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The Agile Manager Skills That You Need To Have!

The Agile Manager Skills That You Need To Have!

By Jim Anderson
Managing a team is not just a job, it’s a science. Nobody knows more about the science of managing teams than Dr. Jim Anderson.

“I don’t embrace excuses for why teams aren’t being successful, I embrace solutions.”

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Anderson has transformed failing teams worldwide. Dr. Anderson will turn these lost teams into department champions.

Dr. Jim Anderson understands what it is like to both work in a department as an employee as well as a manager.

Welcome to the premier podcast for learning how to attract, motivate, and retain top staff.
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Mangers Need To Deal With Younger Team Members Who Feel Lonely
The goal of every manager is to find a way to get the most out of each  of their team members.  What this means is that we need use our manager  skills to stay on top of them and always be monitoring what their  current status is. What we need to be looking for are team members who  are feeling remote or disconnected. They won’t be able to function well  with the rest of the team and their work performance may start to slack  off.  One thing that managers need to keep their eyes open for is when  the younger members of their team start to show signs of feeling lonely – this is when a manager needs to step in.
July 28, 2022
Managers Deal With The Problem Of Too Much Videoconferencing
As the world has changed and we are all working remotely, video conferencing has arrived as a way for everyone to stay in contact.  In the beginning  it was an amusing novelty and gave us a chance to see where everyone  lives. However, the initial novelty has now worn off. Just about  everyone has become tired of video conferencing and sorta wishes  that it would go away. As a manager, you need your team to stay  connected and video conferencing is an important tool.  What can you do  to use your manager skills to prevent video conferencing burn out?
July 21, 2022
Should Managers Be Using Emojis At Work?
So can we talk about email?  It’s a key part of our life and it seems  like we spend a great deal of time each day using our manager skills to  read emails that have been sent to us and composing emails to send to  others. However, email has always had a problem. It turns out that the  written word does a very poor job of conveying how the sender is feeling when they are sending it.  When we talk to people we can read their body language and facial  expressions – not so when we are reading their emails.  It turns out that  there is a way around this problem – emojis.
July 14, 2022
Just Exactly How Should Managers Go About Delegating Tasks?
As a manager, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get  everything done.  I’m pretty sure that we all wish that we could clone  ourselves so that we would have more hands to help with all of the work  that needs to be done.  It turns out that cloning does not yet exist;  however, if you can learn how to delegate effectively then you just might be able to find the help that you need in order to get all of your work done.
June 30, 2022
How Managers Can Get Over Their Addiction To Email
As managers, a great deal of each day is taken up with dealing with email.   No matter if it is sorting through all of the new email that has  arrived since we last took a look at it or it is crafting the perfect  response to that email that we just got, all of this stuff takes time. A lot of time.   How can a manager use our manager skills to get over our addiction to email?
June 23, 2022
Managers Deal With Employees Who Aren’t Coming Back
Let’s face it: being a manager is a tough job.  We’ve got to find ways to  motivate our team to work together in order to accomplish shared goals  that will allow the company to meet its objectives. This is not an easy  thing to do. Then the pandemic hit and everybody went home for a year.  As the pandemic wanes, many firms are deciding that it’s time for their  staff to come back to the office. They want the interaction that can  only happen there – the exchange of ideas, the realization of things  that need to be accomplished. Just one problem: not all of your team  members want to come back into the office.  What’s a manager to do? - Listen To The Podcast! Check out the best Manager podcast out there. Updated each week:
June 16, 2022
What A Manager Can Do To Get Their Team To Communicate
We all know what is asked of mangers: go out there and get the best team  that you can.  We do this – we try very hard to both attract and retain  the best people to become members of our team. However, it turns out  that that is not all that we need to be doing. Getting our team members to communicate is key to making the team successful.  As a manager, you need to take a look at your team and if communication is not happening, then you need to make some changes.
June 09, 2022
Managers Want To Know Why Their Team Members Will Leave
As though you didn’t have enough else to worry about as a manager, it turns out that using your manager skills to keep your team together is an important part of what the company has hired you to do.   We all understand that the people who make up your team are always  getting calls from headhunters, suggestions from friends, and emails  talking about great new jobs. None of this matters if they are happy  where they currently are. However, if they start to become irritated  with their job, then the chances that they’ll leave become greater.  Do you know what could cause the members of your team to leave?
May 26, 2022
Should Managers Be Looking For Employees With Videogame Skills?
When you think of someone who plays video games,  what do you think of?  If you are like most of us, you picture a young  man with long stringy hair that is unwashed, perhaps wearing a flannel  shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. This person probably doesn’t want  to make eye contact with you and instead prefers to talk with his  friends. It turns out that your image of a gamer is way out of date.  First off, girls play video games also. Additionally, the video game  universe has grown so much that video gamers now look like just about any young person that you might run into.  This brings up an interesting point for managers: are video gamers the people that we should be hiring?
May 19, 2022
Should Managers Be Looking For Employees With Videogame Skills?
When you think of someone who plays video games, what do you think of? If you are like most of us, you picture a young man with long stringy hair that is unwashed, perhaps wearing a flannel shirt, black jeans, and combat boots. This person probably doesn’t want to make eye contact with you and instead prefers to talk with his friends. It turns out that your image of a gamer is way out of date. First off, girls play video games also. Additionally, the video game universe has grown so much that video gamers now look like just about any young person that you might run into. This brings up an interesting point for managers: are video gamers the people that we should be hiring?
May 12, 2022
What Managers Should Do If Team Members Are Too Engaged
One of the primary jobs of a manager is to find a way to use our manager skills to get the members of their team to become engaged with the work that they are doing. If we can accomplish this, then productivity can  go up, teamwork will increase, and everyone should be happy.  However, as  with all such things in life, it turns out that there is a downside to doing this.   Team members can become too engaged in what they are working on and  this is going to create a different set of problems for a manager.
May 05, 2022
Managers Struggle To Deal With Success
It does not happen all the time.  However, sometimes a manager will be successful.  Something that we attempt will happen the way that we wanted it to or  we might just get lucky and a success will drop into our laps. However,  the problem with being successful is that sometimes this can be a big problem in helping us to grow and develop.  What managers need to do is to find ways to use their manager skills  learn from their success.  How should managers deal with success?
April 28, 2022
Are Questions The Key To Becoming A Better Manager?
We would all like to use our manager  skills to be better managers.  The  big question that all of us deal with each and every day is just exactly what kind of manager training do we need to make this happen.  It turns out that if we keep doing the things that we are doing right  now, nothing is going to change. We will never become better. What we  need to learn how to do is to change things up and do things  differently. One of the most powerful tools that a manager has is the questions that we ask the members of our team.  However, if we keep asking them the same questions, then we’ll just get  the same answers.  In order to become a better manager, we need to learn  how to ask better questions.
April 21, 2022
Managers Need To Learn How To Praise Their Team Members
When someone on your team does good work, what do you do?  I’m hoping  that the answer is that you take time out of your day and use your  manager skills to praise them. If you can figure out how to do this the right way, then your praise can get them to work harder, work smarter, encourage them to try new things, and to take risks.  However, you’ll only be able to achieve this if you know how to praise them in the right way.
April 07, 2022
5 Things That Managers Can Do For Their Team
As a manager, what is your legacy going to be?  Do you want to be  remembered as being a good manager or as a bad manager? The best  managers are remembered for what they did for their team,  the bad ones are remembered for what they did to their team. Using your  manager skills to be remembered as a good manager is a tricky thing to  do. It’s tricky because, as a manager, it’s easy to focus solely on  tending to the business and your career, forgetting that tending to your  team first will take care of both.  Here are the five most powerful  things you can do for your team today in order to do right by your team.
March 31, 2022
Managers Have To Learn How To Deal With People Who Don’t Like Change
So just exactly how much change is there in your life right now?  If you  are like most of us you’d probably say that there is a lot of change  going on. What this means is that there is probably a lot of change  going on for your team also. What managers need to understand is that we all tend to deal with change differently.  The members of your team will be a great example of this. Some will  take to new things like a duck takes to water – they’ll dive in and  learn all about it. However, others will push back and won’t want to change.  When this happens, you are going to have to use your manager skills and get them to accept the change.
March 24, 2022
What Managers Need To Know About Staff Training
One of the biggest challenges that we face as managers is finding ways  to use our manager skills to keep the members of our team satisfied with  their job and not looking to jump ship and go work for someone else.  One of the simplest ways that we can make this happen is by identifying training and development programs that offer advantages for team members and managers alike.  They provide means for team members who are looking to keep their skills sharp, and help managers address skills gaps, while improving employee engagement and desire to stay with the company.
March 17, 2022
What Does It Take To Be A Good Manager?
