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Random Encounters in the Library

Random Encounters in the Library

By Jim Yoder
Doing the literary legwork to help make your games better! Fiction and non-fiction discussed as well as regular game stuff. Hoping to get some interviews going, as well!
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REitL episode 98 Where bees go to die
Some rambling, I talk a bit about my jungle campaign is like to run and say goodbye to Frothsof. Email me at
May 22, 2021
Random Encounters in the Library episode 97 Where do you get your ideas?
Talk a bit about where I get my ideas for tabletop role-playing games. Also, please send questions and/or comments to me
April 28, 2021
Yoder's Art Music Box episode 4 making lists and old rock magazines
I talk a bit about reading cheap rock magazines as a teen and making up lists of albums I should check out. Email me at Instagram kmelion72
November 27, 2020
Yoder's Art Music Box episode 3 Pogoing towards ecstasy!
Talk about Pearl Jam's Spin the Black Circle and the transformative experience of vinyl and music! Give feedback at email Instagram kmelion72 Take care, folks!
November 21, 2020
Yoder's Art Music Box episode 2 more nostalgia
More about my musical development from preteen into teenager. New Edition and Air Supply are mentioned, go figure! Contact me via Anchor or email Instagram kmelion72
November 19, 2020
Yoder's Art Music Box episode 1 Jax record show
Talking about the record show and what I picked up. Let me know what is your favorite song/album from different genres? Email me at Instagram @kmelion72
November 16, 2020
REitL episode 96 Let the music do the talking
Switching gears, talking about music and especially early memories. Contact me through anchor or email
November 13, 2020
REitL ep95 ideas are everywhere
A bit about what I'm currently reading and where I've gotten some cool ideas lately. Email IG @kmelion72
September 2, 2020
REitL ep94 Great God Pan's Dunwich Horror
Talking about a story from a horror anthology from 1988 (Prime Evil) as well as two stories related to it. Email
August 30, 2020
REitL episode 93 quarantine update
Just giving you all an update on where I'm at in all this. Hoping to get into a routine. Messages, comments always welcome! Email blog
May 6, 2020
REitL ep92 Doctor Who ramblings
Mostly Delgado/Pertwee. Current season Doctor Who spoiler warning. Email blog
January 29, 2020
REitL ep91 water tails and the craboleth!
Some more flavor for the marshlands setting I'm working on. Email game blog
December 7, 2019
REitL ep90 Ursisurus and Beach Heads
I talk about a couple ideas I have for a setting I'm working on. One is a creature and the other is something you come across. Feedback is always welcome. Email game blog Thanks everyone!
November 27, 2019
REitL ep89 addendum to Creepshow
A little rambling and complaining
November 19, 2019
REitL ep88 Creepshow review and other horror ephemera
My take on the new Creepshow anthology series and some horror movie ramblings. Email game blog
October 26, 2019
REitL ep87 Dusty Trail Thursday; Alferd Packer
Tonight I talk about the Colorado Cannibal. Email game blog
October 18, 2019
REitL ep86 Pigeons from the Tall Grass in the Willows
I talk about the Willows, King and Hill's in the tall grass, Winchester house, and Pigeons from Hell. You're welcome. Email game blog
October 11, 2019
REitL ep85 Dusty Trail; Sarah Winchester
Call ins from Jason and Froth and today's topic; Sarah Winchester! Email game blog
October 3, 2019
REitL ep84 Literary Tuesday; the Willows
Today we check out Blackwood's the Willows. Email game blog
October 2, 2019
REitL ep83 (late) Dusty Trail; Thunderbird
Today I talk a bit about the legendary Thunderbird! Email game blog
September 27, 2019
REitL ep82 Smith: an episode in a lodging house
We look at an Algernon Blackwood short story. Email game blog
September 24, 2019
REitL ep81 Dusty Trail Thursday; the Benders
Talk about mining YouTube for ideas and the baleful Benders! Email game blog
September 19, 2019
REitL ep80 not so Literary Tuesday
Talk briefly about discussing the book "Fantasy Role Playing Games" with Ray Otus. Email game blog
September 18, 2019
REitL ep79 Dusty Trail Thursday
I go into two stories, with a medicine man and a golden city. Email game blog
September 13, 2019
REitL ep79 The Ring; last part plus thoughts
I finish up and add my thoughts to the mix. Email game blog
September 12, 2019
REitL ep78 Literary Tuesday; the Ring part 2
We get further into the novel, ending up in Izu Oshima and learn more of Sadako's backstory. Email game blog
September 11, 2019
REitL ep77 Doctor Who; Terrance Dicks
Today I speak on the wonderful accomplishments of the fantastic Terrence Dicks. Email game blog
September 8, 2019
REitL ep76 What's Next?
