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Be True to YOU with Jennifer Greenwood

Be True to YOU with Jennifer Greenwood

By Jennifer Greenwood
Join Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Artist, and Mom, Jennifer Greenwood, for stories and interviews on creating your own authentic wellness journey.
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Self Care for Solo Moms

Be True to YOU with Jennifer Greenwood

Pressing the Pause Button
I'm usually a go-go-go kinda gal, but right now I'm pressing the pause button on a few things.  In this episode I'll share why I'm doing that and how something similar might benefit you.
January 28, 2022
Untangled. Why I Started Knitting, What I've Learned from it, and What it's Done for Me.
I found knitting over a decade ago when I was in the midst of personal crisis.  It is part of my life to this day and how it has helped me both physically, mentally, and emotionally just might be surprising to you. To find out more about the wellness services I offer, or to book your free Mom Life Clarity Call, check out my website for Breeze Wellness here. Thanks so much for listening! Always from the heart, Jennifer
September 15, 2021
When Positivity is more Harmful than Helpful
I've been wanting to discuss toxic positivity for awhile now as it is something that I've become acutely aware of in the past 2 years.  And I fully admit, I fell into the toxic positivity trap myself for at least a year, maybe longer. It is very pervasive in the health and wellness industry and on social media in particular and in my work as both a yoga teacher and life & wellness coach, I needed to share how being "overly" positive can actual cause harm instead of being helpful. (*note: at the time of this recording, I've had a technological glitch... the end of the podcast ends abruptly and then loops and plays again. Sorry!  I'm working on fixing this, but please know that the episode itself is 30 minutes, not an hour. Enjoy!) Always from the heart, Jennifer
July 04, 2021
Self Care for Solo Moms
Spa days and weekend retreats are lovely, but it's the day-to-day self care habits that are going to have the biggest impact on your mom-life in the long run. In this episode, I recap the definition of a Solo Mom (not just single parents) and offer some easy-to-incorporate suggestions to add new habits to your schedule that supports self care. To find out more about the services I offer, or to book your free Mom Life Clarity Call, check out my website for Breeze Wellness here. Thanks so much for listening!
June 14, 2021
Mixed Feelings for Mother's Day
We all have different experiences and life circumstances. I went back and forth for over a week as to whether or not I would share my mixed feelings over Mother's Day... This life is a work-in-progress. Remember to Be True to YOU!
May 09, 2021
Reclaiming an Entire Day each Week!
Time is precious. Most of us feel like we don't have enough time to "get everything done." What would you say if I told you by making this one small change, you could get an entire day back each week?  To book your FREE Mom Life Clarity Call,  click here.
April 17, 2021
Time to get Moving!
Sometimes when we're tired, the best thing to do is to get moving!
April 06, 2021
What's a Solo Mom?
In this episode, I share more about what I mean when I use the term "Solo Mom." I've been a Solo Mom from the get-go, but was not a single parent.  Confused? Let me clear it up for you...
March 25, 2021
Be True to YOU - Premiere Episode
I've wanted to host my own podcast for awhile now, and I'm excited to have FINALLY started!  Just wanted to share what the Be True to YOU series will be about and share a bit about myself with you all.  Thanks for listening!
March 22, 2021