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Mind Your Subconscious

Mind Your Subconscious

By Jennifer Schlueter
Mind Your Subconscious is the podcast that provides you with tips, tools and perspectives that you need to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

We believe that the key to your dreams lies in your subconscious but we also know that not everything works for everyone. That is why we provide you with a variety of modalities you can use to get rid of your subconscious limiting beliefs, so you can make your dreams come true.

Your host is hypnotherapist Jennifer Schlueter, who quit her job to travel the world while working online in 2016 after her first hypnosis session.
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Do you want to learn spiritual hypnosis? Listen to this - with Jennifer Schlueter
Have you ever wanted to learn spiritual hypnosis?  Learning hypnosis will change your life like it changed mine. Not only you will be affected, but those around you, your clients, and those around them. The ripple effect of teaching others the power of their subconscious mind will continue blasting through generational trauma and raising the frequency of this planet.  But what is spiritual hypnosis: Past life regression, cord cutting, inner child work, twin flame and soulmate work, channeling angels, The Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones, E.T.s, and others, everything about intuition, anchors, and more. How can spiritual hypnosis help you and your clients? It can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety as well as suicidal thoughts, find your purpose, release anything that's blocking you and manifest the life of your dreams.  Spiritual hypnosis has helped me find my purpose, connect with my twin flame in a past life, clear money blocks, heal the relationship with my parents, and more.  Back in 2015, my first hypnosis session made me quit my job and travel the world while working remotely. I started studying it in 2018, and already a year later, I was asked by my clients, whether I would teach it to them. Last year, I decided to finally create a course and 13 beautiful souls joined.  We had the time of our life - me teaching and them learning and passing hypnosis on to their clients. My students have gone on to help people with sexual assault trauma and other topics mentioned above. Some of them have paying clients already.  Sign up here: Bali said: "Hypnosis has changed my life." Linda said: "Your course and your presence is a gift that keeps giving and I am so grateful and amazed at what is unfolding."  Ashlee said: "As someone who has participated in this training, I highly recommend it to anyone who's curious - I love hypnotherapy AND love the work I'm doing now with my clients."  Diane said: "And thank you for all you have done in my life. I have been doing hypnotheraphy last week. I did 3 sessions and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!" Morgan said: " I have had my first paying hypno client. Easy peasy lemon squeezy." Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Connect with me or inquire about my 1:1 program Mental Wealth Oasis via Website: Facebook: Instagram: Join Jenny’s Make It Rain Money Masterclass here:
March 08, 2022
Activate abundance for you - with Dan Mangena
I’m super excited to bring you this conversation with Dan Mangena - the Abundance Activator. It’s value-packed, deep, and a lot of fun! We talked about how he went from being bankrupt to now sustainable successful abundant businesses why you don’t have to “act as if” and what to do instead what all of us have in common when it comes to trying to earn money. We also had a comfortably uncomfortable conversation about race, Dan’s upbringing and whether or not being black has held him back in his life as well as whether or not he beliefs immigrants or the children of immigrants have the potential to be more successful. Dan also names his three favorite things that he has done to completely transform his relationship with money that you can do as well. Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, podcast host of Do it with Dan and Beyond Success, a life & business transformation coach, and an international public speaker who is known for programs and content that take clients and students to next level living. He has helped thousands of people across the globe achieve wealth mastery and truly abundant lives. Featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, the Jack Canfield show, and in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, Daniel’s mission is to spread his teachings worldwide with the intention to “spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life”. Connect with Dan here: FB -  Linkedin -  IG -  CH-  Youtube -  Twitter - Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Connect with me or inquire about my 1:1 program Mental Wealth Oasis via Website: Facebook: Instagram: Join Jenny’s Make It Rain Money Masterclass here:
March 01, 2022
Branding coming from your Higher Self - with Eos Koch
When I talked to Eos Koch about branding, I quickly realized, she takes a much deeper approach than most. The questions she asks her clients as well as the work she does with them when it comes to branding is profound. Eos is a soulful web designer, photographer, author, and energy alignment coach. She says: “The clarity in who we are creates a strong and magnetic brand and has a distinct energy that magnetizes the right people to us and creates an invisible energetic invitation. If we have clarity on our vision we have a clear direction that makes us confident. This confidence creates a bigger capacity for receiving and therefore grows our income. To me, confidence and trust is the foundation for a successful business.” In this episode, we answered the following questions: How do you integrate your soul into branding? How do you know if you’ve outgrown your branding? What are the challenges we experience when it comes to branding that’s supposed to come from our soul? How do you brand from your Higher Self? How do you close the gap between current and Higher Self in the process of branding? More about Eos: Eos lives with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs on a small Island called Menorca in the Mediterranean sea. She grew up in Switzerland and her husband is from Italy and they moved to Spain 4 years ago. They live in a small house with a little garden and enjoy growing vegetables and going swimming in the sea which is just a 5-minute walk from their home. Connect with Eos here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Connect with me or inquire about my 1:1 program Mental Wealth Oasis via Website: Facebook: Instagram: Join Jenny’s Make It Rain Money Masterclass here:
February 22, 2022
How to make a lot of money without focusing on it - with Dr. Libby Kemkaran
Business Psychologist, TEDx speaker and circle host, Libby is a peak performance Neurocoach and accredited Flow Consultant for entrepreneurs. Libby spent 5yrs working as a small animal clinician before a car crash left her unable to work as a vet.  She then combined her Behavior degree from Cambridge with her Business Consultancy skills from her time in the city to create the groundbreaking TAME® Your Brain programme. This helps you grow your business faster by blending together bullet-proof Strategy with Behavioral Psychology and Neuro-associative Conditioning.  Libby also trains multi-million dollar companies in Leadership/Management, Communications, and Mindset for Sales Success and was the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 in the Global Women Awards run by GIFEW. Libby and I spoke about Which neuro-chemical reactions are holding you back from attracting money Why we manifest things easier in certain areas than others How to remember your why when it comes to making money What to look for in a great coach The four different types of big cats we all fall into and more. Connect with Libby here: Join Jenny’s Make It Rain Money Masterclass here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Connect with me or inquire about my 1:1 program Mental Wealth Oasis via Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 01, 2022
10 things holding you back from creating more impact & income
You want to make 2022 the year of impacting more people and creating more income?  Within the last few years, I have observed countless of my clients making 5, 6, and 7 figures per year.  What they all have in common is that at every level, there's a new devil. Doesn't matter how much money you're making, fear, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts will eventually creep up on you and hold you back from taking the steps that will take you to the next level. In this podcast episode, I'm mentioning the 10 most common things that hold you back from creating more impact & income and will give you tips to break these cycles, no matter which level you're at and which devil you're facing. 1. You're trying to save people. 2. You don't know yourself well enough. 3. You're solely focused on numbers. 4. You're not expanding your capacity to receive. 5. You care too much about other people's opinions. 6. You are not expanding your capacity to hold space for others. 7. You run away from your own power. 8. You try to contol.  9. You are not filling your own cup. 10. You rely solely on what has worked for others. Do you feel called out on a few of these? Listen to this episode ;) Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Connect with me or inquire about my 1:1 program Mental Wealth Oasis via Facebook: Instagram:
January 11, 2022
He hypnotizes children and supports them with learning and other disabilities - with Gerry (Gerald) Hughes
Fook, this was an enlightening interview - A must listen for everyone who has a child or wants children!!!! I'm not one to hypnotize children - only because I'm not around many just yet. But I've been asked by my hypnosis course students, many of whom are moms, whether or not it's ok to hypnotize children, what the best age is, and how they will react to hypnosis. So I decided to get an expert on this subject. I really couldn't have gotten a better one than Gerald Hughes, who supports children, teens, and adults struggling with dyslexia, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Gerry is the founder and owner of California's neuro-linguistic learning center and author of many books, such as Gifted not broken - understanding dyslexia, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The NLC Guide to Love and Relationships 101 Strategies for Managing our Physical, Emotional, and Social Energy Cracking the Dyslexia Code  and many more. Not only did we talk about the above, but also the pressure that children as young as 4 years old are feeling when it comes to learning, bed wetting, the magic of story-telling for kids, leading with success and play rather than tangible outcomes, building a child's self-esteem and confidence. Find Gerry at  Swish for Fish or on Facebook: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
December 20, 2021
I'm a hot mess and need help! LOL - Your healer is human, too.
