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Inside a Hustlers Brain Podcast

Inside a Hustlers Brain Podcast

By Jitendra Vaswani
Inside a Hustler Brain Podcast is Podcast by Jitendra Vaswani.

Jitendra Vaswani Is A Digital Marketing Practitioner and International Keynote Speaker Currently Living Digital Nomad Lifestyle. He Is The Founder Of Kickass Internet Marketing Blog BloggersIdeas.Com Where He Interviewed Marketing Legends Like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin.
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Roi Sorezki CEO of Twik On Building Personalization Tool for Ecommerce
Roi Sorezki CEO of Twik On Building Personalization Tool for Ecommerce. ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:
March 29, 2021
Aina Sivtceva Head of CPA Department At Adsterra Talks About Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Aina Sivtceva Head of CPA Department At Adsterra  Talks About Affiliate Marketing Strategies. ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:
October 13, 2020
Alex Lyhovez on How To Makes Sales in Covid 19 Pandemic 🔥
Today In this interview Alex is going to share to how make sales in Covid19 Pandemic and he is my very good friend from Israel. He always supported me in my business & personally helped me with getting some good clients from Israel. Amazing personality and truly a gentleman in business.  Alex Lyhovez (MBA)  is the founder of m-Simplex with over ten years of experience in the field of B2B international sales, business development, and digital marketing. He has helped countless of his clients to generate more leads, sales, and strategize their business approach within their dynamic echo system. In less than 4 years, his clients have generated a sales revenue of over 25 million dollars! Check out this interview & learn how to make sales in Covid19 : Make Money Online With FAQ’S: ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: 👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:
June 22, 2020
Branden Schmidt On How To Flip Websites To Make Money ✅
✅ Visit my blog:  I met Branden at Nomad Summit 2020 Chiang Mai. Branden is one of Empire Flipper's newest content specialists to join the team. He's originally from Los Angeles, California, and has spent the last decade traveling around the West Coast and different parts of Asia. After his service in the US Navy, he started his online career listening to the Empire Flippers Podcast and has taken the skills he learned over the years to build a foundation in his digital journey. In this interview, he is going to share how to flip websites & make money with it. So take notes & start executing.  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here:  👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 29, 2020
Riley Bennett On How to Start Amazon FBA Business From Scratch
👉Check out his detailed course on Amazon FBA : ✅ Interview With Riley Bennett he shares how you can start an Amazon FBA business from Scratch & I met him at Chiang Mai Nomad Summit 2020. He is Co-Founder of a marketing agency Amzelevate that helps brands sell on Amazon, owner of an Amazon-based eCommerce brand, and YouTube personality. At Amzelevate they focus on :  -Account Management -Brand Protection -PPC Optimization -Listing Optimization -Enhanced Brand Content Optimization -Product Photography -Email Copywriting 👉Learn what tools Riley is using to build his Amazon stores 👉Techniques to scale Amazon FBA business ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here:  👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 26, 2020
✅ Lila Smith Linkedin Influencer On Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
✅ Visit my blog:  ✅ Meet Lila Smith Linkedin Influencer, what an amazing social personality. She is holding the world accountable to a higher standard of communication via speaking, coaching, & interactive training workshops.  I literally went to her gym to make this interview happen. Lila have golden heart and in this interview, she is sharing what is working on Linkedin and how you can market yourself as a brand or individual.  Lila Smith used to think that being a professional actress would be the best way to use her love of storytelling to make a difference that mattered in the world. After spending 20 years of training and 10 years professionally performing to great acclaim in NYC and around the US, she still felt there was more. More connection, more honesty, and more impact to be had. She didn’t want to just tell one fictional story at a time. She wanted to tell the stories that were happening behind the scenes of the onstage creative work. She wanted to use the tools designed to help actors communicate with intention, and give them to people who were struggling to do so with clarity in real life. To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 23, 2020
✅ Best Landing Page Optimization Strategies By Oliver Kenyon(7 Fig. Hustler)
Learn Best Landing Page Optimization Strategies  By Oliver Kenyon(7 Fig. Hustler)   Oliver Kenyon is a 31-year-old fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur and business owner. At the age of 25, he quit his full-time job as a chef to pursue his lifelong dream of creating his own successful business and becoming his own boss.  Fast-forward to the present, and since leaving his career as a chef he had the best time of his life. It hasn’t been easy in the slightest, but he has managed to establish and scale several online companies alongside the best teams and business partners in the world! Make Money Online With FAQ’S: For business queries please contact 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 20, 2020
Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 Are You Ready ?
