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Jizz Talking

Jizz Talking

By Patrick Palmer
Every Sunday night we chat with a different person from the world of Adult Entertainment. You must belong to our Facebook Group - to get the LIVE Zoom Link or check in here to get the replay!
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Taylor Nicole - 5/22/2022
With the dimples that could launch a thousand ships, Taylor Nicole was our guest on our 5/22/2022 show! She is a gal that is certainly going places in her career and has a drive for MORE! We had a great discussion on her experiences at the Chicago Exxxotica show and she took all of the questions thrown at her like a champ. However, no one asked now many gummy worms she could stick in her ass -- a question that was asked of her on another show. Along to help with the interview was Richard Pacheco and Leslie Winston, so it was good to get their insights as well. Richard told me that I was getting old because our household just hands out Snickers for Halloween!  Taylor has just developed a new website called: so check it out!
May 23, 2022
Victoria Peaks - 5/15/2022
It was so fun to have Victoria Peaks on with us for our 5/15/2022 show, even though I was suffering from a "Man Cold" I think we pulled it off.  Victoria has been in the business for a little over a year and considers "making it" in the adult industry is when people drop her name into conversations that talk about legends of the industry. This former math teacher has the formula for success -- a great personality, a willingness to learn and a smoking hot body! I hope to see more of her down the road. Joining us in the conversation was Richard Pacheco and Sean Elliot who had to do a bit of storytelling as well. Find Victoria Peaks on and buy her content!!
May 16, 2022
Sasha Brabuster - 5/8/2022
Our guest on this Mother's Day - 5/8/2022 - was none other than Sasha Brabuster. I'd written her a while back with a limited response, but then she realized that I was one of the folks who attended and spoke at the Bill Margold Memorial. It was my honor to be there for my friend Bill and she recognized me from that event. We catch up to what she's been doing and what her future plans are. Along to chat with Sasha were: Leslie Winston, Sean Elliot, Casey Scott and Eric Edwards. She also talked about her health crisis and how she overcame that battle.
May 09, 2022
Chicago Exxxotica Wrapup - 5/1/2022
Well, we had quite a weekend in Chicago and the stars came out for our show at the end of it on 5/1/2022. I apologize for the poor audio as the hotel WiFi wasn't the best. MANY, MANY folks came by to chat, so I will let you see who is who!  Can't wait until Chicago 2023.
May 02, 2022
Chicago Exxxotica Preview 2022 - 4/24/2022
We had 11 stars on our 4/24/2022 Chicago Exxxotica Preview Show and 10 of them are going to be AT the Exxxotica in Chicago! We have all come to the conclusion that with as many stars that will be there, the fans will follow. Joining us for the show included Lolly Topps, Seka, Lynn LeMay, Leslie Winston, James Bartholet, Molly Blingwell, Lily Craven, Coralyn Jewel, Erikka Ryko, Christy Canyon and Sean Elliot. We look forward to our 4 main headliner stars at our Signatures After Dark / Jizz Talking Booth and look forward to seeing the rest of the gang in Chicago.
April 25, 2022
Wayne Clingman - 4/17/2022
From time to time I like to go off the rails a bit and features someone who may be off of the beaten path. Our Easter Show on 4/17/2022 was just that. Wayne Clingman approached me about doing a show on the influences of the mob or the mafia when it came to the business of adult movies. He shares his research and will talk about the books he's written on the topic.  Adding to the discussion were Herschel Savage and Sean Elliot who were a part of a few brushes with the mob back in the day. You can find more infornation at
April 18, 2022
Jiggy Jaguar - 4/10/2022
In the area of people's reputations preceding them, Jiggy Jaguar is a case in point. A friend from my small town in Iowa told me about a guy named Jiggy Jaguar who was a part of a social media event in Hutchinson, Kansas back in 2010 or so and I NEEDED to meet him. I friended him on Facebook and that was that. Little did I know our paths would cross a lot and to the point that I needed him on our 4/10/2022 show to talk about his "world."  I did point out a lot of similar radio stories from our time on "terrestrial" radio, to which Jiggy has expanded to his various venues. If you want to follow Jiggy on Twitter hit him up at or check him out on his Internet TV Station at -- AND he is on I Heart Radio as well.  Joining us tonight for the fun and games were Erika Ryko and Richard Pacheco!
April 11, 2022
Sinn Sage - 4/3/2022
When it comes to interviews in the style that we do them, I think that Sinn Sage may have met her match! This Zoom Show interview we did with her on 4/3/2022 was probably a bit different than other interviews. We talked about horror movies, music, bands and her websites plus many other topics. All in all, we did end up focusing on her career and what got her to this point. She was such a good sport and a gracious guest that started out with GiGi Dior on the road in her car but she wanted to call in and chat with Sinn. You can find Sinn Sage online at and you can order custom videos or go to many other links from her site. She is also on and please support her.
April 04, 2022
Vanessa Chase - 3/27/2022
I'm not much of a Twitter fan, but when it comes to finding talent to be on our Sunday night Zoom Shows, it's a goldmine for sure. We are reaching back into the 90's to bring forth Vanessa Chase to be our guest on our 3/27/2022 show! Vanessa talks about her career, some of her co-stars and what she is up to now, plus invites you to her website as well. When you stop by her website, make sure you read her blog, as it is pretty interesting. Along with Vanessa, we had Casey Scott and Lynn LeMay joining us as well.
March 28, 2022
Alex Coal - 3/20/2022
One of the most energetic of stars to hit Exxxotica these days is Alex Coal and we were so happy to have her on our 3/20/2020 show! Alex talked about how she got were she is today and what her future plans are. Make sure you come out to Exxxotica to meet her as she is a great gal and full of energy, plus she is just so nice! Along to help chat with Alex were Casey Scott, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot and Erikka Ryko provided additiona input. You can find ALL of Alex at her website and she updates it on a regular schedule!
March 21, 2022
Maddie Cross - 3/13/2022
Our guest for 3/13/2022 was Maddie Cross. I knew very little about her, but her posts on Twitter had me curious so, I reached out and I'm glad I did! She got her start in 2007 doing webcam work and the rest is history! Along to join us in the conversation were Adult Entertainers Eric Edwards and Sean Elliot, plus The Professor Casey Scott was along for the ride . I also commented on the recent meeting of Mick Foley and the care package sent to our regular attendee Joey from Australia from Richard Pacheco.  Find Maddie on line at
March 14, 2022
Gina Carrera - 3/6/2022
It's always great when you can find a hidden gem to have as a guest on a Zoom Show. Our gem on 3/6/2022 was Gina Carrera. I had this poster for some time and was always wanting to have her sign it, then one day I found her and reached out and she was more than willing and excited to do that. In fact, she's so excited to be back and in the mix again, that she's going to be at Chicago's Exxxotica in late April, which many of our active members of our autograph group will also be attending. The stars who aligned for this discussion with Gina were Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot, Richard Pacheco, Casey Scott and Erikka Ryko!
March 07, 2022
Farrell Timlake - 2/27/2022
While the name Farrell Timlake may not be as recognizable as some, he was our guest on our 2/27/2022 show at the request of our Zoom Show regular Charles -- and for good reason! While everyone talks about Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, Farrell started out with following The Grateful Dead, then to the Sex with Home Grown Video and then to the drugs with his legal cannabis business, White Rabbitt Cannabis. Several stories involving Hollywood A-Listers were told, PLUS the evolution of Max Hardcore was also a topic. It was a very good history lesson and a replay worth checking out! Thanks to Erikka Ryko for stopping by to add her insights and experiences into the discussion as well.
