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Xicanx Versus Aliens

Xicanx Versus Aliens

By Xicanx Versus Aliens
All things UFO, criptozoology, paranormal, occult y mas from a person of color perspective
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Brown woman conspiracy with Pocha Pena part 1

Xicanx Versus Aliens

Representation Matters - Itzli's Attic The Keeper of Ahuilli
In this episode, I meet up with my good friend Alvaro "Itzli" Ramirez. A musician, father, brother, husband, spiritual leader / Danzante, and a long time collector of Luchador Masks, Action figures, toys, and collectables. Itzli's Attic is filled with so many different types of rare and hard to find collectables, it's nothing you would expect from a Xicanindio like him. And if he couldn't get any cooler Itzli is a long time rapper and musician in the San Anto scene with a record of performing in places only legends met. You can find his music here --> Tortilla Curtains Itzli and I catch up on good times and things for the future. Listen and enjoy Itzli's Collectables Itzli's IG page To become a sponsor please send me a message here to contribute to my patreon click here
October 18, 2021
Paul Mancha and the Inter-Dimensional Haunts of Barrio San Felipe
Paul Mancha and the Inter-Dimensional Haunts of Barrio San Felipe In this episode, I interview Paul Mancha. A San Felipe barrio, Del Rio Texas resident, long time neighbor, Haunted item collector, retro collector, paranormal investigator, director of the Del Rio Comic-Con, and founder of the Silent Remain Studio. I sit and chat with Paul about local Del Rio lore and his experience with the paranormal. Paul takes us down the windy path of Del Rios oldest and most haunted neighborhood, Barrio San Felipe. All while drinking his favorite drink Dr. Pepper and eating Del Rios own Memes Kleen Kitchen. We confirm some of the stories with my parents' neighbors (Bubba and El Pro) as they talk with me about the many visits from a Grim Reaper-like figure and multiple Lechusa sightings sent to them from Brujas. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Xicanx Versus Aliens podcast and I welcome any sponsors and donations to continue selling merch and keeping my equipment up to date. LOVE YOU!! -Joaquin Muerte Check out "Comfort Stray" by Felipe Jr off his album Hope Bliss Paul Mancha SUPPORT: Xicanx Versus Aliens Podcast  Venmo: @Raul-Abrego Cashapp: $joaquinmuerte Patreon:
February 06, 2021
Larry Curtis and The creatures from the Navajo creation story
We welcome Larry Curtis, a Navajo man from Arizona currently living in Del Rio, Texas. He speaks on his experience with monsters from the Navajo creation story. We begin to expand on the idea of creatures traveling thru portals. Our conversation was interrupted by a man playing his guitar making a political message. It was a strange evening none the less as we spoke of things unknown from a native perspective.  This episode we feature the band Bombasta and their recent release Tanto Amor. Glad y'all have stuck around. Let me know if y'all are down to sponsor so I can print out more t-shirts and stickers or hit up my patreon and get down with the get down. Q-vo! 
August 08, 2020
Larry Curtis and the Creatures from the Navajo Creation story trailer
stay tuned for my conversation with Larry Curtis a Navajo man with some encounters with creation story beings that he and his friends and family encountered growing up. 
August 08, 2020
Black Lives Matter: generational racism and the ghosts that come with it
Xicanx Versus Aliens talks about Black Lives Matter and generational, systemic, institutional racism. The whole point of this podcast has been to uplift voices of color because the realm of this research is mostly white washed. San Antonio is a special place because "hispanics" like to commodify culture in the bubble of our existence and when it comes to ufo, paranormal, occult, all the strange, we have allowed the white folks to lead the narrative even though we are very spirituality connected. Thank you for keeping in touch and thank you for all the support for this rasquache podcast based out of San Anto, Tejaztlan. I hope to be putting the rest of the interviews I have recorded very soon. Power to the People! Black Lives Matter! Some of the music I used in this podcast includes local musician Luis Gonzalez AKA Silencio 
July 21, 2020
Brown woman conspiracy with Pocha Pena part 2
We continue on in this episode with Pocha Pena about El Tio aka Lucifer and death. We also dig into a little bit of the theory around David Icke and his books. Reptilian people and spirit. Of course Carlos Castaneda stays in the mix. This was recorded right before the pandemic became global so check out the perspective and let me know what you think. Also RAZA!! If any of y'all have any Bigfoot / Sasquatch experience let me know!! Holla at ya boy!!!
April 17, 2020
Brown woman conspiracy with Pocha Pena part 1
