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Celebrate the Struggle

Celebrate the Struggle

By Jennifer Hobbs
Life is full of struggles and challenges, some of which try to tear us down. But we stand back up when we fall down. We become stronger and sometimes more determined. On this show we are going to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We are going to talk about topics that may be difficult since most will have stigmas that exist in our society. This show will overcome the fears of those stigmas to open up, be vulnerable, and chat about the struggles and where life has brought us.
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Celebrate the Struggle with Jared Diehl: Living to Thrive Rather than Survive
 At twenty-two Jared Diehl was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and joins me today to share about how he has not allowed his struggles to keep him from making an impact in this world. Jared shares about his suicidal ideations and his attempt to take his life which left him in a coma. Seven days later he woke up. After five months in recovery, he couldn't figure out why he was still sad even after SURVIVING a suicide attempt.  Jared's journey goes on as he works through the processes that come with life's challenges and learning more about mental health. He is not now working to use his struggles to make an impact in this world, sharing his voice and getting involved in other organizations. Check out his blog and podcast LOUDER NOW to learn more about his journey and what he has learned. I admire you Jared! Keep up the good work and thank you for coming on to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Check out this interview on YOUTUBE: Jared's Blog: Louder Now Podcast:
May 17, 2022
Give yourself some grace. You’re doing great!
Inspired from the words of a friend, remember today that you are doing good!
May 04, 2022
Off on a tangent with the Wildman
Wildman joins me on the show to chat about something we never got to because we got off on a tangent. Check it out as we chat more about Care in the Community. 
April 29, 2022
Once a Marine always a Marine
Anthony joins me on the show today to chat about growing up as a military brat, then on to becoming a Veteran himself. We chat about his perseverance as he juggles being a full-time student, working part-time, and caring for a new baby. 
April 27, 2022
Be Vulnerable
Give yourself permission to be vulnerable. Overcome the fear and judgement and trust that you know what you are doing! “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”- Brené Brown
April 26, 2022
Finish this with Perry the Wildman
Trivia time with Perry the Wildman. Listen as he is put on the spot and expected to finish the sentence. 
April 21, 2022
It is not the critic who counts. - Theodore Roosevelt
Criticism can be constructive at times. It can push us to be and do better. Unfortunately, criticism can also have the opposite effect. It can break us down and bring on a negative self-image. Remember, "it is not the critic who counts."   - Theodore Roosevelt
April 20, 2022
Find your power within!
Tuesday reflection was so needed for me. I must find it within me to overcome the frustrating times. I will be grateful and not angry! I will be positive and not negative! I will find the power within me to be resilient. I WILL!
April 19, 2022
Dr. Ann James tells us about how her WHY helped her find her purpose to help others find financial confidence and freedom.
My finance battle buddy, Dr. Ann James, joins me today on Celebrate the Struggle to chat about how her WHY led her to helping military veterans reclaim their confidence in managing their finances. There was a time when Ann was not in the position to care for her daughter financially, or at least, she wasn't sure. With that drive to self educate herself on how to obtain and sustain financially freedom, she fell in love with numbers. After 21  years in the military, Ann now dedicates her career to her passion helping veterans with their financial wellness.  For more information about Dr. Ann James or to schedule a free 15 minute money chat visit: To check out this interview on YOUTUBE:
April 18, 2022
Four Types of Symptoms of PTSD
We chatted last week about post traumatic stress disorder and who has it. Recently when I was doing research on PTSD, I read in a book called Ghosts Within: Journeying Through PTSD by Gary Leech. In there, Leech writes about how PTSD results in a person exhibiting "disruptive physical reactions in the present" in the form of four types of symptoms. Perry the Wildman joins me today to identify those four types. 
April 14, 2022
Tuesday Reflection: Be okay with being uncomfortable!
Get comfortable with the uncomfortable! No one said it was going to be easy but you are way stronger than the fear or anything that will be thrown at you!
April 12, 2022
Air Force Veteran & Author, Doug Berry, finds inspiration in his own backyard.