An interesting question that many of us may not have spent a lot of time thinking about is what does it take to be a good manager?   All too often in today’s fast paced world of business, many people find  themselves in management positions with little to no manager training  and no manager skills. Additionally, they have no idea how to deal with  direct reports. All too often companies no longer offer any training to  those people that they are placing in management roles and they are  making people managers when they are younger and they are doing it  without any training.  What is it going to take to make sure that we  become good managers?
March 10, 2022
Managers Seek Better Ways To Fire Employees
So let’s face it – firing a team member is never an easy thing for a manager to do.   You hired this person, you’ve worked with them, and you’ve attempted to  correct anything that they were doing wrong, but now it’s reached the  so-called “end of the road” and you find yourself in a position where you need use your manager skills to let them go.  No manager comes into work early on days like this. However, in our  current day and age the newspapers are full of articles about fired  workers turning violent or causing conflict.  What’s the right way to let  someone go?
March 03, 2022
How Can Managers Make Meetings Better?
One of the least desirable parts of being a manager is the number of  meetings that we find ourselves attending.  In fact, there seem to be  some days that are just back-to-back meetings that never seem to end. While we are in these meetings it’s pretty common for a manager to wish that they were just about any other place. It turns out that meetings are important ways for information to get  shared within a company. However, it sure seems that a lot of the  meetings that we find ourselves attending despite our manager skills are  a complete waste of our time.  Isn’t there a better way to do these things?
February 24, 2022
What Is The Cost Of A Stressed Out Team?
Remind me – is stress a good thing or a bad thing?   I  mean, some stress has to be a good thing, right? This is what motivates  your team to accomplish goals and meet deadlines. All of this is valid  information; however, it turns out that too much of a good thing can be a  bad thing. Too much stress can cause the members of your team to start to have some real physical problems. Your business practices can affect both the physical and the mental  state of the members of your team.  How are you going to use your manager skills to do something about this manager?
February 17, 2022
Are You Going To Be The Last Manager Standing?
What a great time it is to be searching for a new job!  There are  currently more jobs out there than there are people to fill them. This  is all well and fine if you are a front line worker, but what if you are  a manager? There is the very real possibility that everyone who works  for you may be thinking about leaving. If that happens, you are going to  very quickly become an ineffective manager because you have nobody  working for you!  How should managers deal with the great exitious?
February 10, 2022
Are You Going To Be The Last Manager Standing?
What a great time it is to be searching for a new job!  There are  currently more jobs out there than there are people to fill them. This  is all well and fine if you are a front line worker, but what if you are  a manager? There is the very real possibility that everyone who works  for you may be thinking about leaving. If that happens, you are going to  very quickly become an ineffective manager because you have nobody  working for you!  How should managers deal with the great exitious?
February 03, 2022
How Managers Should Plan For A Return To The Office
Good news – the pandemic is over, now everyone can go back to the  office.  Or is it? Managers are finding themselves in a tricky spot these  days. The initial wave of the pandemic seems to have started to ebb.  Companies have been eager to get their workers back into the office so  that they can benefit from all of the impromptu discussions, shared  insights, and easier management. However, now that it is starting to  look like the pandemic might not be over. Instead, multiple variants  have arisen and they seem to be even more contagious than the original  strain. Oh, and fully vaccinated people can catch the virus.  What’s a  manager to do?
January 27, 2022
Managers Start To Discover The Limitations Of Artificial Intelligence
I don’t know about you, but in the past few years, I’ve been reading more and more articles that seemed to present Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the miracle cure for just about everything.  There certainly has been  enough manager training on AI over the past few years. No matter if  it’s what your customer are going to buy next or what the office  temperature should be set to, the answer always seemed to have to do with AI.   However, as time as moved on, managers are starting to discover that it  may turn out that AI really can’t solve all of our problems.
January 13, 2022
Managers Learn That Innovation Works Best As A Team
The job of every manager is to find ways to use their manager skills to get the most out of their teams.   Although this is easy to say, it’s actually quite hard to do because  most of us don’t have any manager training on how to go about doing  this. One way that a manager can get more out of their team is by  finding ways to get the team to innovate. Innovation is the key to coming up with new ways of doing things that can make the  company more competitive and has a whole host of benefits.  However, actually getting your team to become innovative is where most managers stumble.
January 06, 2022
What A Manager Should Do When They Are In The Wrong Job
As managers we are always looking for the next great job.   No matter if it is with the firm that we are currently working for or  if it requires us to switch firms, finding a better job, perhaps with  more pay or a better title, is something that we are using our manager  skills to look for. However, once we get that next job, the reality may not live up to what our expectations were.  When we find ourselves in a situation like this, what should we do?
December 16, 2021
Do You Know How To Argue Correctly?
Part of the job of being a manager is disagreeing with other people.   Look, their ideas may be wrong and you are the person who is going to  have to step up and let them know that they are wrong. As you can well  imagine, this does not always go over well. This is where arguments come  from. Arguments are a natural part of life. However, knowing how to  argue is one of the key manager skills that we need to have.  However,  since none of us have had any manager training in how to do this, most  of us do it incorrectly.
December 09, 2021
How Bad Managers Can Become Good Managers
So would you say that you are a good manager or a bad manager?  If,  somewhat oddly, you answered that you are a bad manager, I may have some  good news for you. As we are all very much aware, the past year has  been completely upside down. However, despite creating a great deal of  uncertainty about what everyone should be doing and making the job of  being a manager that much harder, it may have also created some  opportunities for us.  What this means is that if you went into the  pandemic looking like a bad manager, you just might be able to come out  of it looking like a good manager.
December 02, 2021
Good Managers Know When To Stand Aside
Like most managers, you are probably pretty proud of yourself.  You  understand the value that you bring to the table and you know that your  team is able to accomplish more because of you. However, feeling this  good about yourself can sometimes lead to you getting in the way of your  team.  There are times that manager need to know when it’s time for them  to step aside in order to allow their team to be more productive.
November 18, 2021
Four Things That Google Learned About Managers
We all know who Google is, right?  Well it turns out that they like data and they like processing data.  What this means for managers is that Google spends their time collecting  data about how managers are using their manager skills to manage their  teams and then they process that data. They used to think that the  smartest people made the best managers, turns out that they were wrong –  they needed to get some manager training. It’s the people who do the best job of working with people. Google’s been collecting data for quite some time and they have recently gone back and taken a look at their data.  Four new characteristics of a good manager have shown up.
November 11, 2021
3 Things Managers Need To Be Aware Of When Hiring
There are a lot of parts of being a manager that are tough.  One of the most challenging is when it comes time for us to hire someone to join our team.  The world is filled with a lot of people and there will probably be  many who want to get a job at your company working on your team. As a  manager, it’s going to be your job to use your manager skills to sort  through all of the candidates in order to find the best match. This is  not an easy thing to do.  However, there are three key secrets that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for that next new hire.
November 04, 2021
How Can A Manager Get A Promotion?
Sure you are enjoying your manager position, but wouldn’t you like to  receive a raise?  There is a problem with getting a raise: when it comes  to using your manager skills to ask for a promotion or raise, most of us  focus the conversation around the same thing: ourselves. All too often  this does not get us the outcome that we want.  What we really need to do  is to listen to what social science research has found out about how we  can make it one more rung up our career ladder.
October 28, 2021
What’s The Best Way For A Manager To Interview For A Job
When a manager goes interviewing for a job, they may find it odd to be  on the other side of the interviewing table.  We use our manager skills  to do a lot of interviewing as a part of our job; however, when we go  looking for our next job we need to know how to use our manager training  to do so successfully.  What’s the best way for a manager to get the job  that they are interviewing for?
October 21, 2021
What Should Managers Look For In A Mentor?
In order to become better managers, we all realize that there are a  number of ways to make this happen.  We can go seek manager training and  try to develop the manager skills that we know that we need. However,  there is another way to go about becoming better: get a mentor.   If you decide to go this route, right off the bat you’ll be faced with a  difficult question: what should you look for in a mentor?
October 14, 2021
Before You Take That New Job, Check Out Its Culture
As managers, we are often presented with opportunities to switch jobs.   We may be presented with a new job that catches our attention and we  may start to seriously start to think about switching employers.  However, as attractive as a new job may appear, it might be in our own  best interest to not rush into taking a new job.  One of the big  questions that we have to use our manager skills to answer before making  any jump is to determine what the culture of the new company is.
October 07, 2021
The Problem With Lying At Work
Life is complicated and, yes, there are times when it is inconvenient to tell the truth.   It can be as simple as one of you friends asking if you like the outfit  that they are wearing (you don’t) or your boss asking if that report  will be done by the end of the day (it won’t). It can be very easy to  “bend the edges” or tell white, gray, or even black lies when we are at  work.  Our manager training does not teach us how big of a deal this really is.
September 23, 2021
Can Managers Count On Millennials Sticking Around?