I'm getting vulnerable today and am sharing with you what has been going on with me for the last few months. I've been feeling exhausted and tired to the point where I thought I wanted a 2 month break.  After I allowed myself support, an angel reading with my dear soul sister Lexi, things shifted and I feel so much lighter. But I decided to share this process with you in the hopes that you, too, will allow more support and help into your life :)  I'm also talking about my new program Channel, how it came about, what it entails, why you're going to love it, and what you'll receive. Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
October 12, 2021
Becoming Toxic Person Proof - with Sarah K. Ramsey
In this episode, Coach and Bestselling Author Sarah K. Ramsey and I talk about Becoming Toxic Person Proof. Not only is this the title of her book, but also Sarah’s passion. Sarah shares why it is important to bring our nervous system from freeze into fight and flight mode and unique tips you’ve never heard on my podcast on how to do so after being in a toxic relationship.. She also talks about the most toxic situation she found herself in, her own struggles to eliminate toxic people from her life, and how a comfort zone isn’t that, but it’s a prison. Having manifested (and worked for) a now happy marriage, Sarah can now identify the biggest difference between happy and toxic relationships: (feeling safe when) asking for what you need. Additionally, we chatted on “I’m not God” How it’s not a lack of self worth that women enter toxic relationships Sarah’s view on the law of attraction when it comes to toxic relationships and attracting them Etc. Sarah K Ramsey is a Toxic Relationship Specialist and the world’s leading expert on how to become Toxic Person Proof. She is best-selling author of the book Becoming Toxic Person Proof and host of a globally-acclaimed podcast. She works with women who have experienced toxic relationships and who remain stuck in a cycle of pain and confusion transform their minds and lives by taking back their power, recreating a life they are excited about living and bringing renewed energy, clarity, and excellence into establishing careers and relationships they love. Connect with Sarah here: Free Masterclass: Podcast: Facebook Group: Linkedin: Instagram: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
October 05, 2021
Kick resistance's butt - with Heather Chauvin
Guys, I am so excited to bring you this episode with my dear friend, mentor, client Heather Chauvin. Heather is a mother of 3, TED-Ex speaker, bestselling author, stage 4 cancer survivor, podcast host with millions of downloads, and a serious butt kicker in her coaching biz. She's someone I constantly see getting over her resistance. So who'd be better equipped to talk about it?  In this episode, Heather and I discuss  - how resistance shows up for her and her clients - why we let resistance take over - what to do when resistance shows up - energetic time managment  ...and more. Connect with Heather at:  Purchase her book Dying to Be a Good Mother here: Website: Instagram: Podcast: Mom Is In Control: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 28, 2021
The failures, mistakes, lessons, and successes of my hypnosis biz - raw, real, and vulnerable
I got deep, raw, real, and vulnerable in this episode where I share with you everything about creating my hypnosis business. How I started hypnotizing people while having a potentially deadly bacteria almost kill me and make me cough during sessions, being in a foreign country with a frozen bank account, having 0 people joining my courses, but also how I helped my clients get rid of anti-depressents and decade-old trauma, and manifest a life they had only been able to dream of. I had tears in my eyes recording this, anger, but also the deepest feeling of gratitude and fullfillment. It's a true rollercoaster - like everything in life and biz :p In this episode, you'll find out my WHY, my biggest failures and mistakes that turned into lessons, why I don't give a F about numbers anymore, and what, in the end, got me to where I am: happy and successful inside out, and all around. I hope you can take away some of the learnings I had, know that it's ok to suck, to feel like an imposter, to go through lows, and to learn by doing. DM me on IG or FB and let me know how this has inspired you! Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 21, 2021
The mindset of a professional athlete - tips and tricks for your fitness journey - with Vuyani Mashego
Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional athlete? The mental and physical strength it takes?  How does start their fitness journey, stay motivated, or get into professional sports?  These are not the only questions we answer in this podcast with Vuyani Mashego, national weightlifter for South Africa, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast (and my boyfriend). Vuyani also talks about how he got into fitness and weightlifitng, his struggles, and his plans. Find Vuyani Mashego here: Instagram: If you want to take your fitness goals to the next level, book a call with Vuyani here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 14, 2021
How I've manifested my dream partner - with practical tips for you
I've been wanting to publish this episode for a while now and I finally did!  You get to hear all about how I've manifested my dream partner almost exactly 7 months ago.  What it took me to get there An angel reading that became true The 2 lists I created that became true The TED talk from my friend And following my intuition Here's the additioal video I recorded with my friend Ralph about how we manifested our dream partners: Follow these tips and let me know once you've manifested your dream partner! Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 07, 2021
Is this the secret to getting what you want in life?
Last week, my friend ask me "how do you stay so true to yourself?" because she sees me putting myself out there and manifesting what I want.  I thought I'd answer her question in a podcast because I truly believe that the secret to my success - doing what I love and getting paid for it - lies in being true to myself. But what does it mean to stay true to myself?  1. Doing what I love, helping others with it, and getting paid for it. 2. Saying no to what isn't aligned. 3. Accepting all of decisions, mistakes, and all that I am. 4. Trusting in life happening for me, not to me. In this episode, I will go into more detail of what each of these points mean to me, how they worked for me, and how you can make them work for yourself. Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
August 31, 2021
My 10 favorite self healing methods
You don't always need to pay someone to work on yourself.  In fact, you can do A LOT by yourself.  Yes, coaches and therapists can speed up the process and help you see things from a different perspective, but what if no one is available to help you in this very moment or you unable to pay for help? Or you just want to process something on your own. The first season of my podcast is packed with interviews about various healing methods, from which I tried a lot, as well as some other ones.  Therefore, I thought it'd be helpful for you if I listed the ones that work best for me and what I like to use them for, i.e. when I'm angry or frustrated, need an answer, or just to be in the moment. In this episode, I'm going over: breathwork, EFT, meditation, different kinds of Yoga, binaural beats, self hypnosis, talking to angels and ancestors, etc. - just to name a few. Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
August 25, 2021
Why I became a hypnotherapist and how you can too
Resources:  I'm publishing my own hypnosis training on September 7, 2021. There are 2 spots left. If you want to join, send me a message. I'll be hosting this training in the future! I did my certification with Transform Destiny and their online course ($197) and topped up with a few Udemy courses about past life regression, etc. It'd be dope if you used this link if you booked with them :) Will give me a little commission. If the budget allows for a bit more, I'd recommend the NLP Master course, hypnosis and other techniques will be included. Udemy has great courses by Kain Ramsey (stay away from Karen Wells) and Mark Beale when it comes to hypnosis. All at $10-20. Some with certification. RTT is a very successful and sought after form of hypnosis Most legit, but also longest and most expensive: Past life regression and Life Between Lives:  Google Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton Recommended course on Healing Hypnosis: David Lion Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 hypnosis & breathwork coaching to unlock your magic with Jennifer:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
February 15, 2021
How to stop chasing and start attracting ANYTHING
In this week’s episode, you will learn how to become a magnet of anything you want without doing and constantly taking action, but rather leaning back and receiving and why chasing anything will not serve us any longer. I also talk about how we have shifted from the old paradigm of doing (masculine energy) into the paradigm of receiving (feminine energy) and how you can work with this. What are you going to attract this week? Let me know in a message through Instagram or Facebook! Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 coaching to transform your life with Jennifer:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
January 18, 2021
How to know what you really want
You think you want one thing - let's say money - but in reality, you want what money can buy you or the freedom of choice more money can guarantee you.  Going for what you think you want will never get you what you actually want. Read that again. Therefore, in this episode, I'll be sharing with you how you can make sure that you're actually going for what it is that you really want and how to find this. It's a simple exercise you can repeat daily, even several times throughout your day!  Share how this has helped you on your IG! Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Inquire about 1:1 coaching or breathwork & hypnosis with Jennifer:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
January 11, 2021
