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Jobs Bored

Jobs Bored

By Jobs Bored
A podcast that voices the frustrations of young journalists as they try to break into the jobs market in the middle of a pandemic.

By Bryony Smith, Oli Hammett and George Goldberg.
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Back To My Yush
We're winding the clock back this week as we revisit our first ever guest Ayush Roy to hear about his new job in sports journalism! We also get a CV robot comparison and test Ayush's ability to tell real news stories from fake ones!
July 05, 2021
Sir Freelancealot Dualcast Special - Rerelease
As a new cohort of journalists graduate and enter the jobs market, the gang thought they’d delve into the archive to share an advice pack episode to help those looking for work! Original episode description: This week we're joined by the brilliant Freelancing for Journalists podcast to get their two cents on how to make it as a freelancer. We cover the whole process, from how to create a brand for yourself to pitching stories to editors. We also discuss pivoting as a butler, and scrutinise their CVs! How will Emma and Lily score on our leaderboard?
June 28, 2021
Emergency Primark
Ca va? Ca va. Ca va? Ca va! Our good friend Hugo Varley is on the show this week, talking sports journalism and what he's learned since qualifying a year ago. George has been photosynthesising in his warm flat, and Oli's been doing interviews in his swimwear! All in an episode of Jobs Bored, the young journalists' podcast.
June 21, 2021
London's Boiling
This week we're talking the launch of GB News and the opportunities it can give young journalists, and we're joined by Kate Relton to hear about her foray into the world of music journalism, as well as her experience in social media marketing and how that's helping her. We've also subjected her CV to our fearsome robotic gauntlet - how will it get on?
June 14, 2021
The Return Of The Commute
This week we've got Jo Lisney on the podcast - part of the new cohort of recent graduates looking for jobs in journalism! After persuading her that she will eventually get a job and all is not completely hopeless, we discuss how she and other wide-eyed grads are feeling about the jobs market. 
June 14, 2021
Beer sodden trousers
This week on Jobs Bored Ellie Tivey is here to talk working not one, not two but THREE freelance jobs! We hear about her experience thus far, and of course subject her CV to the ultimate test - our ATS!  In other news, we've finally managed to meet up in person before the rain got involved, and George has made a commuting faux pas as London goes back to the office - but karma has a way of sorting things out...
May 31, 2021
Flesh-Eating Bactarian
On this week’s Jobs Bored we’re joined by people’s champion Ed Campbell from PoliticsJOE to hear about how to make compelling social media content, how to vox pop people about their sex lives and to finally decide which camel has two humps. Ed’s a social media prodigy, but will how will he come up against our ATS?
May 17, 2021
Harder, Better, Faster, Robot
We're back for a third season, and to kick things off over our April break our CV reviewing system has been usurped by a bigger, badder machine. Our guests will have to up their CV game from now on! Sky News' Fergus MacPhee is the first guest to throw his CV down to be scrutinised, but how will he do on our new leaderboard?
May 10, 2021
Geordie East Enders
In an action packed Season 2 finale, we welcome back season 1 guest Max Parry to find out why he’s pivoting back into journalism and going to work at GB News! As our first ever returning guest, we’ve got a couple of new games to bend his brain too. Jobs Bored Season 3 will be here in a matter of weeks, until then a very Happy Easter!
March 29, 2021
London's Streets Are Paved With Goldberg
This week on Jobs Bored we discuss contempt of court and whether it's worth the risk, plus George is going to be upping his calorie intake as he moves in with gym fiend and former JB guest Ollie Smith! Our guest this week is Nabil Mehdinejad, someone who's taken a much more unorthodox route to becoming a journalist than most. We hear his incredible award-winning story and put his CV to the sword - but where will he come on our leaderboard?
March 22, 2021
The Trees Have Eyes 2
This week we're proud to present a Jobs Bored exclusive, as the Journalists' Charity join us to launch their new funding initiative! We learn about how Charles Dickens set them up, how they feel journalism has changed and how their new fund is designed to help young people carve out a career for themselves.  JC representative Ellen will also undergo the JB CV reviewing gauntlet, but will she get anywhere near Michelle? And will two guests help Oli's chances at the alternative careers game?
March 15, 2021
Lockdown Bush Chic
George is getting down to brass tax this week, although it's mainly to see if he can afford some luxury socks! Bryony has news of how the government's kickstart scheme can help young journalists, and Oli's interviewed his first celebrity, just about managing to keep his cool... Neve Gordon-Farleigh is our guest this week! She's here to drag us kicking and screaming into Gen Z by teaching us about the power of TikTok journalism, and why you don't need a degree to become a journalist. But how will her colour coordinated CV fare against our ATS? 
March 08, 2021
Bryony Smith For PM
This week on Jobs Bored we're joined by an old friend of ours - Rhal Ssan, who's here to talk to us about working for BBC World and to share his tips on how to make your own luck and succeed in a newsroom. But will his CV be top of the running order? In other news, George's civil service saga finally comes to an end, Bryony has her eye on the corridors of power and Oli is still desperate for an alternative careers win in 2021. With a friend of his on the show, is this his week?
March 01, 2021
Can He Fix It?
This week on Jobs Bored we've been salivating over scoops - and not so much over pancakes, although George is very happy to take us through his family's decadent set up! We also look at some journalism job ad clichés, dog stories and unlimited drinks when you work for The Tab! Alex Milsom is the last of our Pride Month guests talking PR pivoting, and our hosts are desperate to appease him with alternative job suggestions. But will Bryony's six week streak finally be undone? 
February 22, 2021
Read The Cover Letters And Understand Them!
