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The Jennuine Life Podcast

The Jennuine Life Podcast

By Jennifer Nicole
Hey! I'm Jenn and welcome to The Jennuine Life Podcast! This podcast is for women who are learning, loving and evolving. As a lifestyle, audio series & best friend in your head the JL Podcast aims to encourage you to live your best life! Through personal stories and special guests, every Monday you'll be given your free dose of girl power, positivity and good vibes! Can't get enough of the good vibes? Follow the positivity promoter herself for your daily doses on IG @jennuinelife There's no better way to kick off your week sis...Welcome to the Jennuine Life! xo, Jenn
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36: Disappointment
Hello friends, Welcome back to another episode of the Jennuine Life Podcast! Today we are going to chat about disappointment and things that I do to over come it. Grab your beverage, your pen and a notebook and let's chat! _______________________ Episode mentions: My birthday is [10/24]! Interested in sending a small gift/donation? Thank you in advance if you do :) Venmo: $jennjones1024 Cashapp: $JennNicoleJ Email me: Let's get social: [Instagram]: @jennuinelife xo, Jenn
October 22, 2021
35: Hello Stranger!
Hey friends! It's been a while and I am so glad to be back behind the mic! I am looking forward to catching up with you! SB: I call Young Thug, Slim Thug in this episode [oops!] bare with me chile...I'm old lol! Let's stay connected: IG: @jennuinelife Join The JLP Facebook group Email me:
October 8, 2021
34: Jenn's Favorite Things!
Hi friends! You've waited + now my most popular episode is HERE! I am releasing the list of my favorite things and I am so excited to share these brands with you. From tech, to clothing, to notebooks, I cover it all! To shop any of the items, click here (For the items listed here,I will get a small commission if you purchase an item from my favorite things, thank you for your support!): Follow me on IG to stay in touch: @jennuinelife Interested in becoming a recruiter or want me to take a look at your resume? Email me for information to book a resume/linkedin session with me! : Love ya'll! xo, Jenn
August 13, 2021
33: It's Friday + I just want to talk!
Hey friends! Ahhh! It feels like forever since we've connected - it's so good to get behind this mic and chat with you! Let's catch up - go on and grab your beverage; and don't forget to rate, comment, subscribe + tag me after you tune in! xo, Jenn Email me: Instagram: @jennuinelife
July 30, 2021
32: *Bonus Episode*- Let's talk about networking on LinkedIn
Hey family! It's your corporate cousin Jenn and I want to have a chat about networking on LinkedIn. Being strategic about how you network and move you close to your next opportunity + faster! Let's talk and don't forget to share with someone you think might need to hear these tips! xo, Jenn Instagram: @jennuinelife LinkedIn:
June 19, 2021
31: What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
Hey ya'll + Happy Juneteenth! Let's just chop it up and chat a bit...I've missed youuu!! Show Mentions:  Abstract Spice - purchase here--> Catch me LIVE on the Speak up sis podcast, Monday, 6/21/21 @ 8:00pm EST! Subscribe to the YouTube channel here: Instagram: @jennuinelife Linkedin: xo, Jenn
June 19, 2021
30: You're Not Crazy (Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!)
Hello friends! It's May + that means it's Mental Health Awareness Month! In this special episode of The Jennuine Life, I am opening up about my mental health journey and some of the resources I have used to take the necessary steps to prioritize my health. It's so important for me to share my story with you so that you know that you are not alone and that it is completely normal to ask for help; especially with so many resources out there available to you. I appreciate you for listening, sharing and I am so proud of you for putting yourself first. Resources mentioned during the episode: Cerebral - Affirmation video on YouTube - Multi-Vitamin that I take Vitamin D3 gummies that I take xo, Jenn aka Your Corporate Cousin IG: @jennuinelife or @thejennuinelifepodcast FB: The Jennuine Life Podcast LinkedIn: Email me / Let's collaborate / Interview request: Book me for LinkedIn, resume services or a coffee chat (best for industry professionals)
May 4, 2021
29: New Job, Who Dis?!
