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Genius Garden with Jessi Huntenburg

Genius Garden with Jessi Huntenburg

By Jessi Huntenburg
Join Jessi as she chats about the importance of authentic creativity and powerful spiritual connection in a distractible and fragmented world.
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The Virtue of Patience: How Waiting Gets You What You Want
In this episode, Jessi tells a story that reveals that patience is a virtue that she continually needs to nurture. She also shares why she believes that the cultivation of patience helps us to follow the path of our Genius with more success and consistency, and how a lack of patience can ultimately lead to self-sabotage. Finally, she shares how certain childhood experiences contribute to impatience, and how mindfulness can bring us the pause we need to think before we act. Learn about the How to Grow A Genius Garden Journey
June 29, 2022
Sacred Creativity + Art Magic w/ Molly Roberts
In this episode, Jessi shares a past interview with the fantastic Molly Roberts, author of Art Magick and creator of technicolor crafts with a spiritual focus. Molly shares her thoughts about the importance of art in the spiritual experience, and how creativity can liberate us to live our best lives! Purchase Art Magick: ENTER THE GENIUS GARDEN:
June 21, 2022
Big News: The Genius Garden Journey is Now Live!
Over the next three months, my gorgeous Patreon space is going to be the container for 🌿How to Grow a Genius Garden🌿, the brand new transformational journey I've been creating for you! 🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 is a healing, inspiring, transformative journey of authentic becoming that uses the analogy of planting a garden as its overarching structure. The journey unfolds through a series of videos, audio recordings, and hand-painted worksheets that I've lovingly crafted for you! Originally, I was going to do what I usually do and offer it as a fully completed e-course through the Mind Witch Academy. Instead, I'm going to craft it piecemeal with deep intention, and dispense it throughout June, July, and August. This means that you can basically receive an offering that will eventually be priced at $129 for $30. I know this is crazy, but when I considered doing things this way, my entire being said, “YES." Here's a complete outline of the 🌿How to Grow A Genius Garden🌿 journey, and I'll be sharing it with you in the exact order in which I'm presenting it here: Introduction: Welcome to How to Grow A Genius Garden 🌿What is a "Genius Garden?" (video or audio) 🌿How the Genius Garden journey Unfolds (video or audio) 🌿What to do When You Have Questions (text) Part One: Clear your Plot 🌿Why "Clearing your Plot" is Important (video or audio) 🌿Common "Weeds" in the Genius Garden, and How to Get Rid of Them (video or audio) 🌿Why Taking a Digital Fast is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make (video or audio) 🌿"Digital Fast" Commitment (worksheet) Part Two: Enrich Your Soil 🌿Why "Enriching Your Soil" is Important (video or audio) 🌿How to Make Time for Doing What You Love (video or audio) 🌿What a "Nutrient Poor" Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet) 🌿What a "Nutrient Rich" Genius Garden Looks Like (worksheet) 🌿10 Nutrients to Add to Your Genius Garden (worksheet) 🌿My Nutrient Rich Genius Garden (worksheet) Part Three: Plant Your Seeds 🌿Why "Planting Seeds" is Important (video or audio) 🌿How to Summon Seeds from the Heart (video or audio) 🌿Seed Summoning Guided Meditation (audio) Seed Planting Ritual (worksheets + video) Part Four: Germinate 🌿Why Germination is Important (video or audio) 🌿How to Meditate: Tips from an Amateur (video or audio) 🌿How to do Nothing: Tips from a Pro (video or audio) 🌿10 Pointless Ways to Exist (worksheet) Tarot Spread to Support New Growth (worksheet) Part Five: Tend Your Garden 🌿Why "Tending Your Garden" is Important (video or audio) 🌿Lattice: the Structure that Guides and Supports Your Growth 🌿Sunlight: the Energy You Offer (video or audio) 🌿Water: Bathing as Purification + Self-Care (video or audio) 🌿Weeding + Adding Nutrients: The Process Continues (video or audio) 🌿Genius Check-In: Am I Still in Alignment? (worksheet + journal questions) Part Six: Harvest 🌿Ripening: Becoming a Pure Channel for Genius (video or audio) 🌿Picking: Seeing Abundance and Possibility Everywhere (video or audio) 🌿Cooking: Embracing Divine Creativity Everyday (video or audio) 🌿Sharing: Living and Giving with an Open Heart (video or audio) Part Seven: Cut it Back 🌿Genius Garden Journey: 10 Journal Prompts for Deeper Reflection 🌿Feedback: How Can I, Jessi, Grow and Nourish the Journey? At the end of August, 🌿How to Grow a Genius Garden🌿 will migrate from Patreon to my course academy and be offered for $129. This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and to provide realtime feedback that could potentially influence the creation of the course--cool, right?! If you're interested in joining us, today is the day to do it: the first materials go live next week! In July, only the $15 and up tiers will be available to pledge, and in July only the $30 tier will be available to pledge, so the course will be $30 regardless of which month you decide to join. 🌿JOIN US FOR THE HOW TO GROW A GENIUS GARDEN JOURNEY🌿 https://www.p
June 08, 2022
Identity Crisis: How Attachment to Identity Keeps Us Small
In this episode, Jessi talks about how a deep attachment to an assumed identity limits the truest expression of our unique, divine Genius. She shares some of the ways she's fallen into the trap of identity, and how seeing identity for what it is--an outfit we wear rather than who we are--frees us to be exactly as we are in the moment. For updates, exclusives, and rambling thoughts, sign up for the Genius Garden newsletter.
May 30, 2022
A Meditation on Meditation
In this episode, Jessi shares advice for finding the quiet place within that opens a portal to the vast place without. Sometimes all you need to do is find a bench in a sunny spot and see things just as they are.
May 25, 2022
The Magician's Tools: A Guided Meditation for Peace + Empowerment
Close your eyes, relax, and let Jessi guide you through a powerful visualization of the Magician archetype. As both a tarot reader and a tarot deck creator, Jessi brings eight years of knowledge, study, and wisdom to this experience. This brief meditation promises to fill you with both peace and power--you won't want to miss it! To access exclusive episodes (and much more), become a Genius Garden Member.
May 24, 2022
My Burnout Story: How Unmanaged Stress Made Me Unfit to Serve
In this episode, Jessi shares how and why a build-up of unmanaged stress completely overwhelmed her. Through sharing this story, Jessi hopes to shed light on the importance of setting proper boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and developing a spiritual practice that actively supports the cultivation of peace, balance, and emotional health.
May 23, 2022
Welcome to the Genius Garden
In this episode, Jessi introduces the podcast by explaining why she chose to call it "Genius Garden" and what listeners can expect to find here. Become a Genius Garden Member to unlock exclusive episodes.
May 18, 2022