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Bitcoin Fixes This

Bitcoin Fixes This

By Jimmy Song
We explore the impact that Bitcoin will have in all aspects of society.
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Bitcoin Fixes This #74: Maker vs Takers with Jerry Bowyer

Bitcoin Fixes This

Bitcoin Songsheet #17: Fiat Knowledge: Only Bitcoin Creates A Culture That Rewards Verification
July 04, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #16: The Fiat Reality Of Real Estate
June 28, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #15: Resisting The Fiat Morality Pushed By Elites
June 23, 2022
Bitcoin for Christians #4: How Christians should think about inflation and investing
June 16, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #14: Like Altcoins, Startups Are New Money Magnets
June 13, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #95: Fossil Future with Alex Epstein
Alex Epstein is the author of the new book Fossil Future. We talk about the moral case for why we need more fossil fuels going forward, not less. Alex makes the case that the benefits of fossil fuels greatly outweigh the drawbacks.
June 09, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #13: How High Time-Preference Led To The Breakdown Of The Family
June 07, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #94: Path to Bitcoin Maximalism with Cory Klippsten
Cory Klippsten is the CEO of Swan Bitcoin. We talk about his path, from broadcast journalism, to consulting, to venture capital. Cory also tells us about how he went from managing an altcoin fund to becoming a Bitcoin Maximalist.
June 02, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #12: How Science Became A Fiat Hype Machine
June 01, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #11: How Education Became A Fountain Of Fiat Values
May 31, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #93: OG Bitcoin with Samson Mow
Samson Mow is the CEO of Jan3. We talk about the scaling war days, his journey through the Bitcoin ecosystem and his various roles at UbiSoft, Pixelmatic, BTCChina, Blockstream and his new role at Jan3. We also talk about his new company and how he hopes to bring new countries into the Bitcoin fold.
May 26, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #10: Pizza Day, A Day Of Regret And Fantasy
May 20, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #92: Hyperinflation with Mauricio Di Bartolomeo
Mauricio Di Bartolomeo is the CEO of Ledn. We talk about hyperinflation and his experience growing up in Venezuela. We also talk about how he got into Bitcoin and why he believes that hyperinflation is actually more political than we’re led to believe. @hodlwithledn
May 19, 2022
Bitcoin for Christians #3: What many Christians misunderstand about Bitcoin
May 18, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #9: Wind And Solar Are The Altcoins Of Energy
May 16, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #91: Functional Medicine with Mary Caire
Mary Caire is a functional medicine physician , lecturer and leader in  DNA-informed precision medicine. We talk about health care, monetary  incentives, nutrition and her journey through all of these things. Mary  also tells us about how we can start taking charge of our own health  care.
May 12, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #8: A Nation of Rent-Seekers
May 10, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #90: Economics of Health Care with Andy Schoonover
Andy Schoonover is the CEO of CrowdHealth, a unique way to pay for health care. We talk about his experience in the health care sector, both as a businessman and a consumer, how the system is broken and what he’s doing to fix it. Find out how Bitcoin can be used to benefit the savings aspect of his startup and change the fundamentals of the rent-seeking health insurance industry.
May 05, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #7: Private Property And Covenants
May 02, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #89: Blazing Your Own Trail with Justin Rezvani
Justin Rezvani is the founder of Zion. We talk about his journey through school, his path as an entrepreneur and his development as a person. Learn about what he thinks it takes to be an entrepreneur and why he’s so passionate about decentralized social media.
April 28, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #6: The State’s Abuse Of Business Is Inherited By Consumers
read-through of
April 25, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #88: Financial Privilege with Alex Gladstein
Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. We talk about his new book, Check your Financial Privilege and show how people in many developing countries are under a form of monetary imperialism. Learn how monetary oppression keeps people in those countries down.
April 21, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #5: How Fiat Debases Art
Read-through of
April 20, 2022
Bitcoin for Christians #2: How a missionary used BItcoin to transform a town, then a nation
Read-through of
April 15, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #87: Choosing Life with Ty Morgan
Ty Morgan is a financial coach, Christian and health care advocate. We talk about healthcare, his experience with healthcare and his journey navigating the system for his son.
April 14, 2022
Bitcoin for Christians #1: Why Fiat Money is Evil
Read-through of
April 13, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #4: Airline Miles are the Original Altcoins
Read-through of
April 12, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #3: Altcoin Delusion and Naivete
Read-through of
April 11, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #86: Health Insurance with Avik Roy
Avik Roy is the president of We talk about healthcare in the United States, the history that got us to the system we have and why it’s so expensive. Avik also tells us about his journey and his interest in Bitcoin.
