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WomenKind Collective

WomenKind Collective

By Jinty Sheerin
A light hearted weekly podcast about all things woman,with friends Jinty Sheerin, Lou Hockings-Thompson & guests. These two 50 year olds make sure the every day life of women is given a voice, from menopause, friendships, family, relationships, health and much more - if it’s happening to women they’re talking about it. There’s plenty of chat and laughter so come along and join the collective. We would love to hear from you, you can leave us a voice message direct to our podcast or Find us on Instagram
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Pelvic floor health with Jane Simpson
This week’s guest is the wonderful Jane Simpson, author of The Pelvic Floor Bible. Jane is starting a pelvic floor revolution & we love it, she talks to us about Pelvic Floor dysfunction which can lead to varying types of incontinence, prolapse, constipation &more, particularly in menopause. Breaking news- You don’t have to put up with it! Jane Simpson is a continence nurse specialist and has had her own private practice for more than 20 years where she treats patients with all forms of pelvic floor dysfunction. Do you ever pee a little bit when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Are you getting up during the night to go to the toilet? All these things could be symptoms of your oestrogen beginning to deplete in peri menopause….and it won’t go away on its own! Jane answers questions from the Collective, we learn why pelvic floor exercises are so important but are you doing them correctly? We talk about the pelvic floor revolution that needs to happen in the UK, about pelvic floor care after pregnancy and why this will help you during the menopause. No Taboos are left unturned here - we also talk Bowels, Wind, Prolapse & Sex. Find out what you can do if you already have a pelvic floor dysfunction or how you may prevent one. Honestly ALL folks need to hear what Jane has to say. The Book Collective continue reading ‘Untamed’ by Tarana Burke, a beautiful and honest memoir from the founder of the MeToo movement. We talk about low histamine food in this Menopause month in the Foodie Collective There’s a movie review for the Collective for No Time To Die, but does the movie pass the Bechdel test ? A new era for Bond? We discuss. As we come to the end of our WI, we ask the Collective if they have a new WI for us!   We progress through the thought provoking ‘Untamed’ by Tarana Burke we learn about how she survived her teenage years in the Bronx and her first insight into being a leader and a woman with a voice. There’s a beautiful moment when Tarana finds her voice when the class talk about Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman a pivotal moment in her life.   We went to the movies and watched the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die. We absolutely loved it! As two women bought up with Bond, the latest film shone out from the old misogyny of Bond, a cast of strong capable women that did not need a man to come to their rescue, let’s hope we are in a new era for this evocative character.   The Foodie Collective discuss histamine intolerance, the symptoms are so similar to the Menopause and if you have a histamine intolerance Jinty goes through the food you can and cannot eat with an analogy from Dr Sarah Ball. (Recipe on our Instagram profile).  As we come to the end of our WI 16 sea swims for Women’s Aid, we ask if there is weekly invite or challenge you would like to give us, although Jinty has flatly refused crocheting. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our challenge every penny will help women out of abusive relationships. Jane’s book - Histamine intolerance resource Dr Tina Peers Emma Ellice-Flints low histamine cookbook Hollie Guard safety app for women Thank you for listening If you enjoyed it please leave a review and share. We are not sponsored or paid and we do everything ourselves and are passionate about breaking stigmas and sharing knowledge so any help is very much appreciated Stay in touch, let us know if you have a story to tell Jinty & Lou Womenkind Collective
October 17, 2021
How safe are we? With Women’s Aid
In a week where the man who murdered Sarah Everard was sentenced and Sabina Nessa’s killer was arrested, we look at how safe women are, in all aspects of their lives. We speak to Kat from Women’s Aid about the work they are doing to ensure women have a safe place to live, how the money raised from the 1.6 Women’s Aid Challenge will go to help countless women and their children living with abuse. We also speak to a woman who is standing up to sexual harassment in a workplace with deep rooted misogyny, she is fighting for the right to build a career in a traditionally male dominated environment. We start reading ‘Unbound’ by Tarana Burke and begin to get to know the powerful woman she is today from her traumatic early years, and our Foodie Collective cooks up a dish high in phytoestrogens which is extremely tasty! And as we come to the end of our WI 1.6 sea swimming challenge for Women’s Aid, we reveal our total to date from the donations we have received from the amazing Collective.  We have been appalled at what is coming out of the press in the last week about language used around rape, how police forces around the UK need to be accountable for the heinous actions of Sarah Everard’s killer. The total lack of understanding of women’s fear, they might as well have been talking from another planet, yes, we’re talking about the infamous Kit Malthouse and Phillip Allot both men In extremely powerful positions.  Women’s Aid is a charity it is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services in England and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. Our guest, Kat, is a senior support worker with Women’s Aid and she joins Jinty for a talk about the work they do, the statistics for domestic abuse in England and Wales are shocking and we get to know what our fundraising is doing to help this charity.   Sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly, nowhere near a thing of the past, we speak to a brave woman who is standing up and fighting against sexual abuse and harassment as she tries to build a career in a traditionally male dominated environment. Sam talks about the deep rooted misogyny she has had to deal with while working as a gas engineer in a company that allows women to be treated as objects rather than giving them space to learn and grow their careers.  The Book Collective crack the spine of Tarana Burke’s ‘Unbound’ a powerful memoir from the founder and activist behind the Me Too movement. In the opening chapters we learn about Tarana’s life and the rape and abuse she suffered at the hands of older boys and how a woman’s words made sure she never told of her ordeal. It’s a painfully brilliant start to this book. Next week we will be reading from Breath Again to and including Indelible.  The Foodie Collective are still in Menopause food month and Jinty, once again cooks a delicious dish this week of Sticky Tofu which is full of phytoestrogens! She explains about each ingredient and how you can cook this yourself.  We reveal the total for our Women’s Aid challenge and are so thankful and humbled by every donation. But are we going to carry on sea swimming…?  If you have been affected by any topics within this podcast you can find help and support with the following in the UK: Women’s Aid: Rape Crisis: Acas: Citizens Advice: Samaritans:  or call for free: 116 123
October 10, 2021
Migraines & Menopause with Dr Katy Munro
As we are approaching Menopause Month during October, our guest is a migraine specialist, Dr Katy Munro, if you are a headache or migraine sufferer this podcast will give you so many tips and remedies and you’ll be signposted to where you can access help and advice. Did you know 1 in 7 people will suffer with migraines which may become more frequent in menopause? Our Book Collective discuss the new book, ‘Unbound’ by Tarana Burke, and why it’s such a relevant book in today’s culture. The Foodie Collective get underway with their new month of food, especially for menopause during this month and we will catch up with the WI, the 1.6 challenge for Women’s Aid, sea swimming, and the weather is turning a tad stormy! There’s clothes sizing talk….again and we have some beautiful and uplifting comments from the Collective.   Dr Katy Munro was a partner in an NHS general practice for 24 years. She is a headache specialist and also a migraine sufferer, she is a fellow podcaster and author of a best-selling book, ‘Managing Your Migraine’. Her approach is holistic and as such she has a wide knowledge of therapies and medications that can help a headache. We learn about the difference between the types of headaches and why fluctuations in the body, especially in peri menopause with oestrogen levels dropping cause headaches and migraines. The information and advice given by Dr Katy is rich and relevant for any person who sufferers with headaches, migraines and cluster headaches. Did you know a migraine with aura is usually triggered by high levels of oestrogen? No neither did we!   And Dr Katy informs us on the medications available through your GP.   The new book for the Collective is ‘Unbound’ by Tarana Burke. Tarana is the founder of the #metoo movement before the hashtag. She is fuelled by the commitment to combat sexual violence against women, especially marginalised people in society. Tarana talks of empowerment through empathy and we begin to read her book starting by reading the prologue and including the chapter Acts of Contrition.   The Foodie Collective gets stuck into this month’s Menopause food and look at the Mediterranean diet and how this can benefit women during menopause and of course Jinty cooked this delicious plate of goodness…….   The WI Sea swimming for Women’s Aid 1.6 challenge is coming to an end and the weather has definitely changed! There’s a need for hot chai, dressing gowns and mittens! Women’s Aid is an amazing charity that helps women and their children out of abusive situations and sadly we are still reminded of this with the death of another victim of abuse Sabina Nessa. You can find the link to our 1.6 challenge on our Instagram and Facebook page Womenkind Collective. Or to donate click the link: Jinty’s Mediterranean pasta Raw beetroot- chopped into 2cm chunks Red onion Mushrooms Tomato Any veg you have such as courgettes and aubergine We added stem broccoli Tin butter beans Extra Virgin Olive Oil Your favourite pasta Italian herbs - dried Fresh basil Pesto (we used vegan Sacla but you could make you’re own ). Add seafood if you’d like. Chop all veg into chunks (not slices) tip- if you don’t have a lot of time chop in smaller chunks Put all veg in a roasting dish Drizzle with a good tbsp EVOO Sprinkle on dried herbs Add seasoning to taste Mix together and roast for 30 minutes at 190degrees Meanwhile cook your pasta Open and drain butter beans When vegetables are cooked add in butter beans, basil and pasta Then add 2 dessert spoons of pesto Mix and serve Deelish and soooo good for you - especially in menopause. Listen to the podcast to find out why. Book collective - Katy’s Podcast HeadsUp
