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Real Estate News in Metro Atlanta and Beyond

Real Estate News in Metro Atlanta and Beyond

By Jim Parker
.....Welcome to my Podcasts.....

Here's where I share information, news, and topics about the real estate industry; how they may affect the metro Atlanta real estate market; pose problems and solutions; and address issues that may influence decisions to buy or sell real estate.

Check out my blog: for details to these or other topics.

Broker - Jim Parker
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Real Estate Wire Fraud

Real Estate News in Metro Atlanta and Beyond

Real Estate Wire Fraud

Real Estate News in Metro Atlanta and Beyond

Is Residential Real Estate heading for another Bubble?
Check out my Access Brokerage, Inc. blog post for more details and analysis: YES....for the next 2 years....don't see a repeat of 2007 crash...maybe some form of adjustment...different conditions altogether. A price bubble is a speculative mania situation in which asset prices appear to be based on implausible or inconsistent views about the future. How high can local home prices go?  Who knows, but they will stop some day...and flatten out...probably after the hyper-inflation of printing money at the federal government level. No, we are not in another housing bubble Credit-worthy borrowers - look at the credit scores for mortgage originations. Housing supply - The supply of existing home sales on the market is as low as its ever been U.S. consumer is in better shape than they’ve ever been coming out of a recession. Yes, Real estate investor who shorted subprime mortgages says this housing boom is in a bubble, too Recently, Google searches for “When is the housing market going to crash?” have spiked dramatically. When Will the Housing Market Correct?  In Canada, the price-to-income ratio is at a 40-year high. The  average house price is seven times greater than the average household  income. How is it in the United States? If you’re wondering when the housing market will correct, it may be time to cut your exposure to residential real estate. America’s Housing Market Is Officially Over-Heating Everywhere. How Long Will It Last? “Prices can’t keep going up forever,” says Redfin’s Marr, “Even when the  fundamentals are sustainable like they are now. Strong increases in  mortgage rates, which are likely coming soon, will inevitably cool home  appreciation and bring prices back in line with wages.” So...what's the answer? What did I say in my earlier podcasts...IT ALL DEPENDS! Financial experts and real estate analysts often use a simple rule  of thumb to decide if real estate is overvalued: the price-to-income ratio. Put simply, the average price of a house in your city should not  exceed four times the average income. If it does, the property market is  overvalued. Ordinary families may struggle to pay their mortgage if the  ratio is too high.  Home Price to Median Household Income Ratio (US)
April 19, 2021
Appraisals and Bankruptcy - Any relationship?
I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn, I'm not a licensed appraiser, nor am I a bankruptcy attorney, but...they might have something in common in the near future. Hot housing market puts pressure on appraisers in Northwest Florida
April 13, 2021
General topics of the past week from my blog:
Feel free to contact me about any of your residential real estate needs in or questions about the Metro Atlanta area.
April 9, 2021
Who visits your home when it's listed for sale?
Can a real estate agent use your listed home to stage photos for their own self advertising during a scheduled showing, or do you grant permission if you let them show it? (This is the article that prompted me to ask: Do you watch who roams your house and what they talk about? Do you think home shoppers are scoping out your home for future burglaries?
April 5, 2021
Problems with PEX Plumbing
Link to my blog post about the subject: Sources of Inspiration for Podcast...the Polybutelene Plumbing class action lawsuits; someone I know who survived the Texas freeze; and...
March 24, 2021
Several different (14) types of insurance for real estate
A link to my blogpost on this subject:
March 17, 2021
Housing Market in Atlanta, Georgia to Keep Climbing into 2020
The local economy is currently strong, with fairly high employment. Thirty-year mortgage rates are expected to remain low going into 2020. Forecasters predict that home prices in the area will continue to climb. Population growth expected to continue and they need a place to live.
October 31, 2019
Real estate scams
The main real estate scams I'm familiar with are as follows: (...and be sure to catch my blog post at Real estate scams): Ponzi scams email closing funds scam real estate agent review scam filing fraudulent deeds scam rental home scam
October 26, 2019
Residential Home Warranties
