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The Jennifer Ruscin Podcast

The Jennifer Ruscin Podcast

By Jennifer Ruscin
Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin is a business + relationship + sex manifestation coach. She is passionate about helping others create the personal and professional life of their dreams. Welcome to conversations about life, love and business. Common themes include open relationships and polyamory, online dating and Tinder, and manifestation.
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#51: Your Inner Child Leads to Healing

The Jennifer Ruscin Podcast

#56: Sexcapades with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez
Y'all asked for more of Tony and Cristina so here you go! An episode all about their + my Sexcapades. Topics covered: Fantasies Come True Weirdest Situations Newbie Mistakes Kinkiest Story First Sex Party Most Grateful For Our Wish Lists Tony & Cris has the top #1 and #2 episodes on my podcast so when you're done listening to this one, check out: #42: Open Relationships 101 #48: Open Relationships Part II Follow Tony & Cris & me on Instagram: @yogafit.tony @wildflower.adventures @nomads.adventure @jenniferkayloruscinpodcast @jenniferkayloruscin
September 29, 2022
#55: Swinging 101 with Jo Leavitt
Today on the podcast I have Jo Leavitt, podcast host of The Confident Swinger, she is a coach leading others into the Lifestyle.  Eternally optimistic, Jo is a wife and mom and loves leading others into the world of swinging. We cover: 0:55 - 1:50 Jo’s Dive into Swinging 6:10 - 7:16 Sex With New Partners = Mega Self Esteem Boost 11:30 - 12:25 What is Swinging? 13:12 - 14:06 The Reason People Get into Swinging 18:28 - 19:42  Relationshipping is always going to be hard. You choose your definition of  “hardness”. 21:41 - 24:45 How Do I Become a Swinger? 24:46 - 25:01 Being in an Open Relationship = Next Level Communication 25:50 - 26:27 We Don't Own Our Partners Website: Podcast: C4P: Book: Unf#ck Your Intimacy
September 26, 2022
#54: Perspectives on Life from my 97yo Grandmother Therese Grossman
Perspectives on Life from my 97yo Grandmother Therese Grossman: Part I I’ve been interviewing my 97yo grandmother over the past several years each time I visit her in Savannah. Therese Grossman was born May 6th, 2025 in Savannah, GA. Recently she has started having dementia, which is normal in someone her age. The brain starts to fade as the body begins to make it sway towards the end of living in this lifetime. I just got back from visiting her, and wanted to share some of the wisdom that I’ve gathered. There is something magical about sitting across from someone that has been through: Women being allowed to vote Stalin gaining a leadership role in the Soviet Union The Great Depression Seeing a black ma hanging from a tree when walking home from Kindergarten World War II Hitler creating the Nazi Party The first McDonald’s Pearl Harbor D-Day Korean War First hydrogen bomb DNA 🧬 awareness was born End of racial segregation Castro takeover of Cuba JKF assassination MLK assassination First Moon landing Roe vs. Wade abortion made legal Personal Computer Aids The internet Cloning Google ISS War in Iraque Hurricane Katrina 9-11 War in Afghanistan Outliving 3 husbands and 1 daughter The iPhone First black President First woman Vice President Nasa flies by Pluto The first thing she wanted to share was how to live to 97. 3 Ways to Stay Young: Attitude & belief system Eat healthy Exercise She then shares with us what her exercise and movement program looks like weekly: 1. Exercise Class that she leads (she's the oldest one there!) 2. Zumba class on a DVD 3. Qigong in the park 4. Exercise bike She’s outlived 3 husbands, several lovers, and a daughter. Lots and lots of friends. She only recently retired her sex life. She told me at 90 that she was complete in that department. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a very long life filled with love, and happiness, pleasure, lots of sex, and creating some amazing memories. I want to learn, and laugh and love so hard that at 90 I can say “ok, I am complete”. XO, Jen
September 17, 2022
#53: BDSM 101 From Submissive Cashelle Kali
Today is all about introducing the topic of BDSM, specifically D/s (Dominance and Submission) to my audience. What is a submissive? Why would someone want to be in a D/s relationship? Pros and Cons. 1:46 - 1:43 Cashelle’s Journey Into BDSM 5:53 - 6:50 Jen’s “Because” of Wanting to be Dominated 8:11 - 8:46 Submission is a Feeling of Release
September 14, 2022
#52: Why Are We Here? with Claudia Marrero
Claudia Marrero went from agnostic to seeing auras.  She joins us on today's podcast where we dive into Why Are We Here? Claudia is a super left-brained BioMedical Electrical Engineer turned health and life coach, channeler, Course in Miracles instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher bringing science and spirituality together. Some of my favorite clips: 1:43 - 2:24 From Agnostic to Auras 7:37 - 8:29 Why Are We Here 10:04 - 10:56 We are Love and be Creators 24:31 - 25:31 I Wanna Be the “Bad Guy” Get a free discovery call & a reading for listening to the podcast! TEXT "Life is Now" to 954-520-0501 Website: Instagram: @ruseeingoz Linkedin: Facebook:
September 09, 2022
#51: Your Inner Child Leads to Healing
Taylar Townzen has been on the podcast before with top episode Sit Down Into It, and today we are discussing how acknowledging our inner child can bring tremendous healing.   We have some hilarious conversations about watching How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix, Taylar's "God Portal", how she remembers dropping into this lifetime at 3 years old, and how she now takes clients to meet their inner child inside her facial sessions.   0:31 - 1:35 I Really Like to Pee on People   2:40 - 3:06 My God Portal   4:26 - 5:17 I’m not Available Right Now   9:10 - 9:44 Where am I not Taking Care of Myself   10:15 - 11:30 Taylar’s Walk In Experience   21:48 - 22:45 How it all ties together   24:49 -  25:41 Seeing in layers    30:11 - 30:58 Toy Shop    31:54 - 32:42 Inner child channeling
August 27, 2022
#50: Creating Life Alchemy with Marcela McBride
Your dreams were meant to be fulfilled. On this podcast Marcela McBride and I chat about what it means to own who you are, embrace who your heart truly desires to be, and how to birth a program or company that will reach people specifically waiting for Y-O-U! Marcela is a spiritual guide, mentor, and founder of the Mystic Priestess Path. She has a great passion for supporting women who sense they are on the planet for something important, to fully embodying their "woo" side, to create an extraordinary life and be of service with their passion and gifts. Check out her programs, groups and retreats below. - Join us at her Fall Equinox Retreat > - Check out her 9 Month Priestess Program > - And join us in the Temple on Facebook >
August 20, 2022
#49: 50% of the World Is Living in an Open Relationship, And They Don't Even Know it! With Jessica Esfandiary
Today on the podcast I have Jessica Esfandiary, podcast host of Open Late, she also leads, retreats, sound bowl meditations and events, and she has a mentorship program called “Awaken your Inner Healer”. Jessica lives in LA with her husband and her partner Lauren. Today we discuss her Polyamorous relationship, and why she believes over half of the world is already living in an open relationship. She gives practical advice on how to talk to your partner about opening, and the various ways that could look. Links: @openlatethepodcast Jessica's Podcast @jenniferkayloruscin Jennifer's Podcast Jessica's What's App Thread
July 28, 2022
#48: Open Relationships Part II with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez
My Open Relationships 101 is my most listened to podcast so I've brought Tony & Cris back for Part II! Today's conversation is focused on how to have that difficult conversation with your partner about opening up + tactical ways to start the opening up process. Other fun topics: Don’t add another human to fix the relationship What's / Who's meant for you will always come back Stop "Sitting in Stuck" The 4 steps to alignment with your partner before opening your relationship "Rules" Easy partnerships Plus a fun Q&A lightning round at the end Resources / References: Blueprints Podcast (created by Jaiya & Ian from Jaiya Inc.) Tinder Podcast with my partner Scott STI / STD Testing Frequency Podcast Follow us!: @wildflower.adventures @yogafit.tony @jenniferkayloruscin This podcast was recorded with live video - watch on Spotify!
July 22, 2022
#47: Using Sexual Blueprints in the Bedroom 🔥
Today I'm sharing with you how I show up full both inside and outside of the bedroom.  The world needs us to show up. There are humans out there desperate to hear your message. It might just be the one that saves them. Stop hiding your light. Instead, be a beacon. A lighthouse. And in bed, it's safe to fully be you. Join me in this heartfelt episode of raw vulnerability as I discuss how I'm bravely showing up and choosing to "be" in this lifetime. NOTE: I share some explicit and detailed information about my s*x life in the second half of this episode as I go into each of the Blueprints. Grab your headphones for this episode - it's not for children.
July 17, 2022
#46: Creating Boundaries While Online Dating
Creating boundaries while online dating is an important step in having the best experience for you. How can you ensure you get your needs met?  That your partner is STD-free?  That you’ll be physically safe? It’s all about creating healthy boundaries that align with you.  Today I’m covering creating boundaries in:  - Your profile - Online dating platform DM’s  - Meetups  - Sex  - STD Testing  - Introducing kids  - Open relationships Have questions you’d like me to answer?  Message me!
