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Still Unknown: An Unsolved True Crime Podcast

Still Unknown: An Unsolved True Crime Podcast

By Joe Shwartz
My name is Joe and I have a true crime obsession. It began as a child when I would watch Unsolved Mysteries and ever since I’ve had such a fascination with cold cases and the unknown. This podcast focuses on unsolved murders, disappearances, and maybe even the paranormal once in a while. In each episode, I dive into a different case explaining as many details as I can find on it, and giving my own theories.
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19 - The Death of Jessica Easterly

Still Unknown: An Unsolved True Crime Podcast

19 - The Death of Jessica Easterly

Still Unknown: An Unsolved True Crime Podcast

24 - Black Eyed Children
In this special Halloween episode of Still Unknown, I am talking about one of my favorite paranormal stories, the legend of the Black Eyed Children. There's a chance you've heard someone on the internet recount their encounter with a black eyed kid. There are many stories out there, but they all share many of the same details: someone has an unexpected encounter, either at home, or in their car, from a child ranging in age from approximately 6-17 years old. Sometimes they're in pairs, sometimes just there's a single one. But they all have the same objective: they want you to let them in. And their eyes appear to be bottomless pools of blackness. You don't want to let them in, but you're also paralyzed by fear and an overwhelming sense of dread. You're not exactly sure what they want from only know that whatever it may be, it's going to turn out horrible for you.
October 26, 2020
23 - The Case of Sabrina Aisenberg (with Ally from the "Morbid Maryland" podcast)
Valrico, Florida, a suburb of Tampa, is considered one of the safest places to live in the state, as well as being among the top one third of safest cities in the United States. It has a nice mixed feeling of both the suburbs and a rural community, making it an ideal place to raise a family. It is just the place that Steve and Marlene Aisenberg were looking to settle in and raise their family, which included 8 year old William, 4 year old Monica, and the newest addition to the family, 5 month old Sabrina. But the family's sense of safety and security would be no more on the morning of Monday, November 24, 1997. That morning, Marlene woke up to find that the door which led to the garage was wide open. Feeling a sudden wave of fear, she went to check on her children. William and Monica were both safe in their beds. Sabrina however, was missing from her crib. Marlene then called the police to report Sabrina missing. From the moment the first responding officer arrived on the scene, primary focus in the case of the missing infant was aimed at Steve and Marlene. While it's totally commonplace that the parents would be the first investigated in a case like this, both police and the public were skeptical about the couple, with many believing they were showing strange behavior, and also seem cold and detached. There was never any evidence to charge the Aisenbergs in Sabrina's disappearance, and the couple moved to Maryland in 1999, although to this day, they still are looking for answers in the disappearance of Baby Sabrina. Huge thanks to Ally from the new podcast "Morbid Maryland"! Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to Still Unknown! Sources for this episode:
October 5, 2020
22 - The Disappearance of Jim Kimball
24 year old Jim Kimball was described by his family as shy and sensitive. He had also been having serious mental health struggles, which had been brought on by him being unable to cope with his father's sudden death when Jim was only 13. While he would take medication, he would also suffer multiple relapses and have multiple hospital visits over the years. It would be Easter weekend in 1993, when after another anger outburst, that Jim Kimball would walk off and disappear. There have only been a very few potential sightings in the years since, but to this day 27 years later, Jim Kimball's true fate is unknown. Sources for this episode: I recently joined the ladies of the Re-Solved Mysteries podcast for an episode in their "Forgotten Few" series on Patreon! You can hear the episode if your a member at their $5 level, which if you're not, you can join here:
September 21, 2020
21 - The Death of Jayson Artis