Managers who have built a successful team are always worried about one  thing: are their workers going to stay?  As more and more of our teams  are being built using members of the millennial generation a lot of us have become worried because we don’t have any manager  training on how to get people to stay. The typical description of a  millennial worker is one who moves around a lot looking for the next  best thing.  Should managers be worried that their team members are going to be moving on?
September 16, 2021
Managers Want To Know Why Being A Leader Is So Hard To Do
Ok, hopefully we can all agree that the basic management stuff is pretty easy for just about anyone with manager skills to do:  sign time cards, have an annual review, keep things on track.  These  things don’t require a great deal of manager training. I like to think  of management as being the process of having everyone work on what they  are supposed to be doing when you are in the room. However, then we move  on to that tricky thing: leadership.  I think of leadership as getting the people who are a part of your team  to be so committed that they keep doing what they are supposed to be  doing even when you are not in the room.  Now how is a manager supposed to make that happen?
September 02, 2021
Is It Time To Quit?
Let’s face it: we’ve all been through a lot.  Life may have been quite  busy before, but then that pandemic thing happened and things just sorta  went out of control no matter how good your manager skills are. Now  that life is getting back to normal, it’s perfectly ok for you to be thinking about perhaps quitting your job and looking for a new one.  Although this is an acceptable thought to be having, before you pull  the trigger and submit your resignation there are a few things that you might want to consider.   You want to make sure that any major change that you make like this is  the right thing for you to be doing at this point in time.
August 26, 2021
Will Working From Home Keep You Behind?
So where do you want to work?  This used to be a fairly easy question to  answer: everyone went into the office when they went to work. However,  that darn pandemic changed everything for everyone. We all spend a year  working from home. A lot of us discovered that we liked working from home.  There was no commute to the office required. We didn’t have to dress  up. However, now that the pandemic is pretty much over, a lot of  companies are telling their workers to come back into the office.   However, what if a manager doesn’t want to go back to the office? What  will the impact on their career be?
August 19, 2021
Does Your Team Need Couples Counseling?
As a manager, we know that the key to our success is the ability to get  along with the members of our team.  It turns out that things go a bit  deeper than that. In order for our team to be successful, everyone on the team has to get along with everyone else who is on the team.  I’d like to be able to tell you that this is something that just seems  to happen naturally; however, there are times that it doesn’t.  When a  manager is encountering a problem either with getting along with the  team or with various members of the team getting along with each other,  it might be time for everyone to go to couples counseling.
August 12, 2021
Managers Deal With The Challenge Of Remote Workers
As we move further and further into the 21st Century, what work looks like is continuing to change.  Managers realize that successful teams  exhibit a type of office camaraderie where the different members of the  team are willing to go above and beyond for the other members of their  team. This can start to get tricky when we start to include remote workers as a part of our teams.  These workers can easily start to appear as just faceless strangers  while they feel alienated from the team members at the office.  How can a  manager use their manager skills to make their divided team feel as though they are all part of the same team?
August 05, 2021
How Managers Can Manage A Hybrid Work Environment
The world of workplaces has undergone a great deal of change.  It used to  be that everyone would go into work, sit at a desk, and then go home  again at the end of the day. The pandemic sent everyone home for a year  and the workplace that we all knew and loved appears to be gone for  good. What is taking its place is being called a “hybrid work  environment”. In this new working environment, managers are going to  have to discover what they will need to be doing differently. Our goals  are still the same – we want to get the most out of our teams.  However,  how we actually go about doing that is going to be different.
July 29, 2021
How To Prepare For Long, Complicated Meetings
As managers, our manager training has taught us a thing or two about how to run successful meetings.   We know that we need to keep them short, tightly focused, and limit the  number of people that we permit to attend. Our goal is to avoid having  to attend those time wasting events that seem to go on and on forever.  We know the drill: meetings should not last more than 30 minutes, we  should not invite too many people, and we should always show up with an  agenda for the meeting. However, not all meetings are created equal.  There are some meetings that by their very nature are going to be long  and complicated.  How should managers go about handling these?
July 22, 2021
How Managers Can Get Candidates To Stop Turning Down Job Offers
As a manager, one of the most important things that we are tasked with  doing is using our manager skills to make sure that our teams are fully  staffed.  In order to do this, we have to perform a set of tasks:  interview candidates, select the ones that best meet our needs, make an  offer, hope that they accept the offer, and then onboard them. However,  this whole process can fall apart if the candidate that we’ve selected turns our offer down. It turns out that roughly half of the candidates that have been offered a job have turned it down because they had a negative experience during the hiring process.  How can you create an inclusive and welcoming first impression?
July 15, 2021
How Managers Can Learn New Skills?
Managers, at least the good ones, realize that we don’t know it all.   Sure, back in the day we went to school and took a lot of classes. We  learned a lot. Then we went out and got jobs. Since then we’ve probably  not been learning that many new things. As the world in which we work  continues to spin and evolve, we understand that there are a lot of  things that we probably need to take the time to learn about. Things  like agile development, that new 5G wireless technology, even things  like emotional management. The problem that we all face is to find the  time that is needed to learn new things.  How can we make this happen?
June 24, 2021
Learning To Use Anchors In A Negotiation
If you’ve been doing any negotiating, then you’ve probably heard the term “anchoring”.   This, of course, brings up the question “what exactly is anchoring in  negotiation, and how does it play out at the bargaining table?”  If you  want to become a better negotiator, then you are going to have to learn how to use this powerful negotiating tool.
June 18, 2021
Managers Have To Practice Conscientiousness
When a manager is looking to use their manager skills to add someone to  their team, what are the qualities that we should be looking for?  Sure,  we often go looking for a future team member who will be driven,  aggressive, and focused on reaching their goals.  However, is it possible that we’ve been getting this all wrong? It  turns out that the personality trait that predicts success at work more  than any other is associated with some very different tendencies:  What we should be using our manager training to look for in new teammates is conscientiousness.
June 17, 2021
Managers Prepare To Use AI As Their Offices Start To Open Up
The Covid-19 pandemic caused just about every office to shut down and  close their doors.  Each member of your team started working from home  and as a manager you had a whole new set of issues that you had to work  through in order to keep your team both together and productive.  However, now things are once again starting to change. The arrival of a  vaccine has allowed business to once again consider having their workers  come back into the office.  However, from a manager point of view this  is going to require us to have a new set of skills.
June 10, 2021
How Managers Can Prevent Their Teams From Spending Too Much Time In Meetings
So here’s an important question for managers: how much of your week do you spend in meetings?   I suspect that the answer is probably “A lot.” Too often back-to-back  meetings are becoming the norm throughout the business world, leaving everyone frazzled and farther behind at the end of each day.  We need to ask ourselves why does this happen? It sure seems as though  pointless recurring meetings are one kind of calendar crud. Just as bad  are ad-hoc meetings – those meetings that aren’t planned but get added  whenever something comes up. Taken together, all of these meetings can  easily quickly take over your calendar no matter how good your manager  skills are.  How can a manager help their team deal with this overflow of meetings?
May 27, 2021
Managers Need To Work To Deepen Their Emotional Intelligence
The world of management is filled with a number of different buzz words.  One such word that we’ve been hearing for a while is “emotional intelligence”. The reason that managers should start to pay attention to this topic is because evidence is showing that emotional intelligence plays a big role in workplace performance if we can develop the right manager skills. Team members with high  emotional intelligence perform better and usually experience better  psychological and physical well-being. As managers, clearly this is  something that we are going to have to take some time to get some  manager training in order to get our hands around it.  Let’s see what we should be doing to become more emotionally intelligent.
May 20, 2021
How To Celebrate Successes With Your Team
As a manager you need to remember that celebrating our achievements is important for every team.  Joyfully acknowledging milestones gives credit  to the hard work done by the team, provides motivation for reaching  goals, and rewards everyone for a job well done. Nowhere is this truer  than where we work. Managers need to realize that many of team members  spend more time working than with their families, and the rewards can  seem few and far between.  How can a manager acknowledge a job well done?
May 13, 2021
Managers Need To Understand The Difference Between “Working From Home” And “Remote Working”
As managers, one of our goals is to find ways to get the most out of everyone who is part of our team.  One way to go about doing this is to show some flexibility in where our team members perform their work. Right now both remote working and “working from home” are popular workplace trends that can have real benefits for your team.   Managers know that there are huge benefits for the company as well,  especially when you think about the having ability to add team members  regardless of where they are located.
May 06, 2021
How A Manager Can Effectively Execute An Offsite Team Meeting
Every manager realizes that the members of their team are one of the  biggest expenses that their company has to deal with.  At the same time  we all realize that company culture is critical, and your team needs  clear goals. You can tackle all three of these issues by conducting a  well-planned company offsite that can help you excel in all three  categories.  A meeting like this will allow you to reset, make sure  everyone is aligned, and gives the team an opportunity to connect outside of the office.