June 12, 2022
#45: Tinder: Training Human Disposability with Scott Fisher
Today I'm joined with my boyfriend & main squeeze Scott, and we dive into an interesting conversation about how Tinder trains us to think about other humans as disposable.  This was actually our conversation that we had on our first date. Right? WOW! (and we met on Tinder). Scott describes why he swiped right on me. How Tinder helped me realize I'm REALLY into men with facial hair 👨. This is a really fun episode and I really hope you get some value from it! XO, Jen
May 30, 2022
#44: We Can Do Hard Things with Su Guillory
Intuitive Business Coach and Content Magic Maker Su Guillory talks with us today about living life with the mantra of "I can do hard things". She moves to Italy in just a few months, and dream coming true that she's been working toward for years. I pop in and talk about living intentionally through the hard things in life like divorce, and how to live consciously through the hard things that come our way. This is a super motivational episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Find Su Guillory here:
May 06, 2022
#43: 2022 Amazon Prime Day Prep 2022
This is a recording I did for MerchantWords last year in preparation for Prime Days. 3 Growth Spurt Client Best Practices: 1.  Snag Prime Day Deals - remember this is the perfect time to capture new customers July 8, 2022: Prime Exclusive Discounts must be submitted Prime Exclusive discounts - Do not cost but only reach Prime members unlike coupons who reach everyone. Will be displayed on a deals page within Amazon for shoppers on Prime days. See guidelines below in order to participate. These will be your best bet to capture new to brand prime shoppers. Guidelines: Item needs to be nationally Prime shipping eligible product. The Prime Exclusive Discount must meet all regular eligibility criteria. Product must have at least 3-star rating or no rating. The discount must be at least 10% off the non-prime member non-promotional price. The discount must be at most 80% off the non-prime member non-promotional price. 2. Offer deep coupon discounts - remember this is the perfect time to capture new customers! June 10, 2022: Amazon Coupons must be submitted Coupons are highlighted and visible to shoppers inside of AMZ, even without clicking on your product page and also impact the buy box. These will be your best bet for Prime Day sales. Coupons work by clips and redemptions. You get charged .60 per clip whether the shopper uses the coupon or not. You can add up to 50 items and take a percent off or a dollar amount off (this amount can't be less than 5% or over 80% of your lowest price on the item). Then you set a budget for your coupons (Your budget will be shared among the following 2 costs: USD equivalent of the discount you are offering and your redemption fee of .60 cents). The coupon will automatically shut off once 80% of the budget is utilized. 3. Send a Prime Day email blast to your external email list, driving them back to Amazon. We saw between a 2X - 12X increase in daily sales over each Prime Day for clients that used the above strategies. Prime day is Amazon's Christmas and shoppers like big discounts. There are additional ways (other than above) you can play, listed below. *PROMOs don't work unless you Market like crazy outside of Amazon. Not all promos impact your buy box. We had a client send out 10,000 emails and didn't receive one redemption on his promo that ran for 30 days. *Bundling doesn't seem to be effective because the AMZ shopper buys 1 item at a time, so the value add of a % off for multiple items in one purchase doesn't seem to translate in this online space the same way it would in say a Bath & Body works. *Lightning Deals - Amazon will offer these and showcase you on their deals page - You pay $150-$500 per deal and they last for a certain amount of time, normally an hour or so. We have never had a good return on these. FBA inventory cut-off is June 20th, 2022 (Inventory should arrive at Amazon FBA centers by this date)
May 06, 2022
#42: Open Relationships 101 with Tony Hatch and Cristina Lopez
*UPDATE: We have recorded an "Open Relationships Part II", so head over there once you're done with this episode! Since the beginning of human life, there have been all kinds of different types of relationships. There were tribes where women ruled. And others where many men "contributed" their seed during procreation to ensure the strength and virility of the babies. We lived in community.  Today's world is dominated by a patriarchal society where we view partnership as property and ownership and lifelong obligation. Today I'm interviewing my closest friends Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez, an engaged couple in a 9 year polyamorous partnership. We discuss the different types of open relationship, the negatives and positives of being "in the lifestyle", and our unique experiences dating multiple people at one time. 🎙 NOTE: This podcast is NOT kid-friendly so grab those AirPods! Resources: Sex at Dawn Book Polysecure Book Websites: - An Online Community for Swingers Follow us!: @wildflower.adventures @yogafit.tony @jenniferkayloruscin
April 24, 2022
#41: Sit Down Into It with Taylar Jackson
H E L L O podcast rebrand! I felt limited by the name Bricks & Clicks in that I could only talk about retail and sales. Especially when I want to talk about everything BUT that stuff here on the podcast. We are SO much more than our work or industry or title. So Welcome to the Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin podcast. Where I get to talk about whatever and bring whomever I want onto this show! Today I'm talking with Taylar Jackson, my amazing esthetician.  Why? Because she is f*ing magical and has helped me move through soooo much (just listen to today's intro!!). Some highlights from our convo: > We must sit with our feelings to move into the next phase in our lives. > This is how we feel cleansed and refreshed moving forward. > Sometimes the “juicy” allows us to be open and feel supported. (Have the s*x) > We don’t get to force our partners to be what we want them to be. > There are cycles for everything… and it takes two people that are willing to put in the work and have the difficult conversations in order to make it work. More about Taylar's skin subscription: 
April 04, 2022
#40: Into the Statusphere - Influencer Marketing with Kristen Wiley
Today I’m interviewing Kristen Wiley, the Founder and CEO of Orlando-based tech-startup, Statusphere, a multi-million dollar consumer-to-consumer marketing platform that helps digital audiences discover brands they love from people they trust. Today’s topic is influencer marketing, and we’re going to be learning about: Harnessing what Kristen calls the “power-middle influencers" Kristen’s in-house influencer group (& why that’s better than using an influencer agency group) The future of Social Media (hello Metaverse!). Kristen’s Links: Newsletter: Blog: Website: How to get 30 influencers posting in 30 days:
December 20, 2021
#39: 2021 Holiday Shopping Changes
AMZ Deals have already started. Goodby Layaway, Hello Affirm financing! WMT is doing away with Layaway. Be prepared to find a place to hide those Holiday gifts. Shop early Think experiences, and out of the box. As a brand, assuming you have inventory, this is your time to shine! Also, get scrappy! Think out of the box: Facebook and IG DM Selling (think like a boutique) Social Media Advertising Spruce up your website - add add an email capture form, create a holiday freebie (5 ways to stay sane with family in town, or 3 Thanksgiving Day breakfast staples) to capture higher than normal traffic. Add subscription options Add giftable options (gift pack, gift wrapping) Think about your shopper experience long-term and build a strategy around it (this is called a funnel) Show up with a deal - just like everyone else! But stay profitable Get help with your Marketing!
