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Things I Think About

Things I Think About

By Jim Stroud
This is a weekly podcast of history, culture and politics. It is produced and hosted by Jim Stroud. Subscribe now for random thoughts about the world we live in from one guy trying to figure it all out.
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Go Woke and Go Broke: Diversity Quotas Will Kill Your Business

Things I Think About

Season One Closer
This is my reflection of season one of my podcast and a promise of things to come. Season 2 will begin in a couple of weeks. Tune in to learn what I will be doing in the meantime.  If you have not already, please subscribe to my websites. My Blog Black History Quiz 
September 21, 2020
Go Woke and Go Broke: Diversity Quotas Will Kill Your Business
In my latest podcast, I discuss the new diversity quotas that must be met before you can win a “Best Picture” Oscar. I then give examples of how diversity quotas have caused potential harm, were a waste of time and contributed to a large amount of death. When concluding, I make numerous predictions about the demise of Hollywood unless they change course immediately. Tune in now! Special thanks to my sponsor – Black History Quiz. Subscribe to their newsletter today.
September 14, 2020
The Case Against Reparations for African Americans
The other day, I was speaking to a very dear friend of mine about race issues in America. (My friend happens to be white.) She asked me what percentage of black people would likely hold her personally responsible  for slavery? I told her that I could not quantify a percentage but likely,  many African Americans would hold her responsible for the sins of her ancestors. For the record, I vehemently disagree with that opinion.  Why?   Over the years,  I’ve heard several arguments made for reparations on numerous occasions but none have satisfied me. Why? For me, it always comes down to this - who should pay? It is this question that my case against reparations for African Americans rest. Tune in for the details. Research related to this podcast can be found on 
September 8, 2020
Is It Time to Cancel Robert Byrd?
This is election season and as such, I expect propaganda to flow from both sides of the aisle. One that caught my eye today was against Joe Biden. It was a picture of him holding hands with the late Senator Robert Byrd at a political rally with the caption, “Does a Photo Show Joe Biden With the ‘Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan’?” The internet meme caught my attention so, I had to research Robert Byrd and learn about this alleged Klan connection. For the record, Senator Robert Byrd was NOT a Grand Wizard. Was he involved with the Klan in any way? Most definitely. In this episode, I look into the history of one of the longest serving U.S. Senators in American history and ask, "Is it time to cancel Robert Byrd?"  Resources related to this podcast can be found at  Special thanks to my sponsor Black History Quiz / 
August 31, 2020
Bad News is Good for Business
The evening newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC have been 150 times more negative when covering President Trump compared to presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, according to a new study.  News stories in general and reports focused on President Donald Trump in particular will continue to be reported negatively because its highly profitable for the mainstream media. (No, its not purely for ideological reasons.) In this episode I discuss research focused on the media, the psychological effects of so much negative news coverage and why nothing will change despite the adverse effects on the public.The transcript and resources related to this podcast can be found on   
August 24, 2020
40 Acres, a Mule and Reparations For Slavery
The idea of reparations being paid to African Americans as recompense for slavery is a hot topic in America and has been for quite a while. In this episode of "Things I Think About," I examine the very first attempt by the United States government to give reparations to African Americans post civil-war. The historical insights I share may surprise you as much, if not more, than they did me. Tune in to find out. | Big thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz. | Click here to subscribe to Black History Quiz Links related to this episode can be found on 
August 15, 2020
White Privilege is a Myth
Oprah Winfrey believes America is based on a caste system and that no matter your lot in life, as long as you are white, you have an advantage over all other minorities; alluding to what is popularly known as “white privilege.”  Is this true? I do a bit of research and decide that its not.  Tune in to hear my argument on why white privilege is illogical (to put it mildly). Big thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz! Subscribe to their newsletter now because it takes more than a month to learn our history. (  Resources related to this episode can be found here: 
August 10, 2020
If America is so racist, why is this happening?