👉 Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 Are You Ready? I am sitting with Jason Hunt & we are talking about the latest trends in social media & digital marketing, what is hot in digital media & what affiliates are promoting these days. Jason Hunt is the CMO of Merged Media. Merged was born in 2019 after Jay combined his social media agency with an SEO company. But Jay’s Facebook ad success began in 2007 in Japan where he started a Japanese rock band group with his friends and quickly grew a fandom. Now, Jay and his team of experts run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns combined with SEO to harness the full potential of digital advertising for various companies across North America. Make Money Online With FAQ’S: To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: For business queries please contact  👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:
May 17, 2020
✅ How To Become SEO Expert With Deepak Shukla (Step By Step Guide)
Deepak Shukla is an SEO Expert and the CEO of Pearl Lemon, an award-winning SEO agency in London. He has a track record of optimizing and ranking websites higher in search engines by offering bespoke SEO recommendations. He is an SEO Expert in London & Local SEO Expert UK. This interview will help you become an SEO expert and manage 6 fig SEO agencies.  ✅   Make Money Online With FAQ’S: ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here: 👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 14, 2020
How Singapore Nurse Rayson Choo Makes $1k+ Per Month 💥
Rayson Choo helps young professionals who are living a “hectic and stressful” life to achieve a “peaceful and happy” life. A motivational speaker, nurse and caregiver to his mentally ill mother, he has gone through a series of setbacks such as experiencing his parents’ divorce and constant bullying at the age of seven, and even to the extent of losing his job and ex-girlfriend simultaneously at the age of twenty-four.   He has been featured on The Straits Times, IMH Link, IMH Case Manager’s Conference, Singapore Patient Caregiver Conference, Rebound Stronger Podcast and 93.8 Live’s A Slice of Life.    ✅   Make Money Online With FAQ’S:  ✅  To see Jitendra Vaswani speakings click here:  👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
May 11, 2020
Youngest Growth Hacker Rohan Chaubey Makes $3000+ Per Month
Oh yeah, youngest Growth Hacker Rohan Chaubey on my show Inside A Hustlers Brain, its privilege to interview Rohan who is doing an amazing job at a young age as kickass growth hacker.     He is the internationally bestselling author of the award-winning book “The Growth Hacking Book”. His book is endorsed by Amitabh Kant, CEO, and Director, NITI Aayog, Government of India. Twitter and IBM's partner product Audiense ranks Rohan as India's most-followed Growth Hacker. ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
April 18, 2020
Piyush Kukreja Makes $1000+ Per Month From Social Media Marketing
I am super happy to introduce Piyush Kukreja on my blog, he recently started making $1000+ from social media marketing & I am really inspired by his journey. We become friends 2 years ago through social media and Piyush now helping me to scale my podcast listeners & helping to make my podcast an international hit. He is a super hard-working guy and full of gratitude.    Piyush Kukreja is Digital Marketing Practitioner and host of India's number 01 Hindi Digital Marketing Podcast "The Piyush Kukreja Show".  Piyush is practicing Digital Marketing since 3 years and his expertise lies into Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies. Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
April 15, 2020
VP sales & Marketing at Intango, the house of SelfAdvertiser
I met Maor Feldman at Affiliate Summit Las Vegas 2020 & Maor is VP Sales & Marketing at Intango, the house of SelfAdvertiser. In this interview, he shared about 👉👉 Let be Social :    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:   ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
March 31, 2020
Yahav Hartman Co-Founder of Madgicx ✅( Fb Ads Automation Tool)
✅ ✅ Try Magdicx Here :  Interview with Yahav Hartman Co-Founder of Madgicx ✅( Fb Ads Automation Tool), Leading, the 1st Full-Stack Facebook Advertising Platform, to $1B in managed Facebook Advertising Spend.  Revolutionizing the Facebook Marketing Partner Adtech space by Combining the Power of AdTech & Martech: delivering an intuitive platform that actually makes its user more $$ by being objective-oriented, building tactics, and solutions on top of the Facebook Marketing API according to what actually works now on the ad platform.   See Madgicx Review : ✅  To  see his more speaking click here : 👉👉 Let be Social :    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:   ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