Coming off hurricane anxiety, here is what I've planned for the next couple episodes. Email game blog art gallery
September 7, 2019
REitL ep75 Literary Tuesday; Koji Suzuki's the Ring; part 1
I delve into the novel, leading up to Asakawa watching the video tape. Spoilers abound. Email game blog
September 3, 2019
REitL ep74 RPG a Day; Last
With the final word, we bid farewell to RPG a Day until next year. Email game blog
September 2, 2019
REitL ep73 RPG a Day; evolve and connection
I go over the words for the day, and hope hurricane Dorian is gentle with us. Email game blog
August 30, 2019
REitL ep72 Dusty Trail Thursday; Cursed in Yellow
I throw some things together to create a Hastur related hook. Email game blog art gallery
August 29, 2019
REitL ep71 RPG a Day; Love
The word for the day is Love! Email game blog
August 28, 2019
REitL ep70 RPG a Day and Literary Tuesday; suspense and Midnight Meat Train
The word for the day is suspense and the story is Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train from the Books of Blood collection. Email game blog
August 27, 2019
REitL ep69 RPG a Day; Triumph, Calamity, and Idea
I go over the three past RPG a Day words, talk a bit about Calamity Jane and mention my FASA DW post on my blog. Email game blog art gallery
August 26, 2019
REitL ep68 RPG a Day; surprise
The surprise of positive and negative random encounters. Email
August 23, 2019
REitL ep67 Dusty Trail Thursday
The RPG a Day words are Vast and Lost. I then talk of the vastness if the frontier and the Lost Dutchman mine for the Dusty Trail Thursday. Email game blog art gallery
August 22, 2019
REitL ep66 Literary Tuesday; Speech Sounds
The RPG word today is Noble, and I yammer on a bit about A short story by Octavia Butler. Email game blog
August 20, 2019
REitL ep65 RPG a Day; Scary
Talk about the word of the day, if you are in a position to help Rick Loomis, go to email game blog
August 19, 2019
REitL ep64 RPG a Day; one and plenty
Continuing with RPG a Day, plus birthday call ins. Email game blog
August 19, 2019
REitL ep63 Doctor Who FASA RPG
I go on about the FASA DW RPG, and my experiences with it. Email game blog
August 18, 2019
REitL ep62 RPG a day; catching up
What it says on the tin, I've caught up on the RPG a day. Email game blog art gallery
August 17, 2019
REitL ep61 Dusty Trail Thursday; Donner Party
I go through some of the details of this tragedy. Be warned, it is a bit gruesome. Email game blog
August 16, 2019
REitL ep60 Doctor Who and Dragon magazine
I Wonder how some magazines deal with a subject that at times may not be enough to fill their pages. Email
August 15, 2019
REitL ep59 Literary Tuesday; Arthur Machen
Tonight I dive into the Great God Pan and the Three Impostors. email game blog gallery
August 13, 2019
REitL ep58 Mutant Future Monday
Tonight talk a bit more about what's going in the zine, particularly since a new addition will be Mutant Future related. A no art version of the off is available here my email game blog gallery thanks guys!
August 13, 2019
REitL ep57 Doctor Who; Ten Doctors
Tonight I yammer on a bit about the amazing Ten Doctors web comic at Rich's Comix Blog (look along the right hand column for completed comics) then I burble some about using real life events as a basis for a scenario. Email game blog art gallery
August 11, 2019
REitL ep56 more Dusty Trail alcohol info
A little follow up, names for frontier hooch! Also I've got a small list of salon names on my blog
August 10, 2019
REitL ep55 Dusty Trail Thursday; alcohol in the West
Quick episode about what went into booze in the old west. Email game blog
August 9, 2019
REitL ep54 paying creators what they are worth
Adding my 2 cents to Tenkar's episode about Ernie, Jim, and Jeff not getting paid what they are worth. Email
August 7, 2019
REitL ep53 Literary Tuesday; Crawljammer#2
I think if what could have inspired Tim Callahan in making Crawljammer. Then I take a look at issue two of his zine! Email game blog
August 6, 2019
REitL ep52 Manic Monday
The pain of missing out on Kickstarters and curating your collections. Email game blog art gallery
August 6, 2019
REitL ep51 Doctor Who; Saward and JNT
I try my hand at comedy, then ramble about Colin Baker era producer/script editor relationships. Email game blog
August 4, 2019
REitL ep50 Dusty Trail Thursday Tennessee Walker
Tonight I talk about a private citizen who tried to "liberate" Baja, Mexico. Questions, comments? Email me game blog art gallery
August 2, 2019
REitL ep49 Literary Tuesday Lensman saga, end of Triplanetary
I finish Triplanetary and let you know what's to come. Email game blog random
July 31, 2019
REitL ep48 Doctor Who: adventures in time and space
I talk about the DW:aitas game I ran a few years back as well as coming up with game ideas. Email game blog random
July 28, 2019
REitL ep47 The Hoard of the Gibbelins
Wherein I read aloud a Dunsany story and see what we can take from it.
