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Dr. Joe Vitale - Zero Limits Podcast

Dr. Joe Vitale - Zero Limits Podcast

By Dr. Joe Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale - Zero Limits Podcast
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Hypnotic Goals - How to set ‘Hypnotic Goals’ that Will Get You Exactly What You Want – Guaranteed!
If you’re like me, you want this new year to blow the socks off all past years and all past accomplishments. You’ve probably already declared some resolutions and set some goals, too. The thing is, most of us don’t know how to state goals in a way that almost automatically makes them turn into reality. So as a result we end up falling short of our dreams. Well, I have good news for you. I call it “Hypnotic Goals.” You’ve heard about goals and goal-setting before. But you probably don’t know the inner secrets and advanced strategies for making them work – every time! I didn’t. I was a skeptic when it came to setting goals until I met Gary Ryan Blair. He’s a world wide authority on goals and author of numerous books on the subject. I interviewed him and was stunned…and then inspired by what I learned. As a result of knowing about ‘Hypnotic Goals,” just watch my dust fly! In this fast-paced interview with Gary, you’ll learn such things as: • How to build a business by going vary narrow and very deep in a niche • The secret of “F.O.C.U.S.” in goal setting (brilliant!) • The importance of doing one thing, doing it the best, to be recognized as an expert • The power of being a self proclaimed expert (This is HUGE!) • The truth about building a business based on a brand and not on your name (!) • Why you must get out of your ego when creating a business • The truth about goals – Are they really useful? • What fuels the fire of motivation? • The importance of the statement “Everything counts!” • The amazing comparison between goals and a cookbook • How to “buy” knowledge • How can you stay focused on your goals? • A major secret: to become excellent at something, eliminate all other options and possibilities for some period of time! • How do you decide which goal to purse? • What you are doing should be done on a foundation of JOY • The power and weakness of making “resolutions” • Should you have your goals in writing? There’s more, of course – much more. This interview went into great depth about goals – to such a degree that I was tempted to sell this month’s interview as a separate product. But relax, you’re getting it as part of your membership in Hypnotic Gold. I believe this one interview can transform your entire year. I strongly suggest that you listen to it right now, make notes, and then get to making your goals. You now have the power to transform your life. And it all begins with this month’s interview! Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
March 21, 2022
Houdini’s Guarded Secret - How Can You Use Houdini’s Most Guarded Secret to Escape Lackluster Sales and Make Yourself Rich and Famous?
You’ve heard of Houdini. Magic magazine named him the greatest magician in history. I so loved and admired Houdini that when I was a teenager I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I wanted to be Harry Excello, the second greatest magician of all time. Fortunately for all of us, I chose a different path. But let’s look at this for a moment -- There have been thousands of magicians and escape artists throughout history. Houdini actually wasn’t the greatest at performing anything, according to many experts. But he was the greatest at using his mind to think “out of the box” – which explains why no box could ever hold him. In this month’s magical CD you’ll get to hear an exclusive interview with Tim Kenning, author of the brand new book, “The Houdini Principle.” This terrific interview will give you more than I can list here, but here are a few nuggets you’ll hear about -- • how to use NLP principles to create new products • how to use NLP to make a living out of being yourself • how to turn your unique talents into ways to make money • the real keys to modeling success to become a success • how to ask the right questions to make the most of your existing interests, resources and assets • how to spot patterns Now don’t think you’ve heard all about NLP and magic and showmanship before. What Tim reveals in this interview will make you sit up and take notice. For example, Tim has a strategy he uses to come up with new ideas, products, and more. They involve asking such questions as – • what is this an example of? • what is this good for? • where else can I use it? • what else is possible with this? That’s not all, of course. You’ll also hear about Houdini's secret method of creating challenges that displayed his strengths and reduced his risks. (This insight alone is worth the entire interview!) There’s also some surprising news given along the way. For example, you’ll find out why Houdini sometimes gave away the secrets to his most famous tricks – something no good magician in his right mind would ever do! Why did Houdini do it? Get ready for an inspiring and informative – dare I say even magical – interview! Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