Which healing method is right for me - with Rach Lewins
In this episode, I discuss healing with Transformational Coach Rach Lewins who has overcome intense challenges with severe health issues & drugs. We talk about how even a seemingly good childhood with loving parents can cause us to go down the wrong path into addiction and body dysmorphia, how Rach tried almost every healing modality under the sun and which one she now recommends and also helps her clients with. We also chat about  - how healing should be fun - how you can become addicted to healing - overcomplicating our healing process - why we rely on others to help us heal - why we are afraid to shine our light - how we can deepen the connection to ourselves About Rach Lewins: I help people discover their truest & magnificent self by shifting the most important aspects of our being ~ the mindset & through cellular detoxification. I am a Transformational Coach and I work intently on helping people to undo the non-serving aspects of the mind & body; working on both a physical, quantum and spiritual level. I am a qualified Master Coach & have also studied Psychology, Biochemistry, Nutrition & Sociology. I also teach Kundalini Yoga. I am currently living in Koh Phangan; Thailand where I coach people online & teach Kundalini Yoga. Find Rach here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 14, 2020
Getting paid to cuddle & the benefits of cuddling - with Jean Franzblau
Did you know there are people who get paid to cuddle strangers? Yep! Professional Cuddlers - try that (on your resume ;) )! Did you know that there's a whole lot that goes into preparing cuddling sessions, so that it's safe for everyone - not just during Covid times? And did you know about the gazillions of benefits of cuddling? In this week's episode, I spoke to Jean Franzblau, Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles. Cuddle Sanctuary  provides events, one-on-one cuddling services, training and online resources. Their mission is to shift the culture to a more compassionate world that’s safe for affection and connection for everyone. Jean has been featured on Rolling Stone, Good Mythical Morning, BuzzFeed and Dr. Phil. We discussed the above as well as: - how cuddling has transformed Jean's clients - how Jean got into cuddling - how Covid has changed the cuddle industry ...and more. Connect with Jean here: "How to Find a Covid Safe Cuddle Buddy" Class:   Free Lessons for More Affection:  Train to be a Professional Cuddler: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
September 07, 2020
How to Create Sustainable Growth in Any Area of Life - with Carly Anna
In this podcast episode, Transformational Coach Carly Anna will demonstrate to you why you may find it hard to create long-lasting change and effects in your life. We examined deep versus surface level coaching and provide you with the self coaching strategies to create deep-level behavioral change. We also discuss  - how talking through things can lead you to solving problems yourself - how to not depend on anyone else for answers - how we get addicted to emotions and suppress them - fulfillment.  Carly is a Transformational Coach and Business Mentor for high achieving and ambitious entrepreneurs. She holds a Masters in Psychology and over the last 12 years has helped hundreds of clients create positive, sustainable change to their mindsets, behaviors and lives, ultimately creating a deeper sense of fulfillment. Connect with Carly here: Instagram:  Facebook:  Website: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
August 31, 2020
The emotional root cause of your physical symptoms
Are you ever wondering why your physical symptoms (including allergies and back pain, e.g.) show up repeatedly even though you may have treated them with exercise, creams, pills, food, and what not? If that's the case, your symptoms most likely have an underlying emotional root cause such as trauma during childhood. This week's podcast guest Elicia Miller had recurring yeast infections and went on a healing journey to discover that what cause them were emotional issues from her past of which she hadn't let go of yet. Find out more in this episode! Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing® and Candida Expert.  She created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, her own personal deep healing journey, empathic intuitive psychological insights, and working with clients. Based on her personal and professional experience fully healing from Candida, bulimia, emotional eating, codependency and more, she developed a guided step-by-step process to address the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering. The book Elicia mentions is called: Messages from the body by Michael Lincoln, Ph.D. Connect with Elicia here: Get the 1st Lesson in the Core Emotional Healing Self Study (Online Course) for free:  Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
August 16, 2020
How to attract the most amazing people into your life - with Jennifer Schlueter
Are you someone that has many toxic relationships in your life?  And are you someone who says one or more of the following:  "I don't trust people." "I can't forgive him / her." "I'm not worthy of his / her love; I'm not good enough for him / her." This episode will reveal which subconscious belief underlies all of the above. It will also give you another key point of what it is that will keep you from attracting more toxic relationships, but rather bring the most amazing people, your soul tribe, into your life. Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Find out more about Jennifer's program Detox Love; email her at Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
August 03, 2020
No need for LSD - breathing will do - Rebirthing with Evelin Chudak from Modern Hippie
In today’s episode bestseller author and breathwork facilitator Evelin Chudak from Modern Hippie will share with you how your breath is connected to your subconscious. And how scientists found that you don’t need to take LSD, you can have the same experiences simply by breathing. But there’s a certain way you must breathe to access your sub- and your superconsious, to receive visions of your own rebirth, channel other souls, or get creative. We also talked about Evelin's own journey of how she explored breath work, what it helped her with, and how my session with her went. Evelin will explain how you can do breathwork on your own and advises you on best practices.  Join us as two friends whom the Universe totally brought together and who both love breathwork and laughing their butts off. Connect with Evelin here: Instagram: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
July 26, 2020
How to use your psychic powers to invent breakthrough technologies - with Ari Kala (R.I.P.)
On 7/7/2020 at 6:30 a.m. Australian time, Ari Kala, this week's podcast guest chose to leave the human plane and reunite with her soul family. Her cause of death is yet to be determined. It was just a week prior, when we had recorded our podcast interview and I was so in awe with her loving energy, her knowledge, and her mission. I even purchased her channeling course right after and that blew me away even more.  She leaves behind a 9 month old daughter and her fiance to whom I'm sending the utmost love and strength. Him and her would have agreed for me to share this podcast because it combines her pioneering approach, so much inspiration, and so much love with her message and mission.  Ari and I talked about:  - how she teaches high net worth individuals how to use their psychic power to grace this planet with breakthrough technology  - what rich people struggle with - how Ari will raise her daughter embracing her psychic powers   - the generations coming after us with more people using their psychic gifts - how Einstein and Tesla and many more have used their psychic powers - how she wants to normalize psychic powers for humans - how to use your internal powers and not rely on external validation - the double life she used to live - a breakthrough technique she used to attract more wealth Find Ari's Facebook group here: Instagram: Website: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
July 12, 2020
She heals by speaking to the souls of deceased people and spirit - with psychic medium Sloan Tate
Sloan Tate connects to spirit (someone’s soul family, deceased loved ones, etc.) for her clients - not because she’s here to help people, but because she loves it. We talk about this in the podcast. We also discussed Speaking to animals Our experiment with a skeptic and a believer What you can do if you or your child hears voices That we’re not here to save people A special message from spirit channeled for you. Connect with Sloan at:  Instagram: @awakenwithsloan Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
July 06, 2020
Healing anxiety, quitting smoking, clearing wombs with remote energy work (different from Reiki) - with Lexi
You may know this week's guest from the episode when we were speaking to The Ascended Masters - one that gave people chills - also because Lexi has developed her gifts of connecting with spirit - angels, guides, and other souls. Today, she's not only able to feel into the energy field of one's body, she's also able to help clear out any energetic blockages, such as past life trauma in women's wombs, who can't conceive a child, help people quit smoking by working with their energy, as well as reducing anxiety, reading chakras, and cleansing auras. And if that wasn't incredible enough, Lexi also helps animals calm during thunderstorms by tapping into their energy and more. Her client's are raving about her. In this episode we talk about the above as well as what her work looks like, and how she got to where she is now. Connect with Lexi here: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
June 29, 2020
EFT tapping for grief, trauma, and anxiety with Jan Luther