Jayson Artis just wanted to show his younger brother a good time. The 20 year old college student had his younger brother visiting him for the week when he decided to take him down to Tijuana, Mexico on the night of August 1, 1998 for a night of partying. While in Tijuana, Jayson becomes heavily intoxicated and also has multiple run ins with Tijuana police. Towards the end of the night when they are looking to leave, Jayson's younger brother loses track of him. Another friend who came with them claims that the last time he saw Jayson was in the back of a police car. Not long after, in the early morning hours on August 2, Jayson is found dead on a deserted road in a rundown area of town. The Tijuana police determine that Jayson died after being struck by a vehicle and rule the death a hit and run accident. But multiple questions would arise: Why weren't Jayson's injuries consistent with being struck by a vehicle? Why did the Tijuana police have no record of detaining Jayson when his friend is adamant that he last saw Jayson being driven away in the back of a police cruiser? And how did Jayson end up dead in the area that he was found? Sources for this episode:
August 3, 2020
20 - Jax Miller, Author of “Hell in the Heartland: Murder, Meth, and the Case of Two Missing Girls”
In this special episode of Still Unknown, I am talking with Jax Miller, author of "Hell in the Heartland: Murder, Meth, and the Case of Two Missing Girls", which is available from all major booksellers today! The book is the story of missing teenage best friends from Oklahoma, Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible.  Jax will be taking part in a virtual event on the day this episode releases, July 28 at 7 P.M. Central Time. Register to attend the event here: Buy "Hell in the Heartland" on Amazon:
July 28, 2020
19 - The Death of Jessica Easterly
Jessica Easterly Durning had finally had enough abuse from her husband Justin and was ready to leave him. On August 12, 2019, she talked with her friend Maria, and made plans for Maria to come get her the following day. When Maria didn't hear from Jessica the following day, she assumed that Jessica had changed her mind. However, she suddenly was unable to get a hold of her friend. The day after that, Justin sent a message to Maria from Jessica's Facebook account asking if she had heard from Jessica, that he had not seen her since noon that day. While Justin was apprehensive to contact police to report his wife missing, Maria immediately took action herself, contacting police as well as Jessica's family. The following week, on August 22, Jessica's body was discovered just 2 and a half blocks from her home, badly decomposed. While she had suffered great bodily injury, the coroner to this day has her death listed as undetermined. What happened to Jessica Easterly? Did Justin murder her in a rage after finding out she intended to leave him? And why haven't authorities been taking Jessica's case seriously? Jessica's and Maria's texts read by Alison from the "Joey & Alison: Mental Health Warriors" podcast. A huge thank you to Jessica's sisters Audrey and Amanda and her friends Maria and Jen for being a primary source of information for this episode! Visit for all the information on Jessica's case and sign up for the mailing list to follow along with any new developments. Visit Audrey's Twitter page
July 20, 2020
18 - Discussing the “Unsolved Mysteries” Reboot (with Karlin and Eliza from Re-Solved Mysteries)
I’m happy to be joined for this special episode by two of the three fantastic ladies from the Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast, Karlin and Eliza! We’re talking all about the new version of “Unsolved Mysteries” and how it compares to and differs from the original, as well as some discussion on the cases presented. The first 6 episodes of the new Unsolved Mysteries are available on Netflix and the original version with Robert Stack is available on YouTube!
July 13, 2020
17 - The Disappearance of Vanessa Guillen
For 20 year old Vanessa Guillen, it had been a dream of hers to join the US Army and proudly serve her country. A native of Houston, Texas, Vanessa joined the army after graduating from high school, and was stationed at Fort Hood, nearly 200 miles from home. Around the beginning of April of this year however, Vanessa's mother began to notice a change in her daughter's behavior when she would speak with her. The normally happy and outgoing Vanessa had suddenly become withdrawn and wasn't herself. When asked what was wrong, Vanessa confided in her mother that one of her sergeants had been sexually harassing her. When her mother tried to get a name for the sergeant so she could call in a complaint, Vanessa wouldn't reveal it out of fear that she would get in trouble, and she just promised her mother that she would take care of it herself. On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 22, Vanessa Guillen would disappear with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Her family has been searching for her ever since with the added help of a congresswoman and even a few celebrities. But two months later, no trace of Vanessa has been found, and now foul play is suspected. Sources for this episode: Audrey Moran & Jonathan Reynoso UPDATE: Join the Facebook group: Visit and get 10% of any first purchase with the coupon code "unknownpod".