April 07, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #2: Bitcoin Exposes Monetary Aristocrats
Original here:
April 04, 2022
Bitcoin Songsheet #1: Bitcoin, not "Crypto," NFTs, Web3 or DeFi
Original Article here:
April 04, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #85: Bitcoin HIstory with Junseth
Junseth is a Bitcoin OG and former host of Bitcoin Uncensored. We talk about the history of Bitcoin, the role of humor and what’s going on in Miami. Junseth also tells a bunch of jokes and talks about how he views his time producing that podcast.
March 31, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #284: Fiat Money is Evil
read-through of
March 22, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #84: Product Management with Will Cole
Will Cole is the VP of product at Unchained Capital. We talk about product management, his journey and what Unchained Capital is doing. We also talk about Bitcoin Commons and the vision for how Bitcoin and Austin will go together.
March 17, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #283: Killing DINOs
March 15, 2022
Bitcoin FIxes This #83: Ukraine with Scott Horton
Scott Horton is an author, podcaster and antiwar activist. We talk about the conflict in the Ukraine and how it came to pass. Scott goes through all the events that led to this war, starting with the fall of Communism in 1992 to the disputed election in 2003, the coup d'etat in 2014 and up to present day.
March 10, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #282: Why I'm Skeptical
read-through of
March 08, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #281: Suckers of Information Asymmetry
read-through of
February 28, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #82: Food Industrial Complex with Texas Slim
Texas Slim is the founder of The Beef Initiative, a way to source your own Beef. We talk about the food industrial complex and all the different trusted third parties in the chain from farm to table. We also talk about how food has been debased with the money and how Bitcoin will make our food supply better.
February 24, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #280: Bad Money Fragilizes
Read-through of
February 21, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #81: Ohio with Morgan Harper
Morgan Harper is a consumer protection attorney, community organizer and candidate for Senate in the state of Ohio in 2022. We talk about her interest in politics, money and the hope of Bitcoin for the people of Ohio. We also talk about what being a candidate is like in this day and age.
February 17, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #279: NFTs and DeFi on Bitcoin
read-through of
February 14, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #80: Banking Services with Chris Slaughter
Chris Slaughter is the CEO of Level. We talk about banking services, how that changes your mentality and the features his company is planning to implement. Chris also tells us about what living on the Bitcoin standard will look like and how he hopes to get Bitcoiners there. Full disclosure, I am an advisor to the company.
February 10, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #278: Improving Lightning Point-of-Sale
read-through of
February 07, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #79: Housing with Josh Young
Josh Young is the chief of staff of New Story Charity. We talk about mortgages in Latin America, why home ownership is so critical to people and how they’re innovating in the housing space as a non-profit. We also talk about El Zonte, the way Bitcoin is helping them solve a very thorny problem and how they are expanding to make homes more affordable for the locals there.
February 03, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #277: Everyone's a Bank Now
read-through of
January 31, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #78: El Salvador with Max and Stacy
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are the host and producer of Keiser Report. In this episode we talk about El Salvador, the volcano bond, and the future of the US monetary hegemony. We also talk about their role in this whole thing, their impressions of the country and how other countries may adopt Bitcoin.
January 27, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #276: Decentralization Requires Responsibility
read-through of
January 24, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #77: Bitcoin Beach with Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson is a Bitcoiner, Missionary and resident of El Zonte, otherwise known as Bitcoin Beach. We talk about the difference Bitcoin has made in El Salvador, the story of how it all began and the implications on the Salvadoran identity. We also talk about El Salvador’s government, the culture and the future.
January 20, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #275: Bitcoin and El Salvador
read-through of
January 17, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #76: English Football with Peter McCormack
Peter McCormack is a prolific podcaster, Bitcoiner and new owner of Bedford FC. We talk about why he bought the club, his plans for putting the club on a Bitcoin standard and what it’s going to mean for the town of Bedford. We also talk about English Football, the promotion/relegation process and all the different Bitcoin promotions he plans to put into the club.
January 13, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #274: Proof-of-stake is Useless
read-through of
January 10, 2022
Bitcoin Tech Talk #273: Why Web Content Sucks
read-through of
January 04, 2022
Bitcoin Fixes This #75: Spell of Fear with Laser Hodl
Laser Hodl is a programmer and pleb. He has been observing the last couple of years with a good deal of skepticism as fear has taken over. We talked about all sorts of things, including the great reset, the general compliance and the spiritual dimension.