October 3, 2021
Yoga siblings, Breast Cancer & Drag Queens
At Womenkind Collective we aim to myth bust and inform on subjects that are relevant to what’s happening now, we question, chat and research diverse topics and today’s podcast is brimming with diversity. We meet Jinty’s brother, Neil, & together they explain why yoga is a philosophy, the importance of a daily practice and that absolutely anyone can do yoga. We talk breast cancer and how to check your boobs, also the 9to5 movement and why sadly this is still as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. We complete Fern Riddell’s Sex Lessons From History with some astonishing stories and we reveal next month’s book for the Collective. There’s also the final love food for the month and our end of month Wine Collective. A jam packed podcast full of information and laughs!   Siblings Jinty and Neil are the founders of Ashtanga Yoga Exmouth we hear their inspiring story how Neil started his yoga journey and how Jinty reluctantly in the beginning became involved.  We learn what yoga is, it’s not just exercise it’s a philosophy not a religion, and knowing that you are enough, it’s a huge question that the pair answer and give an insight into a yogic way of life. We learn how yoga has impacted positively on their lives, calming situations that would normally have caused them both to have reacted differently. They myth bust on why anyone can do yoga. If we could only do quarter of an hour of yoga a day it will make your life lighter and make you enjoy life to its fullest. Plus there’s 3 inspiring tips of a yogic life.   There’s a Queen Dolly fest to chat about Lou gets furious about the film 9 to 5, misogyny in the workplace and she researched to find out that it is based on a movement in the 1970’s about empowering women in the workplace. Jinty talks about getting to know your body and what to feel for in your vulva and breasts when checking for possible cancer, we learn that breast cancer under 40 is still quite rare and is the second most common cancer. The Collective also find out their drag Queen names- What will yours be?   The final week of the book Collective reads the last 3 chapters of Fern Riddell’s Sex Lessons From History, there is a lot of female power and we find out how a group of women helped convict Dr Crippin. The final chapter brings the book together and makes us remember that sex should be enjoyed and consensual by all parties, be loud, have smells and be noisy. Fern completes the book beautifully with the #metoo movement, which is where we go to next with our new book for the Collective, Unbound Tarana Burke My Story of Liberation and the birth of the me too movement.   The Wine Collective sip on this month’s choices, Lou’s choice this month is a rose, Quintessence Mediterranee from M&S and is priced at £9 a bottle, it’s a fruity number and is best served chilled. Jinty has a non-alcoholic drink and this month it’s a Pentire Seaward, it’s a Cornish botanical drink, it’s made from local botanicals grown on Cornish headlands, priced at £24 a bottle and is mixed with a tonic or ginger beer.   The Foodie Collective completes the Love Food month, Jinty (as usual) cooked a beautiful pear, cinnamon and vanilla crumble, who knew that a pear is an aphrodisiac? Well this tasty pudding is vegan and can be served warm or cold.  Email or message us for the recipe. The WI Sea swimming for Women’s Aid 1.6 challenge is still underway and will the pair complete their challenge of 16 sea swims this month? Women’s Aid is an amazing charity that helps women and their children out of abusive situations and sadly today we were reminded of this with the death of another victim of violence against women, Sabina Nessa. You can find the link to our 1.6 challenge on our Instagram and Facebook page Womenkind Collective. Or to donate click the link: New book- Tamara Burke Unbound. Wine Collective Quintessence Rose
September 26, 2021
Re-writing the Menopause
In this week’s podcast we meet up with the amazing Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga, who wants to help folks re write the menopause by writing our own Menopause stories. Petra herself is 55 and loving life in her Post Menopause and we are delighted she could join us on this week’s podcast to give us some tips and talk about how stories of our middle age have, throughout History, been stolen by men and often portrayed as mad hysterical hags - but enough about Jinty & Lou! She is on a mission to change this and wants to help all folk write their own Menopause stories. Petra teaches Menopause Yoga workshops, and you will hear how this is a one stop shop, a holistic approach where Eastern wellbeing meets Western medicine. She now teaches other Yoga teachers the MY method which means peri and post Menopausal folk can find MY workshops all over the world. We hear Petra’s story of self-learning and research to combine techniques and bring in many other elements to help woman through menopause. She is a force of nature when it comes to women and menopause and she gifts her 3 tips for menopause that you won’t want to miss. We continue with Fern Riddell’s Sex Lessons From History and we get to know about sex toys through the ages and why California has a hideous history of birth control. There’s a new feature this week, The Movie Collective, Jinty has been to the movies and gives us her review. Lou has an issue with swimsuit sizing that will make Johnny Boden’s ears ring and we announce our Wine Collective for the next episode.     The Book Collective continue with Fern Riddell’s Sex Lessons From History and we get to the nitty gritty of orgasms, and technology (dildos) and also learn about California’s appalling sterilisation program that only stopped in 1979. We read the last 3 chapters next week, 12, 13 and 14.   The Wine Collective prep for next week with Lou’s choice a rose, Quintessence Mediterranee from Marks and Spencer’s and Jinty’s non-alcoholic choice Cornwalls Pentire Seaward (try with Tonic or ginger beer.)   A new slot is the Movie Collective where Jinty becomes Jinty Norman (in homage to Barry).   The WI Women’s Aid 1.6 Challenge is well underway and this week Jinty and Lou are over half way through their 16 sea swims for September, the weather is a little chilly but they just keep swimming!     Wine: Rose: Quintessence Mediterranee from Marks and Spencer’s £9 Pentire non alcoholic spirits.   Women’s Aid 1.6 Challenge: If you would like to donate or find out more information how you could get involved this September head over to: Or go to: Womenkind Collective on Facebook or Instagram to find out how we are getting on. For details on Menopause Yoga, Re write Menopause and the Menopause Charity  
September 19, 2021
Why we should talk about Suicide, with Pete’s Dragons Charity founder Alison Jordan
In this week’s podcast Jinty and Lou meet Alison Jordan, the founder of Pete’s Dragons a charity that helps families through suicide bereavement, we hear her inspiring story of how family tragedy turned into a charity. Jinty has a question on hair loss and the Women’s Aid 1.6 challenge is underway we hear how the Collective are getting on. The Book Collective are reading Fern Riddell’s Sex Lessons From History and we talk masturbation, fanning and farting! Oooh cheeky! As it’s Suicide Prevention day on September 10th we talk to a phenomenal woman who turned tragedy into a charity to support families with suicide bereavement, Alison Jordan is the founder of Pete’s Dragons. After losing her little brother Pete to suicide in 2010, Alison realised there was no support for the bereaved families so, after much fundraising and talking to others going through the same, she changed that set up. Pete’s Dragons now help families across counties with counselling, therapeutic support, family days, holidays, practical advice and so very much more. As Alison explains they have grown exponentially and now also offer brilliant Suicide Prevention trading courses and get referrals from the NHS. We think Alison is a pretty amazing woman but she is very humble and gives full credit to her team at Pete’s Dragons along with the volunteer dragons. You will want to hear her story. We all feel so helpless when we hear of a death by Suicide but if you’ve ever wondered what you could do or could have done Alison has some advice that may very well save someone’s life. This is why we need to use the word Suicide, talk about it because it happens! We discuss our week and there’s a question that Jinty puts to the Collective that she needs your help with and there’s also a lot of rage in the Collective with Texas/Gilead and the patriarchy. The Book Collective get to know the language of the Fan, who knew it was a thing, but Fern Riddell departs her amazing knowledge in this month’s book, Sex Lessons From History. We find out what the word ‘frig’ means and also what fuck-wit Freud thought about masturbation! In the Foodie this week we goes through Sam Evans from Jo-Divines’ list of aphrodisiac foods and there’s some interesting ones. Who knew what an almond could do for you…? Womenkind Collective are this month raising funds for Women’s Aid 1.6 Challenge by facing their own fears and attempting to complete 16 sea swims. Lou only learned to swim last year and Jinty has a huge fear about the sea, but together they want to raise £160. If you would like to donate or find out more information how you could get involved this September head over to: Or go to: Womenkind Collective on Facebook or Instagram to find out how we are getting on. Buy Ferns brilliant book here If you’ve been affected by Suicide contact Petes Dragons here Or the Samaritans here