When Doug's children were younger he enjoyed reading to them and always wanted to write a children's book of his own. He hadn't thought of an idea for a children's book until one day when his son finds a baby rabbit in their backyard. It was that adventure that inspired so much more. Doug has since published two books about Jasper the bunny and the places he goes.  Be sure to follow Doug so you can see where Jasper goes next time. Check out this show on YouTube:
April 12, 2022
What is PTSD and who has it?
There are so many stigmas out there about PTSD. One of them being that only combat veterans suffer from this disorder, which is not the case. Anyone who has experienced a traumatic event can potentially deal with post traumatic stress. 
April 07, 2022
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi
Sometimes we give way too much time and space to the things that consume us and our time. Take time to reflect today. What kind of legacy are you going to leave behind?
April 05, 2022
Joey Richardson Author of the Burning Storm Series
Joey Richardson joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today as we chat about his journey and finding his purpose and passion as a writer, father, and husband. As a fourth-generation soldier, Joey isn't the first in his family to serve his country with pride. We chat about how the transition to civilian life was a difficult one, but the blessing of his child has since shown him exactly why he is here on this Earth.  Check out this interview on Youtube: Burning Storm Series: Twitter: jarsoldier1985   Instagram:    joey.richardson.7 Be sure to subscribe and leave a review! #grateful #veteranpodcaster #veteranshelpingveterans #veteransupport #celebratethestrugglepodcast #gettingcomfortablewiththeuncomfortable
April 04, 2022
Santa or Stalin Part 2
Today the Wildman and Jennifer take it from where they left off last week chatting about Santa or Stalin. In case you missed last week's, be sure to check it out so you know what we are talking about. It is all about growth and identifying who we DO NOT want to be in those impulsive moments of reaction. Be better, do better!
April 01, 2022
Vietnam War Remembrance Day
Thank you to all Vietnam Veterans! Your sacrifice was one that NONE of us will ever be able to understand. 
March 29, 2022
"You are the only person that will be there for yourself 100% of the time." -Dylan Sessler
Dylan Sessler joins me on Celebrate the Struggle to chat about how his journey led him to a point where he started to ponder the question "how did I get here" after having suicidal ideations. It was then that he really started to dive deep into that question and have those difficult discussions that no one ever really talked about when he was younger.  "You are the only person that will be there for yourself 100% of the time." This is a lesson that Dylan learned as he started to "master his words". He is now the author of Defy the Darkness and the host of The Dylan Experience podcast where he makes space to discuss these life lessons he has learned and use them to help others on their journey.  Check out this video on YouTube: To order Defy the Darkness: Dylan Sessler
March 28, 2022
Santa or Stalin?
For someone who suffers from PTSD, sometimes the response to a stimulus is not EXACTLY appropriate. Today Perry the Wildman and I chat about how this looks in our lives. You never know who you are going to get, Santa or Stalin. Stay tuned for more on this topic next week.
March 24, 2022
Self-talk reflection time
Can you imagine the things we would be capable of if we did a lot more positive self-talk as opposed to negative self-talk?
March 23, 2022
A Marine Mother's Perspective with Shari Kuhlman
Shari Kuhlman, a proud Marine momma, joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about her desire to help her soldier and others the best way that she can. After her son enlisted into the Marines two years ago, she immediately started brainstorming ways to help on the home front. She then decided to start her own nonprofit organization Veterans Honor Walk. She and her husband, Chris, work to find veterans in need or other veteran nonprofits that she can help. She then organizes and hosts fundraising events to raise money for those in need.  "You got to have a support system. Reach out to others around you." Shari's advice is so valuable and oh so necessary for us all. She is clearly working hard to  reach out to others for herself, but also to continue creating a community of support. How admirable! You rock Shari!  Check out Veterans Honor Walk on Facebook: (2) Veterans Honor Walk | Facebook Romans Warrior Foundation: (2) Romans Warrior Foundation | Facebook Road Home Program: Veterans of Log Base Seitz: Check out Episode 32 to hear more about Marine Michael Gasperini working hard like Shari to give back. (3) Michael Gasperini | Facebook
March 21, 2022
Vietnam Veterans WELCOME HOME
To all you Vietnam Veterans, WELCOME HOME and thank you so much for sacrificing so much.