December 30, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #272: Jack Dorsey and the VCs
Read-through of
December 27, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #74: Maker vs Takers with Jerry Bowyer
Jerry Bowyer is an economist, investor and Christian. He is the author of the book The Maker versus the Takers, which takes a look at the economic context of what Jesus said in the Bible. We talk about the book, his reasons for studying the Bible in this way and how he thinks Christians should look into what was going on back then.
December 23, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #271: Bitcoin and the American Dream
read-through of support us on our kickstarter!
December 20, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #73: Power Projection with Jason Lowery
Jason Lowery is a member of the space force, currently studying at MIT. We talk about the space force, his theories of military combat and why he thinks Bitcoin is an alternative. We go into the topic of power projection in depth. This is the longest podcast I’ve ever recorded, so please enjoy.
December 16, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #270: Bitcoin Builds Civilization
December 13, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #72: The Fiat Standard with Saifedean Ammous
Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Fiat Standard. We talked about his book and how the current fiat system came into being. There's a lot of history in this one, you won't want to miss it!
December 09, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #269: All Fiat Companies Become Zombies
Read-through of
December 06, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #71: Listener Questions with Jimmy Song
I took another stab at a bunch of listener questions on Taproot, Christianity and more!
December 02, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #268: Review of The Fiat Standard
read-through of
November 29, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #70: Agile Businesses with Fred Thiel
Fred Thiel is the CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings. We talk about his path to becoming CEO, how he focuses on adding value, his company's strategy and how being able to move fast has led him to success.
November 25, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #267: Taproot vs. Security Threats
read-through of
November 22, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #69: Diversity with Lamar Wilson
Lamar Wilson is a coder, entrepreneur and the creator of Black Bitcoin Billionaires on clubhouse. We talk about diversity, how the Bitcoin community has changed and why he’s so passionate about helping the black community. Lamar also tells us about the spiritual side of community and figuring out good ways to move forward in this new world together.
November 19, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #266: An Epidemic of Fakeness
read-through of
November 15, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #68: Opportunities with Gary Leland
Gary Leland is a conference organizer, Boomer and Bitcoiner. We talk about the many businesses he’s done, how he got into them and how he’s found different opportunities that have made him a lot of money. Gary also tells us about the opportunities he sees in Bitcoin, how to do what you’re passionate about and the other things he’s learned along the way.
November 11, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #265: Raoul Pal is a Monetary Aristocrat
read-through of
November 08, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #67: Reporting with Natalie Brunnell
Natalie Brunnell is a reporter, educator and Bitcoiner. We talk about  her career in broadcast journalism, how the industry has changed over  the years and how she hopes to help the Bitcoin industry.
November 04, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #264: Altcoins are a Cesspool
read-through of
November 01, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #66: Nuclear Energy with Emmet Penney
Emmet Penney is a promoter of nuclear energy, writer, podcaster and Bitcoiner. We talk about nuclear energy, the actual risks and consequences of nuclear energy and its enormous benefits. Emmet also tells us about his background as a leftist, his disgust with Malthusianism and what he sees as the optimistic philosophical alternative.
October 28, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #263: Liberty Requires Responsibility
October 25, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #65: ETFs with John Mulroy
John Mulroy is an ETF expert who is with Valkyrie Investments. We talk about ETFs. Their history, their evolution and of course the new Bitcoin ETF. John also explains the difference between spot and futures-based ETFs, why we can expect a lot more interest and the path to a spot Bitcoin ETF.
October 22, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #262: Mark Cuban is a Rent-Seeker
Read-through of
October 18, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #64: "DeFi" with Big Al
Big Al is a pseudonymous Bitcoiner who’s written articles with Allen Farrington. We talk about his article Only the Strong Survive. It’s a deep 48-page analysis of the DeFi ecosystem and why he and Allen think there’s nothing really there. Big Al also tells us about all the main concepts and arguments from the article including why DeFi is neither decentralized nor finance.
October 14, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #261: Why Altcoins are No Different than Fiat
read-through of
October 11, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #63: Altcoin Ethics with Pete Rizzo
Pete Rizzo is a reporter, editor and Bitcoin historian. We talk about altcoins and specifically his article on Forbes arguing against them. Pete tells us about his thinking in writing the article, the importance of moral arguments and his pivot to historically documenting Bitcoin.