March 14, 2022
Unique Info Product Creation & Marketing - How Can You Make Money Just By Watching Television? or, The Secret of the Obvious
Most bodybuilders are broke. I know because over the last two years I’ve studied them, met them, trained them, and become one of them. I’m not broke, of course, but many if not most of them are. But one bodybuilder isn’t. He got an idea for an incredible new service by watching television. He now works 14 hours a month and makes a nice living. His story is on this month’s members-only Hypnotic Gold interview. It’s an inspiring story because he reveals that your wealth may be sitting under something that is pretty obvious. It may even be right on your TV. In the hypnotic story of this month’s guest, he saw wealth in a reality TV show that he adapted for a niche market. On the interview, he explains such things as – • reality TV shows as a type of info product • how to go from zero to having hundreds of customers fast • how to use niche message boards to build your business • subscribing to print magazines in that niche • offline direct marketing tactics that worked in this niche 30 years ago • how to partner with niche "celebrities" to produce a "reality" info product • use one successful project to leverage into other projects and business ventures within that niche • modeling successful concepts in other industries to create new products in your niche • using video in marketing offline • how will benefit people • how became a hit • customer service secrets • doing an inner circle seminar, $497 for 25 people means instant wealth This is a fascinating interview. Why not pop it in and listen to it right now? And then watch television later and see what “obvious” ideas pop out at you. Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
March 07, 2022
Removing Inner Bocks to Success - How Can You Quickly and Easily Remove the Hidden Blocks to Your Success?
You might not want to hear this, but it’s the raw truth: You can study all the rules of hypnotic copy, hypnotic marketing, hypnotic publicity, and more – and still fail. Why? Because --  Success isn’t just about knowing the rules.  Success isn’t just about taking risks.  Success isn’t just about following your gut. There’s also an inside hidden element to success. In short, if you don’t take care of the inner issues within yourself – the blocks that could keep you from succeeding – then you are in danger of failure no matter what you do. You will simply unconsciously sabotage your own intentions. So what’s the solution? I have good news for you. My dear friend Wendi Friesen is living proof that you can change the inside of yourself in order to achieve outer success. Wendi is the owner of the largest hypnosis site on the Internet. She has 17 employees and makes millions of dollars a year selling her hypnosis CDs and DVDs. But it wasn’t always that way. She started with nothing – even without a checking account. And no utilities for her or for her children. How did she go from dirt to wealth? By changing the inside of herself. By dissolving those inner blocks that were keeping success away from her. As she cleared the inner, her outer changed. I interview Wendi for this month’s inspiring and informative issue of Hypnotic Gold. You’ll hear about such topics as --  using hypnosis in business  how to be everywhere in your market  why listening to advice from other people can control what you manifest  popping & releasing hidden obstacles  the real way to use visualization in your business  attracting everything you want in life  building your business from the inside out  setting preposterous goals  building a sense of fun into your business and marketing  using the power of your mind to grow your business  using newsletters with free content  be personal and real so people can relate to you, be sincere  give value, go overboard in giving people information they can use I love Wendi and I love this upbeat interview with her. I think it nails a subject area rarely if ever addressed by people in business. Address it and success can be yours. You’re going to love this one. Enjoy! Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
February 28, 2022
Master Copywriting Secrets - Who Else Wants To Know The Proven Hypnotic Formula For Writing Headlines That Always Work?
