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Empaths without Borders

Empaths without Borders

By Empaths without Borders
Your problems are our problems. In this Podcast we drink wine/coffee and discuss everything from nutrition, mental health, parenting, and societal topics. Join us for lots of laughs and high jinks.
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1. Who are we?

Empaths without Borders

1. Who are we?

Empaths without Borders

13. Laugh 'til You Cry!
Sarah and Jencee are joined by a very special guest, of Cognitive Behavioral Theater in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Dominic Syracuse! He discusses the process of Cognative Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and explains why watching trashy TV and laughter helps us feel better! Give him some love on his YouTube channel:
December 4, 2021
12. Parenting Empaths
Sarah discusses some of the ways that she's worked on parenting empaths, especially boy empaths, while Jencee realizes how little she knows about parenting and thus experiences existential dread.
November 18, 2021
11. Behaviors aren't Feelings!
Sarah and Jencee dissect the complicated relationship between feelings and the behaviors they prompt. What does it mean to "fix the wall?" How do boundaries play into this discussion? Find out in this episode!
November 12, 2021
10. Q&Aayyy
Sarah and Jencee answer more of your burning questions! Another PSA that we are NOT mental health professionals and we simply relate what works for us.
November 5, 2021
9. Rescue Me?
In this wine episode, Sarah and Jencee discuss the act of rescuing and the traps that empaths fall into while rescuing others. 
November 2, 2021
8. It is Gaslighting?
In this epidose, Sarah and Jencee discuss gaslighting and briefly talk about some of the ways you can recognize and break out of that cycle. 
October 23, 2021
7.... But Look on the Bright Side.
Admittedly, Sarah and Jencee get very sidetracked during this episode about reframing. Join us as we discuss some of the intricacies of reframing and share anecdotes from the view of empaths!
October 15, 2021
6. Why is Everyone Judging Me?
In this episode, Jencee and Sarah discuss judgement and where it actually comes from.
October 9, 2021
5. You ask? We answer: Boundaries
Hello all! In this week's episode, Sarah and Jencee discuss questions about boundaries submitted by you!
October 2, 2021
4. Boundaries 101 for Empaths!
In this episode, Sarah and Jencee briefly talk about what it looks like to have boundaries and share personal experiences about when those boundaries were crossed. They also discuss judgement and how perceived judgement can us to cross our own boundaires. 
September 24, 2021
3. Am I an Empath?
In this episode, Sarah and Jencee discuss what it means to be an empath vs a people pleaser vs a codependant. Join us as we delve further into our experiences parcing out the differences!
September 19, 2021
2. What is Inner Work?
In this episode, Jencee and Sarah discuss what inner work means for them and discuss more about their journeys with mental health. 
September 10, 2021
1. Who are we?
In this episode of Empaths without Borders, Sarah and Jencee discuss who the heck they are and what the podcast will look like! 
September 5, 2021