the change and follow-through. When I’m not coaching I will be visiting new places or writing books on affirmations, gratitude and how to win at living and moving abroad. _____ How to send love to, hire, connect with, and follow Michelle: Instagram: @lavenderdreamscoach _____ Connect with Dr. Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Book: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black. Email:
December 01, 2021
26) #DenverWhileBlack: TheVoice Robinson. Hip-Hop, Spiritual Counseling, Trauma Healing
TheVoice Robinson There is a saying "Sometimes the best teacher, listener, supporter and confidant is someone who has walked in your shoes." My personal journey towards health and wellness began while attending The Metropolitan State College of Denver to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Human Services (2001). I was given the opportunity to take a counseling class and receive personal counseling for credited hours towards my degree. I had never considered personal counseling but due to the opportunity presented, I took it. During that time, without my knowledge, I was informed by my counselor that I was experiencing some symptoms of PTSD and depression. I was aware that my childhood was traumatic and I also knew that I had been suffering for years with migraines, irritability, moodiness and anger but I had no clue it was deeper than that. With ongoing counseling and a strong faith in God through a Christian upbringing, I began to heal from past traumas ( no clinical medication involved). My healing process completely turned my life around. Today, I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki Master/Healer and a Meditation Instructor. I was introduced to meditation through what some may call a "Spiritual awakening". Since then, I have practiced more than a decade of deep Meditation techniques and have also practiced and obtained my Shinpiden Reiki Mastership (2012). Prior to Meditation, Spiritual Counseling and Reiki Healing, I also enjoy mentoring high risk youth through creative writing and expression. My mission is to teach the youth how to "creatively" heal through traumas, challenges and suppressed emotions. With my personal healing experience, years of formal and informal study and training, I have obtained the tools that have helped me to become the person and practitioner that I am today. My life's work is embedded in helping others to heal through the difficult and challenging times in their lives. I am familiar with both because I have lived plenty of my own. I know how challenging it can be to reflect, acknowledge, and in some cases, release and let go of the very things that cause tremendous pain, stress, fear and stagnate growth. So, here I am in service to you. I acknowledge that healing is a process and where there is a need for healing there can also arise a fear of vulnerability but with courage, support, compassion, patience and understanding, we will get through it together. If I can do it, so can you! I'll show you how. Contact me today and we'll take the steps together. Peace, Love and Healing! Website: Instagram- @TheVoiceRobinson Twitter- @TheVoiceLLC Facebook: @TheVoiceRobinsonWellnessPractitioner ____ Connect with Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Book: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black. Are you Black in Denver and want to be showcased in the series #DenverWhileBlack? Email
November 10, 2021
25) Nkem: Writer, Nigerian-American in Mexico, Writing Coach
Nkem is a writer and writing coach who focuses on creative and authentic self-expression. She supports people in diving deeper into the holistic wellbeing available when we reflect on our identities, personal stories, imagination and creativity -- and express these things via written narrative. She hosts writing workshops,, designed for participants to first connect with their feelings of intuition and then express from that authentic place. Many times, what people learn about themselves during these sessions confirms something they needed to receive at the moment. In addition, Nkem hosts 1-1 bespoke writing coaching programs to guide the writers and creators she works with to the next level of their creative expression. . Nkem also curates and edits a digital anthology dedicated to showcasing the creative storytelling of women of color, . Dr. Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: for t-shirts, mugs, podcasts, and my book #BlackInDenver. ⭐️Come be a guest on an episode and share how you’re changing the world in your corner of the world. ⭐️
October 25, 2021
#DenverWhileBlack Rev. Dr. Jose Silva: Advocate, Blaxican, CEO