November 12, 2021
#38: How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products with Tomer David from Sourcing Monster
Today I’m talking with Tomer David from Sourcing Monster,about How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products But first, let me properly introduce him! Tomer is the owner of 2 Amazon FBA brands and holds 14 years of e-commerce experience. His online passion started when he began programming at age 12.  By age 14, he opened his 1st online business, which was a hosting company. At 16, Tomer left school to pursue his dreams full time by working at a startup company in e-commerce & marketing. In addition to Tomer’s success on Amazon, he also teaches other AMZ sellers how to succeed through his website and Youtube channel Sourcing Monster, where he share videos about sourcing products from China and running successful online businesses. I’m really interested in today’s topic of How to Send Traffic from Google Ads to Your Amazon Products, and lots of clients have been asking for my expertise on this subject. But my team really focuses on marketing ON AMZ, not off, so let’s dig in! ****** Tomer's Links: Helium 10, 50% OFF  ► This will give you 10% for life or 50% the first month And if you're interested in shipping sea/air from China to the USA or Europe check this: Reliable Freight Forwarder ►
November 02, 2021
#37: Whole Health Tips with Trainer Tony Hatch
One day I realized that I kept thinking to myself that my dryer must be shrinking my clothes. I noticed that each time I put on clothes they seemed to fit tighter and tighter. But surely that’s the only explanation, right? Just last week my husband was yammering on about how our scale must be broken. (There was lots of eye rolling on my part!) These are the excuses we tell ourselves. You have permission to take care of yourself today. Start small, then build upon each self care act that you incorporate so that it becomes a habit. Grab some health and mindset tips over on our podcast today! PS: The freebies at the end of this video have expired. Find Tony at:
September 20, 2021
#36: How to Get FREE Reviews on Amazon
NOTE: This program is no longer free as of 2022. If you're a current Amazon Seller Central seller, stop what you're doing and sign up for Vine immediately! In the past, Vine cost Vendor Central sellers up to $7,500 per review (insane, right?), but now this program is available to Seller Central sellers for FREE, now that the Early Reviewer program is gone. You may receive up to 30 free reviews, for an exchange of a free product. This is 25 additional reviews than the ERP (Early Review Program)! To sign up, log into Seller Central > Advertising > Vine. Learn more >
August 26, 2021
#35: Coming Home With Amber Glover
Amber Glover is a Brand Promoter of the Thrive Experience. Amber leads a team of over 500 promoters and over 10,000 customers. Amber has designed the life of her dreams. Being CEO of her own life has given her the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, to be a business owner and the opportunity to spend months at a time at the family's favorite beach spot! Amber earned her luxury car bonus in her first 30 days of being in the business. Now she has 31 team members that are also luxury car bonus earners! Amber’s team makes 2 million dollars a year in sales volume. They get together quarterly in places like Cabo, Puerta Vallarta and Cancun to celebrate their success.
August 08, 2021
#34: Building Beautiful Websites with Courtney Michelle
Today I’m talking with my website designer, Courtney Michelle, a Kajabi designer and funnel strategist for female creatives. I met Courtney in a Facebook Group for course creators, and was so excited when she talked about her ability to migrate entire Wordpress websites over to Kajabi. This was the exact service that I needed. After years of spending over $10,000 on my website, hiring custom code gurus, and hiring a social media manager, I was done giving my power over to others. I had a SUPER expensive website that I had no idea how to operate. I couldn’t fix a basic line of code, or do a Wordpress update to save my life.  Courtney, you’re my hero, and I’m so excited that you’re here today to chat with me all things websites, Kajabi, and more! Find Courtney > Use Code JULYLAUNCH at checkout for 20% off your Kajabi website template design!