March 19, 2022
PTSD and the Brain
Perry and Jen chat about what is real life evidence when it comes to PTSD and the brain!
March 18, 2022
Wisdom Wednesday thanks to ol' Teddy Roosevelt
HUMP DAY! If you didn't check out yesterday's episode about shame and shame gremlins, be sure to. Today we reflect upon the powerful words of Theodore Roosevelt. Ask yourself, are you the critic, or are you the one daring greatly?
March 16, 2022
Tuesday Reflection: Shame Gremlins
I am listening to Brene Brown's The Power of Vulnerability on Audible. She is so insightful and pretty witty folks! You should check her out.  Today I chat a little bit about her teachings of the shame gremlins and how to overcome them!
March 15, 2022
"I am still on my road to recovery." Jason McCormick
Jason McCormick joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today with powerful words that each one of us need to hear. As we chat about his military career, the struggles with transition, and having empathy for others, he shares with us how he use to lack compassion. "If the Army wanted me to have feelings, they would have issued them.  Things have changed for Jason on his road to recovery and his journey has led him to discover how giving back can be so self-fulfilling. "That is how we help to lower suicide, by having veterans that are willing to care and put themselves out there."  Check this interview out on YouTube: Resources Jason mentions and recommends: Marcus Institute for Brain Health Warrior Reunion Foundation Jason's Book Recommendation:   Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior by Charles W. Hoge
March 15, 2022
Fun Facts with Perry the Wildman
Today we change it up a bit and enjoy a fun interview with Perry the Wildman about a few of his military likes and dislikes. 
March 11, 2022
Tuesday Reflection on Self-Truths vs Self-Lies
I highly encourage you to take sometime after listening to this episode to recognize your self-truths vs self-lies.
March 08, 2022
"If family is not number one, my priorities are all out of whack." Great insight from Keith McKeever the host of Battle Buddy Podcast
Keith McKeever joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today! Fellow Air Force Veteran, Real Estate Agent, and Podcaster of "Battle Buddy Podcast". When it came to Keith's attention on social media that there were trends amongst the veteran issues he was hearing about. It was then that he decided to start a podcast for others to come share their stories so that others can relate and know that they are not alone. On the "Battle Buddy Podcast" Keith is on a mission to bring in any stories related to the military and highlight resources. What an incredible mission Keith! Keep it up Battle! Check out this interview on YouTube:
March 07, 2022
First world problems and some positivity on the CRAZY TRAIN!
Hahahha I can't help but call myself the crazy train sometimes. I can be rather random, BUT HEY, I'm also very insightful. Check out todays quick episode to hear some insight from me and a conversation I had last evening. Also, check out my first world problem BUT my celebration! 
March 05, 2022
Bringing in March with the Wildman
Perry the Wildman chats about the continuing process of filing a claim and his triggering appointment he had this week. We got your 6 Perry! Love ya Battle!
March 04, 2022
Tuesday reflection on the Crazy Train- Enjoy
An amazing quote from the book The Unspeakable Mind: Stories of Trauma and Healing From the Frontlines of PTSD Science.
March 01, 2022
After 30 years in the Marine Corps, Michael continues to serve through his community and passion to help and bring awareness.
Michael Gasperini joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today. A proud Marine veteran, married to a Marine veteran, served over thirty years in the service and has since focused that passion for service to giving back. Michael and his wife volunteer for a number of organizations to help support veterans and their family members, as well as other needs and initiatives in their community. "I was blessed to come back from many different things. Now my mission is to give back to our communities and those that may need our assistance."-Michael Gasperini Michael shares about a buddy of his, Brian Romans that started the Roman's Warrior Foundation and is the curator of the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance that travels around to different communities to honor and reflect those soldiers that are not forgotten. The wall will be coming to Black Diamond Harley Davidson in Marion Illinois. The wall will be erected on Friday, April 29th. Others are welcome to volunteer to assemble the 120 foot wall. The dedication of the wall will be on Saturday as well as a motorcycle ride. For more information, visit Romans Warriors Foundation Check out this episode on YouTube Facebook:  Global War on Terrorism Wall of Remembrance Veterans Honor Walk  Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Stop 22 Tour  LCpl J Kyle Price Memorial Foundation Hunter HD Hogan Foundation
March 01, 2022
Thursdays with Perry the Wildman February 24th
Join us on Celebrate the Struggle as we chat about what others assume PTSD is and what it looks like. 