Rev. Dr. José Silva has been an advocate for youth, education and the community for over 28 years. He is Co- Chair Emeritus of the Denver Latino Commission- City and County of Denver. In 2019, Rev. Dr. Jose Silva became the first Chief Executive Officer for the Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health. Prior to CoAIMH, Dr. Silva is the Founder/Principal of Metrix Consulting- Political and Education Group. In this role, Jose has helped to develop College Readiness, Leadership Development and School & Home Safety curriculums, Entry to Exit School Safety Curriculum and is a National Leader in Restorative Practices. Jose testified before the United States Congress on College Access in 2003 and secured College Summit a 5-million-dollar budget earmark & raised $20 million dollars in total. Dr. Silva has raised over $40 million dollars for nonprofits in the United States. A specialty of Dr. Silva’s professional and personal approach to community engagement is his orientation of multiculturalism—the embracing and celebrating of individual differences. One of Dr. Silva’s key strengths is demonstrated comprehension of complex factors when conceptualizing systems of domination and oppression and appropriately addressing these systems. He is currently running for Denver Colorado’s District 4 School Board Director 2021. Exercise your power and voice by voting! Recent accolades: ~GFEL World Excellence in Education-2021 ~GFEL World Top 100 Educator in the world 2020 ~The University of Colorado- President’s Diversity Award Honoree 2019 ~My Brother’s Keeper 25 Award- 2018 ~Rosa Parks Diversity Award- University of Colorado Denver 2017 ~Denver Business Journal Magazine- 40 under 40, Class of 2017 . Dr. Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: for t-shirts, mugs, podcasts, and my book #BlackInDenver. ⭐️Come be a guest on an episode and share how you’re changing the world in your corner of the world. ⭐️
October 17, 2021
#DenverWhileBlack Jacquie Abrams: Hush Money, Workplace Racism Survivor, and Author
Jacquie Abram had a career in higher education that she was very good at & that she enjoyed. A career that paid her an income, which as a single mother of two girls was the only income, that allowed her to not only provide for her family, but also pay her bills. A career that spanned nearly two decades & by any measure should’ve been a successful career. But it wasn’t. Because throughout her career, Jacquie experienced racism in the workplace, not the kind you see in a lot of movies, books, and TVs shows about racism that occurred decades ago during a time when it was more overt & easily spotted, but the kind of racism that is more covert, hidden, & harder to prove. And so her career was derailed multiple times by multiple employers & she suffered racial trauma that, to this day, she has not fully recovered from. And when the same thing happened to others including both of her girls after they began careers of their own, she pulled herself out of corporate America, wrote HUSH MONEY, a book inspired by true events & co-authored by her girls, & began selling it from the trunk of her car in March 2021 to provide employers with a better way to understand racism, provide employees with a better way to fight it & survive the battle, and provide allies with a better way to see and feel the FULL impact of modern-day racism . . Jacquie Abram's book HUSH MONEY: HOW ONE WOMAN PROVED SYSTEMIC RACISM IN HER WORKPLACE AND KEPT HER JOB is available for purchase for $6.45 on Amazon: . Email Jacquie at if you would like to speak with her regarding her antiracism consulting services or to discuss your individual situation dealing with racial discrimination in your workplace. . Dr. Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: for t-shirts, mugs, podcasts, and my book #BlackInDenver. ⭐️Come be a guest on an episode and share how you’re changing the world in your corner of the world. ⭐️
October 14, 2021
22) Martika Shanel: Author, Life Coach, Co-Parenting, Relationship Red Flags
Martika Shanel’s mission is to spread the significance of self-assurance with a vision of self-love and inspiration in every heart. MARTIKA SHANEL, Msc OSH, ARM, is a bootstrap founder, author, speaker, and an active community member who believes in giving back. Through her engaging and transparent speeches, she plants seeds of inspiration, instilling the importance of perseverance and seeking love from within first. She is a senior safety consultant in the construction field who believes success is in everyone. As the managing member of Inspiring a Read Book Company, INSPAREAD, LLC, she works to foster enthusiasm for reading by publishing stories and messaging that resonates with the youngest of readers and beyond. She can help others with her keynote speaking and one-on-one, life coaching services. She is also open to collaborating with schools/educators for SEL workshop opportunities. Please message Martika Shanel directly at To purchase bulk orders of books, please message Contact and follow info: . Dr. Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: ⭐️Come be a guest on an episode and share how you’re changing the world in your corner of the world. ⭐️
September 30, 2021
21) #DenverWhileBlack Billie Milton: Fatherhood, Corporate Culture, Financial Empowerment.