September 12, 2021
How to breathe for better health
In this week’s podcast Jinty and Lou talk breathing. An involuntary action which we do without much consideration of how each breath we take can affect our bodies and our mental state. We talk to a breathing expert, Johanna McWeeney, a trained breathing instructor. Jinty gives us some breathing exercises to try that will aid sleep and calm anxiety.   The Book Collective hots up with this week’s 3 chapters from Sex Lessons From History by Fern Riddell, we also get a tasty lurve Foodie and there’s a WI challenge that take both Jinty and Lou completely out of their comfort zone.   Johanna McWeeney is a talented classical musician and journalist , she is also a copywriter and ghost writer, specialising in health and wellness, she has written extensively about breathing for chronic health conditions. Johanna undertook the Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor Training this year and is now a breathing instructor. We welcome Johanna to the Collective and learn why we don’t just need oxygen when we breath but the benefits of the correct amount of carbon dioxide to help our organs and muscles. Our breathing changes at different times in our life and studies have shown correct breathing techniques can assist with hormonal changes in the body from menstruation through to menopause. One of the techniques we learn from Johanna is the importance of nasal breathing and the benefits this gives our bodies. We also talk mouth taping during sleep and it’s not what you might first think! There’s an array of benefits including curing snoring and helping with double chins! Johanna’s knowledge and her enthusiasm will have you running for the sleep tape. You will learn why conscious breathing is just as important as diet, exercise and sleep when we look at our overall well being or lifestyle, particularly in Menopause.   The Book Collective talk through chapters , 3, 4 and 5 of Fern Riddell’s Sex Lesson s From History, there are some beautiful stories within these chapters including the first gender reassignment surgery that was carried out in 1906 by Magnus Hirschfeld a founding father of the field of sexology. Do you know what a Molly House is? We learn in chapter 3 why these establishments were a common part of life from the 18th century. Next week we read chapters, 6, 7 and 8, masturbation, flirtation and sex. This is definitely the book that keeps on giving!   The Foodie Collective are still all about love food and things that can get you in the mood. Jinty makes a sharing board full of Mediterranean delights for you to make at home (they are also good for gut health). And do you know why we call them aphrodisiacs?   And finally, our WI this week is a new one for the Collective we are raising money for Women’s Aid 1:6 challenge: Up until March 2020 (pre-pandemic) 1.6 million women in England were subject to domestic violence, that’s 1.6 million too many. Lou has suggested that they both sea swim 16 times throughout September, something that takes both out of their comfort zone and will be a huge challenge to them both, did Jinty accept this challenge? There is now a Womenkind Collective Facebook page with a link on the events page for you to follow our progress, get involved or donate! Or you can donate via our Instagram page. The Oxygen Advantage. The Breathing cure
September 5, 2021
Periods, Endometriosis & other stories
In this week’s podcast Jinty and Lou talk Periods and endometriosis and dispel the stigma that both men and women have around this topic. Emma Barnett has written a go to book on the topic, It’s about bloody time Period and we hear period stories from the Collective. We meet Jess Jairath a woman with endometriosis who tells her story and how she has dealt with this debilitating illness through her life, one in ten women assigned female at birth endure unrelenting pain associated with this disease. We find out how Lou got on with her WI her letter of gratitude. We begin Sex Lessons From History by Dr Fern Riddell and discuss where the word fuck comes from. There’s a love potion to try from Lou who’s got a fab name for her potion. Lou talks about her trip to London and why drinking like it’s 1988 is not such a good idea and from an Instagram post Jinty shared we talk histamine and how it effects us. The Book Collective get stuck into the first 3 chapters of Sex Lessons From history by Dr Fern Riddell, chapter 1 is aptly named the first fuck and we find out where the word fuck derived from. There’s a naughty nun in the 17th century who used visions of God to make love to other nuns. The book is so rich in fact but weaves through the stories of sex. The Foodie Collective this week is a love potion by Lou and it’s non-alcoholic aptly named Love Potion 69, the recipe is below, it’s light and refreshing and alcohol could be added to your taste! Lou’s WI from Jinty was to write a letter of gratitude, Lou reads out the letter and we find out how negativity in your life can be turned around to make a positive impact. We hear period stories from the Collective and read excerpts from Emma Barnett’s new book, It’s about bloody time Period, who knew that the pill-period was only put in place to placate the pope and it to 58 years to overturn this mis-information, surely not the patriarchy at work again?! Our guest this week is the lovely Jess Jairath who tells us her story of endometriosis it’s a debilitating and under diagnosed disease that affects as many people as type 2 diabetes but with very little research. Jess dispels myths and opens up about what it is like on a day to day basis living with pain, the amount of bleeding and how she has to run her diary around her periods. Jess give us her 3 tips if you or someone you know has Endometriosis. She is raising awareness of endometriosis by raising vital funds to help the Endometriosis UK a charity specialising in helping sufferers with support and research.       Love Potion 69 Recipe: Raspberries, ginger beer, raspberry cordial, sugar and a sprig of mint. Wipe a raspberry around the rim of the glass and dip it in sugar, add crushed raspberries into the glass and pour in raspberry cordial and top up with ginger beer and decorate with a sprig of mint. Simple, refreshing and naughty!  You can find Jess on Instagram at kai_in _the_wild and Support Jess and Endometriosis Uk here Buy Fern Riddell’s book here
August 29, 2021
Sex: Lessons From History with Dr Fern Riddell
Jinty and Lou are back after a summer break for the second series of Womenkind Collective and they open with a very special guest, Fern Riddell, historian and author of the best-selling Sex Lessons From History. They have a wonderful conversation with Fern and not just about her new book! There’s plenty of Collective chat and we announce a new foodie, a new book and we conclude A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman. We find out what has happened during the summer break and discuss the battle of the cutlery drawers! And how we are now the Sandwich Generation.   Dr Fern Riddell is a best-selling author and historian and is the main contributor on BBC’s Ripper Street. Fern is a wonderful, open and funny guest. For the entirety of human history, sex has never just been about reproduction. Statistically speaking, only one out of every thousand acts between a man and a woman will result in pregnancy. And as we know, sex does not solely take place between just men and women. So ; what is sex for? Come with Fern and Womenkind Collective as we uncover a bit about the sexual lives of our ancestors. Find out where the word fuck came from and what medieval writers used to describe sex in writings and poetry. Gender fluidity is not a modern concept, Fern explores LGBTQ+ communities through history and we meet amazing characters that are part of our sex history. She celebrates the naturalness and joy of sex, our bodies should be adored, not plastic or manipulated, she is honest and completely open and we learn so much from her. The conversation flowed into sex education for young people today and we talk about #everyonesinvited and how young people today are dealing with far more aggressive abuse from their peers and the stand they are taking against the abuse, we applaud the powerful girls of today. Thank-you Fern for a fabulous chat! Fern gives us her 3 sex lessons from history, she includes Victorian sex toys, and sex talk from the 15th and 16th Century.   The Foodie Collective talk love and sex food, what turns you on in the kitchen? Oysters? Caviar? Champagne? Or does the sound of your partner eating make you want to scream? We ask what food gets the girls in the mood for lurve?  There’s a new WI for Lou from Jinty, a poignant and important invite surrounded with gratitude. A letter of gratitude to someone in your life, who maybe changed it or helped you along the way. Who will Lou write to?   The book Collective conclude A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman, Jinty has struggled with this book but it has come to her at a very emotional time in her life. The poetic prose and spirituality weaved beautifully right to the end of the book. The new book Sex Lessons From History by Fern Riddell starts next week for the Collective we will be reading this until the end of September.  Buy Ferns book here (supporting Indie shops) The (free) Science of Well-being course Jinty talked about
August 22, 2021
Boobs, Books & never stop laughing at the Fart