March 15, 2020
Hendrik Lennarz Interview About Growth Hacking at SMXL MIlan
This is an amazing interview of Hendrik Lennarz I did at SMXL Milan. In this interview, he talks about Growth Hacking and how he builds his brand around growth hacking. He is the foundHendrik Lennarz Interview About Growth Hacking at SMXL MIlanHendrik Lennarz Interview About Growth Hacking at SMXL MIlaner of  Being a Growth Hacker requires essentially not being an expert in only one discipline. You have to focus on each step of the customer journey killing weak- and strengthen sweat spots influencing your Growth KPIs. That´s why you and your team have to learn instantly. 👉👉 Let be Social :  Visit my blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: Hire me for your digital marketing services: Subscribe to Blog:
March 05, 2020
When Jitendra met Gary Vee
Hey guys, This episode is very close to my heart and my first ever solo episode on Inside the hustlers Brain Podcast. This is all about my Mentor Garyvee. Garyvee for me is everything, My Mentor, My inspiration , My Guru. I am following him for very long and He is one of the reasons I was able to achieve so many things in my life. This entire episode is dedicated to Garyvee, I have shared How I met GaryVee and what messaged he shared with me and a lot more my mentor GaryVee.
February 15, 2020
Alex CMO of Adplexity 🔥 Tells How Adplexity Can Help You in Spying Ads
Hey guys I was at Affiliate World Asia Bangkok and it was the best conference for me. I loved the networking there and I met my buddy Alex Omelianovych CMO of Adplexity. Earlier he cofounded Adsbridge but now working with Adplexity ad spying tool.   I did interview with him and he was so honest in this interview explaining how to use Adplexity for your business and how it can help you to find out the best ads to make huge money. 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 28, 2020
Mike Long Founder of 🔥 Omg Machines Interview ? Should You Buy OMG Machines ?
Hey guys today in this episode I have founder of OMG Machines Mike Long, who is running one of the successful SEO courses OMG Machines and course is pretty much detailed in SEO and affiliate marketing. 🔥🔥 Check out the course here : 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 27, 2020
Revealbot Cofounder Iskander 🔥 How Revealbot Can Help In FB Ads Automation
In this interview Revealbot cofounder Iskander tells how Revealbot make easy job for FB marketers who needs Ads automation. FB ads automation is feature that every marketer loves it and Revealbot is the tool can help you with that :) Read about Revealbot Review here : 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 26, 2020
Interview Of Kyle Roof SEO Ninja Ranking ✅ Lorem Ipsum Websites on Google
✅ Check out POP Tool by Kyle :  Lorem Ipsum website ranking on Google by SEO Ninja Kyle Roof, I met him at DMSS Bali 2019 and I interview him how he rank his website with Lorem Ipsum, this experiment gathered huge attention from SEO community, soon Kyle Roof many website was deindexed by Google.  Kyle Roof is the co-founder of High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Phoenix, Berlin, and Melbourne. Before co-founding Internet Marketing Gold, a scientific SEO community, Kyle was the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency, overseeing over 300 single variable tests on Google's algorithm. I did his tool review Page Optimizer Pro here check it out :)    I am sure in this interview you will learn lot about his ranking strategies :  ✅ Review of POP : 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 25, 2020
Justin Cooke Empire Flippers Co-founder Talks ✅ Website Flipping 6-7 figs
So website flipping interview is live on my blog with ✅ Empire Flippers Cofounder Justin Cooke, we met at Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019 and I had a chance to interview him they are able to sell & buy many websites in 6-7 figures. They are well know brand in website flipping in internet marketing industry. Empire Flippers helps others buy, sell, and invest in profitable websites and online businesses.  CMO/Founder at Empire Flippers and host of Empire Flippers podcast, Justin is the brand ambassador of the company. From content to paid traffic, he keeps the sales staff busy and the lead funnels full. 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 24, 2020