Hey friends! In this very special episode, I'm sharing some life changing, and exciting news with you! I am now a full-time, corporate recruiter for one of the coolest companies in the world...GOOGLE!! In today's episode, I am sharing the deets on just how I got here and 5 key lessons I learned along the way. Thank you for celebrating with me - you all continue to support and I am forever grateful! If you are interested in resume, LinkedIn or interview services from me, shoot me an email of DM and let's chat; I'm happy to help! xo, Jenn IG: @jennuinelife IG: @thejennuinelifepodcast FB: The Jennuine Life Podcast Email me/To collaborate: Text me: 908-895-5452 Schedule a consultation with me:
April 26, 2021
28: She's back honey!
HI FRIENDS! It has been forever since we've connected! I've missed you and podcasting so much...but I'm BACK HONEY! We are getting back into the swing of things and I can't wait to catch up with you! Let's catch up and get refreshed and don't forget to keep in touch :) I'd love to hear from you! xo, Jenn Join our FB Group: Text "Hey girl" to 908-895-5452 to join our text family & to be entered into an upcoming giveaway! Follow me on IG (@jennuinelife) and the podcast page on IG (@thejennuinelifepodcast)
April 20, 2021
27: Jennuine Convo || Real Estate & Entrepreneurship with Darwyn Young
Hey ya'll! Welcome back to another episode of The Jennuine Life podcast! I have a fun and valuable episode for you today with a special guest - Darwyn Young, owner of Emerson Gray & Young. Darwyn is spilling the tea on real estate, investments, building generational wealth and self-care. If you are interested in getting in contact with Darwyn, or if you have a question about real estate...reach out to him! I have listed all of his information is below for you: IG: emersongrayyoung + dkyinc: Facebook: Emersongrayyoung + Darwyn Young Email: Phone: 678-800-1366 xo, Jenn
April 2, 2021
26: I wouldn't do that if I were you!
Hello friends, Welcome to 2021 and our first episode of the new year! Today, I want to chat about the "I wouldn't do that if I were you" crew and share some tips on how to make sure you are still doing the things that YOU intend to do! Thank you for joining me...please don't forget to: Rate this episode/podcast Leave a review  Subscribe (don't want you to miss any updates!) Text 'hey girl hey' to  908-895-5452, and I'll be sure to get you added into our text community! xo, Jenn
January 11, 2021
25: Peace Out 2020
Hey friends! Can you believe 2020 is coming to a close?! This has been the fastest...longest year ever!  In this episode I share a few updates and thoughts on leaving this year behind and getting laser focused on the one ahead. I love you all for supporting me the way that you have and I am looking forward to growing and conquering more with you in 2021! Don't forget to text 'hey girl' to 908-895-5452 so that you can join the JL Text community and send messages to me directly! xo, Jenn (IG: @jennuinelife)
December 31, 2020
24: Jennuine Convo || Spill'n it all with the founders of Spill It Card Game!
Chile, the founders of Spill It Card game pay a visit to the show and I had a blast!  Listen to the ladies chat about: Maintaining their friendship during Covid & through the launch of their business How they stay motivated being new entrepreneurs  And if body count really matters You are in for a treat friends - enjoy! xo, Jenn @jennuinelife (Instagram)
December 21, 2020
23: Issa JennsGiving!!
Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am dropping this special episode for you...we are long overdue for a chat!  Grab your favorite holiday beverage and let catch up on what's been going on in my world...I've missed you! xo, Jenn (@jennuinelife) Honorable mentions from the episode: My favorite braider from Texas: IG - @_BrittMcknight My favorite hairdresser from Texas: IG -@hairby_tarap Notebook to write down your goals and dreams:
November 26, 2020
22: Jennuine Convo || Anvika from Nourish with Anvika
Hey ya'll! Join me and one of my dope friends Anvika from Nourish with Anvika (IG: nourishwithanvika) for a wonderful conversation. She stopped by the show to share amazing tips on protecting our peace, our space, wellness and living our best lives. Since this show was recorded Anvika has launched her personalized coaching program where she will work with you 1:1 to get everything aligned in your life.  I was so excited to welcome her to the show and I can't wait for you to tune in! xo, Jenn (@jennuinelife) HOW TO REACH ANVIKA: IG: @nourishwithanvika Facebook: nourishwithanvika Email: Website: (you can subscribe to her newsletter and book a personalized coaching session here as well)
November 25, 2020
21: Jennuine Convo || Quay from Align Healing Essentials
Hey friends! This week I had the pleasure of hosting my friend Quay (IG: @itsquay_baby) from Align Healing Essentials (IG: @alignhealingessentials) where she shared awesome tips on managing anxiety and depression. Her business, align healing essentials, provides products that help to cleanse your space & your energy. I really enjoyed chatting with her, hearing her story and learning more about her new business venture.  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this episode! xo, Jenn (@jennuinelife) KEEP UP WITH QUAY: IG: @alignhealingessentials & @itsquay_baby To Order:
November 25, 2020
20: Building Mental Strength w/ Alissa Martin
Hello Jennuine Lifers! Season 2 of The Jennuine Life Podcast is kicking off with a bang! I had such a fun and informative episode with my dear friend Alissa Martin (Instagram: @alissaelephant) & I am so excited to share her with you all! Alissa is the writer and creator of, a hub for all topics exploring and testing psychological methods for building mental strength to better handle life's challenges. In this episode, Alissa dishes on how she learned to build and maintain her mental strength while building better habits. Grab your drink and a notebook for this one; and don't forget to let me know your thoughts! xo, Jenn Become an official Jennuine Lifer: Donate to The Jennuine Life Podcast:
September 30, 2020
19: Let's Catch up & Fun Updates
Hello Jennuine Lifers! It's been a while, I hope that you are doing well! In this episode I'm checking in with you and providing fun updates on everything going on with me and The Jennuine Life Podcast! Grab your drink and let's chat it up! Links mentioned during the show: My new website (YAY!): Sign up for my newsletter: Launch your podcast e-book: Email me if you want me to personally help you launch your podcast: Become an official Jennuine Lifer: Donate to The Jennuine Life Podcast: Don't forget to rate, share and subscribe if you enjoyed this or any episode of The Jennuine Life Podcast! xo, Jenn
September 30, 2020
18: Jenn's Favorite Things
Hey friends! One of my most popular and favorite episodes is back! I'm dishing my top 10 favorite items from this past quarter and sharing all the deets with you! Everything available can be purchased directly from my Amazon Storefront HERE (unless otherwise noted)! *This episode is NOT sponsored and everything was paid for with my own money.* I'll be sharing my love for: 1. Weighted Blankets 2. Black Super Sticky Post-its 3. Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny lipstick: GRAB YOURS HERE! 4. Fitbit Versa 2 & Scale: GRAB YOURS HERE! 5. Croc Slides: GRAB YOURS HERE! 6. Pure Leaf Tea 7. Adjustable Beds : I purchased mine from Mattress Firm 8. Pet Stairs 9. Skims 10. The Indian Matchmaker & Selling Sunset on Netflix xo, Jenn IG: @jennuinelife
August 17, 2020
17: Real Life vs Social Media rant
Hey friends! Welcome back to another episode of the JL Podcast! Today Jenn is chatting about applying for the Google Podcast Creator program, some of the latest news and her experience at The Yard Milkshake bar and ranting about real life vs social media. Grab your favorite beverage and let's jump right into today's episode! xo, Jenn IG: @jennuinelife
August 17, 2020
16: Time to Move!
Hello friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Jennuine Life Podcast! Looking forward to catching up with you, chatting about my week, Black is King, my newest Stella Rosa flavor and some tips on when to move!  We have a ton to cover so grab your beverage and let's just jump right in! xo, Jenn IG: jennuinelife
August 3, 2020
15: I'm Back!!!