February 28, 2022
Syren De Mer - 2/20/2022
When we are talking about Syren De Mer, we are talking about the REAL DEAL. Whether she’s on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, any reply or interaction from her is REALLY her! We were trilled to have her on our 2/20/2022 Zoom Show to talk about her career, cars and living in Washington State. Helping us with the discussion were Erikka Ryko, Lynn LeMay and Priya Rai. We also talked about the upcoming Exxxotica show in Chicago and send loving thoughts to the friends and family of Cass Paley who recently passed away. Syren’s Onlyfans link is — check her out!!
February 21, 2022
Lacey Starr - 2/12/2022
Because of the "Big Game" on Sunday, we decided to move the Sunday Zoom Show to Saturday 2/12/2022 and invited Lacey Starr from "across the pond" in England. The time zones made it so that she had to stay up until 1am to be with us and we are really glad she did.  Not only did we talk about her career, we talked about how credit card companies are putting a stranglehold on adult performers all around the world. We also gave our friend Joey a little bit of a razzing because we all think he needs to move to England! Casey Scott joined us as well to put several things into perspective.  Again, a big thank you to Lacey for hanging in there with us and being our guest. Be sure to check her out on her OnlyFans page --
February 13, 2022
Air Force Amy - 2/6/2022
The nation met and fell in love with Air Force Amy in 2005 when HBO debued a show called Cathouse. The show was recorded at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and had a cast of characters of its own. We caught up with Air Force Amy on our 2/6/2020 Zoom Show to see what she was up to and how that show changed her life.  Along with the the nice crowd of folks to ask questions, we welcomed Erikka Ryko, Sean Elliot and Eric Edwards as well.
February 07, 2022
Susanna Sinns - 1/30/2022
Our guest on 1/30/2022 was a newcomer to the adult genre by the name of Susanna Sinns. She started out in the swinging lifestyle back in the 90’s and that has now developed into an OnlyFans page – !! She’s a spunky gal who warmed up to our zoom guests, who included AVN Hall of Famer Lynn LeMay and Erikka Ryko. The first thing you may notice is that Susanna has a Southern Accent and was picked up right away by a couple of the folks who watched the show. Besides hearing Susanna’s story, we also paid tribute to Alicia Rio and Cass Paley who had both recently passed away. Please check Susanna out on OnlyFans or hit her up on Twitter – and she’ll be glad to chit chat.
January 31, 2022
London Rose - 1/16/2022
It was a great night to chat with London Rose on 1/16/2022 and the first thing we had to get past was the London's hair color - as she used to be blonde and is now a brunette! After that we had a very good chat and London shared with us that she's working a bit behind the camera in the next week to come, so hopefully that will lead to other opportunites down the road. Along with a good group of fans, we welcomed Erikka Ryco and the one and only Jiggy Jaguar to the show! London also talked about XXX parodies she'd love to be in along with her work at the Bunny Ranch. Hey, we're Jizz Talking!
January 17, 2022
Trinity St. Clair - 1/9/2022
The one and only Trinity St. Clair joined us on 1/9/2022 as our 2nd show of 2022 rolls along on Jizz Talking! I think the majority of the guys on the Zoom Show just wanted to ask what her favorite kind of pizza was, since she had posted several photos of her eating pizza! Joining us for the show included our good friends Erikka Ryko, Lynn LeMay and Casey Scott.  From the sounds of it, we are going to go do karaoke sometime!!! Make sure to stop by Trinity's site, and remember her advice, "Every person is a walking brand!"
January 10, 2022
X3 Expo Preview - 1/2/2022
The FIRST EVER X3 Expo will take place in Hollywood on January 7th & 8th at the Palladium. XBIZ is the group behind the show and looks like they will have a lot of talent there. We preview the event on our 1/2/2022 Zoom Show with several attendees!
January 03, 2022
Naughty JoJo - 12/26/2021
You know that if you show up on a Zoom Show wearing a T-Shirt that says, “I’d Probably Blow Ya!” you ARE going to have a fun time. That’s exactly what we had on 12/26/2021 with Naughty JoJo! JoJo talked about her goals in her career and her hopes to walk away from her “vanilla” job to doing the adult stuff on a full time basis. I know that she has been to Iowa a few times to film with Private Society and so we hope to have a private signing with her sometime when she comes out. Along for the ride tonight were Lily Craven, Erikka Ryko and Lynn LeMay to help with the discussion. Thanks JoJo for coming out with us on the night after Christmas and for being a bit “Naughty!”
December 27, 2021
Lisa Daniels - 12/19/2021
We were THRILLED to have Lisa Daniels on our 12/19/2021 show right before Christmas! Thanks to James Bartholet for bringing us together for this show! Along with some regulars we were lucky to have adult stars Lynn LeMay, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot and Erikka Ryko. For most of the show, it was a case of “Haven’t we met somewhere before?” It was nice to have Lisa ask the former legends questions as well for an understanding of how the business was back in the “good old days!” Be sure to check Lisa out on Fansly!!
December 19, 2021
Priya Rai - 12/12/2021
We certainly want to thank Priya Anjeli Rai for coming out to be with us on 12/12/2021, as she just had some surgery and knew that sitting for an extended amount of time would be uncomfortable. We had a NICE turnout of fans and fellow adult stars including her good friend Lynn LeMay, Lily Craven, Richard Pacheco, Erikka Ryko, James Bartholet AND Holly Hendrix! Priya is retired from making adult films and has moved over to horror movies, but you can still find her on OnlyFans at so check her out. We’ll also keep people up to date on her dancing schedule when she gets back out on the road!
December 12, 2021
Beth McKenna - 12/5/2021
Not so long ago, I started seeing a yummy MILF in my Twitter feed named Beth McKenna so I reached out. After a while, she replied back that she would LOVE to be our guest on our 12/5/2021 Zoom Show! Along with Beth, we had XXX Stars Eric Edwards, Erikka Ryko, Micky Lynn, Sean Elliot and Coralyn Jewel join in on the conversation as well. By the end it was a gabfast, but everyone enjoyed the interaction! You can also find Beth on her Only Fans —
December 06, 2021
Washington DC Exxxotica Preview - 11/28/2021
Exxxotica hits Washington, DC for the first time ever on December 3rd – 5th and we get the lowdown on the best booths to go and check out on our 11/28/2021 Zoom Show! Some of our old favorites showed up to chat — including Richard Pacheco, Coralyn Jewel, Sean Elliot and Gigi Dior, PLUS new to the Zoom Show was Asian Kitty and Tara Quartz! The BIG winner of the weekend will be Benjamin as it will be his first time at Exxxotica and Gigi and Coralyn promised me that they will show him a good time! I can’t wait to hear an update.
November 29, 2021
Alphonso Layz - 11/21/2021
It was a priveledge to talk to Alphonso Layz, the brains and brawn behind Porn Bread Inc. on our 11/21/2021 Zoom Show. The man has a plan and he was very insightful on achieving his goals. Along for the conversation was Lily Craven, who stars in Season #1 of his adventures and Coralyn Jewel, who says she’s “On his waiting list.” Richard Pacheco stopped by as well to add commentary and listen to what the new generation has to offer. I also went over a review of my recent trip to the Los Angeles area. The future is bright for this young man!
November 22, 2021
Who Let The Girls Out w/Christy Canyon - 11/14/2021
We moved the show up an hour on 11/14/2021 and sadly that didn’t work out for Ginger Lynn, but Christy Canyon provided plenty of entertainment as were ON LOCATION at Christy’s home in Los Angeles to do the show. Helping re-live old memories were Lynn LeMay and a brief appearance by Eric Edwards.  Check out this website by going to: and subscribe today!!
