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The Natural Magics Hour

The Natural Magics Hour

By Jennifer Joseph
A podcast on how to utilize magical systems like Tarot + Astrology along with what we are currently learning about Psychology + Neuroscience to traverse the Earth plane towards meaningful + impactful lives.
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On Believing in Yourself

The Natural Magics Hour

On Time + Attention, and How We Spend It
Time and Attention are the two true Spiritual Currencies that we each possess. And while we have some hard limits, within those limits is a LOT of room to maximize potentials. In this episode we explore some daily habits to consider to get the most out of your time and how we actually are PAYING for our experiences with how we spend our energetic budget each day.
October 11, 2019
On Confidence, and How to Get It.
In this episode, Virgo listener Alex asks about how to integrate confidence into their own life...especially when they seem to have no problem encouraging EVERYONE AROUND them to feel confident! We talk about how confidence is tied to belief and the key to waking up the dimension of you that KNOWS who tf they are. 
September 18, 2019
On INTUITION, or Fear?
In this episode we dive into the listener question: How do I tell if what I'm feeling or experiencing is DISCERNMENT/INTUITION or if I'm serving an OLD PATTERN of FEAR. This is something I think we all wrestle with at one point (or several) on our journey, and we pulled a lot of good information out of the ether in terms of how to weigh this question within ourselves to discover the answer for ourselves. May this encourage you on your quests towards the more aligned life. Much Love yall. Jen
August 22, 2019
On Believing in Yourself
 In this episode I address the question of how to believe in yourself enough to take action that actually STICKS! 
August 14, 2019
On Feeling Unfulfilled + What to Do About It
WEDNESDAY August 14th, 2019: In this episode, we discuss the current placements of the personal planets, all of which are in Leo save the Moon in Aquarius! What does this interplay mean, through the lens of this Mercury ruled day? Listen to the first segment to find out. Next, we discuss a powerful ASK THE ORACLE question + pull a really potent card for helping us reconnect to our SOUL'S URGE when we find ourselves in a less than fulfilling place in life. 
August 14, 2019