How do you write headlines that always work-- guaranteed? What are templates you can use to create hard-hitting headlines -- fast? What are the 11 key elements of a sales letter that works? You'll learn all of that, and much more, in this month's inspiring and informative interview with one of the greatest copywriters and copywriting teachers of all time, my dear friend David Garfinkel. In this fast-paced interview you'll learn -- * the definition of what copywriting really is - this will change how you look at marketing * the secrets top copywriters know and don't share * the master copywriting checklist for 11 elements of a productive sales letter * three templates for sales letters * the power of a big promise * stories that instantly allow your prospects to relate to your marketing * your offer - how to package it up so prospects can instantly understand what you're selling * bullets - make them tipping points that can push readers over the edge * value builders - why they are important to you sales Along the way you'll also hear about an e-book that pulled in $800,000.00 in ebook sales and - $2.2mm in backend sales! There's more in this interview with David, including how to rework proven headlines to use for your salesletter. David is a genius at copywriting. He's done work for me, and I always learn from him. In this interview he also explained -- * negative optimism -- which got me thinking in new ways. I could go on and on. After I interviewed David, I went and rewrote some of my headlines. That's how good this information is! You'll want paper and pen handy as you listen to this hypnotic interview. Start taking notes! Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
February 21, 2022
Hypnotic Persuasion - How the Power of ‘Hypnotic Persuasion’ Can Bring You More Sales Than Ever Before – But Only If You Listen to This Month’s Interview Right Now!
You and I both know you can’t succeed in business without persuading somebody to part with their money. But how do you persuade people? What’s ethical? What works? And what’s hypnotic about persuasion? In today’s mesmerizing interview you’ll meet a man with the most fascinating history, and methods, you’re likely to come across. Not only did he once have a shotgun put to his head and used hypnotic persuasion to stay alive, but he was raised in a cult and once worked for the “secret forces” of the Army. He’s written a new book to explain his methods so anyone can use them – anyone smart enough to read his book or listen to this interview, that is. Here’s some of what you’ll hear covered in this hypnotic interview – - Learn the one word that separates persuasion from manipulation. - Find out why persuasion begins even before people exchange one word and how you can use this to improve your business and website. - Learn the most overlooked persuasion technique that almost all marketers are missing in their marketing- both offline and on their websites - that will literally make prospects sell themselves on your product or service! - Find out why forcing people to think is one of the most powerful persuasion techniques. This can easily be integrated into your marketing campaigns! - Hear a powerful persuasion technique first-hand in this month’s issue of HG. Hint: it has something to do with a shotgun- and no, it’s not what you think! - Learn why everyone is begging to find the solution to their problem and how you can use persuasion to not only keep people on your website, but actually try to find reasons why they shouldn’t buy your product. This is very powerful! - Learn answers to many questions like: How can I use persuasion in my copywriting? Can the graphics I use on my website be persuasive enough to pull viewers into my marketing message? How can I persuade visitors on my website to make a purchase? What is the one thing that I can do that will immediately get the attention of everyone and elude a sense of power when I walk into a room? Whew! This is one of the most unusual and informative interviews you’ll ever hear. All I can say is get out paper and pen and get ready to take notes. Your life is about to change – forever. Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
February 14, 2022
Hypnotic Language Secrets - How to Naturally Guide Your Website Visitors Into a Buying Trance Using the Power of Hypnotic Language
I used to read a lot of fiction.  Jack London, William Saroyan, Shirley Jackson, Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling and many other legends were my friends. I’d read their books and be transported into other worlds. One day I wondered how they were able to do that. After all, they were using the same set of letters – the alphabet -- available to any writer. Yet somehow these masters weaved those letters into words and sentences that made me laugh, or cry, or feel true fear. How did they accomplish that? How did they push my emotional buttons with just words on a page?  Decades later I would have the same question when reading letters by the great copywriters, such as Robert Collier, John Caples, or Bruce Barton. These masters of persuasion were able to pull the last dollars out of people, even during America’s Great Depression of the 1930s. How were they able to do that? How did they use a simple letter to trigger sales from people struggling to live? As these questions knocked around in my brain, I began to form the idea behind Hypnotic Writing. Basically, Hypnotic Writing is any writing that put people into a focused state of intention. Hypnotists call this state waking hypnosis.  