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Lit These Days Presented by The Mark Literary Review

Lit These Days Presented by The Mark Literary Review

By Jessica Purgett
Jessica Purgett, Editor-in-Chief of The Mark Literary Review, interviews authors and people in the literary community about their work.
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How Do You Know When a Poem is Finished?
In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Jessica Purgett talks to Charles Carter, a poet with quite a few collections out now or forthcoming very soon. They talk about his collections, how you know when a poem is finished, and where to submit your work once it's done. The Mark Literary Review publishes a list of literary magazines that are open for submissions every Sunday. Check it out at
April 28, 2021
How Do You Start a Writing Group?
In this episode, Jessica interviews Alex Law, a law student who also runs a writing group. They talk about how to start your own writing group and how to keep people engaged once it's created. Alex also reads a piece Jessica published in The Mark Literary Review a few months ago called "Back When I was Charlie."
April 14, 2021
Two Editors Talking About Stuff and Things
In this episode, Jessica Purgett, editor of The Mark Literary Review, talks to Jeff Bogle, editor of a new literary magazine, Stanchion. They talk about why Jeff started a print magazine in 2020 (isn't print dead?), the editing process, and other editorial things.
March 31, 2021
The Coolest City Around
Jessica Purgett, Editor-in-Chief of The Mark Literary Review, interviews Chuck Augello about his short story collection The Inexplicable Grey Space We Call Love. They talk about his writing process, how he got published, and how being an editor of Cease, Cows helped his own writing. Chuck also reads Jessica's favorite story from the collection, "Cool City."
March 17, 2021
How do You Promote a Book?
Welcome to the first edition of "Lit These Days: Presented by The Mark Literary Review." In 2018, Jessica Purgett launched The Mark Literary Review, an online literary journal. She's published over 150 authors since its inception and now she's launching a podcast! In the first edition, she interviews Lori Hettler, a freelance book publicist. Lori discusses the books she's currently promoting as well as how to promote your own books should you choose to go it alone. 
March 3, 2021