April 29, 2021
Should Managers Let Their Team Members Set Their Own Goals?
One of the biggest challenges that we face as managers is trying to determine just exactly how hands-on we should be with the members of our team.   The problem is that there is no one solution to this problem. A great  example of this dilemma comes when it’s time for an employee to set goals.  As their manager, should you be using your manager skills to do this and if you do, will it result in them not trusting you?
April 22, 2021
How To Defend Yourself During A Negotiation
When we enter into a negotiation, we never know who will be sitting across the table from us.  Will they be a negotiator who is just starting  out or a skilled professional who has done this countless times before?  In any negotiation that you participate in, you will undoubtedly find  yourself on the defensive at certain points in time.  What you need are  strategies that you can use to get the deal that you want out of the  negotiation.
April 16, 2021
Managers Need To Understand The Limitations Of Technology In The Workplace
Managers know that technology has given us more flexibility in how we  work than ever before, and for that, our mental well-being has  definitely improved.  They know that the human brain can only tolerate so  much stimulation before reaching overload. Managers try to combat this  by changing the work environment to avoid burning out, giving teams a  fresh atmosphere in which to thrive. This helps them stay in the “flow,”  that state of mind where employees not only do their best work, but  enjoy it the most. The good news is that technology has untethered us  from the static workstation.  However, there’s a dark side to that bright  screen when it comes to team member’s well-being.
April 15, 2021
Managers Need To Have A Plan To Deal With An Active Shooter
I really wish that we did not have to have this discussion.  No matter  how much manager training you’ve had or how sharp you think that your  manager skills are, none of us is ready to deal with a life & death  situation that having someone in our office with a gun creates. In the past this never seemed to be a problem. The office was seen as being a safe place where everyone could get along. Sure people might argue,  but the worst thing that would happen is that there would be a fight in  the parking lot. That has all changed.  Are you ready to deal with this  new world?
April 08, 2021
Hey Manager, How Much Of Your Time Are You Wasting?
What is the most precious thing that you own?  Your home? Your car? Maybe  an expensive watch or some jewelry? Nope, I can say with some  confidence that the most valuable thing that you own is your time. This is the one thing that even with our manager skills none of us ever seem to have enough of and we would all like to find ways to get more of it.  The biggest question that we all have to answer is just exactly where is our time going and are we wasting it?
March 25, 2021
Has Hiring Become Broken At Your Company?
As managers we know that staffing our teams with the best people for the  job is a critical part of creating teams that can accomplish great  things.  However, all too often when you take a look at how a company is  going about hiring people, you’ll discover that somehow the process has become broken.  Lots of companies like to talk about making the hiring process better,  but they don’t seem to know how to go about doing this.  What needs to  change?
March 18, 2021
Managers Need To Know How To Write Effective Job Postings
If you are a manager and you have an opening on your team, what do you  do?  If you are like most of us your HR department is going to come to  you and ask that you create a job description so that they can go post it and see who applies for it. This is the way that we’ve always done things. However, it has not always worked out all that well. The wrong people apply for jobs or, even worse, too many people apply for an open position. Something has to change.  Managers have to learn how to write job descriptions.
March 11, 2021
What Do Managers Need To Know About Employee Biometric Data?
Managers are aware that the modern workplace is having technology added  to it every day.  The new technologies that companies are using includes  things like fingerprint and facial scanners. Every time that a worker  gets scanned, more and more data about that worker is collected by the company.  What is starting to happen is that workers are becoming aware of the  enormous amount of data about them that the company is collecting.  Workers are starting to go to court to challenge the company in regards  to how their biometric data is being stored and used.  What manager  skills does a manager need to have in order to know about what is going  on?
March 04, 2021
Managers Need To Know If They Are Confident Or Overconfident
So manager – are you overconfident?  I’m pretty sure that we all know that being self-confident is one of the manager skills that we all need in order to be a great manager. However, it turns out that there is a dark side to this trait – we can easily become overconfident.  When we are confident we act decisively and challenge other people.  When we are overconfident we become arrogant and we rush into bad  decisions.  How can we tell if we have crossed the line from being  confident to becoming over confident?
February 25, 2021
Are You Working For A Boss Who Is A Tornado?
So the big question that I have for you is what kind of boss are you currently working for?   Right now it is very trendy to be a disruptive leader. These types of  bosses have a take-no-prisoners management style that can both ignite  new trends within the company while at the same time crushing the  competition. However, it turns out that there is also a darker side to these types of bosses.  If this describes your boss, do you know how to work with them?
February 18, 2021
How To Be A Manager During A Time Of Grief
There is no question about it: we are currently living in a time of  almost unimaginable grief.  There are always things that are making the  members of your team feel sad and down. However, with the arrival of the  Covid-19 pandemic and the death and destruction that has come along  with it, we are all feeling even more emotionally battered than ever  before. As a manager who is responsible for a team of workers, you need  to use your manager skills to understand what your team is currently going through.   It is going to be up to you to help the members of your team deal with  the grief that they are currently experiencing and help them to find a  way to move forward.
February 11, 2021
How To Spot Bad Team Members In Zoom Meetings
In the new world in which we are all living, video conferencing (perhaps  via Zoom) has become commonplace.  What this means for managers is that  we are having to use our manager skills to adjust to a new way of  working. Since we are responsible for our teams, this means that we are  responsible for how they communicate via tools such as Zoom. It turns  out that what we need to be on the lookout for are team members who are  behaving badly while Zooming.  Before we can take action, we first have to know what we are looking for.
February 04, 2021
Managers Need To Learn How To Get Rid Of Low-Priority Work
So just how busy are you?  If you are like most managers these days you  have more work to do than you have hours in a day. We understand that  there is a great deal of work that needs you to use your manager skills  to get done. However, more and more there seem to be tasks that we  consider to be “low-priority” that keep showing up on our desks. We really don’t want to waste our time working on these issues, but they keep coming our way.  What’s a manager to do?
January 28, 2021
Managers Work Remotely To Get Their Teams To Work Together
Technology is a wonderful thing.  It has allowed managers to use their  manager skills to build teams that no longer have to be located in the  same location. However, when a team is distributed, there are set of new challenges that managers need to be aware of and find ways to deal with.  A team that does not have to work side by side may not develop the same  sense of team spirit that can help a team to be successful.  What this  means for managers is that we need to find ways to create a sense of teamwork among our remote teams.
January 14, 2021
How Managers Should Do Performance Reviews During A Pandemic
Clearly the pandemic has changed just about everything having to do with going to work.  As the season for end-of-the-year performance reviews starts to arrive, many team members may be starting to experience the  standard level of dread that they feel every year. However, the pandemic  has changed everything else and so perhaps it should also change the way that evaluations are done.  This is something that managers need to carefully consider.
January 07, 2021
How Managers Can Boost Their Stage Presence During Videoconferences
As a manager it is important that you be able to show leadership skills  to your team.  When we used to meet with our teams in the office, we  could do this by showing them that we were listening to them, making eye  contact and other ways to let them know that we viewed them as being  important. During the pandemic, these things are no longer easy to do.  We are interacting with our teams via video conferencing and it turns out that commanding a room full of team members with our  manager skills isn’t the same thing as commanding a Zoom video  conference.
December 17, 2020
How Can Managers Get Creative When It Comes To Team Member Burnout Issues?
As the person who is in charge of a team of professionals, it has always  been your job to make sure that everyone is doing well.  Now that we are  attempting to work our way through a pandemic, things like that have  become a bit more difficult to do. However, it has become even more  important that as managers we are able use our manager skills to detect when members of our team are starting to feel burned out and then we need to be able to step in and do something about it.  The big question that most of us are currently facing is just exactly what can we do to help out our team members when it all just becomes too much to deal with?
December 10, 2020
Bill Gates Suggestions For How To Become A Better Manager
I don’t know about you, but I’m always open to getting some advice.   Being a manager is hard work and I don’t claim to know how to do  everything correctly. What I would really like is if someone that I  really respected would take the time to point out what I should be doing  in order to become a better manager. It turns out that, of all people, Bill Gates is willing to do just that.  Hey, if he’s talking to me, then I had better be listening.
December 03, 2020
How Managers Can Successfully Work From Home
There is no question that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything for managers.  Now that we all find ourselves working from home,  we are being forced to find different ways to do everything that we  used to do. Managing a team, delivering results, and doing all of the  additional tasks that managers are called on to do can be especially  challenging when we are isolated at home.  What we need to do is to find  ways to make our new work environment be as successful as working in the  office used to be.
November 19, 2020
How Can Managers Network During A Pandemic?
