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Remember What's Next

Remember What's Next

By JFI Remember Whats Next
Exploring the past to understand our future. This podcast looks are current issues through the lens of Jewish history with author, reseacher and lecturer Rabbi Ken Spiro and JFI Director Ellie Bass. Each week we will explore a current topic in the news or the world and use history to understand it's deeper implications for the Jewish world and beyond.
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S1 Ep 7: Antisemitism and AntiZionism Part 2
Today we discuss the topics of indigeneity, the new blood libel that Israel is withholding vaccines, and that in order for us to be able to address the virus of antisemitism we have to diagnose it correctly when it appears.  
January 17, 2021
S1 Ep 6 Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism Part 1 - The History and Social Media
In this episode Rabbi Ken Spiro and Ellie Bass are discussing the landscape of anti-semitic and anti-zionist rhetoric on social media today, and how Jewish history is essential to understanding the multi-layered aspects of this ancient hatred and modern version of it.  Check out more about Ken's work at Learn more about what Ellie does at Send us questions and topic suggestions to 
January 6, 2021
S1 Ep 5: Leadership, Polarization and CoVid - 2020 Lookback
This week Rabbi Ken Spiro and Ellie Bass glance over 2020 and use Jewish history to understand the themes of this year, political polarization, CoVid, global connections and lack of leadership.  Learn more about Rabbi Spiro at Learn more about the JFI  Let us know your questions, topic ideas and feedback at 
December 31, 2020
Abraham Accords: The History of Arabs and Jews
In this episode Rabbi Spiro and Ellie discuss the recent Abraham Accords and look back to the history of Yishmael and Yitzchak and move forward from there to try to understand what is happening now and what we can do to bring peace. 
December 28, 2020
S1 Ep 3: Chanukah Then and Now
This week on Rabbi Ken Spiro and Ellie Bass discuss the upcoming Jewish holiday of Chanukah starting with a history of the holiday. They discuss whether we are really commemorating the right things, what it means to be a Hellenist and what is the real superpower of the Jewish people.  To learn more about Rabbi Spiro's work go to  To learn more about Ellie Bass and The Yetta Nashman Jewish Family Institute go to To leave us a voice message with topic ideas, questions and feedback go to
December 9, 2020
S1 Ep 2 Part 2 Intro: What is History
Part 2 of our Introduction rounds out the plot of the narrative of our Jewish history and gives us a timeline to orient us now. We discuss how we can see ourselves as a part of history if we believe in a God that determines the goals and future. We also get an update on Rabbi Spiro's latest dig! 
December 2, 2020
S1 Ep1 Intro Part 1: What is "History"
In this first episode we meet Rabbi Ken Spiro and Ellie Bass, and ask the beginning question of "What is History"? What sources do we use and how do we ascertain fact from fiction? We also delve into the idea that we are a part of an ongoing story, and how looking back helps us to clarify where we are going. Look for Part 2 of this intro next week were we will then ask What is "Our Story".  If you would like to know more about Ellie Bass and the JFI and our other podcasts and programs please go to  Rabbi Spiro is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher for Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem. In addition, he is a licensed tour guide from the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Rabbi Spiro graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Russian Language and Literature and did graduate studies at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. He has an MA in History from The Vermont College of Norwich University and Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs such as B.B.C. Radio and TV., The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Channel 4 England and Arutz Sheva-Israel National Radio. He is the author of WorldPerfect – The Jewish Impact on Civilization published by HCI books, Crash Course in Jewish History published by Targum Press and Destiny – Why a tiny nation plays such a huge role in history published by Geffen Publishing House. His writings and seminars can be accessed on  and Please send us topic ideas or questions at 
November 26, 2020