MessageWhiz Ira Cohen ✅ Interview At DMIEXPO ISRAEL
I met MessageWhiz Ira Cohen Business Development and Marketing Director at DMIEXPO ISRAEL & we did a nice interview about importance of SMS messaging for small businesses. MessageWhiz is a smart messaging app powered by MMDSmart. Their experienced team of industry veterans works with organizations to analyze their messaging strategy and provide them with a scalable plan to optimize the results of their text message campaigns based on their organization’s needs. 👉👉 Let be Social : ✅ Visit my blog: ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter: ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 23, 2020
Charles Floate Interview How To Rank Websites & Flip It $$$$$
This interview is going to get lot of fire & controversial for  Charles Floate & myself too, as recently Charles sold his ✅ DFYLinks  to Gary Wilson Getmelinks, there was big controversy around Charles  Floate but he managed to explain well on a Twitter post why he sold  DFYlinks to Getmelinks Gary Wilson, you can read it here :    ✅ 👉👉 Let be Social :    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 21, 2020
Anna Gita Maxweb CEO ✅ How To Build Successful Affiliate Business
I met Anna Gita at DMIEXPO ISRAEL and she was so kind and cheerful at the event that everyone liked her talk on the stage & she was praised by many affiliates, I did an interview with her & share shared Anna built a 7-figure business from scratch and became one of the best-known names in our industry. Integrity, perseverance, and hard work are the ingredients to her secret sauce. Let be Social:    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 20, 2020
Thomas Smale FE International ✅ Selling Multiple 6-7 Fig Websites
Thomas Smale is a serial business entrepreneur and expert. In the early 2000s, he began building and selling small online companies. This turned into a full-time career when he founded FE International in 2010, growing the business with zero funds from ground up and consistently doubling annual revenue, as well as the average deal size.   Smale specializes in advising in the M&A of SaaS, e-commerce, affiliate and content businesses. He has consulted thousands of internet entrepreneurs on exit strategy, growth and business development. Smale is also a weekly contributor on and a member of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Council. 👉👉 Let be Social:    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 19, 2020
Alex Fedotoff Interview How He Generated $100+ Million in Sales For Clients
Alex Fedotoff is the founder of AF Media Agency & he is an eCommerce specialist and Facebook ads expert. The Next Web Magazine calls him: "marketing specialist with one of the highest ROI-producing Facebook formulas amongst advertisers". Alex will be talking about how he generated millions of sales for his clients & how he can do it for your business.    Join his FB group: 👉👉 Let be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook:  ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:  ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 18, 2020
Tim Soulo Sharing Ahrefs Untapped Features To Get Backlinks ✅
Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer and Product advisor at Ahrefs (an industry-leading SEO tool, powered by Big Data). With almost 10 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, Tim eagerly shares his knowledge by giving live talks at various digital marketing conferences around the world and publishing blog articles at Ahrefs Blog. 👉👉 Let be Social:    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 17, 2020
Alexandra Tachalova Interview On Building Links Through Outreach
So here is another interview of Alexandra Tachalova & she has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant who focuses on link building, content marketing, and SMM. Alexandra is a frequent speaker and founder of online digital marketing event  You can find her at all the major search industry events such as BrightonSEO, Ungagged, SEOzone, SMX, SEMdays, and many more. 👉👉 Let be Social:    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 16, 2020
Gael Breton On Building Authority Websites To Rank ✅ Bank $$$$$
Gael Breton is one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker.  As editor-in-chief, Gael creates and curates content for both the blog and our training courses. He also directs the market research and strategic planning of the site. In his spare time, he can usually be found in his secret laboratory testing the latest SEO tools and tactics. ✅Check out Free Webinar of Authority Site System: 👉👉 Let be Social:    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 15, 2020
