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The Good to Go Pod

The Good to Go Pod

By Good to Go Jo
season 2: FIND YOUR FIT

Being fit and healthy looks and feels different for everybody.
this season we explore what being fit means.
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#findyourfit Jan2022 the weights room - go on be brave.
in this episode Meigh and I chat about why its important to lift heavy things, and some of the best strategies to bet into the weights room in your local gym. tips form the POD: 1. understand that lifting heavy things is important  2. plan 3. be brave 4. do a reccy on the gym you are planning to go to 5. have alternative exercises ready  6. got a good PT 7. bring a towel 8. get a spotter for heavy days 9. ask the gym staff for help if you need it link to the patreon: link to the link tree: and of course if you want to get in contact with us just email
January 29, 2022
2021 - 11 - Talking finding your fit in relationships and sex - with Tess and Hunter
in this episode I talk with Tess and Hunter Mabon about relationships and sex and communications and choosing to make it work and finding your fit in your relationship. you can get in contact with Tess and Hunter here The Podcast is called "Snippets - The Lovers podcast” Links are all here (including for the podcast): or you can get incontact with me or here is the good to go link tree link: If you want to help us produce more podcasts and write the find your fit book - follow the link to our patreon page and become a patreon.
January 07, 2022
2021-10-Good Pain V Bad Pain during exercise
 this episode Meigh and I discuss good pain and bad pain, how to understand it and what is it good for. we also have a youtube video up is åain bad during a massage you can find it here: if you wopuld like to send in your questions for us to discuss just send me an email:
December 11, 2021
2021 09 finding a workout space and a trainer - with Jo & Meigh
in this episode Meigh and Jo talk about things to look for and things to look out for in finding a workout space and or trainer. we also mention our friend Patricia who teached Zumba iin Stockholm, you can find her instagram page here: if you would like to check out our stuff our links are : patreon: Instagram: youtube: or if you would like to email us :
November 24, 2021
2021 08 talking changing the fitness industry with Bianca Russo.
in this episode we have a fantastic chat with Bianca Russo all about the fitness industry and how we can be more inclusive. if you would like to get in contact with Bianca you can do so here: Instagram: @biancarussofitness Website: if you would like to join our Patreon you can do so here:  if you would like to check out our youtube page you can do so here: if you would like to get in contact with me you can email me at
July 18, 2021
2021 07 talking personla leadership with Anna Thurdin Hedblad
In this conversation we talk about what personal leadership means. To Decay if you would like to suport us thru patreon here is the link: if you would like to get in contact with us just send us an email
June 01, 2021
2021 06 talking behavioural Change with Kate Pientka Kirschmann
I you would like to get in contact with Kate you can send me an email and I will forward the info to her. here is a link to the growth mindset book I was speaking about: Mindset my Carol S Dweck. and here is a link to our patreon
April 26, 2021
2021 05 Talking Communication and curiosity with Scott Carson
in this episode I chat with my friend Scott Carson about all kinds of things from life lessons to parenting to running. you can find the camp fire project here: if you would like to support us through our patreon you can do there here: if you woul dlike to contact me you can do that my sending me an email to
April 13, 2021
2001 04 Talking with Denise Lichfield about the fitness industry and what it really means to be healthy
In this episode I have the privilege of speaking with Denise about what it was like working int he fitness industry in Sydney and the 80's and 90's. and what it really meant to be fit and healthy. you can contact Denise here:  if you would like to keep us going with your support you can become a patreon here: if you would like to contact me you can send me an email:
March 18, 2021
2021 03 Talking finding your fit with Alexa
in this eposide we chat with one of my onine PT clients about finding her fit and how starting to exercise has changed her life. here is her blurb: Yesterday I did 50 squats using my Nordic sticks and a 4 kilo medicine ball; I also did my band training standing up rather than using my Pilates ball!  A year ago I could barely stand for more than five minutes without my arthritis screaming for me to sit down…what a difference a year makes! Over the years my life was about work whether working in development or, later, teaching at an international school. I was the cliché, “all work and no play.” However, as I approached retirement, I knew changes had to be made. I felt limited in what I could do with my grandchildren and my own children planned vacations around my liabilities. No more! The lockdown provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my circumstances and take control! Since May, 2020, I have been doing functional training. I love that I have a monthly one on one virtual session and the rest of the time I can plan my training into what I want to do that day.  I have a digital diary to track my progress and my thoughts about what I was/am doing!  Now, I go for walks and have named all the crazy balls I use for training….it is very personal. All the things I have done in my life have led me to this  point in time. It’s been a rough and tough journey, but how fantastic is it that, at 71, I am ready to take on new adventures! if you would like to know more about online training send me an email: we have a Patreon!! if you would like to support us by becoming a goos to go HERO follow the link
March 05, 2021
2021 02 talking amines and biochemical intolerance with Liz
today we are talking about Amines and biochemical intolerances. we also touch a little on barefoot theory. If you would like a copy of Liz's research please just send me an email. 