Let’s face it, most of us don’t really relish the idea of having to go  out and do networking.  However, in the past we’ve been willing to do it  because we knew that it was an important way to help our career move along.  Then came the Covid-19 pandemic. All of sudden we can’t get together  and make small talk with people that we hardly know. The importance of  doing this has not diminished, just how we have to go about doing it has  changed.  How is a manager supposed to network in the era of a pandemic?
November 12, 2020
How Managers Can Use Technology To Find Their Next Job In Trying Times
Congratulations, you have a job.  However, is this really the job that you want? Do you spend your days dreaming of doing something else?  If you ever decided to do that something else, would it require you to  make a career change? This is no small change – this can be a very big  deal for most managers.  If your heart really lies somewhere else, then  perhaps the current world that Covid-19 and the associated pandemic have  turned upside down might be just the place where you use your manager skills and technology to make your dreams come true.
November 05, 2020
What A Manager Needs To Do To Boost Their Team’s Morale
Just about every manager has a complaint about the Covid-19 pandemic.  It  has disrupted the flow of teams in the office. It has sent everyone  home to work. In fact, it has taken the fight out of your team. If we  want to boost our teams back up, managers are going to have to find a way to re-inflate our teams.  Just exactly how is a manager supposed to go about doing this?
October 29, 2020
How Can Managers Prevent Team Burn Out?
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of things to change for managers.   Our teams are now working from home, collaboration is much harder to  do, and we are struggling to find ways to keep that team spirit thing alive. Managers are confronting how best to use their manager skills to keep their team from burning out while propelling their businesses forward. Wise managers need to  prepare for change and help workers stay engaged.  Just exactly how are  we supposed to go about doing this?
October 22, 2020
What Managers Should Do (Or Not Do) When You Get Promoted
Congratulations to you!  You’ve just been promoted! Finally all of that great work (and the great work of your team) along with your manager skills have been recognized. Umm, now what should you be doing?  The world that you used to know has gone away. You are now in a new  position and the people who promoted you and for that matter the rest of  the company have new expectations of you.  Just exactly what is a  manager expected to do after they have been promoted?
October 15, 2020
How Managers Can Deal With Being Promoted
Getting promoted is what every manager wants.  With your new position  comes more money, more responsibility, better benefits, and perhaps even  elevated status. However, it turns out that there is a downside to this  type of career advancement. You may now be asking yourself “where did  all of my friends go?” Likewise, now when you walk into a room,  conversations may stop.  You are going to have to find ways to deal with  this new world order.
October 08, 2020
How Managers Can Keep Their Teams Creativity Going During A Pandemic
As managers we all know that innovation is one of the keys to our team’s  long term success.  The ability of the members of our team to interact  with each other, try out new ideas, refine those ideas and create  solutions to complex problems is one of the things that can make a team great. Then the pandemic struck. The result of this is that everyone got sent home to work. All of a sudden the creative energy that your team may have been generating got turned off.  As a manager, how can you turn it back on?
October 01, 2020
Managers Need To Learn How To Compete For Their Next Promotion
As a manager, it turns out that finding ways to get the most out of your  team is not the only thing that you have to use your manager skills to  do when you are at work.  Every day when you go into work you are really riding off to battle.  It turns out that your performance is always being measured against the  people that you work with. Eventually somebody is going to get  promoted, get a raise, or get a bonus. Will it be you or someone else?  This is something that none of us have any manager training on how to  deal with.  Welcome to the real world: your co-worker is your top  competitor.
September 24, 2020
How Can Managers Stay Focused While Working Remotely?
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life for all of us.  We used to go into  the office and use our manager skills to do manager stuff. Now we find ourselves staying at home and participating in countless Zoom meetings. In the beginning it was all new and different and we were able to focus  and get work done.  However, things have changed over time and now it’s getting harder and harder to stay focused on our work. What’s a manager to do?
September 17, 2020
Managers Want To Know Who The Real Leaders On Their Team Are
As managers, one of the jobs that our company expects us to perform is to use our manager skills to find the next generation of managers that will lead the company after we are gone.  What this means for us is that we are responsible for taking a look at our team and identifying the team members that we believe would make good leaders.  This, of course, then brings up the question of just exactly what makes  someone a good leader.  Managers need to know this so that they can make  the right staffing selections.
September 03, 2020
Managers Need To Know: What Do The Kids Want?
Managers are faced with a number of different challenges as they attempt  to perform their job.  All of this is made even more difficult by the  simple fact that not everyone on your team is the same. Sprinkled in our  teams are the so-called millennial younger workers who have a different outlook on life than the older members of your team do. As a manager you have to take the time to understand what your millennial team members are looking for from their jobs so that you can determine if you can provide it.  If you can get this right, then you have a much better chance of keeping your team together.
August 27, 2020
How Should Managers Deal With Bringing Employees Back To The Office?
There is no question that the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything.  One day we were all in the office getting along and  then the next day everyone was at home using Zoom to video conference  with each other. As life slowly starts to try to get back to normal,  managers have a real challenge on their hands. The Covid-19 virus has  not gone away and yet we’d still like to restart our normal office  interactions.  What’s the best way to go about doing this?
August 13, 2020
How To Keep Your Best Team Members
During the course of a normal day, a manager has a lot of different  things that we need to spend time worrying about.  However, using our  manager skills to keep the team that we have onboard is often not one of  the things that we worry about on an average day. However, perhaps we  should be. If we hold off until they are walking out the door in order  to find out why they are leaving, then it will probably be too late.   What we really need to be doing is talking with the members of our team today in order to find out what we can do to get them to stick around longer.
August 06, 2020
Managers Need To Learn How To Move Slower
As managers we always want to find ways to use our manager skills to get more things done.   Our to-do lists just seem to keep getting longer and people are always  asking us to accomplish more things in less time. Our bosses are willing  to send us to manager training where we’ll learn how to look like we  are working hard even if we may not be producing as much as we should  be. Managers need to be careful and stop confusing productivity with getting results.   Perhaps what we really should be doing is looking at how we can use  “slowness” to do a better job of accomplishing what we need to get done.
July 30, 2020
What Managers Can Learn From Michael Jordan’s Leadership Style
Anyone who follows basketball knows who Michael Jordon was.  He was one of the truly great players. Season after season he lead  his team to success. It turns out that one of the reasons that his team  was so successful was not just because of Michael’s incredible  basketball talent, but also because of his leadership style.  Is there something that managers can learn from Michael’s manager skills?
July 23, 2020
How Managers Deal With Reorganizations
As though the job of being a manager was not tough enough, it turns out  that there is something that can make it just a bit more challenging: change.  You know what I’m talking about here. Every so often your company gets the good idea that they could become more effective if they reorganized.  Arggg! This is exactly the kind of thing that can throw even the best  laid plans up into the air no matter what manager skills you have. Keep  in mind that none of us have any manager training on how to deal with  situations like this.  What is a manager to do when a reorganization happens?
July 16, 2020
What Are The Traits Of A Successful Manager?
There are a lot of managers out there.  However, not all of them are  great managers. If you would like to become a great manager, this of  course brings up the question of just exactly what you will have to do  in order to make this happen. It turns out that there is not just one  characteristic that you are going to have to have, there are a number of  them.  Do you have what it is going to take in order to develop the manager skills  to become a successful manager?
July 10, 2020
The Millennial Workplace Is Coming – Will Managers Be Ready?
As all managers have probably realized by now, the millennials have arrived.   That younger generation of workers are moving into the office at the  same time that the baby boomers are starting to move out. The arrival in  force of this new type of worker is going to cause some fundamental  changes to occur in the workplace. As a manager, you need to have the  manager skills to be ready for the changes in tools, workspace, and  culture.  Do you know what is getting ready to happen?
June 25, 2020
Managers Need To Know How Do You Deal With Risk?
In a perfect world, a manager would have all of the knowledge, manager  skills, and manager training that he or she needed to have when it came  time for them to make a decision.  With this information they could be  comfortable that the decision that they were making was the right  decision. However, as I’m pretty sure that you are well aware of, we don’t live in a perfect world.  What this means is that we have to make decisions with limited information and that means that we need to learn how to deal with risk.
June 18, 2020
How Managers Can Create Innovative Teams
As managers we are always looking for way to use our manager skills to  get more out of our teams.  What we’ve been told is that we can do this  if we can come up with a way to boost their innovation. It may sound easy, but it isn’t. What managers need to do is to find ways that they can revamp their business processes.  This is going to require a radical rethinking of our business’ strategy  and processes: how we interact with our customers, how they drive  operational excellence and how we approach innovation. This is going to  require that managers decide which technologies to use as the foundation  of their transformation.  Just in case you were wondering, there is no  manager training for this kind of change.
June 11, 2020
Good Managers Know About The Power Of Failure
Becoming a successful manager is a difficult enough thing to accomplish.   So why would we want to jeopardize it once we achieve it? But research  says we unwittingly do just that when we withhold or try to bury one  thing about ourselves in particular – our failures. Yes, you heard me correctly – we’re supposed to tell people about the things that we’ve done wrong and the mistakes that we’ve made.  This is not an easy thing for any of us to do, but it turns out that in order to be a good manager it is something that we do need to do.