Mads Singers On How To Build Effective SEO Team To ✅ Make $$$$$$
This interview will talk about his SEO journey & how you can handle the SEO team effectively, learn team management with Mads Singer. Mads Singers Management Coaching provides coaching and consulting services for clients around the globe. He specializes in Effective People Management and great ways of building teams.  Check out his interview I did at Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019, Mads is well known SEO Ninja & he had worked as a management coach for 6+ years, also coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola. You can join the Mads Singers Management Academy here:  ✅  👉👉 Let be Social:   ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 14, 2020
Michal Suski Surfer SEO Cofounder Interview Tells How Surfer SEO Works
Surfer SEO has been creating a lot of buzz in the market for its kickass on-page SEO optimization & this tool has been recommended by top SEO experts like Matt Diggity, Matthew Woordward & many more.    ✅TRY SURFERSEO:  ✅Check out SurferSEO review:  I met Michał Suski  Cofounder at Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019, everyone was talking about Surfer SEO at the conference & I ask Michal for his interview, he said yes & he shared his journey of starting Surfer SEO & how this tool is going to change SEO industry. 👉 Let be Social :   ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 13, 2020
Jonathan Kiekbusch Founder of SEOButler Interview : Scaling to 6 Figures
So I am back with another interview and this time from CMSEO conference 2019, I did some cool speaker interviews at Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019 & I met Jonathan Kiekbusch at CMSEO 2019 and he was speaking at stage, I really liked his talk on building a brand & personal connections, so I decided to interview, in this interview he will share how he started his agency & scale it to 6 figs.  He is MD of SEOButler, SEOButler is a supplier of digital services to Marketing Agencies, Seo's, Web-designers and anyone working on their online property. With their fair pricing and products managed in the UK and USA our USP is quality of service and product. The brand currently offers: - Content Writing - Link Building - Press Release Management - Citation Management and Whitelabel Marketing Services! 👉 Who is Jitendra Vaswani?  Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living a digital nomad lifestyle. He is the founder of kickass Internet Marketing blog where he interviewed marketing legends like Neil Patel & Rand Fishkin. During his more than 6+yrs long of expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide. He has trained 3000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe from 5+ yrs. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  👉 Let's be Social :  ✅ Visit my blog:  ✅Facebook: ✅Twitter:  ✅Instagram: ✅Linkedin: ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 12, 2020
Robbie Richards On Best SEO Strategies For A New Website ✅
Robbie Richards is an intellectual marketing practitioner who runs his own agency. He really knows his stuff in SEO and I met him at DMSS Bali 2019 event and he was speaking there, we met & I gave him my book, he really liked it, we sat down for an interview and he talked about SEO strategies for new websites.  Over the last 6+ years, Robbie has built and executed successful search marketing campaigns for hundreds of companies, from small local businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 brands. 👉👉 Let be Social :    ✅ Visit my blog:   ✅Facebook:   ✅Twitter:   ✅Instagram:  ✅Linkedin:   ✅Subscribe to Blog:
January 11, 2020
Chirag Dodiya Story:How Entrepreneurship has changed his life
Chirag Dodiya awesome 20 yrs old shares his journey that how did he started at such a young age and decided to be hustler instead of doing 9to5  job.He loves working with startups, the feeling of creating something from scratch is the best one ever and he can do that for the rest of his life. We met at World Hosting Day Mumbai 2015 and I decided to take his video interview because Chirag and I are very good internet buddies.  Read more: For business queries please contact You can also follow us on:- Hire me for your branding: Visit my blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: Subscribe to Blog:
January 09, 2020
Wil Reynolds Founder of Seer Interactive Interview.
