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Cybersecurity Expert Podcast with Jennifer Bleam

Cybersecurity Expert Podcast with Jennifer Bleam

By Jennifer Bleam
Interviews with today's cybersecurity experts help you stay current with the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape. This podcast is designed to provide IT companies with timely updates in less than 30 minutes.
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Interview with Brian Semrau

Cybersecurity Expert Podcast with Jennifer Bleam

Discover Vulnerabilities…Before The Hackers Do
Years ago, a consulting firm created a tool that allowed them to discover vulnerabilities in nearly any environment, in real time. The solution was so innovative that they received a patent for their system and methodology. In this podcast, we’ll explore how MSPs are using that product, available through IGI Cybersecurity, to reveal vulnerabilities and capture managed security and compliance revenue. For more information, visit
July 26, 2021
The Elephant In The Room
The #1 source of breaches? Passwords. Users reusing them. Hackers guessing them. Employees using basic, easy-to-guess passwords. (And yes,  users still write passwords down and "hide" them in plain sight.) In today's episode, we chat with Mark Cravotta (CRO for Keeper Security) to talk about how MSPs and MSSPs can keep users safe from their own bad habits. To learn more about Keeper's user-friendly (and MSP friendly) password manager, visit
February 13, 2021
Phishing Be Gone
CyberFish is a relatively new vendor in the IT Channel, and they're doing some very creative things in the cloud-based email security space.  Phishing is a growing threat, but many of the solutions on the market don't offer protection for email in the cloud. If you have hosted email for your clients, you'll definitely want to take a look at this anti-phishing solution. (Plus, get a sneak peek on what they have planned for early 2021. It's brilliant!) 
January 08, 2021
Solving a big SMB need
When Transmosis saw how under-protected the SMB market was, they jumped into action and created a valuable MDR solution. This solution bundles next generation threat detection with SOC as a service and is being widely adopted in the channel.  Plus, they are now bundling cybersecurity liability insurance with their solution.  If you'd like more information on the services Chase mentioned, visit their website: 
November 12, 2020
Stop The Ransomware Nightmare
It's the makings of a terrible nightmare: Despite your best efforts, one of your clients gets hit with ransomware. You built a security stack, deployed it fully, and reviewed your work. So why can't you rest easily, knowing your clients are safe? Because you've heard the horror stories (or perhaps lived them yourself) of ransomware so sneaky, that it fools even the very best endpoint solutions. On this podcast, we chat with Greg Edwards, Founder and CEO of CryptoStopper. a tool that acts as the last layer of defense, stopping ransomware just as it starts to execute.
October 16, 2020
Cybersecurity - Vendor Selection
IT companies deliver their security solution through vendor-provided tools or services, which means it's crucial to make sure that vendors aren't a weak link. On this interview, Corey Kirkendoll (CEO at 5K Technical Services) shares the plan that he follows to investigate vendors' service delivery.  He also reveals some surprising findings that he uncovered on his journey to build a quality cybersecurity solution. 
August 24, 2020
What Is "Zero Trust" And Why Does It Matter?
Join Danny Jenkins (CEO and Co Founder of ThreatLocker) on this podcast where we define some cybersecurity terms that are often used but rarely understood. Discover the true definitions for "zero trust" and "application whitelisting." You'll learn where these tools fit into your cybersecurity toolbox and find out their strengths (and weaknesses,) 
May 07, 2020
Interview with Brian Semrau
On this episode of Cybersecurity Expert, we discuss cybersecurity policies with Brian Semrau, CEO of Infosec Chicago. While we hear a lot of high level information about security policies, there's very little concrete, actionable information on this important piece of the puzzle. On this episode, you'll be given policy examples, how to get buy-in from your SMB customers, learn a surprising password policy misconception, and more. If you want to make sure your policies support your cybersecurity posture, you'll want to check out this podcast.
April 11, 2020
Interview With Justin Reinmuth
In the episode we discuss Cyber Liability Insurance. As the owner of Tech Rug, Justin Reinmuth is the top expert in insurance for IT business owners. We discuss cyber liability for MSPs and liability insurance for small business clients. Justin answers the top questions he receives each week and shares some up-to-the-minute changes on how carriers are handling cyber liability claims.
April 01, 2020
Interview With Jason Rorie
On this episode, we chat with Jason Rorie, veteran MSP business owner and founder of Triad Security. You’ll discover the difference between vulnerability assessments and penetration testing – and why it’s so crucial to sell the right solution. Jason also shares some insight into what these services will cost and weighs in on the classic question “how much security is enough?”
March 08, 2020
Interview With Phil Burnett
On today's podcast, we discuss SOCaaS with Phil Burnett, High Wire Networks CISO. Does an MSP really need SOCaaS, and how should you select one. We also talk about a neglected topic: table top exercises - what exactly are they, who needs them, and what is the goal of a table top exercise? We also discuss a few key ways to stay safe while using RMM tools.
March 08, 2020
Incident Response Plans 101
Join Eric Pinto, Senior Director of Channel at SOCSoter, to discover the details around cybersecurity incident response planning.  You’ll discover: The best place to start Which customers need an incident response plan Why you might want to think twice before using a boilerplate IR plan template We’ll also explore how compliance aligns with incident response planning. You’ll also learn when to bring in an outside third party during a breach and how to discuss security and compliance with your existing client base.
February 11, 2020
How To Help Your SMB Clients Care About Cybersecurity
On this episode, Art Gross, CEO of Secure Now, shares details around the necessity and effectiveness of employee training. He also shares some tips to help your SMB clients care about proper cybersecurity. We also discuss how MSPs should approach employee training -- for their own staff members.
January 06, 2020
MSP’s Best Tax Saving Strategies with Bill Moore On The Cybersecurity Expert Podcast
On this episode, we chatted with Bill Moore, CPA on the best ways for MSPs to PLAN for their taxes. You’ll learn about: - The completely legal way to deduct income from your company and pay yourself, WITHOUT that being taxable income - The most overlooked “loophole” that most MSPs can easily put into place - Why you should focus on your exit strategy today, even if you don’t plan to exit your business for many years Request Bill Moore’s helpful ebook “MSP’s Best Tax Saving Strategies” by emailing him: bill at or visiting his website
November 27, 2019
Interview with Mike Michalowicz On The Cybersecurity Expert Podcast
Great interview with a multi-time author Mike Michalowicz.    In this quick interview, we talked about:   - Mike's days as a VAR/MSP  - How he got into cybersecurity before it was cool  - Ways to identify (and get ahead of) changes in the marketplace  - very applicable to the changing IT landscape   - Insight into his new book (to be released in April 2020)
November 19, 2019
Interview with Angel Rojas On The Cybersecurity Expert Podcast
Angel Rojas, owner of Datacorps Technology Solutions   Listen to this podcast to learn how one MSP is baking cybersecurity into their company culture and hear some basic security suggestions that every IT service provider should consider. Consider why you may NOT want to lead with a security risk assessment and learn a (surprising) first step toward creating your own cybersecurity policies.
November 14, 2019