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True To You

True To You

By Jessica Derksen
The True To You Podcast is about providing you with the tools to live your life by design. My goal is to help you become the person you most want to be and live a life that you love while feeling amazing from the inside out!

Jessica Derksen is a certified health and life coach and is passionate about you living a life you love while feeling amazing from the inside out. When we feel better we do better in life. This podcast is all about helping you level up your health and your life. New episodes released weekly!
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'Give yourself permission to go through it' - with Falisa Asberry

True To You

'Give yourself permission to go through it' - with Falisa Asberry

True To You

It's Question Period with me!
In today's episode I'm answering the five most recent questions that I have been asked on instagram this past week. I'm talking about motivation, running, being a stepmom, smoothies and more! Don't miss out on this episode to get some golden nuggets or random information that may or may not help you in away, either way it will be a good time! If you aren't following me on Instagram already, you can do that here ---> Check out the Body Love book by Kelly Leveque ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you checked out True To You apparel yet? Get your very own piece of clothing right here or DM us on instagram or facebook to get your very own 20% off code to all apparel and programs! Follow on facebook Follow on Instagram
June 10, 2021
Mental Strength Check in
On this week's episode we are doing a mental strength check in. On a scale of 1-10 where's your mental health and your mental toughness sitting at right now? Are you living in default mode, going through the motions? How do you respond in hard seasons? How do you react when life throws curveballs your way? Are you allowing your circumstances and conditions to dictate your life or are you taking conscious action? Is your mental toughness strong enough to keep you moving forward? Check in with yourself and check out this episode to learn how to build up your mental toughness.  Download your very own copy of my FOUR to MORE journal here If you're struggling to build your mental toughness, if you're allowing your conditions and circumstances to dictate your life and you want more, book a complimentary strategy call with me ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you checked out True To You apparel yet? Get your very own piece of clothing right here or DM us on instagram or facebook to get your very own 20% off code to all apparel and programs! Follow on facebook
June 3, 2021
Where to begin on your health journey
In today's episode I am talking about diets, mindset, body love all of the things. Mostly, I'm sharing my own health journey with you all along with what I did, what I'm doing during the pandemic to stay connected to my health and what I continue to do no matter what. I hear so many people struggling with their weight, with their energy and with their overall health. Listen to this episode to get some guidance around any health journey you are ready to embark on. Download your very own copy of my FOUR to MORE journal here If you're struggling on your journey to self discovery, self love and health book a complimentary strategy call with me ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you check out True To You apparel yet? Get your very own piece of clothing right here or DM us on instagram or facebook to get your very own 20% off code to all apparel and programs!
May 27, 2021
Self Care
Yesterday I wrote a blog post on self care. I felt it didn't get the point across as I wanted it to, sometimes when we read things we can hear the fire, passion and purpose behind the message. Today, I decided to return to the podcasting world to share this message. Self care, my friends, is an everyday thing, it needs to be a part of your being, of who you are, of what you do every single freaking day.  - - - Have you checked out True To You Lifestyle's new clothing collection? Check them out here --->   Learn more about True To You Lifestyle, what we do and how we can work together here --->
March 31, 2021
Radical Authenticity with Mac Ling
Mac Ling is a public speaker, transformational coach, and founder of Coaching Collective, an executive coaching company developing leaders in Asia-Pacific. The core of Mac’s work revolves around helping his clients achieve Radical Authenticity: the exploration of your authentic self that starts with knowing yourself deeply; then accepting the good, bad, weird, and ugly sides of yourself; and from that place of acceptance, sharing your unique gifts with the world. His coaching style draws from his 20 years of experience working with cross-cultural leaders in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings across the United States and Asia-Pacific. He has coached individuals from a wide variety of spheres of influence, including entrepreneurs, artists, business professionals, and NGO leaders. Before Coaching Collective, Mac held general management roles at Sprint Corporation and Boost Mobile. Mac is also an eclectic entrepreneur and has launched seven ventures, including an industrial printing company, a fintech startup that eliminates coin currency, and most recently Pavvana, a reusable face mask built to serve first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mac is a certified Advanced Master Coach, and an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  He is also certified in the Hogan Assessments and as a Level 1 Enneagram Practitioner. He earned a B.S. from UC San Diego in Cognitive Science, and an M.B.A. from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Connect with Mac Ling Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
February 15, 2021
Grow Through What You Go Through with Tracey O'Neill
Tracey loves showing and inspiring women and Moms in particular, that it’s okay and absolutely necessary to look after themselves, physically and mentally.  You cannot pour from an empty cup, and just like on an airplane, if you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first, you will not be able to help others with theirs.  It’s absolutely critical to put yourself first, to be the best version of yourself, so you can in turn give the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
February 8, 2021
Breathwork with Benedict Beaumont
Benedict is a Breathwork facilitator, teacher and founder of Breathing Space School of Breathwork. For many years he was just a participant in things - he went to yoga classes, workshops and even did the occasional training but nothing really stuck. He was a drifting High School teacher who didn’t know what do with his life. While on a holiday in Bali in 2014, he was invited to a Conscious Connected Breathwork session. Within a few breaths he went to a deeper and more profound place than he had done in fourteen years on a yoga mat and seven on a meditation cushion. It was like fireworks went off in his head. He knew this was his destiny. Benedict started Breathing Space in 2018 with his wife Jennifer originally just to run workshops in Devon, UK where they lived at the time. Breathing Space quickly expanded into retreats and running training courses. Benedict is truly passionate about Breathwork and it has become his life’s work to see it spark change in the lives of others. If you are interested in the Foundation Course with Benedict he is generously offering 50% off to our listeners go to  and use code PODCAST50  For some free courses and workshops go to  Connect with Benedict: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