October 07, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #260: Taxes are Revenue Theater
Read-through of
October 04, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #62: Political Campaigns with Aarika Rhodes
Aarika Rhodes is a candidate for Congress in California’s San Fernando Valley. We talk about her perspectives, her registering to run for Congress and the incumbent Brad Sherman. Aarika also tells us about her vision for education, foster care and the realities of campaigning.
September 30, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #259: Bitcoin is Toxic to Fiat Mentality
Read-through of
September 27, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #61: Venture Capital with Jay Gould
Jay is a startup veteran with multiple exits and of course, a Bitcoiner.  In this episode we talk about Venture Capital, the engine of startups  and its corruption by fiat money. Learn why VC money is often poison and  how a savings-based entrepreneurship is superior.
September 23, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #60: Evergrande with Preston Pysh
Preston Pysh is a financial analyst, podcaster and bitcoiner. We talk about Evergrande, contagion and the potential for this to be another Lehman. Preston also tells us about the Chinese emphasis on real estate as a store of value, how other real estate development companies might also be in trouble and how this whole thing might resolve.
September 20, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #258: People Conform to Systems
Read-through of
September 20, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #59: History of Money with Nik Bhatia
Nik Bhatia is a writer, financial professional and bitcoiner. We talk about the history of money, how cash developed and the long road to the current layers of money that we have now. Nik also tells us about different monetary instruments, how central banks work and the eurodollar that the Fed bailed out in 2008.
September 16, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #257: Spending Down Trust
Read-through of
September 13, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #58: Austrian Economics with Rahim Taghizadegan
Rahim Taghizadegan is an Austrian Economist living in Vienna and the author of Austrian School for Investors. We talk about the Austrian school of Economics, its axioms and contrast it with other schools of economics. Rahim also tells us about the Free Cities project, why trust is a form of capital and how Bitcoin has taught Austrian economists.
September 11, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #256: Moral Hazards of Centralized Leadership
read-through of
September 06, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #57: Christian Libertarianism with Doug Stuart
Doug Stuart is the CEO of the Libertarian Christian Institute. We talk about Christianity, Libertarianism and his story of discovering both. Doug also talks about the compatibility of both and the principles behind why this is a growing group.
September 02, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #255: Preaching to the Nocoiners
Read-through of
August 30, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #56: Listener Questions with Jimmy Song
I take listener questions and talk quantum computing, Christianity, Bitcoin and a whole lot more.
August 26, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #254: Reality is turning into Simulacra
read-through of
August 23, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #55: Punk with Bitcoin Mechanic
Bitcoin Mechanic is a musician, podcaster and Bitcoiner. We talk about his experiences in the music industry, the punk attitude and its similarity to fiat money and Bitcoin. Mechanic also tells us about how he got obsessed with Bitcoin, why he’s looking to leave Canada and why planning for the future really needs to take this into account.
August 19, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #253: Altcoins are DINOs (Decentralized in Name Only)
Read-through of
August 16, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #54: Military Industrial Complex with Scott Horton
Scott Horton is an author, podcaster and antiwar activist. We talk about his book, “Enough Already,” the history of US intervention in the Middle East and the sequence of events that got us into the mess we’re in. Scott also tells us about how he got into this topic, why the stories we heard from the press were not at all what the reality on the ground was and how the US has been completely hypocritical and clueless when it comes to the Middle East.
August 12, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #252: Bitcoin's Political Moment Has Arrived
Read-through of
August 09, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #53: Mining with Jason Les
Jason Les is a professional poker player, computer programmer and CEO of Riot Blockchain. We talk about his journey to become CEO, the similarities between poker and Bitcoin and the mining industry. Jason also tells us how a non-traditional path is normal for his company, what’s required to be successful in any endeavor and why Bitcoin Mining is great for poorer communities.
August 05, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #251: Why You Should Run a Full Node
read-through of
August 02, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #52: Physics with Giacomo Zucco
Giacomo Zucco is a physicist, programmer and Bitcoiner. We talk about his interest in physics, what’s happened to the progress in Physics and the connection with math. Giacomo also tells us about how metaphysics and the desire for determinism to be true affects the study of physics.
July 29, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #250: Ethereum is a Rube-Goldberg Machine
read-through of
July 26, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #51: Development with Karl-Johan Alm
Karl-Johan-Alm is a Bitcoin core developer working at Digital Garage in Japan. We talk about his journey to Japan, his interest in development and his contributions to Bitcoin Core. Kalle also tells us about the core development process and how it differs from the traditional development process and how it’s decentralized.