In the final episode of Series 1 of Womenkind Collective Jinty and Lou celebrate the amazing guests and topics that we have met throughout our first Series. We also delve into boob talk, would you #frretheboob as Gillian Anderson has? We talk about the original girl gang, The Pink Ladies as Paramount announce this week they are making a prequel to Grease centered on the Pink Ladies. Why did male police officers dressed as postal workers handcuff an undressed female student in her bedroom? And we find out what the Collective loved most about Series 1 and listen again to some beautiful tips for life from our guests.   Boobs… is it time to free the boob as Gillian Anderson is encouraging women to do? We look into the pros and cons of free boobing and discuss the (intentional) under-boob look that is hot for this summer ???   Kill the Bill and Sarah Everard – what have we learned from a vigil, a demonstration and the right for a voice? The Collective discuss Katie McGoran a student who endured being handcuffed in her bedroom whilst undressed by 4 male police officers.   The Book Collective continues with Marvellous’s story in ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’, by Sarah Winman. We read out some beautiful lines that resonate and find that we manage to easily segue from Marvellous to vagina tightening…! Only at Womenkind Collective would you get this much diverse conversation!   Continuing with Brain Food for our Foodie Collective we give you the Neuro 6 Chilli (recipe below) So how did Lou do with her WI? And did Jinty enjoy her Strawberry jam challenge?   The Wine Collective pops their corks on the Mionetto prosecco and the non-alcoholic Belle & Co on a balmy evening in the garden.   We close the Collective this series with comments, and tips from our amazing Collective and some of the fantastic guests that we have enjoyed on the podcast.   Thank you joining us throughout the first Series of Womenkind Collective, if you haven’t yet listened to them all why not catch up before Series 2 begins on Sunday 22nd August. Please leave us a message from this link Or email us at With any suggestions or comments or to just say hi. Recipe Neuro 6 Chilli Feeds 4 1 onion Spinach (lots) 1 red pepper 1 tin red kidney beans 1 tin black beans 1 large jar Passata or 2 tins tomatoes Tomato purée 2 chopped tomatoes (optional) Vegan mince (optional) Sweet potato, chopped and roasted (optional) 1tsp turmeric 1tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp ground cumin seeds 1 tsp chilli powder (or more - to taste) EVOO 1 Tbsp dark chocolate On the side; 1 cup of tea Broccoli or cauliflower Brown rice or quinoa 1 Avacado Method; Chop onion Add some EVOO to a sauce pan, put on a medium heat Cook onions until soft (10 mins) Add all the spices and cook for a further 2 minutes Add tomato purée, cook for 1 minute Add passata or chopped tomatoes Bring to simmer Add roasted sweet potato or vegan mince Add seasoning to taste Simmer for 45 mins Put on brown rice to cook for required time Cook broccoli or cauliflower Add both beans to chilli Add Chocolate to chilli Once chocolate is dissolved add washed spinach Kettle on, make a cuppa, Serve chilli with Avacado (chopped), brown rice, vegetables, vegan creme fraiche And a cup of black or green tea
July 25, 2021
Cake & Heroes
This week the Collective talk Cake and Heroes and Cake heroes. We asked who are your heroes? And you delivered some amazing responses. We meet a real life hero who used her super power of brownie making and moved her family and business during a pandemic to re-locate in beautiful Devon, Katie Cross founder of Cake or Death. Discover what Jinty & Lou have been up to this week involving Menopause and Murray Mints. The Book Collective continue reading A Year Of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman as the story of Marvellous and Francis begins to unfold. You tell us how you feel about the great PJ’s and pants debate and we find out what everyone’s wearing (or not in between the sheets). And your thoughts on gussets. We prepare for our Wine Collective next week. Find out how Lou got on with her Vagirux, Vagifem and Imvaggis invite from Jinty and what will Lou’s WI be for Jinty this week?   So who doesn’t love cake? And who loves a good against the odds story? We talk to the lovely Katie Cross founder of Cake or Death –she’s definitely a woman with gumption! Katie founded her business in London and built an amazing following, but during lockdown she lost 90% of her business over night. So she took her Brownies online! Then realised that she could run her Vegan Brownie delivery business from anywhere, so she upped sticks and moved her family and business to Devon where she has just opened her business, Cake or Death in central Exeter. A wonderful story with great insight and some fantastic practical business (and brownie) tips too!   Thank you all so much for sending in your hero nominations, we read out some inspiring stories from our fantastic Collective and it’s emotional!   The Book Collective continues with Marvellous’s amazing life in, A year of Marvellous Ways, by Sarah Winman. We get to know about Francis and why Marvellous is a wise magical soul with unorthodox parents. The story gently leads us around Marvellous’s life in the Cornish Creek and we learn why Francis lost his heart and finds himself in the care of Marvellous.   So how did Lou do with her WI? We find out with a funny story, there’s also a WI for Jinty that gives her a sweet little surprise…!   Get ready for the Wine Collective next week when we Toast the end of a successful series 1, with Lou’s choice Mionetto Prosecco an original Prosecco from Italy. And Jinty’s non alcoholic Prosecco Belle & Co We close the Collective this week with the amazing Maya Angelou and her recording of Phenomenal Woman.   Cake or death Katie Cross Wines Jinty’s non alcoholic bubbly Iceland, Ocado Asda Lou’s Prosecco
July 18, 2021
A Woman’s Brain in Menopause, with Tonya Keane
This week we have a very special guest on the Collective, Tonya Keane founder of The Women’s Brain Project, who is a nutritionist, chef and functional medicine practitioner that specialised in the menopausal brain. What is brain fog? Do you feel you are loosing your mind? What can we do to help our brains function as they should? All these questions answered and many more with the lovely Tonya. The Book Collective start reading A year of Marvellous Ways and someone is struggling with it… find out who and meet the enigmatic Marvellous as we begin her story. We open a debate on pj’s and pants, should you wear your bum huggers and pj’s? Or should we be commando under our nightwear?  And what have your hormones made you do? Jinty lets us know what hers have been up to and it ain’t too pretty!   As our topic of brain health is continuing this month we have a great guest Tonya Keane, a woman with an amazing story that she shares with us, she’s a nutritionist, professional chef and functional medicine practitioner, she also founded The Women’s Brain Project that is on a mission to show women how we can look after our brains and help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. We learn about the perils of sugar on the brain and how hormones affect the it in peri and menopause and why oestrogen receptors in the brain are usually the last to receive oestrogen, and what we can do to help alleviate this. Tonya explains how hormone depletion affects our personalities. We get life enhancing advice from Tonya on what we can do to combat the risk of dementia as we age, the balance of a healthy diet and lifestyle will also help minimize the risk of inflammatory diseases. It’s an informative and fun chat full of advice and guidance to help us all live with a healthier brain. Get a pen and paper as Tonya give you 3 practical & simple tips for Brain health that you can begin right away.   Jinty gives Lou a funny WI, but will she be able to follow it through? We ask why some of the names of medication for our Vaginal health are not more like the romantic Italian opera sounding names for Viagra? Can you think of some new ones?   A tasty warming shot for the Foodie Collective this week with ginger, turmeric and orange a brain healthy drink that will also tickle your taste buds.   The Book Collective gets to know Marvellous and Francis from ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman. We find out how the collective are getting on with the characters and how the story if unfolding. This week we are discussing up to chapter 12, then from here to chapter? We hope that you enjoy, please let us know by leaving a review on apple podcasts, and subscribe. We do everything ourselves with no sponsors so your support here means everything. Foodie Collective; Energising ginger shot; 20ml Gimber Ginger concentrate 1/2 tsp turmeric A little black pepper 40mls orange or apple juice (or a bit of both) Find Tonya Keane on Instagram @thewomensbrainproject
July 11, 2021
Menopause with Dr Sarah Ball
This week we have a special edition of the Womenkind Collective podcast it’s all about Menopause! Jinty and Lou talk to the amazing Dr Sarah Ball who answers all your questions on menopause, symptoms, HRT, and everything else we could fit into our hour with her. Do you know where your oestrogen receptors are in your body and why we need oestrogen? You will find all the answers in this podcast, Dr Sarah is fun and factual and we learned so much. There’s no book collective this week but Jinty let’s us know how she got on with her WI.   Dr Sarah Ball is a GP with a special interest in menopause (both personal and professional), she works alongside Dr Louise Newson at Newson Health and has helped so many women understand their menopause journey & gain them access to treatment. We learn that in peri-menopause our ovaries are up and down like toilet seat, so blood tests do not show a true representation of what a women’s body is going through, we should instead look at our bodies especially our periods. We talk about risks and benefits of HRT, the different types, and who can take HRT. We find out that peri-menopause is actually the best time to replace our depleting hormones - there is a window of opportunity to take HRT that will massively help our bodies and brains. Dr Sarah kicks the myths out of the pitch with HRT and the study that caused the great debacle and caused so many women to walk away from treatment and suffer for years but the sex hormones we use today are the gold standard, body identical HRT made from wild yams. This really is a one-stop podcast for menopause!   Jinty’s WI from one of the collective was to make sourdough with the starter, which she did, and it’s delicious! We learn some fabulous facts on sourdough and the benefits of eating this type of bread.   The Book Collective is having a week off because we didn’t want you to miss anything Dr Sarah had to say, but we will continue with ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman next week. So if you haven’t already, then turn the pages and start this enchanting book.   Our 3 brilliant tips this week come from Today’s guest, Menopause Specialist Dr Sarah Ball Find out more about The Balance app for menopause Menopause Doctor free resources Sour dough