February 1, 2021
'Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved' with Erin Esser
Erin believes in creating a world where life isn't a's a playground of possibility, and in that space, self-sabotage is transmuted into self-mastery. Erin is often coined as the 'Question Queen'. She has earned that title by living by the mantra: Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved. When you spend time with Erin, you'll begin to naturally see and remove the misbeliefs and blocks that you once thought you had, and she will guide you to the answers that are within you so you can tap into your own infinite playground of possibility. "What else is possible that you have never even imagined?" Connect with Erin: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
January 25, 2021
'We don't need to be perfect' with Gina Newton
Ladies, this episode is for YOU. This week I am chatting with Gina Newton and we are talking wellness, energy and hormones! You will not want to miss this! Gina Newton is an intuitive, trauma-informed, wellness coach who works with women to heal their inner wounds by improving their food and lifestyle habits.  Her business, Tame the Sweet encourages its clients to maintain a low-sugar diet but also to “tame your inner sweet” putting an end to guilt, shame associated with food, our bodies and people pleasing, living without boundaries. Gina is an example of how strong the mind-body connection is and through deep spiritual work, has been on a healing journey and has made significant progress in healing her mind and body.  She is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner.  She coaches in a 1:1 setting.  When she isn’t supporting women on their healing journey, she is a loving wife to her true soul-mate Jay and Mom to Emma, age 6.5 and Isla who is almost 5.  Our family has a passion for music and it is our key healing and stress management tool in our home. Connect with Gina: (Website/link to my services) (Facebook account) (Private Facebook group) (instagram)
January 18, 2021
'How good can it get' with Lisa Conto
Lisa helps women confidently create freedom, wealth, and fulfillment. Lisa spent ten years in a nursing career that led her to burn out and being consumed with negative emotions. After much exploration and self-discovery, she found herself deep into the personal development world. Lisa began helping other women who were also feeling stuck and it quickly became a passion and her calling. Lisa loves teaching about manifestation, all things mindset, and spirituality. It is her mission to empower and help women become the creators of their own destiny. Connect with Lisa: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
January 11, 2021
What 2020 taught me
Happy New Year and Welcome to season 2 of the True To You Podcast!! In today's episode I share my biggest learnings from 2020! I encourage you all to really think about the good that has come out of this past year and think about what you want more of in this coming year! Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
January 4, 2021
'Go for your dreams' - with Simona Ksoll
Simona Ksoll is a Business Strategist & Personal Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Creatives helping them make their big vision their reality. A former global marketing executive at Sony Pictures, Simona supports her clients with subconscious belief change, neuro-scientific re-patterning, teaching Universal Success Principles, and developing an individual business, lifestyle, or teambuilding strategy that allows them to confidently step into their next level. She can be reached at Connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or on Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
December 7, 2020
'Emotions are messages' with Christa Gowen
Christa Gowen is a certified TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises) provider and yoga instructor as well as a mother.  Her coaching practice helps to empower other mothers on a journey of healing trauma and doing deeply transformational personal development work.  Coming to this work out of necessity, she’s seen the incredible impact healing trauma can have in all directions of your family tree.  As a natural teacher, Christa works to educate, support, and inspire people who are ready for radical change in their lives with methods that deliver results.  She believes that self-love, compassion, and grace are the core elements of healing, and all start with a foundation of self-awareness. Connect with Christa: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
November 30, 2020
'You have to take aligned action' - with Lindsay Hanover
This week I am bringing back one of my favourite humans! Lindsay Hanover. Lindsay is going to talk with me about manifestation and how she manifested her move to Florida! Manifestation Life/ Business Coach & Podcast Host Lindsay Hanover has one mission in this life and that’s to empower women and spread kindness. At a young age Lindsay always knew she was made for more and now it’s her intention to remind women daily that they can and will do hard things in life. Whether you follow Lindsay on social sites or listen to her podcast Divine Strength you will surely feel fired up! Lindsay loves working exclusively with her 1:1 goddess to help rewire their subconscious mind and bring more abundance, joy, prosperity, faith and love into their life!  Connect with Lindsay: If you want to dive deeper into building a relationship with yourself and living a life full of joy and abundance let's chat --> Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
November 23, 2020
Fall in love with yourself first
Today's episode is a reminder to not forget to fall in  love with yourself. In this episode I share some of my journey of getting to know who I am, building a relationship with myself and falling in love with me. One thing I have learned on this journey is when you really truly love who you are you feel more free, more liberated. Check out this episode to hear some of my tips on how to start your journey of loving who you are!  "To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness" - Robert Morley If you want to dive deeper into building a relationship with yourself and living a life full of joy and abundance let's chat --> Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
November 16, 2020
'Be open to what comes to you' with Corby Furrow
When Corby lost her corporate job of 25 years, she felt like it was the final proof she’d been waiting for her whole life. With a failed marriage under her belt, raising two daughters on her own, she’d spent a lifetime taking care of everyone but herself. Even though she was a devoted mother, a dedicated sports coach, and a valued member of her community, her lack of self-worth had resulted in an unconscious habit of over giving and sabotaging her own capacity to feel joy. What can now only be described as divine intervention, she encountered a life changing opportunity in the midst of her unemployment: a 6-month program that promised self-healing. Without hesitation she blindly signed up. What started out as initial curiosity would completely change her soul’s path. For the first time in her life she allowed her deeply buried childhood pain to come to the surface. Old stories and fear that had kept her playing small her entire life were released and transmuted into a deep seated sense of self-worth, self-love and peace through the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Corby is known for her down-to-earth spirit and brings much warmth, kindness and laughter into her work while gently but firmly holding her clients accountable to themselves. When she’s not tapping away old beliefs and stories with her clients, she spends as much time with family and friends as possible and especially embracing her role as Grandma, which translates to “all the love and joy with no parental responsibility.” Corby Furrow is now on a global mission to help people-pleasers and overgivers find mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, taking them from feeling stuck in pain, fear, and self-doubt to fully embodying the joy and happiness they have been craving all along. Connect with Corby: Website fb: radiant core solutions inst @coachcorby_ Linked in CorbyFurrow National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