June 04, 2020
What Do Managers Have To Know About Working From Home?
Now that we are all dealing with the arrival of a global pandemic we now find ourselves working from home,  many managers are asking themselves just exactly how to go about doing  this.  Our goal has to be to find a way to stay productive while at the  same time remaining healthy and taking care of our personal well-being.   What we need to do is to use our manager skills to develop some basic  habits that will ensure that working at home does not end up  compromising our well-being.
May 21, 2020
How Can A Manager Tell When Workers Are Getting Ready To Leave?
Managers understand that when the job market becomes tight, employee retention is key.   What this means is that they are going to have to get good at using  their manager skills to detect when their team members are thinking  about leaving.  Managers need to be able to detect the tell-tale signs  that highly valued team members may be considering moving on in order to  get in front of staff turnover before it’s too late.
May 14, 2020
How Can A Manager Build A Happy Team?
Ok manager, so you are in charge of a team.  What would you like to do with that team? If you are like most of us, you’d like to be able to use your manager skills to create a happy, very productive team.  The studies have shown us that happy teams score higher on  productivity, engagement, loyalty, and creativity. They also take fewer  sick days. Who wouldn’t want a team like this?  Now, just exactly how do  we go about creating a team like this without any manager training on  how to do it?
May 07, 2020
Some Managers Thrive On Negative Feedback
If I had to guess what kind of feedback you like to get, I’d be willing that just like the rest of us you like positive feedback about your manager skills the best.  However, somewhat surprisingly it turns out that there is a type of manager who likes a different type of feedback. Negative feedback.  Most of us dislike negative feedback and we go out of our way to avoid  getting it or giving it out. We fear that if we give someone negative  feedback it is going to cause dejection, anger, and may even end up  making them cry.  That’s why it’s so amazing that some managers actually  seek out negative feedback.
April 30, 2020
If Managers Want To Get Things Done, They Have To Write Them Down
As managers we are being asked to do a lot of different things.  We may  come into work with a list of things that we want to get done during the  day and when we leave at the end of the day we discover that we’ve  spent our time doing a lot of other things and our list is untouched.  People seem to have no problems dropping by our desks and asking us to  do things for them. If we’re not careful, a lot of stuff is going to fall through the cracks.  How can a manager use our manager skills to stay on top of everything that we’ve been asked to do?
April 23, 2020
Managers Understand That Company Culture Starts With Them
Managers realize that it’s always been hard to use their manager skills to attract and retain the top quality talent that they need.   It seems as though it has become even harder to do this lately. What  seems to be a key way that managers can make this happen is if they use  their manager training to understand what workers, especially  millennials, are really looking for: company culture.
April 16, 2020
How Managers Can Make Better Decisions
If we were to list out all of the important manager skills that a  manager needs to have, what would be on that list?  Even more  importantly, what would be at the top of that list?  It turns out that what should be at the top of the list is the ability to make decisions well. Research has shown that how we go about making decisions is just as important as what decisions we make.  If we want to make  decisions the right way and we don’t have any manager training on how to  do this, how can we go about doing this?
April 02, 2020
How Should Managers Be Practicing Transparency?
The goal of every manager is to become a respected manager.  This is a  fine goal to have, but just exactly how can we make this happen? It  turns out that one important step in getting your team to respect you is  for you to make the practice of transparency important. Why should you  bother with this? Well, give some thought to doing the opposite thing.  Think about the last time you caught someone in the act of not being  transparent. Since then has your trust in that person ever fully  recovered? Clearly transparency is something that we need to work on as  managers.  How can we do this?
March 26, 2020
Managers Discover The Power Of Emotional Intelligence
So how good are you as a manager at showing your emotional intelligence  to your team?  A lot of us would say that we’re not very good at doing  this, but then we’d follow this up by saying something like “I’m not  that type of person.” It turns out that you’d be wrong.  We can all show  emotional intelligence to our team and all we have to do is learn how to  go about doing it.
March 19, 2020
It Turns Out The Humble Managers Are The Best Managers
So what makes a manager a great manager?  For the longest time companies  have believed that personality characteristics such as charm and  charisma are the manager skills that made a manager successful. Guess  what – it turns out that they may have been wrong. New studies are showing that the thing that can make a manager great is something that everyone has been overlooking – humility.  This new insight is starting to change how people look at managers and understand what it takes to be a great manager.
March 12, 2020
What Managers Can Learn From Google
As managers, where we work will probably play a big role in how we  develop our manager skills.  If we could all choose where we worked, I’m  pretty sure that a lot of us would all agree that working for Google would probably be a good choice. Once upon a time Google was a small  start-up company. Since then, they have grown and they now employ over  70,000 workers. It turns out that all those people needed leaders. And  not just any leaders, but people who can do it in an environment of  incessant change and planetary scale.  Just exactly how has Google gone about providing this kind of manager training?
March 05, 2020
What Does A Manager Have To Do After You Are Promoted?
What is it that every manager is hoping for?  Why it is to use your  manager skills to be promoted, of course. When that special day comes, are you going to be ready? You’ll get a new job title, perhaps more money, maybe even a new  office. However, it’s not going to be long before your mind is going to  start to be filled with second thoughts. If you are not careful, you could end up sabotaging yourself.  Upon getting promoted, there are several things that you are going to have to get busy doing.
February 27, 2020
How Managers Should Handle Sexual Harassment Claims
There has been a great deal of coverage in the papers and on television about sexual harassment in the workplace.  Male managers have been struggling to find ways to use our manager skills to deal with these claims and, of course, how to prevent them from happening in the first place.  Managers just don’t seem to know what the appropriate response is –  we’ve never had any manager training on what to do.  What managers need  to understand is what we should NOT do when someone comes to us with an allegation of sexual harassment.
February 20, 2020
What Is A Manager’s Secret To Being Emotionally Intelligent?
As managers, we are under a great deal of pressure to use our manager  skills to find ways to get the most out of our teams.  We can try a lot  of different techniques; however, all too often we get the same results –  nothing changes. The good news for us is that it turns out that if we  want to create more open relationships with the members of our team all we have to do is to learn how to ask questions the right way.  How hard can that be to do correctly?
February 13, 2020
Are Managers Going To Be Ready For Gen Z Workers?
Ok manager, how is managing those millennials working out for you? I  hope that you’ve come up with ways to make peace with them because it is  just about time for the next batch of workers to show up on your  doorstep: Generation Z.  Do you have any manager training for dealing with this? This group of  workers will be arriving battle-scarred, socially awkward, and driven by  money.  Are you going to be ready for this management challenge?
February 06, 2020
How To Deal With Negotiators Who Lie
The goal of any negotiation is to find a way to reach an agreement with  the other side of the table.  The challenge that we run into during this  process is that no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating  techniques are being used we need to understand what the other side  wants and the only way that we can get that information is if they tell  us. However, sometimes we run into situations where the other side is  not telling us the truth – they lie. When we find  ourselves in these situations, it’s going to be even more of a challenge  to reach an agreement with the other side.  We need to know what action  to take based on what kind of lies are being told.
January 31, 2020
Managers Need To Know: Just Exactly What Is Artificial Intelligence?
Welcome to the 21st Century.  For some reason everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence as of late.  What’s the big deal? This stuff used to only exist in science fiction  movies and now it sure seems like it is in the process of taking over  the world.  Managers are going to be affected by  the arrival of artificial intelligence and so it sure looks like we are going to have to make sure that we  have the manager skills to fully understand what is going on here.
January 30, 2020
Managers Need To Become A Leader That Their Team Can Trust
If there is one workplace problem that managers want to find a way to solve, it would most definitely be the challenge of disengaged employees.   What managers would like to learn how to do would be to understand how  to use our manager skills to better motivate employees and how to get  more manager training on how to build better relationships with those  employees. So the big question is what is the manager factor that is  most closely linked to employee engagement? Interestingly enough, the  answer turns out to be when employees feel they can trust their manager.  As managers, how can we make this happen?
January 16, 2020
What The U.S. Army Can Teach Managers About Becoming Better
Ok, so I’m willing to admit it – I’m not perfect.  Yes, I  am always working to try to become perfect, but so far I have not been  able to even get close to that goal. Most managers would say that they  are in the same boat as me. It’s a bit depressing to set out to try to  accomplish something and then despite using your manager skills you  basically fail at doing it. When this happens, because there is no  manager training for dealing with failure a lot of managers tend to  throw their hands up and say  “oh well”. It turns out that this is not  the right thing to do.  Instead, we should all be doing what the U.S.  Army does when they have a failure.