July 22, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #249: Erik Voorhees, ThorChain and Pride
read-through of
July 19, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #50: Community with Lauren Sieckmann
Lauren Sieckmann is an actress, model, screenwriter and former professional beach volleyball player. We talk about community, her journey into Bitcoin, the fiat mindset and the trap of materialism. Lauren also tells us about how her mentality changed as she got more into Bitcoin and how much more grounded she became.
July 15, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #248: Scarcity > Scalability
read-through of
July 12, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #247: Centralization is the Enemy of Property Rights
Read-through of
July 05, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #49: Fossil Fuels with Alex Epstein
Alex Epstein is the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, philosopher and Bitcoiner. In this episode Alex talks about fossil fuels, the philosophy behind wanting to eliminate them and the very narrow range of solutions that are bandied about as if they’re the only choice. Alex also tells us why a lot of green policies are suspect and why energy is important for human flourishing.
July 01, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #246: Bitcoin Thrives on Adversity
Read-through of
June 28, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #48: Small Business with Ali
Ali is the owner of Tahini’s Restaurants and Bitcoin enthusiast. He is a small business owner who’s been through a lot of different ups and downs in the business. In this episode, he talks about what it takes to make it in the world of small business, why he decided to put the treasuries of his company into Bitcoin and why fiat money is so destructive.
June 24, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #245: Inflation is Here
Read-through of
June 22, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #47: Crime and Punishment with Alice Marie Johnson
Alice Johnson is a criminal justice reform advocate who got a pardon for her life sentence back in 2018. We talk about her story of being a non-violent first-time offender, mandatory minimum sentences and her work with Ross Ulbricht. Alice also tells us about what it was like being in prison, how she has advocated for non-violent offenders and why she isn’t giving up.
June 17, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #244: Why Altcoins aren't copying Taproot
read-through of
June 14, 2021
BItcoin Fixes This #46: Listener Questions with Jimmy Song
In this episode, I answered listener questions. There were a bunch of topics I talked about including Taproot, China and El Salvador. It’s not a very long episode, but hopefully gives you an idea of what’s coming.
June 10, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #243: Proof, not Endorsements
read-through of
June 07, 2021
Bitcoin FIxes This #45: Hustle with John Fakhoury
John Fakhoury is a CEO, Bitcoiner and clubhouse native. We talk about hustle, entrepreneurship and starting businesses. John also tells us about his childhood, how he started his business and we talked a bit about how to raise kids with good character. Enjoy.
June 04, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #242: The Great Bitcoin Reset
Read through of
May 31, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #44: Identity with Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton
Adam Dirks and Bethany Hamilton are surfers, stars of the movie Unstoppable, Christians and Bitcoiners. We talk about identity, being grounded and how their faith has influenced their relationship. We also talked about social media, the role of money in identifying us with work and ultimately being free from the judgment of others.
May 27, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #241: Dogecoin is the Epitome of Post-Modern Investing
Read-through of
May 24, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #43: Petrodollar with Alex Gladstein
Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation. We talk about the petrodollar, the advantages it gives the US and how it shapes US foreign policy. Alex also tells us about war and its connection to the dollar and what the world will look like under a Bitcoin standard.
May 20, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #240: Bitcoin is more credible than Elon
Readthrough of
May 17, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #42: Hardware with NVK
NVK is the president of CoinKite, hardware hacker and Bitcoin maximalist. We talk about tinkering, manufacturing and artistic expression within hardware. NVK also tells us about quality, reducing cost and heuristics to determine whether a product is actually good.
May 12, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #239: Resisting the Siren Song of Altcoins
read-through of
May 10, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #41: Film and Entertainment with American HODL
American HODL is a Bitcoiner, Twitter personality and Clubhouse addict. He’s also been in the film and entertainment industry for a long time. We talk about where entertainment went wrong, why hollywood produces sequel after sequel and what the economic incentives are. HODL also argues that entertainment will become better under a Bitcoin standard.
May 06, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #238: The Future is Bitcoin only
From here:
May 03, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #40: Oil and Gas with Marty Bent
Marty Bent is a prolific podcaster and Bitcoin entrepreneur. We talk about energy, oil and gas and the economics of the industry. Marty also tells us about energy output being good for civilization, the role of the petrodollar and the uniqueness of oil. Finally, we talked about how BItcoin is going to change the energy industry going forward.
