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Jesus Affirms Me

Jesus Affirms Me

By Audrey Moreland
Affectionately known as The Jam, this podcast serves to provide a safe space for candid conversations about faith in Jesus and His affirming power in the lives of young professionals, entrepreneurs, families and singles. Prepare to to be empowered, uplifted and encouraged, regardless of where you are in your walk with Jesus. My hope is that each episode will inspire you to embrace God’s perfect love, promises and affirmations for your life!
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17| Mental Health and the Church (feat. Marcken Volmy)
May is Mental Health Awareness Month! And you may ask, why should we be aware of our mental health? Well, because the health of our psychological well-being is a very important part of our overall general health. On today's episode we are joined by licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner of Bedrock Counseling, Marcken Volmy. Marcken joins us to discuss what mental health is and why it's extremely important for us to take care of it. We also talk about why mental health may be a stigma in the Church today and how Church leaders can support the mental health of its parishioners.  Marcken is married with two beautiful daughters. He loves to travel, eat and engage in meaningful conversations with friends and family. Marcken has worked in the mental health profession for about 7 years in many different capacities and has launched his own private practice, Bedrock Counseling.  Contact Marcken at Bedrock Counseling by going to  Also on Instagram @bedrockcounseling and Facebook, Be sure to check out Marcken's Peaceful Chaos podcast on all streaming platforms. 
May 30, 2021
16| The Joys & Pain of Motherhood (feat. Vicky Horne)
I found a definition of motherhood which defines it as the state or experience of having or raising a child. That’s exactly what Vicky Horne drops in to share with us - her experience in motherhood. Vicky talks about the joys of being a girl mom and her experience with losing a baby girl a few years ago. Vicky is a wife, mom, nurse and nursing student. She’s active in ministry at her church with a passion for women and young moms. To connect with Vicky, follow her on ig @vhorn03
May 9, 2021
15| Jammin' with Mireille (feat. Mireille Noel)
My good friend, singer/songwriter and worship leader, Mireille Noel, drops in to the JAM podcast to let us know about her new single, Come What May. If you haven't checked it out - run and do so NOW!! Come What May is available for purchase, download and streaming on all major music streaming platforms. Mireille also tells us about her songwriting process and offers some advice for going public with the gift(s) God has given you.  Listen to Come What May on Youtube: Be sure to follow Mireille on IG @simplymireille IG: @Jesusaffirmsme 
April 25, 2021
14| Be Angry But Do Not Sin
Ya'll I am angry! And so frustrated at the sin that is so rampant in our land that we struggle to see our brothers, sisters and neighbors in the image of God. So much so that the unjust murders of unarmed black and brown people by those who have taken an oath to protect said people is wreaking havoc on our nation. So, I'm angry and rightly so. In Ephesians 4:26, the Apostle Paul instructs us to be angry yet sin not; and don't let the sun go down on your anger. How sway? Sometimes the offense is so deep that I need a least of few days Paul.  In today's episode, I offer up a few suggestions for how to navigate this emotion in light of what's going on in our land. It is only by God's grace that we can explore forgiveness - first seeking God's forgiveness for our transgressions then trusting Him to help us to forgive our brothers and sisters.  Dearly beloved, take heart and know that God is sitting on the throne as the final and just judge. Believe in Him today for all of the help that you need to get through your go through.  Follow @jesusaffirmsme on Instagram 
April 18, 2021
13| Lord, Heal Our Land (feat. Eddie Gunter)
Worship is essential to the life of the believer and their relationship with Jesus. It is the expression of reverence and adoration of a deity and in our case, the Triune God and can be expressed in many different ways. On today's episode, we're joined by singer/songwriter, Minister, Worship Leader and Music Teacher, Eddie Gunter to talk about worship - mainly in song. Eddie drops in to talk about his new song titled, Heal Our Land, and he also talks about the importance of worship for the believer. Eddie is the CEO of Eddified Music, the host of Cafe Light (a Christian social/networking event) and the music minister at Gospel Light Church Miami. Keep up with all of Eddie's happenings by following him on instagram @eddiefied_music and Eddie Gunter on Facebook and Youtube (  Follow @jesusaffirmsme on IG.  