February 24, 2022
You are in charge of your life!
Good-bye pity parties! Good-bye placing blame on everything and everyone around us. Time for some accountability!
February 23, 2022
"You got to go through some valleys to get to the top of the mountain."-Ernest Chamblee
Ernest Chamblee joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to talk about his journey and how it has led him to this point in his life where he now works to help other veterans find their confidence. "You have the ability to struggle with confidence," Ernest says. He is so right! Life is going to be full of challenges and some serious struggles. YOU GOT THIS! Introduced to the military very early because his mom was in the Army, he became seasoned to that military life. His mother always told him NOT to enlist in the military. He did not disobey his momma's request, instead he commissioned as an officer in the Army.  "I will never salute you," his mom adamantly declared. She made sure of that. She then commissioned two months before him and she never had to salute him. Instead, Ernest had to salute his mother. DROP THE MIC MOMMA CHAMBLEE!! Dang! Check out Ernest's story: Email: Facebook - Real Estate with Ernest - Facebook - Speak Inspired -
February 22, 2022
"Writing comes from within my soul while the words flow out of me."- Amanda Forry-Fino
Amanda Forry-Fino joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about her life and the journey it has taken her on. It didn't start out so smooth, as a matter of fact, it was quite a struggle that challenged her. On top of the challenges of living with cerebral palsy, Amanda was physically and emotionally abused as a child and on into her teen years. Her story is incredible and she shares a bit with us today on the show. Want to hear more from her? GOOD NEWS! She is the author of Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal's Mind which can be purchased on various platforms. You can also sign-up for a free copy of her E-book and leave her a review so she can continue her mission to share her story and provide a glimpse into the life and struggles of having cerebral palsy! Click here for the free e-book: To purchase your own copy: For more information about Amanda, check out her website: To check this interview on YOUTUBE click:
February 18, 2022
Wildman and Jennifer chat about Community Cares
Join us on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about Community Cares with the VA. 
February 17, 2022
Out there with passion and purpose
How was your weekend? Mine rocked!!! Hearing the stories from others is just so inspiring. I want to learn more!!! I want to hear more stories about the home front and what that looks like for others, not just the veterans. To appear on my podcast just visit ​​Podcast (  Want to help me learn more about these perspectives, but don't want to appear on my podcast? Wonderful, simply email me at
February 15, 2022
“We have the opportunity to shift our lives and improve it.” Robert Garcia
“Mindset training is at the core of what I do.”- Robert Garcia joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about his life and the journey from high school drop out to Holding a Doctorate in Education and on to become the Executive Director of Strategy at IQ Podcasts. Rob created his own niche and has used what he is good at to help others thrive and become successful. We chat about how most of us don’t allow ourselves to put on our creative lenses and dream. “As little kids we are encouraged to daydream, then it’s squashed in your teens.” Now as the Warrior Strategist, Rob helps others to shift their lives and improve them IF YOU WANT IT, but you got to put in the work.  For more from Rob check him out: For our live interview:
February 15, 2022
Wildman and Jennifer February 10, 2022
Perry the Wildman and Jennifer chat a bit more about the VA disability claim process and Community Cares. 
February 11, 2022
At 20 years old, weighing in at 80lbs, Lindsey couldn't understand WHY she struggled with food since nothing traumatic ever happened to her.