July 18, 2021
#33: The 3 Quickest ways to Increase Business Visibility with Annelise Worn
Today I’m with Annalise Worn, who helps impact driven entrepreneurs master their own lead generation, so they can attract all the clients they need to grow their businesses, simply. Here are my notes from our conversation: #1: The buyer journey - Provide value. Example - snack company > We get it, packing school lunches is hard! Here's an easy recipe for 5 days of easy lunches! Retargeting - anyone that clicks on the recipe, retarget them with your offer. This also allows for easier ad costs because you're leading with the value first, warming them up! #2: PR- pay attention to trends What's trending. What are people talking about. See if your product might fit into and angle in to the story Have a team member be on the lookout for these opportunities (maybe hire a VA!) Check out Start developing relationships! #3: Build collaborations With journalists Influencers Complimentary brands As we build and grow, it's important to audit what's working. Links Instagram:
July 18, 2021
#32: How to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Days [June 21 - 22, 2021]
Amazon just announced Prime Days are back for 2021, and the timeframe is June 21 - 22, 2021. In 2020 small businesses made over $3.5 billion on Prime Days - and this means that if you're not playing in this massive event, you're missing out. Here are 5 ways to get ready for Prime Days 2020: Get your listings spruced up NOW Start advertising now to get customer tracking data (for retargeting later!) Offer Prime Day Deals this year Warm up your audience off Amazon before Prime Days Retarget on AMZ after the big event Links Referenced in this Podcast: Prime Days 2020 Podcast > Teikametrics > MerchantWords > NOTE: This podcast was recorded in the Spring, months before it was published, so the beginning of this podcast is a bit wonky in references to dates for Prime Day. We now know it takes place June 21-22, 2021.
June 14, 2021
#31: The Energy of $20K months: what it takes for creating multiple 5 figure months with ease with Danielle Addison
Welcome back to Bricks & Clicks! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Multi Six Figure Mentor and Coach at Danielle Addison The Magnetic Business Coach. I’ve been watching Danielle for years. I’m that fan girl that likes EVERY post, and feels a connection to every piece of content she puts out on social media. Today we’re going to talking about: The Energy of $20K months: what it takes for creating multiple 5 figure months with ease. Danielle has been an entrepreneur for 17 year. Multiple businesses, all 6 figure. One of the things she learned along the way is operating with Feminine energy, operating her business with flow. 2 different ways to grow a business: “Hustle” Masculine energy. I didn’t believe that winning was trading time for money. Q: What if I could do this with ease? “Allow yourself the belief that it can be easy (to make money).” “The less I work, the more I can receive” “Allow your natural talents to lead you.” “Invest freely and invest in yourself. Invest in your vibration.” “Independence comes from trauma. It comes from not feeling supported. That money won’t show up for you. If you live your life with that mentality, you’ll never have it.” Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t have to be your future.  Allow yourself to believe you’re always supported.  How to Get into the Feelings of Joy: Take the first step and say yes to something you normally wouldn’t say yes to. Track your miracles and tell others- it will create MORE miracles! Show up and watch the Universe show up for you. Make time for magic. Your calendar is your magic wand. Connect with Danielle! Instagram: Facebook: Website:
June 10, 2021
#30: Last Call for Walmart’s Open Call
On today’s episode, I talk about what the Open Call event is and the important details to pitch a product. Products need to be made in the USA, but not all of the components need to be from the United States. An example would be coffee, which isn’t grown in the U.S.
April 29, 2021
#29: How The Content Pros Use SEO And Content To Sell with Susan Guillory
All companies rely on content to get their message to the world. It comes in many shapes in forms: blogs, emails, Instagram, Twitter, web pages. But, what exactly is content, SEO and how do you make yours better?
April 15, 2021
#28: Quick Tips on Email Marketing
Email marketing continues to be one of the best channels for ROI, with each $1 spent generating $38 in revenue. It can be a great tool to reach a variety of goals, so why not just dive in and get campaigns rolling! Bricks and Clicks host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin offered some hot tips on how to create effective campaigns.
April 02, 2021
#27: How to Sell a Product Concept to Retailers
Host Jennifer Ruscin shares her insights on how to make an impact in retail buyer meetings without an actual product. Ruscin has extensive knowledge of the process. She’s successfully helped companies sell millions of dollars of products to Walmart and Amazon.
March 18, 2021
#26: Making Aligned Choices in Business and Life with Melissa Bauknight
Here’s a shocking fact—humans make over 35,000 choices a day! While some are mundane, others are complex and impact every area of life. Bricks and Clicks host Jennifer Ruscin spoke with Melissa Bauknight about making aligned choices.
March 04, 2021
#25: How Brands Can Drive Action on Social Media with Jennifer Priest
Did you know that Pinterest is more than just pins and aspiration content? It can drive website traffic and sales with the right approach. Bricks and Clicks is tackling everything Pinterest as host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin welcomes expert Jennifer Priest, owner of Smart Creative Social and Smart Fun DIY.
February 18, 2021
#24: Maximize Your Productivity by "Rejecting the Hustle" with Allyson Twiggs Dyer
Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry's biggest B2B challenges online and offline.
January 21, 2021
#23: Taking Advantage of Renewed Growth in 2021
Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry's biggest B2B challenges online and offline.
January 14, 2021
#22: Navigating Price Increases in Retail and Big-Box Stores
Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry's biggest B2B challenges online and offline.