November 15, 2021
Seka - 11/7/2021
Respect, honor and great stories! The Zoom Show on 11/7/2021 was a great night with The Platinum Princess, Seka! A who’s-who of the Adult Industry came out to chat it up with Seka and a fun time was had by all. We talked about her early days and her apperances on various talk shows and even Saturday Night Live. Helping us out with the show were Richard Pacheco, Herschel Savage, Micky Lynn, Lynn LeMay, Cathy Brown, Sean Elliot and a special last minute arrival of Asia Carrera! You can STILL buy a plethora of items AND limited copies of Seka’s book, “Inside Seka, The Platinum Princess of Porn” from her website at !! A special “Thank You” to not only Seka for being our guest, but for Richard Pacheco for helping out the process! It was much appreciated!
November 08, 2021
David Bertolino - 10/31/2021
All around nice guy and promotional guru David Bertolino was our guest on 10/31/2021 — Halloween — and how fitting as the documentary of SpookyWorld will be released in the spring! Find more information at: David ALSO has a good share of memorabilia to sell at his Ebay store. You can find it at: Not only did David have a career in the thrills and chills of Halloween, he also was involved with the Adult Entertainment Industry as the writer and producer of The Deep Throat Sex Scandal. Eric Edwards, Cathy Brown and Richard Pacheco join us in our conversation and storytelling! No tricks, just treats on this episode of JizzTalking!
November 01, 2021
Sable Renae - 10/24/2021
The one and only Sable Renae was our guest on 10/24/2021. She told us stories of dancing on the road, tales of Coralyn Jewel and her time with Dennis Hof at the Bunny Ranch! She will also catch you up on Southern Cooking and college football. On a serious note, she is back to her nursing profession and takes care of our Veterans, which is much appreciated!! Take it all in, a fun interview with Sable Renae!
October 25, 2021
Edison Exxxotica Preview - 10/17/2021
We had a few stars stop by the show on 10/17/2021 who will be at Exxxotica in Edison, NJ. There is a lot of anticipation as shows were canceled last year. Joining us on the show were Coralyn Jewel, James Bartholet, Eric Monti and Sean Elliot. It was also good to talk to a couple of collectors who will be going as well, to get their feelings about getting back to NJ. It does get lively and James tries on and models shirts for us as well. For those of you going, be safe and have fun!!
October 18, 2021
Nikki Knightly - 10/10/2021
Our guest on 10/10/2021 was the free spirit Nikki Knightly! She was very interesting as we covered a lot of ground from her photo and movie career to her artwork, jewelry making and her hopes for a future podcast. All of Nikki’s links can be found here — as she has a lot of platforms that she manages. Along for the ride on Sunday was Richard Pacheco, who always likes to dig deep on the newer stars and Eric Monti. It was also good to see a few folks we hadn’t seen for a while on the show as well. Check out the show “Stripped” on Amazon Prime that features interviews with Nikki as well.
October 11, 2021
Mindi Mink - 10/3/2021
Mindi Mink was our guest on 10/3/2021 in her “easy access” blouse! She talked about her history in the business and how she was on XXXpornstarradio for about 2 years until it was time to do other projects. She was ahead of the OnlyFans curve by starting a LoyalFans page. She can be found on StreamMate and Twitter as well at @MindiMink. It was nice to have adult stars Sean Elliot and Eric Monti along for the ride, PLUS a couple of friends of Mindi’s as well. Be on the lookout for Mindi’s “Big Time Meet & Greet” party sometime in 2022 in Arizona! Thanks for stopping by, Mindi, it was great to catch up!
October 04, 2021
Amy Quinn - 9/26/2021
Amy Quinn joined us on our Zoom Show for 9/26/2021 and we had such a fun time. She was just coming off of her time at Exxxotica in Miami and told us that she will be in New Jersey for Exxxotica!! Lily Craven also came by to talk about a scene that involved Amy at Exxxotica and Eric Monti was there to also ask several questions. Amy’s mailing address will be in our database soon and she’s looking forward to getting some photos out to her fans soon. Check Amy Quinn out on her website for more information and her contact details!
September 27, 2021
Miami Exxxotica Wrap-Up - 9/19/2021
It was a hot time in the old town of Miami over the weekend and on 9/19/2021 we sat down and chatted about it. While we didn’t have any of the adult stars who were in attendance, a couple of us who went shared our memories of the past weekend. Eric Monti also shared memories of going to the Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
September 20, 2021
Miami Exxxotica Preview - 9/12/2021
We had a fun night on 9/12/2021 talking with some of the Adult Stars who will be at Exxxotica in Miami on the weekend of 9/16-9/19/2021. Joining us were Coralyn Jewel, Lily Craven, Eric Monti, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot and a future guest on our Zoom Show, Amy Quinn! We discussed booth locations, many other guests of the event and just general items of discussion. A full list of guests can be found here:
September 13, 2021
Luci Power - 9/5/2021
We had an INTERNATIONAL guest in Luci Power for our show on 9/5/2021. Luci hails from Australia and it was so pleasant to hear her voice on our Zoom Show! We talked about her start in the industry, her trip to the AVN and her physical fitness. She even showed us her “guns!” Joining us in the conversation was Lisa Cintrice, Sean Elliot, Richard Pacheco and Eric Monti. A BIG thanks to Joey who is also from Australia for helping to line this up. Joey got a special treat during the show — a care package that he opened in front of us and was just stunned at what he received!! Check Luci out on her website at !!
September 06, 2021
Nickey Huntsman - 8/29/2021
A BIG thank you to Nickey Huntsman for joining us for our 8/29/2021 show! We had her on in advance a few weeks ago from our Exxxotica Wrap Up Show in Chicago as she was waiting for an Uber, but now we had her for the full (almost) hour on Sunday! One change you may notice is that Nickey had some corrective eye surgery, so no need for the glasses anymore, but she says she may bust them out from time to time! We also thank Gigi Dior for helping to line up Nickey and also for being a part of the show. Also along for the ride were Richard Pacheco, Eric Monti and Sean Elliot. A real sweetheart, Nickey answered all of the fans’ questions and hopefully soon we’ll be able to order autographed photos from her as well.
August 30, 2021
Gigi Dior - 8/22/2021
This was an interview that I figured would go about 30 minutes, tops, BUT really surprised me! We interviewed Gigi Dior on our 8/22/2021 show and we filled up an hour PLUS! We were fortunate to have AVN Hall of Fame stars Richard Pacheco and Lynn LeMay stop by, in addition to Sean Elliot and Eric Monti. Gigi gave a bit about her history, which I fell in love with a few months ago, along with expert advice from Lynn LeMay! Look for big things from Gigi in the coming months and into 2022! Gigi had a very emotional back story about how she started out which can be found here on her Twitter Page.
August 23, 2021
Pervy The Clown & Kinky Candy - 8/15/2021
Step right up!!! Well, we did our share of clowning around with Pervy The Clown and Kinky Candy on our 8/15/2021 show! Joining us in the fun were Eric Edwards and Eric Monti who were personally invited to be on the B-Movie TV show with the clowning couple! If you really want to smile and chuckle, this is the show to watch on Friday nights at midnight. Make sure you check out Pervy the Clown & Kinky Candy on their Clips 4 Sale channel – and watch their adventures! They will be back again after the first of the year and Pervy promises full makeup! Honk Honk! Check out Pervy on Facebook –
August 16, 2021
Lily Craven - 8/8/2021
We had a fun show on 8/8/2021 with Lily Craven and thinking that she gained a few new fans by her trying to figure out if her laptop was plugged in and charging. A few giveaways also highlighted the conversation as well. Eric Monti and Sean Elliot stopped by to add to the discussion as well as a number of folks who will be meeting Lily in Miami at Exxxotica in September. This is a lively one, so buckle in!
August 09, 2021
Lisa Cintrice - 8/1/2021
We took a step back in time for our 8/1/2021 interview with Lisa Cintrice! She was only in the Adult Industry about a year and a half and made roughly nine movies, but those were classics. Her last LIVE interview was on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder — and you’ll have to watch the replay to find out why! Also joining in were Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown, Casey Scott, Eric Monti and Richard Pacheco! One side note was that Richard’s book was mentioned several times and can be ordered at and let him know how you’d like it signed!