June 29, 2020
16 - The Death of Mitrice Richardson (with Dani from the “Hear No Evil” podcast)
Mitrice Richardson was a beautiful 24 year old woman who had just graduated from Cal State, Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a 4.0 gpa, with plans to become a child psychologist. She was also beginning to exhibit odd behavior and wasn't herself. On the evening of September 16, 2009, Mitrice was driving in Malibu, California, which was 40 miles from her home in Los Angeles, when she made a spur of the moment decision to stop at a restaurant for dinner, a decision which would have a lasting impact on Mitrice and her loved ones. After acting odd all throughout dinner and then attempting to leave the restaurant without paying, the police are called and Mitrice is arrested and taken into custody. When her mother calls the following morning with plans to come pick up Mitrice, she's distressed to learn that Mitrice had been released several hours prior in the dead of night. Her car had been impounded, and she had no phone, no money, no way of getting home, and was in an area she was completely unfamiliar with. Aside from a bizarre sighting later that morning, no trace of Mitrice Richardson was found for nearly a year, until on August 9, 2010, her remains were found in a canyon. Police concluded she had been in a manic state when she entered the canyon and died from exposure, but the family continues to fight for answers. How could someone in a state such as Mitrice was that night have just been allowed to leave in an area she was unfamiliar with, with no reliable way of finding her way home? And how did she truly end up where she would?  Huge thanks to my friend Dani from the “Hear No Evil” podcast for joining me for this episode! Subscribe to her podcast here:  Sources for this episode: Petition on
June 15, 2020
15 - The Disappearances of Audrey Moran & Jonathan Reynoso
26 year old Audrey Moran left her sister's home in Coachella, California on the evening of May 10, 2017 to go pick up her boyfriend, 28 year old Jonathan Reynoso in the town of Brawley and drive him to his home in Palm Desert. The following day, Audrey's family would make numerous attempts to get in touch with her, but after receiving no response, would report her missing. On the morning of May 12, her vehicle was found abandoned on the side of I-10, west of Oak Valley Parkway in Beaumont, California. The vehicle appeared to be in working order but there was no sign of Audrey or Jonathan. A full investigation was launched into the couple's disappearance and 3 main theories would emerge. The first would be speculation that the couple ran away together. The 2nd would involve another man that Audrey was believed to have had a relationship with. The 3rd would be that foul play from another source is possible. It's been 3 years since Audrey and Jonathan vanished. Their cell phones haven't been able to be tracked anywhere, there has been zero activity with their financial accounts, and no other trace of the couple has been found.  Join the Facebook group: FIND AUDREY MORAN on Facebook: Sources for this episode: #BlackLivesMatter Sign the petitions: Where to donate:
June 3, 2020
14 - The Disappearance of Charlotte Pollis (with Myles from the “Forensic Myles” podcast)
Charlotte Pollis was a loving 28 year old mother to her two young children she had with her husband Paul. However, she wasn't happy with her marriage to him. On March 12, 1994, Charlotte would disappear. Paul claimed he had taken the two children out for a day of running errands while his wife tried to rest off her recent illness, and she wasn't home when he returned that afternoon. However, his account of the day would be contradicted in multiple ways and would lead to a feud between his side of the family and Charlotte's side of the family. Despite all the suspicions against Paul, and the fact that he's had several run ins with the law in the years since, he has never been charged in connection with Charlotte's disappearance, and no trace of Charlotte has ever been found. Big thank you to my friend Myles from the "Forensic Myles" podcast for joining me in this episode! Sources for this episode:
May 25, 2020
13 - The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer (with Shannon Winings)
Brian Shaffer was a 27 year old medical student at Ohio State University. It was the start of spring break on March 31, 2006, and Brian had plans to go on a trip to Miami in a couple of days with his girlfriend, a fellow Ohio State medical student. The night of March 31 however, he would celebrate the start of spring break by having dinner with his father, Randy, before meeting up with a friend to go bar hopping later on that night. Brian met up with his friend at a bar called The Ugly Tuna Saloona, and the two moved along to several other bars over time that night, before meeting another friend and going back to the Ugly Tuna Saloona. At some point, Brian becomes separated from his friends, and at 2 am when they still don't spot Brian leaving, his friends assumed he left without telling them and went home on his own. However, over the