I saw a video that featured teenagers and their reaction to racial injustice and police brutality in the wake of the George Floyd protests and riots. Listening to some of their testimonies was heartbreaking as they likened the USA to a third world country run by demagogues and storm troopers.  When the video finished, I asked myself, "If I were a black immigrant with the entire world as my option, would I choose to live in a country that would oppress me at every turn?" Of course, I would not, yet millions of black immigrants flow into the USA everyday and they prosper. How can that be when America is so racist?  This is the first in a series of episodes defending America as being a racist institution profiting on the exploitation of minorities. More will come in the future.  Tune in to this one and share your thoughts? 
August 6, 2020
How To Cancel "Cancel Culture"
The woke cancel culture in society seeks to publicly shame or withdraw support from public figures because of unpopular opinions or offensive actions. In some cases, it might be appropriate to do so, yet increasingly it is a sign of mob culture that has gotten out of control. What happens when cancel culture enters the workplace and people are fired because someone is triggered by an alleged woke vs racism comment or an opinion expressed decades ago? Worse yet, what if you are cancelled at work for trying to help a cause that both parties agree with? It may sound crazy but free speech is under attack and it is becoming more prevalent in the workspace. In this episode, Jim Stroud examines examples of cancel culture, why it persists and what it will take to finally end it. Tune in for a very special episode. Big thanks to Black History Quiz! Subscribe to the Black History Quiz Newsletter now! > 
August 3, 2020
What's wrong with Marxism?
When writing The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx thought he was providing a road to utopia, but everywhere his ideas were tried, they resulted in catastrophe and mass murder. And there is no exception to that rule. Not the Soviet Union, not Eastern Europe, not China, not North Korea, not Vietnam, not Cuba, not Venezuela, not Bolivia, not Zimbabwe. Wherever Marxism goes, economic collapse, terror and famine follow. How is this relevant? Black Lives Matter co-founder – Patrisse Cullors admits that she and fellow founder – Alicia Graza are trained Marxists. I will speculate on the ramifications of that in this episode.  | Special thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz!  Subscribe to the Black History Quiz Newsletter today! ( 
July 30, 2020
The Lone Ranger Manifesto
Next to my father, the only other man I looked up to when growing up was The Lone Ranger. Silver bullets, a black mask, a white horse and Tonto mean more in the maturity of my adulthood than they did in my childhood, but I always had an appreciation for them (even when I was not totally sure what I was celebrating). Webster defines a manifesto as “A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.” If you would indulge me, I would like to explain and evangelize what I call “The Lone Ranger Manifesto” with the hope that it becomes not just a series of amusing observations, but a moral template to live by. | Resources related to this podcast can be found here:  / Special thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz! Subscribe to the Black History Quiz newsletter now!
July 27, 2020
Snowflakes Make Bad Employees
Do you know someone or, have seen someone, angry over trivial matters? Perhaps, you have witnesses someone go into a rage over a microaggression? If so, would you hire them to work for you? Chances are you would not because instinctively you know that they would make a bad employee. Well, you no longer have to rely on your gut for such decisions. A scientific paper has been published that backs up what you already knew. Snowflakes make bad employees. I discuss the research in this episode and oh boy, is it good! |  Articles and resources cited in this podcast can be found here:  / Special thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz! Subscribe to the Black History Quiz newsletter now!
July 20, 2020
Defunding The Police is a Bad Idea
I watched an interview of Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors where she argued that police need to be defunded and by doing so, would resolve issues of homelessness, gentrification and improve the overall quality of life for society. I took note of what she said and found points where we agreed and very much disagreed. Plus, I make several ominous predictions based on a very disturbing trend. Articles and resources cited in this podcast can be found here: / Special thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz! Subscribe to the Black History Quiz newsletter now!
July 14, 2020
There is a place for passion and there is a place for facts.
I saw a video of a young woman engaging a senior citizen over her desire to tear down a statue; both African-American. The woman was irate and near the point of violence. The man of a certain age was calm, resolute and determined to have a civil discourse. As I watched it all play out, I wondered, how can society ever have civil discussions and peaceful resolutions when one side refuses to hear the other? I don’t have all the answers but, I do offer a few suggestions in this episode.  Articles and resources cited in this podcast can be found here:   Special thanks to my sponsor - Black History Quiz!  Subscribe to the Black History Quiz newsletter now!
July 7, 2020