August 02, 2021
Chicago Exxxotica Wrap-Up - 7/18/2021
We had a fun filled weekend in Chicago at Exxxotica with a Post Exxxotica wrap on 7/18/2021. We met a lot of fun people and had some time to chat with them as well. The folks who stopped by the bar for the video included Coralyn Jewel, Herschel Savage, Sean Elliot, Keli Richards, Nickey Huntsman, Lily Craven and some stars from Chaturbate, including Daphne Madison! Be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks to see Nickey, Lily and many others on the show. I will say the internet wasn’t the best at the hotel, as I had to use my phone’s data plan, so just be aware that it wasn’t our finest hour.
July 18, 2021
Chicago Exxxotica Preview - 7/11/2021
A great preview of what to expect at Chicago Exxxotica 2021!! We are joined by not only legends of the business on our 7/11/2021 show, but stars and guests who will be in attendance!! If you want to get the down low on what’s going on, this is the Zoom Show for you! Not only did we get a glimpse of what Coralyn Jewel and GiGi Dior will have at their booths, we went grocery shopping with James Bartholet and Kenzie Reeves in Los Angeles. Also stopping by were Lynn LeMay who announced she’ll be at the AVN in January, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Eric Monti and Jiggy Jaguar who will be doing some video interviews from Exxxotica. Don’t miss out, get a ticket and we’ll see you there, July 16th – 18th!
July 11, 2021
Goddess Severa - 6/27/2021
You have to admit, when you see on your Twitter Feed someone named Goddess Severa, a self-proclaimed “Amazon” who is 6’5″ tall, it does pique your curiosity! I was so happy when she agreed to be on our 6/27/2021 show, I probably sent her more e-mail confirmations than she had ever had before! We discussed her “lifestyle” and her role playing activities and we certainly want to promote her website – as well. While our crowd was a bit smaller, we did hear from Adult Film Stars Richard Pacheco and Eric Monti, who had the tables turned on them a bit by questions from Severa as well. An educational experience for sure, be sure to watch this one and learn about this sort of lifestyle!
June 27, 2021
Erikka Rijks - 6/20/2021
The last time I saw Erikka Rijks in person was at the late Bill Margold’s Memorial Service in January of 2017 and was fascinated by her personality and her unique look. I was so happy when she agreed to be on our Zoom Show on 6/20/2021 and was more thrilled that she flashed her pearly whites a lot! The biggest question that I got before the show was “Who is she?” Well, in a PR nightmare, she was cast on a box cover by the wrong name, so that is a battle for her identity now. You may find her on Google under Mistress Erikka or Erica Ryko. It’s probably best to just hit up her Twitter page at Erikka Rijks to find her. Along for the ride today were Eric Monti and Sean Elliot, who once again is kicking himself for getting out of the business when he did! A great conversation and a cameo from her dog as well — thanks Erikka for spending some time with us!
June 20, 2021
Sara Jay - 6/13/2021
We made it through the “Gatekeeper” and was able to have Sara Jay on with us for our 6/13/2021 show! A few minor technical snafus, BUT, Sara was with us in all her glory from Downtown Miami! A VERY enthusiastic crowd came out and asked Sara question after question. A new gal in the industry GiGi Dior started off the questioning with veteran star Richard Pacheco following up with a very humorous story about the Garden of Eden. Along with Richard and GiGi were Sean Elliot, Eric Monti AND a starlet from Australia, Luci Power. In fact, Luci will be our guest on our Labor Day Weekend show on 9/5/2021, so stay tuned for that. We also spent a minute or two in remembrance of Dakota Skye who passed away earlier in the week. There has been a Go Fund Me set up for final expenses.
June 13, 2021
Lolly Topps - 6/6/2021
They say dynamite comes in small packages and I have a hunch they were talking about our guest on 6/6/2021, Lolly Topps!!! At 4′ 11″ this gal means business when she walks into a room and with her 36DD breasts and 23 inch waist, heads will turn! I was fortunate enough to have supper with her a while back in Des Moines as she was preparing to head to Miss Nude World in Illinois. While not an overall champion, she was crowned Miss Nude World Big Bust 2021. She’s looking to get on the road as a feature dancer. We are so glad she stopped by to chat with us on Zoom. Richard Pacheco, who is still wagging his tongue, Sean Elliot, who worked with his share of big busted stars and Eric Monti were in the room as well. We did welcome a gentleman named Carl from France to our show and hope that he comes back and visits again! I can’t wait to have supper with Lolly Topps again in the near future. She does have product for sale at and some autographed pictures for sale at as well.
June 06, 2021
Casey Scott - 5/30/2021
On a holiday weekend such as we had on 5/30/2021, you never know who you will have on the show. For the Memorial Day Weekend Zoom Show, I thought Casey Scott would be the perfect person. We chatted with Casey about how he got his start in becoming interested in adult films and adult entertainment. Casey’s favorite line is “I know where all the bodies are buried” and he does spill some tea on some of the performers who haven’t been heard of in years. I also had a chance to read a heartfelt message from Sue Nero, a legend in the adult business who Casey has befriended and brought to shine. In fact, Casey has boosted her confidence up enough that I announced that she will do a PRIVATE SIGNING and items are due on 7/10/2021. Click this link to check it out! Personally, Casey has connected me with dozens of people that I knew existed, but chose to stay in the background — and I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity. Joining us in our Zoom Show was Jose Duval, Cathy Brown, Eric Monti, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot and Richard Pacheco. Keep up the good work Casey and let’s get that book out soon!
May 30, 2021
Rita Daniels - 5/23/2021
One thing I always tell the adult performers before we start the Zoom Show is that it’s NOT “60 Minutes.” You talk about what you want to talk about and we follow their lead. This was the case with our show on 5/23/2021 with Rita Daniels. Rita STARTED her career at age 59 and 11 year later is NOT letting up. Not only did we chat about her career and her OnlyFans page at, we also chatted about her artwork and her travels over the last several months as well. She’s looking to being in Miami and New Jersey for Exxxotica and meeting fans! She also has a website at and is planning upcoming shoots. Former adult star Sean Elliot quizzed her a bit on places in the Midwest that she’s been to and he knew a few of those as well. A very nice chat with our friend Rita and I hope you enjoy it!
May 23, 2021
Sheena Rose - 5/16/2021
When you talk about our Zoom shows being an “Interview Show,” this week’s show was more of a conversation. Our 5/16/2021 Zoom Show with Sheena Rose was a VERY nice give and take session about her career, her love of horror films, but was in-depth on her tattoos and the tattoo taboo that exists in some areas of our society. Sheena also won over members of our group by coming out and stating that she was a fan of 80’s Porn! We heard so many fun stories about Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, Katie Morgan and others, not to mention some discussions about Peter North. Not to be outdone, Adult Stars Sean Elliot and Lynn LeMay stopped by as well. We wish Sheena all the best of luck in her future, which is going to be pretty bright. We also hope she makes it into a Seth Rogan movie or a slasher film in the near future as well! You can find Sheena Rose at her website, and other sites including subscribing to her OnlyFans Watch her live cam shows on Buy her clips and more on ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and Modelhub Get sneak peeks of her content on Pornhub
May 16, 2021
Alexandra Silk / Luc Wylder - 5/2/2021
Two of the most kind and caring people in the Adult Entertainment Industry, Alexandra Silk & Luc Wylder joined us on 5/2/2021 for a Zoom show and what a great discussion we had!! We talked about their appearances in After Porn Ends, Sex Court, stories of the Hellfire Club and even Danny The Wonder Pony! A plethora of stars came out to visit as well, including Christy Canyon, Sean Elliot, Micky Lynn, Richard Pacheco, Cathy Brown and Rob Spallone via a cellphone! A lot of stories that you will enjoy for sure. For more of their videos, check out Fallen Angel TV!