Billy W. Milton, Jr. aka Mr. Wayne. Denver Native, Owner of Wayne M Enterprise Clothing line and President of Righteous Project inc. 501c3 Nonprofit organization. . The goal with our non-profit organization is to provide FREE access to education courses related to financial literacy, programming, entrepreneurship and criminal justice to the youth in our community. . From graduating high school with a 1.71 GPA to earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a 3.75 GPA, my aim is to give back to the community and spark greatness into the minds of our future generation. . Follow, support, send money to, hire, send love to Billie’s work: . Website: FB: IG: . Website IG: FB Page: Link: . Dr. Jenaya Perdue, Founder of Melanated Stamps Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: ⭐️Come be a guest on an episode and share how you’re changing the world in your corner of the world. ⭐️Listen and subscribe to my podcasts ⭐️Support and share my work ⭐️Buy cool t-shirts and gear ⭐️Read my book #BlackInDenver
September 27, 2021
20) Phil: South Korea Expat, Author of Travel Guides, Gamer, Mental Health
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Phil aka The Blerd (Black Nerd) Explorer, also known as the 6thRaikage in the Korean Smash Bros scene is an avid traveler. He is motivated to create travel content due to the lack of travel information from the viewpoint of a black person. As a member of the black community, he understands the need to have more travel guides, blogs, and various forms of travel media to show our community that there is an amazing world out there that we can explore. Instead of sitting around saying what could be, he began to share his own travel stories to encourage black people around the world to travel. As he continues to explore the world, he will be sharing his travel experiences along the journey and it is his hope that his content will help to broaden the horizons of people in the black community with regards to travel. . Follow Phil on Instagram: @theblerdexplorer Buy The Black Traveler’s Guide to Daegu, South Korea.’s+guide+korea&qid=1630249747&sr=8-3 . Buy The Black Traveler’s Guide to Incheon, South Korea.’s+guide+korea&qid=1630249747&sr=8-4 . Follow Dr. Jenaya Perdue @melanatedstamps. Message me to be a guest on the pod!
August 29, 2021
19) Caitlin Nichols: Archaeology, Dismantling Whiteness, Anti-Racism, and The Actual America
I am a professional archaeologist in Lexington, Kentucky (USA). This doesn’t necessarily mean I work in a University, don a Fedora, and carry a bullwhip though. I work in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) which is more oriented with public infrastructure. In its most basic form, whenever a transmission line, highway, federal building etc. is about to get built and will need state or federal funding, my work is utilized to perform preliminary surveys to investigate for cultural resources. . While getting my Bachelor’s degree at Murray State University in Murray Kentucky, and later my Master’s degree at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, I got to participate in a completely different side of archaeology: the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). This law, enacted in 1990, ensured that any Native American human remains, Associated Funerary Objects (AFOs), and Objects of Cultural Patrimony that were being held in an institution that receives federal funding, found with federal funding, or on State, Federal, or Native American land would be documented and repatriated to Indigenous nations or tribes that have geographical claims from where those remains or objects were found. . While for the time being I can’t be directly involved in Collaborative Indigenous Archaeology, I can still hold myself accountable by keeping up with the practice and the application of NAGPRA, the practice of Collaborative Archaeology with descendant communities, as well as educate myself on Critical Race Theory (CRT). I hope I can help shed a light on these issues in my field through discussions like these. . Further reading: **Check out for all links and some extras!** Accomplishing NAGPRA: Perspectives on the Intent, Impact, and Future of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act- Edited by Sangita Chari and Jaime M.N. Lavallee. Collaborating at the Trowel’s Edge: Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Archaeology- Edited by Stephen W. Silliman Wild Archaeology, the show. Their website is and their Instagram is @wildarchaeology Society of Black Archaeologists Instagram: @societyofblackarchaeologists Some great references for Anti-racism and Critical Race Theory: The Black Friend on Being a Better White Person by Frederick T. Joseph (Seriously, make this book a priority) The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley 1619 the New York Times Podcast hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones The Diversity Gap podcast hosted by Bethaney Wilkinson 13th Documentary on Netflix . Facebook: Caitlin Eileen Nichols ( (And yes, I’m aware that I’m an old fogie who still uses Facebook) Instagram: @geoscichick91 TikTok: @geoscichick91 LinkedIn: For more suggested readings, links, and organizations, find Caitlin’s suggestions on and @melanatedstamps
August 22, 2021
#DenverWhileBlack Recco Pearsall: Body Transformation, Wellness, Nutrition
‍Recco's approach to fitness is distinct from most trainers. He has a background in rehab therapy, strength & conditioning, knowledge in nutrition, as well as understanding body types. With the various types of education, Recco is able to get your body in shape safely without injury. ‍ He studied Kinesiology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He goes to the furthermost degree of learning the body, which enables him to provide high rates of success. He's also done things like becoming overweight to learn the emotions of losing weight, as well as studied massage for one year to understand muscle tissue better. ‍ He's also been a model and trained with professional athletes. In other words, he lives a healthy lifestyle to gain as much experience so that he can give you the best results. Instagram: @reccop cell: 336.383.9256 . @melanatedstamps
August 16, 2021
17) #DenverWhileBlack: Dr: Janiece Mackey. Transformational Justice and Racial Equity Post-Doctorate
Dr. Janiece Mackey created an organization entitled Young Aspiring Americans for Social and Political Activism (YAASPA).YAASPA endeavors to build the self-efficacy of youth to reclaim academic, civic and career spaces through race conscious leadership and transformative organizing. Due to her converging interests in education and policy, she is an Equitable Futures Postdoctoral Research Fellow, co-edited a book entitled Black Girl Civics, has been an Ethnic Studies and Political Science Adjunct Faculty, and earned her PhD in Higher Education with a Public Policy and Curriculum and Instruction emphasis at the University of Denver. She desires to deepen, further develop, and expand “healing praxis” (hooks, 1994) for more youth and professionals of color within the public administration spaces. She believes that those who commit to transformational justice and racial equity must validate and innovate academic, career, and civic experiences that sustain, retain, and rejuvenate minoritized youth and young professionals. . To hire, support, learn more about, and send love to Dr. Janice Mackey, find her at: Instagram/Twitter: @yaaspa Facebook: @youngaspiringamericansforsocialandpoliticalactivism . Melanated Stamps Instagram: @melanatedstamps Would you like to be a guest or know someone who deserves more spotlight, send me a message!