February 22, 2021
2021 01 Talking Breathing with Marika
in this episode I chat with Marika Nikkinen about Breathing. if you want to contact Marika this is her website: the book that I mentioned in this episode is  Breath - the new science of a lost art by james nestor and of course if you want to get in contact with me 
February 03, 2021
S1E10 Cora Forsten
you can find Cora's web page here: the bone broth we speak about can be found here: we talked about making some pics of the points we speak about - but we never did, so if you want them message me :) 
May 19, 2020
S1 Ep:9 - talking with Meliors Simms the holistic tooth fairy
Bio Meliors Simms developed the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way to heal teeth and gums naturally based on her own experiences as well as coaching hundreds of people all over the world. After a diverse career (from research to counselling to arts) and a lifetime of terrible teeth, she stumbled on a nutritional approach which prevented what would have been her 7th root canal. That inspired years of independent research and experimentation, eventually resulting in her uniquely holistic approach to oral health. She helps people all over the world and from all walks of life to heal their teeth and gums with bespoke strategies for nutrition, hygiene and jaw tension while addressing the influences of the environment, systemic oppression and spirituality on oral health. we spoke about this book: Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel if you want to get in contact with us at Good to go - send me an email
April 28, 2020
S1E8 covid musings with Jill Leckie
today we have a chat with Jill Leckie from Little Bear Abroard, about how we're both coping with the Covid 19 pandemic. you can reach Jill on any of her social media pages or their webpage OR check out hour own pod the Swed-ish podcast (on Itunes & spotify and you know all the places you find pods) and of course you can always get in contact with me
April 09, 2020
S1E7 - talking gardening With Anna-Maria
in this episode I talk to my friend Anna-maria who is a landscape architect all about gardening, finding your inner plant friends and understanding you will fail. Anna-Maria works at Ekologi Gruppen. some other things we discussed were: permaculture which is a type of gardening  - composting  - Bokashi - murder slug - spanskskogsnigel  the biggest little farm - pollinators cultivating chaos - If you would like to get in contact with me or Anna-Maria please send me an email
March 27, 2020
S1E6: the balancing act talking lifting heavy things with Meighan Boyd
in this episode I chat with my friend and client Meighan Boyd about lifting heavy things and other stuff. there are no links for me to add BUT if you woul dlike to get in contact please send me an email
March 10, 2020
season 1: the balancing act episode 5: talking art, Bob Ross, and how we can get a bit more arty in our lives with Lindsay Baker
In this episode I have a great conversation with Lindsay Baker, Artist illustrator, musician, and all round awesome person. this is the email Lindsay sent me with all the link we mention. I will likely misquote these articles, but may be fun for listeners to be able to access: KQED Mindshift Article Science-backed reasons to make art: Business Insider This book is a great starting point for those wanting to boost creativity and I'll make reference to it in the interview! Making Comics by Lynda Barry Bokus link AAAAND I'm going to reference some of my images that I'll make a special Instagram post for -- so it will advertise the podcast (whenever you choose to post it!) and it will be a visual component to the podcast :) And then if people are interested in learning more about workshops, classes, etc., they can follow my IG account for more info! This is my IG account link  thank you Lindsay for such a great chat. other references - Bob Ross Reslyn Insta account of course if you the listener wants to get in contact with us you can email me
February 01, 2020
S1: the balancing act E:4 talking with Ursula Faye about Myofascial Release and Trauma