July 27, 2019
REitL ep46 Dusty Trail Thursday; ghostly apparitions
Today we have a story of one man's brush with death and a couple apparitions. Also a bit about camels in the West. Email at blog art gallery thanks folks
July 26, 2019
REitL ep45 Literary Tuesday Triplanetary part1
Space pirates, space patrol and amphibious aliens. As always send email to blog is gallery at
July 23, 2019
REitL ep44 How I got into Doctor Who
I give a quick recap of my son's game and go on and on about how I discovered Doctor Who. Contact me via email or in my game blog and my art gallery is
July 23, 2019
REitL ep43 Dusty Trail Thursday the great Western medicine show
Tonight I look at the various pitches and pitch men who worked there old west frontier, and give some ideas on how to work it into a game.
July 18, 2019
REitL ep42 Lensman: World at War
Literary Tuesday was a day late, apologies. I talk about the second part of Triplanetary and how you can use it's parts for your game. Email blog are gallery
July 17, 2019
REitL ep41 call ins, book readings, superstitions, and Misommar
Some feedback from my Dunsany reading, I read a bit from a text on Superstition, and what did you folks think of Midsommar? Email check my blog my art is at remember that I'm available for freelance work!
July 13, 2019
REitL ep40 Dusty Trail Thursday Blood Brothers
The true story of what the US army discovered in New Mexico circa 1865. Self flagellation abounds in today's episode as we hit 40! Email blog the open table DCC I run is at Borderlands comics and games, address is 10230 Atlantic Blvd #11, Jacksonville, FL 32225 Message me for dates and times.
July 12, 2019
REitL ep39 Literary Tuesday The Lensman
Today we dive into the Lensman saga examining the Eddorians and Arisians, possible precursors to the Shadows and Vorlons of Babylon 5. I talk briefly about discovering a new podcast check them out. Also send questions and comments to In the things are tough all over department, I've set it up so you can subscribe if you'd like. I'll be coming up with something special for subscribers. How to hear from you all, later folks!
July 9, 2019
REitL ep38 Dusty Trail Thursday
Dusty Trail Thursday has us looking at little Gremlins in mines. Also check out my new painting at send an email at and check out my gaming blog at
July 4, 2019
REitL ep37 How Nuth would have practised his art upon the gnoles
In a change from the normal Literary Tuesday, today we have a reading of Lord Dunsany's "How Nuth would have practised his art upon the gnoles" which gives us a glimpse of the precursor to today's gnolls. I also let you know what is coming up next for Literary Tuesday. Send e-mail to check out my game blog at and my online gallery is at 
July 2, 2019
REitL ep36 Free Form Friday
Call ins from Happy Whisk, Ray Otus, and Colin Green. I ramble about the similarity of style between three authors. Robert Chambers, Shirley Jackson, and Thomas Ligotti email blog
June 29, 2019
REitL ep35 Dusty Trail Thursday Liver Eating Johnson
Wild West weirdness with mountain man Liver Eating Johnson. Email blog art gallery thanks
June 28, 2019
REitL ep34 Literary Tuesday Stainless \u000ASteel Rat
Today I talk about Jim diGriz adventures in Harrison's first Stainless Steel Rat story. Gases are examined and nostril filter plugs are required.
June 25, 2019
REitL ep33 Fried Friday Rambling
I ramble a bit about my car dying, people complaining about free game stuff, wax fantastic about William Gibson, and talk some about my patreon. Leave message here and/or here
June 22, 2019
REitL ep32 Dusty Trail Thursday BBQ
A little talk about traveling bbq wagons, snake oil salesmen, and wendigo. Comment at my blog leave a voice message or send email to
June 21, 2019
REitL ep31 literary Tuesday Count Zero
Call in from Rich sends me back to Count Zero and what cool stuff you can snag for your game.