July 4, 2021
Everyone’s Invited. Ofsted & Girls only Assemblies
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou discuss the Ofsted report about sexual harassment in primary and secondary schools that came from Everyone’s Invited, a website and Instagram page dedicated to reporting over 50,000 testimonies from survivors of the rape culture centered within schools. We speak to 3 women who learned first hand that sexualisation came directly from their schools. A new `book for the Book Collective this month, ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman, We continue with Brain food with a delicious wholesome salad. Jinty and Lou discuss their WI’s and the Wine Collective pops open this month’s choices.   From a comment made by Jinty’s daughter we uncover the girl only assemblies that they had to endure. Assemblies that put the responsibility squarely on the female for how boys and male teachers look at them. Wearing a coloured bra that might be seen through a white shirt and having a skirt a little too short, showing (as Nancy says) risqué knees, suddenly made them feel self aware and sexualised. We invite Millie, Nancy and Daisy into the Collective to talk about their experiences of the rape culture that is prevalent within schools. We talk about how wording such as frigid and Slut are commonly used by boys toward the girls. And how it is only now, a few years after leaving school, that they realise how it affected them. We ask the question why it took Ofsted 5 years to act on recommendations made by the governments Women’s and Equality Select Committee?   The Book Collective talk about the new book, ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman a beautiful story about an 89 year old woman called Marvellous, it’s set in Cornwall and is a poetic tale of love, loss and human spirit with a little magic. We prepare to read to the end of chapter 11.   We continue with Brain Food for the Foodie Collective a tasty salad incorporating all that is good for the brain.   The Wine Collective pops the cork and sip their way through this months choices, a white wine from France Picpoul Pinet and the non alcoholic alternative, Gimber a refreshing ginger drink, that has Jinty’s taste buds in a whirl.   We report back on the WI’s with amazing results….except for Lou’s food diary!   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link….. Wine Collective Gimber non alcoholic on offer right now at Book Collective Foodie Collective  
June 27, 2021
Ayurveda, books and cucumbers with expert Sunita Passi
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou meet the amazing Sunita Passi an Ayurvedic practitioner and founder of ethical conscious-based skin care brand Tri-Dosha, she is a leading voice in the world of Ayurveda and has the most amazing story to tell us and advises us about how we can improve our everyday life. The Book Collective completes the final few chapters of Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women with some mixed emotions and we continue with Brain food with a delicious alternative Labne, a fermented yoghurt that you can make sweet or savoury. Jinty and Lou both have a WI this week, although Lou’s from Jinty is pretty amazing but Lou’s to Jinty is a bit more practical. We prepare for the Wine Collective with our choices for this month. (See below)   Sunita Passi is one of the UK’s most qualified and respected Ayurvedic practitioners, she talks about Ayurveda and her extraordinary story of how she became a practitioner and trainer. Ayurveda is one of the oldest health systems in the world, over 5000 years old it is a philosophical approach to life, healing and happiness. We learn about the Dośa’s Vāta, Pitta, and Kapha, our varying constitutions, and how they affect our every day life and what happens when these become unbalanced. Ayurveda is a whole body and mind system that can help all people lead a healthier and happier life, and may particularly support folk in menopause or any transition   The Book Collective comes to the end of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo with mixed emotions from both Jinty and Lou, does the book end as we expected? We also announce our new book Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman   For The Foodie Collective this week we continue with brain food this week we talk about our second brain, our stomachs and the recipe is Labne, a fermented natural yoghurt that you can make sweet or savoury and is so easy to make it’s a delicious alternative to serve with salads –Lou added garlic, EVVO salt and fresh basil to make it a delicious dip, it’s no cook and is ready in 24 hours. (Look out on our insta page)   Jinty and Lou both have a WI this week, Jinty gives Lou a bottle of Tri-Dosha massage oil to help sleep, and Lou gives Jinty a very practical WI but one that will help save the planet!   The Wine Collective has researched in preparation for this moth’s wine collective, a white wine, a Picpoul Pinet and Jinty is going to try out Gimber a non-alcoholic alternative.   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link….. Wine - Gimber - Book
June 20, 2021
The Mothers of Modern Gynaecology
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou were moved by the story of three black slave women, the Mothers of Modern Gynaecology, Anarcha, Betsy and Lucy. They were three enslaved women with Vesticovaginal Fistulas that were ‘gifted’ to Dr James Marion Simms, the man credited with inventing the field of Gynaecology. We look into what their lives may have been like.   The great sacrifice of the Mother’s of modern gynaecology, Anarcha, Lucy and Betsy, is a story everyone should know, Jinty and Lou find out why slave girls and women were used and the brutal procedures they endured without anesthetic. Women have always played a pivotal part in medicine and childbirth from the wise women through to the wonderful midwifes we have today and we find out how these women pioneered the midwifery path. Book Collective is on the penultimate read of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and we continue with the story of the 3 women, Maggie’s court case and the outcome, Sloane’s story and Lina’s unraveling, we talk about how the characters stories are coming to a head The Foodie Collective this month is Brain Food and Jinty has prepared an alternative salad and we learn about the Neuro 9 that keeps our brains happy. There are Tips for brain health from the 30-day Alzheimer’s solution book by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai. Jinty and Lou were invited to join in a Glow fest zoom 90’s dancercise with the lovely Elena, there was a lot of laughter and we have realized we will not be asked to go on Strictly but find out how we really got on plus all the details of Elena’s Sunday Morning class.   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link
June 13, 2021
Infertility Treatment and the postcode lottery with Lou Thomalla-Davey
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou chat to Lou Thomalla-Davey about her personal journey through infertility. We discover the great imbalance of the NHS postcode lottery when you are a stepparent. The Book Collective is well underway with Three Women. Jinty is so frustrated with what guest Lou tells us she has researched with some shocking results. We start our new foodie month with the topic of Brain Food to help keep our brains healthy and Brain fog at bay.   When Lou Thomalla-Davey, stepparent to 3 children, put a video on her social media page she didn’t expect the out pouring of emotion and support from people not realising the injustice of the NHS fertility program in the UK. Our guest talks openly about the lack of funding on the NHS for fertility treatment, the injustice of the NHS postcode lottery for both men and women is quite shocking, it is so definite that just living on the wrong street in a town can change your opportunity to be considered for fertility treatment, it’s not just whether you have step children, but there is so much other criteria that women have to meet to be able to be considered for IVF, weight and age! Lou T-D started a petition to sign to help raise awareness and force the conversation in Parliament, details of how to sign in the show notes.   Jinty feels frustrated with what guest Lou has gone through and does her own research which unravels a whole plethora of short sightedness within CCG’s for IVF. 1:6 couples in the UK are living with fertility issues and are struggling to get help with their fertility.   The Book Collective continues with Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and we get to know the characters, the injustice with Maggie and her teacher, the gang rape of Lina and why we can’t wait for Sloane’s back-story to unravel.   The Foodie Collective this month is Brain Food, how the importance of a good diet can help brain function not only in the present but may help us prevent Alzheimer’s or Dementia. This month the Collective delve into The 30-day Alzheimer’s Solution cookbook for recipes and start with a butternut squash and chickpea curry (where they go off pisté yet again)   Lou confesses her WI fail this week…much to Jinty’s disappointment and shaking of heads but promises to try harder next week… And we are given a new Weekly Invitation from a lovely Womenkind Collective listener, what will it be???   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link…..   #Scream4IVF for greater funding of free IVF treatment & equality across the UK & all CCGs Sign here Find LouT-D at Or go to and look for Stop denying women fertility treatment because their partner already has a child Brain food recipe and book details Look out for photos and recipe on our Instagram page
June 6, 2021
Menopause symptoms and interesting words!