August 09, 2021
Alexa Icenia: Afro-Latina, Social Justice, Social Change
Co-founder, producer and podcast host of Mahogany Honey the Podcast Alexa Icenia is an Afro-Latina born in the early 90’s in Miami, Florida to Dominican immigrant parents who raised her in Massachusetts. Her experiences are cross-cultural and have left an impact on her social pursuits. While living in Miami’s Little Havana, this exposed her to a large population of Blacks, Indigenous, and People of color who came from the Caribbean, South, and Central America with rich customs and stories. MA contrasted her cultivated roots with a predominantly white American patriarchal New England environment. Her mother, a self-made entrepreneur, motivates her relentless advocacy towards a holistic economy for the marginalized. The two cities along with international travel have contributed to her broad perspectives on urban lifestyles. Her prior work and personal experience consist of years in social work providing outreach and advocacy. The exposure to the criminal justice and social work settings enabled her to relate in proximity and facilitate interactions with a diverse population and become familiar with the effects of psycho/social-education and economics on minorities. Proud alumni of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, B.S. Psychology and Florida International University, M.Ed in Urban Education enables her to apply ethics and support where social justice topics centered on culture, humanities, and the arts are discussed. I provide an experimental broadcasting space that is intentional in highlighting the underrepresented multicultural population of emerging entrepreneurs or young professionals who are creating content and organizations. A close focus on community organizers, journalists, social urban educators, freelance artists, and other innovative influences in urban cities who share similar values of educating the public and addressing interpersonal and social change. A fresh perspective on our current economic society through civic engagement and sharing stories of creative journeys Contact Alexa here: / Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: mahoganyforum . How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email:
July 27, 2021
15) Jashley: Global Joyrider, Nomadic Teacher, and HBCU Grad
My name is Jash and I am a nomadic teacher and blogger. Over the past two years I worked as an English teacher around the world and I am currently teaching fifth grade at an international school in Haiti. Outside of work I spend my time experiencing other cultures and countries while working on my platform Joyriding With Jash. . I launched my platform because I saw that there was a lack of representation in the expat community. Finding authentic information related to living abroad as a black person was few and far between especially in more uncommon locations. The platform is a place where other aspiring expats can read about the ups and downs of life abroad and connect with other current, former as well as other aspiring expats. My goal for Joyriding With Jash to be a place to access resources, read about my personal experiences, and to serve as a community for people looking to make that move as well. Since launching I’ve been able to connect with countless other black expats around the world and look forward to future collaborations. . I hope to be able to showcase other black expats establishing a life for themselves all around the world in an array of different ways such as teaching, working as a digital nomad, retiring abroad, etc. There are so many people that want to take that leap of faith, but just don’t have access to the information or points of contact to do so. Joyriding With Jash is a platform working to close that gap and show people that living abroad is possible and you won’t be alone when you get to your next destination because we’re waiting for you. . You can join the joyride at and by following me on Instagram @iamjashley. . How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email:
July 24, 2021
14) C. Jeffrey White: Elementary Educator, Health Advocate, and Friend of God.