Hi friends! After almost 2 months, I am back with another episode of your favorite podcast! Grab your favorite beverage, crank up the volume and let's spend sometime catching up! xo, Jenn IG: @jennuinelife
July 27, 2020
14: The realest sh** I ever spoke
Hey friends! Did you miss me?! =) I'm sharing why an episode didn't air last week, how I ended up with 4 boxes of cheez-its and what things I learned during my week "off". Looking forward to connecting & sharing with you loves! xo, Jenn IG: @jennuinelife
May 18, 2020
13: Fight the Fear (Part 2) // Special Guest - Tim Rozier from Overqualified
Hi friends, In part 2 of our fight through fear episode (check out episode 12 if you missed it) we are joined by my friend Tim Rozier from the Overqualified brand out of Atlanta, GA.  Tim shares a bit of his story, how he fought through and continues to fight through fear all while encouraging others along the way.  Interested in supporting Tim? Check out all of his links below: Personal Instagram page: @trozay07 Overqualified Instagram page: @overqualifed2019 Overqualified Website: Thanks for tuning in friends! Don't forget to like, comment, rate & subscribe! xo, Jenn
May 4, 2020
*Bonus* - I was a guest on Brain Boom with Matt West
Hi friends, I shared on episode 11 that I was a guest on a really cool podcast called Brain Boom with Matt West and as promised, here is a replay of my appearance! If you are interested in listening to other guests that have been on Brain Boom, you can check out other episodes here: Enjoy! xo, Jenn
April 27, 2020
*Bonus* - Starting Your Podcast
Hi friends! In this special bonus episode dedicated to those of you interested in starting your very own podcast, I'm sharing everything that I use to record The Jennuine Life Podcast! As promised, all of the links are below! ************************ Interested in purchasing something that I mentioned? Shop here: Intersted in recording at Cloud Studios here in Seattle? Check them out here: Audacity Software: Anchor: The YouTube Channel I LOVE for equipment recommendations & helped me decide on a mic: Another FANTASTIC YouTube video to watch regarding Zoom H6 Recorder: The site I used to stay on track with launching: Good luck! I can't wait to hear your podcast! xo, Jenn
April 27, 2020
12: Fight the Fear
Hi friends! This week I'm answering a listener question around how I push pass the fear.  Also, if you are interested in: Signing up for my newsletter Advertising on The Jennuine Life Podcast Booking time with me to review your resume, LinkedIn page or practice for an interview Click this link for more info/to sign up: Looking forward to another episode with you! Don't forget to comment, rate, share and subscribe friends :) xo, Jenn
April 27, 2020
11: Babyface vibes all 2020 & beyond
Hey friends!  Welcome back to another episode of The Jennuine Life Podcast! Besides the fact that we all laughed until we cried this past Saturday watching the Babyface vs Teddy Riley IG live, there are still valuable lessons we can learn! On today's episode, I'm sharing 6 lessons I learned from watching the Teddy Riley vs Babyface live battle! Be sure to like, comment, rate & subscribe! xo, Jenn @jennuinelife @jennuinelifepodcast
April 20, 2020
10: Welcome to Club Moi
Hello friends! Welcome back to another episode good people! Today, I am answering one of the questions sent into me from a listener! Let's dive in, have a good time and I welcome you to club moi =) **PS: We're almost to 1,000 downloads! Thank you for always clicking like, share, reviewing and subscribing; let's keep it up - I can feel the love!** Instagram: @jennuinelife & @jennuinelifepodcast xo, Jenn
April 14, 2020
9: Changes
Hello friends! Welcome back to another episode of the Jennuine Life Podcast! Today I'm: Doing a quick mental check-in while we're all living that quarantine life Sharing the latest shows I binged this weekend Talking about how to cope with and make changes Sharing an exciting announcement :)! xo, Jenn @jennuinelife @jennuinelifepodcast
April 6, 2020
8: 'Rona, Skims & Tiger King...Oh My!
Hey loves! Join me for some random chat, check-in and encouragement. Keep up with me on IG: @jennuinelife @jennuinelifepodcast  __________________ Don't forget to share, rate, comment and subscribe :) Sending love & hugs, Jenn
March 30, 2020
7: I never asked you for your opinion!