So I did another big interview at SMXL Milan Wil Reynolds who is CEO of  Seer Interactive. He shared an awesome tip on link building and how to make your brand more visible on search engines.   SEER Interactive is a Philadelphia-based SEM/SEO consulting firm. A web site without a plan to attract, retain, and succeed online will be copied and one-upped. Our team is nimble and extremely talented on both natural and paid search. Everything we do is tracked to ROI, we're good to each other, good to our clients, and good to our community, all this means we have a darn GOOD time.
January 09, 2020
Dixon Jones Global Brand Ambassador at Talks About Link Building
Dixon Jones Global Brand Ambassador at Talks About Link Building and How to Do SEO better in 2020
January 08, 2020
HOW MGID Become Big Native Advertising Company By Sergey Denisenko MGID CEO
This interview is for those folks who are interested in native advertising and MGID is one of the biggest native advertising company.  Since joining MGID in 2011, first  COO, managed over 400 staff members worldwide and launched new services, which allowed the company to triple its revenues. Since April 2013, he have been responsible for the European business of the company, as well as for securing the company’s place as the number one native advertising firm in Russian-speaking countries.
January 07, 2020
Bill Slawski Veteran SEO Expert Talks Steps to Better SEO in 2020
In interview I am going to feature  Bill Slawski who is the president and founder of SEO by the Sea. He have been doing SEO and internet marketing consulting professionally since 1996. He will share how to do better SEO in 2020.
January 06, 2020
Emanuel Cinca STM HEAD Talking About How STM Forum Achieved Success
In this video interview Emanuel Cinca shares his journey with STM Forum and how he handling STM forum to make it a clean forum for affiliate marketers.   👉👉Read here more:  🙏🙏Click here to try STMForum:  Manu is also CEO of Adefy which is a performance marketing company specializing in digital media buying and ad creation. Manu is head of an operation at the STM Forum.
January 05, 2020
Tom Claflin How He Started Facebook Advertising Business
So here is another interview of  Tom Claflin who is sharing his journey how he started with Facebook ads and how he is making so much money with FB ads. Tom also do a lot of interviews with AWA Bangkok team and also provides training at iStack Training.
January 04, 2020
Mohammed Ali Aguel Interview How He Made Fortune From Shopify Stores
So here is the interview of Mo Ali ( Mohammed Ali Aguel) who is having multiple Shopify stores that are making huge money. He was humble and decided to say yes for interview, he told lot of things related to Shopify which can help any newbie to start with Shopify. So take your notes from this interview and start your Shopify journey right now.
January 03, 2020
Van Oakes Tells 💥 How He Build 8 Fig Ecom Business By Influencers Marketing
So today I have e-commerce expert who made 8 figures in his monster ecom business of DieselSellerz.  Van Oakes is the proud owner of the world’s greatest mustache and a performance marketer, in that order. If you have ever watched the Discovery Channel, you have seen his work. Van is the CMO of DieselSellerz, an online e-commerce store featured on the hit TV show, Diesel Brothers. DieselSellerz has built an 8-figure empire using social media influencers with interests centered around diesel enthusiasts.
January 02, 2020
Earnest Epps Interview 🔥How To Be Expert In High Ticket Dropshipping
Hey Fellas, I have ecom expert here Earnest Epps who is high ticket dropshipping ninja and he was speaker at AWA Bangkok 2018. His speech was awesome and he shared valuable nuggets on how to Google ads for dropshipping products.  Earnest is a full-time drop shipping coach who started his own journey in this field and earned tremendous profits through his secret strategies and sales and marketing tactics.
