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Jody Blackwelder Media

Jody Blackwelder Media

By Jody Blackwelder
Join me as I talk to people from across the country about the outdoors and living the American dream.
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What is The NEW Christain App

Jody Blackwelder Media

Hands Of A Sportsman founder David Hinceman - Helping Spread Hunting and Fishing to Everyone
Hands Of A Sportsman has helped so many people enjoy the outdoors. On this episode, we talk to David Hinceman the founder and CEO of HOAS. This is their mission statement - “The mission of HOAS is to provide individuals with challenges seen or unseen which may be present as physical, emotional, financial, or circumstantial challenge the opportunity to participate and enjoy the sport of hunting.” for more information about HOAS visit their website at
March 15, 2022
Austin Rez of The Average Stortsman Talks About Hunting TX and His New Vblog.
Austin Rez is an avid hunter in Texas. His day job is marketing and photography and he is taking those skill sets to bring us a new video blog called The Average Sportsman.
November 11, 2021
What is The NEW Christain App
Hello, today I want to tell you about a new platform called G7LIFE. G7LIFE is a Christain website and app that allows members like churches, biblical teaches, preachers, and others to share their digital messages. This could be videos, written messages, blogs, or songs. Why do we need such a platform is what I have been asked. The best way I can answer that is like this. Jesus told Christians to spread God’s word throughout the earth. Take a look at the Apostle Paul. Think of the miles he traveled to spread God’s word and to help build Christianity. Then in the 1500s, God laid on the heart of William Tyndale to translate the bible to English. Interestingly enough that was the same period the printing press was invented. We should never question God’s timing for a calling on someone’s heart. Tyndale never was able to finish translating the whole bible because he was convicted of heresy. He was strangled and then burned at the stake by the King and leaders of the Catholic church. Others came after and the whole bible was translated and printed. So let us fast forward to the present time. We have smartphones in our hands all day. On this phone, we have every translation of the bible. I don’t believe Tyndale could have imagined how the printing press could give the world a bible that every man, woman, and child could read. Let alone the technology we have today that allows us to read and share with others God’s word. Now let us think about today’s media technoligy. Just 15 years ago there was no way a small church could share with the world their morning service. Even when the technology became available most churches and biblical teachers would not use it or take the time to learn it. Then social media spread across the world. This created a way to personally connect with people on a one-on-one basis or on a group basis. Now if you can imagine having a setdown conversion with the Apostle Paul. A man that walked hundreds of miles in very dangerous places to witness to just hundreds. You say Paul in my hand is a device that I can reach the entire developed world. What do you think Paul would say to that? How much joy would you think the Holy Ghost bring into Paul’s heart to have that much power to spread God’s word. You know Jesus tells us to spread the word of God just like he did to Paul. Now here we are coming out of the Covid 19 lockdowns. Churches were forced to learn new technology, and so did Christians. Due to that, we had a revival of the Holy Ghost through connecting online across the world. Even today lost people are searching for peace and happiness online and it is so important for Christians to be there with the answer, that is Jesus Christ. Keep in mind Paul was one of the biggest Anti-Christians in his day but on the road to Damascus, Jesus spoke to him. Paul from that time dedicated his life to spreading God’s word and Jesus Christ. While studying the history of the English bible I had my own on the road to Damascus moment. You see I am just a barber but through God’s grace and the blood of Jesus Christ, I was saved. From there God lead me by the hand to self educate myself and to create a media company. He placed people in my life when I needed them and gave me opportunities that only can be explained when I accept God’s hands were in it. God laid on my heart to build G7LIFE. He gave me the name and the ability to create it. G7LIFE is a place that these churches, biblical teachers, and so on can share their messages that God laid on their hearts. Then when the lost person is trying to find the answers they can. That is when God will use all of us together to win hearts and minds for Jesus. Please visit and if you are one of the people that would benefit from a platform like this please fill out the membership form. Until next time, I pray God will Bless you, and if any of you are lost without God pray right now and ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you of all of your sins Amen.
June 09, 2021
Talking with Tim Fisher, owner of Eastern Outdoor Expeditions.
Tim shares his insights on his historical dig in North Carolina, gold mining, and fossil hunting.
December 11, 2020
Talking with Michael Harrell owner of Surrender Outdoors TV
Michael Harrell talks about starting Surrender Outdoors TV and the upcoming season!
December 09, 2020
Influencer marketing continues to grow and is an important factor in any company’s marketing plan. Here is a few of my thoughts for you to think about if you are interested in becoming an influencer.
November 16, 2020
G7LIFE Media has launched CAMO Crusade, FISH Crusade, GUN Crusade, and OUTDOOR Crusade. These platforms will serve has an important tool for Influencers/Content Creators that is looking to grow their followers and viewers.
November 16, 2020
Just a Few Thought on Starting a YouTube
Yes you should start a YouTube channel!
July 28, 2020
Who is G7LIFE Media
This year I built a business that helps content marketers and business like no other.
July 28, 2020