Your eyes are open but your attention is focused so narrowly that you are in a “waking” trance. The classic fiction writers used hypnotic writing by mastering storytelling. The great copywriters used hypnotic writing by mastering storytelling. That’s not the whole story, of course, but it’s the beginning of the secret to why Hypnotic Writing works. But I didn’t stop there… I may have been the first to explain how to use Hypnotic Writing in my first e-books, such as Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing.  But hypnotic language has been around for a while, mostly in the field of therapy. Milton Erickson, for example, is considered the greatest hypnotist of all time. He was the master of hypnotic language. Yes, he relied on storytelling. His stories were almost guaranteed to put you into a trance. But he had other tricks up his purple sleeves, as well. For example, Erickson knew how to ask a question which forced you to do whatever he wanted. A simple example is along the lines of, “Do you want to fall into a trance now…or later?” Either way, you’re going into a trance. As you might guess, this kind of hypnotic question could be useful in your marketing. On the most basic level, you might ask, “Do you want to buy today…or tomorrow?” Of course, I’m giving you a kindergarten example. The point is, we marketers can learn a lot from studying hypnotic therapists. So…. For this month’s exclusive Hypnotic Gold interview, I went looking for the living “Milton Erickson” of today’.  I found him in a practicing therapist who wrote the book on hypnotic language titled, oddly enough, Hypnotic Language. Dr. John Burton is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Supervisor in South Carolina. He’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP. He has authored 2 books, States of Equilibrium and Hypnotic Language He has a new book, Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns, due to be published in 2006.  I find John to be sincere, practical, and creative. In fact, I’ve hired him a time or two to help me get through some tough personal issues. (And yes, he used hypnotic language on me to help me through them. It worked.) John and I had a fun conversation in this Hypnotic Gold interview on how you can use hypnotic language in your marketing.  This was a real gem of an interview, as I got this brilliant therapist to tell you specifically how to increase your sales using hypnotic language. This interview helps tie together all of my interests from the last thirty years or more. I found it profound and practical. Without further ado, listen to the interview…and prepare to be hypnotized.  Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale
February 07, 2022
Hypnotic Empowerment - How YOU Can Become a Super Hero with the Power to Accomplish Anything You Can Imagine — including Making More Money than Ever – Simply By Putting a Great Big “S” On Your Chest!
Are the superhero athletes who go into the history books that way because of their talent – or because of their mind? According to today’s hypnotic guest, it has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with heart. The truth is, you have no idea of your own power. Neither do I – but I’ve learned where to go to awaken more and more of it. When you awaken this power, not only can you gain the superhuman self-confidence to have, do or be anything, but you can also blast through any fears that were holding you back. As you can imagine, with this kind of power, anything you want to try in business can be handled as if you were a Super Hero breaking a twig. That’s the nature of today’s interview. You’re going to hear me interview one of the most fascinating men alive. He’s a psychological researcher, founder of Chucky Cheese pizza, and author of almost as many books as me. His name is Dr. Gene Landrum. In our spirited conversation you’ll learn – - Dr. Gene Landrum is not only the creator of the restaurant chain “Chucky Cheese”, and involved in many successful entrepreneurial business ventures, but he is also a devoted life-long researcher on the psychology underpinning success. If you have not read his latest book Empowerment… get it. - What is it that separates the average person from the mega-success when on the surface, all seems equal? - Learn the three simple things that you can do to gain a massive competitive edge in any marketplace before your competitors even knew what hit them. (attack weaknesses, do the unexpected, play above the game) - If you’ve played or followed sports, you’ve heard the saying, “the zone”. Michael Jordan is one who played in “the zone” on many occasions; rarely missing a shot. In this issue, you’ll learn some strategies and techniques on how you can get into the zone in your business. - Do you truly have full control over your destiny, or is someone else making the calls? Learn why it’s imperative for you to gain full control of your destiny and how you can start doing so right now. - Learn about the incredible Harvard Study which provided insight on the collation between left brain and right bring thinkers and their level of success. This may explain why the “class clown” in high school may be a millionaire today! You can’t imagine the power within you until you start to play with some of Gene’s ideas. Get ready to put a great big “S” on your chest. All I can say is, buckle up! Go for it. Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
January 31, 2022
Outrageous Publicity - The Power of Outrageous Publicity, Or, How I Pulled The Greatest Lotto Stunt in Modern History – And Why Animals Need to Wear Clothes -- or Else!