One of the 14 different types of insurance available for a home...Home Warranty Companies "issue" home warranty policies. These specialized "insurers" charge an annual fee for the "coverage", and offer service call "deductibles" where authorized, screened contractors are dispatched to resolve household maintenance issues upon your request. Each company offers at least one type of coverage that normally offers repairs for HVAC, water heaters, electrical or plumbing issues.
October 20, 2019
Real Estate News in 2019 from Access Brokerage
Topics and links to articles I've posted throughout 2019 that are of interest to several parties (buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, closing attorneys, and other organizations)  in the real estate market.
October 16, 2019
Real estate transfer taxes - taxes on residential home sales transactions by state and local governments
My most recent blog post on this topic:  Real estate transfer taxes – taxes on residential home sales transactions by state and local governments is a renewed topic based on my previous 2013 blog post on Transfer Taxes and the a more recent article: Opinion The emergence of local real estate transfer taxes.    Bottom Line:  States, as well as federal and local government authorities are constantly looking for ways they can increase tax revenue to fund operations…the question is, will the proceeds collected cover the directly related expenses that authority expends to administer or enforce related real estate activities, or be just another hidden tax?
October 10, 2019
Office of Georgia Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner
Many interesting and informative news and insurance related matters affecting consumers like insurance fraud you need to be aware of happening in Georgia that you may be faced with if you're not aware.  Other topics are posted at - the website of the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fie Commissioner.  Pay attention to my blog post:   Office of Georgia Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner    that identifies the link to file a consumer complaint related to insurance companies.
October 5, 2019
Things Real Estate Agents Don't Want You to Know
Source Of podcast inspiration is a December 2018 Motley Fool article:  13 Things Real Estate Agents Don't Want You to Know
October 1, 2019
Residential Real Estate Contract for Used (Resale) homes in Georgia
Beware of your Responsibilities:  I am summarizing some points of interest you may need to be aware of from each page  of the most current version of the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement.  Make sure your agent addresses some of your major responsibilities in the contract. but as soon as possible, read the contract to understand it.  I know, sometimes it's a rush to get an offer into the seller and buyers may focus only on Page 1 details of price, closing costs, closing date, etc...but other provisions in the contract are not so obvious.
September 26, 2019
Should anyone profit from real estate?
Thanks to Bernie Sanders, this topic is pretty interesting.  His question:  Should People Profit From Housing? I would expect such a question from a  millionaire socialist like Bernie Sanders, but let's dig a little deeper into what he's suggesting.
September 21, 2019
iBuyers - the good, the bad, and the ugly
Visit my blog post on the subject:  iBuyers - the good, bad, and ugly of their disruption of residential real estate markets Bottom line in brief:   iBuyers (now a multi-billion $ industry from Chinese investors to US  venture capitalists) will offer you cash often based on similar or  lower/older comparable sales, then charge a 6-10% fee, require you to  also pay the total realtor sales commissions (anywhere from 4-8% in  general), deduct costs for repairs/updates "they" (not you) demand to be  performed by their contractors; won't disclose anything about the house  whether they know it or not; and require you to sign a document at  closing that makes the property an "as-is" sale without any recourse or  warranties of workmanship on any work performed in the home. And the iBuyers advertise you can close in X # of days or "pick your own closing date", which is basically what Buyers and Sellers do now...most regular real estate transactions close within 30 days.
September 16, 2019
Real Estate Wire Fraud
Basically - in 25 words or less.... if homebuyers send closing funds to the wrong bank account, you get screwed!  Don't believe everything in writing.  Pick up the phone and call. The scam:  The homebuyer receives an email from criminals pretending to be real estate agent, the closing attorney, or title agency involved in the transaction. The  fraudulent email contains wire transfer payment instructions usually  regarding the down payment or closing costs. Unwittingly, the homebuyer sends the wire transfer payment to the criminal’s account. Homebuyers can exercise some steps to protect themselves from this fraud.... Steps the real estate agent may take to protect their clients.... See details in my blog post:  Real Estate Wire Fraud ACCESS BROKERAGE, INC. Broker - Jim Parker 770-265-7293