December 24, 2020
#21: Bringing Thankfulness to Your Relationships with Derek Ruscin
Today I'm joined by my husband Derek, and I'm so excited to have him on the show! By day he hosts a 3 hour sports talk radio show called The Ruscin & Zach Show, all about Arkansas sports. By night, he helps me wrangle our 2 kids and Timmy, our long haired dachshund. He supports me as I run a multi-million dollar business, my team and clients, and has made more Walmart sample drop offs for me than I'm betting any man in Northwest Arkansas. We're talking all about manifesting. Spouses, houses, cars, and vacat ions. We also spill how we've intentionally created the life of our dreams, and how you can too!
November 27, 2020
#20: Reshaping Black Friday
Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin guides retailers to be the hero and navigate the industry's biggest B2B challenges online and offline.
November 26, 2020
#19: Three Ways to Increase Revenue
2020 has been a chaotic year, to say the least. For Jennifer Ruscin, host of Bricks & Clicks, navigating this year has cemented a practice in taking care of herself, something that has proven imperative to maintaining a healthy grasp of herself, her company, and her family. The effects of self-care are far-reaching, rippling throughout her life, and planting seeds of success in every corner. In this episode, Ruscin dives straight into actionable tips for how to take care of yourself, make more money, and grow your business. “Money flows where the attention goes,” is an age-old adage but one that resonates in today’s attention lead economy. Ruscin advocates directing that attention to less, not more. Let go of what no longer serves your attention, be less available, and focus your energies on being and doing just a few key things. Self-care looks different for everyone, but Ruscin’s 5 questions needle listeners to find their own “Why.” Get rid of the brain clutter and clear out space to welcome in new information gleaned from this episode of “Bricks and Clicks.”
November 12, 2020
#18: 5 Ways Brands Can Prepare for Holiday Sales
5 Ways Brands Can Prepare for Holiday Sales
November 12, 2020
#17: 5 Ways to Market your Business
This week on Bricks and Clicks, host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin walks through her tips on how to maximize your brand presence.
October 29, 2020
#16: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Prime Day
Today marks the shift into the last quarter of the year. 2020 has had its share of challenges but in the homestretch of the year there are numerous opportunities to be had in the world of retail. Jennifer Ruscin, host of Bricks and Clicks, walks listeners through her tips for how your brand should prepare for the upcoming Prime Day.
October 01, 2020
#15: Three Ways to Increase Revenue
2020 has been a chaotic year, to say the least. For Jennifer Ruscin, host of Bricks & Clicks, navigating this year has cemented a practice in taking care of herself, something that has proven imperative to maintaining a healthy grasp of herself, her company, and her family. The effects of self-care are far-reaching, rippling throughout her life, and planting seeds of success in every corner. In this episode, Ruscin dives straight into actionable tips for how to take care of yourself, make more money, and grow your business. “Money flows where the attention goes,” is an age-old adage but one that resonates in today’s attention lead economy. Ruscin advocates directing that attention to less, not more. Let go of what no longer serves your attention, be less available, and focus your energies on being and doing just a few key things. Self-care looks different for everyone, but Ruscin’s 5 questions needle listeners to find their own “Why.” Get rid of the brain clutter and clear out space to welcome in new information gleaned from this episode of “Bricks and Clicks.”
September 17, 2020
#14: How Authenticity Sells Your Brand
If you’ve ever made a purchase because of a social media post, then you know first hand how good photography can help increase sales and find ideal shoppers. Lifestyle photography in particular is attracting shoppers, partly due to the rise of social media influencers who deliver organic content, and ads, through lifestyle photography that their audience actually wants to see. Apex Drop founder and CEO, Zak Stahlsmith explained this shift in preferring ads from influencers over ads from companies. “Influencers are a trusted space where people are listening and they trust their opinions. And brands are having such a hard time breaking into that trust, that they are now asking influencers to help them,” Stahlsmith said. He noted there's been a massive shift in the marketing space towards these real and authentic people talking about products and services in a way that's more easily receptive to customers. In other words, their ads don’t feel like ads. Brands who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of lifestyle photography, as influencers do, can pick up a few tips. Stahlsmith recommends the following best practices for nailing the shot in an authentic way. 1. Use your first, ideally candid, shot. “If you want something that's engaging, try not to polish it at all try and make it that first shot,” Stahlsmith said. 2. Skip the filters, including ones that whiten teeth or enhance beauty features like freckles. If you are going to use filters, he suggests not using the standard plug in filters. 3. Photos taken in motion translate to a more real feeling for audiences and help the shot avoid looking staged.
