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Her Radical Movement Podcast

Her Radical Movement Podcast

By jessica laura
A place to honour the most radical and trust expression of yourself, with all the messiness of what it means to be human. When I was 20, I found myself in hospital with an internal bleed suffering with all kinds of gut and hormonal imbalances. Five years on at 24, I'm ready to share my story and show you why your symptoms are a gift and how dance has transformed the relationship I have with my inner world & outer world. Awaken your medicine here, and become a walking and talking piece of art.
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Seasonal being - let's spill the T on depressive seasons and how we can look after ourselves
August 19, 2021
This episode is devoted to a fellow sister of mine that deeply wanted to receive this medicine. EPISODE 7 is all about we can uncondition the journalling practices in order to uncover and reawaken your core desire in this lifetime. FROM THIS SPACE, every piece of bodily art, movement and expression will be a love letter to the universe. IN THE HERE AND NOW, you can channel core desire and know that every turn is in honour of your highest good, to ultimately support you receive this. I speak about my challenges with my body and how my experience with pain has effectively healed my relationship with joy. This episode is ALIVE + PULSATING with love so that you can too enter into your journal, in honour of your WHOLESELF coming to life again.
August 05, 2021
Creating a Home Within - learn your process so you can build a home outside of you too.
This episode dives into a very juicy and spontaneous download that moved through me on the Brighton Seafront. I talk about nervous system health, decision making, trauma loops, the continuum of learning about our existence & how we can begin to gentle move away from environments that no longer serve our bodies and greater purpose. I also expose some of my most personal relatedness to my environment and how allowing myself the compassion to make repetitive choices has effectively brought me into a place of profound awareness and grace with my body.
June 19, 2021
Luteal Phase 'FUCK' - How to awaken your medicine in a phase that you’ve been trying to ‘fix’.
My luteal phase has been my source of all the intensity, in my physical & emotional body for as a long as I can remember. Over the years, my body has ridden waves that has meant that the high estrogen pattern became far more crippling during my dance with chronic illness & lyme. And now I come to you with a perspective that literally soothe my entire being. No longer forcing feeding times, or supplements into me but rather allowing the parts of me that feel magnified to exist and express in my body + my day. The luteal phase is the rising tide through our emotional waters and we’re being invited into the depths of these parts that need loving, not fixing. We then instantly allow the initiation in, our bleed and our release when we devote our energy to regulating, healing, allowing, resting, trusting... it gets to become easier when we begin to listen to the gentle whispers of our body and heart. Anddd we then tap into the untapped medicine we’ve always had, our self. This episode is devote to you and the years of feeling like I needed to be fixed, so I hope it touches you and guides you into a place of ease and acceptance, wherever you be. Much love x
June 09, 2021
Manifest your desires as you are!
In this episode I'm sharing with you some of the many beautiful manifestations & magical conversations I have received recently when I've just allowed myself to ask for a what desire in the deep shadow moments also. What I've come to learn recently is that no matter what state I'm in, I'm still worthy, and I'm still worthy of asking for what I need .. and so are you!
May 31, 2021
Parents, triggers + beginning the journey of radical acceptance for our loved ones.
This episode is guiding you into a journey of self awareness, expression and curiosity into the relationship you be in with your parents and loved ones. I talk about how boundaries with my parents was the most radical form of self love I could do for myself, and in doing this, how it’s now allowed me to be in a very compassionate and accepting relationship with my mum. This fragment of my journey will enrich the parts of you that feel unsafe to express your very real feelings around your parents, and when we begin to allow we begin to heal.
April 20, 2021
Welcome to the Radical Movement Podcast
This episode is welcoming all of you into this deep and rich space. Today I’m unveiling what healing truly is and introducing you to the truest expression of what it is to be human, experiencing dis - ease. I hope you feel like you belong and can relate in some way.
April 16, 2021