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Meditative Mondays with Cantor Jen Rolnick

Meditative Mondays with Cantor Jen Rolnick

By Jennifer Rolnick
I'm Jen Rolnick, cantor of Beth Israel Congregation (Owings Mills, MD). Welcome to the Meditative Mondays podcast, an opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate through guided meditation and chant.
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Meditation Jan 28
Meditation Jan 28
February 07, 2022
Episode 18: Toldot - A Tale of Two Brothers
This week, we read about the tale of two brothers, Jacob and Esau.  Esau is the physical, strong hunter while Jacob is the mild mannered, gentler son.  The two brothers fight even in the womb over who will be the stronger brother. The struggle between these brothers in many ways mirrors the internal emotional struggles we often face.  In today's meditation, I encourage you to explore different parts of your personality, to feel the tension between them and to work towards reconciliation. 
November 15, 2021
Episode 19: Vayishlach - Facing Challenges
In this week's Torah reading, Vayishlach, we are reminded that sometimes in life, we face struggles.  Jacob has a physical struggle with an angel and from out of this exchange he is given the name Israel, one who struggles with God.  Jacob is also struggling emotionally with how to repair his damaged relationship with his brother, Esau.  The two had not spoken since Jacob’s deception in tricking their father and stealing his brothers blessing.  Jacob is afraid to approach his brother, but he is able to face that fear and the two reconcile.  Jacob’s physical struggle with the angel is perhaps a metaphor, an outward representation of the emotional struggle going on inside.  This physical, tangible image of complicated emotion can be helpful to us in sorting out our emotions and facing our challenges.  Today I would like to invite you to go on a journey with me, one where we visualize facing a difficult situation and how we can out of challenges healthier and stronger.
November 15, 2021
Episode 11: Leadership and Role Models
The theme of this week's meditation is on finding role models and accessing our capacity for leadership. 
November 15, 2021
Episode 17: New Moon Meditation
Each month we celebrate the arrival of the new moon and a new Jewish month.  In today's meditation we explore the theme of the new moon and the blessings it can bring to us at the beginning of each new month. 
October 25, 2021
Episode 16: In the Beginning - Light and Darkness
Each year, we begin reading the Torah anew from the very beginning.   Many of us are familiar with the creation narrative that appears at the beginning of the Torah.  In the beginning God created light and darkness, which is how it is commonly explained.  But if we look closely at the Torah, we see that, like many things in our world, there is a little more nuance to the story.  According to the Torah, in the beginning there was chaos, long before God came into the story.  God did not do away with the darkness, but instead found some light within the dark and separated the two so that we could distinguish between darkness and light.  There will always be things in the world that we cannot understand or explain.  To us, they appear to be chaos.  This meditation will focus not on eliminating darkness and disorder from life, but rather on finding the light within.
October 04, 2021
Episode 15: Inner Sanctuary
Many of us will find ourselves attending services virtually from home this year in response to the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.  This meditation will help us to build an image of our holy space, our personal mikdash.  Wherever we may find ourselves physically this year, this meditation will give us the tools needed to make any space a holy space for prayer.
August 30, 2021
Episode 14: Forgiveness
At the start of each new year, we do the deep spiritual work of forgiveness, forgiving others for harm they have done to us, seeking forgiveness from others for harms we have done to them and seeking forgiveness from ourselves for self inflicted wounds.  In this meditation, we visualize those we have wronged, those who have wronged us and finally ourselves - seeking and granting forgiveness from each person. 
August 30, 2021
Episode 12: Ki Teitzei - Cultivating Joy for Ourselves and For Others
In this week's Torah reading we encounter several scenarios that initially appear unconnected - the soldier at war, the beautiful captive, and stubborn and rebellious son.  We later see that rather than being unconnected, these incidents bring to light societal issues that connect us.  One family's struggles are society's struggles just as we can share personal joy with others.  This meditation encourages us to cultivate joy, not just for ourselves, but to share it even with people who challenge us. 
August 30, 2021
Episode 13: Ekev Life Web Meditation
In parashat Ekev, we are reminded that we are all connected to the web of life. Today we will explore what it means to be connected to each other, and to the world around us. 
August 09, 2021
Episode 10 Hidden Blessings
This week we explore how our perception affects the blessings that come to us each day.
June 24, 2021
Episode 9: The Healing Power of Water
In this episode, we explore the healing power of water to relieve tension, to cleanse and renew. 
June 14, 2021
Episode 8 Birkat Cohanim: from the oldest blessing to today
One of the oldest blessings of the Jewish tradition is that of Birkat Cohanim (the Priestly Blessing).  Based on modern archeological evidence, we can trace the ancient words back to at least the 7th century BCE.  In the ancient world, God's blessings passed through the hands of the priest to the people of Israel.  Today's session is a guided meditation to allow us to acknowledge and receive blessings as we move through our daily lives. 
May 24, 2021
Episode 7: Suitcase meditation
In honor of the new Jewish month of Adar, today's meditation will focus on leaving behind regrets of the past and filling our suitcases with hopes for the new month ahead. 
February 15, 2021
Episode 6: Meditation on Emotional Balance
Today we explore emotional balance through guided meditation
February 08, 2021
Episode 5: Light Meditation
In this episode, we will explore the warmth and healing power of light. 
February 01, 2021
Episode 4: Tree Meditation for Tu B'shvat
Tree Meditation for Tu B'shvat 
January 27, 2021
Episode 3: Jewish connections to the natural world
In this episode, we explore the ways in which our Jewish heritage remind us of our connection to and dependence on the natural world.   Our meditation includes guided visualization of scenes in nature intended to remind us of our connection to the natural world around us. 
January 18, 2021
Episode 2: New Month Meditation
This episode will focus entering the new Jewish month with less anxiety and worry through breathing and visualization techniques.
January 11, 2021
Episode 1 : Joy
Join me in a meditation on cultivating joy in our daily lives
January 08, 2021