January 01, 2020
26 Investments at the Age of 26: Ritesh Malik Founder of Project Guerrilla & Innov8
I love interviewing entrepreneurs who inspire me to hustle and Ritesh Malik is one of the serial investor & entrepreneur I met at Innov8. Innov8 is an awesome Coworking space & I met Ritesh there only. Ritesh Malik, the 26- year- old doctor turned entrepreneur and investor. Ritesh is also the Founder and CEO of Guerilla Ventures, an angel fund that was founded in 2013, with a focus on hardware companies.  As per Forbes, one of the portfolio companies, Fin Robotics, a wearable gadget manufacturer, is the first hardware product company to raise Series A funding. Ritesh has invested in over 26 companies that include RHLvision, Wigzo, AddoDoc, Mashinga, and Flipmotion, among others.
December 31, 2019
Sean Si Motivational Speaker in Philippines Talks Starting Business at 22 Yrs
In this interview of Sean Si, you will know about his personal journey of starting a business at age 22. He invited me to speak at Philippines to speak at his conference and he is totally passionate person who loves to help people in their  business :)  Sean Si does speaking engagements throughout the Philippines. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker, an SEO and internet marketing company. His expertise in the field has drawn the attention of business and company owners, internet marketers, event organizers, bloggers, and other people interested in penetrating the booming internet market of the Philippines and abroad.
December 30, 2019
Shashwat Shah and Vinay Goud Pro Spammer interview
Yes title might looks very rude but these guys are proud to be spammers and above all  I respect them a lot.  Spamming is not everyone's game. It is a technique that I tried  hard to learn but couldnt do it. Shashwat Shah is a 18yr old kid who is making good money online through his blogs. He always help me whenever I need his help. He is awesome internet buddy of mine. Keep rocking bro. Vinay Goud is so called  spamming guru. He knows how to spam like hell and make  huge money out of spamming. So these 2 guys are proud  to be called  spammers but they are genuine at heart. I am sure you guys love their honesty in this  interview I taken at India Affiliate Summit.
December 30, 2019
Iftekhar Ahmed Karan Wyas Interview
So most awaited interview from BNLF meet Mumbai 2015, Iftekhar Ahmed & Karan Wyas Interview. Everyone in India blogosphere know him as owner of Premium tricks by IftiSEO. He is the owner of and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging, etc.
December 30, 2019
Jeff Bullas Interview: How He Became Top Social Media Influencer
This is one of the interview which was my dream, I finally interviewed Jeff Bullas no.1 social media influencer. He is a blogger, author, strategist and speaker and work with companies and executives to optimize their online personal and company brands with digital, content and social media marketing. His blog Jeff Bullas is already very famous among digital marketers and he is always my mentor whom I follow online regularly. Meeting him was great honor.
December 27, 2019
Ian Fernando Interview
This guy is super cool when I met him. He is none another blogger and affiliate marketer Ian Fernando. Ian has helped numerous bloggers in internet marketing. Other than just talking about marketing online, Ian talks about other aspects of his life such as traveling. I met Ian at AWA Bangkok and I was really impressed by his personality. He was super cool and had a very good chat with me about affiliate marketing & blogging.  He got so many tattoos on his body and I  love his attitude
December 26, 2019
Interview of Eden Rozenblum From
Here is another interview from Affiliate World Asia Bangkok with Eden Rozenblum From He is Director of  SelfAdvertiser, Buying traffic shouldn't be complicated. It should be as simple as finding information on Google. That's what is all about... Simple, reliable, self-service platform for advertisers that delivers targeted, quality traffic, and results.
December 25, 2019
Tim Burd Interview 💥Facebook Ads Legend
Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg and many others, Tim Burd is a serial Entrepreneur with multiple 7 figure exits now living in beautiful Sunny California! He runs the largest Facebook Advertiser community in existence, own a digital ad agency called Agency Y, host mastermind workshops & retreats all around the world and do high-end advertising consulting.