April 11, 2021
12| Christ, Coffee & Affirmed in Jesus (feat. Karlisha Vice)
Jesus is obviously all we ever need but coffee though... I'm actually not a fan of the very popular caffeinated drink but communing with friends, family and others over food and drink is what Jesus did and He did it often. Which is why I love the idea of this ministry my dear friend and today's episode guest, Karlisha Vice, leads.  Christ and Coffee is a ministry where Karlisha shares God's word via social media and have reached audiences that she otherwise may not have. Tune in to hear Karlisha talk about women finding their value and worth in Jesus and advice for choosing God's way over the way of the world. Karlisha is a lover of Jesus. She works as a career advisor and offers encouraging words on her Love V instagram page. Be sure to follow her on her socials to stay in the know and encouraged.  Be sure to follow Karlisha on Instagram @lovevinspo and @christcoffeecc and also on Facebook: Christ and Coffee Follow Jesus Affirms Me @jesusaffirmsme
March 28, 2021
11| How Sweet is the name of Jesus (feat. Keisha Gaines)
You ever hear the name of Jesus referred to as "sweet", like the name of Jesus is so sweet or Emmanuel's name so sweet? And wonder it means? Oftentimes it's pointing to the pleasant and overall general delight in the name of Jesus. W.C. Martin wrote it this way in his hymnal titled, The name of Jesus is so Sweet:  The name of Jesus is so sweet, I love its music to repeat; It makes my joys full and complete,   The precious name of Jesus. Jesus! oh, how sweet the name, Jesus! every day the same; Jesus! let all saints proclaim     It's worthy praise forever. The sweet name of Jesus is worthy of praise forever! The word sweet carries another meaning though. It's pleasantries can also be attributed to foods, namely cakes! And if you want good cake that's also nice to look at, then look no further than Keisha Cakes. Joining us on today's episode to talk about Jesus and his hand in her business and life in general is Christian woman business owner Keisha Gaines. Keisha shares with us her go to scripture for encouragement in her endeavors, why prayer is important as a Christian business owner and advice for dealing gracefully with difficult customers that points to her relationship with Jesus.  Keisha Cakes is a home-based business located in Boynton Beach, FL. Their mission is to put smiles on faces by creating quality cakes that taste yummy and are to the clients specifications or custom design. Keisha loves Jesus, her husband Pernell, their two beautiful daughters and displaying her artistry through beautiful cakes. Be sure to be in the know with all things Keisha Cakes on the web and socials. Website: IG: @keishacakesllc Facebook: Keisha Cakes  Follow Jesus Affirms Me on IG: @jesusaffirmsme
March 21, 2021
10| Finding God's Favor in Every Moment (feat. Michelle Olmann)
Women are resilient, strong and capable of so much. We run businesses, keep our homes in order, and do what we can to make the best out of every moment. Thankfully, when we want to celebrate moments we can call on people like Michelle Olmann of Hello Moments - an events planning company. Michelle loves Jesus, her husband Josh and her vibrant 2 year old son Mahershala (aka Hershey Kisses). When she's not creating memorable events for Hello Moments, Michelle works as the program coordinator for Gospel Fellowship Church in Boynton Beach and the office coordinator for CoWork Boynton.  In today's episode, Michelle shares with us how her Creator (God) created her to create and how she uses creation to create perfect moments for her clients. What I love about this conversation with Michelle is how she points it all back to Jesus, how far He's brought her and His affirmation of her. Check out today's episode and allow her story to encourage you in whatever season or endeavor you find yourself in or pursuing.  Be sure to be in the know with all things Hello Moments on the web and socials. Website: IG: @_hellomoments_ Facebook: Hello Moments Jesus Affirms Me on IG: @jesusaffirmsme
March 14, 2021
09| Jesus Affirms Women
Happy Women's History Month! The fact that it is already March is beyond me. Seriously, how sway?  Nevertheless, time is moving and let's just thank God that we're still here because of His grace. There are many folks who cannot say the same. As we quickly approach the 1 year mark in which the very deadly, very present COVID-19 virus gripped our nation - let's take some time to pray for those of us who are grieving the loss of loved ones. The bible instructs us in Romans 12:15 to mourn with those who mourn.  March is also when we celebrate women and their history. But I'd first like to celebrate God and his creation of women. Jesus affirms us in our womanhood and there are many biblical references that point us to that affirmation.  In today's episode, we take a look at different scriptures that shows His affirming love for us and a couple of examples of His physical and supernatural presence that is with us and will find us wherever we are.  Follow Jesus Affirms Me on IG @jesusaffirmsme 
March 7, 2021
08| God's Divine Intervention in Our Oblivion (feat. Dave & Naomie Matilus)
I can't believe February is over!! It feels like the month was just a blur. But guess what isn't a blur? God's perfect intentionality in how He orchestrates our lives and love stories. Today's episode features a couple who's story has had God's hand all up in and through it for the past 11 years & counting. Dave and Naomie Matilus joins us on today's episode to recount how they met, talked, met, talked and met again - then finally married! Their story is definitely one you don't hear about often but I'm so happy that they lovingly share their story with us. Dave and Naomie reside in Boynton Beach, FL with their two handsome boys, David and Zahir. Dave works as a psychiatric nurse and Naomie is an educator, baker and an avid reader. They both love Jesus and rests in His affirmations daily.  Follow Naomie on IG @naeeohhmee_  Follow Jesus Affirms Me on IG @jesusaffirmsme