"Before CrossFit I would punish my body with exercise to punish myself for the food I would eat."- Lindsey VanSchoyck Lindsey VanSchoyck joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to share her journey from thinking food was the enemy to understanding it is fuel for her body. Lindsey discusses how she coped with her anxiety by "taking control" over food. It would take years before she would understand she could have control without punishing herself with exercise.  As a college student, Lindsey found herself avoiding her family so they wouldn't see just how far she had gone done the rabbit hole with her eating disorder. Fortunately, her family stepped in and intervened, encouraging her to seek counseling for it. With the support of her family, she got the courage to do so.  The counselor looked at her and let her know, "I can't help you, you need inpatient". Talk about a tough pill to swallow. When she entered treatment for her eating disorder, she was 20 years old, weighing in at 80lbs.  There is so much more to this story and the life it flourishes into, to include marrying a combat veteran struggling with his own issues. "I think we both needed each other," she stated. Together they have grown into individuals that have found themselves through fitness and nutrition. Lindsey now uses the BIGGEST life struggle she has had to fuel her mission to help educate others about nutrition and what your body needs that are sustainable life habits WITHOUT dieting and depriving your body with the nutrients it needs.
February 08, 2022
"It's okay to not be okay."- Sarah Otto helping those on the home front.
Did you know that in 2018 sixty-five military dependents between the ages of 12-23 lost their lives to suicide? Would you be surprised to hear that those numbers went up in 2019? Sarah Otto joins me on Celebrate the Struggle to discuss her journey as a military spouse. After identifying a need in the community of military families, Sarah and her best friend decided to do something about it. From there, their passion and mission to help others has now shaped into the Ohana Homefront Foundation. "We have something for everyone," Sarah encourages. "I would rather be the voice to hear you unload everything you are going through on me, rather than attend your funeral." Spoken so true! YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
February 04, 2022
Thoughtful Thursdays with Perry the Wildman
Today I am starting a new segment which I am TOTALLY stoked about! Meet my bestie/battle buddy, Jared Perry to chat just a bit about his process of seeking help and filing a disability claim with the VA. 
February 03, 2022
Heads-up on what is to come next week.
No spoiler alerts here, just enjoy and take a listen.  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at
January 28, 2022
“As long as you are doing something to progress yourself, that is what counts.” - Robert Caudill
Robert Caudill joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to talk about how he has embraced the struggle and learned to thrive through his love of art, meditation, and yoga. After serving on four deployments with the Marine Corps, his injuries sent him to the Wounded Warrior Battalion where the injured, ill, and wounded Marines and sailors go for recovery. He was then medically retired and discharged to cope with his injuries and gout diagnosis. Robert, just as many before him have, coped with drowning his mental and physical pain in alcohol to try and numb it all.  Then things changed for Robert when he found a group that taught him a lot about meditation. Between the knowledge he gained about meditation and the help of an RN, he was able to ween off of EIGHT different meds that he was on. He went on to obtain his Yoga Certification using his GI Bill and continued to tap into his artistic and creative soul. Robert doesn't live without pain, but with meditation, yoga, and his art, his is able to manage it all and THRIVE! He is definitely celebrating the struggle.  Check more of Robert and his art out: Robert and Jennifer's interview on YouTube:
January 26, 2022
"You are so much more than a list of ailments." Evan Blankenship
Evan Blankenship joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to discuss his journey from the military to dedicating his life working with veterans. After getting out of the military Evan worked to find his place in this world, just as we all do. After working for the railroad for ten years, he went on to obtain his degree in Exercise Science with a minor in strength conditioning. He now works as a health coach with the VA in the Whole Health Program. Evan describes how this opportunity to help veterans has been so rewarding. "You are more than just a list of ailments. You are an emotional person and so much more." Evan Blankenship What an enlightening conversation! Thanks for your dedication to helping veterans Evan! To learn more about Evan check him out on YOUTUBE or Instagram evan_blankenship
January 24, 2022
"That's when my smile came back."- CJ Ives Lopez
CJ Ives Lopez joins me on the show today to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and share a few laughs together. She shares her story of living in a volatile home as a child, striving to make her grandmother as she watched others treat her so poorly. After struggling in school and not sharing the same interest that her teachers expected her to have, she went on to join the military and later married another veteran.  CJ shares her journey as she struggles with ADHD, physical ailments, and mental health challenges, she finds herself in the service of others. Her post traumatic growth led her to help others through her writing, the creation of a magazine "The Author's Porch", and now her own podcast. "Somebody out there needs to see you fall, and EVEN MORE they need to see you get back up." CJ Ives Lopez To check out the video of our interview, click here:
January 21, 2022
"I was searching for acceptance where ever I could find it."- Casey Pinnell
Casey Pinnell joins me on the show today to share the story of his journey and how it go him to where he is today. Due to life circumstances, Casey found himself living by himself at 18 years old, searching for acceptance. Then he found it, joining the military at 18 years old. He thrived on the structure and the comradery that it offered, but after a deployment to Iraq, he was back where he started again. However, this time he didn't handle it with grace, turning to more destructive coping mechanisms. "It didn't go well," he describes. With his wife in his corner all along, his journey took a turn when the opportunity to help out with a local baseball team arose. It was then that he found himself again. But more then find himself, he knew "this was it. This is where I belong".  Now Casey is a teacher and a head football coach who gets to inspire kids daily by focusing on "the whole child" first.  How inspiring!  @CaseyPinnell (Twitter) Robinson Maroon Football (Facebook)
January 17, 2022
Another episode with ANOTHER AVERAGE JOE- Joey Brown
Joey Brown joins me today on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about how the military helped shape him into who he is, but it isn't the only part of him. Even prior to entering the military, he was challenged with struggles in life that have made him who he is. After getting out of the military at the start of the global pandemic, Joey started to reflect on how the pandemic COULD HAVE affected his life, but fortunately did not. He then decided he was going to start a blog.  His blog "Another Average Joe" and NEW podcast "Another Average Podcast" focuses on helping others with the transitions many face in the transition from active military to civilian life. He uses what he has learned, and continues to learn, to help him on his mission to connect others and enlighten them with the information and resources for their needs. Super admirable folks! Don't let the blog and podcast titles fool you because Joey is definitely NOT your average Joe. Keep killing it Joey! Website: Instagram: Podcast on Apple: Podcast on Anchor:
January 13, 2022
"I had to make a decision. Will I let this be the moment that breaks me."- Ron Miller
Ron Miller joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Fellow veteran and small business owner, Ron is on a mission to use his skills in digital technology to help others. He didn't just get there easily though, folks. He was faced with a struggling environment growing up that left him feeling like a "lost child" which ended up helping him follow his life's journey and path. As he watched things around him change, he was able to see that compare to where he came from. "I had to make a decision. Will I let this be the moment that breaks me?"  No, didn't break him and IT WON'T! Ron works to apply the skills he has worked hard to learn as he continues to go to college so he never has to look in the mirror and ask himself AGAIN, "DUDE YOU CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS".  Instead, now he can ask himself "dude why are you doing this?"  My answer "Ron, you are doing it for other people. You are doing it for the calling that has been put on your heart." Keep it up battle! I admire you! You are awesome! Facebook: LinkedIN:
January 11, 2022
“Mental health. Let’s just call it what it is so we can get rid of the stigma.”- Michael Hood
Michael Hood, retired Army Veteran, joins us today to share how he continues to dedicate his life to veterans. Ever heard of structural stigma? Here is a perfect example of how it works. After Michael sought out support at the mental health clinic, he was approached and questioned by his staff sergeant. His choice to go seek help sent up red flags, making others question his competence. As covid swept the nation, Michael was left concerned and empathetic for the veterans that no longer had social outlets due to places shutting down. It was then that Michael decided to start a Facebook group called Help the Person Standing in Front of You. With over 30,000 followers now, Michael is working to help other veterans cope, find their purpose, and support one another. Awesome job Michael! Keep up the admirable work battle! ​Help the veteran standing in front of you | Facebook
January 07, 2022
“Healing doesn’t have a magic wand. It is a process.”- Bobbi Jo
Bobbi Jo Smith joins me today to talk more about the healing process. "Healing doesn't have a magic wand. It is a process." Bobbi Jo is the Founder of Bravely Authentic LLC where she is a Trauma Informed Transformational Healer. Bobbi Jo is also a coauthor of "Faces of Mental Illness She talks about working through her struggles of military sexual trauma (MST) and domestic violence and how even with all the resources that were given to her, she didn't know what to do. She felt hopeless and was considering giving up her kids for adoption and "becoming one of the 22".  She talks about how she finally did the "big ask" and got help for the things she was trying to deal with on her own. The Battle Within is an organization that helped to put her on her healing journey.  "Start sharing your story. You don't even know who you will help." Bobbi Jo Smith Bravely Authentic (@bravelyauthenticliving) • Instagram photos and videos Bravely Authentic, LLC | Facebook Bravely Authentic Conversations 🌸 A Group for Healing and Connections | Facebook Faces of Mental Illness: 20 Stories Bringing You Through Your Journey From Stigma to Health: Fernandez-Niedzielski, Claudia, Ruth, Samantha, Butler, Kate: 9781952725203: Books HOME | The Battle Within
January 05, 2022
A little about your host, Jennifer Hobbs.