The greatest living publicity generator in modern history is alive and well – and you’ll meet him in this month’s exclusive interview. Alan Abel is a wizard at getting publicity on a grand scale. He’s done some many publicity stunts that there is a recent documentary about his life, called Abel Raises Cain. He is best known for his satirical spoof SINA, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, a tongue-in-cheek crusade for the purpose of clothing all pets for the sake of decency. Few people know that publicity stunt was funded by legendary direct response copywriter Maxwell Sackheim. And it ran in the national media for more than five years. Alan’s been pulling outrageous publicity stunts for more than 50 years. He’s 81 now and still going strong. In fact, I just hired him to pull a stunt for me, which I’ll mention in a minute. On this wild ride of an interview you’ll hear -- - Alan shares many powerful and thought-provoking stories on his publicity stunts that the media eats up for days, weeks, months, even years at a time. - Simple ways that you can get your hoax/publicity stunt into the spotlight without ever contacting the media yourself. - How Alan created the famous hoax for a struggling actress in NY, staging a lottery win which not only got her on the front page of many newspapers, but a decade of work and counting! - How HG members can have Alan personally share his incredible ideas for their business for only $300 and dinner! - Learn how to “think out of the box like Alan Able” and learn his unusual formula for coming up with ideas: c…d…e…f….a…..b. - How one small hoax landed Alan $500 a week plus a house in San Francisco for an entire year. - By the end of this CD, your head will be swimming with countless ideas that you can use to get your business and products picked up by the media- and in some cases all it’ll cost you is a postage stamp! I love Alan Able. In fact, I hired him to pull what is now called “The Great Lotto Hoax.” We created the hoax after this interview was made, but you can read all about it on my blog, at For now, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with the most outrageous publicity machine alive. Expect miracles! Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
January 24, 2022
Hypnotic E-Classes - How I Whipped Up $68,000 On a Whim, The Day I Spotted the Sexy Dream Car I HAD to Have ASAP – With a Crazy New Method Using ONLY E-mail!
You are about to learn the amazing true story of… “How I Whipped Up $68,000 On a Whim, The Day I Spotted the Sexy Dream Car I HAD to Have ASAP – With a Crazy New Method Using ONLY E-mail!” You are about to lean the EXACT step by step process that YOU can use to make $5,000 or more in only 3 weeks or less—using only email. I’ve taught this proprietary method to others who have gone on to make $18,298.50 in just weeks, $110,000 in months, and one man who is up to half a million dollars now -- following this same exact process I’m about to reveal to you. Are you ready? Dear Hypnotic Gold Member: Let me tell you a secret. Creativity sometimes comes from need. You need a solution to a problem and you begin searching for the answer. That search will cause you to be more creative. That’s why some people say need is the mother of invention. But there’s another way to be creative. That’s from desire. Desire is the father of invention. Let me explain: About seven years ago I saw a car that I fell in love with. I was never a “car guy.” Basic transportation was fine with me. Buses and bikes were even fine. But this car was sexy and cool. It was a BMW Z3, a luxury sports car, the kind made popular in one of the older James Bond films. I had never seen anything like it. Well, I wanted that car. I wanted it as bad as you might lust after anything. So I set an intention for myself to find a way to “manifest” it in my life. I basically set a goal that said, “I want to buy that car with unexpected income.” You should