November 9, 2020
'Tune into yourself right here, right now' with Jessica Rosin
This week on the podcast we have Jessica Rosin, during our chat we uncover some of the secrets within her book that support us to look beneath the surface and attract the life and relationship that we really want. Jessica Rosin is a depth psychologist, a nature-based guide to Self, a speaker, and an international best-selling author of Coming Alive in Life and Love: 7 Secrets to Self-Transformation. She has also been featured in BEYOUROWN magazine as one of the fast-rising entrepreneurs and leaders of our time. Her Edmonton-based organization, Jessica Rosin Psychology Services, is dedicated to guiding women and men in their journeys of Self-discovery and embodiment. In her practice as a Registered Psychologist she helps individuals and couples in all aspects of wellness and wholeness, relationships, and Self-discovery. Exploring the conditions that allow for deeply satisfying intimate relationships—what Jessica calls coming alive in life and love—has become a core focus of her work. Jessica believes that personal development that comes with Self-discovery, uncovering a healthy and whole individual, is a critical component of healthy relationships, and her on-line program, The Relationship Roadmap, is based on this process. Jessica has been actively engaged in her own Self and Soul discovery process for many years. Her personal experiences give her tremendous compassion and understanding for others, and have led her to discovering a guide, or blueprint, for others in their journeys. She is an intuitive tracker and mentor who uses a variety of therapeutic strategies and nature-based depth practices to connect with her clients, help them explore distress and unfulfillment, and manifest meaningful lives. Jessica hears the longing of people for greater direction, intimacy, purpose, and meaning. Her practice, programs, writing, and speaking are dedicated to supporting people in this regard. Get in touch with Jessica: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle:
November 2, 2020
'Good things are coming to you' - with Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace, "My name is Lauren Grace, I have always had a passion for helping other people, and have been working in the mental health and addiction field in my current career the last few years doing exactly that. I am a huge mental health awareness advocate, as well an advocate for wellness as a whole. I have my own mental health journey, and the investment into my own self-improvement and growth was a pivotal moment to the shift in my personal mental health improvement. That has become my most recent passion, and I want to share the education, resources and tools I have learned to support other women to self-empower, allowing them to break free of their traumas and mental health stigma to live their best lives freely, mindfully and successfully. In the last couple months, I have decided to take a leap into starting a business of my own, and that is exactly where my focus is. Helping others who are in the same journey I once was, and getting them to a place where they see their potential again, feel motivated and inspired, and can obtain their optimal wellness and lifestyle. I want to provide the support to others I was so lucky to receive, and offer coaching & programs sustainable and successful in doing so." Connect with Lauren: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
October 26, 2020
'Disconnect and get really quiet' with Ashley Ingram
Ashley Ingram is the CEO of TUF Woman, a diverse media company providing a media platform for women to become empowered in using their voice to create change & impact in the world. Through TUF Woman Ashley hosts a TV show, streaming on Apple TV, Amazon TV & Roku TV with The Hero Success Channel. The show, The TUF Woman Table introduces women to a space where we are allowed to use our voice, unapologetically to create conversations around taboo, controversial and uncomfortable topics that affect women every day. TUF Woman is the space for women to be unafraid, unapologetic & un****withable. On the other side of the spectrum, Ashley is a single mom of 2 amazing kiddos & 2 fur children. She loves to spend her days baking, cooking, hanging out with her kids and getting into various adventures. Her own journey towards sovereignty has propelled her forward into helping other women become empowered in the same way. TUF Woman is her last child and her legacy in this world. Through collaboration, female empowerment and giving women the ability to lead from the front, I firmly believe that this world can be changed for the better and the long term. **Social Links** Facebook: Website: Podcast: YouTube: Connect with me: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
October 19, 2020
'Pay attention to life signals' with Stacey Berger
I am so excited to share this weeks episode. I got the chance to sit down with one of my own coaches and mentors Stacey Berger. Stacey Berger has been mentoring entrepreneurs since 2005 in marketing, operations, Human Resources and finances. She has served countless operations of all sizes grow in size, scale and revenue, with foundational tools and principles that apply to any business. She combines a powerful corporate career with a life coaching certification and 6 years serving thousands as a life coach. Her passion is working with ambitious people to get clear on their vision and apply specific mindset and practical tools to experience full spectrum success to reach and continue to grow in a life they love living. Stacey’s heart-centred approach to sustainable full-spectrum success will launch you into a higher level of thinking, open up more possibilities, and result in positive outcomes in your life and business. You can rely on Stacey’s experience with business success principles, mindset tools, and practical life coaching concepts to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with Stacey:  Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
October 12, 2020
'Get willing, get open' with Reshanda Yates
In this weeks episode I get to talk to Reshanda Yates where she opens up about her binge eating journey and how she overcame it. On her path to overcoming binge eating and losing 60 lbs without dieting, Réshanda discovered she could enjoy food AND enjoy life. Her goal is to empower women to be confident, love your body and love your relationship with food. FREE gift https:/ Social Media Podcast Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
October 5, 2020
'Does this add value to my life?' with Christine M. Roberts