A little about me!  Check out my best-selling book, Calmed. Growth After Trauma on paperback OR AUDIOBOOK! WOOT WOOT Calmed. by Jennifer Hobbs | Audiobook | Calmed.: Growth After Trauma eBook : Hobbs, Jennifer: Kindle Store Email: Instagram : Website: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn: YouTube: ​Jennifer Hobbs - YouTube
January 04, 2022
"I'm not going to climb that mountain for you, but I will walk ahead of you." Andy Weins
Andy Weins comes on today to speak the truth. It may be a tough pill for some to swallow, but I think it is exactly what some of us need to hear sometime. We chat about how a good leader is not someone pushing you up the hill, but rather someone leading from the front. You have to want it. We chat about how it can be hard to help someone when they just aren't ready for the help. "I can love and support you from a far, but I have a problem too and will not jump in your hole with you. I will not climb that mountain for you." Andy kills it with advice we all need to hear from time to time. This will be an episode I may have to replay to myself yearly (or possibly monthly).  Andy Weins | Facebook
January 03, 2022
"My past is for me and me only." -Annette Whittenberger uses her story and her past to help others.
Fellow Army Veteran, Annette Whittenberger, joins us today to tell us about her journey through life's struggles and how she became the BAD A** that she is now. Annette is the author of "The Wall Between Two Lives", host of the podcast "The Truths We Hide Podcast", and CEO of A Wild Ride Called Life.  Listen to Annette's story on how she talks about those two lives that many of us live. Remember not to judge a book by it's cover, because things are not always as they seem. "My past is for me and me only." -Annette Whittenberger Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter:
December 29, 2021
"Until you deal with your mess, you can't deal with the rest." -Daniel Faust
Daniel Faust joins us today on Celebrate the Struggle to discuss his perseverance through life's struggles. Daniel, now the Director of IT of Legrity Media, tells us how he had to reboot his life after almost going homeless four times. Like some of us, Daniel has had to learn how to deal with his trauma from childhood. As he worked to find himself after his parents' divorce and the loss of his brother, more traumatic memories reared their ugly head into his life as memories of childhood sexual abuse came to the forefront after years of burying them.  Daniel tells a powerful and honest story of how he navigated and dealt with the struggles that life has thrown his way.
December 27, 2021
"That's when I knew I would NEVER be without my power." - Linette Cornell
Linette Cornell joins me today on Celebrate the Struggle to chat about her journey. She discusses her childhood trauma and the struggles that came along the way as she tried to "survive". After compartmentalizing those memories and more trauma that came after, she joined the Marines to seek safety for herself. It wasn't until she brought up all those memories and that trauma and dealt with it, that she finally found her power. Now she works to help other female veterans find their power and take back control of their life.
December 23, 2021
"There is such a disconnect."- Jonathon Herbert speaks about society's lack of understanding about the military lifestyle and transitions involved.