May 02, 2021
First Anniversary Show - 4/25/2021
Well, I for one cannot believe that it’s been a year already!! Our 4/25/2021 Zoom Show was dedicated to those who have been with us for many, many weeks throughout the year and have made our world brighter. When I started out, it was to promote the Adult Entertainment Star (no matter what era) and maybe help them make a few extra bucks signing photos or promoting their OnlyFans or Skype Shows. After a year, it’s turned out to be more of a Sunday night get together of friends and fans PLUS an interview show. Adult Entertainers who were among the celebration included Eric Edwards, Cathy Brown, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Lynn LeMay and James Bartholet who really gave us a good “real time” evaluation of the current climate in adult entertainment. We also spent a bit of time in reflection of the past year and connections that the group has made between fan and entertainer on a more personal level. A number of people reached out during the show to thank me for making these weekly Zoom shows possible. Richard Pacheco said more than once, “Patrick, you are building and growing something here.” I have to say, I hope that I am and one day I hope that people are going to be on my waiting list instead of the other way around. Time will tell and with your participation, I hope it is an industry recognized product.
April 25, 2021
Annie Sprinkle - 4/18/2021
It’s not everyday you have a true Golden Age LEGEND stop by our Zoom sessions, but on 4/18/2021, we were fortunate enough to have the one and only Annie Sprinkle stop by and chat with us. We talked about how she went from being “The Queen of Kink” to an Ecosexual and a few stops in between. We had a wonderful time with many of Annie’s friends stopping by to say HI. Among the Adult Entertainment Stars who stopped by to chat included: Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown and Jose Duval. Richard Pacheco wrapped up the show with a very touching monologue on what Annie has meant to the industry and to others. It’s worth watching, so watch until the end. Again, a true honor to have Annie Sprinkle with us. As she has requested, here are a few links to her special projects going on now. Her website is and she’ll be selling her newest book “Assuming The Ecosexual Position: The Earth As A Lover.” It’s available at and should be available around late June.
April 18, 2021
Veronica Vera - 4/11/2021
We went back in time with Veronica Vera on our 4/11/2021 show! Veronica was a Golden Age Film Star from the early 80’s through the late 80’s. From her work in the “Club 90” era along with Sue Nero, Kelly Nichols, Gloria Leonard, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Hart and Candida Royalle to her other endeavors in the world of Adult Entertainment, Veronica told stories of her first movie “Consenting Adults” and other great titles. Though she didn’t have a lot of film credits, she was a contributor in so many other areas. Two fitting tributes came from Richard Pacheco and Lynn LeMay, both having the utmost respect for the work that Veronica has done. Along with Richard and Lynn, co-star Jose Duval was in attendance as well as Eric Monti, Cathy Brown and Sean Elliot. Don’t forget to check out Veronica’s Blog called, “Veronica Vera – Now & Then” and her website called, “Miss Vera’s Finishing School.” We thank Veronica for being with us for this great night of history!
April 11, 2021
Alicia Rio - 4/4/2021
A few months ago we interviewed Micky Lynn on our Sunday Zoom Show and Alicia Rio popped in to chit chat about Micky and we all had a fun time. I told Alicia that we’d have to have her some time and she was very excited to be here on Easter Sunday 4/4/2021. We talked about her career and how she got started and what she’s up to now. Other adult entertainers who were along to chat with Alicia Rio was of course Micky Lynn, Eric Edwards, Eric Monti and Jon Martin — Alicia herself is like the “Energizer Bunny” and we were fortunate to have her on and welcome her back any time!
April 04, 2021
Tod Hunter - 3/28/2021
Looking at a change of pace this week, we decided to call on Tod Hunter to provide some insight on his career as a freelance writer for AVN and many other publications. Our paths have crossed many times, at various events, but I didn’t really have a handle on what he did. On our 3/28/2021 show, he told stories of how he got into the business and many light hearted stories about some of our favorite stars in the Adult Entertainment business. We were also joined by Lynn LeMay, Eric Monti and Sean Elliot. A real good history lesson for some during this interview!
March 28, 2021
Kay Parker - 3/14/2021
We were honored to have Kay Parker join us on our 3/14/2021 show and the crowd came out! Both Adult Entertainers and fans of Kay’s work came out for this show that dug deeper than her iconic “Taboo” movie. Kay talked to us about her work with Spirit Guides and that she does have a book for sale at called “Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch” which is available in many formats from her site. While we are plugging books, it was an honor to have Richard Pacheco read from his book, “Hindsight: True Love & Mischief In The Golden Age Of Porn” which is available at regarding the meaning of Kay Parker in his life. Other Adult Entertainers who were in the room included Herschel Savage, Sean Elliot, Eric Monti and Cathy Brown and all had a story or reflection of Kay’s life and career to tell. We truly thank Kay for being a part of the show and sit back and enjoy!
March 14, 2021
Paul Thomas - 3/7/2021
One of the most requested stars of the Golden Age of Adult Entertainment for our Zoom Shows has been the one and only Paul Thomas. Even though PT had some resistance to appearing, he did appear on our 3/7/2021 show and EVERYONE came by to say HI. Paul often quotes Groucho Marx when saying, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” but it was great to have him on nonetheless as he did fill in for Billy Dee, who we will have on down the road. We talked about his career in front of and behind the camera and some projects he’s working on now including his golf game. A true history lesson on this show as many stars came out to share a story or a memory. The fellow Adult Stars who came out to participate included: Eric Monti, Herschel Savage, Micky Lynn, Melissa Hill, Cathy Brown, Jose Duval, Sean Elliot, Jon Martin, Keli Richards, Eric Edwards, Richard Pacheco and Raven Touchstone — a Who’s Who of the adult industry! Again we thank Paul Thomas for his generosity of time as we went over the one hour mark with a lot of great questions and stories.
March 07, 2021
Jose Duval - 2/28/2021
Whenever you can get a member of the “old guard” to come onto the Zoom Show, it’s a great thing, because that means you are going to have others from that era like moths to a lightbulb. With that, the Zoom Show is more of a gathering of old friends and stories — and that’s what really makes the show. The 2/28/2021 Zoom Show did not disappoint in that area. Stories were told and memories were relived thanks to some of the other adult stars of the era who popped on to say HI. Among the adult stars who stopped by to say hi where Richard Pacheco, Eric Monti, Herschel Savage, Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown and Sharon Mitchell who added some “adult entertainment” into the mix with her nude tango in her kitchen. If you noticed a part where nobody said a word, that’s when the nude tango was taking place. A fun time was had by all and Jose was very humbled to see everyone!
February 28, 2021
Kat Kleevage - 2/21/2021
It was a few weeks ago when Kat Kleevage appeared on a Zoom show with Lynn LeMay and that got the ball rolling on getting Kat to appear on a Zoom show of her own on 2/21/2021. It was a great discussion about the men and women that Kat has worked with over the years with a SUPRISE visit from Rob Spallone. Rob talked about getting her on the Howard Stern Show and making her FAMOUS!! (We’ll have to have Rob on his own ZOOM in the months to come.) Other stars that came out to visit with Kat were Sean Elliot, Jose Duvall, Eric Monti, Cathy Brown, and Lynn LeMay. This was a truly enjoyable show and we thank Kat for coming out for it.
February 21, 2021
Lucky Starr - 2/14/2021
I’ve heard Lucky Starr many times with Christy Canyon on her radio show that I just had to see about getting her for our 2/14/2021 show. Hey, who doesn’t like to get “Lucky” on Valentine’s Day!!?? A highlight of the show was Lucky singing us a few songs and talking about her influences in the Adult Industry. She has an ONLY FANS site and loves to communicate with fans that way. Joining in on the conversation was a new guest from Winnipeg Canada and Eric Monti as well. 