Christine is a Success Coach who partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create your best life using her signature GROW method. With neuroscience-based practices, Christine guides women to design their most purposeful and fulfilling life. Christine guides high-achieving women to get unstuck and unlock their potential in all areas of their lives through coaching, a guided online course, and speaking opportunities. Christine’s corporate experiences at Disney, The John Maxwell Company, and balancing motherhood, have inspired her personal growth and leadership. Her clients say that they improve their perspective, productivity, and joy after using Christine’s strategies! Connect with Christine: Check out Christine's brand new Online Coaching Course called – Create Your Best Life Mindset Reset Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
September 28, 2020
'Root yourself in the present moment' with Kawan Glover
Kawan Glover is a Survivor because he has lived through a stroke and three brain surgeries. He also dealt with suicidal ideations, one attempt, opioid addiction, depression, and has been $1.2 million in medical debt. Despite these hardships, he has started his own company called Overcome Adversity, which leverages his ordeal to help others, as the name says, Overcome their Adversity no matter the shape or form. He is also a writer, public speaker, and a self-published author of a memoir entitled “Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose". Get in touch with Kawan: Facebook: Instagram: @Kawanglover Twitter: @kawan_glover LinkedIn : Book links: Canada: American: American Short link: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
September 21, 2020
'How do I become the woman I dreamt about as a little girl?' with Linda Krauss Barnett
Linda is the proud author of her debut book REBOOT YOUR LIFE. She began her career in the Motion Picture Industry where she worked in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. After a decade of working on film sets, a desire to start a family and build roots led her home to South Florida where she went back to school and became an educator. She spent over a decade as an elementary educator where her passion for teaching was sparked. After a full life reboot of her own, she is now living out all of her dreams and unlocking more of her potential each day. She is spending all of her time  on a mission to help women discover their authentic selves. Linda is a co-host and co-producer of a TV show called SOUL SEEKERS TV. Lina is a thought leader for mothers who are looking to live out their personal dreams in harmony with motherhood. Her purpose is to ignite a movement of mothers who learn the power of Self Love. Get in touch with Linda: Check out her book at Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
September 14, 2020
'What kind of a legacy do you want to leave?' with Lindsay Hanover
Happy Monday Y'all! I am so excited to share this weeks episode with you. Today I am chatting with my new BFF Lindsay Hanover. Lindsay is a Manifestation Business Coach who helps boss babes grow their online business combining manifestation and business tactics. Lindsay is all about empowering women and spreading kindness. If you want to learn more and get in touch with Lindsay, check her out here: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
September 7, 2020
'Disconnect in order to reconnect' with Maiah Chanel
Maiah Chanel is an entrepreneur, coach, philanthropist, and author who thrives in making a difference in the lives of women globally. At her young age, she uses her voice to advocate for female empowerment in women of all ages. Her entrepreneurial journey began long before Maiah even started her first business at the age of 16. She is currently the owner of FyreDrip, an athletic-wear brand, and the founder of Her Right To Dream; an organization geared towards bringing awareness and knowledge of the limitless possibilities for women around the globe.   With her depth of knowledge and expertise in Business, Branding, Marketing, and Advertising, Maiah consults new and emerging small business owners on creating successful 5-6 figure businesses.    Maiah is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to believe in themselves by stepping unapologetically into their greatness so they can follow their dream. She has been able to find her destiny early in life by embrace her path, understanding her value, and identify her brand identity.   In the corporate setting, being told that she was not capable nor qualified for a position only fuelled Maiah to use her voice to empower other women in understanding their value.    Maiah lives by this f quote and wants to make sure that every woman in this world understands their power in value and to pursue their destiny with no limits.  “Together we will rise if we uplift each other as women.” Connect with maiah: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
August 31, 2020
'It's always us standing in our on way'' with Veronika Winski
I am so excited for this chat with Veronika! After 8 years in the corporate world, Veronika decided that her talents and real calling were beyond the 9-5 rat race lifestyle. In 3 years she left her job, and started to fulfill her own calling - which was helping women to reinvent themselves and live a life of growth fulfillment and joy. You will find Veronika speaking on virtual and live stages globally and showing her clients how they to can get re-energised and clear on their one purpose driven path, not someday but now! Veronika has a special freebie for y'all, check it out here Reinvention Guide Get in touch with Veronika: E:  W: F: FacebookBusinessPage I: InstagramBusinessPage Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
August 24, 2020
'There's not just one right way' with Donnalynn Riley
Donnalynn Riley is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach who helps people develop, evolve, whether your answer is in a new level of clarity, emotional adjustment, or business systems, management, or marketing. In addition to 12 years as a Licensed Coach, her background as the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation informs her ability to help you navigate the nuts and bolts of business systems, operations, management, and marketing, so you can successfully put it all together. There is a free webinar training available right now where you (or anyone you know) can learn about the AAA Method of Transformation to bring a new idea or a piece of your business online. It is delivered live so you can really get the answers to your questions. Connect with Donnalynn:  Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
August 17, 2020
'I don't want to be that person' with Alexandra Jeffert
This week we are talking RELATIONSHIPS and not just the kind you have with other people, but also the relationship you have with yourself! Alexandra Jeffert is a breakup and female empowerment coach. She helps women feel empowered after a breakup and become the fierce and powerful woman that manifests ALL her dreams. To connect with Alexandra go to: Instagram: @dreamlifeby_design W: FB group: à free access to her 14 day workshop to recover from breakup and loving yourself unconditionally Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
August 10, 2020
'Give yourself permission to go through it' - with Falisa Asberry