C. Jeffrey White is an elementary educator and friend of God in New York City and is changing the world in his corner of the universe. He models taking care of your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. You can support him and his work by listening and subscribing to his podcast “AdventFit Podcast.” Find him on social media at.. Instagram: Twitter: Podcast:
July 23, 2021
Karla Fraser: Higher Education Global Consultant/Coach, Third Culture Kid, Expat
Karla Fraser joined us on the podwaves this week to share her journey, wisdom, and a few life hacks. She’s a Third Culture Kid, a higher education abroad guru, and a Black woman living her best life. Take a listen to this episode and join her journey. Follow her. Hire her. Support her. Thanks for sharing your story, Karla! For her extended bio and podcast episode link, visit Ms. Karla A. Fraser is a higher education professional, international higher education consultant, expat career strategist, current expat, global educator, & entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Roseapple Global, LLC, an expat career coaching and higher education consulting company. Her story to date includes being a black third culture kid (TCK) shuttling between Jamaica and the USA.  Karla has lived in seven countries (USA, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Dominica, Singapore, and Bangladesh). Currently, Karla is living and working in Niger. She has worked in six countries and traveled to 50 others for tourism and cultural enrichment.  In her leisure time, Karla enjoys traveling to beach locations, visiting historical sites, reading, movies, creativity in the kitchen, listening to music, and conversing about trending current events.
Roseapple Global, LLC:
Instagram: @travelgal45/ LinkedIn: Email: . How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email:
April 28, 2021
12. Angela “Ange” Saint-Yl: Flexitarian Travel, Entrepreneur, Tennis Aficionado
In today’s episode, I converse with Angela “Ange” Saint-Yl who talks about her journey following her love of tennis all over the world. She has a platform where she shares travel hacks and her DIY manual for traveling solo on your budget. We talk about tennis, food, travel, and being a budding entrepreneur. Support/Hire/Follow Ange: 💥Website for the courses-  💥Travel IG- @theflexitariantravels 💥Food IG— @eatswithangieee  💥 . ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon. Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode! How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email:
March 30, 2021
Denver While Black: Allurr’em Velvit. Entrepreneur, Performer, Producer with an Emmy
Allurr’em Velvit is an incredible Black woman who dabbles in tons of unique fields ranging from entrepreneurship to stage performances to journalism behind the camera. One of my favorite parts of my conversation with her was when we were talking about something entirely unrelated and she just stops mid-sentence and says, “Oh, you mean, my Emmy?” And pulls it off her bookshelf behind her. She is Co-Founder and Producer of Melanated Menagerie, a freelance producer, and an Emmy Award Winning AP. Owner of a Black hair and body care store in Denver where she works tirelessly to bring high-quality products from Black local businesses and product lines to the masses, she is fully dedicated in investing in her new community. Hailing from the mid-west, she moved to Denver because of her love of nature and the vibe. In my conversation, we talk about body image while being on stage, her journey in choosing herself and who she represents in a white, male-dominated industry, uplifting the stories of Black America, toxicity of whiteness and self-care in challenging work environments, and so much more. She drops so many gems as she shares about her journey throughout America chasing her self, her love, her identity, and her story. Currently, she is raising support for her business as she endeavors to secure it better against those who wish her dreams to not go forth. You can read more about her vision for her community and her store here in her GoFundMe. Support her directly via PayPal or through this link. From Allurrem: I am not only the founder and operator of Velv'IT Boutique Beauty-offering Denver Naturals the service they deserve while seeking out their Beauty supply needs - but also an established Producer of film television and live events. Haha, I even perform in some of those events!! Shop with us over at If you're local, come on in. 4611 Peoria St. Unit A2, Denver CO 80239 Follow us at Velv'IT Boutique Beauty on Facebook and Instagram ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon. Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode! How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Youtube: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email: Buy my book on my website: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black.
March 22, 2021
10. Let’s Read: “The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998” Book Review
On this episode, I talk about my most recent Black author read. I’m terrible at interpreting poetry, but I tried something outside of my skill set! Whilst reading, I thought about the “huemanity” of the Civil Rights Movement, how poetry shows the reality of tough times in American history, and how Giovanni did incredible work without naming a life partner or lover in her bio. ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon. Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode! How to contact me: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Youtube: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email: Buy my book on my website: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black.