If you want to see how tapping works, go to and start at 50 minutes in! Jan's free resource that will help you make a stress assessment and understand WHY you are stuck, blocked, procrastinating etc. You'll also get the tapping points chart and a tapping script and 31 positive tapping focused phrases:   In this episode, we welcome Jan Luther, EFT practitioner and one of only 9 EFT Founding Masters, who were trained by Gary Craig himself, the founder of EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, also referred to as tapping.   Jan shares what EFT is and stands for, how she learned it, and what it has helped her with (a lot ;) ). She also discusses how grief is present in our every day lives (change of situations), not just when a loved one passes away, and how we can deal with it.   We also talk about   how EFT can help us process our grief   Ego and the Ego Tamer Academy  trauma, loss, changes (TLC)  the change that's happening in our world right now and more.   Find Jan Luther at Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
June 22, 2020
Fear of failure vs. fear of success and what both have in common - with Helen Hardware
Would you believe that the fear of failure and the fear of success stem from one and the same belief that's buried underneath all the immediate beliefs such as "I'm afraid to fail because I fear others will talk about me, leave me, laugh at me, ostracize me, etc." or "I'm afraid of fame because I'll have too much responsibility, too much fame and money may change me, etc."?  Find out which belief lies underneath all of the above. Helen and I also talked about what both fears have to do with our need to control. She shares her best tips on how we can let go of this need. After qualifying as a lawyer in her mid-20’s Helen experienced crippling impostor syndrome and quit her career after only 15 months. Despite having a successful career in the banking sector, the feelings of not being good enough continued to haunt Helen and she pushed herself to her limits in all aspects of her life to try to prove herself, ultimately resulting in burn out and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Through a holistic approach to recovery Helen found Rapid Transformation Therapy, which not only enabled her to instantly stop the fatigue caused by the fibromyalgia, it also unlocked a lasting sense of self-belief and confidence. Helen specialises in helping women overcome self-doubt, break free from worrying about what others think and stop procrastinating to create the life and business they dream of. Connect with Helen Hardware at: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
June 15, 2020
A deep dive into shadow work - with Lanie Smith
We all have a shadow self. The part of us we have repressed, hidden, or avoided; our character traits that society doesn’t consider as “good” or “positive.” This idea came from 20th century psychologist Carl Jung. When we ignore our shadow self and the emotions that come with it or if we try to suppress them, so we can show and feel the good sides only, we may feel incomplete. We lack understanding of how to love and accept ourselves fully. That will show up in our lives as insecurities, shyness, self sabotage, low energy and unhealthy relationships. Shadow work allows us to gain a better understanding of ourselves, so we can embrace every single part of us and thus will cause more energy, creativity, and improved relationships. In today’s episode, retired Art Therapist turned Tough-Love Shadow Slaying Biz Coach Lanie Smith and I discuss all things shadow self and shadow work: The four pillars of consciousness Is shadow work necessary? If you focus on shadow work, will you go into a deep dark hole? How she has helped her clients overcome their shadows How we can stop self-sabotaging ...and more. Lanie Smith is a retired Art Therapist turned Abundance Leadership Coach with 7+ years of entrepreneur success running a group therapy and consulting practice.  She has empowered thousands of clients to own their unique gifts through the art of expression, leadership and business.  She has a passion for entrepreneurship as the blank canvas and a portal to full expression for a solid gold path of pure abundance. She is the author of the book of Be Solid Gold: A Raw+ Messy Spiritual Playbook for Transforming Your Fear + Living a Life You Love.  She lives to slay shadows that allow her clients to quantum leap in all facets of their life. Connect with Lanie here:  for free laser session  for free abundance challenge playlist  for mini masterclass Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
June 08, 2020
Listen along during an actual hypnosis session with my client and I
For today's podcast episode, one of my dear clients allowed me to record our session and share it with you! She wanted to learn how to deal with a person who's controlling and always tries to have the upper hand as well as another person who's not stepping into her full potential. My client wants to encourage this person, but this person is not always listening and rather doing other things in life than moving forward. Do you have people like these in your life as well? Then, you'll definitely take a lot out of this episode. But also, if you just wanted to know what a hypnosis session can be like (of course there are many different ones), this will also be super interesting for you! Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
May 25, 2020
Coping with apartheid and racism in South Africa - with Beryl Crosher-Segers
Imagine a world in which you're categorized according to skin colors, in which authorities put a pencil through your hair and see if it sticks to determine whether you're black, white, or colored. Not to mention other racial atrocities.  This world still existed 30 years ago in South Africa and was called apartheid. Today's podcast guest Beryl Crosher-Segers and her husband fled their home country to seek a better life for themselves and their family in Australia. However, she wasn't able to leave behind the racism she had experienced in South Africa. Traumatic memories resurfaced even 30 years later and Beryl had to find a way to break through the limiting beliefs and struggles South Africa's former political system had placed upon her. Find out how she managed to do this in this episode and also listen along as we discuss: - why she made the decision to leave South Africa rather than fight for equality - what people who are not being discriminated against can do to help fight racism - how others can cope with racism they've experienced - her healing journey with holistic therapy. Connect with Beryl here: Website: Books: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram:
May 18, 2020
Where food struggles come from and what to do about them - with Paula Yolles
Food is fuel of the body and thoughts are the fuel of the mind; thus, both thrive when fueled with healthy choices.  Yet, especially women struggle so much to make healthy choices around food that they really do want to make. Food struggles stem from childhood experiences and get carried both subconsciously and consciously into adulthood.  Body-Mind-Food Freedom coach Paula Yolles supports subconscious mind shifts to release negative self-talk about one's food, health & body, so women can have a new ease and freedom with food that they’ve never consistently experienced before.  In today’s podcast we talked about Food struggles What’s good for us to eat and what isn’t Gluten And more.  Connect with Paula here:  Email:  Facebook Group: Hello to Health Sisterhood  MealGarden Recipes & Meal Planning:  Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at:  Book a free hypnosis discovery call:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:
May 11, 2020
This former stripper now does yoga on the pole - with Jennifer Rollins
Her stripper career started when she was 18. At first, Jennifer Rollins made great money and got to travel the world. She then had a spiritual awakening; however, trauma and addiction followed. In the meantime, she also divorced her fist husband with whom she had 4 children. Her ex turned in her current husband for growing cannabis plants. Depression led to alcohol and weight gain. Because she couldn't get on the pole anymore to lose that weight with dancing, Jennifer came up with 52 yoga poses based on traditional yoga and sacred geometry and devoted 30 minutes a day to these exercises. She named them Polistic Plus Pole Yoga and made it doable for anyone, at any age and any size. This is the only pole fitness practiced fully on the ground, fully clothed. We also discussed  - the history of poles, stripping, and pole fitness - sexual traumas of strippers - how the pole is a portal to our subconscious and more. Connect with Jennifer Rollins here: Patreon Facebook YouTube Website Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
May 04, 2020
She detects physical illnesses and emotional root causes - with Brittney McLaughlin
This week’s guest Brittney McLaughlin can detect physical problems and their emotional root causes from a distance. She’s a medical intuitive who’s using Reiki as one of her powerful tools to diagnose and heal people. Brittney helped someone who used to stutter gain the confidence to speak up to the point where he now rarely stutters anymore. She saw a tumor growing in another lady. People come to her to find their soul’s purpose as well. The healer credits part of her success to the spiritual team of the client (guides, angels, etc.) We also discussed - Brittney’s own healing journey from suicide attempts, kidnapping, and substance abuse and her near death experiences - How she was guided to teach - How one can develop their spiritual healing abilities - and more. Connect with Brittney here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
April 27, 2020
All about channeling and a special message for listeners - with David Lion