This week on Jobs Bored, we're honoured to be joined by King Of The Sky News Gays (his words!) David Chipakupaku, to talk to us about inclusivity, imposter syndrome and pancakes. George is spending too much time with our ATS, Bryony's been Zooming with Jackie Weaver, and Oli will do anything to stop Bryony winning our job suggestions competition for a SIXTH consecutive time. Will he succeed?
February 15, 2021
Pressfast In Bed
This week on Jobs Bored, Bryony and George have been giving a presentation to younglings on how to start a podcast, and report back from the session. Meanwhile, Oli's barely got out of bed - but that hasn't stopped him working! The very talented Michelle Theil is our guest this week to talk her new job at MyLondon, industry diversity and her CV! Will her bold choice of columns condemn her to the bottom of our leaderboard? 
February 08, 2021
George Goldbot
This week on Jobs Bored we're joined by the fantastic Beth Kirkbride, founder of The Indiependent to talk about written journalism. But how will her avant garde CV fare when it faces our robot CV reviewer?  In other news, we actually have some bona fide consumer advice as GB News launches and looks to hire 150+ journalists! George, Bryony and Oli examine a litany of canine and knitting-related jobs as well. 
February 01, 2021
Virtually Graduated
As Jobs Bored ploughs into 2021 like a snowmobile manned by aspiring (and now officially qualified) journalists, we speak to special guest Robin Zhang to see if their CV can go straight to the top of our leaderboard! Plus, George has plans for world domination, Bryony's had an interview and Oli teaches us some TV industry jargon. Pubcaster after this anyone?
January 25, 2021
Proudly Name Dropping
This week on the good ship Jobs Bored we're joined by Aaron Spencer to hear about the events that led to him creating Proudly, a website focused on sharing stories from the LGBTQ+ community. As well as his inspiring story, we naturally subject him to our blood-curdling robot CV reviewer. In other news: George has an interview, Bryony has noticed a positive trend during lockdown, and Oli's been feeling a little bit boxed in...
January 18, 2021
The Ghost of John Bercow
Jobs Bored is back for 2021! Oli's got plenty to tell us about starting his new job remotely - with a slight segue into Danish children's TV. Bryony's battling with no lockdown shifts and George is planning some trickery for his next application, while also reinventing the fire sprinkler. Tim Dodd is our latest guest to try and get to number 1 on our leaderboard, but a mysterious disembodied voice has other ideas....
January 11, 2021
We three tiers of Orient are...
This week the Jobs Bored team are feeling festive and reflecting on their job hunting journey through 2020 and what they've learned along the way. Oli has an announcement for the new year, and George is still struggling with Indeed's algorithm.... Kim Kothari is our guest discussing his year and sharing some useful tips for finding freelancing work! But will his CV be a late entry on our podium for 2020?
December 21, 2020
Goldberg's Revenge
George has got some justice at last, plus we talk to founder of PressPad UK Olivia Crellin about diversity in media and how that's been affected by the pandemic. But it wouldn't be Jobs Bored if we didn't scan her CV!
December 14, 2020
Let's 'Ave a Butchers
This week on Jobs Bored George fills us in on Civil Service applications, Bryony discusses local sausage stories and Oli recalls a group assessment from days gone by. Nia Deo is our special guest discussing freelancing and diversity in the media - but will she get her CV to the top of our tree?
December 07, 2020
Jobs Bored's A Rollercoaster
It's a JB first - our guest this week is someone who's actually got a job! Max Parry talks pivoting, moving up north and gets his CV scrutinised just for good measure. George, Oli and Bryony are also here to update you on any jobs you may have missed, and voice your concerns as always. Follow us @JobsBored
November 30, 2020
Las Malvinas Son De Jobs Bored
Bryony's inundated with shifts in the build up to Christmas, Oli has his eyes set on the Falklands, and George has been trying not to be mistaken for a bird during a video interview. Just another week of Jobs Bored, voicing your frustrations and our own as we navigate the murky waters of journalism job hunting. This week, Joe Okoh is our latest guest to try and get his CV to the top of our leaderboard - but how will he get on?
November 23, 2020
Sir Freelancealot Dualcast Special
This week we're joined by the brilliant Freelancing for Journalists podcast to get their two cents on how to make it as a freelancer. We cover the whole process, from how to create a brand for yourself to pitching stories to editors. We also discuss pivoting as a butler, and scrutinise their CVs! How will Emma and Lily score on our leaderboard?
November 16, 2020
Automata Columnas Odiunt
(Latin translation googled and not necessarily correct) This week we're here with Bear Hutchison to talk using languages in journalism, working out of your comfort zone and early Christmas. Bryony's been having to turn down work due to the second lockdown, but this week she gets a second bite of the apple as we put her new decolumnised CV through our scanner. Will her one alteration be enough to knock Oli off the top of the leaderboard? 
November 09, 2020
Judge Goldberg and The Groom
We've been taking a look at our government prescribed alternate careers options this week! In other news Oli has been toying with the idea of a pivot, George got excited about an application (always a bad idea) and Bryony informs us about the number of non-news production roles out there. Plus, Sammy Haynes tells us about her career aspirations and has her CV evaluated by the Ringo in our Fab Four - the ATS.  
November 02, 2020
Bingo Hall of Fame
This week George has had an interview (the swine!) and he fills us in on the process. Plus we find out we've all been working very hard applying to the same job, and discuss to what extent you should be yourself when answering application questions. Ollie Smith is our guest - but will his CV knock Oli's off the top of our leaderboard?
October 26, 2020
Pret A Manager
Another dose of job hunting tales from our team, plus guest Olly Roberts talks sports journalism and the benefits of podcasting. But will his CV go to the top of our leaderboard?
October 19, 2020
CVs and Hebrides
In our first episode, we rank each other's resumes and speak to special guest Ayush Roy about hunting for a UK job from India during lockdown. Plus, the pitfalls of being 'overqualified' for entry level jobs. 
October 12, 2020