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Falisa Asberry and her husband have been married for 24 years and have two beautiful daughters, ages 20 and 27. Falisa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with cum laude honours from David N. Myers University and a Master of Science degree in the Administration of Criminal Justice from Tiffin University. As a police officer for over 26 years, observing families and children suffering from dysfunctional relationships, Falisa’s fascination with human behaviour steadily grew. Falisa has spent many years mentoring children and young adults, working with families, and supporting them in building healthy and meaningful relationships. This work and her curiosity to learn more inspired Falisa to pursue a doctoral degree in Psychology, with a specialization in counselling from Walden University. To enhance her knowledge even further she has completed extensive work in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership studies, learning effective communication techniques, and tools to create successful relationships. Website: Instagram: @PeacockTCGroup Our closed Facebook community: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
August 4, 2020
'Break Up to Wake Up' - with Jocelyn Bellows
Happy Monday! Today I am talking with the Break Up to Wake Up Coach Jocelyn Bellows.  Here's a bit about Jocelyn: "In 2017, I made the decision dissolve my marriage. At the time, my family and I had moved across the country and I was not working. The one thing that I was most certain of was this decision to leave was an absolute for myself. The day I proclaimed that I was leaving and in the months to come, I began a journey of self-discovery. What was it that made ME tick, what was the joy that I wanted to manifest into my life. I invested in myself: learning and expanding through books, conversations, coaching and training. All along this path, I understood this - I am peeling back the layers of myself to get to the core of my life’s purpose. I’ve made mistakes along the way; I even lost myself for a while during this journey and hid deep within my comfort zone. I could have dealt better with the grief of losing the dream of happily ever after, and the separation and divorce that followed. I let things fall apart around me, rather than proactively building the life I wanted. And, through this, I realized that as I build the life that I have always desired and dreamed for myself, I have the privilege to share this gift, to allow others to discover their deepest and truest selves. To be the mirror for those around me who may not quite see their own greatest selves. This is what brings me the most joy. I use all of the lessons that I have learned to be a meaningful mirror for men and women experiencing dis-ease in their romantic relationships or relationship in their lives. Together, we uncover the layers of stories and mis-truths that you have told themselves, getting to the roots and re-writing the story. By understanding those base layers and removing the weeds, we then get to make room to plant the new story line that nourishes our soul and allows us to live the life of purpose in the beautiful individual you have always intended to be." Check out these links to get in touch and learn more about Jocelyn Bellows: Links: Coaching: Podcast: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
July 27, 2020
'Energy can't be destroyed, but can be transformed' - my chat with Nasira Jamal
It's Monday, that means a brand new episode of the True To You Podcast is here! And today I am chatting with Nasira Jamal.  Nasira Jamal has been raising her own child with special needs for the past 29 years... As a single parent and a low-income earner, she has brought herself out of a life of poverty to achieving well over 50 million dollars in sales volume over the last 10 years. She is the author of an Amazon Best Seller book called “Life Reset.” Nasira Jamal was born in a small village in Kampala, Uganda and migrated to Canada with her family when the Idi Amin regime ordered them out of their country. Nasira was the fourth of five children that her parents raised in Kitchener, Ontario. Though she was trained in early childhood education, her passion for entrepreneurship was fueled by her ambition and drive. She became an award-winning realtor by helping people realize their dreams of home ownership. Her quest to help others grew from here. Nasira specializes in working with start-up and impact driven entrepreneurs who are ready to optimize their business and maximize their results. As a certified BANK IOS Coach she helps her clients make 6 figures + with scientifically proven strategies to supercharge their results up to 300%. Learn more about Nasira at Check her out on Facebook at and on her page at Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
July 20, 2020
'Power of the Ripple Effect' - My chat with Dr. Courtney Paré
Dr. Courtney Paré is a licensed naturopathic doctor, holistic coach, and speaker.  She helps clients live in alignment with their most authentic selves by creating a shift in their relationship with fear, doubt and shame. After 10 years specializing in mental health and trauma work, Courtney witnessed how the stories we tell ourselves profoundly affect our life.  This fuelled her passion to support clients in embracing their innate strengths, gifts and value. She equips individuals with the tools and encouragement necessary to speak up from a place of wholeheartedness in all relationships and create the life they most deeply desire and deserve. You can learn more about Courtney and her work at and Instagram @dr_courtney_pare Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
July 13, 2020
'We All Come With a Contract' - My chat with Linda Babulic
WOW! Do I have an incredible episode for you today! I got the chance to speak with an incredible woman! Linda Babulic is an Executive Life Coach, speaker, author of the Amazon #1 International Best Seller ZEST Your Life - A Taste of Inner Wisdom and certified Dream Coach®. With over 25 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors she has worked with people from all walks of life — from The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, first female Prime Minister of Canada, entry level managers in the auto parts industry to federal inmates serving life sentences. “I help leaders crystallize what they want in business and life so that they are in power and control. And then, I help them build a strategy to align, amplify and attract their ZESTY dreams. Unlike many, we bring this to life through open heart connection, defining values, and the wisdom of ancient women’s teachings.” From keynote speeches to coaching and consulting, to workshops and books, Linda addresses the growing need for connection. Her mission is to move you to a place of power, perseverance and ZEST. Her talks and programs serve anyone seeking greater meaning, deeper understanding and the kind of joy that comes from the heart. Her work, her energy and her smile make the world a better place. Linda has a very special gift for you all today, check it out here And the link to her book: - GO GET IT!!!! Creator of: 1:1 Influence Builder© Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques© Powerful First Impressions© Website: Booking link: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
June 29, 2020
"Dream with purpose" - my chat with Amber Kierra