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou explore some of the symptoms that we don’t necessarily associate with the menopause. Jinty has researched the word ‘berk’ with some curious results, which led her down a rabbit hole (pardon the pun) of Greek and Roman words & attitudes for lady parts. The Book Collective get into the first week of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and the Foodie Collective, Lou gets stuck in before she should because it’s a delicious humus recipe that goes well with the Wine Collective.   Not everyone will develop symptoms of menopause and no two people will have the same menopause, but there are some lesser-known symptoms everyone should be aware of to understand what is happening to their body. The hot flushes and lack of libido are only the tip of the iceberg. Jinty and Lou talk honestly about the symptoms of the menopause. Many women are misdiagnosed and treated by their GP’s for other illnesses when actually their symptoms are caused by their reduced sex hormones.   Jinty finds out where the word ‘berk’ comes from, shall we just say that it’s Cockney rhyming for Berkshire Hunt…. this then leads on to where the word vagina comes from and it opens up a whole can of worms!   The Book Collective begin the first few chapters of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo there are tears from the Collective as the stories of the 3 women unravel. The Wine Collective get stuck into this months wine, Primivito a vegan organic wine from Tesco’s and Jinty sips a Seedlip 108, both are delicious and go very well with this weeks Foodie Collective. The Food Collective are still on their no cook month with a gorgeous easy hummus recipe that goes a little too well with the Primivito!   Our 3 tips for life come from a beautiful woman from the Collective who has some thoughtful tips that we can live by.   And Lou reports back on her WI from Emma Ellice-Flint. We hope that you enjoy and please keep in touch, send us any book ideas, tips, advice, WI’s, Wine ideas or any stories email us at   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by going to this link….. No bake Foodie Collective - Hummus Ingredients • 400g can chickpeas, drained • 80ml extra virgin olive oil • 1-2 fat garlic cloves, peeled and crushed • 1 lemon, juiced then ½ zested • 3 tbsp tahini • mixed crudités and toasted pitta bread, to serve (optional) Method • STEP 1Thoroughly rinse the chickpeas in a colander under cold running water. Tip into the large bowl of a food processor along with 60ml of the oil and blitz until almost smooth. Add the garlic, lemon and tahini along with 30ml water. Blitz again for about 5 mins, or until the hummus is smooth and silky.
 • STEP 2Add 20ml more water, a little at a time, if it looks too thick. Season and transfer to a bowl. Swirl the top of the hummus with the back of a dessert spoon and drizzle over the remaining oil. Serve with crunchy crudités and toasted pitta bread, if you like.
May 30, 2021
50 shades of Green with Lauren Derrett
This weeks podcast is a lively and fun chat with plenty of good practical tips. Jinty and Lou talk to the wonderful Lauren Derrett, founder of the re-usable planet friendly period pads, Wear’em Out who shares her thoughts and advises on how we can change some of our habits to become more eco friendly. We learn how Lauren started Wear’em Out and why we need to consider our sanitary products. She is a mum of 4, and describes herself as not a full on eco-warrior but eco-curious and is aware of her responsibility to the environment. Lauren started her company Wear’em Out in 2019 and the first physical product was launched in January 2020 just before the global pandemic hit. We hear how Lauren has changed the way we think about reusable sanitary wear and why we should all be more eco-curious. She also shares her 3 eco tips for life. It was Mental Health Awareness last week, which got Jinty thinking about her Aunt Ann that had suffered from Anorexia Nervosa during WWll. Jinty was curious as this is often seen as a ‘modern’ disease so she did some research into the historical thoughts and treatments of this misunderstood illness and found some shocking medical methods that were recommended and carried out around the time The results will sadly shock everyone.   The Book Collective, get ready to read Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and from the prologue and the eight years it took Lisa Taddeo to write this book about three women’s lives on sex and desire, the girls read out some thought provoking paragraphs. The Food Collective are on their ‘No bake’ month with a indulgent yet healthy recipe from Deliciously Ella and we learn the health benefits of Cacao. Also we are preparing for the Wine Collective with this months choice of wines from Lou an organic Primivito wine from Tesco’s, Casa Roscoli and Jinty has chosen a Seedlip Garden 108 as this month’s non alcoholic alternative, which needs a mixer, Jinty prefers Tonic or Ginger beer but you can choose your favourite mixer to go with it. And finally Lou gets a WI (weekly Invite) from a past guest, will she accept? We are also entered in RODE best podcast competition and can to win podcast recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link, thank you. Lauren’s Wearemout pads Instagram Wine collective Red wine Seedlip Garden 108 Chocolate truffles makes 12 Truffles 200g dark chocolate 2 tbsp maple syrup 5 tbsp thick top of can of coconut milk (or coconut cream) 3 tbsp cacao powder Put dark chocolate in a pan over a low heat until melted, Add coconut , maple syrup and cacao powder Mix well until it is thick and smooth Remove from heat and let cool a little before placing in the fridge for half an hour Once hard enough to shape scatter some cacao on a plate and scoop out enough mixture to roll in to a small ball then roll in cacao Pop in the fridge Let set Eat Yum
May 23, 2021
Let’s talk about Sex with Sam Evans
This weeks podcast finds Jinty and Lou getting down to the nitty gritty of sex and sexual health, particularly as we age and through menopause, with this weeks amazing guest, Samantha Evans, co founder of Jo Divine an online sex toy company that she founded with her husband Paul. Sam has a background in nursing, she has written hundreds of articles for Jo Divine and the press and enjoys creating informative, practical articles about sexual health and pleasure which endeavour to normalise sex and help folk feel confident in talking about it. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and her personal story about the intimate health industry, women being targeted with ads for intimate washes and lubricants that contain damaging ingredients- damaging to your vagina but also the planet. Sam talks about what we should know about sexual lubricants, how to become an ingredients detective to avoid the harmful ones. You will learn how we can have good vaginal and vulva health, enjoy a healthy, fun sex life (with or without a partner) and why our vaginas should not smell like roses. Exploding candle anyone? What ingredients should we be wary of? What will cause irritation for both the vagina, penis or anus? And why bath bombs should be called thrush bombs, nobody needs a glittery vagina! Vaginal Atrophy is an umbrella term for many issues with our vaginas and vulvas and Sam aims to break the taboo and get women talking. It is very common for women to not be comfortable to wear pants or trousers, or even sit down, let alone ride a bike or a horse.... or have sex! Sam discusses why we should all have a vagina and vulva skin care regime and what it should entail to keep a healthy pH and why we should be moisturizing our vulvas, just like we moisture the skin on our face. Also why we should be checking our vaginas and vulvas just as we check our breasts. We talk Libido or the lack of, and what we can do to improve it. Sex toys that can help us and the health benefits of an orgasm! Sam also gives us her 3 tips for great sexual health and well-being. You may have also seen Sam in the new documentary on Channel 4, Sex, Myths and The Menopause, with Davina McCall. If not definitely check it out. The Foodie Collective discovers a new no bake recipe, and Jinty & Lou make a low Histamine Pesto, from Emma Ellice-Flint’s new e-book. (Recipe below) Find out what the girls think of the concluding part of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed in the Book Collective- Why as a society we should question our responses to forthright women and why we should not be put in a box. And they announce a new book that has been recommended by a listener, one of the collective. Jinty and Lou discuss words we might use instead of ‘middle age’, and they love Dawn French’s word for this time in her life, but would the droopy tits club work for you? Something in this weeks episode for everyone, please subscribe, share, follow and leave a review, it helps us and also helps other folk find us. Recipe and links Low histamine pesto - from Emma Ellie-Flint ebook. INGREDIENTS 1 small garlic clove 1/2 handful of pumpkin seeds 2 handfuls fresh basil leaves 2 handfuls of parsley leaves 2 tsp white distilled vinegar (or apple cider vinegar if not intolerant to histamine) 2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil Salt and ground pepper to taste METHOD Mix everything together in a blender, can be left a bit chunky, add to pasta or a Caprese salad (no tomatoes if histamine intolerant) Jo Divine products and blogs On social media and Twitter Jodivine or Samtalkssex
May 16, 2021
Alcohol and the Menopause