February 28, 2021
07| Navigating Singleness as a Christian Man (feat. Jr Beauzier)
It's not very often that we get to hear about navigating singleness as a Christian from a male’s perspective. Which is why I'm very happy to have on the show today Mr. Jr Beauzier and he's bringing the heat!  Jr is the host of the Staying Empowered podcast. He loves to learn, loves people and loves to inspire. Jr is a community leader who is passionate about empowering his community regarding all things mental health, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and so on.  Be sure to check out the Staying Empowered podcast and follow Jr on IG @jrdreamville Follow Jesus Affirms Me on IG @jesusaffirmsme
February 21, 2021
06| Love Worth the Wait (feat. Danyl & Mireille Noel)
Happy Valentine's Day! Today I have the privilege of talking with some dear friends of mine about God's faithfulness in helping them to abstain from sex until they married each other & His handiwork in bringing them together. Danyl and Mireille have been married for 2 years and counting and their marriage has been God ordained ministry to everyone around them. They have graciously allowed us a moment into their love story and have painted a beautiful picture of God's faithfulness in keeping them both sexually pure until marriage. Danyl and Mireille reside in Palm Beach County, Fl, where they both serve in ministry and marriage. Mireille is a singer and songwriter and Danyl enjoys outdoor activities, like fishing, hunting & soccer. They both love Jesus and hope to leave a legacy of love, faithfulness and fruitfulness in their communities because of God's work in them.  Follow Mireille on IG @simplymireille  Keep up with the Jesus Affirms Me on IG @jesusaffirmsme
February 14, 2021
05| It's Just Me and the Lord & Sometimes Dating Apps (feat. Gilline James)
On today's episode I am hanging out with a really good friend, Ms. Gilline James. Gilline and I are chatting about God's faithfulness as we navigate singleness as Christian women. Gilline lets us know if she thinks God can be trusted with our hearts and desires and also how to discern our wants vs what God wants for us. We're even talking about dating and our experiences with both online and traditional dating. Gilline is a social worker who works and resides in Broward County, Florida. She loves the Lord and His word and is trusting in Him with the desires of her heart.  Check out the episode and follow Gilline on IG: @_gilline and Twitter @gilline_ Follow Jesus Affirms Me on IG: @jesusaffirmsme
February 7, 2021
04| Perfect Love
John 3:16 tells us that “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” That's that Agape Love!  This episode celebrates God's perfect love towards us and talks about how we can mimic that love by loving Him and loving others.  The quote that read is by Jack Zavada, "What Is Agape Love in the Bible?". I'm pretty sure I said "Zack Zavada" in the episode.  Be sure to subscribe, rate the show and follow on IG @jesusaffirmsme
January 31, 2021
03b| Black Christianity Pt. II (feat. Joshua Olmann)
Welcome back to part II of the Black Christianity episode. Joshua Olmann will continue walk us through scripture that further affirms our identity in Jesus, point us to the black presence in scripture and shout out some black theologians to help equip us in our faith journey! Josh loves Jesus and his kicks! He is the husband to Michelle Olmann (@hellomoments) and the father to a beautiful young king, Mahershala! He has a Masters Degree in Divinity and is really passionate about spreading God's truth in love and faith. Check out the episode and follow Josh on all social media platforms @kickdatgospel for more biblical truths. IG: @jesusaffirmsme
January 24, 2021
03a| Black Christianity Pt. I (feat. Joshua Olmann)
I get to kick it with Joshua Olmann of KICKDATGOSPEL to talk about Christianity while black. Josh takes us through scripture, quotes and life experiences to help us navigate scripture to find our identity in Jesus and also how Jesus affirms us as black Christians. We'll hear scripture references that point to the black presence in the old and new testaments, how the Gospel eradicates the idea of "white supremacy", why Christianity is not "the white man's religion" and so much more!!  Josh loves Jesus and his kicks! He is the husband to Michelle Olmann (@hellomoments) and the father to a beautiful young king, Mahershala! He has a Masters Degree in Divinity and is really passionate about spreading God's truth in love and faith.  Check out the episode and follow Josh on all social media platforms @kickdatgospel for more biblical truths.  IG: @jesusaffirmsme
January 24, 2021
02| Delighting in the Lord
In this episode, we take a look at Psalm 37:4 and its surrounding text to define what it means to delight in the Lord. Join me in highlighting God’s faithfulness to us when we find our joy in Him.  Romans 3:10 (ESV) - as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one; If you would like to send me an audio message, you can do so by going here —> —> hit the message button. I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode or the podcast in general.  Follow us on instagram @jesusaffirmsme  Email
January 17, 2021
01| Welcome to The JAM
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Jesus Affirms Me podcast. This episode serves the purpose of introducing myself to you, explaining the idea behind the JAM and what’s in store for future episodes.
January 10, 2021