September 15, 2020
#13: How to Get Your Products into Walmart
Selling into the world's largest retailer is no easy task. However, Bricks and Click host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve to help you get there. On this episode of Bricks and Clicks, Ruscin shares insights gleaned from her 15 years of retail experience and breadth of knowledge to ensure you get placement in the most desirous retailer in the world. The easiest way to get into Walmart actually comes up in October. Walmart's Open Call, also called the Walmart Made in the USA Summit, could be your ticket to getting your foot in the door. Though applications for this year’s event have closed, it’s never too early to start thinking about your plan of attack for next year. In this episode, Ruscin explores: - Walmart's customer demographics and how they impact retailers’ ability to get on shelves - How to ensure your product is right for Walmart - What your buyer wants you to know before pitching - How to prepare for the big meeting - How to follow up and ensure you get a "yes"
September 15, 2020
#12: Retail Pivots Amidst Pandemic and Buyers Work From Home
No industry has been harder hit by the coronavirus pandemic than retail. So how has retail adapted, and does working-from-home fit into retail work? "Bricks and Clicks" host Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin explores how retail buyers are pivoting to online work and what that looks like for both the buyer and the product seller. She welcomes guest Alli Ball, a former buyer for Bi-Rite and founder of Retail Ready, an online course helping food companies grow their sales both in-store and online.Ball is confident that buyers are actually benefiting from working from home in a focused, uninterrupted space. Sellers too have also had a leg up by receiving buyer's undivided attention. In Ball’s program, she encourages students to practice pitches at length before pitching to their dream company.“There’s something exciting about leveling the playing field here and giving all categories a chance to connect with buyers.” Said Ball. Sellers have shifted to sending their product directly to buyers’ homes. Buyers can relish in the unboxing process, and sellers can curate this as an enjoyable experience that elevates their productSmall businesses gain insight and benefit from the Retail Ready program, learning marketing and branding initiatives that appeal to the appreciation of unboxing something special.
August 07, 2020
#11: 6 Ways to Win on eComm with Betsy McGinn
Today I'm interviewing Betsy McGinn of McGinn eComm, former ecommerce director for Seventh Generation, and other various capacities at some of the world's largest food CPG's like Hain Celestial Group and Tazo Tea.With over a decade of eComm CPG experience, Betsy authored The Amazon Roadmap book (available on Amazon!), and serves as a brand strategist for companies wanting a solid plan to dominate ecommerce.Betsy and I cover 6 ways to win at eComm in this energetic podcast!References:Betsy's LinkedIn Article that spurred this podcast recording >'s "The Amazon Roadmap" book >'s website > www.mcginnecomm.comMy free webinar on how to sell on Amazon >
July 24, 2020
#10: Lowering Your Advertising Cost: Bricks and Clicks
Lowering your Amazon ACoS means more money (and profit) in your pocket.Today I'm covering the 3 ways to lower your ACoS on Amazon through:1. Keywords2. Manual Ads3. OptimizationReferences:Jen's Free Retail Success Group on Facebook > > This affiliate link gives you MerchantWords for $99/yr. Regular cost is $30/mo! **Used for shopper search data on Amazon Scout gives you sales by item/keyword on Amazon > $40/moTeikametrics gives you auto ad visibility, plus all kinds of other snazzy tools to increase sales and profit > and it starts at $59/mo.
July 09, 2020
#9: Defining Legal Liability in the New Normal: Bricks and Clicks
So many industries are turning to virtual collaboration in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. From telemedicine to critical board meetings and more, the world's businesses are finding ways to succeed even when separated by distance.And the legal industry is no different.On this episode of Bricks and Clicks with Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin, attorney Andrea Sager outlined how the legal industry is finding its own brand of agile success in a virtual world.Sager is the go-to attorney for online businesses. A mom, business owner, and lawyer extraordinaire, she's found an innovative way to do legal work virtually.However, for all the promise of remote work, several key considerations remain.Tune in to find out what legal programs you might be missing, how you might be opening yourself up to liability issues, and what's actually necessary to protect the business you've built as the world adjusts to what's likely to be a largely permanent new normal.References:Jen's Free Retail Success Group on Facebook > > This affiliate link gives you MerchantWords for $99/yr. Regular cost is $30/mo! **Used for shopper search data on Amazon Scout gives you sales by item/keyword on Amazon > $40/mo The Contract Vault 
June 25, 2020
#7: Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness in Retail
With so much going on in the world these days, it’s important to stay positive and grounded.On today’s Bricks and Clicks podcast, Mike Allsup teaches us a method called GEM, which stands for Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness and emphasizes slowing down, being grateful for what we have and creating space to allow us to see the sweetness in life.Here is the GEM Practice:1. Gratitude: Make a reverse bucket list of what you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of.SpiritualCareerFamilyHealthExperiencesStick it on your wall as a daily reminder of the goodness you’ve already created in your life.ACTION: Ask yourself to come up with three things you’re grateful for today.Practice this exercise every day!2. Empathy: Be kind and compassionate to others.ComplimentGiftDo a task around the houseLet someone in front of you in trafficACTION: Ask yourself to come up with three ways you were empathetic today.Practice this exercise every day!3. Mindfulness: Keep your headspace happy!App recommendations: Calm App > Sleep Stories > Stephen Fry’s “Blue Gold” on the lavender fields of France.Other Suggestions for staying centered:1. Pomodoro Technique – Download the Focus Keeper App >25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest*Repeat throughout your workday for best focused results!Here’s a quick video on how the Pomodoro Technique works.2. Delete Social Media Apps on your Phone to avoid constant distraction.3. Turn notifications off on your phone (find notifications in the setting on your phone).4. Excercise – Shoot for 10,000 steps on the Health app on your phone!
