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Just Jenni

Just Jenni

Talk about all things middle aged women Deal with empty nest, new and different medical test, not as beautiful as you used to be, being divorced being married looking for someone to love the ever-changing you the middle-age beautiful woman
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Hello again
Welcome to a new year for my podcast starting a few months early updating you in my life my kids my marriage and me
October 5, 2020
Living life on life‘s terms, A world in turmoil can still be a world where we thrive
This episode is about the end of the summer the end of my marriage,Thoughts about a second marriage and being proud of who you are always even in an empty nest
September 16, 2020
Talking about my theme song one of many. Making the most of what we have today
Empty nest my last child getting an apartment. Covid fears about school reopening‘s. Moving on after letting go
August 15, 2020
Just thinking about stuff that matters
Just Jenni Talking about midlife marriage excepting a divorce excepting life on life’s terms and sometimes how hard that is
August 10, 2020
Thoughts about love and marriage and middle age and your final child leaving the nest
Taking time out to talk about an uncomfortable topic my 15-year-old divorced and my upcoming marriage life on the other side of 50
August 9, 2020
A few extra thoughts
Progress not perfection
August 1, 2020
Freestyle talk about what was on my mind today
Just me Jenni. Talking freestyle about what was on my mind today no particular topic just some thoughts I’ve been having thank you for listening
August 1, 2020
A time to coast and remember the ride still living with joy one day at a time
Take some time for you an hour a day to do some thing that makes you relaxed happy and free
July 8, 2020
Emptiness days during Covid
Looking at life with an empty nest and Covid virus
July 8, 2020
Talking about how me an empty nest mother how I spend my days in this time of unrest and virus
Just a short Chat about how I spend my days as an empty nest mother alone at home day after day and how I make those days good
June 30, 2020
Covid and we filled a nest
Some of the thoughts and feelings I have about the coronavirus the lock down in the situation in the United States today
June 26, 2020
Stay well in every way during times of trouble
A short review of how I spent my time in self isolation and some of the unhealthy things that started to happen
May 21, 2020
Happy socially distant Mother’s Day
Just some of my thoughts on how celebrating occasions like Mother’s Day have changed due to the new normal of covid
May 10, 2020
Corona fatigue
A short episode about feeling down during the quarantine
May 1, 2020
Living the lonely but loving new normal
A quick talk on how I am handling this now long self isolation
April 23, 2020
Healing through poetry COVID-19
Taking a moment to reflect on our lives and how they have been impacted by the virus and hope for when the time comes to go back to life as usual or a new usual
April 15, 2020
6.2 we continue to self I isolate throughout this holy season of Easter and Passover
Just a short talk about how I feel about not celebrating these great holidays with my family and friends
April 11, 2020
The empty nest is full again
Talking about how many emptiness I feel back up with students and young adults working and learning from home alongside their parents and also ways to deal with stress during this horrific pandemic
April 4, 2020
Class of 2020 we love you
I talk about our graduating classes this year and the rights of passage they will miss remembering they will go down in history and they are also our future
April 4, 2020
God bless the class of 2020
I should talk about the class of 2020 and all the rights of passage they will most likely miss but this class will go down in history and also is our future
March 29, 2020
10 thingsYou will always have
Thanking about all the loss we are all `Experiencing I came up with a list of 10 things we can always have and be grateful for
March 23, 2020
Coping with meditation and exercise
Just me talking about how I am handling these crazy times and trying to adjust to a new normal also wishing you all safety and health
March 22, 2020
Living in a new reality
Talking a bit about how I’m coping with the coronavirus and wondering how all of you are doing
March 19, 2020
Dance through the changes of life
Things change drastically this week in the future I thought it was looking at everything has changed I will dance through the changes and make my life what it needs to be fulfilling
March 13, 2020
Setting up my desk in Sarah’s room and some other thoughts
Updating on My project and also some other thoughts
March 10, 2020
My desk in Sarah’s room
The time is now fill the gaps in your nest with exciting and meaningful things and your life will be more for filling and more meaningful
March 4, 2020
My storm that eventually brought peace to my life
In this episode I tell you a bit about the bad times right before and after my divorce but I also tell you about coming out on the other side and how great it can be
February 26, 2020
A little more about my Alcohol and marriage
Quitting drinking was the best thing I ever did. I tell you my "story" in this episode. I will tell what happend, how I and why I quit, and how I am now. I will add more information about staying sober when "the storm" hit my life, and I how I remained sober for 19 years despite the very hard time in the next episode.
February 16, 2020
How is my podcast doing looking at what I’ve done so far
Reviewing what we’ve talked about in this podcast and talking about improvement
February 12, 2020
My life right after the divorce. It wasn’t easy but I’m on the other side.
In this episode I just talk a bit about what it was like right after I was divorced the depression I had. I also talked about what it’s like to be dating in your late 40s dating apps and just living every day as a blessing that it is
February 9, 2020
Vanity adult children it’s your time now make the most of it
Just a short podcast to check in and say hello talk a bit more about vanity and how I am guilty of it. And how I am also guilty of sucks sometimes feeling sad That my mommy days are over
February 6, 2020
What is vanity and And I’m guilty of it
In this episode I talk about how it feels to get a hold are getting final lines that turn into deep lines that someday will be wrinkles and how I handle this in my life
February 3, 2020
Living younger longer
This episode is about some of the things you can add to your life to keep you feeling healthy and feeling young so that you age better
January 30, 2020
Creating a life have The nest is empty
A short talk about the fact that my three daughters have grown up and my nest is empty and my hopes for the future for both of them and myself
January 28, 2020
Looking a little closer at my alcoholism and how recovery changed my life
Looking at the things that led me to realize I truly am an alcoholic a bit of my journey to sobriety and my gratitude for my sobriety
January 18, 2020
Starting your morning and day off with purpose even if you’re purpose has changed
A short talk about how I try to start my morning in a mindful manner.
January 16, 2020
Learning to be mindful, when your midway through life........ It's like a gift of time
Mindfulness is trending big with Millennials, and pushing it's way into all of our lives. It is a good way, but different then how I lived so far.  I am working on it, there is a large turning curve. I believe it worth working on,
January 11, 2020
Being mindful when you quit drinking or drugging check with your doctor first
This was a short episode about to add onto yesterday’s episode about me quitting drinking. If you are an alcoholic and you quit drinking you must check with your doctor first if you have a physical addiction it can be very dangerous to quit on your own seek medical help
January 8, 2020
Do the next right thing
This episode I discussed the fact that I am an alcoholic I realized it fairly young and life and got sober and how it affected some parts of my life always remembering that I did lose some things when I gave up drinking but I gained so much more and always remembering the way to get on with life is to do the next right thing
January 7, 2020
Quitting drinking part of my alcoholism story
In this episode I talk about the time in my life when I decided to quit drinking alcohol and became a part of alcoholics anonymous I did lose some things in my life when I stop drinking but I also gained so much more do the next right thing
January 7, 2020
Just Cheer
Cheer Cheerleader divorce Single mom driving kids kids activitiesMaking the most
January 5, 2020
Telling you a little bit about who I am and the things I care about. Hoping to find out more about who you are and the things you care about this is my first show it’s short
January 4, 2020