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Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future!

Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future!

By Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future!
Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future!
Focuses on assisting New Zealanders from all walks of life through education, encouragement and entertainment.
We seek to connect and engage with the diverse and inclusive collection of people who span this beautiful land, and enable them to share a glimpse of their story in the hopes of uplifting and inspiring others to take action and create a better future!
You're invited to join us, learn and share. Whatever you decide, we want you to succeed and reach your goals while lifting and helping others.
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Service One Step At A Time - Helen Hotai

Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future!

Anita Vaafusuaga - It's Never Too Late
An amazing interview with the one and only Anita Vaafusuaga who, despite being in the warehouse game for many years, saw an opportunity to branch out, create her own successful company at 55 years of age and really focus on the customer AND our youth! An incredible journey of potential seen, nurtured and realised. In this conversation, these six topics are ones that sparked the most joy.. Being older at 55 years of age and starting first business Talk about the business, contract packing, 3PL, recruitment The social impact of employing youth based on life experience The obstacles of employing youth as a main workforce The achievements of employing youth Where do you see DNA in the future? What more can we say - come join us, listen and #LeshGo!
July 29, 2021
Dare to Dream - Jeremy Tatere Macleod
Jeremy was born and bred in Brisbane, Australia and moved back to New Zealand when he was just 17 to learn te reo and to immerse himself in te ao Maori. His was a journey of discovery, learning and challenges. Now at the tender age of 34, he is a family man, director of te reo, tikanga (customs) and mātauranga (knowledge) for Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated. He is a government-certified translator, represents the east coast tribes of Te Tairāwhiti in the government’s Māori language revitalisation strategy and directs cultural-renewal initiatives for Ngāti Kahungunu, the iwi on his mother’s side—along with running a kōhanga reo with his wife. In this conversation with Jeremy, Joe explores what drove Jeremy to learn more about his tipuna, his heritage and his passion for learning te reo and the challenges along the way. This is a compelling story of drive and that innate desire to connect! Come join us - #LeshGo!
July 22, 2021
MIke Chiappa - A Changed Man
Michael Chiappa is the Founder and director of Mike's Fitness, a health and fitness lifestyle coach and a family man. A former soldier, this conversation with Mike looks to explore these five topics (and much, much more)! 1. Why loving what you do matters? 2. How to overcome excuses so they don’t hold us back from reaching our goals 3. Mike’s path into health and wellness and some of his challenges he faced moving into this industry after coming from the military 4. What he’s learned about himself from his clients 5. His interesting view as he took on his most challenging client Mike Chiappa can be reached via email and he can be found at
July 15, 2021
Indiyah Beckmannflay - Think Long Game - Money Truths
In this interview, we spoke with Indiyah Beckmannflay, an entrepreneur of an accounting and bookkeeping business (the Rautaki Collective), co-founder of The Nesian Network, a wahine on her journey within Te Ao Maori (how that was awaken on the island of O'hau, Hawaii), and how everything she has experienced has been connected and connects to each other. The 6 topics we covered were:- My Why – Why I started my Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Business (Rautaki Collective) Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur – From a childhood dream to living my best life reality Money Struggles – Changing the poverty mindset to a prosperous mindset through indigenous knowledge Personal life challenges in the last two years The Nesian Network – Our journey building the first Māori AND Pasifika business network Trusting people & understanding your blindspots – knowing who to trust in the lonely world as an Entrepreneur And we discuss a lot more! Come join us and listen to Indiyah's story!
July 8, 2021
Service One Step At A Time - Helen Hotai
In this interview we'll be speaking with dedicated wife, mother of 6 and aspiring entrepreneur - Helen Hotai. Helen is the founder of a start up company called FormHelp, through which she uses her legal knowledge and love of serving to help others.  Throughout our conversation, we talk about... - How the inspiration for FormHelp came about and the research behind it ( - Why education is so important regardless of what stage of life you're at - The importance of having good examples and leaders in your life - The steps involved in the early stages of starting up a business - Personal and family challenges encountered along the journey....and overcoming those And so much more. I was privileged to spend this time hearing her story and we invite you to do the same! 
July 1, 2021
Aroha ki te tangata - A conversation with Dean Grace
Dean is a Pathfinder in every sense of the word. He is highly successful businessman who has had a profound impact on the lives of many people around the world (including mine) and he continues to positively enrich peoples lives today. During this interview he shares his insights into: The importance of drivers in our life and how these either grow or blow us Why we should embrace our problems The 237 Strategy - and how we can apply this strategy to our own lives and situation Why we need to always count our money Deans challenges with education and how his consistency, persistence and determination helped shape who he is today  The power of looking back to see those who have been following you  The importance of mentors in our lives  The 29 envelopes story and the power of negotiation Why The magic is only 1 inch off and so much more If you're looking to be educated, encouraged, inspired and entertained you're invited to tune in. LeshGo!  
June 24, 2021
Reflect - Refine - Reiterate & Act - Brian Osman Co-Founder Epich Aotearoa
In this interview Brian shares with us his insights and experiences on: - Why the 'why' matters - How, what you think you are is not necessarily what you may become - How being a basketball coach taught him to step outside his comfort zone - The importance of wholesome traditions and their positive effectives on families and communities - The, there is a you and a 'you' - forming a public persona - Harnessing energy as a force multiplier Plus so much more - Thank you for connecting with us today. Lets get started and create a better future!
June 17, 2021
Who Dares Wins! A conversation with Epich Aotearoa Co-Founder Joe Hotai
Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future Podcast! Welcome to the very first Epich podcast in which we will be speaking with one of the co-founders of Epich Aotearoa - Create a Better Future Podcast - Joe Hotai. Joe is a former soldier in both the New Zealand and Australia Defence Forces having served in the Special Air Service (SAS), an aspiring entrepreneur and awesome family man. In this interview, we will cover... - The importance of pursuing your passion and how to turn that into reality - Why putting the needs of others first creates more self fulfilment and happiness - Lessons learnt through service in the SAS - The need to step outside your comfort zone - The effects and consequences of negative self talk - Overcoming those challenges....and so much more! Come join us on this Epich Journey! ***Epich - Derived from the Greek word epicheiremata’s which means entrepreneur*** Epich's three fold mission is to... 1. Assist our Aspiring Entrepreneurs from New Zealand, spread the word about their plans and provide a platform for them to communicate their vision in their own words. With the intent of helping them build traction and gain momentum.  2. Recognise and acknowledge individuals and/or organisations from New Zealand (small, medium or large) who are doing great things and who generally fly under the radar. This also applies to everyday people who have overcome things like significant adversity, and who have the courage and desire to share their story in the hopes of helping others. 3. Provide inspiring, uplifting and motivating educational information gained through the lived experiences of successful people from all walks of life and across various industries. Learning from their mistakes, successes, challenges and more!
June 9, 2021