February 15, 2021
Kiki D’Aire - 2/6/2021
To accommodate the “Big Game” schedule, we held our Zoom Session with Kiki D’Aire on 2/6/2021 and her reply to my Tweet was, “I got this!” Kiki talked about her start with being a stripper in the movie The People Vs. Larry Flynt and how her career took off. Kiki has her fingers in a number of projects — a food review cooking show, a start up of a testing lab, co-writer and director of a sit-com pilot. Besides all of those projects, Kiki is an AVN Hall of Fame member and is on her OnlyFans and her website is Two international guests were a part of the show as well as legends Micky Lynn and Eric Monti. You’ll enjoy our time with Kiki and we appreciate her time!
February 07, 2021
Danny Blaq - 1/30/2021
After another star’s cancellation and rescheduling and rescheduling again we were VERY pleased to have Danny Blaq as our guest on 1/30/2021. It was a rare Saturday night show, but we certainly didn’t want to skip a week. Danny brought two of his friends, Dark Angel and Daisey Rose (pictured above) to join the party and we had a fun time. We had two INTERNATIONAL guests, Joey from Australia who has joined us before and Gazza from England who was a first timer. Speaking of friends, Lynn LeMay joined us and then she showed us HER two friends as well. She had them hidden under her sweater, of all places!! This was a very enjoyable and relaxed show and we appreciate Danny working with us to get this on air and for the others for stopping by on a Saturday night.
January 31, 2021
Mike Horner - 1/24/2021
On a fluke, our regular guest had cancelled for 1/24/2021 and so I reached out at the 11th hour to Mike Horner and I’m so glad I did. He’s a veteran of the Adult Entertainment industry and has pretty much worked with everyone over the years. It was nice to see the stars come out to see what Mike has been up to as well. Joining us tonight on Mike’s VERY FIRST Zoom Call was Eric Edwards, Eric Monti, Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown and Jose Duval. It was great to catch up with Mike and hear what he’s been up to.
January 25, 2021
Roger Pipe - 1/17/2021
When I booked Roger T. Pipe for our 1/17/2021 show, it was because I knew he was an Adult Film reviewer with his own website. I knew I wanted to discuss the history of adult films and the future of them. When it came right down to it, I was stunned I’d booked a guest of such great credentials — in more than just the arena of Adult Movie Reviews. Roger has been doing Adult Entertainment movie reviews since 1995 and in 1996 created for what has become his database of over 8,500 movie reviews. Add to that being an XRCO member since 2001, XRCO Hall of Fame Recipient in 2009 and an AVN voting member for 15 years, he was a very good guy to interview. Both Eric Monti, who gets a great review in New Wave Hookers 5 and Sean Elliot chat it up with Roger about his career. Not only does Roger do Adult Movie reviews, he writes for many other publications and has even done some writing for “Gamer” magazines and handbook. Take a deep dive into this Zoom session as it will be worth your time. I’d give it a “10” on the Roger Ratings!
January 18, 2021
Ember Snow - 1/10/2021
It was great to finally catch up with Ember Snow on our Zoom Chat. We had her booked earlier and then her hectic schedule took over and so we decided to reschedule for 1/10/2021 and I’m glad she did. When it comes to adult content, Ember welcomes nearly all experiences. She is on OnlyFans, MiniVids and of course her own website at which has her contact information. It was also nice to see Jose Duval stop by for a few minutes and Eric Monti to ask a question or two.
January 11, 2021
Hyapatia Lee - 1/3/2021
What do Cathy Brown, Eric Monti, Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards, Jose Duval, Sean Elliot, Herschel Savage and Christy Canyon have in common? Well they all came out to experience the Hyapatia Lee Zoom Show on 1/3/2021 — the first show of the year! She discussed everything from her Native Strength YouTube Channel and her roles in Adult Films. In addition to all of the guests, we had Joey from Australia and Tara from Canada on the call as well, which speaks volumes about the star power that Hyapatia brings to the table. Besides chatting with Hyapatia, we paid tribute to Carter Stevens who passed away on 12/30/2020. They have established a Go Fund Me Page for final expenses and would invite anyone who can, to help them out.
January 04, 2021
Exxxotica's Dan Davis - 12/27/2020
Dan Davis is the Director of Operations of Exxxotica and his interview rounded out our year on 12/27/2020. He gave us the rundown of the four Exxxotica shows in 2021. Micky Lynn and Eric Monti joined us as well to discuss the various shows they had been to as well. We also said a sad goodbye to Jimmy Drama who was an avid supporter of Exxxotica and the Adult Entertainment Industry who passed away in mid December. He will be missed. Chatting with Dan was a great way to round out the year and I want to thank everyone for being a part of the shows in 2020 and be ready for 2021, we will really move the channel forward!
December 28, 2020
Sean Elliot - 12/20/2020
When it comes to Zoom Sessions that just click, you have to focus on this one for sure. Our guest on 12/20/2020 was Sean Elliot and while a quick glance at his movie roster shows anywhere from 8 – 12 movies, the experiences he had have made up a lifetime of memories. While Sean is quick to point out that he couldn’t remember what he had for lunch, he DID remember a lot about his time in the Adult Industry. The stars he worked with were mostly all AVN Hall of Fame Stars and if they aren’t, they should be. Other Adult Stars on hand for the show included Cathy Brown, Eric Monti, Jose Duval, Micky Lynn and a special visit from Richard Pacheco. Another session that went over the time limit, but well worth it, you will enjoy as well.Click to watch the video! Click to hear the audio! Edit Copyright © 2021 Welcome To Jizz Talking! All Models Are 18+ Years Of Age.
December 21, 2020
Lynn LeMay - 12/13/2020
Lynn LeMay joined us on 12/13/2020 during the height of the Covid Pandemic from her home in South Dakota! After a little arm twisting, she embraced the Zoom idea and we are glad she did. The crowd was standing room only and included family members, fans, NEW participants to the show and other legends. The Adult Entertainers who stopped by included Kat Kleevage, Eric Monti, Sean Elliot, Richard Pacheco, Cathy Brown and Jon Martin. She told stories, shared secrets and the best part was that stories and secrets were told about her too. A fun time with Lynn LeMay and if you want more fun, contact her about a private Skype Show!
December 14, 2020
Jack Lawrence - 12/6/2020
Jack Lawrence, a veteran woodsman with over 1,017 movies to his credit joined us on 12/6/2020 in what would be described as an epic Zoom Show. Along with Jack, we had former adult celebs Lynn LeMay, Christy Canyon, Eric Monti and Rob Spallone. One question that came up was about the lack of an AVN Hall Of Fame plaque, and while Jack was humble and downplayed about not receiving the award yet, those in attendance WERE vocal. Jack also talked about his many careers and shows off his latest endeavor! You can also find Jack on Twitter, OnlyFans and his website. For those who missed the live stream of this one, really missed out.
December 07, 2020
Amilia Onyx - 11/29/2020
A relative new comer to the adult business is Amilia Onyx! She joined us on 11/29/2020 and showed off her tattoo and got some great professional advice from Adult Veterans Micky Lynn, Eric Monti and Sean Elliot! She talked about how the business has evolved from where it was 5 years ago to where it is today and how she is handling what she calls, “Self Booking.” Many viewers of our Zoom Shows have wanted newer stars, so we delivered with Amilia Onyx. Enjoy her youthful spirit!