April 29, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #237: Learning Better Investment Habits
Readthrough of
April 26, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #39: Metaphysics with Robert Breedlove
Robert Breedlove is a Bitcoiner, Entrepreneur and philosopher. We talk about philosophy, economics and Bitcoin’s intersection between the two. Robert also tells us about capital allocation, risk mitigation and morality. Finally, we talked about price, logos and civilization consequences of the money we have.
April 22, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #236: Investing under a Bitcoin Standard
April 19, 2021
Bitcoin FIxes This #38: Food with Awayslice
Awayslice is a Bitcoiner, Chef and the proprietor of the beefsteak dinners. We talk about food, its cultural impact and its relational significance. We also talked a good deal about various diets like keto, vegetarianism and carnivory. Finally, we talked a good deal about how low time preference behavior from Bitcoiners affects their food choices.
April 15, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk #235: Why we need Bitcoin
April 12, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #37: Risk Management with Tone Vays
Tone Vays is a former risk manager on wall st, Bitcoin trader, and YouTube star. We talk about risk modeling, why the economy keeps having giant shock events like 2008 and how groupthink naturally leads to higher risk.  Tone also tells us why Bitcoin belongs in your portfolio but alts don’t, why he’s so passionate about Bitcoin education and his price predictions for the next year.
April 08, 2021
Bitcoin Tech Talk Issue #234: Everything is a Search for Yield
Readthrough of
April 05, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #36: Adversity with CJ Wilson
CJ Wilson is a former all-star baseball player, car nut and Bitcoiner. We talk about his journey to being a major league baseball player, the mechanics of throwing a ball and how he overcame various injuries and setbacks. CJ also tells us about the mental side of baseball, what it takes to get to a high level and his journey as a Bitcoiner.
April 01, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #35: Traditional Trading with Jon Najarian
Jon Najarian is an options trader, former football player and host of CNBC’s Halftime Report. We talk about traditional trading, options as hedging vehicles and how everything has changed with retail speculative gambling. Jon also tells us about how he transitioned from being a linebacker to an options trader, the commonality between sports and trading and the addictive endorphin rush of trading.
March 25, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #34: Trading with Willy Woo
WIlly Woo is an engineer, trader and Bitcoiner. We talk about trading, Bitcoin as the biggest financial innovation ever, and the outlook for Bitcoin going forward. Willy also tells us about how he started his career as an engineer, how he got into trading and some lessons he learned along the way.
March 18, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #33: Nutrition with Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker is an author, carnivore and medical doctor. We talk about the carnivore diet, the conventional wisdom about vegetables, and the moneyed interests that affect our nutrition. Shawn also tells us about research into other animals, how humans differ and the parallels between the banking and nutrition industrial complexes.
March 11, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #32: Business with Jeff Booth
Jeff Booth is an author, Bitcoiner and entrepreneur. We talk about his book, The Price of Tomorrow, the natural deflation of technology and the inflationary pressures of fiat money. Jeff also tells us about his experience being CEO, the future of work and of course, Bitcoin.
March 04, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #31: Traditional Finance with PlanB
PlanB is a financial modeler, Bitcoiner and traditional investor. We talk about the current market, negative interest rates and trades like the Bitcoin futures cash and carry. PlanB also tells us about why he created the s2f and s2fx models, how he looks at investments and why eliminating risk also eliminates reward.
February 20, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #30: Challenge with Doug Polk
Doug Polk is a poker player, YouTuber and Bitcoin enthusiast. We talk about his challenge against Daniel Negreanu, grinding and working and how he thinks about situations using game theory. Doug also tells us about his interest in Bitcoin, his analytical approach and what he’s planning to do going forward.
February 18, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #29: Lockdowns with Jeffrey Tucker
Jeffrey Tucker is an Austrian Economist, Libertarian and Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research. We talk about the lockdown, the rule of the technocrats and how centralization exacerbates the crisis. Jeffrey also tells us about what he’s learned in his research, the politicization of everything and what a decentralized future might look like.
February 11, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #28: Software Engineering with Jameson Lopp
Jameson Lopp is a Cypherpunk, Bitcoiner and CTO of Casa. We talk about software engineering, how it’s different than computer science and what makes software engineers good at their craft. Jameson also tells us about how Ethereum has a different development philosophy, why adversarial thinking is important and what he looks for in developers. You can sign up for Casa here.
February 04, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #27: Sales with Aleks Svetski
Aleks Svetski is an Entrepreneur, Businessman and Thinker in the Bitcoin space. We talk about sales, how he got into debt during university and how he made his first million. Aleks also tells us about his evaluation of altcoins and their sales pitches, how he sees Bitcoin’s sales pitch and what this holds for the future.