Are you ready to feel energized and inspired?!?!?! Then you MUST listen to this weeks episode, I got the chance to sit down and talk with Amber Kierra, who is one of the most inspirational humans I have had the chance to talk with. She is so brave and bold and her energy is truly infectious!  Amber Kierra lost 90% of her eyesight growing up and has learned to use courage to overcome fear and navigate obstacles of any kind. She believes in a world where we are not held back by our circumstances rather we live our lives rooted in purpose with boldness and courage. This belief has instilled an immense drive to empower others to take the next step in making their wildest dreams come true. Through speaking on stages and one-on-one coaching, she is truly transforming leaders into bold world changers. Amber is confident that when people are fully walking in their calling, the world is being changed for the better. When you meet Amber, you’ll feel the infectious joy that overflows from her innermost being and experience the impressive confidence and boldness that she seeks to impart to others. People would describe Amber as “a shot of expresso” because everyone who has been in her presence leaves energized and ready to take on the world. Website and Social Media Links Book a complimentary 30-minute connection call with Amber Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
June 22, 2020
'How do you listen to yourself?' - My chat with Jess Bubbico
Today is another incredible episode. I got the chance to sit down and chat with the amazing Jess Bubbico. Listen in to learn more about how to connect with yourself, your intuition. Jess shares with us how to pull purpose from ourselves, how to trust ourselves, and ways to start to pay attention to our own intuition. Jess Bubbico is an Intuitive Medium & Intuition Educator who helps women and men around the globe awaken to the language of their intuition. Jess believes that everyone has the ability to connect with their intuition to guide and lead their most authentic, fulfilling lives- not just some. Jess is dedicated to teaching intuitive cultivation for personal empowerment & global contribution for the highest good. website: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
June 15, 2020
'Be Consistently Persistent' - My chat with Lori McNeil
Welcome to another episode of the True To You Podcast. This is one you DO NOT want to miss. Lori McNeil has such an incredible story, and shares so much powerful tools and wisdom with us in this weeks episode. International Speaker & award-winning Business Coach, Lori McNeil focuses on the foundational tools needed for long-term success. Lori's vast 23 years of experience has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX, and she is an official speaker for the Think & Grow Rich Legacy World Tour. As a Best Selling author of 9 books, she coaches entrepreneurs to build a true Legacy that lasts, while using media to reach more people; as taught in her most recent book, Media Secrets Revealed. Want to connect with Lori? Your PDF Link Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
June 8, 2020
"Be Your Best You" - My chat with Kristin Clark
Oh is it Monday again?!?!You know what that means!! Another new episode! And today I am chatting with Kristin Clark. If you or anyone you know is struggling to find your passions in life, struggling to figure out what kind of a career is right for you than this is the woman to talk to! Kristin Clark is seasoned marketing expert, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, mentor, public speaker, entrepreneur and commissioned artist. She ran corporate marketing departments for twenty years and over the last nine years has been the most requested coach through Everwise, a professional mentoring company. Through these experiences Kristin found her love for mentoring young people. Kristin founded Kristin Clark Coaching and has been working with students to help guide them to determine the right college major and ultimately a career they love. To get in touch with Kristin go to: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
June 1, 2020
'Give yourself permission to keep moving forward' - My Interview with Jennifer Bilger
Happy Monday!! I have been so fortunate to get to chat with so many amazing people on this show, and this week is no different. Today I am talking with Jennifer Bilger who has given me a lot of inspiration! Certified behavioural consultant and coach passionate about helping others find their ‘why’ and helping people understand how to utilize their unique skill set to enhance and grow their businesses, team interactions, communication and selling techniques. Jennifer collaborates with leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and HR professionals helping them choose the best path to lead them to success in resolving issues, meeting goals, growing revenues, creating better team interactions and connecting with others through communication. With a focus on the behavioural side of business,Jennifer effortlessly combines her dedication for guiding others in finding the most efficient solutions and her understanding of people to customize her approach to meet the client’s needs. How to get in touch with Jennifer: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle?  Check out our website at  or follow us on Facebook  and Instagram
May 25, 2020
'You Are Enough' - My chat with Jen Gutfriend
AHHH this week I am speaking with another superstar of a woman! Jen Gutfriend, her story is incredible and empowering! As a hypnotherapist and empowerment coach Jen is on a mission to help ambitious people pleasing women, put themselves first, say no without guilt and set fierce boundaries to manifest the time, money and happiness they truly desire. After always putting everyone’s needs ahead of her own Jen found herself concussed on the floor of the hospital X-ray room as full blown burnout was causing her body to shut down. Knowing she wanted more from her life, Jen walked away from her marriage, business and life to start her 30’s from scratch. To create a life that brought her true joy and happiness and of course success! To connect with Jen go to: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
May 18, 2020
'You're One Decision Away From the Better You' - My chat with Daniel Sande
WHERE MY MEN AT?!?! Ladies too, listen to this episode it is raw, real and remarkable. Today I am chatting with my very first male guest Daniel Sande, and I promise you this is the episode to listen to! Colorful is one way to describe Daniel Sande's life. Entrepreneurship and progress has always been the motivators in his life. The choices made weren't always the greatest, but the lessons learned hold incredible value. Daniel is a true entrepreneur. He has lead canvassing sales teams, developed brick and mortar stores, and online e-commerce businesses. He began sourcing environmentally friendly products and soon realized the difficulties of shipping and importing goods. In response, he learned the ins and outs of import and logistics and now runs a company called Straight Forward Sourcing. From simple sourcing projects like whiteboards, bottles, and lanyards all the way to developing supply and manufacturing chains, Daniel's passion to save people time and money shines through. Want to get in touch with Daniel, find him at the links below: Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle, check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
May 11, 2020
"The superhero to get through this is within you" - my interview with Kim Wojnowich