I’m super excited to present this interview with David Lion to you. He made himself a name as a street magician and hypnotist, before he had a pivotal experience that would guide him to accept his gifts and dive deeper into the spiritual realm. In today’s episode, we talked all about channeling: - how David got into channeling - who he channels - how he channels and - how he teaches others to channel. David also channeled a message specifically for the listeners of this podcast, and let me tell you, it was profound and beautiful! You definitely need to hear it J We also discussed - the powerful experience that transformed David’s career (you may need some tissues for that one!) - how David’s cat became one of his most impactful teachers - if there’s something like “too spiritual” - what’s next for him - and more. David Lion is a mystic, psychic & hypnotist whose specialty is in helping people find their way, reconnect to their soul’s essence, develop their spiritual gifts, and embody their mastery. What’s unique about his methods is that his guidance and teachings are extremely grounded, light-hearted and practical. David specializes in supporting purpose-driven people who are willing to make changes in their lives by helping them become crystal clear on their blockages, transforming limitations into freedom, and tapping them into their deepest desires, truths, power and potential. Through his mastery and expertise as a mentor, David has awakened and empowered thousands of seekers. Always in devotion to the highest good, anyone who works with him is sure to experience magic-level breakthroughs and transformation! Find David here: Instagram: Lionism YouTube: David Lion Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
April 19, 2020
Unlocking and healing trauma with simple touch (craniosacral therapy) - with Penelope
Traumas get trapped in our physical body as well as our subconscious mind, and most of the time, we forget about them or just accept them. Think about food allergies, generational trauma, birth trauma, accidents and resulting pain, etc. Penelope van Maasdyk, a craniosacral therapist, works with the fluid body, including the central nervous system, to release traumas from our bodies and minds. All she does is touching and holding a few points of your body while you're laying on a table. Sounds interesting, right? I tried it for myself! I didn't know much about craniosacral therapy when I walked into Penelope's office. And even as woo-woo as I am, I was like: Is this really going to work? For the first twenty minutes while I was laying on her table, I didn't think so. She was touching and holding my back, neck, and head. Then, I drifted off to God knows where and as Penelope woke me up, I felt completely recharged. Walking outside, I held my head up high, felt incredibly amazing, filled with great energy, and people noticed.  Penelope shared success stories of how she helped people get off meds, recover after major accidents, and even helped her son through a trauma.  Find Penelope here: Website Facebook Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
April 13, 2020
How to respond best before, during, and after your period - with Dorit
Men - this episode is for you, too! You'll learn a lot and will be able to understand the women in your life better and even help them :D And: did you know that men have cycles too? Stay tuned! In today's episode, Feminine Health Coach Dorit Palvanov and I talk all about periods and what they have to do with our subconscious mind! You will learn about the 4 phases of a woman's cycle, what we should eat to support our bodies during these different phases, how you should work out, and our sex drive. We also discussed: - how work days were designed for men  - male cycles - how to literally do it all successfully - masculine and feminine energy - and more. Dorit Palvanov is a registered holistic nutritionist and a feminine energy expert who helps ambitious women find their flow so they can be successful at work without sacrificing the health of their relationships or their body. She's the founder and host of the podcast Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama show where she shares her message with women all over the world. She's also a wife, mama of three daughters and two guinea pigs. She lives in Toronto, Canada. Here are all the books we talked about: The Queen's Code by Dr. Allison Armstrong  The Fifth Vital Sign by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup WomanCode - Alisa Vitti  Wild Power by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer Find Dorit at: Website:  Podcast: Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama   FB group: Confident, energized and sexy mamas village  Instagram: doritpalvanovcoaching Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
April 06, 2020
Manifest your dream life - with Gabriel, mentee of Bob Proctor
Imagine manifesting your way out of the ghetto into your dream apartment overlooking the ocean in the most expensive neighborhood in your area. You have your dream car. You're working with none other than Bob Proctor as your mentor (you may know him from The Secret movie). You took your business from 3 to 10 million. Sounds like a dream? This is Gabriel's reality now. Gabriel will share with you the same exact strategies that he uses to made his reality even better than his dreams in today's podcast episode. Maybe you've heard about the guy I ordered from the Universe and who ordered me at the same time? That's Gabriel 😄 We'll share the whole story as well. We also talked about how you are still the creator of your own reality, even during these challenging times at the moment. Never forget that you still have to power to manifest whatever it is that you want. You just have to choose to feel empowered. Find Gabriel at: Facebook Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
March 30, 2020
Mental health diagnoses are not finite - with Joy Roberts
Your mental health diagnosis is not finite. It shouldn’t be something you tie yourself to for the rest of your life. Nor is any diagnosis, even a diagnosis about a genetically inherited illness. Why? Because it has been scientifically demonstrated that we rule our genes with our thoughts - look into epigenetics. Trained therapist turned life coach Joy and I also discussed Why she’s becoming a coach turning her back to being a therapist How she’s overcome physical illness by the power of her thoughts What modalities and practices she uses to help her clients What she thinks about mental health diagnoses What she tells people with a mental health diagnosis How we now have a mental health diagnosis epidemic / dilemma Book: Joe Dispenza - You are the placebo More resources: Bruce Lipton Find Joy here:  IG: www.instagram.comletstalkjoy  Facebook: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis discovery call: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
March 23, 2020
NLP helped her with depression - with Oxana Johnson
NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, has been around since the 1970s, and was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Tony Robbins and the like use it today to help people transform rather quickly and effortlessly. Oxana Zdhanova-Johnson also has become a supporter of these techniques as they have helped her overcome depression. In today’s episode, we talk about NLP and Oxana demonstrates two techniques on me. We also discussed: Culture shock Language Why we limit ourselves to what other people think we can do Why it’s important to know what you want. Connect with Oxana here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
March 16, 2020
How to get rid of imposter syndrome - with Joanna Ziemlewski
Do you feel like you’re never good enough or like you’re constantly comparing yourself to people? Who are you to do XYZ? Why would people buy XYZ from you? Then you’re suffering from imposter syndrome. On today’s episode, I’m speaking to Joanna Ziemlewski from Soulscaping, who’s been helping her clients, especially artists, to transform into successful business owners. She does so by teaching them how to use and embrace their different identities at appropriate times. Joanna provides us with her best tips to finally nip the imposter syndrome into the butt. We also talked about how Joanna helps herself when imposter syndrome creeps up on her You need to step into different identities in life Madonna and Beyonce are queens of identity shaping Portraits can bring out confidence in you Connect with Joanna here: SOCIAL LINKS:    FREE TRAINING:    WEBSITE:    EMAIL: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
March 08, 2020
Chronic pain - mental causes and solutions - with Chana Studley
Today, we’re doing things differently: I invited a guest who does not believe in the existence of the subconscious mind. Chana (pronounced Hannah) believes in thoughts that are only in the moment, never in the past. This thinking got her to eliminate 25 years of chronic pain she endured due to three very traumatic situations she suffered about 35 years ago. A previous Academy winner turned author, speaker, and life coach, Chana now helps people with chronic illnesses or diseases to get rid of them by simply changing their thoughts. We also talked about: Why she left a successful Hollywood career The myth of low self-esteem Our belief systems that causes us to think people with degrees are somehow better Her own successful study to help people with chronic pain Why the subconscious mind is just a concept. Connect with Chana here: Find Chana’s novel - The Myth of Low Self Esteem - here: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
March 01, 2020
Getting 100 entrepreneurs their first 100K in revenue - with Jenny Watzka
Two Jennys on one podcast - where else would you get that ;)? Jenny W. wants to be a billionaire. And from what I know of her - she will achieve that! How? It's all in this podcast episode! 2 years ago, she hit her first $ 10K month within her very first month in her brand-new business. How? We talked about it!  Last year, Jenny hit a point of not being satisfied anymore; she wanted something different. Money is not everything. She wanted more. She wanted to make her business more about others, so she set the goal of getting 100 entrepreneurs their first 100K in revenue. How? Listen to this podcast episode. We also discussed: - limiting beliefs then and now and how Jenny is overcoming them  - beliefs that Jenny's parents instilled into her from when she was a child - how Jenny built a freedom life - Jenny's business strategy and how you can replicate it  - what to outsource in your business. Connect with Jenny via IG: or listen to her podcast, The Fearless CEO: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 24, 2020
How to activate and use your psychic gifts to raise your frequency and create more abundance - with Tíaña Mí
