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Weekends Are For Weddings

Weekends Are For Weddings

By Jess Casey
Your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co, talks all things weddings as a seasoned photographer in the industry. Here Jess will give her take on various wedding topics, give advice, interview other wedding vendors & professionals and even read some red hot wedding tea found on Reddit. New episodes will drop every Friday, because after all... weekends ARE for weddings. Follow along on Instagram: @weekendsareforweddings
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Episode 06. What does Jess REALLY do?
Join your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., as she walks you through the entirety and behind the scenes of what she does with each wedding couple that she works with! It’s not just taking pretty photos and adding filters. There’s MONTHS of work that goes into each booked event. It can seem impossible for people to truly understand what goes into wedding photography, running a business and making the most magical images happen when there are so many moving pieces. Wedding photography is not cheap... and there’s a reason why! Take a listen now and let us know what you think.
July 29, 2022
Episode 05. Wedding Debatables
Join your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., as she talks about more wedding topics that can be controversial, or debatable, if you will. Garter tosses? Open bar vs. cash bars? DOLLAR DANCES? Jess will cover an array of topics and give her opinion as both someone who sees a lot of weddings as a photographer, but also as someone who is planning her own wedding. Let us know what you think of each topic!
July 22, 2022
Episode 04. Throwing photographers under the bus
REDDIT EPISODE! Join your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., as she essentially throws her own kind under the bus. That’s right - she will read reddit stories regarding bad photographer experiences and will give her take on each story. Trigger warning, this could make you lose sleep if you’re planning a wedding. But alas, it happens and this is what Jess would do! Let us know what you think!
July 15, 2022
Episode 03. HOT TOPIC: First looks or nah
Join your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., as she hits on one of the hottest topics in the wedding industry. First looks are super controversial, so listen as Jess gives her take on why or why you should consider a first look. As well as hear what her real life clients have to say about them. Let us know if you’re team first look or nah!
July 08, 2022
Episode 02. Wedding Reddit Stories
Join your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., as she dives into some wedding reddit stories and gives her take on the sticky situations. A “bridezilla” loses her photographer AND DJ on her wedding day (yikes!), an awkward alternative to a garter toss & 2 AITA stories. Let us know your takes! Reddit story 1. Reddit story 2. Reddit story 3. Reddit story 4.
July 01, 2022
Episode 01. This is the intro, pilot or...whatever
Welcome to the Weekends Are For Weddings (WAFW) podcast! This is episode one with your host, Jess Casey of Coral Compass Photo Co., where we dive into what this podcast will be about. We are here to talk about all things wedding related and episode one covers how Jess got into the wedding industry as a 7 year photographer and what’s to come on the WAFW pod. Let us know what you think!
June 27, 2022