Welcome to this weeks Womenkind Collective where Jinty and Lou talk all things women. On this weeks podcast we find out why we can’t drink as much alcohol as we used to, especially during menopause. There is a new foodie Collective, a recipe for ‘No bake flapjacks’. As it’s national pet month we hear from some of the Collective about how pets have helped, mentally and physically, during the pandemic and we catch up with the book Collective Untamed by Glennon Doyle. The main topic of this weeks podcast is Alcohol and the Menopause, Jinty and Lou find out that gender plays a big part in alcohol tolerances and why a woman’s alcohol intake might want to be less than a man’s, especially in menopause when oestrogen levels deplete, women have more fat and less water in their bodies causing blood alcohol levels to rise. The question is why is this information not readily available so women can make informed choices? The book Collective is on the penultimate read of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed, the book is resonating with so many of the Collective and has raised some interesting topics about parenting and being your true vulnerable self and why being more of a flight attendant as a parent will help through turbulent situations. We learn what pets have done for us mentally and physically during lockdown and not just the dogs! We have some global comments from the Collective and we meet Sammy the guinea pig! The foodie Collective is a ‘no bake’ month & both Jinty and Lou have made the no bake flapjacks from Emma Hollingsworth recipe and have a taste off, this is a simple recipe that is full of good gut ingredients and learn how some of the ingredients can be swapped for cheaper options. The WI’s from both Jinty and Lou have some positive results from Jinty’s gratitude’s (grateful not to be crocheting) from Lou’s invite to the shampoo bar that Jinty invited Lou to try. The 3 tips from life are from a lovely member of the Collective, Laura; she imparts her words of wisdom to the Collective about life. No bake Flapjacks; Ingredients For the flapjacks * 2 cups oats * 1/3 cup raisins * 4 tbsp maple syrup * 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted * 1/3 cup cashew butter (or any other nut or seed butter) For the chocolate fudge * 1/2 cup cacao powder * 1/2 cup maple syrup * 1/4 cup cashew butter (or any other nut or seed butter) * 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted To make the flapjacks, just combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir well. Spoon into a lined baking tin or mould and press down evenly to make sure the mixture is all compact, otherwise it won’t stick together nicely. Pop it in the fridge while you make the fudge. For the fudge, again just add the ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir until you have a thick chocolatey mixture (don’t worry if it seems quite liquid as this will set in the fridge). Pour it on top of the flapjacks and put them back in the fridge for an hour or so to allow them to set. Alternatively if you’re impatient like me you can always put them in the freezer and they will set quicker. Cut them into squares! Yum ! Tell us what you think Jinty and Lou’s Shampoo bar B&S, vegan and cruelty free, no palm oil
May 9, 2021
Womenkind Collective Rōde competition
Please vote for our podcast and we might win some great new RODE sound equipment. A short trailer where Lou & Jinty let you know what’s coming up on episode 10 of the Womenkind Collective podcast. We have our Book Collective, a Foodie Collective, a special guest and more!
May 8, 2021
Headaches, Books and Wine with Kathryn Vickery
In this weeks podcast we follow up on episode 2 all about headaches. We seek expert advice from our guest this week, McTimoney chiropractor and qualified medical herbalist, Kathryn Vickery. She discusses headaches and migraines, and helps us understand the difference between Primary and Secondary headaches. We learn how our posture may affect us with some surprising ways we can alleviate pain. How often do we look down? And how heavy are our heads?! Kathryn explains the different types of migraines we can get with varying causes and ways of prevention. We learn about abdominal migraines (who knew!), particularly in children, ocular (eyes) and vestibular (ear) migraines and many more. And also Tension headaches, what they are, how to treat and prevent them. Kathryn also gives us her 3 very wise tips for life. We have the Book Collective where we continue to read from Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. Jinty and Lou discuss chapters Aches to Attendants and why we should all be a bit more Alicia Keyes in situations! We talk about how we may become martyr’s as well as mother’s, and why it is important to keep doing the things we love. The big question is why Jinty and Lou weren’t as wise as their daughters and realise it might have something to do with their book selections in the 80’s! Join us in our first Wine Collective (see list of wines below) - a tasting which ends in plenty of laughter! Lou talks and drinks through her wine choices, the rosè Delacourt from M&S for £22 for a more affordable champagne and also The Queen of Beaujolais a Fleurie for a lighter red wine. Jinty has a fantastic non-alcoholic drink Jukes No 1 mixed with sparkling water, the flavours are citrus and herbs with pineapple husk a lovely fragrant alternative to an alcoholic wine. It’s definitely another fun filled podcast so please leave a review, subscribe or follow, We’d love to hear your feedback, leave us a message or comment on our Instagram @womenkindcollective Thank you for listening. Kathryn Vickery DC BSc (chiro) MMCA Dip Phyt (Kathryn’s website is currently being updated) Phone 01647 221532 Email Wine collective Wine Collective - Red wine - Fleurie -available every in most supermarkets £7-10 M&S Champagne-Delacourt-ros-brut-champagne £22 Alcohol free -
May 2, 2021
Nutrition, Health & Hormones with expert, Emma Ellice-Flint
In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou welcome Nutritionist, author, chef, and all round fantastic woman, Emma Ellice-Flint to the Womenkind Collective. Emma is a clinical nutritional therapist, specialising in Women’s health. Her book, The Happy Hormone Cook book, combines nutritional facts and information to help balance our hormones as well as great practical tips and recipes. Emma works with Dr Louise Newson at the Menopause and Wellbeing Centre, helping women with the menopause transition, energy levels, weight issues, mood and mental health, sleep problems, IBS and histamine intolerance. Our Foodie Collective theme this month has been Gut health and this is a subject Emma is passionate about, running regular fermentation workshops (online) which Jinty has attended and says ‘they are fun, informative & demonstrate how easy it is to begin your fermented foods journey, which not only will your gut thank you for, but your body and mind too!’ You will learn a lot in this episode, (get a pen & paper) Emma answers your questions such as My body has changed shape, all around my middle is expanding yet I’ve changed nothing, is there an explanation for this & what can I do? Why do I crave beige sugary foods ? Do women become more intolerant to certain foods during menopause? I’m suffering terribly with indigestion, I have constant trapped wind - the menopause seems to have changed me completely, what do I do? Is looking after my gut going to be expensive and a big faff? How will pro and pre biopics benefit me in menopause? Emma talks us through how food effects our mood, sleep and physical well-being. Why our hormones in peri and menopause make our gut and food choices change. We learn that we have oestrogen receptors throughout our body, including our gut. We discuss intermittent fasting and breaking our bad food habits and creating new ones, and how this will benefit our gut, and consequently will improve our wellbeing. Emma tells us how we might begin to go about changing our diets and lifestyles, some of which will surprise you! The book Collective this week starts with part 1 and 2 of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and this book is already resonating with Jinty & Lou. Jinty talks about how we hide our real self and expectation. As women we can lose ourselves and be who we think we should be rather than who we really are. Lou talks about how All feelings are for feeling, it’s not just happy it’s all emotions that should be felt, being true to self and learning to feel. Jinty ponders on Glennon’s ‘knowing’ and how it is just like Yoga- learning to recognise truths and be aware of what is happening ‘right now’. We know this book will speak to many in the Collective. Let us know how you are getting on with it? We would really love to hear your thoughts. We have 3 wonderful tips for life from Emma Ellice-Flint, staying with our Foodie collective theme of gut health. You will want to hear these. Much gratitude to Emma for spending the morning with us, we hope she will be back soon. & thank you for listening, if you enjoyed this episode please share with friends, this, in itself, is an act of kindness. Please subscribe, & leave a review, it will help others find us. Find Emma here Happy Hormone Cookbook
April 25, 2021
HRT Myth Busting & Earth-day 2021