By the age of 22, Tíaña Mí had created a business that hit the six figure mark within its first year, and multiple six figures within its second year while helping others reach the million dollar mark within their business. Tíaña credits her success to mastering consciousness rather than anything else. Working from alignment and high frequencies is what fulfills her clients not only financially, but also emotionally. They not only become happier, but rather euphoric about their lives. This podcast episode is absolutely packed with tips about how we can master our consciousness. We also discuss - How Tíaña created her business and how she went from science to woo-woo - How the metaphysical finally has become proven science - Why you’re not crazy when you’re hearing voices, seeing the future, etc. - How to improve and master our psychic gifts - The three pillars of mastering consciousness - How to raise your frequency. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing episode right now! Connect with Tíaña Mí here: Email questions to:  Follow on IG: @deityti  Join her Facebook group: Millennial Millionaire The 5 R's: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 16, 2020
A financial planner of 20 years tells us how you can avoid bad financial decisions - with Alta Odendaal
Alta Odendaal has been a financial planner for more than two decades. A few years ago, she realized that some of her clients were making not-so-smart decisions when it comes to their money, which Alta wanted to prevent. This led her the various subconscious limiting beliefs her clients had around money and to learn about NLP and the Enneagram Test ,so she could help her clients. We also discussed How many people can’t escape their now built-in corporate identity Which subconscious beliefs abundant people have Why the wealthiest often don’t have the best beliefs around money That money is energy that flows in and out. Connect with Alta via email at: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 10, 2020
How you can create financial abundance and why it's our divine right - Financial Abundance February with Abi Levine
During the month of February, we at the Mind Your Subconscious podcast are focusing all on how you can make more money by reprogramming your subconscious. In today's episode, we're excited to have Divine Money Manifestation Coach Abi Levine as our guest. Coming from a background of foster care, abuse, poverty and homelessness, Abi had every reason in the world NOT to succeed. But when she found herself a homeless single mom she knew something had to change. We dove into her story and how she 6x-ed her monthly income thanks to resolving her money blocks and is teaching others how to do the same, bringing her clients hundreds of millions of dollars. We also talked about why is it that some people with low frequencies have a lot of money and others who have a good heart and are doing great deeds are struggling with charging for their services or making enough money? And here's what else you'll learn about in this episode: The power of hypnosis Money and karma Doing what you love and getting paid for it Wealth consciousness Connect with Abi through her Facebook group: Take her amazing "12 Days of Breakthroughs Challenge" which clears the top limiting beliefs keeping us under $20-$50K a month: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Book a free hypnosis consultation: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
February 02, 2020
Why tantra is not just about sex, how to keep it interesting in the bedroom, semen retention, and more - with Sonja
What do you think about when you hear the word tantra? Sex? Ok. But do you also think about living in the now? Working through past trauma? Clearing your old patterns and beliefs? In this week’s episode, tantra expert and Sensuality Coach Sonja and I discuss tantra and what it has to do with our subconscious mind. We also talked about - The most powerful orgasm a woman can have (no, it’s not the G- or A-spot) - How to things exciting in the bedroom (especially when you’re in a long-term partnership) - Semen retention - Porn …and more. Connect with Sonja at: Website: - Here they can find 10 date ideas for couples to keep the spark alive.        LinkendIn:  Instagram @sonjasense Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
January 05, 2020
Challenging your New Year’s resolutions and how to actually stick to them - with Jennifer Schlueter
In this episode, your special guest is no other than Jennifer Schlueter herself. I will be speaking about why we should challenge our new year’s resolutions, what it is that we REALLY want and how we can get there: By repetition to establish habits and celebrating, but also by letting go of the how. Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
December 30, 2019
Lucid dreaming, odd dreams, recurring dreams, precognitive dreams, dream analysis, how to remember your dreams - with Eric
I have a recurring dream where I get chased by people who want to harm me, but each and every time before they're about to catch me, I wake up. What does this mean? What does my subconscious want to tell me? Eric Tyrone, dream expert, helps me analyze this recurring dream in today's episode.  We also talked about  - lucid dreaming and tips on how to do it - precognitive dreams (you have a premonition while dreaming) -  odd dreams - what dreams have to do with our subconscious - how to remember your dreams ... and more.  Eric also analyzed YOUR dreams that were sent in via Instagram and Facebook. Teamwork makes the dream work! Enjoy this episode and have an amazing week! Connect with Eric here: Instagram: @_soul_dreamers website: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
December 08, 2019
How culture manifests in your subconscious and thus limiting beliefs, growing up among 2 cultures, and more - with Lena
In this episode, I talked to Lena Papadopulous, Intercultural Consultant, Facilitator & Coach, about something close to my heart: how our subconscious and growing up in one or more cultures influences our (travel) lives. We also discussed - How cultures create limiting beliefs - How these beliefs can affect adulthood - Tips for travelers - Growing up between 2 cultures and more. Connect with Lena here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Connect with your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
December 02, 2019
How your subconscious influences your business success, failures, and ideas - with Barbara
Today, we have Barbara Gatti with us, a startup consultant who talks about how to use the power of the subconscious mind to help businesses succeed.  We take you along the process of starting a business, from a goal to an idea to failures and successes and how our subconscious mind affects each of these steps. And because we can apply these lessons to our lives as well, not just to our businesses, we talked about that, too! We discussed  - how your subconscious mind may be holding you back from success or thinking bigger - what's best to do in case of failure ....and more. Connect with Barbara Gatti here: Find your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
November 25, 2019
Letting go - a hypnosis with Jennifer Schlueter
Today, you get to participate in a hypnosis yourself! If you have a situation or person or feelings you need to let go of, listen to this hypnosis and replace whatever's holding you back from feeling good with love. Receive the love, let love rule, let it shine through you :) You're going to feel lighter & happier after! Pop in your headphones, find a quiet and peaceful place where you'll be undisturbed for the duration of this recording. Let me know how you liked it! Find your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
November 18, 2019
Channeling the most advanced souls, the Ascended Masters - with Lexi Endter
The first time my client Lexi and I channeled the Masters unintentionally. They just came through her. After the session, she cried and was amazed by the energy that had been in her body. She didn't even know who the Masters were - probably for our luck because that way, she was open for anything to happen). The Masters are the most advanced souls we can encounter through meditation, hypnosis, shamanic journeys, psychedelics, NDEs, and other means of your brain being in a theta state. Anyone willing to connect to them, can. They love to share their wisdom, especially if you have great intentions. If you're familiar with Abraham Hicks, think of the Masters as Abraham Hicks. Esther channels Abraham. My client Lexi channels The Masters. Different names for the same collective of advanced souls.  The second time Lexi and I connected, the Masters told us to make a podcast episode with them. So that's what we did. Join us as we hypnotize Lexi to the point where she meets a Master, Sam, who shared his wisdom with us on this podcast. We asked Sam questions from you (my online followers), such as: Does everything that happens to us have a meaning?  Do we meet everyone for a reason? What comes after death? "Ask the Universe for what you want" vs "If you want something, work for it" What will the world look like in 2020? Are our lives destined? Did Jesus intend to make a religion on earth and has his soul been reincarnated? How do I find my spiritual gift and develop it? Will we find a way to save this planet (ecologically speaking)? Thank you for submitting all your questions! Find Lexi Endter here (especially if you need help with podcast editing ;) ): Find your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
November 11, 2019
How Access Bars can eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs without you having to talk about them - with Uma Alexandra Beepat
Imagine you’re lying down and someone touches certain points on your head in a certain sequence and your limiting beliefs are gone. Without talking about them. Without analyzing the past. Nothing. Simply by the touch of someone else’s hand. Such magic is called “Access Bars.” This week’s guest Uma Alexandra Beepat has been facilitating Access Bars for more than 10 years. Certified in 40 other healing modalities, Uma swears on her favorite, Access Bars, to help people. Find out what’s behind Access Bars, why and how they work and how they have changed Uma’s, her family’s and her clients’ lives. We also discussed: - who can use it (even young children) - past lives and how Access Bars can affect them - Soul Plan Readings. Find Uma at: The video discussed in the podcast: Find your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