December 24, 2019
Christina Szekeres Fb Queen Interview
Christina Szekeres is an exceptionally high energy, independent businesswoman with an unrivalled goaldigger and hustler attitude. Starting her career in her teenage years, she’s completed several successful Facebook campaigns with a minimum 100% up to 700% ROI, allowing her to live the jet-set life living her dream, travelling the world and running her business from local cafes.
December 23, 2019
Interview of Super Affiliate Charles NGO Sharing Secrets of Affiliate Marketing
Here is one of the most awaited interview from Affiliate World Asia Bangkok Charles Ngo Interview. I was at AWA and I met Charles, he was very down to  earth person and his speech was very motivating. So I decided to interview him. He immediately said yes and in interview I asked him questions related to affiliate marketing, how  to  choose the best offer and how to get traffic  to those offers.
December 22, 2019
Depesh Mandalia Shares 🔥 How He Made $25M With Facebook Ads
An internet OG, Depesh began his journey into the online world creating his first website in 1998 and making his first online income through affiliate marketing in 2009.
December 21, 2019
Dev Gadhvi Interview How He Become India's First Passionpreneur Mentor
👉Dev Gadhvi is India's First Passionpreneur Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author of 80%Mindset 20%Skills & TEDx Speaker. Born and raised in a lower-middle-class family. Father a truck driver, Mother Housemaker.
December 20, 2019
Swati Bhargava CEO of Cashkaro tells Why Bloggers are Important for Brands
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December 19, 2019
Parul Bhargava CEO Interview Vcommission
So I managed to grab an interview of Parul Bhargava who is expert in Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Co-Registration, Market Research, Online Media Planning, Search Engine Optimization, SERM, Social Media Marketing & Facebook PPC. vCommission is India’s Leading Affiliate Network delivering performance on web & mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network on 17,500 affiliates.
December 18, 2019
MagicAdz Founder Interview ✅
✅ I did interview MagicAdz Cofounder Omri Gal and he did review about MagicAdz how you can use it to find the best BH campaigns on Facebook.
December 17, 2019
Maxbounty CEO Interview Matt Mcevoy How To Make Company Worth of Millions
So here is interview of Maxbounty CEO from AWE Berlin 2017 and seriously  I would say Matt is coolest CEO I have ever met, he is so calm and gentle person. The journey he had shared in this video is truly amazing how they work hard and how they making huge money with 25+ employees only and they are really making tons of money as compared to company with 200+ employees. With just limited no of employees they are breaking the myths and creating huge impact in ad network industry. What a sheer pleasure to interview Matt :)  So share this video and tag your friends :)
December 16, 2019
How WittyFeed Became World 2nd Largest Viral Content Site Hear From Cofounder Parveen Singhal
Last month I was on India tour and I was at a beautiful place at Indore no guesses please. Ofcourse it's Wittyfeed. I was at Wittyfeed office and honestly I have never seen vibrating atmosphere anywhere till now. I was there for 3 days and I enjoyed like hell. Going to street food shopping and partying like crazy it was so much fun. I stayed at Wittyfeed HQ & I was learning so many things there with the team. I shared my experiences in blogging & digital marketing. Parveen, Vinay & Shashank 3 founders of Wittyfeed were amazing & they treated like a brother. So here is interview of Parveen Singhal who is just 23 yrs old and he is cofounder of world 2nd largest viral content site In this interview he shares how they became viral so fast and what is the secret behind it. Read more :
December 14, 2019
Lexi Schaffer : How To Earn 5 Fig Per Month From Business Coaching
Lexi Schaffer : How To Earn 5 Fig Per Month From Business Coaching, This time I am interviewing amazing female entrepreneur I met online through Facebook group and she is going to inspire to start your journey for doing business. She is Lexi Schaffer who will teach you how to have location freedom.
December 13, 2019
In conversation with Neil Patel - How To Do SEO in 2020 To Rank Higher on Google
In conversation with Neil Patel - How To Do SEO in 2020 To Rank Higher on Google
December 03, 2019