March 21, 2021
Adalia Aborisade: Black Woman Expat, Retired Educator, Financial Coach, Current Home—Mexico City
Adalia Aborisade is all of the Black Girl Magic and living her best life in Mexico City, Mexico. In our conversation, we chatted about how she reinvented herself and learned to cherish herself after a two-decade long marriage. In her journey of healing and daring to ask herself hard questions, she found her freedom and identity by digging deep and uncovering what she loves. She now coaches Black women to find wholeness and freedom through her finance and money coaching, expat journey, and education. She has been living abroad now in several countries as an educator in international schools. She even had a stint in China which was less than pleasant, but has now found her home in Mexico. We talk about parenting abroad and the opportunities American educators can have in other countries. Support her journey abroad and her work. Hire her to help you see your financial situation with new eyes as you pursue your own journey towards freedom. Money may not give you happiness, but it most definitely gives you options! Find Adalia: DM on IG: @pickygirltravels FB: @pickygirltravels TW: @pickygrltravels ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon. Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode! How to contact Dr. Jenaya Perdue: Instagram: @MelanatedStamps Website: Facebook: Melanated Stamps Youtube: Melanated Stamps Podcast: Melanated Stamps Email:
March 16, 2021
Let’s Read: “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide” Book Review
Dr. Jenaya Perdue shares what’s she’s up to and why on her podcast airwave! Stay tuned for 1) Conversations with dope folks who do dope things, 2) #DenverWhileBlack Series: Conversations with amazing Black folks who are in or from Denver, 3) Book reviews of books by Black authors. Come read Black authors with me!
March 14, 2021
Tope Adubi: Global Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert, New Transplant from Nigeria to USA
Tope Adubi is a business owner who focuses on bringing beauty, peace, and self-confidence to Black women around the world. She owns a beauty and skin care line that’s rooted in the Motherland—Africa— and is focusing on bringing the creativity, tenacity, and uniqueness of her homeland to the who le world. So often, folks forget that Africa is made up of over 50 countries and each place is vastly different! The food, people, language, culture, skin colors, weather, and norms. She desires for her product line to reflect the nuances and distinct attributes of this incredible continent. With Nigeria being the land coursing through her veins, Tope is a newbie to the USA and talks about what it’s like to be a transplant, what racism looks like from her perspective, being newly married, and surviving and thriving as a new business owner through a global pandemic. You can find, support, buy from, and follow her at the links below: @kilalicosmetics __ Melanated Stamps is Dr. Jenaya Perdue’s platform where she shares stories of dope people who do dope things around the world. If you know someone who deserves more spotlight and wants to showcase the awesome things they are doing, find and follow me: @melanatedstamps and
March 10, 2021
Denver While Black: Jahala Rose Walker. Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Entrepreneur
Jahala Rose is an incredible Black woman in Denver who uses her hands and heart to heal, soothe, and assist in bringing forth life. She is a birth doula, massage therapist, mom, entrepreneur, and an energy worker. In this episode, you will hear about her spiritual journey and how it has moved her from the Christian faith into her own spirituality where she connects with people and the earth at a transformational level. She also shares data and her own experiences working in the birth realm where Black women have historically been unheard and unsafe in birth spaces. She works with her clients to make sure they have birth that is safe, empowered, and holistically health. Follow, support, and hire her. You can find her online to set up massage appointments and doula services. Website: Instagram: @jahalarose. @handsofoshunlmt. @MelanatedStamps Website:
March 09, 2021
Let’s Read: “Becoming” by THE Dr. Michelle Obama Book Review
Dr. Jenaya Perdue reviews “Becoming” by THE Dr. Michelle Obama and talks about why this book is so impactful for her personally. Support and follow me on Instagram and on my website Melanated Share which book by a Black author you’re reading and send an audio blurb to be featured on a future episode! Also, do NOT buy books from Amazon. Support Black independent bookstores. Use direct links on my website to put your money where it matters.
February 21, 2021
Let’s Read: “The Color of Compromise: ...American Church’s Complicity in Racism” by Jemar Tisby
Dr. Jenaya Perdue reviews the book “The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism” by Jemar Tisby. To frame her thoughts on the book, she delves into her experiences growing up Black in white evangelical churches in the south. As always, support Black independent bookstores, not Amazon! Follow and support Dr. J’s work on Instagram @melanatedstamps and Are you reading a book by a Black author and want to share your thoughts, send me a voice clip here to be featured on a future episode!