November 04, 2019
How body movements and physical therapies help combat trauma - with Carmen Calatayud
Poet, writer, and psychotherapist Carmen Catalayud has had her own share of trauma. Her art has saved her, she says. But what's also helped her and her clients is somatic therapy.  We discussed  - how the simplest body movements such as walking back and forth or breathing exercises alleviate trauma - how the body and mind are connected - how Carmen's parents' war experiences have shaped her - dance & art therapy ... and more. Find Carmen at: Find your host Jennifer Schlueter at:
October 27, 2019
Meet the hypnotherapist who charges $25,000 per session and has created the largest library of hypnosis recordings - with Dr. Steve G. Jones
You may seen him on Millionaire Matchmakers, read about him in Forbes, or even listened to a hypnosis recordings of his. Dr. Steve has been doing hypnotherapy for 20 years and he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon - quite the opposite, in fact. Together with Dr. Joe Vitale, he's working on some new stuff.  In this episode, we discussed  - how Steve is able to charge $25,000 per hypnosis session - his morning and evening routines - who he turns to when he needs help - his opinion on various spiritual topics and more. Get inspired by this episode to reach higher and live limitlessly! Find Dr. Steve here: Find your host here:
October 13, 2019
How you can use the quantum field & quantum leaps to create your dream reality and more - with Lisseth Wertz
We all have unlimited possibilities and opportunities.  How we can turn them into reality and take quantum leaps will be explained in this podcast with Lisseth Wertz, Quantum Leap Facilitator.  We also discussed:  - How Lisseth works as a guide for Soul Integration  - What Quantum Leaps are  - Energy and how it helps people impact the world  - Common limiting beliefs and the root of them  - Her gifts of seeing and she demonstrates her gifts on me  - How to awaken Soul Gifts  Find Lisseth here:  Find your host here:
October 07, 2019
Uncovering the myths and secrets of street / stage hypnosis - with Daniël
Many of us only know hypnosis from what's shown on TV or on other entertainment platforms. In fact, this was my experience as well: I came across hypnosis first on a cruise ship, where a stage hypnotist had guests perform and act like chicken and dogs. I refused to be hypnotized. Of course, his hypnosis didn't work on me. Back then, I didn't know why and I was skeptical about hypnosis. Today's podcast will provide you with insight into the mind of a street hypnotist and his tricks. With Daniël, we also discussed: - How to pick someone to hypnotize in the street - Various tricks a street hypnotist can do - Whether or not age or nationality affected hypnotizablity - How to learning hypnosis can improve communication skills ...and more. Find Daniël here: Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
September 30, 2019
What tarot has to do with one's subconscious, intuitive channeling, and why tarot is always accurate - with Jamie Gill Sanchez
Jamie has undoubtedly been the most accurate tarot reader I've had. And she validated ALL the work my client and I did for the past 3 months.  But why is she so good and what does tarot have to do with our subconscious minds? You will find out in this podcast. We also have something special for you, too! We give you the chance to ask her a question, which she will answer with tarot! Listen to the podcast to know when and how. Also, you'll learn about - Why Jamie doesn't have anxiety - How we tested Jamie's accurateness  - Our revelations after a service exchange  - Jamie's story and how she views bad things happening to her - Whom Jamie channels when reading tarot ...and more.  As I mentioned earlier, Jamie and I will have an Instagram live where you can ask ONE question each, which she will answer with tarot.  Follow both of us on IG, so you won't miss it! It's on Sep 29, 11 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Central, 2 p.m. Eastern time, and 7 p.m. Central European time. Tune in to have your most burning question answered tarot-blee accurate! Find Jamie here: Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
September 23, 2019
How to stay in flow, how to increase flow and all other things flow - with Jackie Knechtel & Justin Faerman
In 2018, Jackie Knechtel and Justin Faerman gave a talk at the Digital Nomad Conference. I loved their energy, so I attended their workshop about flow as well and enjoyed it even more! And so you can find out more about flow as well, I brought them on the podcast. Listen along, as we dive deep into  - the nature of reality and consciousness research - the difference between Flow Consciousness and Flow States - Inner Flow and Outer Flow - advice for raising children with subconscious freedom - mindset towards life challenges - advice to live more in Flow - layers of reality creation Find out more about Jackie and Justin's work here: Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
September 16, 2019
What are past life regressions and their benefits, and how are past lives proven today - with Jennifer Schlueter
This week’s podcast has a very special guest. Yaaay!!! Wait, don’t get all too excited… It’s me ;) I wanted to come on here myself about past life regressions, what they have to do with our subconscious mind, their (long-term) benefits, how they have rocked my clients’ worlds, and how past lives are proven in today’s world. With that, we also talk about Near Death Experiences and souls, souls' purposes and The Masters. So we’re getting deep. But that's why we're here, right :D
September 08, 2019
What happens when you teach meditation and self-awareness to kids, when you receive death threats b/c of a video, and more - with Nadim Hamed
I don’t even know how to introduce this guest so it does him justice. I’ll just start off with some facts about Nadim Hamed’s life: He teaches meditation and self-awareness to kids. But once the kids became conscious, he discovered something that you’ll find out in this podcast. The jungle has been one of his teachers. He’s received death threats because he educated people who drug children with Ritalin. We also talked about how he traveled the world to release his personal misery releasing expectations, the Divine Dimension manifestation coming from the heart changes of energy due to social media traumas passed through generations and many other things. We got super deep in this one! Check out his page Ninja Falling Star here and watch his amazing videos of the effects of Ritalin and a student of the Tanweer program: Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
September 01, 2019
How visualization and hypnosis can help you with weight loss and self-love - with Helen Knight
You could say Helen taught herself to be confident. She used to be extremely shy until she discovered hypnosis and learned more about the subconscious mind. Today, she's a mind and body transformation coach and helps others lose weight and gain confidence.  In this episode, you'll find out - how using visualization techniques help guide weight loss - how you can release stress and anxiety as well as reprogram old negative outlooks towards neutral or positive - what daily habits Helen uses to stay happy and positive. Find Helen's mind and body transformation group here: Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
August 26, 2019
Why you should and how you can erase limiting subconscious beliefs before finding your dream relationship - with Lily Walford
When you ask people "Why do you love him / her?" - watch what they answer.  If they answer, "Because s/he makes me feel great / loved / happy," that's them loving how others make them feel - aka selfish. If they answer, " Because s/he is kind to people, kids, animals, very intelligent, ambitious, funny, etc.," that's them loving the other person for who they are. But how do you attract that kind of love? By loving yourself first. By destroying limiting subconscious beliefs of unworthiness. By analyzing previous relationship patterns. By making a list with non-negotiables. By manifesting. Join Lily Walford, Dating & Relationship Coach, and I as we discuss the subject of finding love by clearing BS memories and patterns stored in your subconscious mind. We also talked about: - how Lily turned from accountant to dating and relationship coach - how our subconscious protects us - how to manifest your perfect partner - toxic relationship triangles - twin flames and soul mates (curious to hear your thoughts on that part) Website - Facebook - Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
August 18, 2019
How plants can heal psychological issues by their chemicals entering our subconscious, about shamanism and ayahuasca - with Onanya Colin
 There was a time were I considered plant medicine drugs because  A) I was blinded by governments and their rules of prohibiting plant medicine and categorizing it as "drugs" B) I obviously didn't do my proper research. For people who don't understand the psychedelic power of mushrooms and other plants, they're just a "fun party drug." But once you dive deeper into the (healing) capacities these plants have, you will soon be invited to not only a whole other dimension, but several ones. You will be invited to get to know yourself and this world on a whole other level. I wanted to make this podcast episode for  1) people who think like I once thought, so you can get a different perspective on plant "drugs" 2) people who are already more familiar with plant medicine, so they can learn more about how it works with our subconscious, etc. 3) people who are curious about ceremonies. With today's guest Colin, or, if you want to call him by his spiritual name Yawasoe ShuriOshinipa Sinkalip, I invited an onanya / shaman who grew up around plant medicine in South America, learning from medicine men and women who is leading ceremonies across the US today. We were joined by Colin's assistant Angela and the three of us discuss all the above as well as: - the term "shaman" and its significance in the Western world - his "training" - chemical effect of plants on the brain - the power of traditional music on brain vibrations ...and more. It's a fantastic episode!!!!!! Find Colin (spiritual name  Yawasoe ShuriOshinipa Sinkalip) here:  Find your host, certified hypnotist Jennifer Schlueter, here: Facebook Instagram