In this episode, your host Joaquin Muerte talks with Pocha Pena about her experience growing up as a brown woman with conspiratorial knowledge. As always it gets deep, we discuss The Montauk project, mind manipulation, aliens, El Tio aka El Diablo, etc.  This is a 2 part series so stay tuned for part 2.   You can find more of Pochas work here. Here is her social media (Pocha Pena) FYI Xicanx Versus Aliens has a new Facebook page Click Here Featured artist: Piñata Protest with song Cold Fries from Album Plethora
March 23, 2020
Pocha Pena talks trailer
I have a 2 part series of conversations with Pocha Pena about conspiracy theories and as always it gets deep.  This is just a trailer to the conversation. We met in her 2 story very old house and the energy was wild. As always listen to hear EVPs (just in case). She tells us a little about the energy in the house.  Stay Tuned!!! Pocha Pena talks part 1 and 2 on the way #XicanxVersusAliens
March 23, 2020
POC Conspiracy Theory Roundtable part 2
Welcome to another episode of Xicanx Versus Aliens podcast. In this episode we are continuing the discussion on popular conspiracy theories and local lore. The episode continues from the last episode featuring the homies Aundre Bates, Lori B, and Gilbert De Hoyos and of course myself Joaquin Muerte as the host. This is was recorded live at Barrio Barista. 3735 Culebra Rd San Antonio TX 78228 in San Antonios Westside. This episode also features a song intermission from a group I am a part of called Los Nahuatlatos. The song is called "Saturn" available only on Soundcloud but totally downloadable. You can always support me by giving a monthly donation  to my patreon by clicking here ---> For Merch hit me up on my social media @JoaquinMuerte on facebook, Instagram, twitter. Whenever y'all tag me in a post please hashtag #XicanxVersusAliens Hey y'all!! for real tho I love y'all and Thanks for all the support
January 15, 2020
People of Color Conspiracy Theory Roundtable part 1
Welcome to another episode of XicanX Versus Aliens Podcast. In this episode we will feature a People of Color Round Table discussion on popular conspiracy Theories and local lore. Featuring my Homies Lori Rodriguez, Aundre Bates, Gilbert De Hoyos and Myself Joaquin Muerte as host. This was recorded on location at Barrio Barista. 3735 Culebra Rd San Antonio Texas 78228 in San Antonio's west side. The conversation lasted alot longer than I expected so this will be a two part series with an intermission and a musical interlude with our Friends Radio Tierra's track Tre Flip Funk from thier album Human Music. Stay tuned for part 2 of the People of Color Conspiracy Theory Roundtable.  You can support me by giving a monthly donation to my patreon by clicking here --- For merch it me up on facebook or instagram when yall tag me in something use #XicanxVersusAliens  Once again, Thanks for listening Love Yall! Peace!
December 30, 2019
Green lightning and Kra’s cosmic download
In this episode we talk with Kra a.k.a. Chris Malacara from San Antonio Texas about his experience with being struck by a beam of green lightning and the cosmic info he was given. Much to his surprise the information was too much for his understanding but he was given responsibility from the cosmos.
November 04, 2019
Radio Tierra releases “Human Music”
Xicanx Versus Aliens sponsor Radio Tierra release new album “Human Music” November 22, 2019 on all musical platforms. Check it out!
October 23, 2019
Catchin spooks with the Curios Twins: SATX very own LGBTQ+ ghost tour and investigations
I met up with Fred and Stephen Garza-Guzman the owners of the Curious Twins ghost tour and investigations at the Victorian Black Swan inn just before paranormal fest. We talk about what it is to run a ghost tour in spooky town San Antonio and the LGBTQ+ business experience. Take a listen! #XicanxVersusAliens
September 26, 2019
Bad dreams and Zeina the energy worker
We talk dreams, sleep paralysis, night terrors and astral projection. If you are a person who dreams deep, hit me up!
July 16, 2019
Xicanas and the UFO abductee phenomenon
In this episode we talk to Xicanas about the UFO abductee phenomenon. South side San Anto
July 16, 2019
South side San Anto and the haunted aqua-ducts with Cent and Tzul.
In this episode we are talking about the southside and the aqueducts. We are also delving into the indigenous and how our history and paranormal experience is made to be a resistencia . We also talk about Brujería and cargos. Check it out!
May 26, 2019
The black apparition and the SA Chicano experience. Interview with Mike Cardenas from MPS.
In this episode I tell my Chicano San Antonio experience and the black apparition I saw on Presa St. We also talk with Mike Cardenas from the Midnight paranormal Society about being an investigator of color in a haunted town.
March 07, 2019
Introduction: a little about me and why this podcast
A person of color point of you of the occult, conspiracy theory, UFOs, paranormal, and cryptozoology.
December 28, 2018