February 21, 2021
#DenverWhileBlack: Angela Wells, Entrepreneur, Vegan, Cakes, Skin/Hair Care
Angela Wells is a Denver transplant who has fallen in love with the city and the community she has built for herself and her family. She is a marketing executive for an insurance company and an entrepreneur who aligns her purpose and priorities in everything she does. She currently provides quality products at affordable prices with great customer service in her business Serein Naturals, a vegan haircare and skincare product line and Angie’s Vegan Cakes. Instagram: @sereinnaturals @angiesvegancakes @melanatedstamps
February 16, 2021
#DenverWhileBlack Series: Brittany Green, Relationship Coach and Dr. Jenaya Perdue
#DenverWhileBlack Series by Dr: Jenaya Perdue, Founder of Melanated Stamps Episode 1 Brittany Green: Relationship Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Black Woman. Dr. J talks with Brittany Green about being Black (Biracial) in Denver, prioritizing mental health, and her work/coaching at Collaborative Healing Spot. Connect With Brittany Green Instagram: @brittanyrosegreen Website: Relationship Coach and Collaborative Healing Spot ($19 a month) with experts and professionals to guide your wellness. Connect with Jenaya Perdue Instagram: @melanatedstamps Website: Are you Black in Denver and want to share your story? Contact me for a spotlight.
February 07, 2021
Let’s Read: Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue and Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker
Join Dr. J as she reviews two books by two incredible Black authors. In this episode, I talk about the complexities of the USA immigration process and how we ought to humanize data by reading books like Mbue’s. Also, female genitalia mutilation, women’s pleasure, and women’s sexual agency is reflected on using the text by Walker. Come chat about the book on Insta: @MelanatedStamps. Slide in my DMs if you have a favorite book by a Black author. Next book: Becoming by Dr: Michelle Obama
February 04, 2021
Melanated Stamps Fan Club is here!
Hi good people! It's me, Dr. J. For 2021, Melanated Stamps is expanding! Listen to this episode so that you know what I'm up to and how you can join the fun. We will have a virtual Black author book club, Iconic Black movie club, 30-day Goal Slay with Dr. J, and amazing conversations with dope people who do dope things. Stay tuned. Subscribe on Anchor. Follow on Instagram: @melanatedstamps Follow on Youtube: Melanated Stamps Fan Club Follow on Facebook: Melanated Stamps Patreon:
January 15, 2021
Amanda Chambers: Publisher, Writer, HBCU Grad, Future World-Schooler
🚨 🚨 NEW EPISODE ALERT!! 🚨 🚨 On this episode, I chat with Amanda Chambers, owner and brain behind Divine Legacy Publishing. We talk about her journey as a writer now business owner, her plans to world school her daughter, being a Black woman in 2020, and the importance of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). . Find her on Instagram: @amandachamberssays and @divinelegacypublishing Twitter @achamberssays @divinelegacypub . Facebook Amanda Chambers Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC . Website . 🤸🏿‍♀️Follow @melanatedstamps for pics and thoughts from my everyday expat life. 🤸🏿‍♀️Purchase my new book #BlackInDenver at (link in bio)
November 24, 2020
Michael Nuñez--Headphones, Stockton, Slimy Consistency, Lithuania
Michael Nuñez has been a ton of places around the world and is currently in New Zealand, but headed back to USA very soon for a huge road trip. He talks about growing up in California, the importance of nice headphones, and lessons he's learned abroad. Want to be showcased on an episode? Inbox me! Let's make it happen! Follow @melanatedstamps on Instagram.
November 18, 2020
Author, Mom, Wife, and a Great Human: Terri Harding
Terri Harding wrote a book on how to navigate and stay balanced while you and your newborn are in the NICU. She's an incredible, deeply genuine, and resilient person. On this episode, we talk about writing, her new book, being a wife, being a dope mom, and being a Black woman in 2020, 
November 18, 2020
Montenegro: Rest, Reset, Sunsets, New Beginnings
Montenegro is gorgeous and holds a special place in my mind and heart. I had a deeply spiritual moment watching a sunset and allowed myself to begin again--and also to let some things go. Travel transforms if you let it. Follow me @melanatedstamps on Instagram. Want to be interviewed? Inbox me!
November 18, 2020
The Rona Self-Care Reflection
Dr. J has been stuck in China for 983 years it seems like, is an expert introvert, and has LOVED being secluded during this season. It's still hard even for her, but she gives some wisdom and perspective on how to reorient your mind so that you, too, can maximize this time of pause and reflection.
November 18, 2020
Where Should Connor Go to School?
It's hard for white parents to figure out how to raise their white kids to be empathic, justice-oriented, and dismantle whiteness. Y'all, whiteness starts early! And Dr. J gives some advice to a parent who wants to build a healthy and balanced environment for their kids. Check out this episode. Follow @melanatedstamps on Instagram!