Taking with Ursula Faye from Body Centered Trauma Release. about myofascial release and helping people release trauma. in this episode we do talk about trauma - so to be clear if you feel this conversation may trigger you, or if in the process of listening to this conversation you are triggered in any way please seek help. you can contact ursula at the following places. Ursula Faye 0408 744 533 one million meditators 28 & 29 12 2019 Places to seek help in Australia and Sweden are: Sweden: kvinnofridslinjen 020-50 50 50 Hjälplinjen 0771-22 00 60 Australia: life line and of course you can always get in contact with us
December 26, 2019
S1E3 Talking with Jill Leckie about running business and helping each other
I this episode I talk with Jill Leckie from Little Bear Abroad about starting a business and the ups and downs of that, and how we can solve some of the issues we face as business owners in todays society. take aways: help each other up be the expert hearts versus minds placing value on the heart space competition over community get comfortable with tlking about money Jo's 10 tips to help your friend with a business 10 ways you can help each other Talk about it To your friends and family To your colleagues To everyone Stop competing Develop an attitude that there is enough for us all Put each other forward to bigger roles Share on social media Ask ‘how can I help you?’ Stop sabotaging This behaviour doesn’t help anyone! Call your friends out when you see them being self deprecating. Be willing to pay for their services if you use them Have open honest conversations about money Recognise respect and set clear boundaries Links @littlebearabroad_ @mamamotet LBA Studio, Roslagsgatan 57, 113 54, Stockholm Inspo: Sallie Krawchek -  @sallie.krawchek @elleinvest
December 03, 2019
S1: the balancing act E2: talking expectations and health coaching with Kirsty Strandberg
In this Episode I have an awesome chat with kirsty Strandberg from Got vitailty. we chat about expectaions, motherhood, and how everything really is connected. so having a health coach get you through these moments of overwhelm is a great way to help maintain your balancing act. and those people to follow were - Stacey Solomon and the comedian was Amy Schumer Profile/bio: Kirsty Lewis is the founder of Got Vitality and an IIN Health Coach who helps women find their path to live a life of fulfillment, aligned with their true values. As a mother, she specializes in supporting women through the jungle of motherhood from the overwhelming initial stages of becoming a mother to managing the stress and imbalance that appears from being a working mum and still running a household. Reclaiming identity and creating personal balance are the foundation she works with. Prior to becoming a Health Coach and launching Got Vitality, Kirsty qualified as a personal trainer with pre/post-natal specialism. Today, Kirsty offers a wide range of coaching programs from one to one bespoke coaching to group programs and workshops. Facebook: Instagram: Website: and of course not forgetting our own stuff:
October 31, 2019
S1: The balancing act E:1 Hayley Crockford
in this our very first episode I had an amazing conversation with Hayley Crockford. a Pilates Instructor / Nutritious Movement™️ Certified Restorative Exercise specialist with a studio in the Cotswolds in England she has spent many years leaning and honing her craft. if you want to contact Hayley about what she does you can check out her web site here: we also mentioned in the episode the following : Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement as well as Chris Obrien from Core Body Therapy and of course you can get in contact with us at all the usual places facebook: Instagram:
September 30, 2019
S1 Introduction to the balancing act
welcome to the good to go pod. with this season I want to bring together and have conversations with people / practitioners who work towards helping you with the balancing act of life. I hope you enjoy it.
September 30, 2019
Good To Go POD Promo
set for launch in September, 
August 06, 2019