September 11, 2019
Do 10 Year US Treasury Note yields have an Influence on Mortgage Interest Rates?
The answer:  YES and NO  Yes, US Treasury Notes have been an influence in recent years because they more accurately reflect demographic shifts in home ownership and are a very comparable relatively safe investment choice backed by the US Government than a little riskier than the secondary mortgage loan market like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  But first a little history and then some current events.... Answer = YES:  Over the past 20 or so years, yields on the 10 year US Treasury notes have moved in direction comparable to the fixed rate conventional mortgage rates. Based on this article from The Balance: How Treasury Notes Affect Mortgage Rates.  U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and notes directly affect the interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages. How? When Treasury yields rise, so do interest rates. That's because investors who want a steady and safe return compare interest rates of all fixed-income products. They compared yields on short-term Treasurys to certificates of deposit and money market funds. They compare yields on long-term Treasurys to home loans and corporate bonds. All bond yields are affected by Treasury yields since they compete for the same type of investor. Answer = NO:  Based on Mortgage Daily News articles:  Yes, Mortgage Rates are Lower and 10yr Yields are Higher Today & No, Mortgage Rates Aren't Based on 10yr Treasury Yields...True, US Treasuries set the tone for almost any interest rate in the US. - it's their yield that runs point for most other comparative investments. Over the past 20 years, fewer people remained in their homes over a 20-30 year period.  In fact, more households were moving on average every 7 years.  Now,  due to housing crisis fears of mid 2000's and other factors, that demographic  as changed a little to people wanting to stay in their homes for at least 10 years. Therefore, it is common belief that the 10 Year Treasury yield  more accurately predicts the movement of fixed rate 15 and 30 year mortgage loan rates. So for now, I lean to the side of common thought that YES, 10 year  treasury note yields DO predict or influence mortgage interest rates and  the current marketplace factors is an anomaly.
September 6, 2019
Is the traditional residential real estate industry collapsing?
If you search for residential real estate mergers and acquisitions in your favorite internet search portal, you’ll see many mergers are occurring. We are seeing a drop on volume of “available” residential properties that agents can list for sale. This “shortage” of available properties that “Listing” agents can make available to purchase also hurts the “Buyer’s” agent on the other side of the transaction which severely limits the properties available for their “buyer” clients to purchase. I believe every market across the US is experiencing this problem. Note: In case you’re asking, more than 95% of the transactions I’ve researched on the multiple listing services involve separate agents for both sides of each real estate transaction. The growing threat of (a) iBuyers (ie, “instant” cash buyers / investors) scooping up thousands of homes before they hit the normal buyer market; (b) people using Airbnb and other rental services to rent their properties for monthly income and not listing them for sale; (c) vast number of millenniels with massive student loan debt, no desire to settle down, and lower paying salaries than they expected; and (d) many homeowners who have simply realized that if they sell their homes for a high price, they would just have to find another home for a higher price in today’s market….are all signals to the residential real estate brokerage companies that change and adaptation is in the wind. My Blog post: Is the traditional residential real estate industry collapsing?  Jim Parker - Broker at ACCESS BROKERAGE INC. - 770-265-7293 -
September 2, 2019
Mortgages & Mortgage Rates; New Homes in Atlanta; and iBuyers in the Atlanta Real Estate Marketplace