November 30, 2020
Brittany Andrews - 11/22/2020
It was a fun nigh to step inside of the “I Dream Of Jeanie” bottle of Brittany Andrews for a Zoom Show! On 11/22/2020 Brittany talked about her career in adult entertainment starting with magazines, clubs, movies and now her OnlyFans and other subscription sites online. This Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup eating AVN Hall of Fame star pulled no punches and told it like it was. It was nice having former adult star Eric Monti join the conversation as well. A nice turnout with plenty of participation on this show and even an extra PURRRRRRRRR at the end!
November 23, 2020
Cathy Brown - 11/15/2020
Now whether you know Cathy Brown by her real name of Cathy Brown or her pen names of Ariel Hart or Pearl Chavez it was time to get her on our Zoom Show for a Q & A and to get the lowdown on some of the folks in the business. An author with Jerry Butler for the book, “Raw Talent,” a writer for various magazines, a writer of many screen plays, and even a writer for phone sex scripts, Cathy has worn a LOT of hats. Joining Cathy on the show were Jose Duval, Richard Pacheco and Eric Monti. This was more than just an interview with a writer, this was a history lesson, so be prepared to be schooled on this 11/15/2020 show!
November 16, 2020
Coralyn Jewell - 11/1/2020
I don’t think I even finished the Tweet to Coralyn Jewel before I got a reply of “YES, I’ll do your show!” We chatted with her on 11/1/2020 and a fun time was had by all in her “special room” where she does her custom videos. She talked about her work, her book, “After The Ice Melts” and her career of working with younger female talent to put them on the right path in the Adult Entertainment Industry. She has a lifetime of experience in other areas, which makes her great for doing what she does in the adult arena. Former Adult Star Eric Monti joins us for a fun interview with Coralyn Jewel!
November 02, 2020
Veronica Hart - 10/18/2020
There probably isn’t a more genuine person in the adult entertainment business than Veronica Hart. Adult Star, Director, Producer — however Mentor and Friend come into play when people describe her. On 10/18/2020 we had a rescheduled visit from Veronica and she did not disappoint. Fans from 3 countries were on the show along with a plethora of former adult stars — including Eric Edwards, Scott Schwartz, Cathy Brown, Eric Monti, Jose Duval and Richard Pacheco. It was a great night of conversation, so great in fact we went over our 1 hour timeframe and we thank Veronica for being patient with us. This was by far the most watched show we have ever had on replay, more than 250 people saw it during the week after it was recorded. A true legend — enjoy!
October 19, 2020
Loni Legend - 10/11/2020
From time to time people in our Facebook Group ask, “Can you get some of the newer talent to appear on our Zoom calls?” And the simple answer is SURE THING, but many times their contact info isn’t available or you need to reach out to someone who can reach out. This was the case of Loni Legend who appeared on our Zoom Show on 10/11/2020. I reached out to the Kingpin of Galaxy Publicity, James Bartholet and he put me into contact with her. Then we were off to the races. She’s been around for a few more years than people thought, but it was still great to connect with her. Former adult star Eric Monti joined the conversation as well and a fun time was had by all.
October 12, 2020
Sharon Mitchell - 10/4/2022
For this show on 10/4/2020 I went on location — YES, all the way to near Portland, Oregon to the home of Miss Sharon Mitchell. My wife and I stayed at her home as her guest for several days and one of them just happened to be a Sunday. When asked about a live Zoom Show, her words to me were, “Abso-fucking-lutely!” I will say this was one of the most attended sessions we have ever done, with over 30 people stopping by to watch or participate. Adult stars who came to pay tribute read like a who’s who and included Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Eric Monti, Cathy Brown, Jose Duval and Sean Elliot. Sharon talks about the “good old days” and a bit of what she’s up to today. A special thanks to Sharon for opening up her home to us. (Full disclosure: One of the participants was edited out of this final cut due to the nature of his content and has been banned from future interaction with the group.)
October 05, 2020
Joclyn Stone - 9/27/2020
Joclyn Stone was another performer I met at karaoke in Las Vegas in 2016. After interviewing Rebecca Love, she said, “Now you HAVE to interview Joclyn Stone!” So, with that being said, we lined up our 9/27/2020 Zoom Show for her and what a treat! She was so funny and sexy. I’m glad that she had a good referral, that’s for sure. You will laugh and have fun on this session!
September 28, 2020
Ginger Lynn - 9/13/2020
Two words that can stand any man straight up — Ginger Lynn! Ginger was kind enough to fill in on 9/13/2020 for Veronica Hart who had a last minute commitment, but who will be on in a future episode. Among a wide variety of topics, Ginger talked about her new project on Patreon with Christy Canyon called, “Who Let The Girls Out!” The former adult legends came out to visit as well, including Jose Duval, Alicia Rio, Micky Lynn, Herschel Savage and Eric Monti. A fun time was had by all and we even slid past the one hour time limit. I know you will enjoy this Zoom Show.
September 14, 2020
Eric Monti - 9/6/2020
Eric Monti came BACK to do a formal show with us on 9/6/2020 where he had more names, facts and figures and we did more of an in-depth interview. As always Eric talked about many of his on screen partners and the trials and tribulations of being an adult star. We appreciate Eric taking time out to come back and give us a “re-do” on his first Zoom Show. We were honored that Cathy Brown, Jose Duval and Rick Savage offered input about Eric’s career as well! We are grateful that he joins us most every week on our shows. Enjoy!
September 07, 2020
John Mozzer - 8/30/2020
Whether you know him as John A. Mozzer, John Mozzer, Alan Adrian, Spike Adrian or Naked John — there’s only one! An adult film star of the late 70’s through the 80’s John is also avid in photo and video archives, PLUS his collection of recorded phone conversations during his career as well. If there was one thing call forwarding was meant for, it was to keep people ringing his number, be it on the East Coast or the West Coast. During this time, John also recorded most calls and he has archived them on his JAM Works Presents YouTube Channel and his archived photos at JAM Works on SmugMug. John is joined on 8/30/2020 by other adult stars Jose Duval, Cathy Brown, Sean Elliot and Eric Monti. Stick around for the ending as EVERYONE wants to be Naked John!
August 31, 2020
James Bartholet - 8/23/2020
If there’s a “porn parody” on the XXX market right now, you can bet that James Bartholet is in it. An actor, producer, director, agent, talent scout plus many more hats, James stopped by on 8/23/2020 and let us visit his home and the beautiful women who stop by and hang out from time to time. In fact, several of the gals that James has at his Galaxy Entertainment booth at Exxxotica will be on future shows. Retired adult star Eric Monti stops by as well, as we are all a bit jealous of James and who his special friends are!
August 23, 2020
John Seeman - 8/16/2020
John Seeman was a mainstay in the adult entertainment business from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. Not only was he a performer, but he also directed and produced many of the films that he was in as well as performing as a “stunt cock” for those who may have had issues with their performance. I met John in 2015 at the Legends of Exxxotica event in Las Vegas and again in 2016 in Los Angeles. A soft spoken gentleman, he is regaled with memories of the past from fellow stars Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards and Eric Monti. You’ll hear a lot of history in this interview from 8/16/2020 — Enjoy!
August 16, 2020
Rebecca Love - 8/9/2020
I don’t know of anyone who has more fun in front of a camera than Rebecca Love! I met Rebecca at her (pre-Covid) karaoke show in Las Vegas in 2016 and we hit it off ever since. It was great to have her on the show on 8/9/2020 and she gave us the lowdown on what she was up to, INCLUDING her roles in a few recent movies! Retired adult film star Eric Monti stops in to ask a few questions as well to round out the show. A fun filled interview for sure and I know you will enjoy it.
August 09, 2020
Lisa Sparxxx - 8/2/2020
Whether it’s her campy YouTube channel that’s co-hosted by her hair dresser, her “world record” gangbang or her awesome scenes on her website, Lisa Sparxxx is a 20+ year veteran of adult entertainment. On 8/2/2020 she joined up with us after a scheduling snafu several weeks before. Speaking of snafus, I hit the wrong record button, so you have to stare at all of us at once. Nevertheless, it was great to chat with Lisa Sparxxx!