next couple of days, his father and girlfriend attempt to contact Brian multiple times, but hear no answer. It is when Brian doesn't show up for the flight to Miami that he is reported missing. It would be then that a truly baffling missing persons investigation would be launched by the Columbus Police Department. When checking the surveillance footage from the Ugly Tuna Saloona, Brian is last seen on there talking to two women out front of the bar, before he turns and heads back inside. There are cameras at each entrance and exit for the bar, and Brian never shows up on any surveillance again. It's as if he literally vanished into thin air. Different theories would emerge as to what happened to Brian Shaffer. His mother had recently passed away and he was dealing with some depression because of it. Could it be that caused him to commit suicide? Could he have snuck off to start a new life somewhere else? Or could harm have come to him inside the bar, and he was disposed of without being seen? 14 years have passed, and no trace of Brian Shaffer has ever been found. A big thank you to Shannon Winings for joining me in discussing this case! Follow her on Twitter: Sources for this episode:
May 4, 2020
12 - The Murder of Brian Foguth
Brian Foguth was a 23 year old working the graveyard shift at the Duke and Duchess convenience store and gas station in Brimfield, Ohio on the night of November 28, 1994 when at just after 2 am, a masked gunman entered the empty store and ordered Brian to empty the cash register before leading him into the back room and subsequently killing him. The robbery was captured on the store's surveillance camera's and some of the killer's DNA was left behind, but over 25 years later, the case remains unsolved. Sources for this episode:
April 27, 2020
11 - The Boys on the Tracks: The Deaths of Don Henry & Kevin Ives (Part 2)
Don Henry and Kevin Ives were two teenage boys from Bryant, Arkansas and were the best of friends with each other. On the night of Saturday August 22, 1987, the two boys met with a group of friends hanging out in a parking lot before going back to Don's house. At just after midnight, the two boys left again to do some night hunting in an area along some train tracks behind Don's house. It was the last time the two boys would be seen alive. Just a few hours later, a train was coming down the tracks when the operator noticed two bodies laying completely still across the tracks. Despite all efforts to stop the train, it was unable to and the bodies were run over and badly mangled. The bodies turned out to be those of Kevin and Don. Their deaths were ruled to be accidental, despite strong evidence suggesting they were murdered. Deeper looks into this case would take those looking down a rabbit hole of corruption, politics and the drug trade of the 1980s. Over 30 years later, the case of what exactly happened to Don Henry and Kevin Ives in the early morning hours of August 23, 1987 are still a mystery.  "The Boys on the Track" by Mara Leveritt on Amazon: Unsolved Mysteries episodes: Sources for this episode:
April 20, 2020
10 - The Boys on the Tracks: The Deaths of Don Henry & Kevin Ives (Part 1)
Don Henry and Kevin Ives were two teenage boys from Bryant, Arkansas and were the best of friends with each other. On the night of Saturday August 22, 1987, the two boys met with a group of friends hanging out in a parking lot before going back to Don's house. At just after midnight, the two boys left again to do some night hunting in an area along some train tracks behind Don's house. It was the last time the two boys would be seen alive. Just a few hours later, a train was coming down the tracks when the operator noticed two bodies laying completely still across the tracks. Despite all efforts to stop the train, it was unable to and the bodies were run over and badly mangled. The bodies turned out to be those of Kevin and Don. Their deaths were ruled to be accidental, despite strong evidence suggesting they were murdered. Deeper looks into this case would take those looking down a rabbit hole of corruption, politics and the drug trade of the 1980s. Over 30 years later, the case of what exactly happened to Don Henry and Kevin Ives in the early morning hours of August 23, 1987 are still a mystery. Sources for this episode: "The Boys on the Tracks" by Mara Leveritt:
April 13, 2020
9 - The Disappearance of Kristi Krebs
Kristi Krebs was described as a cheerful and upbeat young woman with aspirations to become a chef. On April 30, 1990, she was driving around aimlessly for hours while daydreaming when she became lost on a country road and her car eventually became stuck in the mud. This incident would lead to Kristi having a psychotic break for which she was hospitalized. Her state would eventually improve however with the help of medication and therapy, and she went back to living her life as she had before. For the next 3 years, all seemed to be well with Kristi until August 9, 1993, when a very similar incident occurred where Kristi again became stuck in the mud on a country road after driving around aimlessly. This time, she would walk away and disappear. Multiple sightings have been reported since, but nearly 27 years later, Kristi Krebs still has not been found. Sources for this episode: 
