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Exploring The Unknown With Jenn

Exploring The Unknown With Jenn

By Jenn Hodgson
Dive into the paranormal from investigations and equipment. Explore what's it's like to be a psychic medium as well as ways to develop your own gifts. Books about the paranormal and about psychic development.
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What Do I Do When I Have Activity In My Home And Past Investigations
Tune in to hear about a few investigations our group was able to do this year and what you should know if you are having activity in your home.
December 23, 2020
Exploring The Unknown: Investigations at Poasttown, Randolph County, Loveland Castle
Exploring The Unknown: Talks of Professional Paranormal Investigations latest investigations and some of the things that took place.
June 26, 2020
Welcome To Exploring The Unknown
Welcome!! I will be talking about the paranormal investigations I have taken part in and also books relating to the paranormal as well as psychic mediumship.
June 25, 2020