In this week’s episode of Womenkind Collective we celebrate Earth day on April 22, We recognise Mother Nature and the different planet friendly sanitary products available for women and girls and we have a Moon Cup story from one of our Collective. Out topic this week is HRT myth busting, we try and solve some of the questions asked by the collective and go through the different types of HRT that are available on the NHS. One of our amazing Collective Annie comes on to talk about her initial visit to her GP and unfortunately we learn her experience is not unusual. Our topic of HRT myth busting starts with Jinty going through all the different types of HRT that are available on the NHS and how as women we do have choices that we can take to our GP’s with what would be most suitable for us and our lifestyle. There is a difference between men and women’s sexual problems; the women talk about the divide and how this needs to be addressed. The Women have researched planet friendly varieties of sanitary wear and why we should be looking to buy from small companies, among the products are, period pants, re-usable pads and moon cups. Our new book for the book Collective is Glennon Doyle’s Untamed, a book about being authentic and truthful to yourself as a woman, we are going to read parts 1 and 2 and discuss this in next week’s episode. The Women talk about wine for the Collective ready for the end of the month. There is an alcohol free option that gets the thumbs up from Jinty. Lou gives Jinty a WI that Jinty is glad isn’t another crotchet project! The 3 tips for life come from Jinty and Lou’s daughters, with surprising tips that leave both mum’s feeling super proud and reaching for the tissues, they discuss being authentic and true to yourself. Book Collective - Untamed, Glennon Doyle Wine Collective - Red wine - Fleurie -available every in most supermarkets £7-10 M&S Champagne-Delacourt-ros-brut-champagne £22 Alcohol free - Featured Reusable sanitary pads and pants; Featured reusable nappies To find out more about HRT Thank you for listening, Jinty and Lou x
April 18, 2021
Autism in Women & Girls with Lyn & Libby Curtis
You’ll need a whole flask of tea for this weeks podcast as well as tissues, so settle in for a slightly longer episode with some beautiful stories from some amazing women. It’s autism awareness month and we have 2 very special guests mother and daughter, Lyn and Libby Curtis. Lou gets to the bottom of one of the collectives pube loss and chin hair gain. It’s the last 6 chapters of Caitlin Moran’s More Than A Woman and we discuss how truthful the book is for every woman including those of us at a certain age not packing the suspenders for a sexy weekend away but packing the M & S menopause pants! For our foodie collective Jinty talks probiotics and why we need them for good gut health and how to get probiotics into your body. During our interview with Lyn and Libby we learn that only 1:3 girls are diagnosed to boys, and diagnosis for girls can take much, much longer. Lyn was diagnosed when she was 40 years old and 3 of Lyn’s 5 children have autism, Libby is her youngest daughter and was diagnosed at 6 years old, but this was off the back of her brothers diagnosis. Lyn talks openly and honestly about parenting her children with autism, the struggles and reality, as well as trying to regulate her own symptoms, this fiercely loving family is full of love but can be perceived as cold by those who do not understand the gifts they have. There was a huge difference between her daughter and her son’s diagnosis - the internalization of Libby’s emotions and how it can manifest in girls as self-harm and eating disorders in an obsessive way. Lyn is also suffering from long COVID and she discusses how this as well as the menopause has massively impacted on her life. This episode is an emotional rollercoaster finishing with a beautiful letter from Jinty’s daughter who is waiting for a formal autism assessment. With much love and gratitude to the women of this week’s podcast for opening their hearts to us. We make this podcast ourselves so please share, subscribe, follow and review, it means a lot to us. Leave us a message or email us, we would love to hear your stories, suggestions and thoughts Disclaimer- These are stories told by real women with autism but everyone is different and there are many different traits or gifts in the spectrum. For advice on Autism Books - More than a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Untamed by Glennon Doyle.
April 11, 2021
Pregnancy and Birth during Lockdown & other Stories with Kerrie Preston
In this Special Easter Sunday episode we thank defiant pagan women & the Goddess, Eostre, for all the tasty bits about this festival. A time of celebration & new birth it is fitting that in this weeks episode of the Collective we have a lovely guest, Kerrie Preston, Mum of two boys, 5yrs & 5 months, founder of Teddy & Millie teething necklaces and also writer of a mum blog, The Midnight Mum Club. Kerrie opens up about how her second pregnancy differed during a pandemic and the highs and lows of birthing, how her partner nearly missed it, and overcoming post natal health issues whilst in lockdown. We learn the challenges for both mum & midwife of building a relationship over the phone or through PPE & that even in the latter stages of labour and post birth the difficulties new mums have to overcome in a lockdown. Kerrie gives us 3 brilliant tips for life and they really will resonate with most women. Jinty and Lou discuss their WI’s and has Jinty completed her crotchet square yet? Lou is very honest about how she is getting on with her gut health challenge from Jinty! The book collective chat through chapters 11-15 of Caitlin Moran’s More Than A woman. We discuss the patriarchy and why we should all give the men in our life flowers, and agree dungarees are Big Bum Proof. Jinty tells us why hangovers are worse as we get older. We hear from a member of the collective, Laura, who has another Migraine tip and an intriguing question, will you know the answer? So put the kettle on and settle down to enjoy the Collective this Sunday. Please subscribe and leave a review if you like what you hear. Campaign to help and support working mums The innovative hands free shoe
April 4, 2021
Hormones & Hair loss.
In this weeks episode of the Collective Jinty and Lou talk about Menopause and Postpartum hair loss. Lou gives some facts about hair and investigates why more women than we realise suffer from loss or thinning of the hair and Jinty talks about her personal struggle with hair loss. Jinty comes clean in her WI (weekly Invite) about how she’s getting on crocheting and Lou finds out what Jinty has planned for her. The Foodie Collective begins with the theme for the month - gut health, with this in mind the girls cook up a Miso Spanish Stew and Lou admits her lack of ability to follow a recipe. The 3 tips for life come from a gorgeous woman who is part of the collective, Sylvia, who imparts some very wise words of wisdom. The Book Collective catch-up and chat through chapters 6-10 of Caitlin Moran’s More than a Woman. With some interesting comparisons of what life is like for a woman with a family and commitments. So put the kettle on and settle down to enjoy this weeks Collective. Please subscribe, follow and review if you like what you hear. This really helps us. Find us on Instagram for more info Apple Cider Vinegar. Hair toppers and extensions for hair loss. Tracy at. Miso Spanish Stew Recipe; Miso Spanish Stew Serves 4 people Serve with brown rice, jacket or mash potato You will need: 1 Sweet Potato 1 Leek 1 red pepper 2 carrots 1/2 cabbage 1 Onion 2 Garlic cloves 400g tin butter beans or chickpeas 2 Tbsp Miso paste  1 tsp Turmeric 1 heaped tsp Smoked paprika 1 tsp Oregano 1 pint veggie stock 1 tbsp flour Natural unsweetened yogurt (coconut yogurt if vegan) 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Salt and pepper to taste If eating meat Organic chicken thighs Pasture for life, grass fed beef, diced Enough for who you are feeding. 1. Peel and Chop sweet potato in to 2cm (approx) cubes 2. Peel and slice the onion, leak, garlic and carrots 3. Chop pepper into cubes 4. Put you EVOO in a large saucepan and heat on medium  5. Add Sweet potato, carrots, onion, and leak 6. Turn to low and Cook for 10 minutes stirring  7. Add Garlic and peppers, miso paste, and all the spices 8. Cook for a further 5 minutes  9. Whilst this is cooking if you are using meat you can brown this off in a separate pan in EVOO 10. Add Veggie stock, making sure most of the meat is covered (add more water if needed) 11. Slow cook in a slow cooker or low oven for a few hours OR Cook on the hob on a low to medium heat for about 45 minutes 12. Meanwhile finely slice the cabbage 13. Drain and rice (if needed) butter beans or chick peas 14. Put the rice or potato’s on 15. After 45 minutes turn up the heat and add cabbage 16. Mix the flour with a little water to make a slurry 17. Pour into your stew and keep stirring for a couple of minutes 18. Bring to simmer and add beans or chickpeas 19. Cook for a further 15 minutes 20. Turn off the heat and add 1 tbsp yogurt (or more) 21. Salt and pepper to taste Serve in bowls with mash, jacket or rice Yum
March 28, 2021
Hormonal Headaches & Migraines
In this weeks episode Jinty and Lou investigate hormone and menopause headaches and migraines. Jinty finds out why we get them and Lou shares her own story and shares tips on what works for her. There’s 3 lovely tips for life from Linda and Jenny, Lou and Jinty’s Mums, and the girl’s discuss the first 5 chapters of the Book Collective, Caitlin Moran’s More than a Woman. There’s a creative WI for Jinty and Lou reports back on how she’s been getting on with her WI -meditating. Put the kettle on or grab a glass of wine and settle down to enjoy the Collective. (Join our collective by following or subscribing, DM us on instagram with ideas or reviews, or send us a recording via anchor or email us at We’d love to hear from you. Resources Magnesium TIGER BALM WHITE - Tiger Balm UK › product_type › TIGER_B...
March 21, 2021
In this first podcast Jinty and Lou discuss friendships and the importance of friends in a women’s life. There’s menopause talk and plenty of laughter along the way. Jinty challenges Lou to the Weekly Invite challenge and the women discuss their 3 tips for life. The read along book of the month is More than a woman by Caitlin Moran. So put the kettle on and settle in for 30 minutes of collective chat and laughter.
March 11, 2021