know by now, from my books and other teachings, that your mind takes orders. When you have a desire, and you make a request of your mind, you set inner mechanisms to work to make your wish become your reality. I call it Real Magic. But it’s really just basic psychology. You’ll hear the whole story about how I got the car on this month’s members only Hypnotic Gold audio, but the short story is this: I created a new way to make money online. I called it an e-class. These days e-classes are fairly known (but still under used). Seven years ago they were unheard of. As far as I know, I’m the creator of the high-ticket e-class. In the last seven years or so, no one has ever disputed that claim, either. My first e-class was so successful that I bought my BMW Z3 from the income from it. I still have the car today, too. Since BMW no longer makes the Z3, my baby is now a collectible. I’ve gone on to teach my proprietary method to others, from Yanik Silver to Blair Warren to Kevin Hogan to Tom Pauley. All of them have made money, usually over $10,000 on their first e-class. (Imagine!) Some, like Tom Pauley, are approaching a half a million dollars from one e-class that he just keeps teaching over and over again. Tom has often told me that I put him in a whole new business: Teaching his e-class. You should be drooling by now. E-classes are fun, easy, fast, and very profitable. And you’re about to learn how to do them for yourself. Keep in mind a few things: • E-classes are done by e-mail. No calls, no visits, no seminars. • E-classes are lessons sent by email. They are simple text files. • E-classes are based on your own personal experience. No credentials needed. • E-classes are profitable. I made $21,500 on my first one. Virtually overnight. I could go on and on about the joys of e-classes. Instead, I’ll bow out and let you review the materials and listen to the audio. Please listen and take notes – and then take action. Go for it! Dr. Joe Vitale
January 17, 2022
How to Think Like a Genius - Unleash Your Hidden Creativity and Begin to Think Like EINSTEIN Once You Learn This Step By Step Formula to Accessing the Untapped Powers of Your Mind!”
I’ve met some notable people in my time so far – everyone from celebrities to authors to speakers to gurus – but few have stood out like the man you’ll hear me talk to in this month’s exclusive interview with a living genius. I’m talking about Win Wenger, author of more books than me (and that’s quite a feat), and a man responsible for expanding the minds of more people than anyone else I can think of. For example, Win guarantees that he can increase your IQ. He also boldly states that he can help anyone think more creatively. Even you. In this interview you’ll hear me go right for the meat by asking Win how you can find ways to double your sales – or even get as high as a 70% response to your mailings! If that weren’t enough to get your attention, Win says we aren’t using 10% of our brain – in fact, he states, we are barely using one percent of it! And that’s why you need this issue and Win’s methods. While everyone else is barely using 1% of their brain, and they’re struggling to come up with ideas and beating their head against the desk when they get poor results, you’ll be using his mind-expanding proven techniques and blowing the lid off all past results. One of Win’s newest methods, Evoked Sidebands, is explained on this interview. To help you understand it, he’s offered a Special Report about it. It’s at the end of this letter. Expect miracles! Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site: Find Out More. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale.  Work with Dr. Joe Vitale as your Mentor: (Try it for free) Online Courses:
January 10, 2022
How to Tap Into The Power of Hypnotic Publicity - Sit Back and Watch Your Business Explode When You Tap Into Most Powerful FREE Marketing Tactic In the World – Even the Famous 3 Stooges Used This One!