January 09, 2020
Manager Tips From Google On How To Make A Great Team
Let’s think about your team for just a moment or two.  The people on your  team most of the time don’t do things by themselves. Instead, they work with other people on the team in order to accomplish tasks. However, it’s that working together thing that can cause problems.  Interpersonal issues can crop up, personalities can clash, and managers  (that’s you) despite all of our manager training can provide unclear  directions. The result of all of this is that your team members can be  left with conflict issues and this can end up stifling your team’s  productivity.  What’s a manager to do?
December 19, 2019
What Do Managers Have To Do In Order To Become A Great Team Leader?
Let’s face it, the job of a manager is very much both team- and  direction-focused.  Managers are the ones who need to use their manager  skills to set the course, ensure consistency and develop and reinforce  core values for their teams. After you get that part of the job taken  care of things become considerably easier. The rest of the job is simply  to hire great people and get out of their way. In order to be a  successful manager, it’s going to take a great team standing behind you.  What can you do to make this happen?
December 12, 2019
Hey Manager – Could You Be Too Much Into This Team Thing?
Yea! It’s time to work on a team!  How many times have you heard someone  say this to you? As managers of a team, we are expected use our manager  skills to lead by example and so we are the ones who are supposed to be  able to show our team what it means to work successfully as a part of a team.  We’ve all been to the manager training courses where we’ve been taught  about the power of working in teams. Sure seems like we should do this  all the time, right?  Well, actually not…
December 05, 2019
What Should Managers Do About Hugging?
How about if we agree to talk about a touchy topic: hugging.   Yep, even in this #Metoo era, the concept of opening your arms up and  then enveloping a coworker in a big hug is something that is still done  in the workplace. You’d think that all of this would be going away in  our ultra-sensitive political climate; however, that is not the case. In  fact, there appears to be even more hugging going on at work these days.  What do managers have to do in order to make sure that our embraces are going to be welcome?
November 21, 2019
What’s The Best Way For A Manager To Switch Jobs?
No job that any of us have will probably last us for our entire career.  What that means is that we’re all going to be packing up our manager skills and switching jobs at some point in time.  This is where things can get a bit tricky because none of us have had  any manager training in how to do this correctly. Yes, we may be willing  to jump to a new company to take on that shiny new job. However, we  need to realize that there are a whole bunch of ways that that a job  switch could go wrong.  What’s the best way to change jobs?
November 14, 2019
Managers Need To Learn How To Deal With Dead-End Conversations
Let’s face it.  A big part of the job of being an effective manager is the art of conversation.  During an average day, we end up talking with a lot of different people  about a lot of different things. It would be fair to say that our  conversations have a lot to do with our ability to get things done.  However, then there are THOSE conversations. You know the ones that I’m  talking about.  Dead-end conversations.
November 07, 2019
What To Do When That New Job Is Not What You Thought It Would Be
Ah, a new job!  When we take a new job we’re doing so because a lot of promises have been made to us.  We may have been told that we’ll have a fancy title and they’ve  promised us a lot of pay. We’ve been told that we’re being placed in a  position of power and that we’ll be able to use our manager skills to  have a big influence on the direction of the company. However, when we  show up, we discover that what we were told does not match reality.   Should we stay or should we go?
October 31, 2019
What Should A Manager Do When Your Peers Are Doing Better Than You?
So here’s something that can be difficult for us to deal with: what do  you do when you are not #1?  At work, I’m hoping, we all try hard to use  our manager skills and do our best. However, there will be times that  the people that we are working with, our peers, just simply outperform us.  When this happens and when we become aware of it, what is a manager to  do? Let us assume that giving up and going home is not an option.  We’d  like to hang on to our job, what should we do in this type of situation?
October 24, 2019
How Managers Can Reinvent Themselves
So is there any downside to becoming a manager?  One possibility is the  simple fact that it takes time. By the time most of us become managers, we’re not as young as we used to be.  What this means is that we find ourselves in a workplace filled with  younger people trying to use our manager skills to manage teams made up  of younger people.  All of sudden it can be very easy for us to start to  feel as though we might not be keeping up. How can a manager deal with  this situation?
October 17, 2019
How Managers Can Become Less Anxious
When we signed up for the job of being a manager, we may not have  realized the other things that came along with this job.  One such thing  might be the anxiety that being a manager can cause in us.  This, of course, bring up the question about just exactly what anxiety  is. The dictionary tells us that anxiety is a feeling of worry,  nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something  with an uncertain outcome. As managers, no matter what manager skills we  have, this pretty much describes every day of our lives.  What can we do to deal with the anxiety that our job creates?
October 10, 2019
How Managers Can Bridge The Instant Messaging Generation Gap
How the members of your team communicate with each other is changing.  There is a new wave of instant messaging applications that is in the process of changing how the members of your team communicate with each other.  This change may be causing the older members of your team to scramble  in order to keep up.  As a manager, you are going to have to take steps  to use your manager skills to make sure that everyone on your team can  stay ahead of the changes that are being caused by instant messaging.
September 26, 2019
How Can Managers Get Workers To Stop Looking At Their Phones?
So here’s a quick quiz for you.  How many times each day do the members of your team take out their phone and look at them? It turns out that the answer is 2,617 times per day that we all tap,  poke, pinch, or swipe our phones. From a manager point-of-view, just  exactly how much time does all of this take? The answer is 2 hours and  25 minutes each and every day.  The bad news for you is that most of this  is happening while your team members are at work!
September 19, 2019
Can You Become A Better Manager By Doing Less?
As a manager, your goal at work is to get ahead.  You want to be seen as a  star performer who gets things done. You want your work to be viewed as  being of the highest quality and you want your management to come looking for you when they have a slot open up for promotions.  The big question that you are facing is the same one that we are all  trying to answer: just exactly what do you have to do at work to be  successful?  It turns out that the answer may not be what you think that  it should be.
September 12, 2019
Getting Along With The Boss: How To
As a manager you are in charge of a team of people who have to do what you tell them to do.  However, at the same time you work for a boss who can tell you what to do. What this means for you (and your career) is that you’d like to be able to use your manager skills to create the best working relationship with your boss that you can.  However, the mystery here is just exactly how to go about doing that.   It turns out that it’s pretty easy, you just need to know what steps you need to take.
August 29, 2019
Managers Need To Know How To Mange Up
What’s your plan for getting promoted from the manager position that you currently have?  You’d like to get kicked upstairs, but just exactly how are you going to go about making that happen? A lot of us hope that the quality of the work that we do will speak for  us and our bosses will notice us and our manager skills and will then  promote us. Good idea; however, all too often it does not work out this  way. We need to learn how to “manage up”.  This one skill is the one that will shape your career. Do you know how to do it?
August 22, 2019
How Managers Can Achieve A Sense Of Calm
Let’s face it: being a manager can be a very stressful job.  People are  always asking us for things and we are trying to do our best to use our  manager skills to manage our team. If we are not careful, the stress  associated with the job can become so much that it starts to affect our  relationships and potentially even our health. Managers need a way to  deal with all of this stress and our manager training does not tell us  what we need to do. In the past, managers have tried various activities  such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and going to the gym.  However,  lately a new approach has shown up that can be done in the office: meditation. 
August 16, 2019
How Should Boys And Girls Interact In The Workplace?
Just in case you had not noticed it, the world has changed.  Sexual  harassment has been going on in the workplace for a long time and thanks  to the #MeToo movement  it’s been brought out into the light. There is currently a big uproar  going on with new allegations of improper workplace behavior being  announced almost every day.  As a manager who is both responsible for  using your manager skills to manage a team of both boys and girls as  well as working with boys and girls in other departments, the new rules for working in the modern workplace can appear to be quite confusing. 
August 08, 2019
How To Stop Interruptions In The Office
So has your office gone to one of those “open office” floor plans?   According to the really smart people, there are a lot of advantages of  this kind of open office design. However, one of the downsides to it is  that it can be all too easy for someone to show up unannounced at your desk and interrupt the work that you are doing  no matter how good your manager skills are. We want them to go away and  just leave us alone to do our work.  In this kind of open office, what  can a manager to in order to tell the world that we just want to be left  alone? 
August 01, 2019
Managers Need To Ask Themselves If They Talk Too Much
How much do you talk? Do you talk enough? Or perhaps, do you talk too much?  A key part of the job of being a manager is using your manager skills to deliver good communication.  There are a lot of different ways for us to communicate;and talking is  one of the most important. However, it turns out that it is entirely  possible for us to to do too much talking. When this happens, the people  that we are talking to, just start to shut down and stop listening to  us.  Do you talk too much? 
July 25, 2019
The Problem With Setting Goals
Every year when New Year’s rolls around we are all encouraged to use our manager skills to set goals for the upcoming year.  Most of us actually do this and then we use those goals to guide us  as we plan our work. The best part of all of this is occasionally we  just happen to achieve one of our goals! The big question is how does  this success make you feel? Sometimes achieving a goal can leave us down  in the dumps, feeling blue, not happy at all.  What’s up with this and  what can we do to prevent it? 