Happy Monday y'all! Today I am speaking with Kim Wojnowich and today she is going to help us ALL get through this real time pandemic going on in all of our lives! Today Kim is offering her take on how we can deal with our 'new normal' as a family, as business owners and as individuals. What we focus on grows, what do you want more of in your life? Whatever it is focus more on that so it can grow and flourish how you want it to. More about Kim: Kim Wojnowich M.Ed, (Masters in Health Education) Certified Coach, Owner of Live Boldly Coaching The ability to find your BOLD… To be willing and open to becoming more… To dig DEEP to figure out how to do it… To quiet any inner voice that says “you can’t“… To remember your value and show up with confidence and impact… These are the things Kim passionately cultivates in the lives of her clients! Kim is a personal growth coach and owner of Live Boldly Coaching. Her lifelong career in health and wellness, coaching certification, Master’s Degree in Health Education,  and her own personal experiences,  uniquely qualify and position her to help others find their BOLD and truly realize a level of potential, happiness, and peace of mind we all desire! Aside from her love of helping others- Kim loves playing tennis and spending time with her husband- Marc and 2 very busy and active teenage girls- Zoe and Taylor. To get in touch with Kim go to and/or join her Facebook group But First…YOU! Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle, check out our website at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram
May 4, 2020
"I knew who I didn't want to be" - my chat with Brittini Hostyn
Heyyyy y'all!! Today I am chatting with one of my very own friends Brittini Hostyn! Brittini is the owner and head of brand Strategy at the Edmonton based marketing firm Fox and Forth promotions and design. She works with key decision-makers, proactive managers, team builders and tactical planners to achieve marketing and promotional goals. Connect with Brittini: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram:
April 27, 2020
'As soon as your moving you can steer things' - my interview with Dawn Taylor
Y'all I am beyond excited to share this episode with you! Today, I'm chatting with the Hope Giver, Ass Kicker Dawn Taylor. Dawn has such an incredible story, this lady has over come trauma more times than you could imagine! But having a complete sheer stubborn defiance is what got her through it.  In this episode Dawn shares her story and how she overcame her trauma every single time. She reminds us all that growth doesn't come in comfort, that it comes from the discomfort.  Dawn wrote her very own book called, P.S I Made It where she so vulnerably shares her trauma with the world. To get a copy of this book email Dawn at and she will send you your copy - proceeds of the book sales with go to Canadian Mental Health Association. DAWN TAYLOR “Hope Giver. Ass Kicker.” Having struggled with deep depression, a broken back, sexual abuse, a severe eating disorder, attempted suicide and a brain aneurysm– all before she was 18 years old – Dawn became a fighter and a survivor. She then went on to deal with infertility, loss of identity in who she was, loss of a parent and more.  Through an incredible strength, a belief in herself and stubbornness she has fought to become the woman she is today: A successful business owner, coach, wife and volunteer. Her deepest desire is to turn everyone she meets into their own rockstar through her strategy based coaching.  Specializing in entrepreneurial spirited people and in helping them change their “rules” that they have on their life, Dawn will help you set a new standard, step up and create the new life that you want or even just tweak the one that you already love! Get in touch with Dawn: Email - Website - Instagram: Facebook:
April 20, 2020
'The only way to is through' - My interview with Tai Monique
If anyone out there is struggling, if you have gone through a traumatic event in your life and haven't been able to deal with it yet, then listen to this episode! Allow this incredible woman's story be a first step for you to get you on your path to healing. Tai Monique has gone through some struggles of her own and realized that having tremendous faith, knowing there was something greater and staying true to who she is was the way to overcome it.   About Tai Monique: Tai-Monique is #1 bestselling co-author of "I Am A Brilliant Woman" vol.3 and is consistently involved in various pursuits that particularly support women to reclaim their sacred sovereignty and divine feminine wisdom. Co-founder of Sacred Awakenings, she is an intuitive crystal, sound and energy healer, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and educator, Numerologist, NLP practitioner and certified Zen Trilotherapy Life Coach. As the creator of Limitless Lifestyle Expert specializing in vegan skincare, beauty, holistic health and wellness, she infuses how to nourish your body, mind, skin & spirit for vibrant health from the inside out, so you can flourish and align with your soul’s design. Passionate about service and leadership, Tai-Monique guides and empowers others how to build a sustainable, turn-key, online health and wellness, global business with Arbonne International. Driven by purpose, she inspires her team to create a life by design in pursuing their dreams filled of extraordinary choice, authenticity, creativity, love and freedom whilst leaving a legacy. Social Media Links: Facebook: Tai Monique Instagram: tai.monique Linked In: Tai-Monique Limitless Lifestyle Expert: Email: Website: (New website release TBA soon) I Am A Brilliant Woman Vol 3 Book Sacred Awakenings: Email: Website: Instagram: Sacred Awakenings Facebook: Sacred Awakenings *Connect every Sunday night @ 7pm on our FB page for your 1 hr Sound Healing Journey Experience *Connect weekly for our Global Distance Reiki Healing Sessions (complimentary during the pandemic) Arbonne International Independent Consultant  CID: 613289760 E: Facebook Profile: Website:
April 13, 2020
"Confidence is a skill you build" - My Interview with Coach Kayla Marie
You Guyssssss!!! I am so excited to share this weeks episode with y'all! I had the chance to speak with an amazing human being, Coach Kayla Marie. Coach Kayla Marie is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Professional Photographer and Self Love & Confidence Coach for women. Her drive to grow and evolve contributed to her journey in studying and practicing in the self-development arena for over a decade. Kayla combines her unique skill sets to empower other women to get out of self judgement and doubt, so they can show up shine in their lives with purpose and passion. Her story of triumph over bullying, death, divorce, and poor self image has inspired many people around the world to experience the peace, joy and happiness that comes with true self-love and acceptance. Follow Coach Kayla Marie on Instagram @confident.kayla.marie
April 6, 2020
We Are All in This Together - My Interview with Jesse S.
I had an amazing time chatting with Jesse. If any of you are strugglign with whats going on in the world today. listen to this incredible lady! With over two decades of award-winning experience as a Producer in the film and television industry, Jesse is now focused on helping industry professionals build their brand meaningfully. She is the CEO and Founder of a video production company, Modern Muse Media, that teaches businesses and individuals how to produce their own video for social media, how to build up their social brand, how to confidently be the face of their own businesses, and how to take their social media marketing to the next level. Her achievements led to a cover feature in Avenue Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40,”, Best Dramatic Series nominee at the Canadian Screen Awards, three times nominated for an Alberta Women Entrepreneur Award, twice nominated for the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Award for Excellence in Artistic Management and is a 2019 Supearlative Award nominee for special skills.  Jesse dedicates time to sit on the boards of the Edmonton Business Association, Girls in Film & Television, the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta (EDSNA)and is past Vice-President of Women in Film and Television Alberta (WIFTA).