August 02, 2020
Leslie Winston - 7/26/2020
Years ago after hearing her Rialto Report interview, I KNEW I had to meet Leslie Winston. She is such a free spirit and a fun loving gal, so back in 2018 when I was in Los Angeles, she drove from her place to visit me at a restaurant. A fun time was had by all. On 7/26/2020 she said “OK!” and joined us on a Zoom Show and she was a fan favorite! Eric Monti and Herschel Savage joined in on the show and it was a fun time, even though she had some butterflies! Leslie has some photos for sale on this page as well right HERE. It was great to visit with Leslie as she talks about her days in the business in the 80’s!
July 27, 2020
Edyn Blair - 7/19/2020
This lovely lady just moved to Texas where the heat and the humidity collide, but, she was dressed for the weather! On 7/19/2020, Edyn Blair joined us to talk about her career going from make up artist, to cover girl to adult star. This photo is one of many she has from classic car shows! She was also in several rare magazines that she showed to us as well. A fresh face with experience, you will enjoy our visit with Edyn Blair.
July 20, 2020
Porsche Lynn - 7/12/2020
The gal with the million dollar legs, Porsche Lynn joined us on 7/12/2020 and after a bit of confusion over which Time Zone that Arizona was in, our guests waited it out and we went on with our show! The first point of order was to identify the gals in the Free Speech Coalition poster on the wall behind her. Other Adult Stars came out on this one as well, like Eric Edwards, Eric Monti and Herschel Savage. A great discussion and interaction from everyone on the Zoom Show and one of our best shows!
July 13, 2020
Jon Martin - 7/5/2020
One of the constant main stay talents of the late 70’s through the 90’s was Jon Martin. The picture above demonstrates that he worked with classic stars like Sharon Mitchell, while branching into the future with Amber Lynn. On 7/5/2020 we got Jon hooked up and he was “Zooming” in no time! It was also nice to have Richard Pacheco and Eric Monti stop by to help Jon relive some of the “good old days” from a bygone era. This one is a history lesson — enjoy!
July 06, 2020
Richard Pacheco - 6/28/2020
Back in the day when people went to Adult Movie Theaters in major cities and the marquees were lit with X-Rated movie titles, you may have seen this young man on the blue screen along side John Leslie, Jamie Gillis or Marilyn Chambers! On 6/28/2020 Richard Pacheco joined our Zoom Show and boy did we have a turn out of stars to check up on this guy. Eric Edwards, Eric Monti, Cathy Brown and Herschel Savage all came out to chat it up and have some fun with Richard. It was a great night and you may want to replay this one several times — enjoy!
June 29, 2020
Scott Schwartz - 6/21/2020
Scott Schwartz and I had attended several events in the Los Angeles area before we really ever “officially” met, but I knew who he was, but was not aware of his connection to the Adult Entertainment Industry. After his career as a child star, he rubbed shoulders with many of the major players in the “Business of X.” The picture above is from the 80th Birthday Party of Jim South from 2019. Sadly, Jim passed away in the fall of 2020, which hit Scott hard. Before Jim’s passing, we had a chance to talk with Scott on 6/21/2020 about his connections AND his collection of memorabilia from the Adult Industry. If there was any drawback to the interview which also featured Eric Edwards and Eric Monti, it was that my computer had just done an update and messed up my microphone settings, so you will have to bear with the distortion. Thanks to Scott for helping our group out in so many ways!!
June 22, 2020
Eric Monti - 6/14/2020
Eric Monti happened to be the right guy at the right time on our 6/14/2020 Zoom Show as we were supposed to have a call from Lisa Sparxxx, however, she had a scheduling mix-up and was unable to attend. Eric was one of the unsung heroes of the Adult Entertainment industry and while he didn’t make any box covers or posters, he was a solid performer from 1983 – 1999 and was in over 100 movies with some of the top talent of the day. It’s always great to have Eric as a part of our weekly Zoom interviews and while this was a “fly by the seat of your pants” show, we do have a better interview with him down the road. It was after this Zoom Show that I decided I would mute everyone and unmute them when I called on them as to not have random noises on the video. Enjoy this short interview with Eric Monti and thanks, Eric for bailing us out!
June 15, 2020
Kimmie Kaboom - 6/7/2020
I met Kimmie and her husband Darrell at the 2017 Exxxotica Show in Denver, Colorado and she was a part of our booth for the on-line radio station that I did some work for. She also had a show on Sunday nights as well. I always respect the gals who are self confident enough to put it out there and Kimmie is no exception. She appeared on our show on 6/7/2020 right after some wicked weather went through her area of Florida. Always a fan and great to see as a greeter at the Exxxotica events whenever I attend! Enjoy her show and her Southern Charm!
June 08, 2020
Micky Lynn - 5/31/2020
Micky Lynn joined us for a Zoom Show on 5/31/2020 and she also brought her friend Alicia Rio with her as well to chat about the old days at Show World and other topics. Micky is starting to come back to the industry after some time being gone and hopes to manage a few newcomers in the business in the future. As you can see by her T-shirt, she was inducted into the AVN Hall Of Fame in 2019. I hope to help her get back on the road and do some autograph signing events in 2021. I love her accent, enjoy the show!
June 01, 2020
Eric Edwards - 5/24/2020
If there was ever a class act in adult entertainment, it would have to be Eric Edwards. Eric joined us on 5/24/2020 from his home in the mountains in California to give us an insight on his career. Fortunately, we were also treated to comments from special guests Melissa Hill, Jose Duval and Richard Pacheco. It’s been fun to have Eric on as a participant in other Zoom Shows as well. In 2019, Herschel Savage and I drove up to see Eric at his home and have lunch. A great gentleman for sure and I know you’ll enjoy his interview.
May 25, 2020
Herschel Savage - 5/17/2020
Herschel Savage and I have been friends since 2015 and I thought that I would get him on early to one of our Zoom Shows. He loves to talk about the Golden Age and luckily, Richard Pacheco stopped by to share in the memories! This Zoom Show was on 5/17/2020 and since then, he’s traveled to Iowa to see the Hawkeye State and experience small town life. It’s always great to get a phone call from Herschel.
May 18, 2020
Christy Canyon - 5/9/2020
I KNEW that when I started the Zoom Shows on Sunday nights I would HAVE to have Christy Canyon as one of my first guests. I have been a fan of hers since the late 80’s and anyone with a pulse has been a fan of hers for that long too. I was fortunate enough to have met her in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1994 and she was everything I hoped she would be. Since then, I’ve gotten to know Christy a bit better as a friend and I love calling into her shows on Vivid Radio. On 5/9/2020 we bent the rules and had her on the Zoom Show on a SATURDAY instead of a Sunday to fit her schedule. She has since teamed up with Ginger Lynn for her Patreon show called “Who Let The Girls Out!” In this Zoom Show, Christy takes us to her bedroom and the mayhem ensues! We look forward to have Christy back on anytime she wants!
May 10, 2020
Keli Richards - 5/3/2020
Our Zoom interview on 5/3/2020 was with Keli Richards! Keli is making a comeback and has a book about her life in the works. Keli has another project on this page that we will discuss when it’s complete, but for now, enjoy the interview!
May 04, 2020
Alana Evans - 4/26/2020
Alana Evans was our VERY FIRST Zoom interview on 4/26/2020. As a result of the quarantine, I figured that it would be a neat thing to feature adult performers who may want to promote their OnlyFans or other links to a group of XXX rated fans. The interview was great and started a trend of Zoom broadcasts every Sunday evening. Thanks Alana for getting our ball rolling!
April 26, 2020