July 18, 2019
How Managers Can Gain Power At Work
When we start a new manager job, things can be quite frustrating.  Where  we were previously had probably allowed us to occupy leadership roles.  When we now find ourselves in a powerless position at  the bottom of the organization ladder no matter what manager skills we  have, it can be all too easy to start to think about switching jobs.  The  question that managers need to be able to answer is how can we gain power when we are starting out with none? 
June 27, 2019
What Managers Need To Do Before They Quit
So what’s the worst thing that could happen to you as a manager?  The  list of things could be quite long, but I think that we could all agree  that finding yourself trapped in a job that you don’t like would have to  be close to the top of the list. We can probably make this just a  little bit worse if we made it so that you had just accepted a new job  only to discover that despite your manager skills, you didn’t like it.   What’s a manager to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate  situation? 
June 20, 2019
Managers Struggle To Recruit The Right Workers
In order to manage the best team, you have to have the best team.  What  this means is that one of your responsibilities as a manager is to use  your manager skills to recruit the best team  possible.  During times when the job market is tight, this can be a real challenge. 
June 13, 2019
Managers Have To Deal With The Challenge Of First Impressions
As a manager, we meet a lot of people.  What this means for us is that we are responsible for a lot of first impressions. Although we may not spend a lot of time thinking about it, it turns out that those first impressions often shape how people choose to interact with us.  We’d like all of our first impressions to be positive, but our manager  skills really don’t give us all that much control over them.  One of the  biggest problems that we run into is the simple fact that most people’s  first impressions are wrong. 
June 07, 2019
How Can Managers Get People To Work Together?
More and more companies are starting to realize that if they want to get the most out of their employees, they are going to have to get employees from different departments to work together.   It turns out that this can be difficult to do. How is a manager going  to use their manager skills to get extroverted sales people to work with  introverted IT staff? How can creative types work with detail  orientated budget types?  Making this happen is a new task that managers are going to have to get good at. 
May 23, 2019
How Should Managers Handle Office Romances?
It goes without saying that the #metoo movement  has resulted in the downfall of many formally powerful men: Harvey  Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Charlie Rose, and Matt Lauer.   Clearly there were a lot of very bad things going on in the  entertainment industry. As managers we need to understand what the  impact of all of this is going to be on our work environments. Is it  going to result in tougher polices towards office romances or changed  attitudes?  What’s a manager to do? 
May 16, 2019
How Should Managers Deal With Workplace Suicides?
So let’s face it. Talking about someone ending their own life is never a  pleasant discussion. However, as a manager you need to be prepared to  deal with this kind of event if someone on your team decides to take  their own life.  If we can step away from the hard and cold fact that you  will now have to replace someone on your team, you need to understand  that when somebody commits suicide, it’s going to have a ripple effect on your organization.  Just about the only thing that could make this even worse would be if they decided to end their life while at work. 
May 09, 2019
How Managers Can Get More Done By Doing Less
How’s that manager job going for  you? Are you finding that you can use your manager skills to have  enough time to get all of the things that you need to get done, done? If  you are like most of us, the answer is no.  You  go into the office each day with a well made “to-do” list and then you  come home at night with most of that to-do list still undone. What’s  going on here? What’s going on is that life is knocking you for a loop.  It’s all of the little things that need to be done every day that are  preventing you from doing the bigger things that need to be  accomplished.  How can a manager get more done?
May 02, 2019
What Managers Can Do To Make Employees Stick Around
So here’s some bad news for managers: right now employee turnover  (employees who leave) is currently at an all-time high. What this means  for you is that your team is at risk.  If you don’t find  a way to use your manager skills to keep the members of your team happy  and engaged in their job, then guess what – they are going to leave.  If they leave, then all of a sudden your life just got a lot more  complicated as you are going to have to spent a great deal of money to  try to replace them.  There has to be an alternative to all of this. 
April 25, 2019
The One Skill That All Managers Must Master
As a manager, you will always be asked to do more things.  On top of what you have already signed up to do, people will drop by  your cube, catch your arm in the hall, and corner you in meetings and  will come up with additional things to add to the already full plate of  tasks that you have in front of you.  It can be all too easy for us to  deal with these situations by simply saying “I’ll do that”. Do this  enough, and all too quickly you’ll discover that you are now juggling  too much for any one person to get done.  When this happens, you need to  start to use the greatest skill that a manager has: focus. 
April 11, 2019
How Bad Managers End Up Driving The Best Employees Away
With a little luck, most of us spend our time trying to become good  managers. However, we realize that the world has a number of different  types of managers in it and this means that there are both good managers and bad managers out there.   It turns out that one of the main reasons that employees leave a firm  is because they find themselves working for a bad manager.  Although we  don’t want to become bad managers, it might be useful to take a close  look at what manager skills bad managers use to drive employees away so  that we don’t find ourselves doing these things. 
April 04, 2019
How Managers Can Make Sure That New Employees Don’t Quit
Oh my goodness – can you believe just how hard it is to find the right person to join your team?   I mean think about it: we craft the perfect job description, wade  through a pile of resumes, use our manager skills  to interview far too  many people by phone, invite a few in to take up our day and meet with  us, and then finally make someone an offer. If we get lucky and they are  still available and are still interested in working for our company,  then perhaps we’ve found the next person to work for us.  However, then  comes the most difficult part of the process which is the one that we’ve  had no manager training for: convincing them to not quit. 
March 28, 2019
Managers Need To Start Dealing With The Problem Of Bullies In The Workplace
Can anyone remember going to kindergarten? Way back then life was a lot  simpler. We all had a set of rules that were given to us on how to  behave (say “thank you”, be kind to others, listen to what the teacher  has to say, etc.). Now perhaps not everyone followed each of these rules  all of the time, but at least we all knew what the rules were  and could always refer back to them.  Now move forward into the future  in which we are now living. Incivility and it’s close cousin bullying are becoming a bigger issue in the workplace.  What is a manager to do? 
March 21, 2019
3 Ways That Managers Can Improve Their Leadership Skills
So congratulations, as a manager you are already a leader. However, if you are like most of us you could probably become a better leader.  If you took the time to take a look at all of your manager skills, where do you think that your biggest leadership challenge lies?   The way that you can identify this is by spending some time thinking  about where you’ve had the biggest challenges – communications? Hiring?  Team performance?  It turns out that there are three traits that define  managers who are good leaders. Perhaps we should be working on getting  some manager training and improving all of these…? 
March 14, 2019
Managers Need To Learn How To Humblebrag
As a manager, you are responsible for using your manager skills to  manage a team of professionals. This means that you have to spend time  with each member of your team in order to make sure that they have a  good understanding of where they want their career to go and how they  are going to achieve it.  At the the same time, you need to have a good  understanding of where you want your career to go.  Likewise, once you know what you want, you’re going to have to know how you can go about making it happen. 
March 07, 2019
Managers Need To Know What Makes A Workplace Toxic
So what kind of workplace do you work in? No, I’m not asking about the  kind of furniture you have, what the view out the window looks like, or  how comfortable the chairs are. Instead, what I’d like to know is just exactly how toxic is it?    Surveys have been taken that reveal that 64% of people reported that  they were currently working with someone that they considered to be  toxic. A whopping 94% said that they had worked with someone who was  toxic at some point in their career.  It looks like we may have a problem that has to be solved by a manager here using your manager skills. 
February 28, 2019
What Can Google Teach Managers About Teams?
The way that most work gets done is when we create a team of professionals, tell them what needs to be done, and then send them off to accomplish it. However, that is not always what happens.   We’ve all had experiences with teams that we’ve used our manager skills  to build that have struggled to accomplish their goals, have fought  with each other, and generally have not gotten along very well. We know  what failure looks like.  What can a manager do in order to boost the chances that a team that he or she is responsible for will be a success? 
February 21, 2019
How Can A Manager Know When They Are On Thin Ice?
So how are things going for you at work? Are you getting along with  everyone – especially your boss? Or are you starting to get left out of  meetings that you used to get invited to? Are the people that you work  with starting to become cool towards you? Has your boss stopped having  conversations with you?  Bad things may becoming your way and you may not even realize it… 
February 14, 2019
Why Is Company Culture Important To Managers?
 In the day-to-day activities of a manager, most of us really don’t spend all that much time thinking about our company’s corporate culture.  However, it turns out that it really does matter. If your company has a  bad corporate culture, then it’s going to have a negative impact on the  company’s bottom line results, its reputation, and in the end,  recruitment. It sure seems as though managers need to start spending  some time using their manager skills  to look into how they can improve the company’s culture.  
February 07, 2019