March 30, 2020
Whatever you do, do not quit on yourself!
We are living in a time we probably have never imagined living in, we are staying indoors more, we aren't seeing people, we are doing what we need to do to stop the spread of COVID-19. But that does not give us the excuse to give up on ourselves. Now more than ever we need to push harder and farther to pursue our dreams. On the days when we don't want to get out of bed, we have to force ourselves out of bed, on the days we don't want to move our bodies we have to make ourselves just do it! The hard days are what make us stronger! Keep pushing, keep climbing, keep pursuing your dreams!
March 23, 2020
"The only person who can change this is me" - my interview with Katrina Breau
This week I got to chat with the amazing Katrina Breau! As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Brain Health and Life Coach Katrina combines her education, skills and life experience to aligning with your goals. Through natural whole foods-based advice which focuses on your Brain Health, through nutritional methods to decreasing your health challenges, increasing your cognition, while building your self - confidence. She offers Guidance, Mentorship and Empowerment along each step of your health journey. Katrina provides a transitional pathway from your feeling of isolation on pain island with attainable steps to the enjoyment of everyday life. Clarity to your new reachable health vision is just a choice away. Find Katrina and her books here: 
March 16, 2020
"People Matter Most" - My interview with Jessica Koch
I had so much fun chatting with Jessica. We met over this crazy thing we call social media and our personalities aligned so beautifully. I am so thankful to have her on my show today. Jessica Koch has been a National Sales Professional for more than 25 years. She has worked with Fortune 1000 clients like Disney and Verizon. She has also worked with National Power Utilities, Hospitals, Government and Universities/Colleges. She successfully trained and managed multiple sales teams nationally, who were consistently the top sales producers. She speaks Nationally and have been featured on many podcasts and video interviews. She will soon be featured in a published book series Titled: Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders in the Washington D.C. Area. As the daughter of a Retired Navy Service member she was given the opportunity to reside both domestically and internationally including Germany, France, Bavaria, and Prague. She currently resides in Solomon’s Island Maryland. She and her husband have raised their 7 kids in the area and they are proud to be parents of an Active Duty Member of the United States Army! Jessica’s goal is to guide business owners and sales professionals to achieve a balanced sales and marketing strategy. She uses proven classic sales techniques combined with modern technology, including her vast knowledge of LinkedIn. She has been an active user of LinkedIn since 2008 and has won friends, influenced people and successfully turned Connections into Clients! This approach allows for a drastic increase in bottom line results as well as, time for community and family life. Jessica L. Koch Consulting LLC
March 9, 2020
You attract who you are, not what you want
Y'all!!! Today, I have another amazing interview with another super inspirational lady! Angela Bradford is a Senior Marketing Director with World Financial. In this episode Angela shares with us her journey, how she got to where she is, what her inspirations are, what gets her out of bed in the morning (including her super awesome early morning routine) and so much more!  Although she has been faced with different struggles in her life, she is determined to make this one life she has the absolute best life, and offers some tips on how you can all do the same! If you want to learn more about Angela Bradford connect with her on instagram @the_angela_bradford 
March 2, 2020
Just because something ended, doesn't mean it failed
Today I got the chance to talk with Michelle Bateman. Michelle is a transformational soul coach, dynamic speaker, facilitator and founder of soul journey. She is passionate about helping women discover who they are and create a life they love by uniquely combining Neuroscience and Spirituality to create lasting results quickly in her individual coaching, workshops, events and destination retreats. To learn more about her events go to Where you can find Michelle:
February 24, 2020
You Are Enough
Today on the True to You Podcast I got the chance to speak with an incredible human being Kelli-Anne Cerini. Kelli-Anne is the founder of Cernic Apparel, blogger, hiker, and a life time girl scouts member. Her story is so inspiring. She is firm in her belief that we cannot let our struggles run our lives. She has climbed many mountains in her lifetime, and has been filled with doubt but doesn't let that stop her. Kelli-Anne believes we are all strong, beautiful, capable and more importantly we are all enough! To learn more about Kelli-Anne Cerini follow her on instagram @thecerinicroute .  You can also check her activewear apparel out at AND because she is so amazing she is offering all listeners a 25% off coupon code, use code TRUE25 at checkout to save on your activewear today!
February 17, 2020
Self Care
What is self care? Is it about treating yourself to a shopping spree every six months? Is it getting a massage weekly? To me self care is something that we should be doing daily. Listen to this weeks episode to learn how to make your self care part of your daily routine. To learn more about what we do at True To you check out our website at 
February 11, 2020
Are you living your dream life?
I do not and will not accept a mediocre life. I truly believe right down to my core we all want to be living a life that we love, a life we have designed for ourselves. Check out this weeks episode on how to get your dream life started!
February 3, 2020
Overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality
Recently I was asked the question: "Can you help with staying focused? For those who have an all or none mentality and need strategies to stop from quitting if they "fall off the wagon".  Listen in to this weeks episode for my tips on getting re-focused and overcoming an all or nothing mindset.
January 27, 2020
Do you know your Why?
One of the things getting in the way of you and your goals is you are not connecting your goal to your why. Knowing your why and connecting to it everyday is an important step to get you closer to your dream life!
January 21, 2020
How Gratitude Changed My Life
About a year ago I started my very own gratitude practice. It was hard, I don't even know why I wanted to do this, I didn't know what I should be writing about. But overtime I figured it out and let me tell you, this practice has changed my life! Listen to today's episode to hear how my gratitude practice has made an impact in my life and how it can change yours!
January 13, 2020
Listen to Your Body
Today Jessica is talking all about health. Being healthy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel. When you feel good, you get more done! Learn to listen to your body so you can fuel it with what it wants and get you through your day feeling energized and accomplished!
January 6, 2020
January 6, 2020
January 6, 2020