January 28, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #26: Art with Cryptograffiti
Cryptograffiti is Bitcoin artist extraordinaire. We talk about art, how he got into Bitcoin art in particular and the effect of fiat on our current generation. Cryptograffiti also tells us about his life before Bitcoin, how he sees his role as an activism artist and the purpose of art .
January 21, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #25: Investing with Preston Pysh
Preston Pysh is an investor, podcaster and Bitcoiner. We talk about investing, how he got into podcasting and the various instruments available. Preston also tells us about the role of Bitcoin, the possible ways in which we might see hyperbitcoinization and the current horrific macro environment which will help.
January 14, 2021
Bitcoin Fixes This #24: Listener Questions with George Mekhail
We answered listener questions about our book! @lehmann_adam Is bitcoin the one world currency used in the end times? @mklad How much of an influence do you think subjectivism had on creating the fiat conditions of today? Do you think bitcoin rejects postmodernism’s subjective understanding of truth and is in some ways a return to an objective standard? (“my truth” vs “the Truth”) @VikingKing447 How might Bitcoin adoption assist with getting funds to missionaries around the world? High wire fees is a waste to kingdom fund to further the gospel. @CtlAltBtc In the context of the bible how does followership gel with the strong bitcoin notions of self-sovereignty, liberty, freedom of access and self agency? @IANUSMANU Although the text starts from a Judeo-Christian premise on debt, how can the increase in the use of bitcoin in non-Western societies whose philosophical foundations are alien to that tradition be explained? @HODLing_PNG Some (Cason for example) say Bitcoin / Satoshi are like a 2nd coming or are messianic, Max Keiser suggests Bitcoin may be a direct gift from god here to save us all. curious what you think...could BTC be the new JC? Sorry have not read the book so maybe a dumb question @ParkerMuse As this book seems to tie in elements of faith: What is the proper attitude to have towards BTC or crypto in general? I ask this because it is evident that many are overleveraged emotionally and mentally, and I've seen too many tweets mimicking religious rhetoric.
December 24, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #23: Libertarianism with Vijay Boyapati
Vijay Boyapati is a coder, economist and libertarian. We talk about his history with the Libertarian movement, how politics at a grassroots level works and the incentives of politicians. Vijay also tells us about why some libertarians are not into Bitcoin and why some Bitcoiners are not into libertarianism.
December 17, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #22: Journalism with Pete Rizzo and Aaron van Wirdum
Pete Rizzo and Aaron van Wirdum are reporters in the Bitcoin space. We talk about the types of articles that news organizations want, how money influences the content and the incentives of news organizations. Pete and Aaron tell us about what it took to write this piece and what it would take to get quality articles like this in the future.
December 10, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #21: Health Care with Dr. Jason Fung
Dr. Jason Fung is a doctor and author of many books, including The Complete Guide to Fasting. We talk about health care, the monetary incentives in the system and why so many patients seem to be doing so badly. Jason also tells us about nutrition, fasting and what believes will make people healthier.
December 03, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #20: Politics with Cynthia Lummis
Cynthia Lummis is the senator-elect from Wyoming, a former member of congress, state treasurer and state legislator. We talk about politics, how money influences everything and the incentives of government. Cynthia also tells us about her hope for congress, the people who are having trouble ends meet and what Bitcoin represents.
November 26, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #19: Farming with Joel Salatin
Joel Salatin is a farmer, libertarian and author of many books, including The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs. We talk about farming, what motivates farmers and why they’re doing so badly. Joel also tells us about the negative externalities of farming today, the regulations that farmers have to put up with and what he hopes for the future.
November 19, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #18: Africa with Ray Youssef
Ray Youssef is an immigrant from Africa and the CEO of Paxful. We talk about Africa, the current state of affairs and why it’s so poor. Ray also tells us about how he is making a difference on the continent not only through Bitcoin but also through schools and wells.
November 12, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #17: Music with Tatiana Moroz
Tatiana Moroz is a singer, songwriter and Bitcoiner. We talk about music, the current state of the industry and how artists make a living. Tatiana also tells us about how she became a singer, what the economics are like and what she’d like to see change.
November 05, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #16: Innovation with Kenny Florian
Kenny Florian is a mixed martial artist and UFC commentator. We talk about innovation, understanding new technology and decision making. Kenny also tells us about how he got into mixed martial arts, how he got into Bitcoin and the similarities he sees between the rise of both.