June 18, 2020
#6: How to Create a Referral Program that Fuels Sales Growth
What if you could build out a referral partner network that brought your PERFECT customer or client to you? No more wining and dining and woo’ing and pleading to get customers to pay for your services or items. No more efforting. Yes, I just made that word up. Today I’d like to talk about how struggling in the early days of my business, then pivoting to create a big referral network, has helped ensure I have a constant stream of potential clients knocking at my door. I’ll also share how to attract your ideal referral partner and client through showing up AS who you want to attract! Resources: 1. Jennifer’s Referral Program 20% of my net payout For the length of the client relationship *I send out fun thank-you gifts too every once in a while too 2. My personal branding experience
May 28, 2020
#5: From Instagram to TikTok, How Retailers Should Use Social Media
Welcome back to another Bricks and Clicks podcast! Today, I’m interviewing Erin Phillips of Pinckney Palm, a social media agency out of North Carolina.When I have questions about social media marketing, advertising and content creation, she’s my go-to-gal.Today, we’re talking about Instagram’s dominating viewing presence, Facebook relevance and what the heck TikTok is.I learned so many new things just during our recording, like how I can take my content calendar, use one new piece of content I create, and slice it into IGTV and IG / FB Stories, add a carousel of pictures to my feed, then hop on over to LinkedIn and show the behind-the-scenes for other business owners on how I did it!Resources:TikTok Mini Course $15 Social Media Planning Notepad $20 Media Help Erin: erin@pinckneypalm.comPinckney Palm Instagram: to our newsletter: Palm website: is the link on how to request access to Instagram Shopping:
May 14, 2020
#4: How to Reach Your Customers During Lockdown
Today on Bricks & Clicks, we’re going to talk about the positives and negatives of the Coronavirus on retail.In episode 1, I talked about 6 Ways to Protect Your Product-Based Business During the Coronavirus OutbreakOne of the things I suggested was to create delivery options because traditional transportation might not be available. It’s been both interesting and sad to see many of the restaurant I loved to visit shut their doors, paralyzed by the idea of remaining open and the necessary move onto the internet, delivery apps, and a totally different way of operating.I wonder how many of you listening have given up.The fact that you’re here at all tells me you haven’t and that you’re still fighting, still selling, and doing everything possible to get your business through this recession.So what’s changed in the last 8 weeks? 1. We’re watching low priced retailers win2. Online learning is high3. It’s never been easier to make money4. Mastering online has never been more important5. Grace matters more than ever before6. Disruptions in the food chain So what now?With the future still so uncertain, some states beginning to open back up again, and other remaining on lockdown, our next steps seem shaky.It’s important that we be kind, honoring each individual’s response to staying home longer, or jumping back into things.It’s important that we meet the shopper where they are.It’s important that we stay in business. Your shoppers need you. Your staff needs you. Your family needs you.Profitability is more important than ever before.Do more with less.Grow slower, safer, and smarter.Diversify your risk by adding online selling options and home delivery to your buying options.And hang in there!See you on the next Bricks and Clicks show, where I’ll be interviewing Erin Philips from Pinckney Palm about what’s working these days to actually get our messaging to our ideal shopper. We’ll touch on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and lives on all 3 channels and TicTok.
April 30, 2020
#3: Using Stories to Sell Your Brand
Want to attract your ideal customers and clients to your brand? First you must STOP asking people to buy your product.Sound counterintuitive? It’s actually not. Storytelling is as old as the first humans on this planet, and it’s our preferred method of digesting information. Storytelling bonds us to the storyteller, and makes us long for more content.Join me and my first Bricks and Clicks guest, Amy Aitman, as we discuss the importance of storytelling for your company.Amy is a leader in digital content, growth and management. As cofounder at Change Creator, she oversees the digital assets and revenue-driving growth plans for the over 400K people we reach every month.As COO for Center Keel Media, she built and distributed editorial teams to more than 90 people and grew the portfolio of sites from 4 to 35 + and growing.Part scrappy entrepreneur, part storyteller, Amy continues to help brands tell their stories to scale their honest, authentic marketing efforts.
April 16, 2020
#2: The Current Landscape of Retail & What to Do About It
Shoppers are homebound in what is currently a voluntary isolation. Within the past week toilet paper, paper towels, pain relievers, masks and more are completely out of stock. Online is sold out too. We are weeks out, best case scenario, at being able to replenish our pantries.I know that every morning I personally wake up believing that this must just be bad dream. But it’s not. The entire nation is dumfounded that this is our new reality. Some are saddened. Some are scared. Others angry, worried, lost, or anxious.On this episode of Bricks & Clicks, I want to talk about why NOT to put all of your eggs in one basket, and 5 ways to protect your brand through creating a multi- platform selling strategy.References in Podcast:
April 02, 2020
#1: 6 Ways to Protect Your Product-Based Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak
From creating a subscription business model to utilizing Amazon for immediate distribution, Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin gives her tips on how to stay afloat as a retailer during a pandemic.
March 19, 2020