June 19, 2019
REitL ep30 free RPG day and post apocalyptic jam
I talk about my free RPG day experience, and other stuff I did this weekend. Any comments or feedback can be sent to thanks everybody!
June 17, 2019
REitL ep29 Free Form Friday
I go back to my childhood and talk horror movies and a bit about Stephen King's book on the history of horror.
June 15, 2019
REitL ep28 Dusty Trail Thursday
Tonight I throw some creepy doll ideas out there. Also a few leftovers from the Neuromancer episode.
June 14, 2019
REitL ep27 Wilderness Encounters
I toss around some Wilderness/random encounter ideas. Check out my blog
June 10, 2019
REitL ep26 Dusty Trails Thursday
Another episode where I give you something for your old weird West games. This time it's the would West show!
June 6, 2019
REitL ep25 Johnny Mnemonic and Neuromancer
Let's get some game ideas from this cyber punk classic. Also my online gallery is here
June 6, 2019
REitL ep24 addendum to last night
I add a bit to last night's topic and talk about literacy in fantasy settings.
May 31, 2019
REitL ep23 Dusty Trail Thursday
Our first dusty trail takes us to Villasco, Iowa and the site of a chilling axe murders. Remember you can send me a message via Anchor and email and check out my online art gallery at
May 30, 2019
REitL ep22 Don Rodriguez
This episode we see what we gamers can take from Lord Dunsany's Don Rodriguez. Plus I have a favorite Robin of Sherwood character.
May 29, 2019
REitL ep21 DCC game report
Quick report on the DCC game I ran earlier, using the bits of Ahn Zhyrr I have.
May 26, 2019
REitL ep20 Harry Harrison and the Stainless Steel Rat!
Starting with a call in from Ray "Plunder grounds" Otus, I then ramble awhile about Harrison's SciFi adventure series
May 25, 2019
REitL ep19 Dark Trails!
Let's hit the Dark Trails and see what happens. Weird West goodness from the mind if David Baity. Kickstarter is on now, right here and let me know what you think. Remember to check out my blog here
May 24, 2019
REitL ep18 GM's notebook
Looking to revamp/streamline my GM notebook, feedback is welcome. There are pictures on my blog at
May 22, 2019
REitL ep17 What can we get from Deathworld?
A call in from Plundergrounds' Ray Otus and I see what game stuff we can get from reading Deathworld! Check my blog at
May 20, 2019
REitL ep16 a bit more about research
Spikepit chimes in and I ramble about research and reading/non reading
May 17, 2019
REitL ep15 research for games and Deathworld
Reading is great, especially when you are hoping for some gaming inspiration. Feel free to chime in!
May 16, 2019
REitL ep14 Cryptworld
Wherein I give you all the lowdown on my favorite non Call of Cthulhu horror rpg. Plus a quick overview of the Chill rpg.
May 11, 2019
REitL ep13 ideas from literature
I ramble a bit about the Friends of Jackson Elias King in Yellow podcast, and getting ideas from the media we absorb
May 7, 2019
REitL ep12 Urban Druid imaginings
This time I take an idea from JE Shields and Ray Otus and run with it for a bit.
May 4, 2019
REitL ep11 GenCon50 tarot story
I was rhapsodic about a convention game I ran where one of the players was using an electronic tarot deck, to great effect.
May 2, 2019
REitL ep10 top three dice
Npc feedback and I use one of Frothsof's top three's from earlier
May 1, 2019
REitL ep9 Ray's something old, new, borrowed, and blue challenge
Ray Otus sent out the call last week and here are my answers. Also, when supporting a patreon for NPC's, it's no stats a deal breaker?
April 29, 2019
REitL episode 8 wiped out Wednesday
A little tired rambling wherein I give props to a few fellow anchorites
April 25, 2019
Random Encounters-used book stores
Just talking about today's library additions. Appendix N focus
April 21, 2019
Random Encounters in the Library episode 6
Random Screed calls in and I tell you all what gaming I am up to.
April 18, 2019
Random Encounter in the Library \u000Aepisode 5
Thinking about creating a jungle based zine. Also, where do you get your ideas, what inspires you?
April 17, 2019
Random Encounters in the Library episode 4
I talk about the first Crawljammer zine and running the adventure contained therein.
April 15, 2019
Random Encounters in the Library episode 3
No 2nd Ed D&D for me and my first game store. Also, how do you get game ideas?
April 13, 2019
The journey continues (episode 2)
Mazes and Monsters! Curse you Tom Hanks!
April 11, 2019
Random encounters in the Library
The first part of how I got into gaming.
April 8, 2019