October 29, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #15: Culture with Ken Liu
Ken Liu is the author of the Dandelion Dynasty series and winner of the Hugo, Nebula and World Science Fiction awards. We talk about the book publishing business, how content for niche markets has expanded and online and offline communities. Ken also tells us about how stories are a way humans are programmed.
October 22, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #14: Authoritarianism with Yeonmi Park
Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector, human rights activist and author of the book In order to live. We talk about authoritarianism, the current state of the world and how it looks to someone from the outside. Yeonmi also tells us about how money works in North Korea, how she’s become more libertarian and how she views Bitcoin’s role in the world.
October 15, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #13: Black America with Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson is an author and bitcoin consultant. We talk about Bitcoin, the Black-American experience and the issues surrounding the current environment. Isaiah also tells us why the political system really sucks for black people and how Bitcoin can help.
October 08, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #12: Content Creation with David Perell
David Perell is a podcaster, writer and teacher. We talk about how David got into writing, the discipline of content creation and the art of rhetoric. David also tells us about how most experts have lots of blindspots and how taking advantage of these things can be very profitable.
October 01, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #11: Marketing with Dan Held
Dan Held is the Growth Lead at Kraken. We talk about how Dan went from a career in finance todoing startups, how he learned marketing and growth hacking and the ethical limits of altcoins. Dan also tells us about the importance of branding and user experience.
September 24, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #10: Entrepreneurship and Investment with Michael Flaxman
Michael Flaxman is a startup veteran, investor and Bitcoiner. We talk about startup valuations, inflation’s effect on investment and the Silicon Valley obsession with unicorns. Michael also tells us about how Bitcoin will change the flow of money to Venture Capital.
September 17, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #9: Listener Questions with Jimmy Song
I answer listener questions about quantum computing, DeFi, Communism, the pandemic and many other things.
September 10, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #8: Self-Sovereignty with Adam Back
Adam Back is the CEO of Blockstream and an original cypherpunk. We talk about his cypherpunk roots, how protecting rights changes with technology and why privacy is important. Adam also tell us about how Bitcoin helps with self-sovereignty.
September 03, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #7: Intellectual Property with Stephan Kinsella
Stephan Kinsella is a patent attorney, Austrian economist and author of Against Intellectual Property. We talk about IP law’s monarchist origins and how it’s a tool for monopoly. Stephan also tells us about how information is not the same thing as physical property and how IP and Bitcoin both suffer from labor theories of value.
August 27, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #6: Media with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are the couple behind Keiser Report. We talk about broadcast media, how the news is a lot like the bread and circuses from Roman times and how they’re driven by pharmaceutical and defense industries. Max and Stacy also tell us about how they see a financial system collapse coming and how Bitcoin will be the safe haven.
August 20, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #5: Post-Secondary Education with Saifedean Ammous
Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard. We talk about the university system, how money has made it highly inefficient and how the internet is routing around it. Saifedean also tells us about how government money has made colleges into ineffective research institutions, how PhD students are abused as cheap labor and how competition will ultimately help everyone.
August 13, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #4: Primary Education with The Bitcoin Rabbi
Michael Caras is known as the Bitcoin Rabbi and the author of Bitcoin Money. We talk about education, how money plays a role, and how Bitcoin can help. Michael also tells us about the importance of moral education, how competition can make the quality of education better and how public school is like keeping your Bitcoins on Coinbase.
August 06, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #3: Banking with Parker Lewis
Parker Lewis is the Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital. We talk about one of the greatest lies about money out there, how incentives are misaligned in the financial system and how Bitcoin changes the management of money. Parker also tells us his story of how he learned about the Fed and Bitcoin coming from a background of investment banking at Deutche Bank.
July 30, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #2: Human Rights with Alex Gladstein
Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation.  In this episode we talk about what human rights is, how money plays a role and how Bitcoin is already helping in surprising ways. Alex also tells us how he first heard about Bitcoin, why he's pushing for Human Rights activists to use it and why he thinks privacy is such a critical part of Bitcoin's future.
July 23, 2020
Bitcoin Fixes This #1: The Nature of Work with Stephan Livera
Stephan Livera is a Bitcoin podcaster, speaker and Austrian economist. In this episode we talk about how fiat money has changed the workplace and how Bitcoin changes the nature of work. Stephan also tells us his story of how he went from financial auditor to Bitcoin podcaster and what he sees with the industry going forward. Mentioned in this episode:  Ethics of Money Production The Zero Interest Trap
July 16, 2020