Ever heard of the 3 Stooges? Or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? Or the famous Chicago baseball team? Of course you have. But what you may not realize is that all of these now famous people and now famous businesses got as big as they are largely because of one thing: Publicity. I love publicity. I love it. It’s fun, free, and effective. Publicity is the most under-used and under-respected hypnotic tool you could have. I’m constantly amazed that more people aren’t using it. If you haven’t learned how to write and send out a news release, then today is the day to learn. Major empires and trends were started with publicity. I’ve written about this in various places, including in my book on master publicist P.T. Barnum (There’s A Customer Born Every Minute), but few people seem to catch on to just how powerful this tool is. People don’t realize that the media is starving for news. All you have to do is feed it to them. Simply stated, give the media a story and they’ll send you a stampede of business. Re-read that line! Here it is again, so you truly get it: Give the media a story and they’ll send you a stampede of business. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. • Paul Hartunian became famous for selling the Brooklyn Bridge for $14.95. • I got national media coverage when I created an Elvis Mermaid simply to promote my site. (A picture of the mermaid is on the site, in the photos section.) • I got a stampede of traffic when I said Britney Spears used forbidden Hypnotic Selling Secrets in her latest commercial. This helped sell my course described at But publicity has been used throughout history, by small and large businesses, too. What you may take for granted now often actually began as a publicity stunt. All the business greats have used publicity, from Houdini to Evel Knievel to Sir Richard Branson to Donald Trump to, well, even small fries like me. The point is, you don’t have to be a big-shot celebrity to use publicity. But you might become a big-shot celebrity if you use publicity. And even if you don’t want fame and fortune, you can still use publicity to get more traffic for your business, whether online or not. And the best news of all is that publicity is FREE. It’s not like advertising where you have to pay an arm and a leg to run an ad. Publicity can cost as little as nothing – if you call the press on the phone or use some of the free media services online – or it may cost one hundred dollars or more. Obviously, this marketing tool is worth doing. But how do you use publicity? How does it work? How can you make it work for you? That’s the best news of all. I’m excited to report that in this month’s exclusive Hypnotic Gold interview you’ll hear me talk with a living legend in publicity. Aaron Cushman has been in the business over fifty years. (I’m 51, so he’s been in business since I was born. Imagine!) He did in fact promote Larry, Curly and Moe, as well as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and even the Chicago Red Sox. His list of clients will impress you. It sure did me. But what will really excite you is how Mr. Cushman reveals how anyone – that means you – can get the media to help build your business. I can’t stress how powerful this is! Please, please, please wake up to the power of Hypnotic Publicity. Listen to this thrilling interview, take notes, and begin thinking of how you can send stories to the media so they will send traffic to you. Go for it! Dr. Joe Vitale P.S. - I want you to have, do, and be everything you desire! YOU deserve it and YOU are loved! My Main Site:
January 03, 2022
Secret of The Bullworker
“Why Would 9 Million Normally Sane People (Including Me) Fork Over Good Money For a Funny Looking Stick?” You are about to learn the never-before-revealed “Secrets of the Bullworker” from the living legend who masterminded this massively successful sales phenomenon. Apply these principles and tactics to your business and watch your results skyrocket! In this amazing issue of Hypnotic Gold, I get to share with you one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time, created by one of the greatest marketers alive today. Drayton Bird is a living legend in marketing. He worked personally with the greats, such as David Ogilvy. He’s written three books on marketing, all terrific. He’s been considered one of the top 50 most influential marketers in modern history. It was my privilege to find him in London, get him on the phone, and interview him for an hour. The result is this month’s exclusive Hypnotic Gold audio training. The main reason I wanted to interview Drayton is because 30 years ago he wrote a letter for an exercise device that caused me to spend my hard earned teenage dollars to buy. I still have the device. It’s called a Bullworker. Over 9,000,000 of them have been sold in the last few decades. You can thank Drayton for many of those sales. Drayton tested a number of different headlines to sell the Bullworker. Here are some of the actual headlines. See if you can tell which one would cause the most sales: “These 7 exercises build a power-packed body in just 49 seconds a day – or you don’t pay a penny. Each exercise lasts just 7 seconds. There are 104 in all – but just 7 of them exercise 300 of your 500 muscles.” “Fitness is the name of the game and Bullworker gets real good results fast” “When were you last really fit? An expert tells you how to get back into shape.” FREE 24 page booklet! How to build a powerful body!” “If you’re into fitness, Bullworker puts it all together in only 5 minutes a day.” “Strength in 77 seconds. That’s all it takes to help build powerful muscles, trim body.” Which one is best? Circle the one you think won the sales game. Made your choice? Now let’s see which one broke the records. Drayton told me in our interview that the first headline pulled the best, and the last one pulled second best. Were you surprised?
December 27, 2021