Jonathan Herbert joins us on Celebrate the Struggle today to discuss the hard transition from the military to a civilian life. An army veteran who is now a partner of a financial education company, he is still working to figure out his own mission.  Many of us can really relate to Jonathon as he talks about lacking clarity of the unknown and trying to figure out what his purpose it. These struggles that some of us deal with tend to have a ripple effect into other parts of our lives and those closest to us. 
December 20, 2021
From Addiction to CEO: The Melia Welch Story
After finding comfort in the numbness that heroin provided her, Melia dug herself out of her thirteen-year addiction and forced herself to change. After relocating with just the clothes on her back, Melia built a very successful painting business. She is now the CEO of "You're Covered Painting" and the creator or Peazy Paint Products.  This powerful story of overcoming addiction and beating the odds will show you that perseverance will pay off. You just need to keep the hope even when life wants to take it away from you.  Peazy Paint Products by Melia Welch Arras The Series: The Melia Welch Story
December 17, 2021
"If you just put one foot in front of another, you will come out on the other side”- Matt VanSchoyck
Matt VanSchoyck joins us on Celebrate the Struggle today to tell us about his journey through life's struggles. Years ago Matt was keeping himself numb to the survivor guilt by self-medicating. Because of the self-medicating he can't remember huge chunks of time during those years of his life. One memory that hasn't left his mind, is the day the neighbor girl, now his wife, came up to him to say hi.  As he started the journey to find himself again, he and his wife grew closer through exercising. After reluctantly agreeing to a CrossFit workout one day, he ended the workout lying in his sweat and tears (maybe even some blood), realizing in that moment that cross fit was something he needed.  "CrossFit helped me cross the bridge into a better life."  As one of the Founders and CEOs of Final Call Fitness and Nutrition, Matt and his wife continue to share their passion to help others through their stories, fitness and nutrition. #powercouple IG: @finalcallvincennes @finalcallrobinson @schoyck5
December 15, 2021
Celebrate the Struggle with Mrs. Melissa Klinksiek
From domestic abuse to security detail, Melissa has lived a life some can relate to. Coming from an abusive relationship, she entered the military where things continued to challenge her. Struggling to deal with things, as most of us can relate to, Melissa coped with alcohol. In the darkest places she found herself having suicidal ideations until finally her friend stepped up and said something.  Melissa continues to step into her own and navigate this thing called life while she is pursuing a degree in exercise science. She became master resiliency trainer and an ASIST personnel (someone who is trained to talk to suicidal folks) and became a Suicide prevention advocate with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Melissa's life has given her a purpose and mission to help others. It's beautiful. Keep up the good work Melissa!
December 13, 2021
"I am making my mess my message."- Richard Kaufman
The Comeback Coach, Richard Kaufman, joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to talk about his journey. From a dropout, to a drunken thief and drug addict, Richard discusses how he has "made his mess his message". Throughout his journey, as he picked himself up and joined the military, and went on to become soldier of the year one year, all of that was just the beginning of his life mission. His passion to help others and share their stories to the world through his podcast, Vertical Momentum, Richard continues to serve others so he can leave behind a legacy that others won't forget.  Check out Richard Kauffman on LinkedIn Subscribe to his podcast Vertical Momentum
December 09, 2021
"Focus on being a human being rather than a human doer."- Anina Blankenship
Anina Blankenship joins us on Celebrate the Struggle and speak about her journey from childhood, to enlistment, deployment, and the aftermath from the trauma of a military deployment in 2004 and other life struggles that came along the journey to this point. As a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Professional Coactive Coach, and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Anina has worked toward finding the purpose set forth in her life to help others cope and thrive with a more holistic, whole health approach. 
December 07, 2021
Celebrate the Struggle Trailer
Hey guys! Jennifer Hobbs here to tell you a bit about Celebrate the Struggle and what to expect. I can assure you this, we are going to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Time to put all stigmas aside and talk about what is real, honest, and be vulnerable to speak about the struggles life has thrown our way. 
November 22, 2021