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Real World Podcast: Sessions With Jessica Redmerski-Tacu

Real World Podcast: Sessions With Jessica Redmerski-Tacu

By Jessica Tacu
Jessica Tacu, author and graphic designer, talks about life and death and all the in-between. Help building strong women from someone who had to learn the hard way. Feminist. Mental Health advocate. Tired of being quiet in such a loud world.
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Uninvited Visitors Set My Teeth On Edge
I get an unexpected visit from someone I don't know, and now it's the end of the world. Really, though I talk about high-functioning anxiety - even though I incorrectly label it - and how door knocks and telephone rings can turn my whole damn day into a dumpster fire.
April 26, 2021
Facing My Fears 1 - Hypochondria & Podcasts
I wasn't going to continue my podcast until I realized it was yet another fear in an ever-growing list of fears, that I'm determined to conquer. So, I am back. I talk about hypochondria, my fear of flying, covid, and my fear of society's backlash. I have also started a Youtube channel for this podcast, and you can find it here:
April 15, 2021
Stop Ignoring the Darkness
In this episode, I talk about many things going on in the world that we tend to ignore because they make us uncomfortable, afraid, or maybe we just feel like there's nothing we can do about them even if we tried. But we need to stop ignoring the way the world truly is; we need to stand up and face it, and do something about it. Because whether or not we want to admit it, these problems are our problems, and the world will only get darker if we continue to ignore them.
November 26, 2020
My Introduction & Publishing Success Story
In this episode, I introduce myself and briefly talk about going from "poor", living in government housing, on food stamps, and raising three young children alone, to having great success as an independent author. I also give you a glimpse into future episodes.
November 19, 2020