March 30, 2020
8 - The Disappearance of Christi Jo Nichols
Christi Jo Nichols was a loving 22 year old mother to her 2 young children. She was also trapped in an abusive relationship at the hands of her husband Mark. She had been taking steps to leave him with her children when on the night of December 10, 1987, the couple left their two children with a babysitter while they went out for the night. By the next day, Christi Jo Nichols would be a missing person. Suspicion would immediately fall on Mark Nichols due to his abusive behavior and his own accounts which didn't corroborate with the accounts of others. Many in law enforcement believe that Mark is responsible for Christi's disappearance, but 32 years later, Mark has never been charged in connection with the disappearance, and no trace of Christi Jo Nichols has ever been found. Sources for this episode: UPDATE: Christi Jo disappearance, 32 years later | News |
March 23, 2020
7 - The Death of Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson was a 19 year old from Akron, Ohio who worked as a home health care aid and was taking college courses to become a nurse. On the evening of Friday May 2, 2013, her mother Carmilla dropped Taylor off at the home where Taylor worked with plans to pick her up the following morning. When her mother returned the following morning, Taylor was inexplicably gone. She became a missing person when she also didn't show up to work her second job at a clothing store that same day. Police found Taylor's shoes and coat still inside the home where she worked, but there were no signs of a struggle. Her friends and family spent the next 4 months doing everything they could to find Taylor, or any information on what happened to her. Then on September 10, her remains were found in an isolated area in a nearby national park. Her death was ruled a homicide. 7 years later, it still unknown who is responsible for her death.
March 5, 2020
6 - The Murders of Barbara & Patricia Grimes (with Myles from the “Forensic Myles” podcast)
*APOLOGIES FOR THE MUFFLED AUDIO IN THIS EPISODE* Sisters Barbara and Patricia Grimes, age 15 and 12 respectively, were described as being inseparable. Like many other teenage girls in their day, they were huge Elvis Presley fans, and on the evening of December 28, 1956, the 2 girls left their home for a trip to the movie theater to see Elvis's movie "Love Me Tender". They promised their mother that they would be back home by midnight, but they would never return home. Their disappearance would launch one of the largest missing persons cases ever investigated in Chicago's history. News of their disappearance spread wide, and even made it to Elvis Presley himself, who personally made a plea for the 2 girls to return home. They wouldn't be found until nearly a month later, on January 22, 1957, when their nude bodies were found along a deserted road. Authorities initially determined that they had died on the night of their disappearance, but many witnesses would come forward to say that they had seen the sisters in the days that followed them vanishing. What happened to Barbara and Patricia Grimes? We're they really alive in the days following their disappearance? If so, who were the men they had supposedly been seen with? It's been six decades since the sisters were murdered, and this case remains unsolved. Big thank you to my good friend, Myles from the “Forensic Myles” podcast for joining me for this episode! Subscribe to her podcast here: Follow her on Instagram: Follow “Still Unknown” on Instagram and Twitter: The Two Lost Girls: The Mystery of the Grimes Sisters (Dead Men Do Tell Tales Series)
February 17, 2020
5 - My Night with Resurrection Mary
This episode is done differently from the previous four. My personal take on the classic ghost story. To read about Resurrection Mary, check out
February 3, 2020
4 - The Disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert
Tammy Lynn Leppert was a beautiful young woman who had grown up competing in child beauty pageants and as she got older began to get into modeling as well as acting. She had landed a small role in the 1983 teen comedy "Spring Break" and went to an out-of-town party after production on the movie wrapped. However when she came back from that party, her behavior from that point on was very odd. She began to feel paranoid and claimed that someone was out to kill her. There was speculation that something occurred at the party that Tammy Lynn wasn't supposed to witness. Her mother did what she could to get her help, but nothing could be determined with her. On July 6, 1983, Tammy left her home with a friend and said she would be back soon. She would never be seen again. What happened to Tammy Lynn Leppert? Did she voluntarily run away? Was there any truth to her paranoia? Or was she potentially a victim of a killer known as "The Beauty Queen Killer"? The answers to those questions are still unknown. Sources for this episode: Brooke Makenna’s YouTube video on this case:
January 22, 2020
3 - The Connecticut River Valley Killer
22 year old Jane Boroski was driving home from the county fair in Keene, New Hampshire late on the night of August 6, 1988, when she stopped for a soda at a machine outside of a closed convenience store. She was 7 months pregnant and it was a hot summer night. She got a soda from the machine, went back to her car, and sat there for a moment to have the drink. She gave little thought to a Jeep Wagoner that had pulled into the parking lot and parked right next to her. She however noticed when the man driving the vehicle walked around the back of her car and right up to her window. He asked her if the payphone was working, and then immediately opened her door, reached in and grabbed her and dragged her out of her car and held a knife to her. At a certain point, Jane attempts to break free and run away from her attacker, but he catches up to her, takes her to the ground, and stabs and slashes at her multiple times. He stops after a while, and gets up and goes back to his vehicle and drives away, leaving Jane for dead. Jane struggles to make her way back to her car, but manages to do so, and drives off to a friend's house down the road to get help. She makes it to her friend’s house, who calls 911, and despite the vicious attack, Jane, and her unborn child, both survive the ordeal. Jane doesn't realize it, but she is a potential survivor of the Connecticut River Valley Killer, who is believed to have murdered at least 7 other women over the previous decade. And to this day, the killer's identity is still unknown. References for this episode:,263125,260393 The Shadow of Death on Amazon: Follow the podcast on Instagram:
January 15, 2020
2 - The Disappearance of Leonard Dirickson
Leonard Dirickson, or Lenny as he was known to friends and family, was a 39 year old dairy farmer in Strong City, Oklahoma who on the morning of March 14, 1998 had breakfast with his 16 year old son Jared, before a day of work on the farm. At approximately 9 am, an unknown visitor arrived outside of the front door of the house, and Leonard went outside to talk to him. While he didn't appear to know who the man was, the two appeared to be having a normal, polite conversation. A few minutes later, Leonard came back inside and told Jared that the man was interested in taking a look at a horse that he had for sale. He didn't mention who the man was, but told Jared he would be taking a trip with him to view the horse and should be back that afternoon. That would be the last time Jared would ever see his father. A witness put Leonard at a restaurant just a few miles away approximately 2 hours later with a man matching the description of the man who came to his house. They again appeared to be having a normal conversation. It's believed that Leonard and the man never made it to the stable to view the horse, and there wouldn't be another sign of Leonard until 6 months later when a bizarre sighting placed him at a bar in Amarillo, Texas. When police responded to a call from a man claiming to see Leonard at the bar, they found that the caller and the man believed to be Leonard were gone. Since then, there has been no more word on his whereabouts. There is no body and no evidence of a crime. To this day the whereabouts of Leonard Dirickson are still unknown. Follow me on Instagram: Sources for this episode:
January 8, 2020
1 - The Murders of Ricky Beard and Mary Leonard
Ricky Beard and Mary Leonard were two well-liked teenagers from Akron, Ohio who were dating each other during the summer of 1979. Whether or not it was just a summer romance was yet to be determined, but on the night of Friday August 24, all seemed to still be going great as the two of them went out on a date to the drive-in to see the big hit movie of the summer "The Amityville Horror". However by the next morning when it was discovered by both of the families that neither one of them had come home the night before, they began to worry. A short time later that morning, a call from the police revealed that Ricky's car had been found abandoned in a field a few miles away, but no other sign of the couple could be found. An immediate effort was made by family, friends and law enforcement to locate the missing teens, but despite all the effort, it would take 6 years until the fate Ricky and Mary would be known. On May 29, 1985, their remains were found by a utility crew working on a gravel road near a national park. They had been shot and stabbed and were still wearing the same clothes they had on the night they disappeared. While they had finally been found, there was now the added mystery of who was responsible for their murders and what exactly happened that night that led them to being murdered. There would be different theories that would emerge, including a potential link to a serial killer. However, 40 years later, the person or persons responsible for the murders of Ricky Beard and Mary Leonard are still unknown. Akron Beacon Journal articles: Podcast links: The Clearing - Ohio Mysteries: Elusive Justice series -
January 1, 2020