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Great Captains - By Confident Captain/Ocean Pros

Great Captains - By Confident Captain/Ocean Pros

By Capt. Kent Dresser
"The boat might be small but the job is big!" Professional development, interesting conversations and a few sea stories for the small boat Captain!
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Don't Die

Great Captains - By Confident Captain/Ocean Pros

Don't Die

Great Captains - By Confident Captain/Ocean Pros

Episode 7 - Capt. Peter Alarie - Pro Sailor, coach and Confident Captain RYA Chief instructor
Join us for a conversation with Capt. Peter Alarie as we discuss the career of a pro sailor, some areas of improvement in the sailing industry and probably a seas story or two
January 31, 2019
Episode 6 - Captain Tom McGinn from the Providence Riverboat Company
Join us for a conversation with Capt. Tom McGinn, owner of the Providence Riverboat Company as he tells us about his  road from "tech to tours" on board his custom tour boats along the Providence River. 
January 24, 2019
How to be Awesome
This episode is about how to be awesome. Or, how to become a Captain, which is awesome. Join Kent, Tony and Zach through the whole process from starting out, to taking the course, to filling out the paperwork. 
January 11, 2019
Drills v. Bills
It is easy to let commerce get in the way of running a safe boat, but when emergencies strike, you are going to wish you that were better prepared than you are! Join Capt's. Kent, Tony and Zach for a candid discussion on drills versus bills. 
January 2, 2019
Don't Die
A straightforward and candid look at some of the personal and professional traits that can get you killed - and how to overcome them.
December 13, 2018
Great Captains - by Confident Captain/Ocean Pros
This is the first episode of "Great Captains" brought to you by Confident Captain/Ocean Pros based out of Newport, RI. Join Captains Kent, Tony, and Zach while they discuss the importance of the of the unsung heroes of American commerce, safety, and transportation - the small boat captains of America. They will discuss these great captains and the tremendous impact they have nationwide! "The boat might be small, but the job is big!" - Professional Development discussions for US Licensed Captains of small vessels less than 200 tons (and anybody else that wants to learn some cool things about bering a professional boat Captain)
November 28, 2018