November 18, 2020
Rwanda, White Saviorism/Allyship, Marriage, Therapy: Heather Oglesby
Heather is an amazing human who does dope things and I got to snag her for almost an hour. She is a Peace Corps veteran who served in Rwanda, a newly wed to another amazing human, a mental health professional, hiker of mountains, reader, therapist, and so much more. In this interview, we chat about marriage, the LGBT journey for her, living in Rwanda, returning to life after Rwanda, white saviorism, being a white ally and advocate for Black/Brown people, and the absolute necessity of therapy. Enjoy the episode, reach out to her on Instagram at @newoglesby, check out for photos of Heather's life, follow @melanatedstamps, and share with your friend circle!
October 05, 2020
Alice Walker, Chinese homework, Minority Mental Health Week
On this episode, I talk about Black woman sexuality found in Alice Walker's book "Temple of My Familiar," Chinese student homework, and Black folks seeking help to live healthy, balanced lives, and for WP to be quiet.
July 13, 2020
Statues, White People, Dragon Boat Festival
On today's episode, I talk about: 1) The difference between white people and white people 2) What we need to do with all these statues that white people love 3) How Whiteness takes up space and air for Black and Brown bodies and minds 4) Dragon Boat Festival in China 5) How to schedule non-negotiables into your life and why Find me at and on Insta @melanatedstamps
June 28, 2020
Statues, White People, Dragon Boat Festival
On today's episode, I talk about: 1) The difference between white people and white people 2) What we need to do with all these statues that white people love 3) How Whiteness takes up space and air for Black and Brown bodies and minds 4) Dragon Boat Festival in China 5) How to schedule non-negotiables into your life and why Find me at and on Insta @melanatedstamps
June 28, 2020
Podcast Plot Twist!! 6/21/20
Hey good people! I'm changing my podcast a bit and centering it on all things me! But there is space for you too! I have way too many interests and there are WAY too many things happening in this world to have a solo focus. So now I will have a plethora of foci and it will be all things that I love to think, talk about, and conversate (Yes I said it) about. Join me on the journey. Current Black Author Book: The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker.
June 21, 2020
12: Lawrence. Food. China. Texas. Black. Painter.
I spent time chatting with Lawrence right when the Coronavirus shenanigans began. We chatted about all things travel, eating, trying to convince people to travel, and incorporating the global perspective into future plans. He's great and shared that he would love to hear from you. Follow him on Insta @furcoatlorenzo.
May 01, 2020
Cuzzo, ESL, Educator Survives Europe
Educator, mom, wife, global traveler, many titles! And I know I'm missing more. In this episode, I interview Shelby Chase. We discuss racial ambiguity, how global travel impacts her teaching career, and how she survived chaperoning young students to Europe. You can follow her on Twitter (@ShelbyReadsAlot) and Instagram (@shelbyreadsbooks). Don't forget to follow the podcast on Instagram at @MelanatedStamps! Happy listening :)
March 16, 2020
Feeding Oneself Whilst Abroad
How do I eat? Where do I eat? What kind of food is over there? are all questions that new folks ask when they are thinking about traveling or living in a new country. In this episode, I am talking about my transition from eating exclusively in restaurants to cooking at home and why. Check it out! Follow @MelanatedStamps on Instagram and Facebook. Check out the blog post on!
February 16, 2020
Goal-Setting Whilst Abroad--January 20, 2020
On this episode, I chat about how my goal-setting is now influenced by my abroad context, starting to make my food at home, and transitioning from "living abroad" to "LIVING abroad." Join me and share. Follow me on Instagram @MelanatedStamps
January 20, 2020
Holidays Abroad: I miss Butter's Note, Black Food Plates, and Not Much Else
Holidays are tough--especially when you're abroad and when you have the lens of grief. On today's episode, I spend time reflecting what it's like to spend a holiday in a foreign country away from all the things I used to spend copious amounts of time and energy whining and sulking about. Taking time to reflect and build is a crucial part of adulting. Check out this episode and share your thoughts on Instagram! @MelanatedStamps
January 07, 2020
Sharing a Blanket with Folks from Kosovo
Happy Veterans Day! On this episode, I talk about a lovely Albanian family I shared a blanket with in Montenegro and how I grapple with two dichotomies--being a military kid and traveling the world. Check out my website and follow me on Instagram at @melanatedstamps.
November 11, 2019
Episode #1--Why MelSta
On this episode, creator and host of Melanated Stamps, Jenaya Perdue, talks about why she is starting this podcast and her vision for MelSta. 
January 31, 2019