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The Teachings of The Jesus of History

The Teachings of The Jesus of History

By Antonio Sebastian
All the latest insights on everything 'The Jesus of History' - listen to your life make sense.
Analysis of the True Sayings of the Jesus of History. The Jesus of History versus the Christ of Myth. Nazarene Judaism and Kabbalah. Episodes include practical advice on how to make his teachings work for you.
All in 20 minutes or less.
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The Jesus Family Tomb Reopened - Part 1: a summary
In 1980, a construction crew accidentally uncovered the tomb of the Jesus family. For the last forty years Christian pseudo academics and various other vested interests have done everything they could to rebury the Jesus of History. In part one of this series, Antonio Sebastian provides a summary of the archaeological excavation and blows the lid off the greatest cover-up in history.
January 22, 2021
Why does everyone hate the Jesus of History
The Christian Church is entirely responsible for the fact that everyone, in the modern world, hates the Jesus of History. Popular ‘artists’ exhibit statues of him crucified in urine! Other ‘artists’ portray Jesus as a menstruating god. Not long ago, he was even turned into a successful cartoon character of himself. Unlike the Prophet Mohammed, who is treated with great respect by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, Jesus is considered a fair target for the world’s casual contempt. It has become fashionable, in the West, to deny that the Jesus of History ever even existed. In Europe or America, it is easier to admit to a history of insanity than an interest in the Jesus of History. In this week's podcast Antonio Sebastian asks why! His answer may surprise you! 
January 15, 2021
Islam and the Jesus of History - Five Similarities
If the Jesus of History returned tomorrow, if he was forced to make a choice, he would probably be a Muslim and why shouldn't he be? Christianity tends to assume that Christianity owns the copyright on Jesus but it does not. Forensic analysis of the historical texts based on philosophical coherence reveals a truth that Christians would prefer to ignore. That's why that in any debate Christians try to determine which historical documents are kosher and which are not but that is not how history is done. Facts are facts! You ignore them at your peril. Biblical Scholars have known for the last two hundred years that, hidden within the words of Christ, there are a collection of sayings that can be reliably attributed to the Jesus of History and have obviously been copied from a common source. Incredibly, that knowledge has been kept from the paying public. When considered as a whole, those sayings reveal a spiritually unique and entirely complete philosophical paradigm. The teachings of the Jesus of History are entirely Hebrew but, at the same time, distinctly not Judean. In five important ways the teachings of the Jesus of History are more Islamic than Christian.
January 8, 2021
Trump's Spiritual Advisor Versus the Jesus of History
It would be easy to laugh at President Trump's Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, but it would be a mistake to dismiss her as insane. The truth is that Paula White represents two thousand years of Christian scriptural tradition. It is that tradition that unites Christians in their belief that the closer to God you are the more insane your behaviour becomes. This is where we get the word 'touched' as a euphemism for someone who is obviously insane. It comes from the phrase 'touched by God'. The Jesus of History, on the other hand, taught that the proximity of God brings clarity and light. For him the proximity of God came slowly and in silence. So how could Paula White and the Evangelical Christians be so fatally wrong? How can Christians attribute their own insanity to the Jesus of History? In this week's Podcast, we examine how Greco-Roman visions of God, informed the formation of Christianity and how it has created the phenomena of modern Evangelical Preachers and changed the course of history.
January 1, 2021
Did the Jesus of History Believe in Animal Sacrifice?
"Why did God demand animal sacrifice?" is one of the most common search strings on Google. Unfortunately, the answers given by religious experts leave a lot to be desired!   For example:  1. Dead animals are like mobile phones to God  2. We are actually doing animals a favour!  3. Animal sacrifice was a warm up for the main event: sacrificing Jesus.  4. Blood washes away sin  5. Killing animals is like paying taxes to God.   Author of 'The True Sayings of Jesus: the Nazarene Paradigm', Antonio Sebastian, takes a common sense approach and asks 'Did the Jesus of history believe in animal sacrifice'. From the Spanish mountains, he discusses the historical context and the possible effects of this ancient and still controversial practice. His answer may surprise you!
December 30, 2020
The Science Behind the Jesus of History
What makes the Jesus of History so interesting is that his teachings describe a sub-atomic reality that science is only now discovering. This podcast is just a short introduction to Quantum Mechanics and how science validates the words of the Jesus of History without the need for scriptural authority, but at the same time does not contradict it. We ask, in the face of a global pandemic, "Does my life matter?"
December 30, 2020
Welcome to the Jesus of History Channel
For the latest insights on everything "The Jesus of History" from forensic textual analysis to practical tips on deep prayer and meditation. With the author of "The True Sayings of Jesus - the Jesus of History Vs the Christ Myth" explore Hebrew Spirituality through the eyes of historic reality. Podcasts every Friday - 20 minutes or less. If you are interested in the history of the Southern Levant and the Hebrew people don't forget to subscribe.
December 30, 2020