Hello beauty, Welcome back to another episode! Join me as I chat about: Quarantine Life What show I binged this weekend What to do when someone gives you an opinion you didn't ask for & maintaining a high self-esteem _______ Follow me on IG: @jennuinelife *Be sure to like, comment, subscribe & share!* xo, Jenn
March 23, 2020
6: Tips from a Recruiter
Hello beauties! For this week's episode, I'm diving into my surprise trip to Atlanta, how you should be using LinkedIn and sharing a few tips that I use when I'm actively on the market for a new job opportunity. Looking for more opportunities to connect? Follow me on IG: @jennuinelife for daily positive updates and fun! Enjoy this week's episode & don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! xo, Jenn
March 16, 2020
5: Top 10 Things I'm Loving Right Now
Hey lovely! Welcome back to another episode! For episode 5 I'm recapping my week, how I'm doing since the Coronavirus unleashed in Seattle and I'm sharing 10 things that I love right now! As promised, here is a list of the items I've shared on the episode. (This is NOT a sponsored episode...just spreading the love!) 1. True Lemon  2. Yeti Rambler 3. Passion Planner 4. Regal Ivy  5. Duckie Confetti Fur Slides 6. Faux Nose Ring 7. Stella Rosa Black 8. Full Figure Curves 9. Following Harriet Podcast (Apple Podcast link) 10. Jhené Aiko *Bonus: Kevin Ross Thanks again for tuning in! xo, Jenn
March 9, 2020
4: 3 Month Check In
Welcome back to another episode! We are heading into the last month of the quarter and I want to check in on you. All of us set goals for the new year and I just want to make sure you are still on track and celebrating all of your wins; and if you aren't, I want to remind you that you're STILL WINNING! I'm also dishing on my weekend, The Invisible Man movie and what show you should binge this week. Can't wait to chat! xo,  Jenn Join me on Instagram for daily doses of positivity: @jennuinelife
March 2, 2020
3 : Journaling & Manifesting
Hey girl hey! This episode, I'm dishing on my love of journaling and how it has helped me over the years. We'll chat about: Conversational Journaling Scripting Gratitude Journaling Interested in a leather bound journal? I grab mine from Barnes & Noble - the have some of the best and they last FOREVER! I also mention, scripting/manifestation journaling. One of my favorite videos demonstrating this method is here. You can also google or search YouTube for a ton of other videos and blogs about scripting. Be sure to join the fun on Instagram! @jennuinelifepodcast  Sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch in between episodes here! See you next week! xo, Jenn
February 24, 2020
2 : Surviving Valentine's Day 2020, The Photograph and Self Love
Hey sis! On this episode, I chat about being alone on Valentine's Day, getting all in my feelings watching "The Photograph" (no spoilers) and 6 ways I love on Jenn. Make sure you're following me on Instagram: Podcast : @jennuinelifepodcast Enjoy & I'll see you next week! xo, Jenn
February 18, 2020
1 : Allow me to introduce myself
Show Notes: Hey girl hey! Welcome to the official first episode of the Jennuine Life Podcast! What better way to get to know each other than to record a "Get to know me" episode! I have my amazing friend Chris Cullen in the studio with me and a bottle of Stella Rosa! (fun fact...I had NO IDEA what questions he was going to ask and we recorded this episode in ONE TAKE!) In this episode I'm dishing on: The final meal I would have on my last day Who and what inspires me What I'm currently listening to & so much more... Honorable Mentions: On this episode, I mention my best friend Charnell and her amazing business...Clean Corp. She is located in Atlanta, GA so if you are in the area, feel free to reach out to her for an amazingly clean home! ( Let's keep in touch! Stay connected until the next episode : @jennuinelifepodcast Follow the creator of the Jennuine Life : @jennuinelife Until next time dolls! xo, Jenn
February 18, 2020
Trailer : Welcome to The Jennuine Life Podcast!
Wow! I've waited 2 years to say that! This is the official trailer for The Jennuine Life Podcast, a lifestyle audio series created for the woman determined to live life on her own terms. Be sure to follow on Instagram to ensure you're always connected: Jennuine Life Podcast : @jennuinelifepodcast xo, Jenn
February 18, 2020