August 11, 2019
Why this talk therapist gave up her career and chose hypnotherapy - with Tye Hunter
Here's an interesting statistic: According to a comparison study by the American Health Magazine, patients achieve a 72% recovery rate with Behavior Therapy, whereas hypnosis has a 93 % success rate. Psychoanalysis comes in last place at 38%. The latter takes you 600 sessions, Behavior Therapy 22, and hypnosis a mere 6 sessions, according to Psychotherapy Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 1.  Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, means that patients will talk to their therapist about past and present problems. Over and over again. Sometimes it takes them months to find the root cause, sometimes years. That works for some, and I'm in no way bashing this way of therapy. Why is it that hypnosis has such a great success rate, you may wonder. And maybe you're still a hypnosis skeptic or think it's "too woo woo." Tye Hunter, former talk therapist thought the same thing. But when she discovered how fast hypnosis helped her with her own problems, she made the switch to also serve her clients better and faster with hypnosis.  Find out why hypnosis can help you with any kind of problem you may have so quickly and almost effortlessly as Tye and I discuss why we're absolute hypnosis fans and convinced it's one of the most powerful tools to change your life for the better. We also talk about  - RTT hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) - Tye's self-love struggle. Find Tye at: 
August 04, 2019
Learn how to manifest your dream life from a coach who went from deportation to successful location-independent biz owner - with Stef Ventura
You’re on Tinder and you match with a cute girl. Right before your first date, she tells you that she just met an amazing girl through Facebook and they’re hanging out now, so she asks you if it’s ok if it’s the three of you for the date. You say yes – because why not? And then these girls start talking about angel numbers, unicorns, crystals, journeys, hypnosis, and other stuff that you’re not familiar with. What do you do? You stay and listen and never see her again. Now that, friends and listeners, is a true story. This week’s episode’s guest Stef and I met last year in Amsterdam about two hours before I was supposed to go on a Tinder date. But Stef and I ended up having such a great time that we didn’t want to end our date yet, so my poor Tinder date became a third wheel. After that, Stef and I met up with two other practicing hypnotists to practice inductions and Stef led a Shamanic Journey for us. In today’s episode, Stef and I discuss where spirituality and the subconscious meet. Stef is a former health coach turned Psychic Business Empowerment Coach, who is helping clients unblock their limiting beliefs, so they achieve their dreams. Because Stef openly and honestly shares how she destroys her own limiting beliefs and where this leads her on Facebook, I was / am able to see this girl manifest the ish out of her life within this past year: -  Location independence -  A romantic relationship   -  Gorgeous Airbnbs -  Apartments -  Money -  and more. But Stef’s life wasn’t always like this. An undocumented immigrant, she was deported at age 19 and had to start over completely in a country that wasn’t her home. She’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to manifesting and embracing your inner unicorn. I got her on this podcast because I wanted you to listen to how she gets what wants because she aligns herself. We also discussed -  the importance of journal writing -  channeling -  the importance for coaches to create independent individuals -  her experience at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat and how it helped her overcome physical pain -  and more. Find more about Stef at 
July 28, 2019
How hypnosis can enhance your sex / fetish life - with Nimja
I don’t know about you, but every IT person I’ve known has a completely different side to them which has nothing to do with IT: fetish hypnosis, photography, music, drawing, etc. Wait – did I write fetish hypnosis? YES, you read that right.  But Jenny, didn’t you tell us you use hypnosis to help people find their purpose and go through with it? You may wonder now. Yes, I did tell you that and I do. But other people use hypnosis for other things. And sex is one of them. Orgasms, for example, are very mental. That also means, orgasms have to do a lot with our subconscious, which leaves a lot of room to play for a fetish hypnotist.  The python / php / web programmer & hypnotist I’m talking about doesn’t only play with orgasms. He plays with a whole bunch of other stuff when it comes to hypnosis and sex. Among other things, he organizes a fetish hypnosis meetup in Amsterdam. Are you curious now?  Then tune into this week’s episode.  Here’s what else you’ll learn about: - How you can use hypnosis to spice up your sex life  - Hypnosis and BDSM - The orgasm hypnosis “trick” Nimja once performed at a party - Flow states - Nimja’s very own hypnosis game - What Nimja’s family thinks about what he does Find Nimja at:
July 21, 2019
Why it's important to work through your own childhood trauma before having kids - with Indira
 As children, we operate with slower brain waves frequencies aka with our subconscious minds. That means, we cannot filter everything that we are receiving from our parents, teachers, friends, and others. If we take on the wrong “truths” and comments we heard somebody say, they stick with us our whole life if we don’t choose to get rid of them.  Imagine, you went through a traumatic childhood. Some of you don’t have to imagine that. Then imagine lashing out at your kids or talking down to them (perhaps even unintentionally) because you haven’t worked through your own trauma.  You’ll give them the same sh*t your parents gave you. Perhaps even worse.  This week’s episode’s guest Indira Dejtiar became aware of this tragic circle and decided to break out. Before having her own kids, she got rid of her trauma with hypnotherapy and art therapy. But not only that, she studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and has been using the techniques she learned with her children.  We also talked about: - The most important thing people don’t realize about forgiveness - The difference between guided meditation and hypnotherapy - Anchoring and other useful NLP techniques Find Indira at:   FB: IG: Stuff we talked about:  Dr. Joe Dispenza: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - How to lose your mind and create a new one
July 14, 2019
How to deal with anxiety, your dark side and how to access your superconscious - with Khadaura
Take yourself back to when you were 19 years old. When you probably thought you are grown now but in reality you didn’t know sh*t ;) Imagine someone coming into your life at that age, teaching you about meditation, feeling energy in your hands, and what people may refer to as the “dark side.” Demons.   Someone who was just a few years older than you and knew all these things without really understanding them.  Would you trust them? Would you believe them? Would you let them teach you even more? Would you make them one of your best friends?  Would you freak out if you had a dream about them where you could see through their eyes and all you saw was sand? And the next day, they tell you on the phone that they were caught in a sandstorm in Afghanistan.  I didn’t understand. But I trusted that he had come into my life for a reason. Yet, I still chose my own way of learning. From him, but also through others. Fortunately, he stuck around to teach me more.  Here’s to 11 years of friendship with @itisnowelvn11 - look at the numbers 😝 - and many more to come.  Here’s to an awesome podcast interview, in which I got to ask my first “spiritual teacher,” as I like to introduce him to others, a lot of questions about the subconscious.  You’re going to learn about the following in this week’s episode:  - How to deal with anxiety - How to handle your dark side / dark entities / dark emotions  - How to meditate  - Why having no expectations is key to keep your sanity  - The difference between your subconscious and your superconscious  - How to reach your superconscious  - What Khadaura has learned from his time in the military and living in various countries  Find Khadaura at
July 07, 2019
How you can train your subconscious and what to do when you outgrow others spiritually - with Alta Lainez, C.Ht.
When she was 18, a book gifted by a well-traveled Peruvian woman opened Alta’s eyes to the world of hypnosis and past lives.  A few years later, Alta decided to study hypnosis and make it her way of helping people becoming better versions of themselves.  She went from treating clinical problems such as smoking and phobias towards a more spiritual practice, nowadays transforming people’s lives in all 7 areas of the harmony wheel (work, relationships, business, etc.). In this episode, find out: · How a book about past lives changed Alta’s life · What to do when you’re spiritually outgrowing those who surround you · How hypnosis helped her client regain the ability to memorize, lose 40 pounds, and overcome heartbreak · How Alta’s practice went from clinical to spiritual work · How you can train your subconscious Find Alta here:
June 30, 2019
Why you need to know about your subconscious, intro to your subconscious mind, and how your thoughts create your reality.
In this episode, you will meet the host of the Mind Your Subconscious podcast - Jennifer Schlueter. Jennifer will tell you about how, in 2016, she quit her job as the Managing Editor of 22 newspapers to travel the world after one hypnosis session. You’ll also learn about how else hypnosis has transformed her life and how she became a certified hypnotist herself.  To understand the subconscious mind and its power better, Jennifer will explain how our brain wave patterns change as we grow older, why most of our current issues are rooted in our childhood, and how we can resolve them once and for all. You will find out about how to access your subconscious mind and why all of us should practice it more often. Find Jennifer at
June 23, 2019