I am Jim Parker, Exclusive Buyer Agent in the Atlanta Metro marketplace...770-265-7293 - Mortgage Rates - I cover a few of the basics and tips, but here's a general discussion and relationship to the 10 year treasury notes.  The Treasury Department sells all bills, notes, and bonds at auction with a fixed interest rate. When demand is high, bidders will pay more than the face value to receive the fixed rate. When demand is low, they pay less.  The Treasury Department pays the interest rate every six months.  The yield is the total return over the life of the bond. Since Treasurys are sold at auction, their yields change every week. If demand is low, notes are sold below face value. The discount is like getting them on sale. As a result, the yield is high. Buyers pay less for the fixed interest rate, so they get more for their money. When demand is high, they are sold at auction above face value. As a result, the yield is low. The buyers had to pay more for the same interest rate, so they get less return for their money.  If Treasury yields increase, then the interest paid on these riskier investments must increase in lock-step.   And don't miss my Steps to the Mortgage Process tips on my website or New Homes and Builders in Metro Atlanta - Great source to find new home developments in the Metro Atlanta area - Don't hesitate to give them my contact information so I can help you with any one of the new homes listed in this website. -  iBuyers: Is The Convenience Worth The Cost? ... The “i” stands for “instant”.  This is happening across the country...Zillow,  Opendoor, Knock, OfferPad, etc...are some of many "cash" investors offering people a quick way to sell their homes in generally good condition without agents, normally at a discount for repairs/upgrades and a fee.  They capture those sellers interested in just getting out of a property ownership and may not want to take time to market their homes for sale (i.e., don't like the inconvenience of the process) or have the resources to spend for those repairs/updates to get their properties ready for the current market quality and conditions demands.  Each company has a slightly different profit model, but according to this Forbes article,  the iBuyer will typically charge a full commission, plus build in a  discount to fair value to compensate for the risk they take by  providing you with “instant” liquidity.  Some estimate that these costs can add up to more than 10% of the fair  market value of a home compared to 5-6% in commissions with a  traditional agent. References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.  Also, consult legal expertise in any of these areas and do not rely strictly on information presented here is this podcast.
August 28, 2019
Open Houses in Georgia,Amazon and Zillow turf war in real estate; Rules fo Homebuyers; and more
I am Jim Parker, Exclusive Buyer Agent in the Atlanta Metro marketplace...770-265-7293 - Topics for today...thanks for listening.  How do you find open houses in Georgia?  Amazon and Zillow are real estate disrupters?  Amazon is not selling real estate, but it will, thanks to its enormous reach, funnel potential buyers into Realogy.  Zillow is not only offering to buy homes in Florida, but will turn and sell them to investors for flipping...Zillow Offers, which allows homeowners to  sell their home to Zillow for a cash offer within just a few days' time.  Zillow then turns around and attempts to sell the home at a premium,and  keep the profits. Rules for Home Buyers Working With Real Estate Agents California Real estate market, insurance policies affected by increasing wildfire incidents...How does this apply to Georgia residents? 4 Reasons Why Property Management Businesses Are Thriving:  Rates; occupancy; vacation rentals; and technology. Real estate: Builders design homes with roommates in mind...Homes that are built with full bathrooms off every bedroom also could be used by retired individuals to live together and cut living expenses, but local zoning laws could prohibit the number of unrelated persons living in a dwelling. Complaints about or crimes by real estate agents - legitimate or reflection on client poor choices? Chinese buyers pull back from U.S. housing market, hurting home sales Can you transfer home ownership with back taxes due? Will lower interest rates push home prices up?   Summary wrap up of today's podcast and final thoughts. References to products and services are not a specific endorsement, but the user must perform their due diligence and investigate whether the product or service is right for them. I welcome any or all comments that would help others.  Also, consult legal expertise in any of these areas and do not rely strictly on information presented here is this podcast.  
August 27, 2019
Real Estate News in Metro Atlanta and beyond
Be's my trial run to introduce my Podcast "Solutions". I am Jim Parker, Exclusive Buyer Agent in the Atlanta Metro marketplace...770-265-7293 - I have a blog -  - that I attempt to update several topics about real estate each day. Hey, I may even throw in a few other stories or news flashes on these podcasts about society or life in general to spice it up and make you think... This podcast series attempts to broadcast some of those news and stories, and offer some answers to your real estate questions.
August 22, 2019